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Andrew Jordan

Andrew Jordan – Elizabethtown, PA

TAXI Member Andrew Jordan recently reached out to let us know about the “whirlwind success” that he’s had through TAXI.

“I joined TAXI in February of this year without any clue of what an instrumental cue was, or anything related to the TV/Film production music,” Andrew says. “Over the course of about 4 months, I have been learning non-stop, creating music non-stop, and I have been able to get numerous forwards which led to three separate deals with music libraries. I now have close to 50 tracks signed with these libraries.” Whirlwind, indeed!

What’s even more exciting is that Andrew just found out that he got his very first placement: “It was for a morning show on CNN, where my track was used over 10 times! Seriously can’t stop smiling about it.”

Andrew says, “None of this would have happened without TAXI, TAXI TV, and the awesome community of TAXI members that have been so helpful and supportive. I’ve learned SO MUCH in such a short time… it makes me pretty excited to keep learning and growing from such great people!” We can’t wait to hear what comes next for Andrew!

Paul Cufflin

Paul Cufflin – Alcántara, Spain

We recently heard from longtime TAXI Member Paul Cufflin that he got one of his songs placed recently on The Red Line on CBS! “The placement in Red Line came about as a direct result of a relationship I established with [a music library owner] about six or seven years ago at the TAXI Road Rally,” Paul explains.

Paul says that he’d heard good things about the library owner from other TAXI Members, so he approached him after one of the panels at TAXI’s Free Convention, the TAXI Road Rally. He says, “Since then, he's signed over 100 songs of mine to his catalogue and has secured many great placements for me over the years, not to mention significant sync fees and royalties.” Sounds like a gift that keeps on giving!

Paul tells us that he thinks this relationship is a perfect example of what he loves about TAXI: “It's able to facilitate opportunities for independent artists like myself,” he says. “I live in a small town in southern Spain, so there's no way I would have access to and get my music in the hands of a company like [the music library] without TAXI's help.” We’re glad to have helped make the connection!

Mike Lacey

Mike Lacey – Marietta, GA

A lot of TAXI Members are still finding success with deals that they made through TAXI forwards from years ago. One of TAXI Member Mike Lacey’s songs, “Next To You,” was signed by a Music Library after he made a submission to a TAXI opportunity 10 years ago––because of that deal, his music has been heard on Damages(FX), Once Upon a Time (ABC), Eastwick (ABC), Gotham (Fox), Aquarius (NBC), Californication (Showtime), the film Reservation Road with Joaquin Phoenix and Mark Ruffalo, and most recently in the movie Ouija 2 and ABC’s Whiskey Cavalier!

When asked what his favorite thing about TAXI was, Mike had this to say, “I like the specificity of TAXI requests (including examples of genres or styles desired), the feedback, and obviously having a vehicle to help get my music in front of people in the business.”

Debora Hulskamp

Debora Hulskamp – Voorburg, Netherlands

We caught up with TAXI Member Debora Hulskamp who let us know that her music has been heard on Graves (Epix), Better Things (FX), and Riverdale (The CW) due to a deal she signed with a Music Library after a TAXI forward––all of these placements with the same song!

Debora tells us that she’s also signed some of her other tracks to another Music Library after a TAXI forward, and that library released an album of her music!

Debora says that she’s a big fan of TAXI’s Free Convention, the TAXI Road Rally. “It gave me such a boost ... Also for my husband, who happens to be a sound-engineer,” she says while adding that she also loves meeting like-minded songwriters at the event.

“I love also the feedback from the rejections,” she says. “The first few years, rejections were very painful because I put so much work in it every time and then I felt like failing. But it helped me improve and I just had to not give up and keep on trying.”

Charles Wilson

Charles Wilson – Portland, OR

“I was quite excited to get the email from PayPal saying that I had money waiting for me and then to see that it was from a library that had signed a couple of my instrumental tracks,” TAXI Member Charles Wilson tells us. How did he get this deal?

Charles tells us that he saw a TAXI opportunity back in early 2018 asking for “Positive Optimistic Instrumental Cues,” so he submitted a few tracks. The tracks were forwarded by TAXI’s A&R Team and subsequently signed by the Music Library they were sent to!

“I went to check it to find out that someone had purchased the rights to use my cue in a project,” Charles explains, “as well as being purchased as part of a blanket deal by another company/individual, so two payments. The songs are still in the library and I hope that it will continue to be useful to someone in the future.”

Though this is Charles’s first and only success through TAXI, he’s looking forward to what the future holds! “I really do have TAXI to thank for helping me get my first check for a piece of music in a library. I am one of those people who knew of TAXI as early as 1999, but never took the leap ’til 2015. I am glad that I took the step to become a member, and look forward to a continued relationship with TAXI in the future.”

Duane Tribune

Duane Tribune – Columbus, OH

TAXI often helps its members explore different genres and types of music because of its wide range of opportunities. TAXI Member Duane Tribune started creating Urban Dramedy cues and started submitting them to TAXI’s opportunities––which resulted in them getting sent on to some awesome companies. “I submitted a couple of tracks to a listing back in March...” he says. “Right before I left for vacation a few weeks ago, I got an email from the music licensing company and they said they liked both tracks but really liked one in particular. They asked if I would be interested in doing a five-tune EP for them and of course I said yes!”

Duane tells us that he’s also signed deals with a couple Music Libraries in the United Kingdom due to TAXI Forwards, and he’s gotten a placement on a Daytime Drama show with collaborators that he met at TAXI’s Free Convention, the TAXI Road Rally!

“All the things that TAXI provides has helped me continue to grow as a musician/composer,” Duane says. “I now have opportunities to get my music in front of the people that matter, all for the small cost of a yearly membership. But you have to work for it. It’s not always easy but it sure is a lot of fun.”

Justin Mather

Justin Mather – Boulder City, NV

TAXI’s free convention, the TAXI Road Rally, is one of the best places to network face-to-face with top music industry executives. TAXI member Justin Mather was able to meet a Music Library CEO after one of the panels at the 2018 event.

“After chatting for a bit, she gave me her information and said she’d be interested in hearing some of my music … In January I sent her six tracks, of which she signed five. I’ve since had two songs placed on The Young & The Restless (CBS) (one of which was a co-write with TAXI member Jeff Greenleaf),” Justin says.

What’s Justin’s favorite thing about TAXI? “What I like most TAXI is the education aspect,” he says. “Between the Forums, TAXI TV episodes, the panels and classes at the Road Rally, and the general sharing of information among TAXI members, there is a wealth of information available on whichever angle of the business you’re currently working toward.”
Sergio Naranjo

Sergio Naranjo – Guadalajara, Mexico

TAXI member Sergio Naranjo reached out to us to let us know that he’s had a bunch of placements on different shows due to relationships he made at the TAXI Road Rally (TAXI’s Free Convention)!

Sergio’s music has been heard on Queen of the South (USA Network), CSI (CBS), GRAVES (Epix), DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (The CW), E! News, and E! News Weekend! “TAXI has been a great source of contacts (due to the Road Rally and the Forwards), information, and learning about this industry,” Sergio says.

Michael Dekkers

Michael Dekkers – Chilliwack, BC

We recently heard from TAXI member Michael Dekkers who let us know that he just signed a deal with a top-tier Music Library due to a TAXI Forward!

“I responded to listing Y190513SV for ORIGINAL, 1970s-SOUNDING, SOUL/FUNK INSTRUMENTALS. I submitted two cues which were both forwarded. Within a few days, [the Library] emailed me, offering to sign up both cues. I subsequently sent him a few more cues and he ended up signing eight in all,” Michael explains.

Michael says that he’s glad to have the opportunity to share his success, and we’re definitely happy to hear it!

Tom Selden

Tom Selden – Palmetto, FL

Sometimes it takes a little time to find success through TAXI, but it’s always worth it when it happens! TAXI member Tom Selden just learned that first-hand after he got his first tracks signed to a Music Library through a TAXI Forward!

“I just signed an instrumental track with my first library a few weeks ago,” Tom explains, “and they have asked for more.” He even got an advance from the company upon signing his music!

Tom says that TAXI’s opportunities keep him focused: “TAXI has organized my music life better than anything else so far. When I have the time to spend on music TAXI gives me the needed focus to get right to it. And have listings to get them placed.”

Jan Baars

Jan Baars – Zevenhuizen, Netherlands

We love hearing about our members’ successes even if they aren’t due to TAXI directly. We recently caught up with TAXI Member Jan Baars who let us that he recently got multiple cuts with huge K-Pop and J-Pop artists NCT 127 and Kis-My-Ft2!

“TAXI has been essential in the first years of my career,” Jan says. “It was super helpful to finally find some like-minded people who understood this ambition to become a songwriter.” Jan also tells us that writing for TAXI opportunities helped him learn how to write for a specific purpose: “It's a different mindset. You gotta give them exactly what they want, without writing a song that sounds like all the other ones they're getting for that brief.”

Jan is also finding success in the music licensing world: “I'm getting placements very regularly through libraries that I learned about at the Rally or through the TAXI community in general. I'm super grateful to these hardworking publishers who keep finding places for my music.”

Tamara Miller

Tamara Miller – Austin, TX

TAXI’s free, Members-only Convention, the TAXI Road Rally, is an incredible place to network face-to-face with major music industry players. TAXI Member Tamara Miller can definitely attest to this!

Tamara’s song “There’s Always Something” will be featured on an upcoming episode of AT&T’s original series, You Me Her. “I met the music supervisor at the TAXI Road Rally.  It was one of those serendipitous meetings where the music supervisor needed the right song at the right time for the right scene!” she says.

In addition to that awesome placement, Tamara’s music has also been featured on The Young and the Restless (CBS), The Bachelorette Australia (Network Ten), Bad Chad Customs (Discovery), Fox Sports World Series, and a few international shows! “It’s fun to see different genres of my music getting placed including EDM, Emotional Piano, Mystery, and Tension,” she says.

“I love that TAXI Music is a community of inspiring mentors,” Tamara says, “The TAXI Road Rally in November is by far the best music conference for songwriters at any level! The community always has a warm ‘family feel’ and it’s an incredible opportunity to network and meet music industry executives.” She also enjoys watching weekly TAXI TV episodes: “Michael Laskow and his special guests continue to teach us new skills and tricks that we can use in our film and TV writing. I love this fantastic community.”

Rob Knapp

Rob Knapp – Phoenix, AZ

We recently caught up with TAXI Member Rob Knapp who let us know that he got 13 instrumental tracks signed to a top-tier Music Library!

Rob says that he learned that it’s important to be patient on the road to success: “I was getting a little frustrated with the process because there wasn't any communications from the Forwards right away…” he says. “But luckily (several months later), [the Music Library] contacted me and asked to sign some tracks. In hindsight, I wish I would have kept producing tracks for listings throughout the year – because I didn't know it could take so long for a Forward to turn into deal.”

“Moral of the story, I wrote 23 songs this year and 13 were signed. That's a good percentage and all good motivation to keep writing music for TAXI listings. I'll be RENEWING for sure!” That sure is, Rob! We’re excited to hear about more successes from him in the future.

Eunice Chang

Eunice Chang – Honolulu, HI

TAXI Member Eunice Chang has only been in the TAXI family for a few months, but she’s already had her music signed to an awesome International Music Library due to a TAXI Forward!

“I submitted a few piano solo tracks to a listing asking for Mediterranean solo piano or piano-based instrumentals... My piano solo track ‘Motherland’ got selected through TAXI,” she says. The Music Library ended up absolutely loving the track, signing it, and signing other piano tracks Eunice composed as well!

“What I like most about TAXI is the detailed descriptions in the listings and the candid feedback,” Eunice says. “The more I look at those, the more I get a feel for what is being asked and what I need to improve on. In any case, submitting music gives me a compelling reason to keep creating new music (and trying genres and styles I wouldn't venture into otherwise)!”

Susan Hillman

Susan Hillman – Boulder, CO

Susan Hillman has been a TAXI member since 2016–– “It has been a steep learning curve to acquire the fundamental knowledge and skills to make Broadcast Quality Music on my own!” she says.

Though her background is as a singer and pianist in the Classical and Jazz realm, she said, “The TAXI listings are so diverse I found myself dabbling in many various styles and genres, and really love focusing on rhythm and groove.”

“After only three Forwards over 2 1/2 years, I heard from a Publisher who was raving about my Indian Chill Out track Forwarded from TAXI a week prior. The contract was signed soon after that first email,” she said.

Susan says that she now has the tools to make her music stand out and is busy composing World Music for the International Publisher that signed her music!

“There's really no conceivable way I would have been able to have this first success story without TAXI and the screeners and all the fantastic connections around the globe, and the incredible TAXI TV show plus the network of Composers and writers I communicate with regularly!” she says.

Minoru Amino

Minoru Amino – Kadoma, Japan

We had the pleasure of hearing from TAXI Member Minoru Amino who let us know that he has received three Music Library deals in one year due to TAXI Forwards. He even tells us that one of the Music Libraries ended up signing over 100 of his tracks. If that’s not amazing, we don’t know what is!

In addition to those three libraries, he has had music signed to five other libraries (over two hundred tracks!) and gotten a direct-to-Music-Supervisor placement throughout his membership thanks to TAXI. “I learned a lot of things for making music from TAXI listings and screeners’ critiques,” Minoru tells us. “I’m sure I couldn’t learn how I should be making tracks for music business without TAXI,” he said.

Minoru also enjoys the world-wide community that TAXI offers its members: “TAXI has lots of great musicians and composers over the world. I learn to know them through the TAXI Road Rally. They inspire me to create music more.”

Billy Livesay

Billy Livesay – Pembroke Pines, FL

One of our favorite things to hear is a TAXI Member’s music recorded back in the day has found new life. We were excited to hear that Billy Livesay’s Vintage track “Making Every Moment Count” by his band SLYDER had been placed on Chicago Fire (NBC)!

Billy was connected with the Music Publisher that got him the placement through a TAXI Forward back in 2014. “They signed several of my songs and they have placed four or five since signing in 2015,” he tells us.

How has TAXI benefited Billy? “I have been a TAXI member for 20+ years and my deal with [The Music Library] has more than paid for my TAXI membership,” he says. “TAXI critiques have made me a better songwriter.”

Randon Purcell

Randon Purcell – Sandy, UT

We recently caught up with longtime TAXI Member Randon Purcell who let us know that he’s had multiple placements on MTV’s The Challenge due to a relationship he made with the owner of a popular Music Library at TAXI’s Convention, the Road Rally!

Randon met the Music Library owner after a panel that he was a part of at the Road Rally and volunteered to send them some music. “He said ‘great’, gave me his info, and a week later we had agreed that I’d write an album for his company as soon as my schedule would allow.” The tracks Randon wrote were signed at the beginning of the year, and the placements followed shortly after!

Randon has also had placements on MTV through a Music Library he was connected with through a TAXI Forward!

When we asked him what his favorite thing about TAXI is, Randon couldn’t decide. “Everything. Honestly though – first and foremost – [the TAXI Staff] ... I have 100% faith not only in the abilities and integrity of the TAXI staff, but I know that TAXI as a whole will always deliver on its promises. I have a long history of benefitting both directly from Taxi and indirectly, and no matter where my career takes me, I will always be forever grateful to all of you at TAXI for setting me on the right path.”

Robert Zimmermann

Robert Zimmermann – Bishop, GA

We were over the moon when we heard that TAXI Member Robert Zimmermann’s song “Time Passes By” was placed in the upcoming Independent Film The Turkey Bowl by a Music Publisher he was connected with through a TAXI Forward!

Robert submitted some tracks to a TAXI Opportunity that he had recorded in the early 1990s with his band, Affordable Lawn Care. TAXI sent the music on to the Music Publisher, and the rest is history! “They liked one of the songs I submitted and ended up buying all 10 songs on the album for possible placement.”

In addition to this placement, Robert also had an Instrumental ringtone track signed by a Music Library as the result of a TAXI Forward!

“TAXI has helped me become much better at songwriting, sound engineering, and production,” Robert says, “...thanks to the critiques I’ve learned so much about what works, what companies are looking for and what’s happening in the industry. I still have much to learn but I’m excited about music again and TAXI made that happen!”

Mark Gross

Mark Gross – London, ON, Canada

Sometimes it doesn’t take long to see the benefits of submitting to TAXI’s Industry Opportunities! TAXI Member Mark Gross found this out firsthand when he penned a deal with a Music Library just two months after joining! “I woke to an email one day ... saying they received my tracks from a TAXI listing and wanted to sign them. Since then, I’ve signed over 20 tracks with this company.”

Due to this deal, Mark has now found out that one of his tracks was placed on a German Bridal Reality TV show! “[I’m] very excited to keep writing music from my house and have it heard around the world,” he says.

Brad Miller

Brad Miller – Shakopee, MN

We love hearing about our members’ successes––whether it’s their first or their 100th. We recently heard from TAXI Member Brad Miller about his first! Brad joined in November 2018, and he let us know that he was contacted by a well-known Music Library as the result of a TAXI Forward. “They didn't need the track that was Forwarded to them but, wanted me to write six exclusive tracks for a new cue album. I wrote those, signed the contract (awesome feeling) for the exclusive tracks, and now have a great relationship with the library and they have asked for more cues in different genres,” Brad says.

“Needless to say, I'm pretty excited! And, thankful for TAXI for being that vehicle that has helped me get my foot in the door of the music business,” he tells us. Brad says that he’s also an avid viewer of TAXI TV and TAXI Forums user: “The TAXI TV episodes, along with the forums, have been really helpful when starting out writing cues for the listings and giving crucial advice to turn the odds in the artists favor when pitching music.”

We can’t wait to hear about more success from Brad in the future!

Matt Bantle

Matt Bantle – Kraków, Poland

TAXI Member Matt Bantle has let us know some great news––he just had multiple piano Instrumentals signed to an awesome International Music Library through a TAXI Forward! “I was contacted by the publisher about a week after the deadline and we started negotiating the terms of the contract for all the tracks I had submitted. I have to say a really nice contact with the publisher and it shows that TAXI indeed not only screens the music but also their clients!” Matt says.

Matt has a pretty intense days job, but he says that music has always been his passion. “TAXI gives me the opportunity to participate in cutting edge industry opportunities just sitting in my home studio and whenever I have time (which is not an awful lot being a family father) ... I could not think of any other field where ambitious amateurs get a shot at dealing with the pros all the time... In that sense TAXI is really unique in my opinion.”

