James Causey is having a piece by his band, Illogical SRL had one of their tunes placed in the film “Let The Devil Wear Black” that is starring Jacqueline Bissett & Mary Louise Parker.
Noel Webb informs us that he’s inked a publishing deal with a Los Angeles based music publisher. Keep us posted, Noel.
Back to the Silver Screen again for Richard Tull’s original compositions (two of them) now in the motion picture “No Rest For The Wicked”.
An established music publisher in NYC has picked up multiple tunes from TAXI writers: Robert Burkhardt (9), Steven Afflick (3), Tim Tatum (6), and Tom Wassinger (7), L.John Ernst (15).
TAXI Members Sixpence None The Richer got their song “Kiss Me” used twice in the CBS soap opera “The Young And The Restless” and the song is also shooting up the radio airplay charts. Last week, it was chosen as the featured song on the TV spots for the major new film “She’s All That”. Listen for it!
Jennifer and Scott Smith got another usage of their song “Ordinary Girl” in “Young And The Restless”.
James Stajdel placed a song in the film, “The Others”.
John Grabowski wrote “Change of the Wind” which is now being used in the movie called “Edge of 17”.
Molly Scheer and a leading European indie label concluded a foreign licensing deal.
Paul McNamara finalized a six-song publishing agreement with a major music library.
Geoff Clarkson finalized a deal with a successful holiday music publisher while Jack O’ Neil (foreign licensing deal) did the same with an international indie label. Nice goin’, guys.
Larry Good worked out a two-song deal with an independent Nashville publisher. The same publisher also picked up two additional songs by writer Mike Porter.
Joe David Curtis placed his song, “My Love Will Still Be Around”, with a Texas based music publisher, who also picked up Murray Bowes’ song, “Heaven Only Knows”.
Writers Jennifer and Scott Smith, who are on a hot streak, recently placed three songs—“Fade Away”, “I Can’t Wait”, and “Never Come Back” in the TV series “Brooklyn South” on Fox TV.
Several TAXI writers have recently negotiated deals with an eminent music library. They are: Robert Burkhardt (nine songs), Robert Orr, Paul Ulanowicz, Tim Barton, Tim Tatum (six songs), Tommy Merry and Yontz Sucre.
MCA & Arista are looking at Mark Wood... A&M, Arista, Sire (Bud Scoppa), Ultimatum & M.E.G. Management seem to be circling the wagons around the Sugarplum Fairies... Four O’ Clock Balloon has attracted some interest from Arista, Interscope and a London music supervisor... Tacoma Films might be interested in doing a deal with the Rainravens.
Robert Porembski has struck a deal with a top music production library for his original composition, “Feelin’ More Like Christmas”. Robert also mentions that this “very same tune was “favorably reviewed” by Michael Laskow and included on the Playback Vol. 10 CD in the August 1116 issue of Recording Magazine.” Way ta go, Robert.
Richard Tull of Dallas, TX just landed two songs in the movie “No Rest For The Wicked”.
Joshua Lowe’s band Shinola had a song placed in the film “The Others”.
When the film, “Agent Utah”, opens in theaters, you’ll be able to hear Armand Della Volpe’s song in it.
Derrick Procell performs his own song “Bethlehem PA” on the “Trucker’s Christmas” CD out through MCA in conjunction with “Mr. Christmas”, Justin Wilde. See ya on the road Derrick.
Andrew G. Williams, Bill Reader, Ed Nicodemi, George & Jane Spica and Glen King have all struck deals with the same L.A. based music library.
Bert Toms and Bill Edwards both signed licensing deals with a prominent Italian indie label, and Dennis Winslow inked a deal with a Texas based music library.
Way ta go Britt Phillips for your song that will be appearing in a Lorenzo Lamas’ upcoming film.
A New York based music library picked up tunes by David Steen, Eric Hollis, Evette Kay, Frederick Carola, Fuzzbee Morse (a 10-song deal), Greg Kochan, John Andrews, and Leon Salem.
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