Mike Farley of Nashville, Tennessee called to let us know that he recently had two more songs placed on ABC’s long-running daytime drama stalwart All My Children. Congrats, Mike! Also see an article by Mike here.
Jazz Composer/Musician Bill Gordon of Miami, Florida, a loyal TAXI member for eleven years, completed an entire album of compositions for one of the biggest music production libraries in the world.

Bill also gave us an update on some of the TV shows on which he has had his songs placed through music libraries. They include: The District (CBS), Buffy the Vampire Slayer (UPN), Angel (WB), Boston Public (FOX), Sabrina the Teenage Witch (ABC), Felicity (WB), Passions (NBC) . . . whew!

It’s safe to say that the talented and very hardworking Mr. Gordon will be seeing royalty checks from his music for many lucrative years to come.

The next sequel in the popular Cruel Intentions films — Cruel Intentions 3, starring Tom Everett Scott (ER, Van Wilder, That Thing You Do) — has licensed four songs by TAXI members from geographical points far afield. Nathan Anderson of St. Paul, Minnesota wrote “Sweet Misery,” Knoxville, Tennessee’s Sarah Lewis penned “Space,” Freddy Litwiniuk of Calgary, Alberta, Canada provided “Thinking It Over,” and Paul Hollman from West Hollywood, California authored “Final Dance.”
TAXI member Jean Na of Glendale, California had a song placed in the trailer for the film “Beautyshop”—the female take on the hit “Barbershop” films. Jean has also had several placements on America’s Next Top Model.
Steven Frank of Chicago, Illinois is also getting ‘tons of tunes’ in “America’s Next Top Model.” Hey Steven, do you also get to visit the set?
Jeffry Wynne Prince of Sacramento, California band The Kimberly Trip writes to say, “ABC Family Channel included our song ‘Just What I Wanted’ on an episode of ‘Knock First’ (a decorating show... very ironic since my day-gig is as an interior decorator). Just thought you’d like to know.”
Dave Osoff from Boston, Massachusetts writes:“Just wanted to let you all know I just got my first TAXI TV placement. My electronica track ‘QX5’ is being used in GKA—the women’s action sports show on the cable network, Fuel TV. Just got the call today.

And another good thing happened recently as a direct result of the Road Rally. Someone who runs a center for the arts in Toronto, Ontario picked up my album ’Mosaic’ at the Rally and passed it on to the contemporary/smooth jazz station WAVE 94.7 in Toronto/Hamilton. I got the call this week that they will be adding 1 or 2 tracks to the rotation. A major market commercial jazz station; hopefully that’ll help give me the boost I need to get a slot in the Toronto Downtown Jazz Festival next summer. Thanks so much for your efforts on behalf of all of the independent artists out there!”

Elliott Park of Baird Texas, has inked a staff writer deal with Extreme Writers Group in Nashville. It’s tremendously rare to be able to have this level of success in Nashville without having to live there. But, hey, that’s what we created TAXI for!

Elliott (who’s more detailed account appears in the “Letters” section) currently has songs on hold for Faith Hill, Rascal Flatts, and Diamond Rio. Not bad for a guy who had never even been to Nashville a year ago! We’ll have more details of Elliott’s signing next month.

Mark Lightcap and Larry Lynum of Redmond, Washington have had songs placed on an NBC sitcom, and another on a Nickelodeon Movie Of The Week. “Thanks, TAXI. We made some money, thanks to you!”
“Dropping you a line to let you know of a recent TV placement of one of my songs,” says Steve Mesropian (aka Mez). “The song is called ‘Like Me.’ and was placed on ABC’s soap opera General Hospital.”
Tim Barton of Long Grove, IL informed us “I signed music to a music library in the U.K. and recently with a publisher in Los Angeles: four Boogie-Woogie piano solos.”

“I also loved the ’03 Road Rally and now have books by all the great authors that I have been meeting there over the years. They are very helpful and I continue to appreciate your help to me. Thanks!”

