Owen Chaim
Owen Chaim's track "Show Me" was placed in The Glades season finale, which aired a few weeks ago. This was a TAXI forward from last October to a great music publisher. It's his biggest placement so far with The Glades. Through forwards, he's signed three more tracks with the same music publisher. "TAXI has been indispensable for me, learning how to make music for TV. "Having done underground rap music for well over 20 years, I never thought I could do commercial, much less electronic dance, rap convincingly enough. This really breathed new life into my rap songwriting and opened my eyes to new opportunities with it," Owen said.
Terry Blackwell
From one of the first connections he made at a Road Rally years ago, to a few recent deals through TAXI forwards, Terry Blackwell has had numerous TV placements: Too Cute on The Animal Planet, Say Yes to The Dress on TLC, and twelve episodes of How Do I Look? on The Style Network. "When I look back, I owe so much to TAXI! I'm so glad I hooked up with you guys years ago! TAXI works for me because it enables me to keep writing, recording, playing ... all the things I love to do!" Terry said.
Alexi Von Guggenberg
Alexi Von Guggenberg recently got a placement on an MTV show called I Used to Be Fat. His song "Top Of The Game" was placed through a connection he made via a TAXI forward. In addition, he's had a lot of interest from the industry and is planning on coming to LA in the coming months to work with major songwriters. "TAXI has offered me opportunities I would have never come by anywhere else! Thanks so much again for all you guys have done and are doing," Alexi said.
Chris Van Cleave
Chris Van Cleave had four of his songs signed after an initial forward of just one song to a great independent publisher that specializes in vintage recordings for TV placement. After having these songs sitting on his shelf for more than 20 years, he's now being paid by the publisher to have those songs placed in TV! "It's great to be creative and to get recognized for your work. Oh, and to make money too! Hard work, diligence, and TAXI make this happen," Chris said.
Jerry Honigman
Through a deal Jerry Honigman received from a TAXI forward, two of his songs, "The Way Your Love Kills Me" and "Hold Me All Night," were placed in the pilot episode of The Carrie Diaries on CW. "It's nice when old songs are given a new life... Thanks TAXI!" he said.
Juliet Lyons
Two of Juliet Lyons's songs, "Wraiths and Banshees" and "A Solemn Choir," were signed to an awesome publisher through a TAXI forward! Since then, she's had two others signed to the same publisher. "I continue to be so thankful to Michael, TAXI, and the wonderful friends I've made through TAXI's Forum who constantly challenge me to step up my game, all the while supporting and encouraging me. And rewards like this just fuel the fire inside me to work harder!" she said.
CK Barlow
CK Barlow got placements on shows such as The Dr. Oz Show, Toddlers & Tiaras, Levantate on Univision, and My Cat From Hell on Animal Planet. She also was recently scooped up to write the score for the indie film Roswell FM. "The connections, collaborators, and especially friends I've gained through TAXI are priceless. Big huge love," she said.
Danny Infantino
Danny Infantino let us know of three great TV placements he recently got through TAXI forwards! His songs are being featured in The Dr. Oz Show, Toddler and Tiaras, and Drop Dead Divas ñ all due to forwards to a few great music libraries! "It's great to be creative and to get recognized for your work. Oh, and to make money too! Hard work, diligence and TAXI makes this happen," he said.
John Mazzei
John Mazzei wrote on our forums to let us know of a deal he got through a library connection he made from a TAXI forward! His material was featured in a CBS promo and he recently received his check from the placement! "It's always fun to find out that a piece that I wrote in 2010 was out there working for me. Thanks to TAXI for introducing me to this client and for helping me grow in my knowledge and experience in the business," he said.
Barbara Jean
Barbara Jean emailed us some exciting news about her very first deal! Over the past years as a TAXI member she's had quite a few forwards, but now finally got her first actual money. Her songs were forwarded to a great music library through a TAXI listing. They liked it so much they contacted her to pay her to include that song AND eleven others in their catalogue. "Persistence can pay off! I just keep planting seeds. If something grows, that's great! If not, I just keep planting seeds! I'm glad I stuck it out this long with TAXI, and plan to continue. Thanks to everyone there!" she said.
Gene Klosner
Gene Klosner's song "Ukalala Land" was recently signed to a great music library through a TAXI forward. He's now in negotiations with two competing libraries for another song! "Recordings I made specifically for TAXI listings got into the hands of music libraries and music supervisors directly via TAXI submissions, providing me with music that then got me attention beyond TAXI connections as well. After many forwards over the last couple years, I got the email from a music library and got the song signed with themÖ Thanks, of course, to Michael and all of you guys there!" he said.
Mark Crozer
Mark Crozer posted in our forums about a deal he recently got ñ his first ever check for an upfront sync fee for one of his songs that was played on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. A few of his songs were forwarded to a music library through a TAXI listing a few years ago and now they represent a few more of his tunes. "I'm delighted to have received my first-ever upfront sync fee and it's all down to TAXI!" he said.
Matthew Moss
Matthew Moss sent a wonderful email that proves that "TAXI is much more than a forward or return." He attended the 2010 and 2011 TAXI Road Rallies and was introduced to people that he would not have met otherwise. One of these connections led to co-writes that have led to placements on the Discovery Channel and ABC Family! Goes to show how important that networking can be! "TAXI is the kick in the butt and window of opportunity I needed," Matthew said.