Paul Krieg

Paul Krieg – Alto, MI

TAXI Member Paul Krieg read TAXI emails for over a year before joining TAXI, and he definitely has not regretted joining only a few months ago! “I recently signed my first deal with a publisher on an Electro Swing instrumental track I composed called ‘Marylin Monelectro’! I had gotten about a dozen returns and seven Forwards Then, I couldn't believe my eyes one morning when I saw the email from a publisher interested in MY track!!!” Paul explains.

We’re a big fan of “Marylin Monelectro” here at TAXI too––”Michael played my track on TAXI TV to give an example of a great instrumental!!!  Since then I've been even more enthused to keep writing music everyday. I've already signed another track with the same music library through another TAXI Forward!!!”

Paul tells us that his favorite thing about TAXI is “the description in the listings and the critiques from the screeners, they really help you grow.” He also says that he’s started getting involved on the TAXI Forums, has joined TAXI Dispatch, and plans to attend TAXI’s convention, the Road Rally, in the fall!
Hank Jones

Hank Jones – San Diego, CA

We were ecstatic when TAXI Member Hank Jones got in touch to let us know that he had not one, not two, but 10 of his Vintage songs signed to an awesome Music Library through a TAXI Forward!

The origin story for a couple of the songs is pretty amazing in itself: “They were written originally in 1965 back in the stone age on spec by yours truly and my co-writers Dean Kay and Larry Ray for Elvis to sing in MGM's Girl Happy...the songs were approved and accepted; but then, at the last minute, Elvis's publisher...and his manager...demanded that Elvis be named on the contract as co-writer of the tunes - even though he didn't write them. We were crestfallen, pissed off, and absolutely refused the deal. So the songs (and five others) never got into the movie.”

“But – THANKS TO TAXI – these ‘oldies but goodies’ have found a home at last and have a new life. Good grief – at 78, I'm relevant again!” We can’t wait to hear where these tracks get heard!
Steve Knox

Steve Knox – Brentwood, TN

Not everyone is completely sold on TAXI when they first join: “My relationship with TAXI started in 2016 with hesitation.” TAXI Member Steve Knox explains, “In August 2016, an opportunity from TAXI came through email asking for any original vintage Van Morrison 70s-era type songs needed for a very successful publisher.” Steve sent in a submission that was sent to the Music Publisher who loved it!

Through this one TAXI Forward, Steve signed eight of his Vintage tracks to the Music Publisher who have gotten his music placed on Amazon Studio’s Red Oaksand The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair(EPIX)!

Steve says that he’s learned a lot at TAXI’s convention, The Road Rally, and from TAXI’s A&R Staff! “The use of tools I've learned at TAXI Road Rallies and submission critiques has kept me learning and growing as a songwriter in today’s marketplace,” he says. “TAXI has turned out to be exactly what it says it is, a real road map for songwriters.”

Aimee Felise

Aimee Felise – Murietta, CA

We were elated when we got word that TAXI Member Aimee Felise had her song “Chasing a Rainbow” was placed in the Hallmark film, Love Under The Rainbow, as the result of a TAXI Forward! Aimee submitted the track to a TAXI listing requesting songs about rainbows for a Music Supervisor––TAXI sent on the music to the Supervisor, and the rest is history!

“I decided to join TAXI music at the recommendation of a friend,” Aimee explains. “I was really happy to find that pretty early on I got a Forward and then another, and then a placement in a made-for-TV movie in a relatively short time frame. I am very grateful for these opportunities and I am so excited to see my work being appreciated.”

When asked what her favorite thing about TAXI is, Aimee had this to say: “I love that TAXI doesn't just provide opportunities and support but it feels like you have this community of people rooting for you.” We’re so excited to hear about even more success from Aimee going forward!

Stan Morris

Stan Morris – Torrance, CA

We just caught up with longtime TAXI Member Stan Morris who let us know that one of his tension underscore Instrumental Cues was placed twice in an episode of Nova Wonders (PBS) titled “What’s Living in You?”! The subject matter might not be the most pleasant, but Stan is still happy about the placement!

Stan tells us that he got this placement through a Music Library he was connected with through a TAXI Forward. In addition to this placement, Stan’s music has been heard in Netflix’s Shot in the Dark and The Disappearance of Natalee Holloway (Oxygen).

When asked how TAXI has helped him, Stan says that he’s benefited greatly from critiques from TAXI’s A&R Team, watching weekly episodes of TAXI TV, and attending TAXI’s Convention, the TAXI Road Rally! Stan is also an active member of the TAXI Forums and has made friendships there that “have provided encouragement, feedback, and collaborations”!

Rob Levine

Rob Levine – Catonsville, MD

Sometimes it doesn’t take long to achieve success through TAXI. TAXI Member Rob Levine tells us, “I joined TAXI in December 2018. Within three submissions, I got my first Forward which resulted in [a Music Publisher] owned by a Grammy-Winning Songwriter and Producer reaching out to me saying ‘You submitted music for our listing. We really like your track and wondered if you have any more in this style.’”

“This was my First Music deal in over 10 years!” Rob says, “TAXI has changed the game for me because I now have a renewed sense of purpose for my career as a songwriter ... Simply put ... TAXI ROCKS!” We’re excited to hear about even more deals from Rob down the road!

Lamar Pecorino

Lamar Pecorino – Round Rock, TX

A lot of TAXI members are able to find success through music that they’ve created in collaboration with other members! This is the case for Lamar Pecorino whose Tex-Mex Instrumental created in collaboration with fellow member Conrad Wilson was signed by a Music Library after being forwarded by TAXI.

Lamar and Conrad submitted their Instrumental to a TAXI opportunity for Southwestern, Desert-style Tex-Mex Instrumentals in December. “It was forwarded and quickly signed to a Music Library,” Lamar says. The library asked if they had any more music like it and requested that they create five to ten more in the same style! “Ironically, neither Conrad or I have extensive performance experience with this musical genre. Although growing up in Texas, we have heard it all of our lives,” Lamar explains.

In addition to this deal, Lamar and Conrad also had a ringtone based on The Munsters theme song signed to another Music Library through a TAXI Forward!

“At a personal level, I value the relationships that I have with my TAXI family.” Lamar says, “We have shared both good and bad times together. At a professional level, I appreciate the diverse musical opportunities that TAXI provides as well as the ongoing training that is available via TAXI TV.”

Glenn Johnson

Glenn Johnson – Adelaide, Australia

We were excited when we heard that TAXI Member Glenn Johnson got one of his songs that he had recorded back in 2000 signed to an awesome Music Publisher! One of Glenn’s tracks from the 1980s had been sent to this Publisher by TAXI a while back. Though it didn’t result in a deal back then, the Publisher told him to stay in touch to “send him any other vintage tracks that I may have access to.”

Recently, Glenn sent over the track from 2000 and the Publisher loved it and signed it to their catalog!

What’s so great about TAXI? “It's pretty simple... OPPORTUNITY. For a guy in little old Adelaide, South Australia to have access to major publishers, record companies, and music supervisors is just freaking awesome. I also love the ability to collaborate with other TAXI members ... and it’s great to meet them face to face at the Road Rally.”

Tom Martin

Tom Martin – Okeana, OH

We love hearing when our Members’ music that they recorded back in the day has new life breathed into it. TAXI Member Tom Martin reached out to let us know that an exceptional Music Publisher that specializes in Vintage music just signed 14 songs from his catalog—adding to the four they had already signed––due to a TAXI Forward. Tom says that his relationship with this company has been remarkable: “[The Music Publisher has] been so positive and supportive to me and my music. They are great to work with,” he says.

Due to this relationship, Tom’s music has been heard in Nirvana, the Band, the Show(Viceland), the Indie film Finding Steve McQueen, and the Feature Film Above Suspicion.

But that’s not it! Tom also informed us that a Bob Dylan-esque Folk song that he composed for a TAXI Opportunity was signed to another top Music Library after it was sent on by TAXI’s A&R Team! “I am thrilled about this success since it hits home with my roots and niche,” Tom tells us.

To sum it all up, Tom tells us that “TAXI has made a huge positive difference in my life in helping me to connect with those in search of music such as mine.” We can’t wait to hear about even more signings in the future!
Rob Knapp

Rob Knapp – Phoenix, AZ

Sometimes it takes some time between a TAXI Forward and the first contact with an industry company. TAXI Member Rob Knapp found that out firsthand. After receiving five or six TAXI Forwards earlier this year, Rob was losing hope. “I was getting a little frustrated with the process because there wasn't any communications from the forwards right away,” he says.

A few months later, Rob was contacted by a Music Library that signed 13 of his EDM-influenced and Hip-Hop Instrumentals! “In hindsight, I wish I would have kept producing tracks for listings throughout the year because I didn't know it could take so long for a Forward to turn into deal,” Rob tells us.

Brit Fox

Brit Fox – Chagrin Falls, OH

Our most successful Members have one thing in common––they attend the TAXI Road Rally. TAXI Member Brit Fox can attest to how important the Rally is on your road to success in the Music Industry. “I met all of my placement collaborators and music supervisors via the TAXI Road Rally,” she says. “To me this is the biggest benefit TAXI offers because face-to-face interaction is so important in music.”

Why is the TAXI Road Rally so crucial? “Everyone is extremely welcoming, friendly, and about their business. It's essential for getting to the next level...You maintain the relationships with music supervisors by sending them amazing creations. Then you turn around and create some more.”

Due to these relationships, Brit’s music has been heard in TV Shows on HBO, Netflix, Spike, VH1, and BET. We can’t wait to hear about more in the future!

Rhett Davis

Rhett Davis – Winter Park, FL

TAXI Member Rhett Davis recently reached out to let us know that his song “I Don’t Love Her Anymore” has been placed in the Epix show The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair! This placement came about from a deal Rhett signed with a Vintage Music Publisher he met through TAXI back in 2015.

Rhett also tells us that the same relationship resulted in additional placements in Seal Team (CBS) and The Girlfriend Experience (Starz)!

“TAXI provided a platform for this ‘old dawg’ singer/songwriter to get his music presented worldwide,” Rhett tells us. He also says that what he’s learned at the TAXI Road Rally has led to a renaissance in his current writing. “I’m now on my way to writing new material for TV and Film, the creative juices that had started to become stagnant are flowing again...This would not have been possible except through TAXI!”
Sonny King

Robbie Hancock – Victoria, BC

Sometimes success through TAXI doesn’t necessarily come directly through TAXI Forwards, but through the TAXI Road Rally and relationships with fellow members. TAXI Member Robbie Hancock is a perfect example of this.

Lately, Robbie’s music has been heard on TV shows on NBC, BBC, HBO, AMC, The Discovery Channel, MTV, Bravo, BTN, HGTV, and The DIY Network-–along with a few placements Indie and Feature films! “I can attribute all the rest to being present at the TAXI [Road] Rally and introductions through collaborators and mentors through trust relationships,” Robbie says.

Sonny King

Sonny King – Greensboro, NC

We were ecstatic when TAXI Member Sonny King got in touch to let us know about some placements he’s gotten directly through TAXI Forwards! Sonny’s Hip-Hop Instrumentals were sent to a Music Library after he submitted them to a TAXI Opportunity. The Library loved the tracks and offered him a non-exclusive publishing deal––they even asked for more of his tracks to add to their catalog!

Due to this TAXI Forward, Sonny’s music has been heard on WWE Total Divas (E!), Mary Mary (We TV), Basketball Wives (VH1), Huang’s World (Viceland), and Are You the One? (MTV)!

Sonny tells us that he just penned a deal with yet another top Music Library through a TAXI Forward! “What I love about TAXI is the constant new batch of submissions that you guys post every day. There is always a new opportunity to submit for in multiple genres!” Sonny says.
Kyle Sutton

Kyle Sutton – Frederick, MD

Sometimes making connections with fellow Members through the TAXI Community and the TAXI Road Rally can be the spark that sets off success. TAXI Member Kyle Sutton has found this out first-hand. He let us know of his very first placement on Ex on the Beach (MTV) through a connection he made with fellow member Ron Kujawa whom he met at the 2017 TAXI Road Rally Convention!

In addition, Kyle has also signed his music with two Music Libraries directly through TAXI Forwards!

“TAXI has truly opened my eyes to the world of production music. I knew I wanted to get into this business, but just didn't know where to start. TAXI provides all the resources you could need – the listings, the connections, the community, the conference  – you've just got to work hard and seize the opportunities as they come,” Kyle says. We can’t wait to hear about his future placements and success!

Stuart Ridgway

Stuart Ridgway – Arlington, VA

Longtime TAXI Member Stuart Ridgway just reached out to us to let us know that he just got a couple of Ringtone Instrumentals signed by a top Music Library! “I saw the TAXI listing for ringtones and thought it would be fun to write some quick TV themes,” Stuart explains. Stuart ended up creating a Ska version of The Brady Bunch theme and a salsa version the Friends theme––both were picked up by the Library!

Stuart tells us that he also really enjoys the TAXI Road Rally: “I had an awesome time at the [Road Rally] and made some terrific new contacts. Even after 14 years. I reconnected with a music supervisor who wants some of my new tracks. I also connected with another songwriter and we already have plans for 2019.”

Why does Stuart love TAXI? “I love TAXI because it’s no-nonsense. I connect with REAL opportunities that let me write great music that makes me real money. First and foremost TAXI’s integrity has made me a loyal member since 2001.” We’re so glad to have you as a member, Stuart!

Bob Mete

Bob Mete – Earlysville, VA

We got an update from long time TAXI Member Bob Mete who let us know about some of the recent placements he’s gotten as the result of being a TAXI member.

Bob’s music has been heard on Supergirl (The CW), Cobra Kai(YouTube Red), Ghosted(FOX), The Voice (NBC), Evil Things (TLC), Younger (TV Land), Kevin (Probably) Saves the World (ABC), Graves (Epix), Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee with Steve Martin (Netflix), Chicago Fire (NBC), Crazy Ex Girlfriend (The CW), Kitty Kelley Files (REELZ), Search Party (TBS), and commercials for Whole Foods and Public Storage.

“Without TAXI I would never have met my growing list of co-writers, actually all but one of the above listed shows are with co-writers,” Bob says. “I met all of co-writers on the Forum or at the Rally. Because of TAXI I have a growing list of A-List Publishers too ... None of this would be possible with the hard work of Michael and his dedicated staff!”
Jerry Honigman

Jerry Honigman – Alexandria, LA

Sometimes music that you’ve had on the shelf can have a new life. Jerry Honigman found that out first hand when he submitted some tracks to a TAXI listing that requested Vintage music for a top-shelf Music Publisher. TAXI sent his music on to the publisher, they loved the music, and the rest is history! “They had [signed] a couple dozen of my songs and have has quite a bit of success in placing them on some prominent shows,” Jerry says. “More good news, they [signed] three more of my songs just last week!”

Some of the TV shows that Jerry’s music has been heard in as the result of having his music sent to this Music Publisher are Mr. Robot (USA Network), Red Oaks (Amazon Studios), the TV movie Sister Cities (Lifetime), and most recently on Epix’s Berlin Station!

Thanks to TAXI, songs that have been sitting on the shelf for years now have a new life,” Jerry tells us. “None of this would have been possible without TAXI.” Thanks for the kind words, Jerry! We can’t wait to hear about more placements in the future!
Anna Yarbrough

Anna Yarbrough – Brooklyn, NY

We love hearing about all of our members success––from their first to their hundredth! We were overjoyed when we heard that TAXI Member Anna Yarbrough got her first placement on Keeping Up With the Kardashians (E!)! This placement was a result of a connection she made with another TAXI Member, Mark Himley, who she met through the TAXI Community!

In addition, Anna’s music has been signed to two different Music Libraries through TAXI’s Opportunities and another couple through connections made at the TAXI Road Rally and through the TAXI Community! “To date, I can credit all of my successes in the sync world to TAXI. Whether directly or indirectly, TAXI has been responsible for 100% of my progress in this field,” Anna says.

Anna is also a big fan of the TAXI Road Rally: “Last year I attended my first Road Rally with no publishers, no signings, and no placements to speak of … and by this year’s Road Rally I have work signed with several different publishers, and now my first placement. I’m looking forward to what’s in store for my future with TAXI!” We’re looking forward to it too, Anna!

Terrell Burt

Terrell Burt – Orlando, FL

TAXI Member Terrell Burt is irrefutable proof that being connected to the TAXI Community is key to your success in the music industry. Terrell Just let us know of some placements that he got through Music Libraries he would’ve never been connected with had he not been involved in the TAXI Community, on the TAXI Forums, and at the TAXI Road Rally.

Just in the past few weeks, Terrell’s music has been placed on Hustle In Brooklyn (BET), Married to Medicine (Bravo), and NFL Total Access (NFL Network)––not to mention five placements on Champions (NBC) and placements on The Young and the Restless (CBS) and Black Ink Crew (VH1) within the last year! He tells us that he also connected with a brand-new Music Library at the TAXI Road Rally this year!

“TAXI has been an amazing blessing to me by helping me get connected with the right people to help further my career,” Terrell says. “TAXI has provided me with all of the tools that I need to succeed.” We’re glad to be a part of your story, Terrell!
Michael Goldstein

Michael Goldstein – Boca Raton, FL

Some of our members get frustrated in their first few months as TAXI Members and are on the verge of giving up on their dreams, but just a simple conversation can change that! One of our favorite examples of this is TAXI Member Michael Goldstein. “About a year ago, I was frankly at the point of quitting TAXI,” Michael explains. “However, after a 10-minute conversation with [a TAXI staff member], he focused me on what needed to be done and gave me the confidence that I could do it. That conversation changed everything.”

Michael has been a member of TAXI for three years––and his perseverance has paid off! “In 10 months of my third year, I received 52 Forwards and five deals from publishers so far (I am optimistic that more are forthcoming),” he says.

What changed? Michael says, “I learned that rejection is a good thing if you study and digest what is being offered.” He tells us that after applying the suggestions made by TAXI Screeners, he’s been a lot more successful with his pitches.

Michael’s advice for TAXI Members that are about to give up? “If you never quit, and are willing to be flexible and learn, winning is a matter time and effort.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

Vasyl Tkach

Vasyl Tkach – Kyiv, Ukraine

We were excited when one of our clients, a Top British Music Library, let us know that they had signed tracks from TAXI Member Vasyl Tkach and were releasing an eight-song album of his music!

Vasyl’s “Top 40” instrumental “Cat-O-Matic” immediately caught the attention of the Library after they were forwarded to them by TAXI. “In about 40 days I made 10 tracks which [the Library] seemed to like a lot and we signed the agreement in October,” he says.

