Susan Hillman

Susan Hillman - Boulder, CO

We just caught up with TAXI Member Susan Hillman who let us know that she’s had her first placement on a France TV investigative news show called Envoyé Spécial! We first heard from Susan when she signed a publishing deal with a top-tier International Music Library back in April, and this deal led to this placement!

“This is my first placement and it is so exciting!” Susan says. “There is really no doubt about the incredible things that can happen when you use TAXI and get going regularly in the studio. My writing and production skills have improved to a great degree thanks to TAXI and the huge amount of listings from great libraries. I know I will continue to improve and can't wait to get going on that!” We can’t wait to hear about Susan’s future placements and deals!

Robert Zimmermann

Robert Zimmermann - Bishop, GA

We were over the moon when we heard that TAXI Member Robert Zimmermann had one of his songs placed in the recent Indie Film, The Turkey Bowl! This placement was due to an amazing Publishing Company he was connected with through a TAXI Forward!

“When my song came in at the end, it was one of the most exciting things I’ve ever experienced,” Robert says. “It was like when you first hear your music on the radio, it’s just overwhelming. I am living proof that TAXI works!”

Vince Nicotina

Vince Nicotina - Selkirk, NY

Sometimes it takes a few Forwards of the same track before a deal comes along, and TAXI Member Vince Nicotina found that out firsthand. “I wrote my instrumental tune ‘Jazz Klezmertronic’ in February of 2018 for a TAXI Listing looking for ‘electro-swing.’ I really thought I nailed it, but I didn’t hear anything back after the Forward. I was disappointed, but when TAXI asked for electro-swing again in October 2018, I submitted it again. Again it was forwarded and no response.” Vince explains.

“TAXI asked for electro-swing again in February of 2019, again I submitted and got a third Forward. By this time I was cynical about my odds of getting a response ...This time I received an email two weeks later from a library owner, offering me a contract for the tune,” he says. Five months after that Forward, the library signed yet another of Vince’s electro-swing tracks!

When asked what he loves about TAXI, Vince had this to say, “I love TAXI because it is a supportive learning community for the music business. At my second Road Rally, my ‘mentor’ introduced me to another TAXI member that he thought I should collaborate with. This really turned me on to the benefits of collaboration, and has really boosted my productivity. It’s hard to overcome rejection, and learn a bunch of new tricks.  But it’s easier when you have your pals to help you out.”

Vincent Schiela

Vincent Schiela - West Chester, PA

We just heard from TAXI Member Vincent Schiela who let us know that he signed a deal with a top-tier International Music Library that he met through a TAXI Forward!

“Back in March, TAXI Forwarded my composition ‘La Pacina Vacante’ to [the Library], who was looking at the time for minimal, piano-based instrumentals with ‘mediterranean’ feel and influence,” Vincent explains. Although the library didn’t sign that track then, they stayed in touch.

“In September, [they] reached out to ask if I wanted to contribute to a solo piano project [they were] putting together.” And the rest is history!

“I don't know anywhere else I could get the feedback and guidance I've received-and I've received a lot,” Vincent says. “Between responses to submissions, newsletters, and TAXI TV, I determined how I could narrow my focus to what I think I do best-compose for solo piano or piano-based instrumentals, improve my writing and performances, and have access to potential markets for that music. As a result I started receiving Forwards and love the opportunity to create new relationships in the industry.”


ONE SON - Fort Worth, TX

We were over the moon when we heard from TAXI member ONE SON that he got his music placed on Backstage Lakers (Sportsnet), Love After Lockup (WeTV), Access Hollywood (NBC), and Cheer Squad (Netflix)––all due to just one TAXI Forward to a Music Library! “I received a Forward for my song ‘Canvas’ that resulted in a publishing deal with [the Music Library]. I was able to get seven more songs licensed,” he explains.

In addition to this success, ONE SON also signed four more tracks to another Music Library that he was connected with through TAXI. He was also featured on the TAXI Top 10 in 2018!

“I've been with TAXI since the mid-nineties,” he says. “I knew this was a good avenue to explore especially for an independent Hip-Hop artist, you avoid a lot of red tape and get your music in the hands of difference makers.” We can’t wait to hear about more success from ONE SON in the future!

