Robert Wuagneux signed his Delta blues song, “One Thing’s for Certain,” to a music library/publisher.
Sally Anthony, of Noblesville, IN had her song “Vent” licensed for the movie Van Vorst Park, starring Frank Vincent (Goodfellas, Sopranos).
Frank Palmieri’s song “Never Again” was used in the Indie flick Vegas Baby, featuring Kal Penn (Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, Son of the Mask, Van Wilder), Jonathan Bennett (Mean Girls, Cheaper by the Dozen 2), and Donald Faison (Uptown Girls, Josie and the Pussycats, Remember the Titans).
David Rebb Firman from Goshen, CA signed a three-song publishing deal for his uptempo Country numbers “I’ve Come to Play,” “Love Sick Bound,” and “Heart of the Night.”
Two of TAXI member Dan Caravetta’s songs, “Southern Dilemma” and “Cold Sweat,” were featured in the PBS documentary, “Beyond the Medal of Honor.” He also had two songs placed on the Outdoor Life Network.
London-based TAXI member Michael Dodds, who records as Rolanoid, has had his dance track “Dreamcatcher” placed with a prominent Los Angeles music library.
TAXI member Art Corey, along with his wife and co-writer, had their song “Little Patch of Green” used on Frog & Scorpion’s One Nation Under God, Vol. 2 album. (Their song, “On an Ordinary Tuesday,” appeared on the Vol. 1 of the One Nation Under God album.)
The Discovery Channel’s Urban Explorers: Denver featured the song “Wave Rider” by TAXI member John Baker from Palmer, Alaska .
Krisanthi Pappas’s song “One Slow Dance A Day” first aired on Passions in Canada in July 2002. The song then appeared on One Life to Live in the U.S. in September 2004 and March 2005, then again on Passions in Australia in November 2004.
Rob Dehlinger had his avant-garde arrangement of Tchaikovsky’s “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” picked up by a Los Angeles-based publisher.
Chad LaMarsh’s song “In Between the Lines” was licensed to Van Kampen Investments for a corporate video the company produced for Morgan Stanley.
Kent Forward’s two songs, “Goin’ Nowhere” and “What It Feels Like,” appeared in the premiere of CMT’s show Home Blitz.
Mike Schmid signed a licensing deal with a west coast music publisher for more than 15 of his songs. Three of his songs were placed in episodes on the Felicity Season Four DVD. The publisher also got Mike's music in more than 900 Regal Cinemas.
Frank Palmieri’s song “Never Again” appeared in an episode of Monk, the USA Network’s seminal character show. In the episode, a character throws a radio playing “Never Again” into a bathtub and electrocutes her husband. “It’s a placement the audience wouldn’t forget,” Palmieri said.
TAXI forwarded Richard Bassett’s “Royal Palms” to a music production library that does film and TV placement. He was then contacted by the company, and, along with his co-writer, ended up signing five Hawaiian instrumentals.
Two TAXI members have had their songs recorded by American Juniors finalist Katelyn Tarver for her upcoming album. Five of Gabriel Dorman’s songs will be on the album, including “Closer to My Heart” and “Brand New Day.” Scott Krippayne’s “Wonderful Crazy” was also recorded by Katelyn.
John Wilhelm recently landed a deal with Frog & Scorpion Records. His song “Freedom” will be on an upcoming patriotic compilation called One Nation Under God, Vol. 2, Never Forget.
Denny Earnest’s “American Banjo” appeared in an episode of FOX’s The Simple Life 2. In the song, he played the five-string banjo with a flat pick like a guitar. Photo by Libby Caldwell.
Jody Adams, via a publishing deal with a prominent music library, had his song “Dancing Eyes” featured in an episode of the WB’s One Tree Hill.
Columbus, Ohio’s Earwig recently had their song “Best Kept Secret” used in the film [ah-MIG-dah-la] (Omen Productions). The documentary about extreme skiing was released in short-run theaters across the world, and is now available on DVD.
Nashville band Harsh Krieger’s song “Gunsmoke” was in an episode of M80, a freestyle motocross show that airs on Fuel TV, a Fox Sports affiliate.
Ken Anderson has had two songs placed on All My Children. “Grateful” played in two episodes of the show, and “More Than A Minute” played in one. An east coast music library licensed those two songs, along with three other R&B tracks, written by Ken.
Hoggard Films selected three of Christian Balcom’s instrumental songs to appear on the Discovery Channel’s “Urban Explorers.” “City Blue Eyes,” “N.J.,” and “Look Out!” appeared in the episode of the show called “Forbidden Zone: Milwaukee.”
Chris Yurchuck: (1) got his songs “Twilight” and “Alexander” used as replacements in the 4th season DVD of Felicity; (2) signed a 7-song deal with a music publisher to pitch his material for various film and TV projects; and (3) had his song “Hourglass” licensed for placement in Regal Cinema theatres for pre-show screenings.
Through a TAXI listing run by an LA-based music publisher, Alex Rapaport had his version of the public domain song “Je Veux Vivre” picked up by the independent film “Fronterz,” starring Henry Winkler, Ted Danson and Blair Underwood. The movie was released on Fox Searchlight.
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