Brad Paxton’s Indie Rock song “I’m Gonna Change” was featured in CBS’s “Cold Case.” It was in the “Spiders” episode, which aired in February. “This was my first deal ever, and the fact that a highly-rated TV show was interested in music that I wrote and recorded in my bedroom, well, it was just hugely validating,” he said.
Dean Krippaehne’s song “Do Your Thing” was picked up by an artist in Germany named Stefanie Heinzmann. Her album was released in March and debuted at #8 on Billboard’s European Top 100 Charts. “I was obviously quite stoked when I found out that a new artist on Universal had cut one of my songs, but I had no idea who Stefanie Heinzmann was at the time. It was only after I Googled her and found out that she had just won Germany's version of “American Idol,” had exposure to millions of TV viewers, and already had a single sitting at #3 on Germany's top 100 charts that I started feel really lucky to have landed on her CD,” Dean said.
Barbara Martin’s song “Ready for Love” was featured on a March 31 episode of ABC Family’s “Greek.” Actress Amber Vox sang the song with the instrumental tracks from Barbara’s CD. “This was the biggest thing that had happened for me with my songwriting,” she said.
Jean Custeau’s song, “Deux Millions D’etoiles” was played during the February 1 episode of USA’s “Monk.” "I've been member of TAXI since September 2007 and I'm surely convinced, it's the best thing in my over-30-years of my musical life,” he said.
Because of a deal with a music library, a documentary called “I Love What I Do” featured Glenn Shambroom’s song “Flexible Flyer.” His song “Shoulder Blade” was also used in an episode of “Quarterlife,” which was recently picked up by NBC. “Before joining TAXI, I had no idea about music libraries, or how to get my music in the hands of people who can make use of it,” he said.
Steve and Karen Multer have recently confirmed that they've signed licensing deals with more than seven different music libraries. Deals thus far have ranged from placements on CBS’s “CSI” music in opening and closing credits of "Ossobucco" (Riverwest Films) starring Illeana Douglas and Mike Star. Their song “Look Out For Love” was also added to a three-disc Jazz compilation album for distribution in Europe. "Everybody thinks their material is great, but a brilliant resource like TAXI is the key to getting perspective and putting your music to the test,” they said.
Gabriele Bazzi Berneri, a TAXI member all the way in Italy, had his song “Murders Mansion” featured in ABC’s “Dirty Sexy Money” through an established and high-profile LA-based music library. “I felt very excited about [the deal], not only for the money, but also because I’m very fond of film/TV music,” he said.
TAXI member Will Derryberry had his song “Seven” placed in NBC’s “Life.” Another NBC show, “Friday Night Lights,” used his song “Where Your Heart Lives.” “[TAXI is] really helping Indie songwriters like myself achieve things that weren't possible 15 years ago,” Will said.
The Lucky Ones,” an upcoming film from Lionsgate, used one of TAXI member Joe Aukofer’s songs, “Same Old.” The movie stars Tim Robbins and Rachel McAdams. “I was very humbled by the news, actually. Given the amount of amazing songs and great talent out there, I feel very fortunate to have one of my songs included in this movie,” he said.
TAXI member Ted Fox recently signed a four-year exclusive contract with the owner of a Texas-based music production library for two of his instrumentals: “Sagebrush & Orchids” and “Song for the “Quilt.” “I live in a VERY small, isolated mountain town of about 4,000-6,000 people. My music would NEVER have gotten into the right hands if it weren't for TAXI,” Ted said.
TAXI member Ross Seligman and his band Echo Helstorm will have their song played during a February 18, 2008 episode of “One Tree Hill.” The band’s song is called “Where I Sleep.” “When we got the call about the song being in the show, we were ecstatic. It took a lot of hard work, time, and endless patience but it is worth all of it. We are hoping this is the beginning of more!” Ross said.
Dan, Jeremy, and Theresa Brooks (also known as Apocalypse Cow) had their Blues song “Been Down So Long” placed in an episode of ABC’s “Samantha Who?” “It was very career affirming to hear our music on primetime. All the countless hours we've spent composing and marketing are finally paying off (literally),” Theresa said.
