Lee Kweller
The independent film And the Winner Is... will feature one of Lee Kweller's instrumental tunes, "Magnetic." This was a result of a forward through TAXI to an independent film producer. "When I first found out about the deal, I was somewhat skeptical because I have had proposed deals fall apart in the past. But when I found out it was for real, I was very excited. It's a feeling of accomplishment and there's no feeling that quite matches that. It gives me more motivation to keep on writing and pitching and to enjoy the process along the way," he said.
Dan Diaz
Dan Diaz signed many instrumentals to a Los Angeles-based commercial and production music composer who runs a music library. Dan's song, "Arrest Me," was placed in episode six of MTV's Nitro Circus. "TAXI has been great at connecting me with some very cool music publishers. As a result of those connections, I've signed deals for over 100 cues, and am looking forward to hopefully hearing about more placements soon!" he said.
Sam Reynolds
NBC's Kath & Kim recently featured TAXI member Sam Reynolds's Dance/Pop song, "Another Place & Time." This was a result of a forward through TAXI to a highly successful L.A.-based music publisher. "TAXI has either directly or indirectly helped me in getting all of my tracks signed. I have over 100 tracks signed to seven different music libraries. I didn't even know music libraries existed or that you could make money from writing music for television until joining TAXI. I'm even writing music in styles I never thought I would. Joining TAXI has changed my life forever," Sam said.
Keith LuBrant
As a result of a forward through TAXI and signing a licensing deal with a highly successful L.A.-based music publisher, TAXI member Keith LuBrant's song, "Devil Woman," was placed in an episode of TNT's Saving Grace. "I have to admit, I was skeptical at first at what TAXI would be able to do and put off joining for a couple of years, but the opportunities generated have been incredible. The fact that TAXI has been able to open the door to so many companies showed me that it was definitely worth joining," Heith said.
John Neal
TAXI member John Neal's Blues Rock song, "Rock 'n' Roll Singer," was placed in an episode of NBC's Quarterlife as a result of a forward through TAXI to a leading L.A. music publisher. John later discovered that through the same publisher, another song was placed on ABC's Cupid. "Both episodes have aired and how I felt is almost unexplainable. I think I had a smile on my face for weeks! It is hard to grasp my song out of millions of songs was selected. That just seems crazy! Definitely makes me feel like I am doing something right. The e-mails, text messages, and phone calls from family and friends telling me how proud they are and to keep it up just help to reinforce the notion that I can do this. I can make it. I can write songs that can be on TV!" he said.
Dan McDougall
After a forward through a TAXI Dispatch listing, TAXI member Dan McDougall connected with an executive producer/music supervisor based in Texas who is working on a few film projects. Dan's songs are currently being pitched to be included in a few movie soundtracks, but more importantly Dan is already receiving income from doing vocal work on a few projects the executive producer has him working on. Dan is currently working on providing music for the upcoming film For Whom He Tolls, which just went into production. "I guess I am evidence that if you don't give up and knock enough times, doors will open!" he said.
Lauren de Miranda
TAXI member Lauren de Miranda recently reported that as a result of a forward through TAXI to a national radio network her Pop/Rock song, "Heartbreak Radio," is now playing on BusRadio, which plays her song to 1.2 million kids a day. "I would have never known of BusRadio without TAXI and they might have never found me! With this single connection, my membership has definitely paid for itself. I view TAXI as my introduction to 1.2 million new potential fans! Thank you, TAXI," she said.
David Chong
David Chong, TAXI member since 1998, recently reported that his song "Walk On Out the Door" was placed in the ABC daytime soap opera One Life To Live as a result of a forward through TAXI years prior. David has also licensed his music with numerous other companies through TAXI including: a Midwest-based music library/publisher, a UK-based production music library, the president of an established LA-based music library/publishing company, and an online music licensing company. "I got the royalty check from ASCAP back in July for about $XXX. That was the first money I ever made with my music. Thank you Taxi!!" he said.
