Thomas Hoy

Placements on CBS and ABC Freeform

Thomas Hoy - Brantford, ON CANADA
From the TAXI Forum: “Hey everyone, I was thrilled to receive an email from John Lewitt, informing me that our song ‘From Now On' was placed on The Young and The Restless! It's a brand-new song, and it gave me a real boost in the middle of a slump. Now I'm all charged up again. Ain't that the way it always goes?

Additionally, we landed another placement on the same show for a song called 'If We've Only Got Today.’ A while back, my song 'I'd Miss My Life' was also placed on an ABC Freeform show called Switched at Birth. There have also been some smaller successes with indie movie trailers and two video games.

If not for TAXI, I would have achieved none of these things! I learned so much from the Peer-to- Peer section of the TAXI Forum, and I’ve had the opportunity to meet and co-write with many of my fellow TAXI members. Through TAXI, I truly learned how to write songs for film and TV, which led me to books by authors like Robin Fredrick and Jason Blume.

I'm now entering my 12th year with TAXI, and I have Michael Laskow to thank for giving me more than hope. He gave me success!”

Congratulations, Tom (and John)! We love hearing about these placements, and especially love hearing how they pulled you out of the “slump”! Here’s to many, many more placements, and thanks as always for letting us know about the most recent ones!

Jack  ONeill

Placement on NBC’s Chicago Fire

Jack ONeill - Westfield, NJ USA
From the music licensing company: “Writing to let you and our friends at TAXI know that your tune 'Your Pain & Its Pleasure' by Beau Jack is in tomorrow’s episode of Chicago Fire! The episode number is 1207, titled “Red Flag” and it airs on NBC.”

This is a signing we've all been VERY excited about since we did the deal back in July. It's our first placement (for Jack) in under a year, so a big congrats to Jack, and a big ol' THANK YOU to TAXI!!!”

Jack followed up and said, “I signed a seven-song deal with a [leading music licensing company] last July as a result of my first TAXI submission. The company released the Beau Jack recordings as Blood Red Roses, available on all major formats in December, and voila! They got our first placement in less than a year! No way this happens without TAXI! Thanks for lending an ear, forwarding my music, and providing an outlet for independent artists. I just signed up for a second year with TAXI and plan to be a TAXI member for as long as I'm still able to write songs. I highly recommend TAXI to any aspiring and/or accomplished writers out there... it's a no-brainer!”

Congrats on a great placement, Jack. We love Chicago Fire, we love the company we forwarded your music to, and we’re very excited the connection resulted in this excellent TV placement on a prime-time show on a major broadcast TV network!

Skaie Knox

Placement on the new AppleTV+ show Sugar

Skaie Knox - Manhattan Beach, CA USA
Email from the music licensing company: “We’re writing to let you (Skaie) and our friends at TAXI know that your song 'I Won’t Cry Anymore' is going to be in episode 101 of the new AppleTV+ show Sugar! This new series starts streaming on April 5! Congrats to Skaie and the rest of The Simplistics, and of course, THANK YOU TAXI!!!”

That’s a great placement. Sugar is already getting strong reviews! Thanks for letting us know about this placement and so many others!

George Zimmerman

TV Placement on Hulu’s Under the Bridge

George Zimmerman - Bishop, GA USA
Email from the label/publisher: “We’re writing to let you know that 'I Wouldn’t Mind' will be in episode 102 of the new Hulu show, Under the Bridge. It [started] streaming on April 17! As always, thanks to TAXI for the connection - and congratulations to you and the band!”

Congratulations on this terrific placement, and thank you for letting us know about it. We always appreciate you keeping in touch!

Jonathan E. Thomas

Signed a full album to a music library

Jonathan E. Thomas - Saskatoon, Canada
"After developing a relationship with one of the music libraries through a forward of one of my tracks, I just signed a full album with them, also! It's because of TAXI that I was able to do this. The feedback from all my submissions has definitely helped me ‘develop my ears’ and has made me a better composer. Thank you, TAXI!"

Congratulations, Jonathan! The library you signed with has done really well for many of our members.

Thomas Goodeluinas

TAXI’s convention led to signing a deal

Thomas Goodeluinas - Springfield, MO  USA
Here’s a nice note from Thomas! “I'm excited to share some great news with everyone! Recently, I signed three tracks to my first music library, thanks to my attendance at the last TAXI Rally and seizing the opportunities to learn and network. During a conversation with the library owner at the Rally, I gave him my business card (which featured a photo of me playing violin), and in early February, I received an email inviting me to submit my music. This ultimately led to a contract and acceptance of my tracks. Although I've been a TAXI member for a while, this was only my third Rally experience, affirming that being present and ready to connect with like-minded individuals is truly rewarding. Go Rally!

