Kurt Kreimier
The TAXI Road Rally has proved to be a lucky charm for Kurt Kreimier, not just once, but twice! As a direct result of signing a deal with a very successful independent music licensing company, after his songs were played on a pitch panel at the 2007 Road Rally, Kurt's songs have been placed several times in the TLC television show Four Weddings</em> and the CBS affiliate station WLS-TV television show 190 North. He also signed another contract during this year's Road Rally, with a well-established music library who provides the music for a huge Daytime Television Talk Show."Were it not for TAXI and the Road Rally, these placements would not have happened. I can't emphasize enough the importance of attending the Road Rally if you are serious about composing Film & TV music. Of equal importance, to me, is the participation on the TAXI Forum. TAXI, the TAXI Forum and the Road Rally are the triple play when it comes to learning the skills and developing the relationships that are needed for success. Although I feel I am just beginning my journey with much still needing to be learned, my membership in TAXI has provided me with a solid foundation on which to build my career. Thank you TAXI and thanks for hosting the Road Rally every year! It's an outstanding event!" he said.
Martin Haene
Martin Haene's most recent placement is for his song "You Know I Like That" that was licensed into a feature film called Warrior to be released by Lion's Gate Entertainment sometime in 2011. This is a direct result of signing to a very TAXI friendly music placement company after his music was originally forwarded to the company."The great thing about working with well-connected music publishers is that once my music is in the right hands, placements in various TV shows and films seem to just keep coming. It goes without saying that TAXI has been a tremendous help for me to get connected with high-profile publishers and further opportunities for my music," he said.
Richard Emmet
After signing with a successful music library, Richard Emmet had his holiday songs placed not only in a feature film called Little Red Wagon, being directed by well-known producer/director responsible for many successful television shows and feature films, but Richard also had his songs licensed into the NBC daytime television show Days of Our Lives."Being a TAXI member has changed my life in many ways. It has connected me to opportunities and companies that I never knew existed. More importantly, it has connected me to a large community of kindred spirits, perfectly exemplified by Michael, whose generosity and support never ceases to amaze me. There is no other area of my life where I've felt as validated for devoting myself to music," he said.
JJ Zeller
JJ Zeller said his songs have been signed to not one, but three different successful music libraries, all as a direct result of TAXI forwards!"Being a member of TAXI for two-and-a-half years has been a great experience. The critiques, the articles, the forum, TAXI Live, and of course, the Road Rally have been so helpful," she said.
Shaun and Beth Michaud
After signing with a successful music placement company, Shaun and Beth Michaud's song "F-Bomb" was played on the CW's Plain Jane."We have been submitting to TAXI for about two years and finally after the Road Rally last year, I think our music turned a corner. TAXI has been instrumental in shaping our ability to produce licensable tracks," they said.
Robert Kelly - Jay Ramsey
After signing to a publishing company through a forward from TAXI, longtime co-writers Robert Kelly and TAXI member Jay Ramsey had their songs "Lonely Girl" and "Better Luck Next Time, Little Girl" placed in the AMC Emmy and Golden Globe-winning series Mad Men."These placements came about because of a five-figure deal we signed with a publishing company as a result of being forwarded from TAXI. Thank goodness for a TV show about the 1960's and our great publisher - it all happened because of TAXI," they said.
Nick Evan Mowery
After submitting to a TAXI film and television listing which led to be forwarded to a very successful music placement company, Nick Evan Mowery's song "Mite B Rite" was placed both in Fox TV's television show The Good Guys, as well as the Disney feature film Step Up 3D."There is nothing like hearing your song in a major motion picture! I have TAXI to thank for that!" they said.
Christi Green
After signing with a successful music production library through a TAXI forward, Christi Green had her songs placed on the CMT show Can You Duet, as well as NBC's America's Got Talent."TAXI has really opened doors, helping me to find a home for my compositions. I am so excited and privileged to be living where I live (Idaho) and still have the opportunity to compose for film and TV," she said.
Dave Walton
Dave Walton wrote us an e-mail to excitedly tell us that he had just gotten a statement from MRI (Music Reports Inc.) that showed he had 54 placements on a very well-known Daytime Television Medical Talk Show just in the first quarter of 2010! These placements came as a direct result of forward, which led to Dave being signed to a successful music production company that provides music for the show."Six years from the time I first joined TAXI, through the critiques and with the help of the forum and the wonderful forum members, I find that my music has been transformed from 'out of date, out of style' to something suitable for network television. It's always a very surreal experience to hear my music coming from the television set, and that wouldn't have happened without TAXI," he said.