Everything about TAXI is great and important – articles, TAXI Forum, TAXI TV, and most of all, the very Listings. I watch almost every TAXI TV episode. ..The episodes with Michael Kruk, Chuck Henry, and Randon Purcell were most informative for me. I think if you know what you're looking for you will find a lot of hints and answers in episodes like these,” he says. “It is very important to see how the tracks are criticized by professionals, to listen to the works of people who made it in the business, to their stories how they grew professionally.“ We think this is excellent advice and can’t wait to hear about placements that Vasyl gets as the result of this deal!

Mark Himley

Mark Himley – Brookings, SD

TAXI Member Mark Himley has received his first royalty check, and we couldn’t be happy for him! Mark has had his music heard on Keeping Up with the Kardashians (E!), Catfish (MTV), Citizen Rose (E!), and The Challenge (MTV)––all of these placements resulting from connections he’s made through TAXI and the TAXI Community!

Mark says that his favorite thing about TAXI is “the community and the overwhelming ‘pay it forward’ mentality ... I've not only met amazing mentors, but also people who I know will be lifelong friends.” He is also a big fan of the Road Rally and tells us that it’s his favorite week of the year! “Words can’t explain how life changing [the Road Rally] can be,” Mark says.

Mark is excited for future placements and royalty statements and the future, and so are we! “None of this would be happening for me if it weren't for TAXI! Thank you!!”
Steve Baruah

Steve Baruah – Ebensee, Austria

We caught up with TAXI Member Steve Baruah recently who let us know that he’s received his first royalty statement for placements on MTV’s Catfish and The Challenge! “I originally joined TAXI to get my songs 'out there.' What I got was much, much more,” he says.

Just three years into his membership, Steve has two hundred cues signed to eight top Music Libraries that he was put in contact with through TAXI Forwards!

When asked how TAXI has benefited him, Steve had this to say: “TAXI has given me specific feedback on my music from industry pros. This is unbelievably valuable and has accelerated my learning curve exponentially.” He also says that TAXI opened his eyes to creating Instrumental Cues for film and TV––a career path that he didn’t even know existed!

Chris Raggatt

Chris Raggatt – Faringdon, United Kingdom

Chris Raggatt has only been a TAXI Member for a little over a year, and he’s already reaping the benefits! He’s already had 27 of his instrumental tracks signed to three different Music Libraries that his music was sent to by TAXI! Chris tells us that he’s had good experiences with the Music Libraries he’s come in contact with: “I have found them to be polite, professional, and respectful which has really put me at ease with the whole process.”

Why does Chris love TAXI? “I love the wide range of briefs you get ... I have always liked to try new things in new genres and Taxi really enables that. The second thing ... is having such constructive criticism from the screeners. Each time I have submitted tracks and had returns, I have acted on the comments and suggestions made by the screeners ... I feel that especially as a producer I have progressed in leaps and bounds thanks to the screeners comments,” he says.

Chris tells us that he’s also really excited to come to his first Road Rally as well: “I’m sure this will be added to the list of things I love about TAXI!” We’re sure it will be!

Dick Flood

Dick Flood – Salley, SC

We love hearing about our members’ continued successes, so we were really excited when we found out about TAXI Member Dick Flood’s recent placements due to one single TAXI Forward a few years ago! Dick joined TAXI back in 2013 and his music was sent on to an amazing Music Publisher. “[They were] looking for old ’50s and ’60s songs that were recorded during that era. As it turned out that era was my era in the Country Music Business, and I had many demos of my old songs ... So I sent them a few samples of my old works and the rest is now pretty much history,” he explains.

Since we last talked to him, Dick’s music has been heard on Van Helsing (SyFy), I’m Dying Up Here (Showtime), Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich (RLJE Films), 12 Monkeys (SyFy), Preacher (AMC), and the Indie film Roped.

When asked what his favorite thing about TAXI is, Dick had this to say: “I've often said that my favorite thing about TAXI is that it is a completely honest and legit organization that keeps its word, and is really behind songwriters.” Thanks for the kind words, Dick! We can’t wait to hear about more and more placements in the future!

Patty Boss

Patty Boss – San Francisco, CA

We caught up with longtime TAXI Member Patty Boss to hear about some of her recent successes. Recently, Patty’s music has been heard on America’s Got Talent (NBC), For My Man (TV One), American Beauty Star (Lifetime), Fear Factor (MTV), Inside the NBA (NBA TV), The Daily Show (Comedy Central), The Challenge (MTV), and The Journey: Big Ten Basketball 2018 (BTN).

Patty tells us that all of these placements “stem from TAXI and attending the Road Rally.” She says that she loves that TAXI offers “the freedom of working in various styles of music. I love the challenge, research and variety of switching up the genres from one to another; it keeps me interested.” We’re sure we’ll be hearing about more placements from Patty soon!

Tom Martin

Tom Martin – Okeana, OH

We talked to TAXI Member Tom Martin who let us know that he’s had multiple placements as the result of on TAXI Forward! Tom’s music was forwarded to an awesome Music Publisher which lead to placements on Viceland’s Nirvana, the Band, the Show, upcoming indie film Finding Steve McQueen, and upcoming major motion picture Above Suspicion(starring Emilia Clarke).

The Music Publisher has also released a four-song EP, Borrowed Time, on behalf of Tom! Tom says that “TAXI has helped my music be heard and placed in films and TV, and I am looking forward to more success in the future.” We’re looking forward to hearing about those successes, Tom!
Danny Infantino

Danny Infantino – Pinehurst, NC

Sometimes one TAXI Forward can lead to years of success! Years ago, TAXI Member Danny Infantino’s 1970s tracks were sent to an amazing Music Publisher that specializes in vintage music. Since then, his music has been heard on Chicago Fire (NBC), Seal Team (CBS), Happy (SyFy), Narcos (Netflix), and indie films Barry and The Big Sick––all from one Forward!

Danny’s music has also been heard on Cobra Kai (YouTube Red), Alone Together (Freeform), Claws (TNT), Shameless (Showtime), and Riverdale (The CW) as the result of being signed by another Music Library he was forwarded to by TAXI!

We love hearing about all of these amazing successes and can’t wait to hear about more going forward!

Marcus Cohen

Marcus Cohen – Norristown, PA

We caught up with Pennsylvania-based TAXI Member Marcus Cohen and found out that he’s had 500 songs signed since he joined TAXI! Recently, his music has been heard on The Young and the Restless (CBS), Black Ink Crew: Chicago (VH1), Queen Sugar (OWN), Claws (TNT), ATL Homicide (TV One), and Get Shorty (Epix)!

“TAXI is in one way or another responsible for everything that is happening for me,” Marcus says. “TAXI helped me get my music to the people it needed to get to.” We’re so excited to hear about the next round of placements!

Janet Snare

Janet Snare – San Diego, CA

Sometimes it takes a while to see the results of a TAXI Forward. TAXI Member Janet Snare just experienced this herself: “My first placement resulted from a TAXI Forward three years ago. It was for a listing for a ghost hunting TV show,” Janet tells us. The show, RIP Files (SyFy Asia, Really TV), has since been picked up by Amazon Prime Video, so Janet has been able to hear her music within the episode for herself!

When asked what she likes most about TAXI, Janet says that he loves “...the letters of encouragement that Michael Laskow sends out. To never give up and that things can take a long time. I’m a prime example!” We’re excited to hear about more of Janet’s successes in the future!

William Shephard

William Shephard – Bronx, NY

TAXI Member William Shephard is on a roll! We just got word that William’s music has been placed in the upcoming Indie Film Richard Says Goodbye (Global Road Entertainment, starring Johnny Depp), Snowfall (FX), and Queen Sugar (OWN)! This is all in the past couple months!

All of these placements were the result of a deal that William signed with an incredible Music Publisher he met through a TAXI Forward! “What I like most about TAXI is TAXI always gives me an honest opinion about the songs that they receive from me…” William says. We’ll be looking forward to hear about even more placements William gets going in the future!

James Ferrie

James Ferrie – London, United Kingdom

We’re always overjoyed when we hear about our members’ first deals through TAXI! We heard from TAXI Member James Ferrie who let us know that he signed his first track (“Through a Wet Windshield”) to an awesome UK-based Music Library through a TAXI Forward! “As luck would have it, I was approached by another music library that same week for the same piece of music,” James says!

James tells us that he appreciates the advice he’s received from TAXI Screeners on how to improve his tracks when they weren’t sent on––he’s also learned a lot from watching episodes of TAXI TV and reading TAXI-endorsed songwriting books! We can’t to wait to hear about the next songs he gets signed!
Keith LuBrant

Keith LuBrant – Turnersville, NJ

Hearing about the continued success is one of our favorite things! We caught up with longtime member Keith LuBrant who let us know about some of his successes. “I had two Christmas songs that I wrote, sang, and recorded myself placed multiple times on a daytime soap opera. These songs were recorded many years ago, so it was great to see them get placed,” Keith tells us.

Keith says that after looking at his recent royalty statement, he figured out that his music has been heard on over 570 TV Shows––on networks including CBS, NBC, ABC, HBO, MTV, VH1, and many more!

“TAXI has helped me make the connections I need to in order to write for TV/Film. Without TAXI, there is no way I would be where I am at today,” Keith says. “Also, with the help of TAXI listings, it has helped expand my composing to include many new genres that I would normally not write.”

Elna Myburg

Elna Myburg – Kingwood, TX

We talked to TAXI member Elna Myburg who let us know that she’s recently had her music heard on The Mick (FOX), Switched at Birth (Freeform), Deathgrip (Netflix), and Hand of God (Amazon Studios). All of these placements were the result of TAXI Forwards from a few years back! “I've only started submitting again quite recently and I regret taking that break!” Elna says.

How has TAXI benefited Elna? “Without TAXI, I would never have gained access to these great libraries. I've always felt that TAXI truly cares about their members and really wants to see them succeed. They help me to make connections with folks in the music industry, something that would be very hard to do by myself.” Thanks for the kind words, Elna! We can’t wait to hear more about your successes in the near future!

Stan Morris

Stan Morris – Torrance, CA

We love hearing about our members’ milestones––from their first Forwards, to their first deals, to their first placements! Stan Morris got in touch with us to let us know that he just reached an exciting new milestone: “I got my first BMI statement with royalties for a tension track (“Digital Desert”) used for a full minute on one of the episodes of The Disappearance of Natalee Holloway on the Oxygen channel.”

This placement was the result of a deal Stan made with a Top Music Library after two of his Jazz tracks were forwarded by TAXI. In addition, Stans says that he has “over 130 tracks in 10 different libraries. All of those library relationships came from either TAXI Forwards or connections that made through the Rally.”
Glenn Johnson

Glenn Johnson – Myrtle Bank, Australia

We’re always excited when we hear about our members’ very first deals through a TAXI Forward, so we were overjoyed when Glenn Johnson told us that he got an instrumental cue signed to an awesome Music Publishing Company! “ was an amazing feeling to receive that ‘we love your track’ email,” Glenn says.

Since getting his track signed, Glenn has composed a few more cues for this Publisher. “It took me over two years from first joining TAXI to reach this point, but I feel like it has been totally worth it,” he says.

When asked what his favorite thing about TAXI was, Glenn couldn’t name just one! He says that he’s benefited greatly from TAXI TV, being active on the TAXI Forums, exploring the Forwards Blog, and attending TAXI’s free convention, the Road Rally!

Jon Walker

Jon Walker – Jacksonville Beach, FL

Sometimes, our members aren’t after fame and glory––they just want to get their music heard. This happened to TAXI member Tom Walker when a Music Library reached out to him to sign seven of his Gospel songs after a TAXI Forward!

“What this tiny bit of success has given me is the desire to keep on playing, writing, and recording music. I was seriously ready to pack it all up and say that it was a nice run,” Jon explains. We’re so glad to hear about this success, and we can’t to hear about more deals and placements from Jon in the future!

Butch Gerald

Butch Gerald – Orleans, ON, Canada

Butch Gerald has only been a TAXI Member for a little over a year and has already signed his first deals with a few awesome Music Publishers! “When I first joined, I was contacted by a publisher and signed my first non-exclusive deal through a TAXI Forward. The offers kept coming and I signed a second non-exclusive deal and recently signed an exclusive deal with yet another publisher,” Butch explains.

Butch says that TAXI has allowed him to build great relationships within the Music Industry and get his music into great hands! Congrats on the success, Butch!

Russell Landwehr

Russell Landwehr – Pleasant Hill, OH

Since April of 2014, TAXI Member Russell Landwehr’s music has been heard on 12 shows (Weediquette, Noisey, Basketball Wives LA, Becoming Us, Catfish, One Bad Choice, Are You The One?, True Life, VICE, VICE News Tonight, 16x9, I Love Kellie Pickler) on 12 channels (Freeform, Fusion, CMT, H2, VICELAND, HBO, HBO 2, HBO LATINO, HBO PLUS, HBO SIGNATURE, HBO ZONE, MTV, MTV2, VH1)!

Russell tells us, “Every bit of royalties I've collected is because of connections I've made through being a TAXI member. Joining TAXI gave me focus and direction, but above all, TAXI continues to give me insider access to top-notch production music libraries.” Congratulations on your continued success, Russell!

Peter Sivo

Peter Sivo – Middletown, NY

TAXI Member Peter Sivo is at it again! We just got word that his music has been recently placed in BoJack Horseman (Netflix), Fear the Walking Dead (AMC), and the newest installment of the cult favorite horror film franchise Puppet Master! All of these placements were the result of one TAXI Forward to an awesome Music Publisher!

Mark Himley

Mark Himley – Brookings, SD

We caught up with TAXI Member Mark Himley who let us know that he recently had his music placed on MTV’s The Challenge: Champs Vs Stars through a Music Library he signed with at TAXI’s yearly convention, The Road Rally! Through other connections within the TAXI Community, Mark’s been able to sign his music to two other libraries as well! “Between those three libraries I've gotten about a dozen placements (all since the Road Rally),” Mark says.

Mark says that TAXI has benefited him in many ways: “I've made so many amazing friends and connections in the TAXI community, and I've learned SO much.” He’s also a huge fan of the Road Rally and says that it “ alone is worth more than the price of the membership.”

John du Pont

John du Pont – Wilmington, DE

As excited as we are when we hear from members that have had a lot of success through TAXI, we love to hear from members that have their first success through a TAXI Forward just as much! TAXI Member John du Pont just let us know that he signed his first deal with an awesome Music Library as the result of a TAXI Forward!

One of John’s ambient, New Age-inspired instrumentals was sent to the Library, and they liked it so much that they asked for a couple more––and on his birthday! John says that he’s been getting more and more Forwards lately, “so hopefully more deals are waiting in the wings…” he says.

John says TAXI has benefited him greatly: “TAXI and their screeners have been my ‘university.’ For me, the Rally, the screeners comments, and forum critiques have been my degree in Music Composition.” Congratulations, John! We hope to hear about more deals soon!

Bob Mete

Bob Mete – Earlysville, VA

TAXI Member Bob Mete is on a roll! We caught up with Bob earlier this month, and he let us know about some of the recent placements his snatched up!
Lately, you might’ve heard his music on Supergirl (The CW), Cobra Kai (YouTube Red), Nashville (CMT), Silicon Valley (HBO), Evil Things (TLC), Younger (TVLand), Kevin (Probably) Saves the World (ABC), and more! Bob says that he would never have gotten any of these placements had it not been for the connections and knowledge he’s gained through his TAXI membership.

If you want to learn more about Bob’s path to success in his own words, watch this episode of TAXI TV!

Martie Echito

Martie Echito – Ontario, CA

We were really excited when we caught word that TAXI Member Martie Echito has had even more placements in the past few months! Music that Martie created back in the 70s and 80s was sent to an awesome Music Publisher through a TAXI Forward a few years ago, and the rest is history! “Because of the folks at [the Publisher], I’ve had five placements in the last year…” Martie explains.

Recently, Martie’s music has been placed on Red Oaks (Amazon), An American Girl Story (Amazon), I’m Dying Up Here (Showtime), and the Netflix film Our Souls at Night starring Robert Redford and Jane Fonda! All of these success werel due to TAXI Forwards!

“To have songs from 47 years ago become viable in this stage of my life, is pretty incredible,” Martie says. We think it’s pretty incredible too, Martie! Congratulations on your continued success!

Vikki Flawith

Vikki Flawith – Victoria, BC

Collaborating with fellow TAXI Member is an a recipe for success––and TAXI Member Vikki Flawith can testify to this! Vikki tells us that her “recent successes can all be attributed to the power of collaborating with fellow TAXI members.”

Recently, one of Vikki’s collaborations with fellow members Casey Hurowitz and Marcus Cohen ended up on an episode of The Young and the Restless (CBS) because of a connection they had made through TAXI!

On her own, Vikki’s had a few tracks signed and placed through TAXI Forwards in the past that are still raking in royalties today!

“There's no doubt it takes time to get started on the road to success.” Vikki says, “There's no doubt in my mind that TAXI screeners and the TAXI community were and are the foundation…The networking opportunities provided by the TAXI forum, live chat at TAXI TV, and the Rally, are invaluable as my recent successes demonstrate.”

Rob Simpson

Rob Simpson – Friday Harbor, WA

We just found out that TAXI Member Rob Simpson’s music is going to Cannes! Eighteen months ago, Rob’s music was sent to an awesome Music Publisher through a TAXI Forward. The company didn’t end up signing the original forwarded track, but like his music so much that they asked him to send some more songs! “Over the last year they have signed 7 (soon to be 8) tunes,” Rob tells us.

Fast forward to now, and Rob’s disco-era song “Passion Princess” has been placed in the Cannes-bound short film, Bad Peter!

Rob wasn’t convinced that TAXI would be a good fit, but after further “investigation” and joining he found out that TAXI is “the best University class about the music industry you could ever want to take ... Unlike a college class in songwriting, when you earn an A+, your song ends up in front of a hard-to-get-to industry person who is hungry to listen to it.”

William Shephard

William Shephard – Bronx, New York

We’re always overjoyed to hear about our members’ successes, so when we found out that TAXI Member William Shephard’s song “Foxy Roxy” is going to be used as the title them for the upcoming Indie Film Can’t Have You, we were ecstatic!

William tells us that about two years ago, he submitted four of his songs to TAXI that were sent on to an awesome Music Publisher! The Publisher loved the music, signed it, and the rest is history!
“What I like most about TAXI is TAXI always gives me an honest opinion about the songs that they receive from me…” William says. May you have continued success in the future, William!

Kali Arnott

Kali Arnott – Cumming, GA

TAXI Member Kali Arnott has only been a member for eight months, and is already signing deals! We just found out that a collaboration of hers with fellow TAXI Member Marcus Cohen was just signed to an awesome Music Library that Marcus was connected with at the TAXI Road Rally!