This newfound confidence in having my music heard has invigorated me, and I'm motivated to continue on this path, eagerly anticipating more successes. Thank you, TAXI!”

Congratulations, Thomas! We’re glad you’ve discovered just how fruitful attending our convention —the TAXI Road Rally—can be. We hope to see you again in November!

Tom Ervin

Signed four of his Country songs with two sync companies

Tom Ervin - Greenville, SC USA
Tom recently let us know that he’s signed music licensing deals for four of his country songs, resulting from his submissions to TAXI listings. His songs "She’s Just a Country Girl" and "More Football" found homes with one top notch company, while "Country Memories" and "You’re My Dream Come True" were signed with a second company.

Tom shares, “I only learned about TAXI a couple of years ago, and it’s given me many great opportunities to find a home for my country songs! TAXI’s weekly episodes of TAXI TV on YouTube, as well as the annual Road Rally—which is free for members to attend, allows aspiring musicians and songwriters a great opportunity to network with veterans in the music industry. A TAXI membership is a must for all aspiring musicians and songwriters!”

Congratulations, Tom! Those are both great companies. And thanks for mentioning TAXI TV and the Road Rally. It sounds like you’re taking advantage of all the resources TAXI offers, and it’s working out very well for you!

Marc Ellis

Signed a deal for four vintage songs

Marc Ellis - Hawthorne, NJ USA
Marc reports, “A ‘return’ from TAXI led to a revision of a vintage R&B tune which resulted in a ‘forward’ that ultimately landed me a four-song deal and a great relationship with a top record publishing exec!!! I'm finding that many of my old tunes have great commercial value instead of gathering dust. Even though I've been a music biz pro for many years, now semi-retired, [a return from TAXI’s A&R team] still ticks me off for a few hours. Then, after I calm down and see what the criticism actually means, I take [the screener’s] advice if possible.

Thanks TAXI!!”

You’re welcome, and congratulations on those deals, Marc!

Patrick T. Byrne

Has signed five music licensing contracts

Patrick T. Byrne - Souderton, PA
Patrick reports, “I write music with my wife. In January of 2020, we decided to learn how to license our music to the film, TV, and advertising world and joined TAXI. Since then, our TAXI submissions have resulted in five signed contracts, and ongoing relationships with music libraries. I have never let you know, so this is my opportunity to tell you now.

It took a year of education, upgrading equipment and sound libraries, and adjusting our song forms. The first contract was in 2021 for an ambient tension queue, and we were thrilled. The second TAXI contract was in 2022 for two tension cues. Last year, we signed four happy/whistle ukulele songs. We also signed a ‘happy-clappy’ track. Unexpectedly, we just heard back from a submission we sent in two years ago, and signed the fifth contract for two Middle Eastern tunes; one is trap hip-hop, and the other one is a dance/action track.

We’re happy with our TAXI success, and consider it the number one way to learn how to write music specifically with sync licensing in mind.”

Congrats are in order for you and your wife, Patrick, and we really appreciate that you let us know about your success. Please let us know when those deals result in placements, and we’ll be happy to include those in a future Success Stories update.

Marco Iannello

Had a bunch of new TV placements

Marco Iannello – Manchester, UK
Marco is back to let us know about a bunch of recent placements he’s had! “In the past few months, I've had several of my Middle Eastern-flavored tunes placed in Europe. Tension drones like 'Infected Oasis' and 'Virus in the Sand,' co-written with my collaborator Max Carrey, found their way into Fahndung Österreich (Servus TV, Austria) and Brennpunkt Aere (NRK, Norway). Quirky tracks like 'Desert Gangster' and 'Urban Casbah' made an appearance in Achtung Kontrolle (Kabel Eins) in Germany.

All these tunes originate from the same library owner who reached out to me after a forward at the end of 2019. We've built a strong relationship, and I've been producing a lot of music for him and his labels.

Additionally, my track, Impractical Jokers featured 'Hiding in the Closet' again in an episode with Eric André. On top of that, 'Hot Tub Flow' made its way into both Love & Hip-Hop: Miami and Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta. Miami even utilized the tune in two different spots within the same episode, according to Tunesat. Not bad for 'old' tracks from 2020, wouldn’t you say?