Doug Walker
After submitting to a TAXI film and television listing which led to be forwarded to a successful music placement company, Doug Walker let us know that his music was placed in the CW Network's reality TV show Plain Jane."I just had my first placement on TV in the USA thanks to TAXI. I submitted my song 'Obstacles' for a listing in June 2009 when I first joined TAXI and it got forwarded to a music library in L.A. who I then signed the song to. Fourteen months later they e-mailed to say it had been placed on episode 105 of reality show Plain Jane on the CW network, which aired recently. I've had 12 songs forwarded since I joined TAXI so you never know—I may well hear about more successes! Thanks TAXI!" he said.
Joe Aukofer
After signing with a successful music placement company that was a result of a TAXI forward, Joe Aukofer had his song "Same Old" licensed into the HBO television show True Blood."It has been through forwards from TAXI that songs of mine began showing up in music libraries. It is through these connections that they then began showing up in film and television. TAXI continues to provide great avenues for musicians and composers to get their music out there and heard. What a wonderful thing to be a part of," he said.
Ethan Okamura
Ethan Okamura's song "Memories" was placed in the MTV show True Life after he signed with a prominent music licensing company."I've been a member for many years now but only in the last couple have I started writing for specific listings and become an active member of the forums which has resulted in some deals of late. Thanks TAXI staff and forum members," he said.
Tracey and Vance Marino
Tracey and Vance Marino have made many connections through TAXI, both through the TAXI Road Rally as well as from their songs getting forwarded. A placement in a very well known Daytime Television Medical Talk Show is just one of their latest achievements. They also licensed a couple of songs to a show called MyDestination on MyDestinationTV."We're the poster children for 'persistence and patience pay off.' If you just hang in there, and keep improving your craft, the TAXI deals will come. It happened for us. Not overnight, not in a week, not in month or even a year! But after a few years of figuring out how to submit to the listings, learning from the critiques and (most importantly), going to the annual TAXI Road Rally and meeting helpful people, things really started happening. And now they are happening big time. It's a great feeling when your hard work FINALLY pays off," they said.
Brad Mersereau
After signing to a successful Music Placement company through a direct result of a TAXI forward, Brad Mersereau's (Portland, OR) song placements over the last several years have begun to earn him regular BMI royalty checks! His compositions have been heard in such television programs as New Amsterdam, In Plain Sight and Royal Pains on the USA Network, as well as Heroes on NBC and Ten Things I Hate About You on ABC Family.Brad says.... "TAXI facilitated my process for securing 10 song placements in TV and movies, and I will remain eternally grateful. Over 40 million folks have heard my compositions. Dreams do come true!"
Barry French
Barry French (Spring Hill, TN) recently had a couple of Pop-Punk tracks licensed to the second season of TLC's Toddlers and Tiaras. These placements came from a deal that Barry signed with a very well established Music Library where he has subsequently been able to submit over 30 additional tracks since joining TAXI last year. He has also had several placements on a very popular Daytime Medical Talk Show recently, after signing on as a composer to a highly successful Music Production company."Thanks to some connections I've made through TAXI from forwards to music libraries, as well as networking at the Rally and the wonderful community at the TAXI forums, I've reached a point where my supply of music can't keep up with the demand. Thank you Michael and the rest of the TAXI staff for all that you do."
A Music Placement Company that has licensed many tracks from TAXI members for Film and TV, also just placed Peter Koellerer's (Marchtrenk, Austria) track "Above the City" in the ABC Family show 10 Things I Hate About You.Peter said..."We are really happy with the placement in 10 Things I Hate About You. It's the second placement on this network, so we're hoping that folks over there start remembering our name!"
Erich Gruber
Erich Gruber (Everett, WA) has signed over 60 songs with a Commercial and Production Music Company through a forward he received from a TAXI listing. Lately Erich's songs have been heard in the MTV show, The Dudesons in America.Erich says..."The TAXI business model works perfectly for me. I get to write music in the comfort of my home near the things I love (my family and black lab Maggie). TAXI does the legwork finding first-class folks that need great music. As a result of that, I get recognition and financial rewards. I can't think of a business or service that I've been more pleased with than TAXI"
Jeff Greenleaf
Jeff Greenleaf (Malibu, CA) has had the good fortune of having quite a few television placements after being forwarded to a Music Production Company from a TAXI listing that was originally asking for '80s Instrumental Tracks. His songs have been heard in Bravo's Bethenny Getting Married?, E! Network's Keeping Up with the Kardashians, The Style Network's Guiliana and Bill, and two MTV shows, Parental Control and Nitro Circus. "Imagine how it feels to be emotionally involved in a television program and, out of nowhere, your song plays. It plays with purpose, to make the scene betterÖand it always does. There really is nothing quite like this. Thank you TAXI for taking me this far."