Kali tells us: “I went to my first Road Rally this past November and instantly fell in love with the TAXI community! Everyone was so nice and supportive.” While at the Rally, she met a lot of the collaborators that she’s had so much success with. We can’t wait to hear about all of her future endeavors!

Scott Smith & Lucia Valentine

Scott Smith & Lucia Valentine – Baltimore, MD & Shepherdstown, WV

We’ve been having some incredible opportunities for our members lately, and those incredible opportunities lead to incredible placements! TAXI Members Scott Smith and Lucia Valentine got one of those incredible placements when their song “Magic” was used as the title song for the Hallmark movie, Once Upon a Prince!

When Scott saw TAXI’s listing asking for “lighthearted, fun, and positive songs,” he knew that he and Lucia had the perfect song for the pitch––and boy, was he right! After the TAXI Forward, “I got the call from the film's composer who then put me in touch with the music supervisor. We hammered out the details, and the rest is almost history,” Scott explains.

Congratulations, Scott and Lucia, on the amazing placement!

Terry Gorka

Terry Gorka – Ventura, CA

We caught up with TAXI Member Terry Gorka who let us know about some of the recent placements he’s gotten due to connections made through TAXI! “I've had some wonderful success with licensing and placements on CBS, NBC, FOX, and ABC, as well as a number of cable stations and even two movies,” Terry tells us.

I've signed licenses with at least half a dozen music libraries who I met through TAXI. And the royalty statements have increased every year!” Terry says, “Not to mention the great friendships and collaborations with other TAXI members which continue to flourish and have furthered my music career.”

Terry is an avid supporter of the TAXI’s Yearly Convention, The Road Rally––having attended five events in the past six years! He says that he’s learned a lot from TAXI CEO Michael Laskow and all of the guest panelists!

John Longhitano

John Longhitano – Irvine, CA

We love hearing when our members’ hard work pays off, so we were overjoyed when we found out that TAXI Member John Longhitano’s song “Can You Hear Me Now” was placed as the opening theme song of the Sports Documentary, Long Shot: The Kevin Laue Story (Hulu) directly through a TAXI Forward!

“I saw this listing in an email and clicked to listen to the example song. What surprised me was the listing was extremely detailed in regards to the story of the scene and what kind of song they were looking for,” John explains. He says that found it easy to write and record the song because of the details included in the TAXI listing: “I tend to find it easier to target a song toward a listing when I have the scene in mind and something descriptive to write to.” John definitely hit the ball out of the park because the Music Supervisor absolutely loved it and it was placed in the film immediately!

John says that TAXI has taught him to be patient and persistent. “If you work hard and keep honing your craft, there will be a time where a particular song will hit a listing the right way. It has also has pushed me outside my comfort zone to write in different styles,” John says.

Robert  Davidson

Robert Davidson – New York, NY

We have an exciting update on TAXI Member Robert Davidson! We just found out that Robert’s album Bopert Davidson & His Combo-Nation was released by an awesome Music Publisher that he met through a TAXI Forward! The album is made up of music that was recorded over 30 years ago in the 1970s! This awesome company is also pitching Robert’s tracks to a bunch of Music Licensing opportunities––all of this from just one TAXI Forward!

“TAXI is an amazing opportunity for a writer/producer,” Robert says. “Even though no one wants a ‘return’ and assumes the screeners are out of their minds for rejecting their material, sometimes there's jewels of insight in the comments that can really lead to improving one's work.” Congratulations on the release, Robert! We can’t wait for the next update!

Mark Zubek

Mark Zubek – Toronto, ON

TAXI Member Mark Zubek been making music professionally for 31 years ... now he spends his days co-writing and producing tracks with various singers and artists. “I have a big catalog,” Mark explains, “and have licensed over 80 songs in TV shows, movies, and commercials all on my own up until now...”

“I finally decided to join TAXI this past July at 43 years oldand holy smokes, I’m kicking myself that I waited that long!” Within the first four months of his membership, Mark got his first deal with a Music Publisher through a TAXI Forward––receiving $5,600 upfront upon signing 16 of his tracks! “My membership and all my submissions have paid for themselves six TIMES OVER in the first four months! I'm now seven months into my first year with TAXI and I've received 65 Forwards so far, and two big deals,” Mark says.

Mark says he’s “grateful to all the fine folks at TAXI for the invaluable connections they provide indie artists. THANK YOU, TAXI!”

Dexter Lee Moore

Dexter Lee Moore – Blue Bay, Australia

You never know when something you created years ago might find success in the present day. TAXI Member Dexter Lee Moore found this out first-hand when an album he recorded back in the 1970s was signed to an incredible Music Publisher through a TAXI Forward! “It is an album of nine of my songs written and recorded just before I sold or gave away everything I had except a bag and a guitar and hit the roads,” Dexter explains.

What’s even more exciting is that the company is interested in signing even more of Dexter’s vintage tracks and is currently going through his extensive catalog. Dexter says that he feels so “inspired and excited as to what we work to achieve together.” And he’s only been a member for a few months! We can’t wait to see what other success unfold!

Bill Hewett

Bill Hewett – San Francisco, CA

What do our most successful members have in common? They go to the TAXI Road Rally! Bill Hewett follows suit in that regard. Joining TAXI right before becoming a father, Bill decided to take his time to “improve my songwriting and production skills ... Fast forward 3+ years, three Road Rallies, and many (mostly) constructive returns, and I had my first forward in January 2017, followed by my second in September.”

At the 2017 TAXI Road Rally, Bill met the owner of the a Music Library who was interested in his instrumental tracks and ended up signing 10 of them! In addition, a couple collaborations with fellow TAXI Member Cass McEntee have been signed to the Music Library!

“I love *everything* about TAXI,” Bill says. “…the feedback on returns, the friendly humans who answer the office phones, the opportunity to meet and learn from industry professionals at the Road Rally, and most of all the community of helpful, supportive members on the Forums and at the Road Rally.”

Richard Emmet

Richard Emmet – Portland, OR

We caught up with Member Richard Emmet who let us know via the TAXI Forums about the recent successes he’s had through TAXI! Richard say that through TAXI Forwards and the TAXI Community, his music is “currently featured in over 50 TV shows, both in the US and in more than 20 foreign countries.”

Lately, Richard’s music has been heard on Kevin (Probably) Saves the World(ABC), Days of Our Lives (NBC), The Young and the Restless (CBS), Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath (A&E), Jeopardy (ABC), E! News (E!), Seriously Funny Kids (Lifetime), FBI: Criminal Pursuit (Investigation Discovery), and many more!

Richard says that it’s really hard to narrow down what he likes the most about TAXI: “I’ve been lucky enough over the years to have crossed paths with a few very inspiring people, and Michael [Laskow] is one of them. It has been inspirational to observe how one person’s vision and commitment to service has brought so many people together for a common purpose. And the cool part is that if we make a reciprocal commitment to doing the necessary work, the benefits educational, professional, social, and monetary are tangible and within our grasp.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

Eric Blossman

Eric Blossman – Austin, TX

We were ecstatic when we learned that TAXI Member Eric Blossman was connected to a Top Music Publisher through a TAXI Forward! “There was a listing for an instrumental country track to which I sent in. I submitted my [track]  and it was Forwarded and I basically forgot about it,” Eric explains. A few months later, the Publisher reached out to Eric and asked if they could hear some more of his music! Fastforward to now, Eric has just signed his 80th track with them––all due to that one TAXI Forward!

When asked what his favorite thing about TAXI is, Eric says this: “I really like the sense of community that [TAXI] encourages. As writers we are all struggling with the same issues, the same blank page, the same criticisms and it is really refreshing to find others that are fighting the same battles.” He tells us that he also attended his first TAXI Road Rally this past year! “I got so much out of it,” he says. “My writing and producing improved substantially just from all of the notes and information that I brought home with me. It was absolutely amazing and I can’t believe I am just now discovering this event.

Peter Sivo

Peter Sivo – Middletown, NY

We caught up with one of our favorite long-time TAXI Mmembers, Peter Sivo, who let us know about a few more placements he’s gotten recently as the result of a TAXI Forward. Peter’s vintage music was sent to an awesome Music Publisher back a few years ago, and his Film and TV Placements continue to rack up!

Since we last talked to Peter, his music has been heard on The X-Files (FOX), The Good Place (NBC), The Mayor (ABC), Crashing(HBO), Preacher (AMC), and one of his songs was performed by a character on Showtime’s I’m Dying Up Here!

Peter’s definitely on a roll, and we can’t wait to hear about the next placements he accrues!

Marcus Cohen

Marcus Cohen – Norristown, PA

TAXI Member Marcus Cohen recently got in touch with us to let us know about some recent successes he’s had with placements in Film and TV! Since the 2017 TAXI Road Rally in November, he has had 75 new tracks signed to top Music Libraries and Publishers!

Recently, Marcus’s music has been placed in Keeping Up with the Kardashians (E!), 17 episodes of Love & Hip Hop (VH1), Total Divas (E!), Married to Medicine (Bravo), E! News, Inside College Basketball (CBS Sports), Impulse (YouTube Red), Chuck & Danny's Road Trip (Food Network Canada), and more!

All of these placements came as a result of TAXI and the Rally,” Marcus says. “Big love and thanks to all you guys as always!” Love and thanks to you too, Marcus! Keep up the hard work!

If you want to know how Marcus and his mother, and writing partner, Sherry Marcus Milano got 300 tracks signed in one year, click here!

Danny Infantino

Danny Infantino – Pinehurst, NC

We were excited when we got wind that TAXI Member Danny Infantino recently had a couple of his jazz version of Christmas carols placed on SyFy’s Happy. These placements were the result of a connection made with an awesome Music Publisher through a TAXI Forward.

Other new placements of Danny’s include music in Sleepy Hollow (FOX), Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later (Netflix), Gotham (FOX), Shameless (Showtime), and Mozart in the Jungle (Amazon Video). “All have TAXI as their source,” Danny tells us.

How has TAXI benefited Danny? “My whole career as a TV music writer is due to my membership in TAXI,” he explains. “Not only have all these contacts and placements become a reality, but TAXI has a vast resource and educational bank to draw fromparticularly the Road Rally. The beauty isthere's more to come.”

Casey Hurowitz

Casey Hurowitz – Fort Washington, PA

Connections made through TAXI Forwards can lead to years of placements––TAXI Member Casey Hurowitz can definitely attest to that! Back in the early 2000s, Casey’s music was sent to an awesome Music Library through a TAXI Dispatch Forward and he’s been getting songs placed in Film and TV ever since!

Recently, Casey’s music has been heard on The Young and the Restless (CBS), Chicago Fire(NBC), and The Fosters(Freeform).

Casey tells us that his favorite thing about TAXI “is how the listings keep you motivated to create new music, stay current as to what is in demand for Film/TV, and result in feedback from screeners (agree or not!) ... if not for the best music community in the universe (especially the Road Rally!), none of my successes would have happened!

John Pearson

John Pearson – Gallatin, TN

TAXI’s annual convention, The Road Rally, is an awesome place to make connections with collaborators and Music Industry Professionals alike! TAXI Member John Pearson found this out first-hand at 2017’s event.

John’s song was played on a panel at the Rally. “The panelists were very tactful and forward about what they liked and what they thought needed to be changed,” John says. He decided to take their advice and make some changes they suggested with the help of a new collaborator he met at the Rally!

Through that connection, the newly edited song was placed in an advertising campaign for a major search engine!

“Joining TAXI and going to each year’s Road Rally has been the best decision I’ve made in my musical career in almost 20 years,” John tells us. Congratulations on your success, John!

Steve J Curtis

Steve J Curtis – Halesworth, United Kingdom

We love hearing about our members’ successes, so it’s no surprise that we were overjoyed when TAXI Member Steve J Curtis let us know that he had a few of his tracks signed to a couple awesome Music Libraries that he met through TAXI Forwards!

One of his tracks was forwarded to a company about a year ago that reached out to him nine months later to see about adding it to their library. “I had only just a couple of months ago signed that very same tune with a different company, so had to tell the new interested party ‘sorry, but it’s already been signed by someone else,’” Steve explains. The Music Library ended up asking Steve what he had in a similar style and ended up signing three brand-new songs: “...even better news is he wants more!”

Steve says that he appreciates the “priceless feedback” from TAXI Screeners and used information from TAXI TV episodes to better pitch his music! “I am developing relationships with companies that I believe I may never have got a foot in the door with, had it not been for things I've learned through TAXI.“

Jim and John Mears

Jim and John Mears – Hermitage, TN

TAXI members Jim and John Mears spent almost 20 years writing for two large publishers in Nashville with not much success. Since joining TAXI six years ago, the Mears brothers have been connected to numerous publishers through TAXI Forwards––leading to placements in major films and TV shows!

Jim and John’s music has been heard in the feature film Cop Car (starring Kevin Bacon), Ang Lee’s Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk, two specials on HBO, and a few Food Network programs. Most recently, their song “Thanks to Me” was heard on CBS’s Young Sheldon!

How have their careers changed since joining TAXI? “We are actually making money from our music now and more importantly getting cuts all due to TAXI,” John says. Keep up the awesome work, Mears brothers!

Dick Flood

Dick Flood aka “Okefenokee Joe” – Salley, SC

Longtime TAXI member Dick Flood is on a roll! We’ve been hearing about new placements that he’s gotten through TAXI Forwards every couple weeks––and they keep coming! Dick was introduced to an awesome Music Publisher through TAXI a few years ago, and he’s been landing placements in movies and TV shows ever since!

Since the last time we talked with him, Dick’s music has been heard on This Is Us (NBC), SMILF (Showtime), Van Helsing (SyFy), Wynonna Earp (SyFy), Huntsville (starring Dylan McDermott), and the upcoming feature film Hearts Beat Loud (starring Nick Offerman)!

Dick says that he wants to thank TAXI “for putting me in contact with [the Music Publisher] ... since that time, every three months the amounts of my BMI performance royalty checks have increased quite a bit!” He says that he also likes the fact that TAXI sends out daily opportunity alerts so he knows “who is looking for new material and what type of material they are looking for.”

Fun fact: In this photo, Dick is holding a letter in his hand confirming his induction into the Atlanta Country Music Hall of Fame!

Phonicworks – Cannock, United Kingdom

We got in touch with Dale Phillips and Mark Morgon-Show of the songwriting duo, Phonicworks, who let us know that they got their first placement through a TAXI Forward! A couple years ago, Phonicworks’ had some of their music sent to an awesome Music Library by TAXI who ended up signing some of their tracks! Through this deal, their music was placed on MTV’s Are You The One: Second Chances!

“The main way TAXI has benefited us is practicing writing to real briefs and providing specific music to deadline dates,” Dale says. He also mentions that they enjoy the community of members that TAXI has on the TAXI Forum “it has been good for networking with other TAXI writers and exchanging advice and ideas with them.”

Scott Hanson

Scott Hanson – Cleveland, OH

We were so excited when TAXI member Scott Hanson called us to let us know that he just got a placement on NCIS: New Orleans (CBS)! Scott says that he got this placement through a Music Publisher he was connected with through a TAXI Forward! (This placement is especially cool because the show actually re-recorded his song with their house band and performed by the band on the show!)

Scott’s music has also been heard on Melissa McCarthy’s new TV show Nobodies (TV Land) as well!

Scott offers his fellow TAXI members this advice on success through TAXI––“TAXI gets you in the door. They don’t hold your hand or make it easy for you, but what they do offer you is opportunity. It’s up to you on how well it can work.” Great advice, Scott!

Paul Croteau

Paul Croteau – Universal City, TX

We caught up with TAXI member Paul Croteau who let us know about success he had in the music industry in 2017! He let us know that since he’s joined TAXI he’s gotten over 300 tracks signed to 17 different libraries! “All of my progress is directly related to my TAXI membership, the people I have met online, and my attending the Rally. All of it,” Paul says.

Recently, Paul’s music has been played in a bunch of science shows, reality TV shows, soap operas, and placements on Amazon and Hulu!

Paul’s favorite part of TAXI? He’s got a few: “TAXI listings continue to introduce me to a world of music opportunities...The TAXI Forums provide an education better than any classroom ... and attending the [TAXI Road Rally] is the icing on the cake!”

Dan Weber

Dan Weber – Anderson, SC

Sometimes having your song forwarded once results in a lot of success––TAXI member Dan Weber is a perfect example of this! Dan let us know that back in 2016, one of his hard rock instrumental tracks was forwarded to an awesome Music Library by a TAXI screener. The company liked his track so much that they ended up signing a total of 58 of his instrumentals!

What does getting signed lead to? “This library recently told me to look for my tracks to start showing up in TV shows abroad. Needless to say, I will be checking my BMI statement more often,” Dan says.

Dan tells us that he enjoys the feedback he gets back on his submissions: “I always look forward to the screeners’ critiques and have found them to be honest and thoughtful with every track I submit ... Nothing has made me improve my flaws as much as hearing them from a professional.
Matt Vander Boegh

Matt Vander Boegh – Nampa, ID

We caught up with TAXI Member Matt Vander Boegh who gave us an update on all of the placements and deals he’s gotten through TAXI!

As of now, Matt’s music has been placed in over 170 TV shows on a ton of networks including ABC, A&E, FOX, NBC, MTV, VH1, CMT, Telemundo, Bravo, Discovery Channel, E!, TLC, HBO, Animal Planet, Viceland, CBS, National Geographic, Nickelodeon, History Channel, and many more! “Almost ALL of those have been TAXI-related in some way or another,” Matt says.

The year 2017 also marks the first year that Matt has been able to work full-time as a composer and quit his day job! “I'd been dreaming of this point for my whole life, and though I fantasized and worked hard at music before joining TAXI, I couldn't ever fully comprehend a time where I'd be paid handsomely for writing music ... now I'm living it. And it STILL seems hard to believe!” he tells us. Congratulations on your continued success, Matt!

Bill Gordon

Bill Gordon – Baltimore, MD

Bill Gordon joined TAXI back in 1995 and is still benefiting from his membership! In 2013, a few of Bill’s jazz tracks were signed to an awesome Music Library through a TAXI Forward––since then, he’s had a handful of placements just from that single deal! He’s also had music signed to other Music Libraries through TAXI Forwards as well resulting in multiple placements.

Lately, Bill’s music has been heard on The Mindy Project (Hulu) and The Glass Castle(Sony Pictures)!

What does Bill love about TAXI? “TAXI does what it says it does, and there is no better deal in the biz. It’s one of the rare entities whose name you can use in the same sentence with the word honorable and still be talking about the music industry!”

Randon Purcell

Randon Purcell – Sandy, UT

Sometimes you don’t find out about placements until you receive your quarterly PRO statement! This is the case with TAXI Member Randon Purcell!

