Dick Flood

Dick Flood aka Okefenokee Joe – Salley, SC

TAXI Member Dick Flood is still on a roll! We’re constantly being notified of more and more placements that he has gotten through just one TAXI Forward to a Music Publisher!

Since we last talked to him, Dick’s music has been featured on Mary Kills People (Global TV), NCIS (CBS), Claws (TNT), Van Helsing (SyFy), Preacher (AMC), Wynona Earp (SyFy), and Clint Eastwood’s feature film The Mule and the Indie Film Troupe Zero!

In addition to all of those placements, the Music Publisher just signed another 21 songs from his catalog––going back as far as 1958! “We signed these for a high four figures, and it just goes to show you that even old demos have a lot of value,” the Music Publisher told us.

“I am truly astonished and deeply grateful that so many of my old songs from way back in the ’60s are now being placed in so many present-day major TV series and movies,” Dick says. “This is a true blessing for this old semi retired used-to-be Country songwriter.”

Heather Evans

Heather Evans – Lincoln, CA

We were over the moon when we heard that TAXI Member Heather Evans had signed a song with a top-notch Music Licensing Agency through a TAXI Forward! “I Submitted an Alternative Indie song through a TAXI brief called ‘Can’t Hold Me Down’ and got it forwarded!!” Heather explains. “A week or so after the Forward, I got an email from [the Music Licensing Agency]...They signed two of my songs and will hopefully sign more as I complete them this year!”

As a member of TAXI in the past, Heather has also had her music placed on MTV’s Laguna Beach and shows on TeenNick! “I know it works so I’m excited to see what happens this time around.” she says.

Heather says that the feedback she receives from TAXI’s A&R Team has helped her enormously: “It really gives you an idea of what agents and supervisors are looking for ... I’m writing some of the best songs I’ve ever written.”

Heather also mentions that she’s also had a bunch more Forwards from TAXI opportunities recently. “I’m hopeful to have some more successes soon!” she says. We’re sure there is much more success on the horizon for Heather!

Mickey Dalton

Mickey Dalton – Arlington, TX

We just got word from TAXI Member Mickey Dalton that he got his first deal as a result of a TAXI Forward! He and his team had an awesome May with around 20 Forwards. “Then on June 11, I received an email from [a Music Library] indicating they got two Forwards from TAXI for two different listings,” Mickey says. “He offered to bring my team on board, and offered a five-track EP for each track they received (total of 10 tracks).”

“It feels so good to get a deal, and of course I am hoping to get placements!” Mickey tells us. “I’m very thankful for all of you at TAXI!” We’re definitely thankful to have Mickey as a TAXI member as well!

Emily (EJ) Sanderson

Emily (EJ) Sanderson – Sandy, UT

Emily (EJ) Sanderson joined TAXI earlier this year and has already gotten four of her swagger rock songs signed to two different Music Libraries with her co-writer, Paul Edwards, through TAXI Forwards! She tells us that they were so excited to get their first placement ever with getting their song “I’m Movin’ Up” on a Lacrosse series Sports Broadcasting album on CBS earlier this year!

The pair also just got three more rock songs signed to another Music Library through another TAXI Forward!

Both EJ and Paul enjoy collaborating with many other talented co-writers in various genres that have been signed to other libraries, but they are also so pleased to see all these TAXI opportunities that have fit this swagger Rock vibe.

"TAXI has helped me get into contact with sync companies that I never would have crossed paths with otherwise," EJ says, and we’re glad to have helped make the connections!

David Zimmer

David Zimmer – Tallahassee, FL

TAXI’s convention, the TAXI Road Rally, is an awesome place to meet collaborators––TAXI Member David Zimmer learned that firsthand! He met fellow member Kristin Chambers at the 2018 Road Rally and they ended up penning a song called “We’ll Watch It Fall” together that ended up getting signed to an awesome Music Library through a TAXI Forward.

“We had been looking for an opportunity for the song when the right TAXI listing came up,” David says. “After a successful Forward, I received an email from a music library based in New York City and away we went!”

David also tells us that he has had another track signed with another fellow TAXI Member, Robbie Hancock, as well! “There must be something to this co-writing thing!” he says.

When asked his favorite thing about TAXI, here’s what David had to say: “The culture within TAXI is incredibly friendly and generous! Also, in the year since joining TAXI, my songwriting and production skills have improved more than any other period in my music career. I credit this to the education and feedback that TAXI and its members provide. The Rally, TAXI TV, and critiques provide genuine professional advice that is truly not easy to come by.”

Kristin Chambers

Kristin Chambers – Seattle, WA

Finding good collaborators can be the key to success in the music industry. TAXI Member Kristin Chambers met David Zimmer at the 2018 TAXI Road Rally (TAXI’s Free, Members-Only Convention) and found the perfect partner to finish a song that she had written over a year ago, “We’ll Watch It Fall.”

After finishing the song together, they pitched it to one of TAXI’s opportunities. The track was forwarded to a Music Library who ended up signing it!

Kristin says that “TAXI is the catalyst for so many more meetings and signings for me. Over the years of going to the Rally, sitting in class rooms, taking courses, and meeting people, I have signed into over 10 libraries and work with some amazing co-writers that I cherish.”

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