TAXI member Frank Longo's song "L.A. Lawyers" was used on the new NBC comedy Kath & Kim. His song "Red Hot Romance" also aired in an episode of the Chris Rock show Everybody Hates Chris on CW. Both of these deals are a result of a forward through TAXI to an LA-based music publisher that specializes in film and TV placements. "TAXI has been absolutely amazing! From the day of my first submissions, the feedback I received from the screeners was invaluable! Of course, the fact that the screeners know their business and who to send what to resulted in my luck of having 13 of my songs (to date) signed to a major Los Angeles publisher! I was on cloud nine! No matter how long you've been in the business, it continues to be a rush when music professionals believe in your music," he said.
Steve and Karen Multer recently signed a deal with a highly successful music publisher through TAXI, and as a result they had their song"Lady Luck" placed in the closing scene in episode 502 of HBO's Entourage. They also report that they had the instrumental version of their song "Hepsterís Hop." featured for two uses in the upcoming MGM release, Legally Blondes (third in the Elle Woods series), which is also due for DTV release following several airings on MTV "It's tough to always find the words off appreciation for TAXI or tell the story of how incredibly important you guys are to those of us out here trying to make it day after day -- it's amazing to have the ongoing interest in addition to the ongoing support for our work," Steve said.
Manuela Hofer, of Norway, had her Pop/Electronica song "Had to Let You Go" placed in the CW show "Everybody Hates Chris." This was a result of a deal signed with a highly successful music publisher. "[This deal] was a great opportunity and I say, 'thank you' to TAXI for making this possible. I hope to do it again," she said.
John Zox, representing his band ZOX, recently got deals with MTV through TAXI. The band has received more than a dozen placements on shows such as "Real World" and "Road Rules." "You can do no wrong by getting your music into the ears, in a solicited manner, of the people who can help you achieve your music biz goals. Why thank you, TAXI!" he said.
Aimee Allen's new album is scheduled for release later this year in several European countries, including Poland, France, Belgium, and Germany. This deal is because of a forward through TAXI. She will also perform at the 50th Jazz Jamboree - International Jazz Festival, which is one of the oldest and most prestigious festivals in Europe. "I am so grateful that TAXI was able to help me bring my music to European audiences, which had been a goal of mine for a long time. I now have a fruitful ongoing relationship with industry partners I never would have found otherwise," she said.
As a result of a forward through a TAXI listing, Will Rayson signed his first deal by having his song "The Chase" included in a UK-based production music library for film/TV placement opportunities. "I find as a musician, it's really difficult to get impartial, knowledgeable, and constructive reviews and opinions on the music I write, record and produce. Even though friends and family would generally say they liked everything, you could never get them to say why, or which bit, or does it go to the chorus quick enough, or should it end quicker, is the intro too loud, etc. And that is what I get from TAXI," he said.
Blair was recently informed that the instrumental version of his song "New Man In Town" will be airing on the October 5th episode of HBO's show Little Britain USA. This is a result of a forward through TAXI to a Music Publisher who specializes in film and TV placements.
As a result of submitting through TAXI's Industry Listings and Dispatch requests, Derek was able to land all of the following deals that he mentions below:

"I will list some placements from last five BMI Statements:

America's Got Talent - Episode 205B Dr 90210 - Episode Titles (Body Meets Soul, Family Ties That Bind, Hollywood Mending) (A VERY popular daytime talkshow) - 26+ different Episode Titles Pimp My Ride - Episode 503, 504, 512, 514, 516, 517, 518 You On A Diet - Discovery Health and PBS My Super Sweet 16 - Episode Titles (Priscilla, Rachel) American Idol Rewind - Episode 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 107, 108, 117, 122 Cities of the Underworld - Episode Titles (Freemason Underground, Rome's Hidden Empire, Rome the Rise) Dateline NBC - Episode June 17 2007

I have received approximately $11,264.00 in royalties and approximately $1080.00 in license fees."

As a result of attending the TAXI Road Rally, Paula connected with an Independent Label that specializes in Film/TV placements and recently had two songs placed on the upcoming DVD release of the first two seasons of Everwood.
After signing a publishing deal with a Production Music Library/Publisher back in 2000 through TAXI, Jason Bush recently notified us that he received placements on Dateline NBC, HBO Specials, XM Radio, and usage with AOL.
Paul Longland recently notified us that through an International Management/Publishing/Production company that has tons of hits and cuts, he had his song placed on the TV series High School Reunion.

Through the same company, Paul also had his song cut on a major artists album with Universal in Germany. †This was a result of a forward through TAXI almost two years ago!