Randon reached out to us to let us know about a couple placements he’s gotten this year including The Dan Patrick Show(NBCSN), Vice News Tonight (HBO), and Love Kills(Investigation Discovery). All of these placements were the results of TAXI Forwards or connections made at the TAXI Road Rally!

When asked what his favorite thing about TAXI is, Randon says it’s hard to choose just one thing: “I like the opportunities you get ... along with the great feedback on listings. Most of all, I like the TAXI community. Normally when you get this many creative individuals together, you get a sharp, almost painful sense of competition in the air. With TAXI, the community feels kind and supportive, and everyone encourages each other and shares knowledge. It is a stark difference from most of the [music] industry.”

Brian Fuller

Brian Fuller – Chapel Hill, NC

We love hearing about the continued successes of our members, so we were excited when Brian Fuller let us know about some recent deals and placements he’s had!

“Earlier this week, I just signed a contract with my sixth Major Library! These libraries are asking for so much music that I can barely keep up!” Brian says. He’s also had music placed on Keeping Up with the Kardashians(E!), The Challenge (MTV), and So Cosmo (E!).

What’s Mark’s advice to new TAXI Members? “...look at TAXI starting as a tiny snowball rolling down a hill. As you keep working and learning, it keeps building up speed and mass. It gets bigger and bigger until it’s a huge mountain of snow speeding down a path with power and direction that cannot be stopped. Like this snowball, your opportunities will grow as you develop and use the valuable resources TAXI offers: Membership, Screener Feedback, TAXI TV, Forums, and the Road Rally! If you are not taking advantage of all of these opportunities you may be leaving potential income on the table for someone else to grab!

David Mau

David Mau – Folsom, CA

We were ecstatic when we heard from TAXI Member David Mau who let us know about a couple recent placements he’s gotten through TAXI Forwards!

Lately, David’s music has been heard on Young Sheldon (CBS), NBA Coverage on ESPN, and the Independent films, Above Suspicion and Badge of Faith! All of these placements were made through Music Libraries he was connected to through TAXI Forwards.

David says that TAXI has helped him “to acknowledge my shortcomings as a songwriter and make them some of my strengths.” Nice work, David!

Anna Yarbrough

Anna Yarbrough – New York, NY

One of our favorite things to hear at TAXI is that one of our members has signed their first deal! TAXI Member Anna Yarbrough recently let us know that she signed her first deal to an awesome Music Library through a TAXI Forward!

“A few weeks after submitting to an electronic listing (and a few days after returning home from the Road Rally!) [the Music Library] wanted to sign one of my instrumental tracks. Since then, I've also signed a second track with them.” Anna says. “Over the past five months of submitting to listings I've had 21 pieces of music forwarded to various publishers—all thanks to TAXI.  The community and forums have been an invaluable resource to me, and I've made some amazing friendships in the process of growing as a writer!”

We look forward to hearing about more successes from Anna in the future!

Minoru Amino

Minoru Amino – Kadoma, Japan

We recently got in touch with TAXI Member Minoru Amino who let us know about some deals he’s been able to sign with some incredible Music Libraries either through TAXI Forwards or connections made at the TAXI Road Rally!

Minoru also informed us that he had a placement on the SyFy Asia show, The R.I.P. Files, due to a TAXI Forward that connected him directly to a Music Supervisor!

“TAXI screeners’ critiques have been so helpful for me,” Minoru says. “I’ve learned a lot about making music and how to improve my skills step by step. I am learning every day.”
Robert Davidson

Robert Davidson – New York, NY

TAXI Member Robert Davidson got in touch to let us know that he just had 11 of his vintage jazz track songs signed to an awesome Music Publisher through a TAXI Forward! “I submitted an old recording of a concert I did of my own music (way back in the mid 1970s!!) luckily I had a fairly good recording of some original jazz compositions we were playing,” Robert says.

Robert was actually a member back in 2001 and took a 16-year “break” from TAXI. “My first TAXI submissions included rubber bands, lyric print-outs, audio cassettes, and postage ... and now I'm back!” We’re sure Robert isn’t regretting rejoining!

Shaun Michaud

Shaun MichaudSanford, ME

We caught up with TAXI Member Shaun Michaud who let us know about a few recent successes that he’s had as the result of TAXI Forwards. His music was in an episode of Halt and Catch Fire (AMC) and will be featured in the upcoming Feature Film, November Criminals(starring Ansel Elgort)!

Shaun also had his cover of “Walking on Sunshine” signed to an awesome Music Library within the past few months through a TAXI Forward!

Shaun says that TAXI offers “real opportunities for someone who does not live in L.A. or Nashville” and adds that being a member helps him stay current with what the industry is looking for. “I love that TAXI has created a service that has stood the test of time though the changing music industry ... I can read the listings and see what is in demand, and I stay current.”

Phillip Trees

Phillip TreesArden, NC

Perseverance always pays off in the long run, and TAXI Member Phillip Trees is the perfect example of this. Phillip wrote a Country song called “Short Bus” and submitted it to a TAXI listing back in 2010. The song was a big hit with TAXI screeners and staff but never gained any traction with industry companies ... until now!

Phillip says, “Well, I didn't give up. AND NEITHER DOES TAXI!” He recently submitted this song to a TAXI listing and had his song forwarded to a top Music Publisher based out of Nashville! They loved the song so much that they signed it! Now, Phillip’s amazing song is being heavily pitched to top Country artists.

In addition to connecting him to Music Industry Companies, Phillip says that he really values the critiques he receives from TAXI Screeners.

Jerry Honigman

Jerry HonigmanAlexandria, LA

We were happy to hear that longtime TAXI Member Jerry Honigman recently had a song placed on Amazon Prime’s Red Oaks! A few years ago, Jerry was connected with a top Music Publisher through a TAXI Forward who subsequently signed a couple dozen of his songs.

In recent years, Jerry’s music has also been heard on the series finale of The Office (NBC), Mr. Robot (USA), the TV movie Sister Cities (Lifetime) and more!

Jerry extends his thanks: “Without TAXI, none of this would have happened!” Congratulations on your continued success, Jerry!
Hank Jones

Hank JonesSan Diego, CA

Sometimes it takes a while for a TAXI Forward to yield a placement. We caught up with TAXI Member Hank Jones who let us know that a song of his that had been forwarded directly to a Music Supervisor three years ago was just placed in the Lifetime movie Four Christmases and a Wedding! Hank tells us that the music supervisor “liked my song and remembered it––and finally placed it three years later.”

Through other TAXI Forwards, Hank’s music has recently been hear in Kingdom (DirecTV’s Audio Network) and Tribeca Film Festival-premiered film Psychopaths.

Hank wants to “encourage some of my fellow older TAXI members to ‘keep on keepin’ on.’ It may take a while for a Forward to get placed and reap songwriting rewards, but have patience–it just might happen.”
Steve Knox

Steve KnoxBrentwood, TN

We were so excited when we found out that TAXI Member Steve Knox got his music placed on Amazon Prime’s Red Oaks by a Music Publisher he was connected with through a TAXI Forward! Steve says that his music was sent to the company by TAXI back a year and a half ago and they ended up signing a few songs that he had written back in the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

Steve tells us that he wishes he would’ve joined TAXI sooner: “I had the opportunity to join TAXI in the 90s and I only wish I would have back then. With a complete money back guarantee to join TAXI, it is a no-brainer.”

Patrick Welch

Patrick WelchHendersonville, NC

We talked to TAXI Member Patrick Welch, who let us know that he’s had three of his vintage songs from the 70s and 80s signed to an incredible Music Publisher that he met through a TAXI Forward!

TAXI is still the only actual way I have made any money,” Patrick tells us. “I would not be doing these things had I not first found TAXI, and then had positive response to my ‘vintage material.’ I am grateful to have made this connection.”

Dan Luedke

Dan Luedke – Saint Paul, MN

Have you ever dreamt of having your music on over 20 TV networks? This is a reality for TAXI member Dan Luedke! Recently his music has been heard on CBS, PBS, AMC, CNBC, and VH1!

Dan’s advice for people unsure about joining TAXI: “If you are thinking about joining TAXI, my advice is don’t wait until you feel ready because you probably never will. Just jump in. I joined as soon as I discovered TAXI even though I didn’t even own basic recording equipment and I have never regretted it. In fact, I kick myself for not discovering TAXI sooner.”

Dan is also a big advocate for attending our annual convention, the Road Rally, and says that “[it] is perhaps the best benefit of your TAXI membership so don’t miss it!”

Russell Landwehr

Russell Landwehr – Pleasant Hill, OH

We caught up with member Russell Landwehr who says, “With my most recent Royalty Check from BMI, it looks like I’m going to have to pay income taxes at the end of the year.” We could think of worse things to have to pay taxes on! :)

Russell’s music has been heard on a ton of TV shows including Catfish (MTV), Vice (HBO), Weedicate (VICELAND), Basketball Wives LA (VH1), Becoming Us (Fuse), 16x9 (Global News), and I Love Kellie Pickler (CMT). “All of the Royalty dollars in the last three years have been through the Production Music Libraries TAXI forwarded my music to,” Russell says.

Russell tells us that when he first joined TAXI, he had no idea what he was in for: ”I thought I would just make music and then find listings to send my music in to. Turns out, through TAXI listings and involvement in the TAXI Forums, what I’d done was immerse myself in an educational and ability-expanding experience like none other. Because of TAXI I found my musical ‘voice’ and discovered genres that spoke to me and abilities I never knew I had.” Well said, Russell!

Jack Douglas Miller

Jack Douglas Miller – Keaau, HI

TAXI member Jack Douglas Miller recently let us know about his “exciting and enlightening year [with] TAXI.” Jack has been making music since the 70s in numerous reggae bands (he was even nominated for a Grammy!) and joined TAXI in August of 2016 after a friend suggested that he check us out.

Since joining TAXI, some of his reggae tracks were signed to an awesome Hollywood-based Music Library! Jack says that he has “had songs forwarded to music supervisors, music libraries, and major labels” as well.

Why does Jack think TAXI “may be your best investment in your music career”? He says, “I haven’t received any huge royalty checks yet but maybe more importantly I’ve got what Michael Laskow calls ‘VALIDATION’...In all the years that I have been in the entertainment business I have never meet music professionals more genuinely committed to helping songwriters than at TAXI.”

Rhett Davis

Rhett Davis – Winter Park, FL

We caught up with member Rhett Davis who let us know that one of his songs has been placed on the STARZ series, The Girlfriend Experience! This placement was the result of a TAXI Forward that connected him with an amazing Music Library. After hearing some of his songs, the library asked for more and ended up signing seven of them!

Rhett, a TAXI Member since 2005, says that “while at times I felt I was spinning my wheels, the old adage of ‘good things come to those who wait,’ should be ‘good things come to those who persevere and belong to TAXI’...The critiques at time were hard to take at times but they have always given me insight for improvement even though I have been at this for a long time.” Keep up the awesome work, Rhett!

FM Cossey  & Scott Free

FM Cossey & Scott Free – Auckland, NZ & Scottsdale, AZ

Sometimes deals move very quickly after a TAXI Forward! Members FM Cossey and Scott Free experienced this firsthand when their song “More Alive Today” was sent directly to a Music Supervisor for the Lifetime movie, Eat, Play, Love. “I got an email from the producer, we signed the contract and then we received payment, all within the space of 2-3 days,” FM says. How’s that for a quick turn-around?

Scott and FM have also had their music recently featured on CBS’s The Young and the Restless!

Big fans of the TAXI Road Rally, FM says that she can’t wait for this year’s event: “It always feels a bit like a family reunion; catching up with co-writers and friends, and getting to meet library owners/publishers face to face ... I feel so grateful that TAXI has given me the opportunity to connect with industry professionals, which I wouldn’t otherwise have been able to do, particularly because I live in New Zealand.”

Dan Michaels

Dan Michaels – Brentwood, TN

We just found out that TAXI member Dan Michaels and his band, The Choir, got one of their songs placed in Get Shorty (Epix). This placement was the result of a deal they made with an awesome Music Publisher that TAXI forwarded their tracks to.

“Upon seeing a listing by a music library seeking master recordings from alt-rock bands from the early ’90s, I submitted and was contacted by their A&R. In the end, they purchased the masters and publishing on 12 of our songs ... what I’m most excited about is that these songs now have the potential to be heard again as well as earn money after they’ve simply been sitting idle on a hard drive for 25 years,” Dan says.

Some other recent success for Dan and his band include placements on Hindsight (VH1) and Outdoors in the Heartland (Outdoor Channel), as well as signing with another Music Library through a TAXI Forward.

Dan adds that “TAXI has benefited The Choir beyond the money we’ve made ... realizing that leaders in the music supervision and library industry see value in our music is what is most meaningful to me.

Marcus Cohen

Marcus Cohen – Norristown, PA

TAXI member Marcus Cohen is on a roll! He let us know that his music has been featured on even more TV shows recently including The Daily Show (Comedy Central), Chachi’s World (go90), and VICELAND’s The Last Shot, F*** That’s Delicious and Huang’s World.

Marcus says that he has “230 songs signed to 14 different publishers and almost 120 placements this year” due to contacts he’s made through TAXI Forwards and the TAXI Road Rally. We’re always so excited to see our members succeed, and Marcus definitely makes us proud!

Lionel Lodge

Lionel Lodge – Port Dover, ON, Canada

We caught up with TAXI member Lionel Lodge who let us know the details of his recent placement on Discovery Channel’s Manhunt: Unabomber!

He tells us that through a TAXI Forward, he was connected to an awesome Music Publisher: “They signed one of my albums, Sister, to their label. We did the deal back in January of this year and they paid me nicely for the rights to the full album. Now they are getting placements and will officially re-release the album in October. [I’m] very happy with the deal they gave me and the continued work they are doing to get the album out there. Thanks, TAXI!”

Keith Lubrant

Keith Lubrant – Turnersville, NJ

We caught up with Keith Lubrant, a long-time TAXI Member, who let us know that his music has been placed in over 500 TV shows since he joined in 2007! We didn’t even know that there were that many shows on TV in the first place!

Just some of the networks his music has appeared on are NBC, ABC, CBS, HBO, FOX, MTV, VH1, and E!.

Recently, Keith submitted to a TAXI Dispatch listing and had his music sent to an industry company who signed it the next day! “Efficiency at it’s finest!” he says. We’d have to agree on that!

Keith credits TAXI for “... basically singlehandedly [starting] my career with writing music for TV and Film.” He says that without TAXI “I’m not sure what I would be doing ... After joining TAXI, I now have the opportunity to continue to write and record music and earn good money with it.”

Bob Mete

Bob Mete – Earlysville, VA

We love hearing about our members’ continuing success, and Bob Mete is no exception! Recently his music has been heard on Search Party (TBS), Chicago Fire (NBC), Hello Cupid (Centric), Sports Lite with Mike Hall (BTN), and Fighting Demons (film).

Bob says that “Every quarter my BMI statement gets longer and longer, and the amounts are gets bigger and bigger.” He also says that TAXI has had a huge part in his success in TV and Film placements! “I truly mean it when I say, none of this would be even remotely possible if it were not for the hard-working folks at TAXI and the amazing community of composers and musicians that I am so proud to call friends,” Bob says.

Sherry Marcus Milano

Sherry Marcus Milano – Norristown, PA

You never know when music you wrote back in the day might find a spot in modern times! Sherry Milano found that out when her songs from the late ’70s and ’80s were signed by an awesome Music Publisher! Since the songs were signed, one of them has been placed in SyFy’s Killjoys!

Other recent successes of Sherry’s include another one of her vintage tracks being signed to another Publisher and some West Coast Hip-Hop cues being signed by a Music Library as well!

Sherry and her son and writing partner, Marcus Cohen, attended their first TAXI Road Rally last year. "We never expected the life-changing relationships and connections that were made over those three days—opening the doors to multiple deals, signings, and placements, and putting faces to the names of the other members we'd met in the Forums and chats."

Steve Henrichs

Steve Henrichs – Los Angeles, CA

We’re always excited to hear about our members getting connected in the Music Industry through TAXI Forwards! TAXI member Steve Henrichs had his drone-y ambient instrumental "The Unborn" signed to a fantastic Music Library as the result of a TAXI Forward.

Because of this Forward, Steve is able to send even more tracks to that library! "Thanks for all the great TAXI resources!" he says.

Christine  Cochrane

Christine Cochrane – Austin, TX

TAXI member Christine Cochrane recently reached out to let us know about all of the recent success she’s had through TAXI! She joined back in 2012 and didn’t submit much in the beginning. “While I got great feedback, I didn't quite know what to do since I had very few recording skills and couldn't meet deadlines if I had to write and hire someone to do the recording…” she said.

After attending her first TAXI Road Rally and taking some classes on recording, Christine started to see results. “In the first half of 2014 I received 27 Forwards, and in June I had my first deal with a library,” she told us.

Flash forward to 2017 and Christine is starting to reap the benefits of all of her hard work! “As of June of this year I've had 84 placements on 5 networks (MTV, E!, A&E, Bravo, and Fuse).  Yesterday I was invited to place music with another music library because of a TAXI Forward!” she said. Keep up the hard work, Christine!

Bob Kelly & Jay Ramsey

Bob Kelly & Jay Ramsey – Las Vegas, NV

A lot of former TAXI members are still getting the benefits from their time with TAXI! Bob Kelly and Jay Ramsey are perfect examples of this. The dynamic duo had been making music together since the 1960s, and were able to strike a deal with an awesome Music Publisher––signing most of their catalog to be pitched for Film & TV opportunities. Since then, more than 50 of their songs recorded back in the 60s and 70s have been placed in movies and TV shows!

Some of their recent placements include two songs in the upcoming season of Netflix’s Bojack Horseman and Aquarius, another Netflix original. Their music will also be featured in the feature film, American Made, hitting theaters in September. Congratulations, Bob and Jay!

Dick Flood

Dick Flood – Salley, SC

We caught up with TAXI member Dick Flood (AKA Okefenokee Joe) who let us know about some recent placements that he’s gotten as a result of TAXI Forwards. A few years ago, some of his songs were signed to a Music Library after we sent them some tracks. All this time, and he’s still seeing success!

Dick’s music has been heard in a lot of different shows on major networks like NBC, ABC, Adult Swim, and Amazon Studios! In October, one of his songs will be played on an episode of The CW’s iZombie. “I believe this is the 20th or more placement for me,” Dick says, “and the BMI checks are getting bigger!”