Jenn Rykert

Jenn Rykert - Nashville, TN

Nothing makes our day more than when we hear that one of our members has made an awesome connection through a TAXI Forward. TAXI member Jenn Rykert tells us that one of her track “Haunt (Never Die)” was signed to an awesome Music Publisher through a TAXI Forward! “We signed a one-year exclusive deal for ‘Haunt’ with intentions of making it a three-song deal in the near future, and then possibly working on an EP for me as an artist, which wasn’t expected but a super cool surprise,” Jenn explains. “I can tell that [the publisher], like TAXI, really cares for artists and that’s why I decided to go with her.”

“Since rejoining TAXI a little over six weeks ago, I’ve gotten four Forwards on the three songs I wrote based off the listings, all within just a few short weeks,” Jenn says. “I’ve submitted more songs since then and feel hopeful about those and I’m so excited about the upcoming year, all because of TAXI.”

Jenn says, “I’ve been around the music industry long enough to see the very ‘not pretty’ side of most of it. After recovering from some of that, I realized what a diamond TAXI is in the industry and decided to join and go ALL IN as much as possible. I love that I can make as much music as I want, as fast as I want, and in the genres/styles I have strengths in, but if I want to try something new I can do that too. As a songwriter I’m having SO MUCH FUN, which is key to longevity in my opinion. And being with TAXI is already paying off! I can’t think of anyone else in the industry besides TAXI who spends so much time, energy and care on the education of artists and music makers, with free resources and invaluable information like TAXI TV and the Road Rally.”

Daniel Hendrick

Daniel Hendrick - San Diego, CA

We just found out that TAXI member Daniel Hendrick signed two of his Latin tracks to an awesome Music Library he was forwarded to by TAXI!

“Recently I retired as an international Opera singer, and so I wanted to give my composing a try,” Daniel explains. “My friends in the industry said TAXI was the best and that I should join.” Daniel joined TAXI in January of this year and says that he was “immediately impressed how many opportunities there were through TAXI, every day were some new requests!”

After seeing a request for Latin music, Daniel submitted three songs––two of which were forwarded. “A week or so later I received an email from [the Library] saying that they loved my songs.” The library signed the tracks, and the rest is history!

Tom  Hipps

Tom Hipps - Minneapolis, MN

We love hearing about our members’ successes, whether it’s their first or their 50th! TAXI member Tom Hipps just let us know that he just signed his first contract with a major European Music Licensing company through a TAXI Forward! “They contacted me before I even got the ‘you've been forwarded’ email from TAXI! They wasted no time!” Tom says.

"I feel that TAXI offers the best opportunity to get my music directly into the hands of the heavy hitters in the music business,” Tom says. “I've submitted songs to various music libraries on my own, and have even had a few songs accepted, but it has always ended there...With TAXI, I can tailor my submissions to fit particular needs, and KNOW that my forwarded songs are going directly to the decision-makers involved in those projects. I also get valuable feedback on my submissions, which has helped me to improve along the way, and submit more carefully to listings."

We can’t wait to hear of more successes from Tom in the future!

David Bluefield

David Bluefield – Redondo Beach, CA

We were elated when we heard that TAXI Member David Bluefield had one of his songs placed on TNT’s Animal Kingdom through a Music Publisher he met through TAXI!

David has been a TAXI member since pretty much the beginning: “[I] relocated to Aspen, Colorado, in the early ’90s and it was TAXI that helped me stay connected to the high energy and highly competitive music biz,” he says. He was connected to the Music Publisher a few years back through a TAXI Forward, the publisher fell in love with his ’70s band, Kindred, and the rest is history!

“TAXI provides such a wide range of opportunities including using a track that was 47 years old in this case,” David says. We’re glad that we were able to be apart of this success and look forward to hearing about more!

John Pearson

John Pearson – Hendersonville, TN

We caught up with TAXI Member John Pearson who let us know that he just got a handful of tracks signed by a Music Library he met through a TAXI Forward! “I sent in three Indie rock vocal songs to a TAXI listing and all three were forwarded. The library reached out within a few days and signed the songs. They also asked if I had anything else and I sent in seven additional vocal songs in Pop and Indie flavors. They signed four of the seven!” John says.

