Michael Wheeler signed four songs, including his German accordion waltz “Alpine Sweethart,” to an online music licensing company.
TAXI member Samantha Foster signed a two-song deal with a music publisher. The songs were “Same Ol Weather” and “Big Blue Light,” which she co-wrote with TAXI member Kenny Marshall.
Margaret Bernstein, TAXI member, signed a six-song deal with a west coast-based music library for her songs: “Lives Alone,” “Theme for you,” “Sensitive Support,” “Path to your Heart,” “Meaningful Conversations,” and “Making Choices.”
TAXI member Mark Davies has signed deals with four different music library/publishers.
Michael Logozar’s song “Ambient Night” was placed in the critically-acclaimed Indie film Van Vorst Park, starring Frank Vincent (The Sopranos, Casino, Jungle Fever).
Denzil Remedios signed a two-song publishing deal. His song “Gold Mine” was also placed in the Indie film Van Vorst Park.
Tommy Roberson had 11 of his songs played in three different episodes of the Discovery Channel’s critically-acclaimed show Urban Explorers.
New York, NY TAXI member Suzan Stroud’s song “I Don’t Feel Like Kissing,” from her CD Reveal the Tapestry, was picked up by a music library for placement into television shows and films.
TAXI member Phil Bender-Stone of Arvaca, Colorado, had his song “Bellissimo” featured on the ABC Family network’s television drama Wildfire.
TAXI member Ron Ermini’s Jazz instrumentals “Who Stole My Sugar” and “When You’ve Had Enough” were featured in the CBS series Threshold, starring Carla Gugino (Sin City, Spy Kids, Karen Cisco) and Brian van Holt (House of Wax, Black Hawk Down, Windtalkers).
Nashville band The Mary Dream had their song “How You Love Me” prominently featured on ABC’s All My Children on the New Year’s Eve episode.
TAXI member Cornelius Taylor signed four songs with a Los Angeles-based music library: “The Whole While,” “Shock The World,” “The Magician,” and “I Know.”
Chicago TAXI member Steve Multer (along with his wife Karen and group TONIC Vintage Vocals) signed a batch of their Jazz songs with two different music publishers.
TAXI member Neal Busby and co-writer/wife, Huguette, signed deals with two music libraries. From one of these deals, their song, “Out On the Town,” was featured in an episode of South of Nowhere.
Richard Hamersma’s song “Skin Hungry For Your Love” was picked up by a TV music publisher.
A music publisher picked up Nathan Aronow’s 11 song-CD, Hearing Things, for placement on the Weather Channel.
Lee Kweller signed his song, “Rocker Daniel,” a light-hearted, fun, bluegrass tune, to a Los Angeles-based music library.
TAXI member Joel Evans licensed his song, “Until it Happens to You,” in Mini’s First Time, a new movie starring Alec Baldwin and Luke Wilson.
TAXI member Ed Hartman also licensed his track, “Beethoven’s Ninth Samba,” in the independent film Mini’s First Time, starring Jeff Goldblum and Carrie-Anne Moss.
TAXI member Catherine Marie Charlton’s song “Ireland” was placed in the Indie film Van Vorst Park.
Rae Welch’s song “Someone’s Waiting” was included on Frog & Scorpion Records compilation CD One Nation Under God Vol. II.
Two TAXI members signed deals with TayMusic, an Internet record company. Jeff Bihlman initially signed a three-song deal with TayMusic, but the company ended up signing his entire catalogue—three full CDs and a Christmas single. Barbara Martin, a blues artist, was also signed to TayMusic.
Jody Adams’ song “Every Good Reason” was placed on NBC’s long-time hit magazine show Access Hollywood.
John-Alex Mason signed a record deal with Internet record company TayMusic for his two CD’s Time Will Come and Live Fire.
Two TAXI members had their songs featured in the FX show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Barry Schleifer’s song “Returns & Exchanges” and Dan Bowman’s “Jealous of Jesus” both appeared in episodes of the show.
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