Claudia Acerra

Claudia Acerra – Johnston, RI

We’re always excited to hear about successes from TAXI members who haven’t been a part of the community for very long. Claudia Acerra has been a member of TAXI for about a year and a half and has already signed a deal with a Music Library! After one of her tracks (a song she wrote for her wife who was undergoing cancer treatment) was sent to them, they wanted to hear more!

Claudia says that due to the feedback she’s received from TAXI screeners she has "really been forced to tighten up everything about my songwriting process ... I work on my craft each and every day with nearly no exceptions. TAXI has given me a new kind of happiness ... it isn't always easy and the process can be frustrating, but I have taken the challenge."

Congratulations, Claudia! We look forward to hearing about more of your successes in the future!

Marcus Cohen

Marcus Cohen – Norristown, PA

We caught up with TAXI member Marcus Cohen who let us know about a few new placements that he’s had recently! He’s a perfect example of someone that has been able to make amazing connections within the industry at our free, yearly convention, The Road Rally. Because of those contacts, Marcus has signed a ton of songs with multiple industry companies.

Lately, Marcus’s music has been on every episode of a season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians (E!), MTV’s The Challenge, NFL on CBS, three songs on Empire (FOX), and a promo for ABC!

Marcus says that his favorite thing about TAXI is “most certainly the people.” He says that the community that TAXI offers is extremely valuable to success within the industry. “From the TAXI TV chats, to the Forums, and most certainly the Rally ... when you fully immerse yourself and take advantage of all that taxi offers, you will find success and so much more. I am busy writing new music daily, and have made lifelong friends in the process.”

Hank Jones

Hank Jones – San Diego, CA

A lot of TAXI Forwards can lead to years of placements, and Hank Jones is a testament to that! A few years ago, his music was sent to an awesome Music Publisher through a TAXI Forward that signed 13 of his songs––with upfront payments on each of them!

We found out that Hank’s song, “A Day In The Life Of Me” just got placed on the Jim Carrey-produced series I’m Dying Up Here(Showtime)! Hanks says that “perhaps this placement is a reinforcement to all of your older TAXI members to learn patience and explore what might be buried at the bottom of their songwriting-trunks: “I wrote this song in 1969!”

Hank’s advice for fellow TAXI Members: “keep on writing––and don't give up. The placement on this song took 48 years to make––but it FINALLY happened!”

Steve Baruah

Steve Baruah – Ebensee, Austria

We just heard from TAXI member Steve Baruah who let us know that he got his first placement through TAXI! One of Steve’s electronic pop instrumentals was forwarded to a Music Library that ended up signing the track. A couple months later, he learned that the cue appeared in an episode of Catfish (MTV)! “The library also asked if I had any other cues in that genre. I have since signed 13 cues to [it],” Steve says.

Steve tells us that “my favorite thing about TAXI is the Forums. I don't think you will find anywhere else with such a wealth of knowledge, where the people are really happy to help you! I've learnt more there than anywhere else. Access to high-quality listings and feedback from industry pros on the returns aren't bad either!” Congratulations, Steve! We hope to hear about many placements in the future!

Mike Bishop

Mike Bishop – Brockton, MA

We’re always elated to hear when our members’ music recorded back in the day finds a place in the present. TAXI member Mike Bishop was courted by RCA and Atlantic records in the past, but was unable to commit due to his circumstance at the time. In 2016, he joined TAXI and started submitting his music to our industry opportunities. As the result of a TAXI Forward, Mike’s music was signed to a phenomenal Music Publisher!

Mike says that “TAXI has definitely given me the opportunity to have my songs brought to the attention of people in the music business who can give me feedback and possible writing deals. The critiques add to my knowledge of what is current, and I am trying constantly to update my songwriting to fit the listings that are posted.” Keep writing, Mike!

Scott Hanson

Scott Hanson – Cleveland, OH

We were so excited when we heard that TAXI member Scott Hanson has recently had his song “Terrified” played for more than a minute on the Melissa McCarthy-produced show, Nobodies(TV Land)! Scott’s work has also been featured in Kevin from Work (Freeform) and Halt and Catch Fire (AMC). All of these placements were the result of being forwarded to an awesome Music Publisher through a TAXI Listing!

Scott says, “Thanks to TAXI, I have been able to make the connections I needed to get my work out there and in the mix. TAXI was well worth every penny I have invested.” We’re so excited for all of the success Scott’s had and will have in the future! Keep up the amazing work!

Kurt Kreimier

Kurt Kreimier – Clermont, FL

Attending the TAXI’s free, yearly convention, the Road Rally, is one of the best ways to network and create connections with Music Industry Companies; and Kurt Kreimier has definitely taken advantage of that! This year, Kurt’s music was featured in the feature film John Wick 2 (Lionsgate) through a Music Library that he connected with at the Road Rally! His material has also been in two other movies: Rob Reiner’s Being Charlie (Castlerock Entertainment) and John Wick (Thunder Road Pictures).

Kurt tells us that in addition to these movie placements, he continues “to see new domestic and international placements each quarter through publishers that I developed relationships with through TAXI.” Recently, he’s had placements on a few TV shows: The Detour (TBS) and Still the King (CMT)!

Kurt’s favorite thing about TAXI is the Road Rally. He says that “it provides a great opportunity to learn, network, and develop relationships and friendships with the people who can get your music placed ... were it not for TAXI and the Road Rally, none of these successes would have happened.” Thanks for the kind words, Kurt!

Alasdair Dodds

Alasdair Dodds – Hornchurch, Essex, United Kingdom

Sometimes getting out of your comfort zone really pays off, and TAXI member Alasdair Dodds can definitely attest to that! Like a lot of other members, Alasdair began his TAXI career less than a year ago with mostly returns but received his first Forward in the “Contemporary Pop” genre (something he had never written previously). Within two hours of receiving a notification of the Forward, the Music Library contacted him and offered him a contract to sign the track!

Alasdair says that “the thing I love the most about TAXI is when the Screeners take the extra time ... to give a more detailed Critique of my work; it’s invaluable and absolutely priceless.” We look forward to seeing more success from you in the future, Alasdair!

Ashleigh Watson

Ashleigh Watson – Melbourne, Australia

For some TAXI members, it doesn’t take long to see success in the Music Industry! Ashleigh Watson has been a member for less than eight months, and just signed one of her soul tracks to a London-based Music Licensing Company! She says that she “applied via the listing a few months ago and out of the blue it was forwarded, then accepted. It felt great to have something positive come out of submitting one of my songs ... it’s encouraged me to keep trying in the future.”

Ashleigh says that she also enjoys watch TAXI TV interviews with TAXI-published author and hit songwriter Robin Frederick! “She offers great insight into the world of songwriting which otherwise can seem very daunting.”

To sum it all up, Ashleigh says that “TAXI is a great bridge between independent artists like myself and the professional world.” She also says that TAXI TV offers a wealth of information that can really help propel your career forward!

Jeff and Lori Allen

Jeff and Lori Allen – Wyckoff, NJ

The last time we talked to long-time TAXI Members, Jeff and Lori Allen, they were signed to three Music Libraries, now they’re signed to nine different Music Libraries––all of these connections either being made through TAXI Forwards or connections made through fellow TAXI Members on the TAXI Forum.

Jeff and Lori also let us know that they’ve found out that they’ve gotten six of their songs placed on Shameless (Showtime) under the band name Piewackit Quku! Their song, “Can’t Be Rolled” can be heard on an episode of MTV’s Challenge 29 as well. “None of this would have happened without joining TAXI,” they told us. Keep up the hard work, guys!

David Bluefield

David Bluefield – Redondo Beach, CA

It’s always nice to know that TAXI Forwards can lead to years of placements. TAXI Member David Bluefield had his music sent to a Music Library a few years back and just found out that one of his songs was placed in two different popular TV shows: Chicago Fire(NBC) and Goliath (Amazon Studios)!

David says that this song was a track off a live album recorded in collaboration with another TAXI Member! How cool is that? He says another song off of the record was placed in the Canadian web series, Whatever, Linda.

David tells us that his favorite thing about TAXI is “the high-standard consistency of such a wide variety of leads.” We’re glad to hear it!

Jerry Brunkala

Jerry Brunkala – Oceanside, CA

We caught up with Jerry Brunkala, who let us know that he just had three instrumental cues placed in an episode of Catfish (MTV)! Though this wasn’t the result of a TAXI Forward, Jerry made this connection through the TAXI Forum and the TAXI Road Rally. He also let us know that he had another new track signed to a Music Library he met through a TAXI Forward!

Jerry says, “TAXI and the entire TAXI Community have made these successes possible. The information and opportunities TAXI provides as well as the contacts and friendships I've made within the TAXI community are priceless.” Thanks for the kind words, Jerry!

Stan Morris

Stan Morris – Torrance, CA

TAXI Member Stan Morris has been a member of TAXI for 20 years (that’s almost as long as some of our staffers have been alive), and he’s still seeing the benefit of his TAXI membership! In late 2016, Stan was forwarded to a Music Library and heard in February that the library wanted to sign four of his songs! Then a couple weeks later, another Library that he had connected with through a TAXI Forward signed two more of his tracks! “That’s six instrumental signed during one four-week stretch. Best month ever!” Stan says.

Stan says that through TAXI Forwards and relationships made at the TAXI Road Rally Convention, he has “45 pieces of music (with over 100 cues if you count the alternative mixes) in seven different libraries.” Wow!

Stan has stayed a member for all these years “not only for the feedback from the screeners, but also for the motivation, education, and the supportive friendships that have come from attending the Rally ever year.” We’re glad you’ve stuck with us from the beginning, Stan!
Terrell Burt

Terrell Burt - Orlando, FL

A lot of TAXI members’ music has been heard around the world, and Terrell Burt is no exception! His song “No Gravity” has been featured in the International Film, Heartbeats, which was produced and directed by Duane Adler (Step Up and Save the Last Dance). This placement came about from a TAXI Forward Terrell achieved back in July!

The film was released back in February in over 20 major theaters in the Middle East and will also be shown in select theaters in Europe and the United States! Talk about world-wide!

Terrell has had numerous other successes through TAXI - his most recent being signing a few tracks with a Music Library he met through the TAXI Road Rally and a placement on VICELAND’s Payday with fellow TAXI Member, Owen Chaim!

Terrell says that he likes TAXI because “I am always challenged to grow as a writer with each song I do. I am not the same writer and artist I was when I first joined TAXI in 2014, and the collaborators that the TAXI community have led me to has benefitted me so much!”

Mike Collins

Mike Collins - Wilmette, IL

Sometimes our members don’t know that they’ve gotten placements until they get royalty payments from their PRO! TAXI Member Mike Collins had his music forwarded to a Music Library three years ago and recently found out that one of his songs was on Catfish(MTV)!

Mike has been a TAXI Member for five years and says that “[TAXI] gives me a chance to get my music heard...I am looking forward to more forwards and placements in the future.” Keep up the awesome work, Mike!

Tom Hoy

Tom Hoy - Brantford, ON, Canada

We were so excited to hear that TAXI Member Tom Hoy’s song “I’d Miss My Life” was on an episode of Freeform’s Switched at Birth! Tom got this awesome placement through a Music Library he was connected with through a TAXI Forward a few years ago.

Tom says, “If I had not joined TAXI almost seven years ago. I would still be struggling and wondering how in the world people get their music into TV and film.” He also told us that he spends a lot of time on the TAXI Forum and has been able to make numerous connections with collaborators through it! “I am constantly amazed at the talent and generosity of the members of TAXI.” We are too, Tom!

Bill Gordon

Bill Gordon – Baltimore, MD

Good relationships with Industry Companies can help your career out a lot! TAXI Member Bill Gordon made a connection with an awesome Music Library at a TAXI Road Rally, and has been able to sign 10 of his jazz trio instrumentals with them. Through this library, Bill’s song was recently heard in an episode of Amazon’s new show, Sneaky Pete!

Bill has been with TAXI since close to the beginning - 1995 to be exact! He’s also been to every single TAXI Road Rally and is an extremely helpful volunteer year after year! “There's a lot to like about TAXI, but it's been the people, starting with Michael Laskow himself, that have made the enterprise so rewarding. The tens of thousands of dollars on placements and gigs via TAXI have also been pretty nice!” Bill says.
David Mau

David Mau – Folsom, CA

TAXI Member David Mau has discovered that connections made through TAXI Forwards can really pay off in the long run. About two years ago, David’s 80s rock tracks were sent to an awesome Music Library who ended up signing them! Because David was connected to this company, he was able to build a relationship and keep sending them material! (He’s says that they offer sizeable up-front payments as well!)

Through this Music Library, David’s music has been placed in multiple films. He just found out that one of his tracks will be in the upcoming thriller, Above Suspicion (starring Game of Thrones’ Emilia Clarke), coming out later this year!

David says that through TAXI he’s been able to make a lot of connections with other TAXI Members on the TAXI Forum and Industry Professionals at the Road Rally Convention. He says, “The thing I like best about TAXI is that they really do care. Their help, advice and mentorship ... has gone a long way.”

Alessandro Mastroianni

Alessandro Mastroianni – Frosinone, Italy

It takes a lot of TAXI Members months, even years, to get their first deal, but Italian member Alessandro Mastroianni is an exception to this! Alessandro got his first Forward AND signed his first Music Library deal within the first two weeks of his membership!

Alessandro submitted two of his instrumental tracks to a TAXI Listing back in January and had both forwarded! A few days after the Forward, he was contacted by the Music Library and was asked what else he had! “I ended up signing five tracks with them. The two cues submitted will be used to pitch for an advertising campaign next month,” he explained.

Alessandro says that he loves the TAXI community and has learned a lot from the critiques from TAXI Screeners! “...It’s a great catalyst to write more music, which is the only thing that really matters!” Keep up the awesome work, Alessandro!

Rob Simpson

Rob Simpson – Friday Harbor, WA

Rob Simpson, like a lot of our members, was able to sign music to an awesome Music Library that he had in his catalogue for years! Through a TAXI Forward, Rob was connected with a Music Library that signs vintage tunes, and they ended up signing two songs!

Rob moved away from Los Angeles in 2009 and says that he had a lot of trouble adjusting “I was really feeling disconnected from the creativity in my old Home-La-La-Land,” Rob explains. Joining TAXI that year, Rob was able to reconnect with the Music Industry: “TAXI is a creative community with a special vibe.”

Rob’s advice to fellow TAXI Members? He says that members should really take critiques from screeners to heart. “Take that insight with you the next time you sit down to write.” He says that he’s received far better and more valuable feedback from TAXI Screeners than any A&R Person he talked to while living in LA! “If you want to learn from TAXI, there’s plenty there to learn!”

Casey Hurowitz

Casey Hurowitz – Fort Washington, PA

TAXI Member Casey Hurowitz also knows that TAXI Forwards can result in awesome relationships with amazing Music Industry Companies! He just let us know that he had some of his singer/songwriter songs signed to a Boutique Music Library after having them forwarded from a TAXI Listing. “As with most TAXI Forwards, this started a new relationship with a library... As of now, I have signed a total of eight songs with this library!” Casey says.

Casey says that his favorite thing about TAXI is that “the listings keep you motivated to create new music, stay current as to what is in demand for Film/TV, and result in feedback from screeners.” He also loves the TAXI Forums and the community of members. “Most of these songs [that have been signed] are co-writes and would not exist if not for the TAXI Forum and the Road Rally.”

Danny Infantino

Danny Infantino – Pinehurst, NC

We caught up with longtime member Danny Infantino, who let us know that his jazz-waltz vocal version of “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” was placed on NCIS (CBS)! He got this placement through a Music Library he met through a TAXI Forward!

Danny’s music has also been heard on Sleepy Hollow(FOX) and will be in the movie The Big Sick, which will premiere at the Sundance Film Festival. Both of these placements also resulted from TAXI Forwards!

TAXI has been an invaluable resource for Danny by connecting him with companies he says he’d never be in contact with otherwise. “I live in North Carolina and am certainly not knocking on doors in LA to advance my music. TAXI opens those doors for me,” Danny says.
Michelle Lockey

Michelle Lockey – Germantown, MD
We were really excited when we heard that TAXI member Michelle Lockey and fellow member, Ethan Okamura, landed a placement on Amazon’s Good Girls Revolt! Michelle got this placement through a Music Library that she connected with through a Forward and networked with at a TAXI Road Rally!

Lately, Michelle’s music has also been heard on Just Jillian(E!), Weediquette (VICELAND), Say Yes to the Dress (TLC), Longmire(A&E), Reign(The CW), and more!

Michelle says that she’s been able to meet countless people within the Music Industry because of TAXI. Also, as an attendee of the TAXI Road Rally she’s been able to make connections with other TAXI members for collaborations on projects! “TAXI is definitely a place to learn, network, form collaborations, and get songs in the hands of industry folks,” she said.

Martie Echito

Martie Echito – Ontario, CA (California)
You never know when a top Music Industry Company will pick up music you recorded back in the day! Some of TAXI member Martie Echito’s music that he recorded in the 70s and 80s was signed to a Music Publisher that he met through a TAXI Forward. He just let us know that his music has been recently featured on Red Oaks(Amazon) and the upcoming Feature Film, The Discovery, starring Robert Redford!

Martie says that these placements are proof that “you should never give up on the older songs, just because you think they aren’t relevant anymore.” We definitely agree with that!


NIXBOI aka Jan Baars - Puttershoek, Netherlands
TAXI Member NIXBOI (aka Jan Baars) has been a member of TAXI for less than a year and has already signed his first cue with a Music Library he was connected with through a TAXI Forward!

He has found that through TAXI, he’s been able to find valuable collaborators in other TAXI Members! “Last year before I was a TAXI member, I was trying to find ways to collaborate with some likeminded musicians. First of all because I knew my lyrics were terrible (English is not my first language), but also because I wanted to get to know people who already have some deals with libraries or are working with publishers in the industry.” Sounds like NIXBOI’s making some awesome strides toward success with his music! We can’t wait to hear what he does next!

Georgina St George

Georgina St George - Eastbourne, United Kingdom
TAXI Member Georgina St George just let us know that she’s had multiple tracks signed to multiple Music Libraries as the result of TAXI Forwards, and two of those were within a week of each other! Throughout her many years of membership, her music has been played on over 90 TV shows!

Georgina says, “TAXI has been the best thing I ever did for myself, musically. The critiques have been incredibly important to my development, not only as a composer, but also as a source of knowledge for music samples, recording and mixing.” Georgina is also an avid user of the TAXI Forums and has been to the Road Rally four times where she has “met many incredibly talented and supportive friends and collaborators.”

