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Getting Comfortable with Production, Part Two, TAXI Road Rally 2016

If you want to learn how to start engineering and producing your own material rather than relying on others, read this to find out how some of your fellow members broke out "Production Prison."

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Getting Paid When Your Music Is Used on YouTube

How Do Our Members Really Feel About TAXI?

If you’ve ever wondered how people really feel about TAXI, you're going to want to read this to get the dirt you probably won’t see anywhere else!

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Passenger Profile: Marcus Cohen

Passenger Profile: Marcus Cohen, Part Two

Marcus Cohen might be relatively new to TAXI, but he's already signing deals and getting great placements. Find out what he's doing that contributes to his "overnight" success in Part Two of this incredibly insightful interview. Hint: His attitude is a really big factor!

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Member Deals
Christine CochraneChristine Cochrane has had placements on MTV, E!, Bravo, and others ...
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Bob Kelly and Jay RamseyBob Kelly and Jay Ramsey music will appear in two Netflix shows ...
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Dick FloodDick Flood's music was heard on ABC, NBC, Adult Swim, and more ...
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Claudia AcerraIn less than two years, Claudia Acerra signed a deal with a Music Library ...
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Cool Stuff
TAXI's Road Rally

TAXI's FREE Convention for Members and Guests

TAXI's 21st annual Road Rally starts in just four months, beginning November 2, 2017. Hold the date, and check out last year's Rally to see how great this year's event will be!

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Cool Crafty Speakers

Airbeats: The Ultimate "Air" Instrument or Not?

We're not sure if this is the coolest thing we've seen in a very long time or a sign that any talent-less idiot can now make really cool music. We're going to buy one for Michael and let you know what we find out!

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Music Industry Videos

How to Quit Your Day Job

Chuck Henry and Matt Vander Boegh tell how they went from zero to hero and were able to quit their day jobs because they make more money from their music!

Six Things You Need to Know About Film & TV Music

Michael highlights six important and sometimes overlooked aspects of making music for TV and Film and building a career doing it!