Still raking in the benefits from the music library/publisher she was signed with through TAXI, Susan Nikas’s song, “Yellow Van,” was recently placed in the Lifetime TV Movie called Gossip, which is being released in 2008. “I credit TAXI with improving my writing, with expanding my musical contacts, and generally encouraging me. Sometimes the comments on my songs have been ‘tough love’ but they have definitely forced me to improve and grow,” she said.
TAXI member Bill Gaunce’s song “Midnight Train” will be included in an upcoming Indie horror movie called The 13th Alley. “I was very surprised when I was contacted with the news that my song ‘Midnight Train’ was going to be placed in a movie called The 13th Alley. The song had been forwarded twice before so I guess the third time was the charm,” Bill said.
TAXI member Stan Swiniarski recently landed a few deals through TAXI. His song, “All Up, All In,” was featured in an episode of the Discovery Health Channel’s Lost It. He also received a four-song licensing deal with an LA-based music library. The songs included in that deal were: “Mexico,” “One Sunset at a Time,” “Sweet Destiny,” and “End of the Rope.” He also signed a licensing deal for one of his songs with a U.K.-based publishing company. “TAXI has really helped me by providing a channel for my non-Country music and compositions,” he said.
Through a listing requesting vintage ’80s material, TAXI member Beth Scalet signed a two-song deal with a music library. The songs in the deal are “In the Daylight” and “Missing You.” “TAXI helped my career by bringing me this opportunity to capitalize on some of my older material and give me my first official ‘break’ into publishing. Previously, all my material was available on my own Indie releases. This opportunity is also a film/TV opportunity, an area I knew nothing about before joining TAXI,” she said.
Maine TAXI member Gary Sredzienski’s song “Tuscan Stroll” was recently placed in ABC’s Dirty Sexy Money and is also slated to appear in CBS’s Everybody Hates Chris. “I am doing this from the total opposite end of the continent... in Maine... I just keep on submitting stuff to all kids of listings. You just never know,” he said.
CBS’s Everybody Hates Chris will feature TAXI member Brad Mersereau’s Christmas Carol in a December 10 episode. “I believe my Christmas Carol's message is universal and timely: ‘Why can’t there be a Christmas Carol sung in the spring and summer too? Look in the mirror to discover the love that lives in you,’” he said.
TAXI member Joe Curtis had two of his songs, “Sing His Praises” and “Caught in a Rainstorm,” placed on the Friday Night Lights DVDs. Joe received this deal after connecting with a prominent West Coast-based music publisher through TAXI.
TAXI member Kent Marcum received a 20-song deal with a large production company. “I was happy about [the deal] and knew that this placement was another vehicle to get my music into other places. I was actually more excited when a fellow musician called me and told me that she had heard one of my songs on a popular television show,” he said. “Without TAXI I would not be able to say that my music has been heard on one of the most highly rated shows on network television.”
Dreamtime Lullabies will feature TAXI member Colin S. O’Dwyer’s song “Your Dreams Wait for You” as its title track. The CD is being released internationally The American Institute for Arts and Communities. “After having dozens of forwards, I was thrilled when my song was selected for the project. It was my first deal through TAXI. Soon after I signed 17 Pop/Rock songs to two separate music libraries through TAXI as well,” he said.
TAXI member Al Jewer and his co-writer Andy landed a deal for their song “Walk to the Water” with an Executive Producer of a children’s TV show. The song will accompany underwater shots of sea turtles. The song will also be featured on the DVD project. “TAXI has helped us by both allowing us to get music to new clients as well as providing an outlet for more meditative and healing music. This genre is again gaining in popularity, and TAXI provides an excellent opportunity for us to find producers looking for it,” he said.
TAXI member Bryan Bryant’s song “Come Back” was used in an episode All My Children. “TAXI has offered me an outlet to some great resources! I’ve not only received national airplay on ABC, but it has help give credibility to my music and encouragement to pursue further musical endeavors,” he said.
Marla Lewis, a full-time elementary school teacher and TAXI member, received a placement with a Los Angeles-based publishing company for her song “Jackson Avenue.” “TAXI is a great gateway for folks like us who don’t ‘know anybody.’ It broadens the playing field of opportunities so that anyone with talent and perseverance has an honest shot at actually getting somewhere,” she said.
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