Hookjaw Brown
Hookjaw Brown posted on our forums to let us know of a great publishing deal. One of his songs was forwarded to a great music publisher and then subsequently published in two different libraries! "The change from being a performing musician to a songwriter would have been much more difficult without the help of TAXI and their members. The advice and encouragement received kept the energy flow going to force me to craft better songs. I have enjoyed the relationship with TAXI and the TAXI members tremendously," Hookjaw said.
Laura Monaco
We got word about a great deal that Laura Monaco got from a TAXI forward to a licensing agent. As a result, 16 of their instrumental tracks will now be featured throughout season 7 of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Laura and her co-writer and producer Joey Martino wrote all of the published songs. "TAXI has proven to be a valuable resource in allowing us to establish lasting connections in the music business. Our songs now have the exposure they deserve," she said.
Joseph Pfeifer
Joseph Pfeifer let us know of a great placement he got from a TAXI forward! His song "Freight Train" was placed on the new show Lifetime show The Client List, starring Jennifer Love Hewitt. "I signed a publishing a deal after TAXI forwarded one of my songs. And last week it landed on a TV show starring Jennifer Love Hewitt! Thank you TAXI for everything you're doing for independent artists like myself!" he said.
Martin Haene
Martin Haene posted on our forums about a few really exciting film placements that he recently got through a music publisher that he got connected to through TAXI. His music was recently placed in the LionsGate film Warrior, starring Tom Hardy and the Dreamworks film People Like Us, starring Michelle Pfeiffer, which will be released Summer 2012. "Working for Film/TV publishers usually needs a long-term perspective. However, with the right songs at the right places, things can and will happenÖ and TAXI can help to bring them to the right place!" Martin said.
Mitch Dancik
Mitch Dancik emailed to let us know of an awesome deal he just signed through TAXI. He saw a TAXI listing that wanted a period-specific 1970's vibe and submitted a single song, which was forwarded and then accepted by the company behind the listing. During the negotiations they heard more, and ended up selecting more than 20 songs from his back catalog, all recorded between 1975-1978. All in all, the deal was worth $10K. "If you really listen (and at first I didn't) TAXI is exactly what Michael says it is ñ an A&R company for the way the world works today. And today, the music world wants what it wants, which is not usually what I've got! But if you read a TAXI listing three times over, and it still sounds like what you've got, then you just might get forwarded!" he said.
Keith Lubrant
Keith Lubrant posted on our forums to share the story of how he found out about a recent placement he received due to a TAXI forward! He was watching Too Cute on Animal Planet and by the end of the show had heard four of his songs placed! This was due to a relationship he made through TAXI. "You know you are having a great day when you sit down to watch television and hear your own music in the background. HUGE thanks to TAXI for opening so many of the RIGHT doors. Getting my music placed in over 200 shows felt incredible... now on to 300! Thanks again TAXI," he said.
Kelvin Tan
Kelvin Tan gave us a shout to update us on recent placements he's received through TAXI forwards. He just got a placement on the Dr. Oz Show directly through a deal from a TAXI forward. So far, he's gotten multiple placements from two direct deals made through TAXI forwards. "I owe most of my success to TAXI. You have given me (and all songwriters) the necessary tools to obtain true success! TAXI opens doors for writers and artists. If we are humble enough to allow our craft to be refined to commercial standards through the TAXI screeners and critiques, we all have a very real opportunity to make our dreams come true!" Kelvin said.
Ken Eichler
Ken Eichler emailed us to let us know about a recent placement that he got through a contact he made through a TAXI forward. It was his first submission that was forwarded! He now has six songs signed with a music publisher and one song, "Too Late To Cry," was recently placed in the opening scene of CBS's Criminal Minds. "After 10 or so years of receiving mailings from TAXI I finally gave in to Michael Laskow's compelling arguments to join. Had I known then what I know now, I would have joined TAXI right from the beginning and enjoyed all of the benefits (the Road Rally in and of itself is worth every penny)...my sincerest thanks to Michael and his staff. Their passion is infectious," he said.
Reed KD
Reed KD had his song "Even If I" placed in the major motion picture Gone, which stars Amanda Seyfried. "It's an incredible personal and professional benchmark for me, and TAXI played an integral part in providing the opportunity," Reed said.
Mimi And Teft
Judy Hughes posted on the TAXI forums to give us the latest updates on her journey to placements. Due to just one TAXI forward, Mimi and Teft have had several placements on television! Those shows including CSI: NY (CBS), The L Word (Showtime), The Glades (A&E), Greek (ABC Family), Parenthood (ABC), and Pretty Little Liars (ABC Family). Way to go, Mimi and Teft! "Mimi and Teft have had more than 20 songs placed on TV following a single TAXI forward," Judy said.
James Kocian
Through TAXI forwards, James Kocian signed several songs to two music publishing companies for Film and TV placements! He's also been making regular trips to Nashville to connect with writers and publishers there. "I owe most of my success to TAXI. You have given me (and all songwriters) the necessary tools to obtain true success! TAXI opens doors for writers and artists. If we are humble enough to allow our craft to be refined to commercial standards through the TAXI screeners and critiques, we all have a very real opportunity to make our dreams come true!" he said.
Martin Rowberry
Martin Rowberry just received his first deal! He had two songs signed to a major music publisher due to a TAXI forward! "I was really pleased to sign a deal for two tracks with a well connected company, that have had placements on some high profile films and TV shows. I have known people take many years to get a deal and thanks to the forwards I have done it in 6 months. I hope this is just the first step in my long journey as a composer," he said.
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