James Dunn
Danny Infantino
James Dunn and Danny Infantino both recently had their songs placed in TNT's Saving Grace. The deals occurred after signing with a successful music placement company that were direct results of TAXI forwards. James said, "I had a song from my second record make it to TNT because of a forward from TAXI to an LA Music Publisher. I greatly appreciate the help." Danny adds, "Thanks to TAXI I have signed about a hundred pieces with several music libraries over the past few years. I'm excited about my newest placement on Saving Grace."
Robert Muhammad-Pavel Gonzalez-Peter Davies
Robert Muhammad, Pavel Gonzalez, and Peter Davies, recently signed a deal with a sound game Web site called Tempo In Motion, which is designed to help golfers find their swing tempo. Robert says, "The most powerful force is a mind made up. Once you know where you wanna go, TAXI can help take you there ÖThanks TAXI for everything." Pavel adds, Could I have signed this deal without TAXI? Hardly, considering I am currently based in Mexico City. Assuming I could have heard of the opportunity in the first place and landed the gig, TAXI still has an edge: it saved me all the legwork, research, and a great amount of precious time, which is much better spent making music. And that is well worth the price of admission in my book!" Peter adds, "What TAXI and the TAXI community has done is help me raise the level of my game."
Gary Platt
Gary Platt recently informed TAXI that as a result of signing with a music publishing company, quite a few of his music cues have been used on a huge, long-running, network television daytime talk show. "IIt is often heard that some people get the opportunity to live out a lifelong dream. But when it comes to my recent successes with my music, I can honestly say that I am living a life beyond anything I could have ever dreamed or imagined. I cannot thank TAXI enough for the contacts I have been able to make enabling this life beyond a dream to take shape and form. Thank you...thank you...thank you...and thank you again Michael and all your faithful staff," he said.
Margie Balter
Margie Balter's solo piano piece, "Why Me?" (originally called "Bluesie") was licensed to the film Date Night starting Tina Fey and Steve Carrell. This placement was the direct result of a TAXI forward to a successful music placement company. When Margie heard her song in the movie, her reaction was this: "I loved every minute and 57 seconds of it! It's in the first 15 minutes on their first date in the local steakhouse, and what they're saying over the music is hilarious!"
Krisanthi Pappas
NBC's Parenthood recently included a song by Krisanthi Pappas called "One Slow Dance a Day". "My song aired on Parenthood on April 27. I was excited because I've had other songs on ABC and NBC in daytime dramas, but this is my first song on prime time television! Thanks TAXI for making this possible!", she said.
Chris Ball
Chris Ball and John Mazzei recently shared the exciting news that as a direct result of their TAXI membership, they are both now represented by one of the most highly established and world-class video game agencies in the industry. "I am honored and humbled to be represented by the premier agency in the world for video game composers. The owner only accepts the very best and to be part of this group is tremendously inspiring!" Chris said. John adds, "Receiving a deal with the top game composer agent via TAXI is not only a sign that I'm doing things the right way in my music and career, but it's also a testament to the great relationships and opportunities TAXI has nurtured for us."
Ryan Walter
Ryan Walter recently landed a record deal for his new Emelo project. Ryan also had his song, "Sun Won't Shine" placed on Scrubs, and had his song "Looking on the Bright Side" placed on ABC's Greek. "My wife and I were joking around when we originally signed up with TAXI, saying 'what if we got a song on Scrubs,' thinking that it was impossible. Then, after signing a record deal, seeing my CDs in Barnes and Noble, Best Buy, and Target, we were starting to feel more optimistic about bigger possibilities. We had a few smaller placements on E! and two songs on a Sundance Film, and then one night my publisher called me and told me that our song 'Sun Won't Shine' was going to be on Scrubs, but he didn't know how it would be mixed in. The night of the show came and my family and friends all gathered around and watched the show. The episode was almost over and we hadn't heard the song yet, so we thought we either missed it or it wasn't going to be on, right then, we heard the opening guitar riff... they put the song on the best part, the climax of the episode, they played almost 2 minutes of the song. Everybody started jumping up and down and freaking out. It was such an incredible feeling to hear something that started with me in my living room to a primetime television show... Truly amazing...," he said.
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