Robert Zimmerman

Robert Zimmerman - Bishop, GA
TAXI Member Robert Zimmerman is living proof that those tracks you recorded way back in the day could be a goldmine! After seeing a TAXI listing for “Vintage Recordings from the early ’90s,” he sent a few tracks that he had recorded with his band during that time! Long story short, the Music Publisher loved them and signed them all!

Robert says that he’s learned a lot as a TAXI Member: “The listings describe in detail what they need and TAXI provides a list of songs to reference. This has helped me gain a much better understanding of the industry, the lingo, and what is happening with music today.” He’s also an avid viewer of TAXI TV and loves the “wealth of information on songwriting, sound equipment, and mixing” it offers. Keep up the awesome work, Robert!

Jerry  Brunkala

Jerry Brunkala - Oceanside, CA
Congratulations to Jerry Brunkala who contacted us this week to let us know about his many successes! To date, he has had 120 pieces of music signed to four different music libraries. Within the last year, he’s had placements on MTV’s Catfish, VH1’s Basketball Wives LA, The Viceland Network, and 16x9 Canadian News Magazine. His music has now been played in the U.S., the UK, Hungary, and Canada.

When we asked him about what led to his successes, he had this encouraging comment to share with our staff: “I could not have accomplished any of this had it not been for TAXI. Everything flows from that first encounter with TAXI. Michael, his staff, the Forums, TAXI TV, and the TAXI newsletter all provided me with the tools for success, however you want to measure it! One of the most rewarding things a person can do is to use their artistic abilities to create something each day ... keep creating, learning and using the tools available out there to make the creative experience rewarding for you. Rock on, TAXI people!”

Chris  Jones

Chris Jones - Swansea, UK
We were thrilled to hear that TAXI member Chris Jones is experiencing so much success with his music! This month, he wrote to us to let us know that he’s just secured a deal with a competitive Music Library through a TAXI Forward. Today, he has a contract for five of his unique sports cues and he is already hearing them on TV. Several of his songs have been played on three different episodes of HBO’s hit TV-show, VICE.

For Chris, it’s been a huge accomplishment to move forward with a career in TV music. As a high school music teacher located in the UK, he welcomes the convenient and unexpected success from abroad. He shared with us that, “It's been great to search out the episodes online and hear my music played alongside such high quality images ... this simply wouldn't have happened without TAXI!”

The TAXI team is incredibly proud of your success, Chris. Thank you for including us in your success!

Chris Sandberg

Chris Sandberg - Akarp, Sweden
Here’s a success story that will make you tingle with excitement! We just heard that TAXI member Chris Sandberg has had a massive amount of television placements in just this year alone! Recently, he’s heard his music on several episodes of NBC’s Golf Channel, the hit TV show America’s Got Talent, and on FOX’s popular American Idol.

What really surprised Chris was that not only were so many companies interested in using his music, they were also interested in getting to know him as a musician. Chris commented that, “this happens very seldom, so it was a nice and personable experience.”

When we asked him to comment on success, he shared, “It feels great to be a part of such a great group of talented composers and to contribute to building their catalog ... it is a really great educational resource, both in terms of the business side of the industry, as well as production-wise, but most importantly, I have met so many new friends through the TAXI network.”

Congratulations to you, Chris. We couldn’t be more proud of your accomplishments!

Ted Lampidis

Ted Lampidis - Miami, Florida
This month, our staff had the joy of reading a rather unique success story from member Ted Lampidis. He wrote to us to let us know that his moving song “Close My Eyes” will air on Episode 209 of Amazon’s Red Oaks. This placement came about through a TAXI Forward which landed him a contract with a prestigious music publisher.

Ted shared that in addition to writing songs, he has devoted most of his professional career to cancer research. Recently, the U.S. Congress congratulated him on his research breakthrough of combining two non-toxic drugs to treat a wide variety of cancers, eliminating the use for toxic chemotherapy.  

Needless to say, we are proud of both of Ted’s groundbreaking accomplishments! When we asked him about how TAXI has benefited him most he had this to share: “Since I started writing songs it was always my dream that if they ever made any money I would have another source to finance the research that I’m doing.  Every researcher in the United States involved with medical research at a University or Research Institute is obligated to find money through grants, industry, or philanthropy to support their work.”

Today, Ted is happy to collect competitive royalties and sync fees on any music that is placed through his publisher. Congratulations to you, Ted. Your story has moved us all!

John Finbury

John Finbury - Haverhill, MA
TAXI member John Finbury just let us know that his song “One False Move and I’ll Blow This Love Apart” earned him a nice spot on TV! After signing with a publisher through a TAXI Forward, he will now hear his music on Episode 209 of the Amazon series, Red Oaks. John shared that while this song was originally recorded in the 1980s with the Pointer Sisters in mind, it continues to bring him success today.

In other good news, John has also been nominated for the “Song of the Year” on behalf of the Latin Grammy’s Foundation. He shared his enthusiasm by writing to us personally:

“This is unreal ... we have no label, no videos, just a few Forwards of the instrumental track on TAXI.”

Congratulations on your success, John! We couldn’t be more proud of your work!

Ken Morrison

Ken Morrison - Bellevue, WA
Hats off to TAXI Member Ken Morrison who just had his music signed to a successful music publisher. This month, he’ll hear his song “When I Dance With the One I Love” on the series premiere of the TV show Graves!

To add to the good news, you can also hear his music played in theaters nation-wide beginning October 21. His song, “Goodbye, Little Girl, Goodbye,” will be featured in the horror film Ouija: Origin of Evil directed by Michael Bay. Both of these placements were the result of TAXI Forwards. Congrats, Kevin, and thanks for sharing your story with us!

Bob Kelly and Jay Ramsey

Bob Kelly and Jay Ramsey - Las Vegas, NV
Bob and Jay’s latest placements are a perfect example as to why musicians should never throw out old material! A few years ago, they both received an offer from a music publisher they had met through a TAXI Forward. This publisher was interested in many of the songs they had recorded together back in the 1950s and 1960s. Since then, this relationship has landed them a whopping 28 placements in major TV shows and nine placements in feature films! The most recent placements include two songs that will be featured in King & Queens (CBS) and Man in the High Castle (Amazon Studios).

Bob and Jay said, “with our group Expression, we were sure that what we were recording all those years was good but we couldn't ever get that elusive hit record. Thanks to TAXI and our great publisher, we are now finally getting our music heard from a world-wide audience.”

Congratulations to both of you! The TAXI team is so happy for your success.

Patrick Welch

Patrick Welch - Hendersonville, NC
We’re not surprised that Patrick Welch gained the attention of a reputable music publisher last month. He wrote to us to let us know that several of his songs have been successfully signed to an esteemed company.

“The publisher contacted me through my relationship with TAXI, and we began to talk about a couple of my songs. He was interested in the story behind them,” he said. As a Reverend, Patrick writes songs that reflect his faith. Now, he is able to share these songs with an audience nation-wide.

Needless, to say we’re proud of Patrick’s hard work and success. He thanked our staff with this heart-warming message: “Thank you and TAXI for being a way for me to, after 50 years of hoping and working, begin to be able to share my songs in a more public way.”

Tamara Miller

Tamara Miller - Austin, TX
We are undoubtedly proud of TAXI Member Tamara Miller who proved her networking skills at the last Road Rally.  After attending one of the panels, she followed up by talking with our guest speaker and sending him some of her music. The publisher loved what he heard and hired Tamara to compose/produce 12 custom songs for his catalog. 

Since then, Tamara’s music has been featured on Fox Sports during many of our favorite games. Her other success includes work with a music publisher (another Road Rally connection) who landed her placements on several episodes of The Dr. Oz Show.
Tamara added, “It's been such a pleasure working with my publisher and his team! He is such a nice guy, always professional and is very dedicated to his composers.  I always appreciate our open line of communication and I know my music is in good hands.”
Keep it up, Tamara! We can’t wait to see what’s next for you in your music future.

David Bluefield

David Bluefield - Redondo Beach, CA
Like many of our TAXI members, David Bluefield is no stranger to success. In the early 1970s, he was signed to Warner Bros. as a member of the hard rock band, Kindred. After the group disbanded, David continued to play and write music. Today, he is experiencing a new kind of success as he ventures into the world of Film & TV.

Just this month, David let us know that his song “We Found Love” will be featured on an episode of Goliath. He was pretty thrilled to let us know that this came about through a TAXI Forward. When we asked him about the benefits of his membership, he shared,  “TAXI is what keeps me in the game - knowing there is always an opportunity out there with it’s constant flow of legitimate leads and great advice.”

We’re glad that we could help you on your journey, David. Congrats on your recent success!

Brian Donnelly

Brian Donnelly - Hinsdale, IL
We received some great news from Brian Donnelly about his latest placement in TNT’s new show, Good Behavior. His catchy song “She’s From the City” will air on episode 105 of the next season. Brian shared with us that this deal came about when he signed a whole library of his songs to a publisher for a “sizeable fee.” Since then, he’s had his music played on TNT, the Hallmark Channel, and in several films.

Brian shared, “I so much appreciate the opportunities that TAXI has afforded me. Thank you all so much!” 

We’re so proud to be a part of your success, Brian. Keep up the good work!

Danny Infantino

Danny Infantino - Pinehurst, NC
We’re sending our biggest congratulations to TAXI member Danny Infantino who just broke into the TV market in a BIG way! After submitting his music through TAXI, he was signed to a successful Music Publisher. He now hears his music on shows like Orange is the New Black, The Mindy Project, Murder Book, and Wives with Knives. Danny asked us to let members know that, “new opportunities are always emerging...each of these deals are a direct result of my being a TAXI member.”

Donna Stokes

Donna Stokes - Crewe, VA
After 37 years of leaving music behind for family life, TAXI member
Donna Stokes wrote to us with some ground-breaking news! After one year with TAXI, she successfully signed six songs to a Music Publisher. Today, her song “No More Games to Play” can be heard on AMC’s hit show, The Preacher.

“After 37 years, my songs are out of mom’s basement and starting to earn their own living ... to all of you TAXI members, keep making wonderful music and don’t let go of your dreams!”

Congratulations, Donna! The TAXI team couldn’t be more proud of your success!

Mike Steimel

Mike Steimel - St. Louis, MO
TAXI member Mike Steimel had great news to share with us about his last Road Rally experience. Through networking with a fellow TAXI member, he was able to meet a Music Publisher who loved his work! After signing a handful of songs, they can now be heard on shows like The Fosters, Blood and Oil, Arrow, ABC’s The Mistress, and American Pickers!

“The network shows actually pay nice license fees in addition to royalties so the extra income from those placements is welcome and has paid for all of my membership fees and costs for attending the Rallies,” he said.

Mike also shares, “I was a bit shy at my first Rally and I didn’t talk to as many people as I should have, so at my second one I made a point to correct that ... one very successful member was kind enough to suggest a non-exclusive publisher that might be interested in my songs. That led to several songs being signed to them.”

Steve Probst

Steve Probst - Riverside, CA
We were so excited when we heard that Steve Probst had four of his songs signed to a Publisher after a TAXI Forward. To add to the good news, Steve let us know that one of these songs has already been picked up FOX Sports and another will air on Access Hollywood. Congratulations, Steve!

“My first love is writing music/lyrics but being involved with TAXI has led me to writing/trying all of these other instrumental avenues and finding success with it,” he said.

Henry Winckel

Henry Winckel - Springville, CA
Congratulations to TAXI member Henry Winckel! He just gave us the news that he’s signed 10 pieces of music to a successful Music Library.

“On September 2, I received an email ... this publisher asked me how quickly I could come up with nine more dark drones for him to listen to. I sent everything requested and today I signed a contract for the 10 instrumental cues I sent him,” he said.

The best part of Henry’s story is that it doesn’t end there! He let us know that he’s been contacted by three music libraries this year as a result of TAXI Forwards.

Here are Henry’s biggest words of advice for other Film & TV composers like himself: “Keep it simple, stick to one theme, never use a multi-pressor, and learn to EQ your mix so that it’s not mid-rangey!”

Tom Martin

Tom Martin - Okeana, OH
We couldn’t be more proud of TAXI member Tom Martin. He reached out to us this month to let us know that his song “Borrowed Time” was signed to a publisher through a TAXI Forward. As a result, it will now be featured on a brand-new show, Nirvana, The Band, The Show, on the VICELAND network. This is his first television placement since the 1980s so he couldn’t be more overjoyed!

“I’d like to send a big thank you to Michael, the screeners and their helpful, constructive advice, and the great staff at TAXI who help us to connect with opportunities for our Music,” he said. Congrats again, Tom!

Robert Hamilton

Robert Hamilton - Peoria, AZ
Robert Hamilton has been a member of TAXI for over four years! He recently posted a list of a lot of the placements that he’s gotten recently on the TAXI Forum. There were so many that we can’t fit half of them here! His music has been heard on Catfish (MTV), NFL Today (CBS), Twinning(VH1), Rabid(Animal Planet), and Southern Charm(Bravo) – and that’s just to name a few!

Robert says that he loves that TAXI offers opportunities that he can constantly submit his music to! Robert is an active member of the TAXI Forum, and loves interacting with other Members there. “[The TAXI Forum serves] as education and inspiration to keep going and getting better.”

Kurt Kreimier

Kurt Kreimier - Clermont, FL
Long-time TAXI Member Kurt Kreimier reached out to us to let know that one of his instrumental tracks has been placed in the Feature Film Being Charlie (Castle Rock Entertainment) directed by Rob Reiner! “This was great news, and the fact that I found out about it at the Road Rally made the experience even greater!”

Kurt was able to connect with the Music Library through which he got this awesome placement through a TAXI Forward and the Road Rally! He also told us that he’s had a lot of placements on International TV Shows! “Were it not for TAXI and the Road Rally, none of this would have happened,” Kurt says.

John Kwiecinski

John Kwiecinski - Sydney, Australia
TAXI Member John Kwiecinski proves that it’s never too late to find success with your music! “I was a TAXI ‘stalker’ for quite a while, until I saw a listing for Authentic Vintage 90s Rock,” John explains. John couldn’t ignore the great opportunity, and joined to submit three songs that his band had recorded back in the 90s in London!

Two of John’s tracks were Forwarded to an awesome Music Publisher who reached out to see what else he had! “...when I told them I had a whole album sitting there, they asked to hear it – and ended up taking the lot!”

When we asked John what his favorite thing about TAXI is, he said, “The ability to get direct contact with the label or industry person is great.” He also says that he finds TAXI Critiques really useful, and he gets a lot of great advice from fellow Members on the TAXI Forum!

Josh Coleman

Josh Coleman - Orinda, CA
We caught up with TAXI Member Josh Coleman who is a placement machine! He just let us know that his music has been placed in Mistresses (ABC), The Night Shift (NBC), Fresh Off the Boat(ABC), E! News(E!), Fix My Mom (Oxygen), and a prom for CBS’s Supergirl. These placements are all within the past few months, and the coolest thing is that Josh got all of these through connections made at the TAXI Road Rally!

Josh says that everything he’s learned about pitching to libraries, he’s learned through services TAXI provides - from the Road Rally to TAXI Forums! “The TAXI Community remains one of the most consistently knowledgeable, supportive, and giving music communities that I’ve encountered.” Keep it up, Josh!

Joey Hatcher

Joey Hatcher - Wasilla, AK
TAXI Member Joey Hatcher has signed two dozen songs to three different Music Companies through TAXI Forwards since he joined two and a half years ago! He reminds new members to be diligent: “It took me about one and a half years of being a member to really get a better sense for what listings NOT to pitch to, and which listings TO submit to.” Through listening to critiques from TAXI Screeners, Joey knows that he’ll be able to grow his success in the Music Industry.

Joey has also been able to find a collaborator through the TAXI Forum that he really clicks with creatively. “We have had a lot of songs signed through our partnership. Don’t underestimate the power of the Forum!” he says.

Randon Purcell

Randon Purcell - Sandy, UT
Success isn’t something that you’ll see overnight as a TAXI Member. Randon Purcell is a great example of this fact! Through perseverance and hard work, he’s signed a bunch of songs to a couple different libraries. Recently, he got a song placed on HBO’s Vice and just signed a 10-track buyout deal ­with a Music Library!

“I submitted two tracks for a TAXI listing last year. Both got forwarded. A week later, I heard from inStyle Music and licensed both tracks.A week later, I heard from a great Music Licensing Company and licensed both tracks. One of the original drum tracks (Odaiko Solo) I submitted for the listing ended up getting used on Vice!”

Randon’s buyout deal wasn’t the result of being forwarded from a TAXI listing, but he credits TAXI with giving him the push to produce more music. “I thank TAXI because it is due to the dozens and dozens of listings that I have chased after that I’ve developed my skills to the point I can get into these big houses. I NEVER would have gotten referred or signed into this place without all I’ve learned through TAXI listings. I have NO doubt about that!”

“It’s hard to say what I like most about TAXI. Aside from the mass of awesome listings, I really like the feedback. In fact, 2016 has REALLY beefed up the critiques! The feedback is priceless. As I noted above, it is because of all the feedback that I’ve learned so much about tailoring cues. The Road Rally really helped me out on that end too. I took all I learned about cue writing and started applying it after the last Rally. I’ve had loads of good things happen since then, and my forward/return ratio is something I’m extremely proud of now.”

Jack Stone-Morgan

Jack Stone-Morgan – Kent, United Kingdom
Jack Stone-Morgan has been a member of TAXI for less than a year, and he already signed two songs with a Music Library!

“The deal came about through a TAXI listing requesting Chillout Instrumental Cues. After reading thoroughly through the listing I realized I had a track I composed a few months back that I thought could work well for the listing. After receiving the news that TAXI had forwarded the track it didn’t take long before the library was in contact. I was very excited to hear back from them and even more excited when I realized they also wanted to sign another piece of music. I submitted to another TAXI listing a couple of weeks back looking for Action Instrumental Cues that was also forwarded to them. To top it all off, I have signed another new track to the same library this week. I couldn’t be more happy.”

If you ask Jack what his favorite thing about TAXI is, he can’t decide on one thing! “It’s very difficult to describe my favorite thing about TAXI because there’s so much I love about it. I have only been a member for eight months and can already say that TAXI is responsible for all the success I’ve had so far. I have learned so much from Screener Feedback, the Forums, TAXI TV, and of course attending my first Road Rally back in November. I really feel like TAXI has helped me become a much better musician and has taught me a hell of a lot more about the Film/TV Business.”

Paul Croteau

Paul Croteau – Universal City, TX
Imagine going from zero library deals to two deals in the same week from different companies––this really happened to Paul Croteau! Here’s how it went down:

Paul submitted to two songs to a listing back in January, and both were forwarded to a leading UK Music Library by TAXI. “They liked one of the two forwards and asked for at least three different versions in addition to the original. I sent five.”