In addition to this deal, John also shared that he got a track placed on the season premiere of The Rookie (ABC) that features a vocalist who he met at the TAXI Road Rally! He also had a placement on a German TV show through a contact he made at the Rally in 2015!

When asked what he likes most about TAXI, John had this to say: “Besides the helpfulness of the Forum exchanges and collabs at the Road Rallies, I really appreciate the way screeners will make helpful comments about why a song didn't get forwarded. I also like the way the custom critiques are almost always spot on!”

Pete Checkley

Pete Checkley – Dudley, United Kingdom

Pete Checkley has only been a TAXI member since April, and he’s already signed his first and second publishing deals! “Seven of my tracks have gone into their library so I couldn't be more chuffed. About a week later after signing my first ever contract, as second exclusive library contacted me via a TAXI Forward and asked for five exclusive tracks to be written for them,” he says.

Pete says that TAXI has been instrumental in improving his production skills: “I think where TAXI is successful is clearly the hard work they put in getting our music up to standard via critiques and getting it heard by the right people...While only doing music production for a short amount of time, I feel through TAXI I have upped my game considerably ... to match the demands of the industry. That to me alone is worth the subscription fee as I would have happily plodded along at my own pace and continued to make rookie mistakes!”

“Thank you, TAXI, and thank you to Forum members for helping me out when I started a few months ago! What a great place to be!” Pete says. We couldn’t agree more!
Carl Lord

Carl Lord – Louisville, KY

TAXI Member Carl Lord has signed four different Music Publishing deals with international and U.S.-based music libraries within the past three months! “Each deal was a direct result of submitting my music through TAXI Music listings,” he says.

“As a writer and composer based in Kentucky, TAXI Music has and continues to open so many wonderful doors of opportunity for me and my music without me having to move to LA,” Carl shares. “My journey is only beginning, but having TAXI to partner with me is awesome!”

Jo Kelly Stephenson

Jo Kelly Stephenson - Nashville, TN

Sometimes one single TAXI Forward can lead to years of payouts. TAXI Member Jo Kelly Stephenson found this out firsthand when she signed a deal with an incredible Los Angeles-based Music Library through a TAXI Forward that led to multiple placements!

Due to the deal she signed, Jo Kelly’s music has been heard on The Glades(A&E), Rizzoli & Isles(TNT), Mistresses(ABC), Switched at Birth(Freeform), Unforgettable (CBS), the Warner Brothers film Girl on a Bicycle, and the Indie film Alone. “The indie film placement in particular has paid out tens of thousands in royalties over the years!” She tells us, “All of the above resulted from a single TAXI Forward.”

Jo Kelly tells us that she was a little apprehensive of TAXI when she first saw an ad in a magazine: “I wondered whether it could be true … I took a chance and signed up. Within six months, I had my first deal through TAXI. Within the first year of joining TAXI I had my first prime time TV placement. TAXI [has] been instrumental in altering the course of my life for the better.”

Martie Echito

Martie Echito - Ontario, CA

So many TAXI Members have been able to find success with music they wrote and recorded years in the past, and Martie Echito is no different! A few years ago, some of his songs recorded in the ’70s and early ’80s were signed to a Music Publisher specializing in Vintage music.

Through that deal, Martie has had nine placements in top TV shows and films including The Kids Are Alright (ABC), Runaways (Hulu), The Truth About The Harry Quebert Affair (Epix), and, most recently, Showtime’s new show On Becoming a God In Central Floridastarring Kirsten Dunst! “[The Publishing Company has] been shopping the songs continuously, and I’m so grateful,” he says.

TAXI has always been important to me,” Martie tells us, “not just the listings, but the valuable critiques, responses to any questions, and I LOVE the annual Road Rallies.” We look forward to hearing about even more placements for Martie in the future!

Elna Myburg

Elna Myburg - Kingwood, TX

We caught up with TAXI Member Elna Myburg who let us know that her Jazz track “Midnight” got placed on the highly anticipated Apple TV+ show, The Morning Show (starring Steve Carrell, Reese Witherspoon, and Jennifer Aniston! “It is the fourth time this track has been placed in a show, and it is because of a TAXI Forward many years ago,” she tells us.