What I appreciate about TAXI is the camaraderie among members and even between members and library owners. Relationships that stem from deals often evolve into friendships. Moreover, the wealth of knowledge about the sync industry available through the TAXI forum, TAXI TV, and the Road Rally conference is invaluable. The Rally, in particular, is worth the price of membership alone. Being in the same space with peers and industry professionals almost always leads to incredible opportunities unfolding.”

Thanks for keeping us updated, Marco! We’re really happy that your placements are coming in fast and furious!

Adam Kenyon

Placements on Apple + and Amazon Prime

Adam Kenyon – Sand Lake, MI, USA
Here’s a short but great note from Adam. “My late grandfather's song (that Adam represents), ‘Turn Around’ (from 1968) got a placement. This time in the show Beacon 23 on Amazon Prime. Another song of his, ‘Country Music Star’ (also done in 1968), was placed in The Big Door Prize on Apple+ TV.

And through one of those industry relationships that started with an introduction through TAXI, I also was able to facilitate a deal for the purchase of six vintage tracks (circa 1989) for my band called, The Agency.”

Congratulations, Adam! We hope your grandfather is looking down from Heaven and watching those shows with his music in them :-)

John Pearson

Song placed in Hyundai TV commercial

John Pearson – Hendersonville, TN, USA
John and his co-writers and fellow TAXI members, Greg Carrozza and Becky Ketelsen, landed a great placement. Here’s the story. “I’m stoked to report a nationwide Hyundai TV commercial placement that my co-writers and I landed! The song is 'Do It Like This' by our band 'Reveica' and is available on all DSPs. My fellow band members Becky Ketelsen and Greg Carrozza, who are also fellow TAXI members, wrote this remotely in 2022, and I pitched it to a publisher I had met through another TAXI member. That publisher asked us to do an album, and so far off of that collection, we have also landed a national TV ad with Samsung, and internet ads with Kleo Color and several other companies. I would have never made these connections if not for TAXI and the networking opportunities TAXI provides. Be it TAXI TV, the TAXI Forums, or the TAXI Road Rally, the networking is second to none!”

John added, “I really like the inspiration that TAXI’s daily briefs afford, but my favorite thing about TAXI has been the networking that comes with attending the annual Road Rally in person. Those Road Rallies and the TAXI Forums have helped propel my career faster than anything else I have done.”

Congratulations, John, Greg, and Becky! You guys are on fire, and it’s well-deserved. And thanks for mentioning the networking that takes place in the amazing TAXI community. We’re really happy that it affords so much forward movement for our members.

Sam Strohbehn

Feature film placement

Sam Strohbehn – San Diego, CA, USA
Sam shares, "My band, Evening’s Empire, had its song ‘Tonight’ featured in the feature film Eat Wheaties! starring Tony Hale and Elisha Cuthbert. The comedy is available on all major streaming platforms. It was written by Sam Strohbehn about his first date with his wife. The placement came through a submission to TAXI’s listing asking for prom-type songs. It’s all about having the right song at the right time.”

You're absolutely right, Sam. Congratulations on that placement, and thanks for keeping us updated!

Steve Dukes

Just signed his first two tracks

Steve Dukes – Nashville, TN, USA
Steve reports, “I’m approaching the end of my second year with TAXI, and just signed my first two tracks after submitting to listings S240217AT and S240203KF. I love the feedback I receive from TAXI. It’s helping me to fine tune my tracks to produce something that the client needs. The TAXI listings and references seem to keep me from getting writer's block. I’m really enjoying this process and look forward to more successes.”

Thanks for letting us know, Steve, and we’re glad that you’ve broken the ice!

Jonathan E. Thomas

Signed several tracks and a full album

Jonathan E. Thomas – Saskatchewan, Canada
Jonathan wrote to let us know, “So, I've been with TAXI for a few years now, but this last year was the first time I went to TAXI’s free conference, the Road Rally. It really helped make things more real for me. Now that I have been with TAXI for a few years and have ‘developed my ears’ through the excellent feedback I’ve gotten regularly from my submissions, I have definitely become a better musician and composer. I’ve had tracks placed with a few libraries now, and I've just completed my first album of instrumentals for an exclusive library! TAXI is a great resource to refine your craft and to meet the people who need your music, thanks a lot TAXI!”

Congratulations, Jonathan, and we’re so happy you came to the Rally and saw how it can really speed up the timeline to success!