Since hooking up with a leading production music house through TAXI Dispatch, TAXI member Rob Grad from Venice, California has been busy doing vocals for clients such as Coors Light, Gillette, and others. Rob is also doing radio station ID’s and vocals for an album of Modern Rock tracks to be shopped to various Film, TV and Commercial projects. Rob’s band Superfine is also getting some attention, check out their web site at www.superfineband.com.
This just in from busy TAXI member Matt Hirt from Sherman Oaks, CA: “I just got my BMI statement, and I’ve got more good news: I had a tune placed on “Law and Order Special Victims Unit” (NBC) and another one on Dateline NBC. Additionally, a religious broadcast called “Life In The Word” has been using three of my tunes for several months now on almost a daily basis, adding up to over $2000 on this BMI statement alone All of this due to TAXI deals! Not too shabby!”
Lee Eisenstein, from Kailua, Hawaii relates: “I just signed my first publishing deal from a TAXI forward!”
“Since joining Taxi four years ago my writing partner, Keith O’Neill, and I have had thirteen songs forwarded resulting in two deals,” recounts Darryl Jedlowski. “One, with an independent music publisher, resulted in a song placement in the daytime soap ‘Passions.’ We also had a deal which resulted in the placement of one of our songs in the motion picture ‘Maze’ (starring Rob Morrow and Laura Linney).”
TAXI member David Thompson recently had success on ABC’s All My Children. “They played all 4:35 of my song ‘Lookin’ For My Baby’ (off my first ‘RIDER’ CD) as the featured piece of one episode. They played 23 seconds of the song in one of their previous shows, then decided to use the whole song for this latest program.”
Members Tom Kujath and Glenn Brittain from Michigan signed a deal with a leading holiday music publisher for their Halloween song “Vampire Vic”.
TAXI member Skaie Zoe (pronounced Sky Zowee) from Redondo Beach, California, has had placements in the following: - MTV’ s “Punk’d” - MTV’ s “Real World” - MTV’s “Road Rules” - NBC’s reality series “Starting Over”- Feature film “American Crime”-wrote and performed four original songs for this feature film, directed by Danny Mintz, premiering at this year’s Toronto Film Festival starring Rachael Leigh Cook, from Josie & the Pussycats, Get Carter, She’s All That, Living Out Loud; Carrie Elwes, from The Cat’s Meow, Cradle Will Rock, Kiss the Girls, Liar Liar, Twister, The Princess Bride. Kip Pardue, Remember the Titans, Driven, The Rules of Attraction; and Annabella Sciorra, The Sopranos, What Dreams May Come, Cop Land, Romeo is Bleeding, Jungle Fever, Reversal of Fortune, Cadillac Man.
Dan Caravetta from Levittown, Pennsylvania received lots of action from a prominent music library this year. Dan tells us what’s going on, “They signed 14 of my songs last August-11 instrumental rock, 1 ambient (horror), 1 solo acoustic guitar, 1 solo piano. They signed 3 more songs in May of this year and then 5 more in June-mainly piano/guitar/bass instrumentals. So far, since February of this year, I’ve received about $1,500 in licensing royalties. I’m still waiting to see where the songs have been placed.”
Steven Frank of Chicago, Illinois has had about 50 placements in all three cycles of MTV’s “Tough Enough” and UPN’s “America’s Next Top Model,” as well as several songs in various episodes of UPN’s “Haunted.”
TAXI member Karlus Trapp from Staten Island, New York, had placements on UPN’s “Haunted”, and ABC’s legendary daytime drama, “General Hospital”.
Nine year TAXI member and regular Road Rally attendee Zupe (just Zupe) from Altoona, Pennsylvania writes, “Just letting you know that I placed two songs on the History Channel’s “Highway ” series. Because of TAXI Dispatch, I have built a good relationship with a major music publisher, who placed them for me. The show airs several times this month — check your local listings! See you in November!” Zupe
Kent Forward from Nashville, TN, wrote to say: “Just wanted to drop a line and let you know about deals I’ve gotten on my songs through Taxi (sorry if I’ve been a bit out of touch, I’ve been too busy writing songs and signing contracts from Taxi forwards! ;-) In fact, I recently received my first check in the mail from one of these placements, which are a direct result of my first year with TAXI!”

“I’ve also included one new one that just came in, serving to kick off my second year of membership. You guys are the best! It’s good to be ridin’ in the back of your li’l yellow cab that could!”

“Four different publishers picked up nine of my songs.”

Joe Dobrota, Sr. from Evergreen, Colorado, called to let us know he had a piece picked up by a New York-based music publisher.
“Wanted to let y’all know that I just received my first contract offer!” enthuses Abe Loomis. “A California-based music library wants to include my song, ‘Wildlife Conservation,’ in their catalog for placement in TV and motion picture soundtracks.”

“I’m so grateful to Taxi for believing in my song and opening this door for me. Not only has Taxi improved my songwriting, it’s gotten me my first deal! The fact that TAXI can connect a Massachusetts transplant writing Country songs in New Jersey with a publishing company in California, sight unseen, is pretty close to a miracle. One friend I told about it has already decided to join. You guys rock!”

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