In the two years that Steve Parrish has been a TAXI member, he’s signed four songs with a production music library, had a song placed in The N network’s South of Nowhere and Dane Cook’s Tourgasm on HBO. He’s also had one song placed in the Indy film Window Theory. “The pitching process through TAXI not only helped focus my writing, it helped me become more adept at knowing what to pitch for what listings. For the modest cost involved, TAXI has been a bargain!”
TAXI Member Andy McCutcheon had his song “Devil's Favorite Angel” featured during the trailer, a scene, and closing credits for Shakespeare’s Richard III. “The film is slated for release this March, but the trailer, which features our song, is currently online, and seeing it for the first time was a real rush! I can’t wait for the opening this March, because the song is also being used in a crucial scene and the closing credits,” he said.
TAXI member Robert Cooper had his song “Free” featured in an episode of ABC’s Men in Trees. “I spoke with the song’s co-writer, Dave Wilson, beforehand and we were both really hoping for a 5- or 10-second clip of the song—we would have been fine with that. You can imagine my surprise when the song came on and aired for an entire scene—a full 60 second clip... it was pretty sweet.”
TAXI member Joe Aukofer signed a three-song deal with a production music library. The songs were “Same Old,” “Brother,” and “Take a Look.” “I originally joined TAXI solely for the bi-monthly listing service. I was looking for ways to get my music out there and heard. The opportunities available through this service alone have been immeasurable,” he said.
TAXI member Michele Jusko had her song “Walk Away” placed in a TV commercial for St. Louis Hospital. “I think many of the companies that use TAXI have a long term relationship with them and therefore trust their judgment on the music they forward. It's much more likely that your music will get listened to via a TAXI forward then if you blindly submit to music industry people without any referral,” she said.
Through several TAXI listings, member Steve Dafoe signed several of his songs to various music publishers: “Back as an Eagle,” “America’s Eagle,” “Last Great Cowboy,” “Storm of Days,” and “If I Asked.”
TAXI member Jim Pearce had his song, “It’s You Again” placed in the Canadian show Robson Arms. The half-hour dramatic comedy series follows the lives of a group of tenants in Vancouver’s West End. “TAXI has been very good for motivation. It’s great to have somewhere to send the music once you have it recorded,” he said.
TAXI member Dave Walton’s song, “Chalice,” was placed into a 30-minute “Feed the Children” program called Mary O Mary, which aired on ABC Family, WGN, Court TV, Inspiration Network, and BET. The program aired about 20 times per month for a two-month period over the summer. “It took a year and seven months from the TAXI forward to the actual placement into the show. This is definitely a business for patient people with long-term goals,” he said.
After submitting her song “Leavin’” to a TAXI film/TV listing, member Sarah Lewis signed a non-exclusive deal with a music library/publisher. The publisher licensed “Leavin’” as well as three other songs from her band’s new album. “Getting my music into film and TV has been a priority for me these past couple of years. I’ve seen how quickly it broadens our fanbase, so having a company like that pitching my songs is awesome,” she said.
Member Randy Rucker had his song “A Table for One” placed on A&E Biography: Travis Tritt. “I was happy to get a cut, but what stunned me was that I had written the song with Travis’s voice and style in mind and then to find out it will be on his biography program was just too much,” Randy said.
Through numerous publishing deals, TAXI member Don Julin has had placements in a PBS special, The Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List (Bravo), four different episodes of Canada’s Sucré Salé, Beyond the Glory (Fox Sports), and MTV’s Real World/Road Rules Challenge.
TAXI member Leanette Lopez signed a two-song deal with a TV music publisher. “TAXI has helped me effectively change musical direction... TAXI inspired me to release a whole new Latin CD since that’s what has received the best reviews. I’m already getting great feedback from fans,” she said.
Through a TAXI listing, Australian member Ruth Roshan signed a single-song deal with an LA-based music library. “This is the second publishing deal I signed via TAXI, and as an Australian who writes world music it would have been virtually impossible to find publishers looking for my type of music without TAXI,” she said.
TAXI member Shane Cooley had his song “Don’t Want to Be in the City” placed in the IFC TV show The Minor Accomplishments of Jackie Woodman. “I come from a small town in the middle of nowhere. Although I have broken through many walls to get my music heard by the outside, this was my first time to have a song placed on TV. I couldn’t believe it! I knew it was the beginning of bigger and better things, and that with a song on TV there would be more open doors,” he said.
TAXI member Robert Porembski had his song “Feelin’ More Like Christmas” placed on CBS, BRAVO, and TRIO, and it is also used extensively in USA Network’s “12 Days of Christmas” campaign. “Because of TAXI, my Christmas song is a seasonal TV hit,” he said.
Through TAXI, member Pat Flanakin had his song, “Hwo Dey Dey” placed in the film Van Vorst Park. The critically acclaimed Indie film stars Frank Vincent of The Sopranos. “It was very gratifying after working with so many of my tapes over the years that one of them actually went farther than the shelf above my studio! I just got a copy of the film and it was very exciting to hear my song in a few of the scenes,” he said.
Member Mike Westbrock scored a publishing deal with a music library for his instrumental metal song, “Empty and Alone.” About the deal, he said, “I SERIOUSLY doubt that I would ever have gotten this song placed any other way than through TAXI. How many people want instrumental metal songs? Thanks for a great service!”
TAXI member Barry Schleifer had one of his songs featured in two popular TV shows. “Returns & Exchanges,” appeared in UPN’s America’s Next Top Model as well as in WB’s Smallville. Also, ampm convenience stores selected Barry’s song “Hammond Cheese” for their national TV ad campaign.
Through TAXI, member William Livesay licensed his song, “Somewhere,” to the film “El Mascarado Massacre” (the working title was “Wrestle Maniac”). When Livesay found out about the deal, his reaction was, “All right! It’s about time.” This is his third deal through TAXI, and he says TAXI critiques have helped validate him as a writer.
Member Peter Rowley signed three songs to a production music library through TAXI: “EKG,” “Reveal,” and “Long Distance.” About the deal, he says, “For me this means that I am on the right track as an instrumental composer.”
TAXI member Phil Bender-Stone’s song, “Café Garda,” appeared in UPN’s America’s Next Top Model. The popular show follows a group of models as they try to make it in the high-stress career.
Through his deal with a music publisher, Scott Kovarik has had placements in Everwood, One Life to Live, and The Young and the Restless. He also had a song in the film Barely Legal.
Ulf Pettersson signed a one-song deal with a publisher for his tune “Far Side”.
Gabriel Wright licensed his song, “You’re Not Superman” to the Indie film, The Third Nail. The song was used in the end title cue of the movie.
Freddie Mobley signed his song, “All I Want for Christmas” to a production music library.
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