Stanley Swiniarski

Signed two Disco instrumentals

Stanley Swiniarski – Dracut, MA, USA
Stan wrote to let us know, “I'm thrilled to share that two of my ’70s disco instrumentals, 'Love You for the Whole Night' and 'Like I've Never Danced Before,' have been signed by a new music production library started by an industry veteran. This marks my second signing with a new company in 2024, so I'm absolutely delighted! Disco was my life in the ’70s and early ’80s, so it was truly special to relive those moments through these new productions. Once again, a huge thank you to TAXI for all you do for your members. I couldn't have achieved this without your support!”

Congrats, Stan! Another day, another deal. Keep ’em coming!

Lyndell Johnson

Signed ’90s Hip-Hop to a music licensing company

Lyndell Johnson – Louisville, KY, USA –
Lyndell has a nice story to tell; “I've been a TAXI member since August, 2023. In September, 2023, after just one month of my membership, three of my songs were forwarded to a music licensing company looking for ’90s Hip-Hop. Lo and behold, I got signed by a major music licensing company. Now, I've had multiple songs submitted for TV shows and movies. As of yet, none have been used, but if it wasn't for TAXI none of this would be possible. I’m blown away!
You have to understand that for over 20 years I wouldn't join TAXI because I didn't see any benefits of its membership, plus I was on a tight budget back then as a struggling electronic musician. Now, I’m grateful for the industry connections and the TAXI A&R team’s honest evaluation of my music compositions. Here in Louisville, KY, I'm one of the biggest advocates of TAXI in the city. THANKS TAXI and all your staff!!!!!!You guys ROCK!!!!!”

We’re so happy that you finally gave TAXI a spin, Lyndell. And we’re even happier that you like it so much. You’ll like us even more when your music starts getting placed in TV shows and movies!
Andrew Reilly

Got paid upfront for 9 tracks

Andrew Reilly a.ka. 'Riff Kitten' – Plymouth, MN, USA
Here’s a great email from Andrew! “Thank you for connecting me with a music licensing company that commissioned me to write nine dark Reggaeton tracks. The experience has been great, and my hard work and efforts put toward writing music for sync finally feel validated! Getting paid upfront, as well, has given me a huge boost. Thank you, TAXI!

My dark Reggaeton instrumental track, 'Survivor's Anthem,' was the submission that led to the creation of a nine-track album for a well-known custom music house/library founded by Emmy Award winners. Having been a TAXI member for less than a year, I'm stoked that I was able to connect with a renowned production music company that pays upfront for every track! I didn't know what to expect when joining TAXI, but can now happily say that in my first year, my earnings have far exceeded the price of membership and submission costs. Even more, I've been able to make some priceless personal connections that never would have happened otherwise. Had I known how valuable my membership would be, I would have joined years ago. Suddenly, my sync-music ambitions are becoming a reality!

Additionally, through TAXI, I've been able to connect with a busy music library across the pond – I already have over 20 tracks in their library, including some that were specifically written for a well-known Australian drama series.

What I like most about TAXI is the positive community of like-minded musicians. It doesn't feel competitive; instead, everybody lifts one another up! I also love that I can network within the sync music world and still live near my family and friends in Minneapolis.”

That’s great news, and congratulations, Andrew. And thanks for mentioning how much value you’ve gotten from TAXI so far. We think you’ll be even more amazed if you can join us for the 2024 TAXI Road Rally in November. Now that you seem to trust us, trust us about the Rally!!!

Martin Palumbo

Placements on MTV and CBS

Martin Palumbo - Mountainside, NJ, USA
Martin reports, “My latest deal is having two of my songs, ‘First Strike' and ‘One Flag' used in the MTV show, Ridiculousness. These songs are two of the four I sold to a record label that specializes in vintage music, a few years ago. I got the deal with the label after submitting to a listing in TAXI. Another one of those songs, ‘You Fools.’ has since been placed in the CBS crime drama, Interrogation.

What I like most about TAXI is the way it makes it relatively easy to get your music out there. I'm a ‘part-timer.’ I have a day job. So, the time I can spend on promoting my music is limited, unfortunately, so TAXI works for me.”

Congrats, Martin! We’re very happy for you, and thanks for letting us know about these great placements. Please keep us in the loop when others happen.

