Avo Randruut
After being forwarded to a music publisher as a result of a forward from TAXI, Avo Randruut let us know that 10 of his tracks have been signed! "I am definitely trying to refine my music and learn from the many resources on TAXI: The (TAXI TV) video interviews, the book recommendations, the feedback, comments on the forum, hearing other TAXI members' music and just listening to my own work with a more objective and informed awareness. Thanks for helping set up this relationship and hopefully many others down the road!" Avo said.
Paul Cuffin
Paul Cufflin, thanks to a relationship established with the CEO of an LA-based music library as a result of a forward from a TAXI listing, has had five of his songs placed in TV shows, including ABC's The River, the CW's Secret Circle and the Lifetime Television movie, Salem Falls. Just these placements alone have earned him a few thousand bucks! "As a songwriter living in Spain, absolutely none of this would be possible without TAXI," he said.
Matthew Harvey
Thanks to a TAXI forward, Matthew Harvey just signed 17 tracks to a music library and has already made more than $2,000. He is also going to be featured on the company's next compilation. "I've never had any prior success with my recorded music, and have only been a member of TAXI since June 2011 so this is a big step for me. Thank you guys for the opportunity. Hopefully the first of many!" he said.
James Meyer
James Meyer secured a publishing deal with a highly successful company and had his first song, "It Could be Beautiful" placed on ABC Family's Jane by Design. "So happy to have a company like TAXI to help us little guys make the connections. Thanks again for all that you and the TAXI family do!" James said.
Joel Brodsky
Joel Brodsky reported that thanks to a TAXI forward, his surf instrumental "Sultan of Surf" was signed to a five-year exclusive contract with a very well established independent music library. "I got my first deal and it would not have happened without TAXI. TAXI has been a valuable resource and has helped me become a better songwriter," he said.
Kayle Clements
After being forwarded on a TAXI listing where the owner of the music licensing company directly screened the music, Kayle Clements signed four tracks to a high-profile music library. "This is my first deal with a library and it's all thanks to TAXI and the TAXI Forum. I'm coming up on my second year with TAXI and think I'm starting to gain momentum. The forum has been indispensable in helping me grow as a composer, arranger and with my production skills. The friendships I've made on the forum and at the Rally have directly played a part in this deal," Kayle said.
Charles Wiley Kessenich
Charles Wiley informed us that due to a connection he made at the 2009 TAXI Road Rally (which ultimately led to a deal with an independent production company), he had three cues placed on three different episodes of the #1 Daytime Talk Show in America. "The TAXI Road Rally is an amazing experience and opportunity. I've learned a ton of valuable information and met a lot of really great people. The Road Rally alone is worth the cost of a TAXI membership. Thank you TAXI for putting on such a great Road Rally year after year!" he said.
Craig Marsden
TAXI forwarded two of Craig Marsden's songs to a successful music publishing company looking for Classic Rock songs that were recorded in the '70s, '80s, or '90s. After the company received Craig's music, they signed him to a 12-song publishing/master deal that netted him enough money to pay for TAXI memberships for a couple of lifetimes! "I am delighted and overjoyed that these songs and recordings I had previously written off due to their age are now being picked up by such a successful company! They even signed a few of my Acoustic/Folk-oriented tunes and a ballad in addition to the Rock stuff! My two-year TAXI membership has just paid for itself many times over, but tons more important than that is the satisfaction and fulfillment of my talent and songs being validated and acknowledged after all of these years! I'm now looking forward to these classic gems being placed. This is my first deal through TAXI and I am, more than ever before, inspired to create and submit with total confidence lots more music. Thank you TAXI!!" he said.
Neil Dirickson
Thanks to a TAXI forward, Neil Dirickson's surf instrumental, "Landlocked" was signed to a five-year exclusive contract with a very well-established independent music library/publisher. "It can be a long, frustrating road, but I can't stress enough to NEVER GIVE UP. Never stop learning, never stop improving, and always keep trying. I just signed my first deal with a music library and I can't thank TAXI enough," Neil said.
Mariano Cusano
Mariano Cusano reached out to let us know how thankful he was that as a result of a forward from TAXI to a successful independent production company, he signed a deal with them and is now one of their new composers. "I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and as a result of a forward from TAXI, I signed my first deal and now have the opportunity to introduce my music in the USA. Without TAXI, it would be so difficult for a South American musician to get a chance like this. Thanks a lot, TAXI. You make our dreams come true," he said.