Ruthie Brock
Ruthie Brock's band Gold Hill recently received a royalty check as a result of one of their songs being placed during the GAC cable network show, The Grand Ol' Opry Live!, one of the most popular television programs in Country music today, reaching more than 39 million households. Ruthie mentioned that this placement was a result of attending the TAXI Road Rally. Ruthie's band also signed 17 songs with a very successful music publisher that has placed many TAXI members music in major film and TV projects as a result of handing a CD to the president of this company at the TAXI Road Rally. And as a result of a forward to a west coast music licensing company/library through TAXI, 14 Gold Hill songs were picked up. "Thanks to you guys, we had our ducks in a row. These are opportunities we never would have had, being a band of 50-somethings and not being commercially viable. So thanks for everything!" she said.
Logan Pepper
As a result of a forward through a TAXI Dispatch listing, Logan Pepper signed his first-ever deal for one of his instrumental tracks. Logan signed the contract a month after he was forwarded through TAXI. "I signed the contract at the end of November – it was a wonderful early Christmas present! Thanks so much to Michael and clan for everything you do for us musicians! This would not be possible without you," he said.
Erich Gruber
Erich Gruber recently updated us on his previous connection through TAXI with a Los Angeles-based commercial and production music composer who runs a music library. So far, Erich has published 10 songs with them, and the production music composer is now actively pitching his music to cable TV music supervisors. Erich is currently able to send them music whenever he creates new tunes. "BIG, HUGE (sorry for yelling :) ) props to TAXI for making all this possible. Your service has exceeded expectations!" he said.
Justin Mather
As a result of a connection made at the TAXI Road Rally in 2007, Justin Mather signed 10 songs to an independent label which specializes in film/TV placements, and he received his first royalty due to two of his songs being replaced on two TV show DVDs. His song "Live For Every Moment" replaced one song on season 1 of Jack & Bobby, and his song "Riverside" replaced other spots in seasons 3 and 4 of Everwood. "This is a dream come true for me and I owe TAXI a big THANK YOU!! I could not have made these connections without your help," he said.
Patrick Rydman
Patrick Rydman reports that his Jazz song "The End of the Rainbow" was placed in the February 12 episode of the NBC comedy series, Kath & Kim. This was the result of a forward through TAXI to a music publisher that specializes in film/TV placements. "You need a few things to succeed: talent, patience, persistence, and someone like TAXI to connect the dots. Thank you!" he said.
Jay Ramsey and Bob Kelly
Jay Ramsey and Bob Kelly just wrapped up a high four-figure deal for 10 songs in their back catalog made possible by a forward through TAXI to a very successful music publisher that focuses on film/TV placements. "Our sincere thanks to TAXI. It just goes to show that even the 'old' recordings of 'good' songs will finally find a place to fit into the scheme of things, if a logical match can be found–and TAXI found it for us. Nice Work, TAXI, and keep it up," they said.
Anna Maria Flechero recently reported that as a result of her very first submission through TAXI, she landed a deal with an independent record label with major distribution ties. Her two Jazz standards, and one Jazz original have been included on a Smooth Jazz compilation CD being released by this Indie label and distributed by Universal Music in Poland. "This was my first time I submitted to TAXI after many, many years of receiving your mail and e-mails. Thank you so much. Your critiques have given me insight and motivation," she said.
Gus Caveda recently reported that two of the Rock songs he submitted through a TAXI listing were signed by a very successful production music library that has secured placements with ABC, CBS, NBC, WB, Disney, Discovery, Lifetime, Fox, and USA (just to name a few). I became a member of Taxi in the late 90s after years of touring and a two-year contract with Atlantic Records . I had decided to "really" learn about the craft of songwriting and Taxi has been a sort of guidance counselor for me ever since. "[TAXI's] critiques have helped me to look at my music with an outside perspective that I never had before. TAXI's resources have also prepared me to understand the industry better and that education has helped me to recognize the markets I am most productive at," he said.
Skip-Dawg notified TAXI that his song "Skip To The Floor" was featured on the popular #1 Current Hit Radio Show with more than 10 million listeners in Europe/Germany and L.A. as a result of a forward through TAXI. He also reports that he received five placements as a result of a forward to a very successful online music licensing company through TAXI more than a year ago. They include: His song "Everybody Gather Round" was used in a Facebook application for a well-known global advertising agency, a song placed in The Big Reunion (Hip-Hop DJ DVD documentary), a song licensed with an e-card Web site, and two songs used by two major corporations. AND, his song "Times In My Life" was also signed with a music publisher with tons of film/TV placements as a result of a forward through TAXI. "Every piece of constructive criticism from TAXI helped me mold my sound and the better I got, the more forwards I received and the more projects my songs were licensed to," he said.