Anthony Zarlengo-Reyther

Landed a record deal

Anthony Zarlengo-Reyther - Denver, CO  USA
Here’s a nice note from Anthony: “In August of 2023, my Denver-based heavy metal band, Immortal Sÿnn, had our music forwarded to a record label in the UK through TAXI. After a series of emails and Zoom meetings, we inked a deal with the label to have our upcoming singles and EP released through them. Immortal Sÿnn has been a member of TAXI for many years, and have had our music forwarded many times, most recently to an independent horror movie. But, this is the first time that a forward converted to a deal!

The best part of TAXI is the Road Rally conference, for sure! It’s an invaluable wealth of information and opportunity!”
Congratulations to you and your band mates, Anthony! Please keep us posted as to what happens upon the release!

Mark Miller

Three children’s songs signed

Mark Miller - Brentwood, TN, USA
Here’s a nice email from Mark, “TAXI is the real deal... I love what you guys do for composers and all music people!! Within the first four to five weeks of starting my TAXI membership, I had five songs forwarded to music library clients. I believe everybody needs to read carefully over and over exactly what the client is looking for before submitting material. Michael Laskow (TAXI’s CEO) stresses that a lot in his information videos, he knows what he's talking about.
Now, the good stuff!!! The TAXI screener forwarded all four of my submissions, and the music licensing company signed three of my songs! I'm in the process of putting together the requested masters they need and signing their contracts. I live in Nashville and I’m planning to go to the upcoming TAXI Road Rally in November!”

That’s great news, Mark, congratulations. It sounds like TAXI is working well for you, and it’s bringing in great results. We can’t wait to hear more, and we look forward to seeing you at the Rally! 

Robina Ritchie-Barker

Landed a deal at TAXI’s Road Rally

Robina Ritchie-Barker - Duncan, BC, Canada
Here’s an awesome bit of news from Robina after she attended the 2023 Road Rally, last November: "Thanks for getting me to the starting line! :-) This deal was a thrilling surprise!
I thought I’d give a big shout out and a huge thank you to the entire TAXI crew for the amazing Road Rally that netted me my first music library contract! I’m a sync musician, also working on TrackStage, a software for sync musicians, with my husband. Last year, we attended the Road Rally to connect with fellow sync musicians and improve our product. This year, my husband managed TrackStage, and I joined as a musician. I knew the Road Rally would be good for networking, but I kept my expectations in check as this was the first time I’d ever submitted music to the panels. I submitted a few songs and I was thrilled (and slightly terrified) when my piece ‘Exodus’ was randomly chosen to be played. The panelist had wonderful feedback, and while I was pleased that finally my music was being heard and appreciated, I assumed that was as far as things would go this time around.
But last week one of the panelists reached out to me and signed not only ‘Exodus,’ but another of my songs! Now, I’m composing my first orchestral trailer for him. Thanks to TAXI, this process was streamlined.

I’m truly excited that I’ve finally ‘broken the seal’ and have started building a positive industry relationship - something that would have been exponentially more difficult to get started had it not been for TAXI and the Road Rally panel. I’m a big fan of TAXI for the tremendous value it gives its members, whether through networking, watching TAXI TV, or learning how to get very specific when writing for the briefs. And the Road Rally? Well, there’s nothing like it.
Thanks again for all the great work you do!”

Congratulations, Robina! We’re very happy that you found the networking at the Road Rally to be so productive. Hats off to you for coming to the Rally! So many people wait for years, and then regret not doing it sooner ;-)

Chris Nelson

Just signed an exclusive deal

Chris Nelson - Rockmark, GA, USA
Chris wrote to tell us, “I've only been a TAXI member for a couple of months and have received several forwards, which surprised me! Yesterday morning, I woke up to an offer to sign a contract for one of my forwarded songs with an exclusive music licensing company for my country song, ‘Feelin’ Alright.’ The upbeat country song depicts the joys of finding love while living a simple country farm life. I am overwhelmed with joy at how this one song has received several forwards in just a few short months as a TAXI member. I was thrilled to sign my first deal, thanks to TAXI!

I’ve also just found out that the company is signing 10 more of our songs, so that makes a total of 11 songs that have been signed!

Additionally, three of my other songs were recently forwarded for potential licensing deals. Just this week, two more of my more “rocking” country songs were forwarded to a music row publisher for an up-and-coming country music star working on his new record! While my songs are enjoying tremendous success on Spotify and social media, I am ecstatic about recently finding TAXI and all the doors that are quickly opening for my music. I am still learning the ropes of all the TAXI tools available and can’t wait for my first Road Rally. Needless to say, I was super excited. Thank you, TAXI, for helping get my music recognized!”