Grayson Kessenich
As a result of signing to a very TAXI friendly music placement company, Jason Mook's song "Ding Dong, It's Christmas" has been licensed into an independent film to be released sometime this year. "Thanks TAXI for this great opportunity! It's unbelievable to send in a song from the Netherlands, and have it placed into a Hollywood movie!" he said.
Nicole Laurin-Walker
Nicole Laurin-Walker of the Love Me Nots emailed TAXI to let us know that one of their songs "The End Of The Line" was placed in an episode of the USA Network television series Fairly Legal. This placement came as a result of a direct to supervisor TAXI listing. The band is extremely excited because in addition to the placement, the music supervisor of the network has also asked for additional music to consider using in future shows. "TAXI has been nothing but supportive of the Love Me Nots since we signed on, and we're very honored about that," she said.
John Mazzei
When John Mazzei received a royalty check in the mail recently, he was surprised to learn that it was for placements of his songs on a network that broadcasts such channels as the Food Network, HGTV, DIY, and the Travel Channel. He received these placements through a well-established music library that he had previously signed to after he was forwarded by TAXI. "It's always great to be reminded that my music is out there working for me, even music I wrote years ago. Thanks for the introduction to this client, TAXI! It's been a nice, ongoing relationship," he said.
Paul Otten
Paul Otten's song "I Woke Up" was used on the MTV television program I Used To Be Fat. His music was forwarded, after he submitted to a TAXI opportunity, to a music licensing agent that regularly runs listings for film and TV opportunities. "I got this really cool placement because of a forward from TAXI! And because of that one forward, I have built a great relationship with the licensing agent. I'm expecting more and more placements from them. No way this could have happened without TAXI!" he said.
Mark Crozer
Mark Crozer's music was licensed in TLC's Toddlers and Tiaras, Discovery Channel's television show Surprise Homecoming, and G4's program Jump City: Seattle. All of these placements were a result from a deal he signed with a very prominent independent music library, after his songs were forwarded by TAXI. "These placements are a direct result of a TAXI forward to a music library back in 2008. I currently have about 15 pieces of music signed to this Library, as a result of that forward and have become one of their 'custom cue composers.' Thank you TAXI!" he said.
Adonis Aletras
Adonis Aletras received an offer to sign a contract with an independent European music publisher for tracks that were forwarded in 2009! He is especially happy because they have also asked him to compose more tracks that they are going to pitch for use in film trailers. "This is the tenth publisher I have signed with through TAXI, and I couldn't be happier! In 2011, I had a ton of placements! I have publishers who pay me up front to write for them, and surely my dream is coming true! Thanks TAXI and Michael Laskow!" he said.
Grayson Kessenich
Grayson Kessenich emailed to let us know that as a result of being forwarded through opportunities in both the Dispatch and regular TAXI listings, he has signed several deals and had multiple film and TV placements, within this last year of his membership. His songs "Under the Moonlight" and "Until Your Gone" were forwarded and signed to an independent publisher specializing in Muzak. Also, after signing to a very successful music placement company, Grayson's song "All Things New" was licensed into the CW Network television show, One Tree Hill. Additionally, his song "Imaginary World" was placed into a Lifetime movie called Salem Falls, and as a result of another opportunity through this placement company, his song "Clockwise" was licensed into an Independent film trailer called Let Go, which stars Ed Asnor and Gillian Jacobs. Even more exciting, Grayson signed a contract with Sony Electronics to have his song "Under the Moonlight" preloaded into Sony Mp3 players for 2011, and also recently learned that it will be preloaded onto their Sony Tablet product as well! "I just finished my second year with TAXI, and I feel like I'm just now gaining traction and momentum. Patience combined with persistence has been key for me. And TAXI continues to be a valuable resource that I intend to keep using," he said.
Charity Chapman
Charity Chapman, who is long-time TAXI member, recently let us know of some deals she has scored throughout her TAXI membership. She has had her music placed in the independent film Slap Her, She's French, as a result of a mentor contact she made at the TAXI Road Rally. She also signed with an independent music production company and had her music heard on a very successful Daytime Television Talk Show. Through another deal she signed, as a result of a TAXI forward to a music library, her song was placed in the ABC program Ugly Betty. If that weren't enough, she additionally had her songs licensed into the WB television show DVDs of Felicity, after she signed a contract with an independent publisher she was forwarded to from a TAXI listing. "TAXI's done more for my career then I could ever do on my own Ö thank you, TAXI!" she said.
Bob Mete
Bob Mete informed us that his song "Dark Moon Over Me" (which he co-wrote with his son Ryan, and fellow TAXI member Nita Hope) has been placed on Showtime's television program, Californication, airing in February of 2012. His song was licensed by an independent music licensing company that he signed with through his TAXI membership. "I am convinced that without TAXI, none of this would have ever been possible," he said.
