Peter Checkley

His song got licensed as the Theme song for a TV series

Peter Checkley – Dudley, West Midlands U.K.
A music library client just reported that TAXI member, Pete Checkley got his song, “Adios Hombre” used as the theme song for the popular Estonian TV Show, Noor Meister, now in its second season! Pete’s initial signing to the music library resulted from a relationship that began with his TAXI membership.

Congratulations, Pete! Great news, and we always love hearing about your placements!!

Owen Chaim

Landed a song in a CBS TV promo

Owen Chaim – Mississauga, ON Canada
Reported by one of our music library clients: “TAXI member Owen Chaim recently had his song, ‘Whistle While You Work’ used in the on-air promo for the new Wayans Family TV show, Poppa’s House on the CBS television network.”

Congratulations, Owen! That’s a great placement! Keep them coming!!

Anthony Isabel

Got his track in a feature film with Bette Midler

Anthony Isabel – Studio City, CA USA
Reported by one of TAXI’s music library clients: “We’re happy to let you know that Anthony Isabel (who we signed via TAXI) had his track, ‘String Quintet in E Major, Op. 11, No. 5. Minuetto,’ placed in the upcoming feature film, The Fabulous Four, starring Bette Midler, Bruce Greenwood, Susan Sarandon, Sheryl Lee Ralph, and Megan Mullally. The film will be released this coming summer.”

Congratulations Anthony! Nothing like a feature film placement to add to your resume!

Hoot Gibson

Got his song placed in an Amazon Prime TV show

Hoot GibsonNew Westminster, BC, CANADA
Great news from one of our favorite music licensing clients: “Writing to share some exciting news with you (Hoot) and our friends at TAXI. Your song, ‘You Are My Lover’ is streaming on a horror feature show titled, Them: The Scare on Amazon Prime. Congrats to Hoot, and of course, THANK YOU TAXI!!!!”

Hoot adds, “Two years ago I submitted seven songs that were all forwarded to various publishers and music licensing companies, and this is the result of one of those connections!”

Congratulations, Hoot! We’re really happy for you, and hope to see you at this year’s TAXI Road Rally in November!

Dale Grisa

His song got licensed for a TV Commercial

Dale Grisa – Livonia, MI USA
One of TAXI’s Music Library clients reported to us, “Dale Grisa (who we signed through TAXI) recently got his song, ‘Bougie Bolero’ placed in a TV commercial for Maille Sauces.”

Congrats on that sweet placement, Dale. We love their Grey Poupon Mustard!

Mark Miller

Got several deal offers and signings

Mark Miller - Brentwood, TN USA
Mark let us know about several deals he’s signed as a result of his TAXI membership. “I had four songs forwarded and three deals were offered from a Canadian company, but I decided to only give them one of the songs because another project is in the works for the other two songs and didn't want to tie them up. I also recently signed another sync deal with an LA-based company. Very thankful to TAXI for the opportunities.
I’ve been offered five deals, but I’ve only signed two through TAXI because the other three were taken by somebody else by that time. That’s all because of TAXI’s contacts through this whole process.

TAXI has definitely made me a better instrumental cue writer, because of the reviewer's comments. It has been a real learning curve trying to figure out how to fix and send the correct sound and format for each brief. I’m still working on trying to figure it out, but it’s getting better and better. I really think TAXI is wonderful, with all the (TAXI TV) YouTube videos and information they give us members for a pretty minimal membership fee. All the knowledge it’s priceless if you’re really into this kind of business.”

Congratulations, Mark. It sounds like you’re on quite a roll. Please keep us in the loop as the placements start to happen as well.

Alex Dilan

Got a ton of instrumental tracks by multiple companies

Alex Dilan - Sarasota, FL USA
Alex told us, “The good news is that TAXI has helped me sign 22 songs into a Library in three months! I hope to use that as my excuse for not enough sleep.

TAXI forwarded my track, ‘Dark Hear’ to a great new music licensing company in October of 2023. It was accepted, and that led to another 10 tracks getting signed, ranging from Orchestral to Politcal to Swagger Rock to Cinematic Horror to Cello and Piano, and Sports Rock, as well.
During the 1st quarter of 2024, 21 more tracks were accepted, ranging from Modern Noire to Dark piano and Cello to Uplifting Orchestra to Piano and Violin, 80's Pop Rock, Dark Ambient Tension, 70's Funk, Rock Orchestral Action Builders, and even Golden Age of Cartoons music!  All of this started with one track that was forwarded by TAXI.

I have also been commissioned to write 11 pieces of music for a video game album by another Music Library, and five new albums from yet another music licensing company in the U.K. for Christmas and Hallmark-style piano cues. Both of those deals also happened as a result of my TAXI membership! Thank you, TAXI, for letting publishers know I make high quality music. The doors to my success were opened by your listings.

Dreams begin with hard work, but TAXI helped facilitate it becoming a reality!”

Alex, we could not be happier for you. You didn’t give up when the going got rough, and look at you now! We’re doing cartwheels on your behalf. Please write to us when your tracks start to get some cool placements!

Michael Miller

Got 52 instrumental tracks signed

Michael Miller - Champaign, IL  USA
Michael reports, "I had a huge number of tracks placed in a music library as part of a special project. They wanted composers who could supply 100-500 tracks within 30-45 days. I began working earnestly in March, and by the end of April, I had created 36 tracks. I submitted those along with tracks of unsigned music and they accepted 52 tracks! 

I've been watching TAXI TV (on YouTube) since 2010 and finally took the plunge and joined TAXI in 2020. Within three months, I was forwarded to the above-mentioned music library. Three years later, I got forwarded again, and to my surprise, it was the same library and they accepted two more tracks. Along with three other tracks in another library I was forwarded to by TAXI, I now feel like I have a decent number of tracks out there, hopefully I can get some placements. This has shown me what the TAXI staff and members say all the time, ‘Step by step, little by little, keep at it and it will happen.’ I've learned so much from TAXI TV and the TAXI free conference, the Road Rally, I'm looking forward to even more.  Thanks to everyone who has helped build this wonderfully generous community!”

Wow, Michael, you are killin’ it, dude! Congrats, and here’s to many, many more signings and the placements that will also come with time!

Robin Rorie

Turned lemons into musical lemonade

Robin Rorie - Palm Harbor, FL  USA
Robin reports, “I was contacted by a Music Publisher who received one of my tracks via a TAXI forward. It was an Exclusive License Deal, but I quickly made them aware that the song was already available on all the music platforms, because I didn't want to create a problem for them. This led to an invitation by them for me to write something new for their project to replace the TAXI forward. They wanted a 70's Disco track, so I went to work and delivered it. They liked it, and signed me as a writer so I could produce more music for them. Thank you TAXI and Michael for providing this platform, support, and resources. I've had about 14 forwards in the last two years and the critiques have been invaluable. Thank you!”

You’re very welcome, Robin, and thanks for letting us know about your deal. Congratulations!

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