Congratulations, Chris! That’s a great story, and please let us know as more of those tracks get signed, and ultimately placed in TV shows or films. And please let us know if that forward to the Music Row Publisher results in a Country cut!

Stanley Swiniarski

Music in 270 episodes of 72 TV series

Stanley Swiniarski - Dracut, MA, USA
Stan sent in some great news, “I just had four circus/carnival instrumentals signed exclusively by a new (for me) company: ‘Lipizzaner March,’ ‘Waltz Above the Ring,’’'Clown Waltz,’ and 'Strolling the Midway.' I’m proud to say that I’ve been pitching my music through TAXI since about 2007 and signed my first deal in 2009. A lot of the relationships I’ve built and placements I’ve had for my work have been through TAXI over the years.

To date I’ve had music spanning over 270 episodes across 72 series. I even had one of my country songs released as a single by a new Nashville artist, all thanks to TAXI.

Some of my other more recent placements include: America’s Got Talent, Alien Encounters, and Real Housewives. The resources available through TAXI - the Road Rally, The Forum, critiques, and the entire TAXI community have all proven invaluable to me. What I especially love about TAXI is the wide range of pitching opportunities. It has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone, put my musicologist hat on and expand my range of genres and styles, making me more well-rounded as a composer and producer.”
Congrats, Stanley! Great news and thank you so much for letting us know about these. Keep up the great work!

Stephen Wood

Another deal resulting from the Rally

Stephen Wood - Seattle, WA, USA
Stephen emailed to tell us about another deal he recently signed after the Road Rally: “I've been very busy with a few short film scores, teaching, and developing some sync licensing albums. I've been seeing lots of great TAXI listings as well! My main reason for emailing now is to give some great news! As a result of attending my first Road Rally (2023), I’ve signed my first licensing agreement with a prominent production music library.

I became a member of TAXI in late 2022. Throughout the year I immersed myself in the TAXI listings, composing new music every week. I took all the critiques to heart from the non-forwards making sure I learned from each one. A few of my tracks were forwarded to libraries and supervisors. My personal colleagues and mentors started encouraging me to attend the Road Rally and to trust what TAXI was saying about the conference. So I did and it worked! I made tons of new connections and ended up signing my first library contract!

Now, eight of my tracks (which wouldn't have been composed if it weren't for TAXI listings) are now signed and active.

After one year of membership and hard work with TAXI, I've had a few forwards, signed with an exclusive library, and learned more than I ever have at any academic institution. I'm excited to see what the next year with TAXI brings! Thank you very much for all that you do and providing great opportunities above and beyond your own specific briefs. Your A&R team’s feedback has been the major factor in my development over the past year. That composing and production development, along with my Road Rally participation, directly resulted in my first library contract. Very inspiring to keep working throughout the next year while still submitting to TAXI.”

Congratulations on signing with a great company, Stephen! We’re so happy that you came to the Rally as a newbie! Many people wait years to attend, and then regret not doing it sooner!

Andrew Smolin

Signed a deal for Happy-Clappy tracks

Andrew Smolin - Brooklyn, NY, USA 
It was great to hear from Andrew about his signing: “It was the ‘Happy Clappy’ brief a few months back. Soon after the brief closed, the CEO of a great company emailed asking to license it exclusively. Now I'm on the CEO’s mailing list and I get briefs from him once in a while. I haven't seen any results yet, but it's cool to have a few tracks in a library.

TAXI’s briefs and deadlines give me a real, concrete idea to work on with a deadline. Deadlines are important to me because they force me to finish on time. I can have trouble doing that.”

Todd Bordonaro

Four deals signed on numerous tracks

Todd Bordonaro, Bronx, NY, USA
Here’s some great news from Todd… “I'm fairly new to TAXI, and in 2022 I attended my first Road Rally. I met someone the first night at the bar hangout. We hit it off immediately, and I sent a few tracks for review. I ended up signing a contract and have since created 12 tracks for that company.

My goal at the 2023 Road Rally was to do more networking. I met two other music licensing executives and signed contracts with both of them, as well. I’ve now signed four deals as a direct result of attending the Road Rally! I’ve also been collaborating with some fabulous musicians I’ve met at your conference, and the tracks we’re producing go to the companies I've made deals with through TAXI. My feeling is, if you don't attend the Road Rally conference, then you're only getting a small part of what TAXI has to offer. Looking forward to the 2024 Rally!”

Keep those deals coming, Todd! We’re very proud of all that you’ve accomplished, and we’re honored to have played a part in that success!

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