Billy Desmond

After being forwarded on a TAXI listing, where the representative from the music licensing company directly screened the music coming in, TAXI member Billy Desmond found out that his solo, bluesy guitar piece "Bye Now," was placed into the new CW Network television show Hart of Dixie. "No TAXI, no placement. Thanks TAXI, you guys rock!" he said.

Chris Merkley
Chris Merkley had four of his songs from his independent album Thirty Miles from Nashville were signed to a very TAXI friendly independent music publisher that specializes in film and TV opportunities. "I joined TAXI this past year to learn more about making music for film/TV and to find more licensing opportunities. The first couple listings I submitted to ended with returns, but on the third listing, I had two out of three songs forwarded. As a result, I signed a publishing deal for one of them and went on to sign three more of my songs with the same company. As a full-time performing musician, it's great knowing there are other people now working to help get my music in front of a larger audience," he said.
Kurt Kreimier
Kurt Kreimier informed us that his music will be heard in the ABC television show Revenge. This placement came as a direct result of a connection he established with a successful independent publisher that he met at a TAXI Road Rally! Read on to hear about Kurt's successful experience at the Rally: "I received a great surprise the other night when a publisher called to inform me that one of my songs was licensed for the following night's episode of Revenge on ABC. I met this publisher a few years ago at the Road Rally and one thing led to another and I wound up placing several songs with them. Ö One of the things that makes this relationship so special to me is how it began. At the time I met this publisher I was attending what might have very well been my last Road Rally. I had always struggled with exactly what to do with my music and I was at a point where I was ready to end my subscription to TAXI. I had not submitted very much for about a year but had just started submitting to a few things and was getting some forwards. After missing the previous Rally, I figured I would attend one more and see what happens. Well, long story short, I met this publisher and the rest is history. Since then I have developed relationships and placed music with a number of other excellent music libraries. Some of these relationships are a direct result of contacts and friendships developed at the Road Rally and on the TAXI Forum. I don't submit to listings much lately simply because I am busy writing and placing music directly with music libraries. I can't stress enough how important attending the Road Rally is to anybody wanting to take their musical career to the next level. Every TAXI member owes it to themself to take advantage of this outstanding event."
Keith LuBrant
Through an independent publisher that Keith Lubrant made a deal with after a TAXI forward, he learned that his music was placed in a recent Halloween episode of the CBS daytime program, The Young and the Restless. "It's a great feeling to know that relationships that we have made years ago through TAXI continue to generate great placements today and will continue to work for us down the road. Thanks again, TAXI!" he said.
Michael Caruso
Michael Caruso recently found out that after his music was forwarded from TAXI, that an independent music library, that services a lot of television and film opportunities, wants to sign a deal with him! "Through a TAXI forward, I was invited to send in my music from my band Kites & Crows to be considered for inclusion in a great music library servicing songs to TV and film," he said.
John Cimino
John Cimino let us know that, along with his writing partner John Wagoner, he recently signed a deal to compose for a prominent and established music supplier of popular Daytime Television Talk Shows, as well as other film and TV opportunities! "As a direct result of contacts made at the Road Rally, we were fortunate enough to have our music heard by prominent people in the TV and film industry. Additionally, our song 'First Time' received positive feedback, and there are some exciting things happening as a result. We are incredibly grateful for the opportunities TAXI has given us!" he said.
Kurt Kreimier
TAXI member Kurt Kreimier got a really nice surprise when he recently looked at his quarterly BMI statement. As a result of a deal Kurt made after meeting a contact with an independent music licensing company at the 2007 TAXI Road Rally, some of his recent placements have included multiple cues being used on TLCís Four Weddings, BBCís Strictly Come Dancing, and the Cooking Channelís French Food at Home. He has also found out a few months ago that some of his songs will be used in the following promotional videos and events: a promotional video for Disneyland Model at the Walt Disney Family Museum; a Geek Squad video for Extreme Makeover to be shown in-store, kiosks, and at trade-shows; a corporate video for WonderWorks 2010; and another corporate/Internet video for the Jackie Robinson Foundationís 2010 Annual Awards. ìTAXI has been the primary vehicle through which I have been able to get my music placed in a number of excellent production music libraries. This has led directly to my music being used in television shows, promotional videos and corporate events. Additionally, TAXI and the TAXI Road Rally have provided me with the opportunity to develop the business relationships that are so critical to achieving success in the music business. I have used other services similar to TAXI, but none have even come close to delivering the results that TAXI has,î he said.
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