Amanda Somerville recently reported that she was featured on one of the biggest commercial radio stations in Europe as a result of a forward through TAXI. The response from her song, "Mayday," was so good the first time around that she was featured a second time with her song, "Point of Safe Return." "I was of course really excited about it! It's even more difficult to receive radio airplay in Europe than in North America because there aren't really underground or college stations that play songs from Indie or non-major label artists and this was big time CHR," she said.
The December 4 episode of ABC's "Ugly Betty" included a song by Hanspeter Kruesi, who lives in Switzerland. The placement of "In Touch With God" was a direct result of a forward to a leading music publisher based in Los Angeles. "Since this was my first placement after having several contracts through TAXI, I just thought, 'Wow it really, really works.' Then I realized that "Ugly Betty" is a very popular show in the USA and is running all over the world—I couldn't really believe it. It was kind of a positive shock and gave me even more confidence that I am going the right way with my philosophy in music and business," he said.
Mike Mostert's Hard Rock/Metal song "American Girl" was placed in the recent Seth Green movie called Sex Drive. This was the result of a forward he had through TAXI one year ago to a highly successful music publisher based in LA. "The minute we found out we ran to the movie theater to check it out. The highlight was not only hearing our music in a major motion picture but having our names magnified and highlighted at the end of the movie," he said.
Denny Earnest, TAXI member since 1994, originally made a connection with an independent label which specializes in Film/TV placements through TAXI, and has landed placements on Life (NBC), Friday Night Lights (NBC), Everwood (WB), and the soap opera One Life To Live (ABC), just to name a few. Due to this connection, Denny is also working with a U.K. based label/production music library where they will be releasing his new Americana album and distributing his songs on iTunes. "The main thing TAXI's done for me is build up my resume. I've had hundreds of placements and when companies asked who I've worked with, I can click off a dozen companies just like that," he said.
TAXI member Glenn Shambroom's Jazz band ballad "She Walked Away" was used in the November 20 episode of ABC's hit show "Ugly Betty" as a result of a licensing deal he obtained with a highly successful music publisher through TAXI. "It's been great getting my stuff into music libraries, and opening up a new source of money for the music I write and record—'mailbox money'! I was amazed, when I listened carefully to the soundtrack of 'Ugly Betty,' at the dizzying number of musical snippets they used. Really makes me appreciate the sound editors, and realize how much 'product' is needed to fill up these shows," he said.
TAXI member Keith Zizza recently notified TAXI that the music supervisor of a few new reality shows placed his 80s style songs "Brand New Day" and "Callisto" in TV Land's "High School Reunion." "I particularly enjoy the Dispatch listings because it forces me to work quickly and keep my chops up. I wrote and submitted a couple of 80s instrumentals for a film listing a while back and hadn't heard anything, though they were well-liked in the critique and forwarded; so when I saw the recent Dispatch listing for 80s tunes, I submitted them again and got forwarded... and accepted," he said.
After a forward through TAXI to a leading Music Publisher/Library who focuses on TV placements, TAXI member Shelley Jacobson and her co-writer Skip Adams had their Blues/Rock Guitar Instrumental "Good At Getting Up" placed on the October 28 episode of CBS's "The Mentalist." "It's so nice to defy the odds and prove that you don't have to reside in a major hub to make things happen ... not necessary ... not when you have TAXI on your side. Thank you so much for everything," she said.
HBO's new series, True Blood, featured a song by TAXI member John Mazzei. His song, "Summer Memories," was played during episode 10 of the show, which aired on November 9, 2008. "It was a great feeling to hear my music on such a popular show. Every deal and placement helps to boost my confidence (and also looks good on the resume too!). TAXI has really helped me not only getting deals and placements, but as an education tool in how the business works. A few years ago, I didn't know anything about publishing, royalties or film/TV placements. Now I have relationships with publishers, libraries and have had placements on TV and in films. I attribute a large part of my success to TAXI. Thanks!!" he said.
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