Michael Souza of Templeton, California had his song “Out On The Road” used in the short film, Clown Car. Michael also signed his track “Speed Freak” to a British music library.
Faith Rivera of Long Beach, California, signed a deal with a west coast music library, and the same library has placed a song by Tom Robinson’s band 53 Days in the hit NBC series, ER.
Britt Phillips’ band Hand To Mouth had two songs used in the film Undercurrent starring Lorenzo Lamas.
Darwin Gross has placed his song “Soul Speaks” in the Miramax Film Take Down starring Tom Berenger.
San Diego’s Honeycreepers got their song “Cage” in MTV’s show Undressed.
The band Fisher signed their deal with Farm Club/Universal. Look for the album in stores and on the radio later this year! Full story here.
Stan Swiniarski got his first Muzak placement through TAXI via a west coast music publisher.
B.Z. Lewis continues to get many placements through TAXI. MTV is using nine more songs for “Making The Video” and “Undressed.” And Lewis just signed a song to use in the indie film ‘Bellyfruit.’ Electronic Arts is using another song in the video game ‘Triple Play 2001’ and B.Z. placed a song in NBC’s ‘Passions’.
TAXI Member Scott Duncan has signed songs to two different publishing companies, one in New York, and one in the UK.
James Kole got a last-minute placement of a Blues song in the Miramax film “Take Down”.
Derrick Procell placed his song “Santa Bring My Baby Home to Me” in episodes of “The Young and The Restless” and in NBC’s “Providence.”
Several members had material picked up by an east coast publisher. Congratulations go out to Christian Geith, John Wolanin, Bob Kroeger, Mike Newman, Victor Palagano, Zupe, Ed Dzubak, Mark Battaglia, and Monti Medley.
TAXI Member Julie Ann Bailey from St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin received a quarterly BMI check for over $4,000 from music placements she had on 2 NBC shows, a CBS sitcom, and the Jerry Springer Show.
TAXI recently placed the song “Any Way” by the band Fisher in the Miramax film “Take Down” starring Skeet Ulrich and Master P.
Skip Peck of Weirton, West Virginia, Tim Koss of Everett, Washington, Suzanna Grzanna of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and B.Z. Lewis’ band Sugar Danks from San Francisco, CA all have had music placed in the upcoming film “The Cure For Boredom” (renamed “Sex & Bullets”) through an independent music publishing company whose focus is film and TV placements.
Drayfus Grayson of Long Beach California tells us he has concluded two publishing deals.
Ed Dzubak of Redding, Connecticut did a deal with an east coast music publisher with tons of TV placements.
All of the following members (and their bands) have had music placed in the film “Deal Of A Lifetime” through an indie music supervision company: Hunter Payne; Matt Marka (Brittle); Diego Sandrin; Raymy Krumrei (Golden Ticket); Neil Schnell (Daddy’s Soul Donut); Tom Robinson (53 Days).
Barry Kingston concluded a deal with the same music supervision company for use of his tune in the end-title position of the film, “Deal of a Lifetime.”
Brooke Ramel placed their song, “Que Est Tu” in the movie “Wednesday’s Child”.
A successful music publisher picked up 10 cues from TAXI writer Rob Khurana to be used on a CD release.
Tim Tatum, Dan Lyon, Tom Hipps and Vinnie Zummo all concluded publishing deals with the same New York music library.
TAXI member L.John Ernst got the good news that 15 of his original songs were being picked up by an east coast publisher.
B.Z. Lewis had one of his tunes placed in the motion picture called “The Mating Habits of Humans” which will star David Hyde Pierce.
David Ernst has been busy as a beaver with no less than 10 tracks picked up by a high-profile music library, and the door still wide open for more potential wheelings and dealings.
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