The Fox Family Channel, Trinity Broadcasting and the Inspirational Network all broadcast a show called Life in the World, featuring a song by Dan Caravetta from Easton, Pennsylvania.
TAXI member Denny Earnest of Livingston, Montana had his song “Aloha From Hawaii” showcased on the FOX TV network’s hot night-time series “North Shore,” based in a hotel in Hawaii. In addition, the publisher that placed the song also asked him to create an entire Hawaiian CD.
Belton, Missouri’s Jeff Scheetz signed signed five different songs with three different music libraries.
Justin Wilde of Christmas and Holiday Music, one of the leading holiday song music publishers, has added the following three TAXI members’ songs to his catalog: “Bloody Bones” by Harmon Huff, “Hollerin’ on Halloween” by Christian Codish, and “The New Halloween Monster” by Steve Shapiro.
Distance was no barrier to Uri Kabiri of Tel Aviv, Israel, who landed a deal for his song “Enter Into My World” with the company DANCE! 90210. They will include his composition into an instructional dance video they are producing.
TAXI member Jon Maddux from Encinitas, California just signed a six song film & TV placement deal with an independent publishing company.
When the WB Network released seasons three and four of their long-running hit Felicity, the DVDs included several songs by Shannon Penn — “If You Didn’t Try”, “Something Good” and “The Better Man.” Through a west coast music publisher, Shannon also scored exposure at major theater chain Regal Cinemas, which featured Penn’s song “So This Is Hollywood” in the music section (before the previews). Not bad, considering the Regal Entertainment Group is the largest motion picture exhibitor in the world, including more than 6,000 theaters!
For use in their corporate videos, corporate design giant Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc. has licensed two songs, “Equator” and “Barber’s Scissors,” by Daniel Eyde of Redwood City, California.
Jimm McIver’s song “Sunny Day” was placed in the Oxygen Network’s groundbreaking show “Good Girls Don’t . . . ” through a major film & TV production company. The program features hot newcomers Bree Turner (The Wedding Planner, Sorority Boyd, Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo) and Kevin Christy (Dude, Where’s My Car?, CSI, Malcolm in the Middle).
Jesper Meljvang from Denmark composed a song that will be added to a CD called Elements, which is being released on Warner Bros. in Germany — and potentially worldwide.
MTV’s hit reality series Road Rules featured a cut by TAXI member Steve Krentzman. The placement came via a TAXI listing run by an east coast music publisher.
TAXI member Edwin Stone, of Rochester Hills, Michigan, scored a three song deal with The Weather Channel. Edwin received $1500.00 each for each of the songs. The network used them for a month.
Ipswitch, Massachussets TAXI Member Eric Colville netted $1,600 for the use of his song on ABC’s long-running daytime drama All My Children.
One Life to Live, the landmark ABC soap opera featured two songs by Scottsdale, Arizona TAXI member Rich Banks.
NBC’s long-time hit series Law and Order recently picked up a song by TAXI Member Joe Quaranto, via a New York-based production music library.
TAXI member Ryan Hovind landed a publishing deal with a high-level film and TV music placement company with consistent placements on major networks.
Road Rules, MTV’s seminal reality show, used a song by TAXI Member Denny Earnest in an eposide to air this August.
Scott Shpak and Ken Faragalli, from St. Catherines in Ontaria, Canada, had their song “What Matters to Elizabeth” featured in Showtime’s groundbreaking series “Queer as Folk.”
And from the other side of the world, Micheal Wheeler of Victoria, Australia had 9 songs signed to an LA-based music publisher with tons of film and TV placements.
“That’s Why You Love Me,” a song by Louisville, Kentucky’s Dan Bowman, was used in the television show “Angel” on the WB Network.
Dawn De Mone, a TAXI Member from Los Angeles, California recently had her song “Bikini” placed in the upcoming reality film “Malibu Spring Break.” Dawn also had a song used on the GKA show on the Fuel Network, the 24/7 action sports culture TV station.
TAXI Members Barry Schleifer and Kent Forward have both placements in the USA Network’s show The Last Ride, starring Dennis Hopper, Will Patton (Mothman Prophecies, Remember the Titans, Gone in Sixty Seconds), Fred Ward (10.5, Sweet Home Alabama, Tremors), Nadine Velazquez and others.
Austin, TX-based member Elizabeth Rice tells us: “I’m tardy in writing to let you know that because of YOU I signed a song to a music library at the end of 2003! You forwarded it eons before (over a year?) and they called in the Fall to sign it. :) “Thanks so much for all you do for us out here in writers-land! See y’all at the Road Rally in November!”
Denny Earnest from Livingston, MT writes: “Just signed off 10 tunes to a New York-based publisher from a listing more than 4 months ago, and 12 tunes from a Dispatch listing two weeks ago to another publisher. Thanks, folks!”
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