Dallas area Rock band Bobgoblin signed a Major Label deal with MCA Records. Their album, “Twelve-Point Master Plan” will be available in stores soon.
Los Angeles band Fisher landed a Major Label deal after TAXI CEO Michael Laskow gave a copy of the band’s CD to Interscope A&R man Tony Ferguson.
TAXI member Paul Wetty wrapped up a deal with an east coast publishing company.
Jay Pinto and a music publisher worked out a one-song publishing deal with a tune to be used in a film called “Do You Wanna Dance”. Nice goin’, Jay.
Ira Marlowe has just concluded an artist development deal with Dreamworks Records. If you know anything about the Biz, you understand just how hard those deals are to get. Congratulations, Ira.
John W. Andrews reports to us that he’s signed over 50 tracks to two prominent music libraries in the past two years.
Thanks to some talent and tenacity, TAXI member Carter Cathcart was able to place three of his instrumentals with an established music library, to be used in a movie trailer CD.
Jane Norman had some success recently as she scored with a children's music production company, and then had her tune, “No Other Time”, picked up by a leading music library. Way ta go, Jane.
These TAXI members have concluded recent deals with a successful music library: Pete Swanson, Ricci Accardi, Steven Afflick, Taryn Bailey, Kenneth J. Smith, Anton Barbeau, Denny Ernst, Ed Geoghegan and Jim Simons.
The same company also picked up a lot of songs from Brent Sheppard, Ed Geoghegan, Jason Bush, Jeff Keck, John Buchan, John McMillian, Jon Werking, Karen Baldassa, Kenneth Smith, Michael Haring and Yontz Sucre. Congratulations to all.
David Harris and Just Write Productions worked out an agreement whereby Harris got his song into the film called “Just Write”.
Brent Sheppard and Larry Lynum were able to get their material used in the television sitcom “Sisters” on NBC. Way to go, guys.
A great big tip of the TAXI hat to member Jamie Mika who reported that he was flown to New York to audition for the lead role in the smash Broadway musical, “Rent.” Win, lose or draw, that’s quite an honor, Jamie!
Julie Ann Bailey, a singer-songwriter from St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin, has reported that one of her tunes, “I’d Give Anything”, was used on the nationally syndicated Jerry Springer Show.
Another round of deals with an east coast music publisher include: Rick Trulson, Michael Oppenheimer, Yontz Sucre, Michael Haring, Mike Kroell, Tsony Tsonev and Pete Swanson.
Jerry Kelsick concluded a deal for publishing and TV use with a music library in Los Angeles.
Captive Heart worked out several foreign licensing deals with a European independent label.
Lee Kweller licensed some of his material to an international music publisher.
Matt Berlin / 23rd Hour and Megarock have worked out a record/distribution deal.
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