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Get Free Daily Music Requests

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TAXI's Industry Listings tell you exactly what decision-makers need right now. Pitch your music to Major & Independent Record Labels, Music Publishing Companies, Film & TV Music Supervisors, Production Music Libraries, Ad Agencies, and Video Game Companies.

We've been building relationships since 1992 and our database reads like a Who's Who of the music business. We bring real opportunities right to your front door- no matter where you live! TAXI's reputation and member success stories are second to none. Click to see who needs your music right now.

Improve Your Odds With TAXI

Improve Your Odds

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TAXI members sign major and indie record deals, publishing deals, and license their music for Film and TV placements, TV commercials, movie trailers, and video games. Indie Artists, Songwriters, Bands, and Composers use TAXI's expert feedback to help get them started, get great, and get signed!

Members who are already seasoned pros spend more time making music and less time on music promotion and marketing because TAXI does the legwork for them. And who really likes legwork? Click here to see how we save your legs...

The Truth About TAXI

Avoid Music Industry Scams

The Truth About TAXI

TAXI has been so successful that dozens of companies have tried to copy what we do. Sadly, many seem more interested in making a quick buck than acting with integrity and delivering what they promise.

Other companies split submission fees with the companies that request music from them! You might wonder if they even need the music they're asking for. If you want to know why TAXI has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, click here to see unedited posts from our members in their own words.

"What is A&R music or what is an A&R in the music industry, and what does it have to do with music placements in Film or TV?” Here’s an answer to that frequently asked question. Read More

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