Bobby Belfry's Jazz/Pop songs "What's Your Story?" and "So What?" was included on a Smooth Jazz compilation CD released in Europe as a result of a forward to an Independent Label through TAXI. †The owner of the label also plans to distribute Bobby's debut album throughout much of Europe.
TAXI member Suzannah Doyle recently reported 18 different placements as a result of a forward through TAXI to an online music licensing company that supplies music to film, TV, video games, Internet, and DVD projects. Legoland licensed her "Merry Go Round" song to use for a year with a display of a Lego carousel and Ferris wheel at Legoland in California. A January 2009 movie called Sins of Commission will also showcase two of Suzannah's songs. "TAXI has helped me grow as a composer in so many ways: It has helped (and continues to help) me understand what the business side of the music industry involves; how to improve my recording production values, how to better describe and present my particular musical style to the world at-large; and, most important, how perseverance, patience, and constant improvement of one's craft is the key to creating a satisfying (and successful) career as a composer," Suzannah said.
After signing seven songs with a very successful LA-based music publisher through TAXI, TAXI member Peter Koellerer and his co-composer/producer Thomas Viehboeck had their song "Plan C" featured on the ABC Family TV series Kyle XY. Sonic Adventure Project's song was featured in an episode of the show called "Does Kyle Dream of Electric Fish?" "I had also personally enjoyed watching the first KyleXY season quite a lot and was happy for that reason as well," he said.
TAXI member Lisa Richards had her Neo-Soul song "Just You and Me" included on a Warner Brothers compilation CD released in Poland. This deal was a result of a forward through TAXI to an independent record label." I was coming to the end of my first year membership and I had had about 15 forwards but nothing concrete had come of any of them. ... It was about one day from the time the company contacted me saying they liked my tracks, to when they called to tell me that my song had been chosen for this compilation. When they told me that I would be on a CD with Nina Simone, Christina Aguilera, Joss Stone, and Corinne Bailey Rae ... I was even more excited. I renewed my membership!" Lisa said.
After many forwards through TAXI to various independent labels, publishers, libraries, online licensing companies, and more, member Nick Kepics received many placements. One of the deals he received was a placement on ABC Family’s drama TV series called “Beautiful People.” He also had his song “Uma Cobra Louca” in the movie “Mini’s First Time,” which now airs on HBO and other movie channels. “My largest sense of satisfaction comes from the fact that I know my music is being played all over the globe in many different countries,” he said.
TAXI member Laura Sorenson’s song “I Will Think of You” was featured on Lifetime’s “Army Wives.” The song aired in a June 15 episode of the show. The deal was a result of a TAXI forward to a leading LA-based music publisher. “The response I have received since the show aired has been very moving, especially since so many of the letters are about how they are dealing with the loss of a loved one,” she said.
“Hard work pays personal and financial gains,” which is what TAXI member Philip Waters stated when he recently notified TAXI that he had his two Rock/Metal songs “Stutter Junkie” and “Chain Smokin” placed on episode 12 of MTV’s “Real World/Road Rules Challenge.” The company that he was forwarded to by TAXI contacted him a year later to notify him of the placement.
From a previous connection he made through TAXI two years ago with his song “Free,” Robert and his co-writer Dave W. were recently informed that their song was featured on the May 16 season finale episode of “America’s Funniest Home Videos.” With all the options set to be picked up by the company, the licensing fees would total approximately $20,000! This airing would be noted as the single largest licensing fee this music publishing company has ever received for a TV placement. Here’s what Robert had to say: “I never would have made this connection without TAXI and I’ve also realized that patience is the name of the game! Patience and consistency.”
TAXI member Jonny Blu was recently informed that Universal Music in Eastern Europe will be releasing his first Swing/Pop album in mid-June. His band will fly to Europe to play live, and will also play on national TV. “It all started with a placement (through TAXI) of one of my songs, “Girl From Ipanema,” on a Jazz compilation CD and they ended up liking my whole album so much they asked me if I’d be up for having it released... I couldn’t exactly say no.”
A February 2008 episode of NBC’s “Lipstick Jungle” featured TAXI member Jeff Lopez’s song, “Prospects.” “TAXI has helped me find a way of getting a little extra money to help finance the recordings of my compositions. It also gives me a little validation as a composer and a little hope that with some hard work and persistence, I can compose music full-time,” Jeff said.
Hip-Hop artist and TAXI member Harvey Roundtree Jr. recently signed his album The Unexpected, They Made Me to an independent music distributor. It took six months to hear back from the company after the forward through TAXI, but it resulted in his CD getting exposure to 400+ markets online, and the possibility to be sold in stores such as Best Buy, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, and Target. “TAXI has helped me tremendously by providing me with the chance to be in way more markets than I could have been in alone. This deal will definitely create a greater opportunity for more sales and exposure,” he said.
As a direct result of a TAXI forward, Stephen Baird was hired as a staff composer on a very popular daytime talk show to produce Urban Instrumentals. And as an active member on the TAXI forum, Stephen collaborated with another TAXI member on some Hip-Hop tracks. They ended up signing two songs with a publisher, and the publisher requested several more songs. “What a great investment your company has been! I will definitely be renewing! You guys are changing my life one listing at a time! THANK YOU TAXI!!!!!!” he said.
TAXI Member James Henderson recently received a phone call from the director of an independent film company and the director ended up licensing James’ songs “We Stay The Same,” “Today’s The Day,” and two others he wrote specifically for the film. The songs were placed in the Indie film Graduation, which was scheduled to release in early May 2008. “The most significant way TAXI has helped me and my career is to make good on their promise: they get my music into the hands of people who can do something with it. I am quite certain my list of musical accomplishments would be a lot lighter without TAXI. I get excited and inspired every time a listing arrives in my INBOX that fits my style,” he said.
“Dreaming in Colored Waters,” a song by TAXI member Darrin Frison, was chosen to be placed in an upcoming Logo/MTV series, “Gimme Sugar.” “After sitting down and catching my breath, I was like, ‘WHA?!?!’ Then, ‘WHOO HOO!!’ It was exciting! I had been forwarded before, but this was the first IMMEDIATE response I had gotten from the company it was forwarded to, and for it to be for Logo/MTV made it even more amazing!” he said.
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