In addition to this placement, Elna has signed deals with five other music libraries in the United States, Israel, and Germany all due to TAXI Forwards! “These companies have collectively signed more than 30 of my tracks in recent months,” Elna says. “TAXI opened doors for me that I could certainly not have opened by myself, so I am grateful! Thanks, TAXI!”

Len Boone

Len Boone - Doylestown, PA

We were over the moon when we heard that TAXI Member Len Boone and his writing partner Larry LaFalce got one of their songs placed on HBO’s new show The Righteous Gemstones! This placement was the result of a deal they signed with a Music Publisher through a TAXI Forward.

“Having worked with [the Music Publisher] has been quite the gift. Their belief in our music has garnered a number of placements which I'm/we're most grateful for,” Len tells us. Here’s to even more placements in the future!

Dick Flood

Shalee - Taylor's Hill, Australia

We love hearing when our members sign their first deal through a TAXI Forward, so we were delighted when we heard that TAXI Member Shalee got one of her dark Indie Pop tracks signed to a top-tier Music Library! “I was stoked as this music library had a solid reputation and track record of great placements,” Shalee explains.

“I've only been with TAXI since February,” Shalee says, “but it has completely fast tracked the trajectory of my career. The structure and approach of briefs has completely shifted the way I write, and how I approach my relationships and collaborations … I'm really grateful to have found TAXI.”

Shalee tells us that she’s also looking forward to attending TAXI’s FREE Convention, the Road Rally this November! We can’t wait to see what her future holds!

Dick Flood

Andrew Friedberg -Van Nuys, CA

We just heard from TAXI Member Andrew Friedberg who let us know that he got 12 tracks signed to an amazing International Music Library with distribution through Universal through a TAXI Forward! “About two months ago, I saw a TAXI listing for dramedy-style music made with middle-eastern instruments … I submitted two songs, one was forwarded. A few days later, [the Music Library] contacted me saying that he liked my song and wanted more,” Andrew explains.

Andrew says that because of the connection made by TAXI, he’s developed a great working relationship with the Music Library: “I've been submitting things to them on a weekly basis since I signed the contract … I'm really excited about this huge step in my burgeoning music career.”

When we asked Andrew what his favorite things were about TAXI, he told us that he loves the “excellent help and guidance from the staff. As I've been learning about how the business works, I've needed to call your offices multiple times, and everyone there has been hugely helpful and pleasant to talk to.”

In addition, he commented on the range of opportunities TAXI offers and the helpful feedback he receives from TAXI’s A&R Team. “I never seem to have enough time to submit to all the listings I'd like to, which is a good problem to have,” he says.

John Finbury

John Finbury - Haverhill, MA

Sometimes it takes years, even decades, for a song to have its moment in the spotlight. TAXI Member John Finbury’s track “One False Move,” which he and his wife wrote and recorded back in 1981, was just placed on The Righteous Gemstones(HBO)! And this placement was all due to a TAXI Forward that lead to a deal back in 2014!

“So here is the updated timeline,” John says. “It took a few weeks to write the song, two days to record, mix and master (8-track), 33 years to a Forward, one week from Forward to the TAXI ‘success’ of purchase and publishing, and two years from the success of the publishing to a placement on a TV show [Red Oaks on Amazon Prime] and now the second TV placement on HBO three years later.”

Patience is definitely a virtue, but it always pays off! John is a testament to that!

Dick Flood

Dick Flood aka Okefenokee Joe – Salley, SC

TAXI Member Dick Flood is still on a roll! We’re constantly being notified of more and more placements that he has gotten through just one TAXI Forward to a Music Publisher!

Since we last talked to him, Dick’s music has been featured on Mary Kills People (Global TV), NCIS (CBS), Claws (TNT), Van Helsing (SyFy), Preacher (AMC), Wynona Earp (SyFy), and Clint Eastwood’s feature film The Mule and the Indie Film Troupe Zero!

In addition to all of those placements, the Music Publisher just signed another 21 songs from his catalog––going back as far as 1958! “We signed these for a high four figures, and it just goes to show you that even old demos have a lot of value,” the Music Publisher told us.

“I am truly astonished and deeply grateful that so many of my old songs from way back in the ’60s are now being placed in so many present-day major TV series and movies,” Dick says. “This is a true blessing for this old semi retired used-to-be Country songwriter.”

Heather Evans

Heather Evans – Lincoln, CA

We were over the moon when we heard that TAXI Member Heather Evans had signed a song with a top-notch Music Licensing Agency through a TAXI Forward! “I Submitted an Alternative Indie song through a TAXI brief called ‘Can’t Hold Me Down’ and got it forwarded!!” Heather explains. “A week or so after the Forward, I got an email from [the Music Licensing Agency]...They signed two of my songs and will hopefully sign more as I complete them this year!”

As a member of TAXI in the past, Heather has also had her music placed on MTV’s Laguna Beach and shows on TeenNick! “I know it works so I’m excited to see what happens this time around.” she says.

Heather says that the feedback she receives from TAXI’s A&R Team has helped her enormously: “It really gives you an idea of what agents and supervisors are looking for ... I’m writing some of the best songs I’ve ever written.”

Heather also mentions that she’s also had a bunch more Forwards from TAXI opportunities recently. “I’m hopeful to have some more successes soon!” she says. We’re sure there is much more success on the horizon for Heather!

Mickey Dalton

Mickey Dalton – Arlington, TX

We just got word from TAXI Member Mickey Dalton that he got his first deal as a result of a TAXI Forward! He and his team had an awesome May with around 20 Forwards. “Then on June 11, I received an email from [a Music Library] indicating they got two Forwards from TAXI for two different listings,” Mickey says. “He offered to bring my team on board, and offered a five-track EP for each track they received (total of 10 tracks).”

“It feels so good to get a deal, and of course I am hoping to get placements!” Mickey tells us. “I’m very thankful for all of you at TAXI!” We’re definitely thankful to have Mickey as a TAXI member as well!

Emily (EJ) Sanderson

Emily (EJ) Sanderson – Sandy, UT

Emily (EJ) Sanderson joined TAXI earlier this year and has already gotten four of her swagger rock songs signed to two different Music Libraries with her co-writer, Paul Edwards, through TAXI Forwards! She tells us that they were so excited to get their first placement ever with getting their song “I’m Movin’ Up” on a Lacrosse series Sports Broadcasting album on CBS earlier this year!

The pair also just got three more rock songs signed to another Music Library through another TAXI Forward!

Both EJ and Paul enjoy collaborating with many other talented co-writers in various genres that have been signed to other libraries, but they are also so pleased to see all these TAXI opportunities that have fit this swagger Rock vibe.

"TAXI has helped me get into contact with sync companies that I never would have crossed paths with otherwise," EJ says, and we’re glad to have helped make the connections!

David Zimmer

David Zimmer – Tallahassee, FL

TAXI’s convention, the TAXI Road Rally, is an awesome place to meet collaborators––TAXI Member David Zimmer learned that firsthand! He met fellow member Kristin Chambers at the 2018 Road Rally and they ended up penning a song called “We’ll Watch It Fall” together that ended up getting signed to an awesome Music Library through a TAXI Forward.

“We had been looking for an opportunity for the song when the right TAXI listing came up,” David says. “After a successful Forward, I received an email from a music library based in New York City and away we went!”

David also tells us that he has had another track signed with another fellow TAXI Member, Robbie Hancock, as well! “There must be something to this co-writing thing!” he says.

When asked his favorite thing about TAXI, here’s what David had to say: “The culture within TAXI is incredibly friendly and generous! Also, in the year since joining TAXI, my songwriting and production skills have improved more than any other period in my music career. I credit this to the education and feedback that TAXI and its members provide. The Rally, TAXI TV, and critiques provide genuine professional advice that is truly not easy to come by.”

Kristin Chambers

Kristin Chambers – Seattle, WA

Finding good collaborators can be the key to success in the music industry. TAXI Member Kristin Chambers met David Zimmer at the 2018 TAXI Road Rally (TAXI’s Free, Members-Only Convention) and found the perfect partner to finish a song that she had written over a year ago, “We’ll Watch It Fall.”

After finishing the song together, they pitched it to one of TAXI’s opportunities. The track was forwarded to a Music Library who ended up signing it!

Kristin says that “TAXI is the catalyst for so many more meetings and signings for me. Over the years of going to the Rally, sitting in class rooms, taking courses, and meeting people, I have signed into over 10 libraries and work with some amazing co-writers that I cherish.”

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