Like a lot of other TAXI Members, Paul was able to make some great connections at the Road Rally. “The other library deal came about due to a face-to-face meeting with the CEO of another top Film/TV Music Publisherduring the Mentor Lunchat the Road Rally…I ended up sending seven or eight instrumental cues for a batch of Reality TV music. She thought they were ‘terrific...I really like what you did.’ I’ve since sent a second batch of cues last month and am working on another batch for this month!”

What’s Paul’s favorite thing about TAXI? “Access to successful people in the industry via the TAXI Forum is probably the best thing for me. Unlike much of the highly competitive, cut throat, backstabbing soul draining music world many of us are familiar with on stage and behind the scenes, the TAXI Forum community is full of both experienced and novice musicians and engineers willing to share their knowledge with others.” He does say that the Road Rally is a close second! “So much knowledge and energy in once place. A composers dream!”

Michelle Murray

Michelle Murray – Olney, MD Michelle Murray is a perfect example of a TAXI member that has seen success from attending a Road Rally! Michelle was able to sign deal with a Music Library through connections she made with a Mentor there!

“Two years ago I met a library owner at the rally and saw him for the One-to-One Mentor Session. I saw him again at the Rally this year and after the Rally, sent him links to a couple of new tracks. So it turns out that he wants to sign both tracks! This is a direct result of networking at the TAXI Rally, so that's really cool! These tracks were produced and co-written by Scott Free, who I also met at the Rally.”

A lot of our members collaborate with fellow members, and Michelle is no exception! She’s written numerous songs with veteran TAXI Members Michelle Lockey, Steve Guiles, and Robbie Hancock!

“Through the advice and encouragement of my TAXI collaborators, I’ve learned so much in the past few years, and I'm now recording vocals and guitar at home, something I never thought I’d be doing.”

Ken Morrison

Ken Morrison - Bellevue, WA We caught up with TAXI member Ken Morrison, whose story really shows how tracks created by past generations are still relevant in the music world. Ken owns the rights to his grandparents’ back catalog and submits their music through TAXI. His grandfather owned one of the first recording studios and record labels in the Northwest.  Both his grandfather and grandmother were composers throughout their lives. His grandmother even had a couple of minor hits in the 1920s. Through a TAXI forward, Ken was connected with Fervor Records, which has found dozens of placements for Ken’s grandparents’ songs. Currently, their catalog has gotten six placements on FX’s American Horror Story alone!

When asked what he most enjoys about TAXI, Ken says, "I enjoy the networking at the Road Rally.  In fact, Jeff (owner of Fervor Records) and I had lunch at the last one and will hopefully be working on another project together in 2016 with TAXI member Steve Rice."

John Columbo

John Columbo - Brevard, NC
John Columbo’s success with TAXI all started at one of the annual Road Rallies. He explained, "I signed an instrumental Electronica cue over to a Library in late 2014 due to a relationship I made during my first Road Rally in 2013. On December 31, 2015, I found out that this cue was placed twice within episode four of the E! TV show Hollywood Cycle during August 2015. This was my first placement ever and I couldn't be more excited!"

"2015 was my third Road Rally and it was the best yet! Each Rally seems to get better and better. I'm currently working with some unbelievably talented folks I would have otherwise never met if it not for TAXI. We are on the edge of a huge breakthrough in 2016 with what is currently in the pipeline," he continued. On what makes TAXI a great experience, John has this to say, "It is a family, period. Before TAXI I felt like the music business was out of reach and I needed some way to ‘get in.’ After joining TAXI and attending my first Road Rally I felt like I was all of a sudden a part of the music business. Everyone is so giving and gracious, from Michael and the team to the newest of members. I look forward to the day when I can say goodbye to my current day job, though I am very grateful to God for it, and can call composing my new day job. I plan to then schedule in more time to give back to the TAXI community."

Matt Vander Boegh

Matt Vander Boegh - Nampa, ID Matt was excited to share the new that he has reached the milestone of having 1,000 signed tracks through TAXI! Matt explains that, "This was a culmination of feeding tracks to 17 different Music Libraries that I’ve been signed to. Sixteen of these Music Library deals were from TAXI (either through Forwards, meeting the right people at the Road Rally, or meeting the right people on the Forums), and only one of these deals was from me actually cold-calling a Music Library.  Because of all of these deals, I’ve been able to send tracks directly to Music Library owners when needs arise."

Matt shared with us the break down of his music placements as follows, "568 exclusive tracks, and 439 non-exclusive titles (the combination of maybe 150 or so tracks with different titles). Only about 20 of them are full songs with vocals, the rest are all cues. As a result of all of these signings, I’ve had my music placed on over 40 TV shows.  One of my hip-hop tracks is now being used on nearly every college basketball game aired on the Big Ten Network."

When asked about the keys to his ongoing musical success, Matt had this to say, "You know who/what I can thank for this? TAXI and the Road Rally. Those two things have introduced me to some really great libraries, and countless great friends, and a handful of people who took me under their wing when I was just a newbie and showed me the ropes and helped me figure this whole thing out. The complete TAXI experience can truly be life-changing if you embrace it all and keep a-plugging away!"

"Where else are you going to get genuine listings (I call them the ‘want ads’) full of detailed information on exactly what the listing party is looking for?  On top of that, the education TAXI offers is mind-blowing.  From TAXI TV, to the Forums, to the Road Rally, to the often overlooked ‘Studio Buddy,’ to the subscription to Mixing Magazine, TAXI is like a world-class university to further your music education, suitable for beginners to even the most advanced pros. And for a measly $300 per year, it’s the steal of the century.  For example, you could easily spend $40,000 on a state university’s music program and not get nearly the amount of education you get through TAXI.  Or you could spend $100,000 at a specialized music production college and not get the experience of working in your own small project studio and grinding out ‘assignments’ for TAXI Listings, and never find out what really happens in a 90-second music cue.  Really, TAXI is hands-down the BEST place to learn and perfect the craft of making good useable music," Matt said.
Loren DiGiorgi

Loren DiGiorgi - New Castle, PA

We heard from Loren DiGiorgi about his success and experiences with TAXI in his first couple of months since joining. "I joined TAXI in August of 2015, so I’m relatively new. Since then, I’ve had over a dozen forwards, but recently received my first deal through TAXI with a Music Library. The deal came through a TAXI Listing that requested melancholy, solo piano instrumental cues. As piano is my main instrument, I jumped at the Listing and composed two tracks for it. After TAXI forwarded the music, the Music Library contacted me about two weeks later. I was thrilled!" he said.

"Where do I even start about what I like about TAXI?!  First off, the fact that I’m sending music to screeners who are professionals in the industry is an enormous help. The feedback, critiques, and advice I’ve gotten from screeners definitely turned me into a better, more attentive writer. It's good knowing that the music is in good hands and ears! Then there is the TAXI community. What a network of friendly and talented artists. I’ve learned so much on the Forums just by listening to and conversing with the many respected and experienced people there. All of them are willing to help, and one can’t help but learn when going through those forums. Top it off with quality Listings from vetted companies, and access to them via TAXI for (in my opinion) a modest annual fee," Loren continued.

Robbie Hancock

Robbie Hancock - Kitchener, Ontario, Canada Long time TAXI member Robbie Hancock shared with us his most recent successes with TAXI, which came out of a song collaboration with another TAXI member. "This is the first song that Amanda and I collaborated on together. She is a very strong lyric writer and has great ideas that I had noticed through an online songwriting community called GYAWS created by TAXI members, Steven Guiles and Patty Boss. The connection certainly worked in this case as the song we created was eventually accepted by three different Music Libraries! Amanda and I have already finished our second song and we plan on writing a lot more together. There is nothing better than when you just click with another writer. It should be easy and should just flow," Robbie said.

Further discussing his success from being a TAXI member, Robbie said, "I now have my music signed to 15 Music Libraries. Most of the deals came from the friendships and advice of other members in the TAXI community that I can trace back to either the Forum, TAXI TV, or the Road Rally. I was having a conversation with one of TAXI’s successful members recently and we were discussing why TAXI works so well. It is like a music university education.  If you do the work, listen to the current contemporary charts, and give back whenever you can, I feel that those are some of the most important key elements that I have learned in my short time as a member of this community. Success in my book is to FAIL FAST and use the knowledge you gain from the A&R screeners from either returns or custom critiques and apply it to your future productions."

"TAXI is a no-nonsense kind of company. The connections and relationships are real and I have experienced so much over the last few years that I never thought possible. TAXI gives you the opportunities to get your music in front of the people that matter. You can even meet them face-to-face at the Road Rally every year, and it’s free with your membership!  If you are serious about your music and don’t give up easily then there is no better company out there to help you get your music heard, signed and placed.  Big shout out as well to Robin Frederick whose books, Road Rally presentations, and advice have helped me to climb up another rung on the ladder. Thank you, Robin!"

"TAXI is honorably lead from the top down and Michael Laskow, the staff, and the member community of good people have changed my life.  I look forward to what the future has in store. Thank you, TAXI!" Robbie said.

Michelle Lockey

Michelle Lockey - Germantown, MD Michelle Lockey expressed the importance of networking through TAXI to be successful. She explained, "Most of my music placements, like in The CW’s Reign, Netflix’s Longmire, and TruTV’s The Hustlers, were the result of building a relationship with a Music Publisher through a TAXI Forward a few years ago. We then met at the Road Rally and formed a business relationship. Now we are friends, and the Music Publisher and I talk regularly and he sends me regular requests. Each request that I get, I will then contact co-writers and we get to work. Most of the time he accepts the songs we create, and now I am seeing these songs placed in prominent shows! We have built a relationship all because of meeting him through that Forward."

?She continues, "The Young and the Restless placement on CBS was the result of a TAXI friend introducing me to another Music Publisher. I also signed several songs to another Music Library this past year, which has gotten numerous placements for TAXI folks."

?"I like the supportive relationships that I have formed over the years by interacting with people through the Forums and the Road Rally. I have become friends with so many people, who are also my co-writers and producers and the bonds that we have are great! This TAXI Tribe constantly supports each other on this musical journey and it is great! This year I have had the most placements ever, and I hope this trend continues as I make more music and more relationships. Thanks, TAXI!"

Russell Landwehr

Russell Landwehr - Pleasant Hill, OH "This year went really well for me musically. I signed to three more Music Libraries. I got four decent (quarterly) Royalty payments from BMI. And I now have over 300 titles signed to various Music Libraries. All of it thanks to TAXI," Russell said.

"Earlier this year a TAXI forward of some Hip-Hop cues turned into a signing with a hard-working high-quality Music Library from Canada. I now have quite a few cues signed with this company including Tension, Ambient, Hip Hop, Trip-hop, Chill, and Punk.  And I’m continually signing new cues with them," he continued.

"In August this year, I got a phone call from the owner of an A-List Prestigious Music Library in greater LA. TAXI had forwarded some crime show music to him about 10 months earlier and he loved the stuff. On the phone, the owner was telling me he gets so much music that it takes a lot of time to go through the things that get sent to him... so that is why it took him a while to get to me. However, it’s a non-issue for me ... After all, he signed my stuff!"

"You know, this is something we hear often. Many months and even YEARS later a contact will come through from a TAXI forward. This is just the way this industry works. The trick is to just keep making music and getting it out there. The rest will take care of itself. There’s no sense staring at the phone."

"At any rate, now I’ve got the go-ahead from this company to regularly submit more crime show cues. This is something I really like about TAXI as an A&R company. Signings from TAXI Forwards become relationships!  I think this is because the companies that list with TAXI are first vetted by TAXI for quality and professionalism. Then the screening process puts quality composers, writers, and artists in touch with these people. The result is an on-going relationship that can be nurtured and ‘leveraged’ for success. Not just TAXI members’ personal success, but the success of our business partners as well."

"It’s like TAXI is this special high-quality networking conduit. And while the relationships created through the Listing/Screening process are gold, there is MUCH more to this TAXI ‘networking machine.’ The TAXI Forum is a worldwide 24/7 place to hang out with like-minded people at varying stages of success in this industry. This network of fellow composers, writers, and artists is a resource like none other. It’s a place to develop ideas, increase knowledge of the industry, improve your craft, and find collaborators who are on the same path as yourself. Another networking gold mine is the TAXI Road Rally. It’s the Big Daddy of the TAXI ‘networking machine.’ This four-day event is networking cranked UP! Not only do TAXI members (and guests) get to hang out with their fellow members in person, but we also get to hang out with, rub elbows with, and talk with some of the best and most outgoing Industry Pros. The TAXI Road Rally is so inspiring and impactful that you will find members planning the next year’s attendance immediately after arriving home."

"I can’t imagine how I could EVER have made as many contacts as I have through the TAXI Networking Machine. TAXI is the most significant vehicle I have on my road to continuing success," Russell said.

Axel Bauer

Axel Bauer - Vienna, Austria Axel Bauer got in contact with us to tell us all about some recent music placements through TAXI. He said, "I got a connection to a Music Publisher because of a TAXI Forward. I encouraged my co-writer Nick Moxsom to submit some of our songs to them. From this, one of our songs together was placed twice in the same show, Grandfathered on FOX, just a few weeks ago. In addition, this past year I had music placed in Showtime’s Shameless, NBC’s Chicago Fire, ABC’s Revenge, ABC Family’s The Fosters, ABC’s Blood and Oil, and an independent documentary called Not Black Enough."

"There is so much good about TAXI, I love the way TAXI motivates their members and encourages them to learn. It's all about ‘you can do it.’ If you are not there yet that’s no problem you just need to learn it. That was an eye opener for me. TAXI knows what works and gives me hope and helps me to stay current."

Randon Purcell

Randon Purcell, Sandy, UT We were very pleased to hear about Randon Purcell's three recent placements. The first two were short background cue usages in Hotel Impossibleon the Travel Channel and Dallas Car Sharkson Velocity. Those deals came about from a Music Library deal that Randon landed through a TAXI listing last year. After signing his track, “Cinema Dubstep” as the result of submitting to a TAXI listing, he ended up signing another 20+ Cues with the company over the past year. The third placement came about after Randon received a few forwards from TAXI for some tension underscore cues several months ago. All three tracks he submitted were forwarded, and the Music Library took them all. Additionally, the company ended up asking for more, and since then, Randon's signed another eight Cues to their catalog. Additionally, in the past few months, Randon signed over a dozen tracks to a few more Music Libraries, all thanks to TAXI. In the past 16 months, TAXI has gotten Randon's music into five different Music Libraries: three in the United States, one in Canada, and one in the UK. Randon feels that, “None of this could have happened without TAXI!”

Randon noted the value of TAXI beyond his successful deals by saying, “I love the listings and the honest feedback from the screeners more than anything. Rejections just fuel me, and almost every time I've had a rejection I have taken the reasons and fixed those things in my music. And guess what, almost every time I submit those same, fixed tracks for other listings, they end up getting forwarded. I have improved so much in the past year just because of the TAXI process.”

Bob Mete

Bob Mete, Earlysville, VA We caught up with TAXI member Bob Mete who told us all about his most recent placements from TAXI and about his experience at this year's Road Rally, “What a wonderful way to end this year's Road Rally than by being notified that I got my fourth placement this year on ABC's hit show Nashville. This was my ninth Road Rally, and by far it was the best. I remember Michael on stage at my second Road Rally playing a simple piano melody, and then a simple guitar melody.... then he asked how many of us could do that. We all raised our hands, and he said, ‘Well then you can write for TV & Film.' With that encouragement, I was off to the races.”

In the last year, Bob's Jazz tunes have been placed on four episodes of Nashville, ABC Family's The Fosters, ShowTime's Ray Donovan, HBO's Silicon Valley, Netfilx's hit series Hemlock Grove, and two movies Any Day and Adult Beginners. In the last month, Bob was notified that another one of his Jazz piano pieces was going to be played by a Jazz musician on camera in an upcoming episode of The CW's The Originals. Bob has these final words about TAXI, “I can't praise Michael and the TAXI staff enough for all of their hard work. Without TAXI none of my musical successes would be even remotely possible.”

Larry Magee

Larry Magee, San Antonio, TX Larry is a new TAXI member who joined in late December 2014 and submitted his first instrumental cue in February 2015. He told us about his experience with TAXI in his first year saying, “I've had a total of 33 submissions forwarded this year. I signed my first cues with a Music Library at the end of May from a Reggae listing and they also signed several other Cues in my portfolio. Another TAXI submission led to me getting several Cues signed with another Music Library, as well.  I've also signed a lot of Cues with a few other Music Libraries that I contacted myself (after learning the ropes from TAXI).

“I joined TAXI knowing absolutely nothing about composing for Film/TV. One of the first things I did after reading Robin Frederick's great book, was to get a custom review on an Instrumental to see if I was doing the things Robin talked about like edit points, etc., right. I also was a very active user of the TAXI Forum.  I had a ton of detailed questions and really got wonderful advice there. I always watch TAXI TV and I've learned a lot there, too.

“The thing I like most about TAXI is everything!  I'm retired and can dedicate long hours to composing and producing. TAXI's focus on education has brought me up to speed quickly on everything from composing, working with libraries, contracts, mixing, etc. I'm signed up for year two and I'm really looking forward to both the submissions and the rejections because I've found that I can tweak the rejected songs per the advice of the screeners and get them placed with libraries that already know and love me.”

Ron Kujawa

Ron Kujawa, Glendale, AZ Ron Kujawa was excited to tell us about his successes using TAXI by saying, “I recently found out I have a 44 second placement of a happy acoustic cue in Becoming Us on ABC Family! The placement came about through a Music Library I've been working with for a few years now. My relationship with them started as a direct result of a TAXI forward. This same Music Library also got me four placements in MTV's Catfish in the last few weeks!”

When asked about the benefits of a TAXI membership, Ron enthuses, “What I like most about TAXI is the community. I joined TAXI for the opportunities, but quickly realized that there is even more value in connecting with like-minded people with similar goals. It is one of the most generous, encouraging supportive group of people I have ever come across. I get a similar feeling around TAXI people as I do around my church family, and I mean that in the best way possible. :) Another great aspect that I love about TAXI is the educational component. Between the Forum, TAXI TV and the Road Rally, I'm not sure where you could go to learn more about this business. And the first two of those are free!”

Casey Hurowitz

Casey Hurowitz, Washington, PA Casey Hurowitz gave us some great insight into the perks of collaborating with fellow TAXI members. Looking back on his collaborations, he had this to say, “Collaborations with TAXI members have yielded fantastic results! I met Bob Mete quite a few years ago on the TAXI Forum and then at the Road Rally. We started a co-writing partnership this past year that has yielded four piano tracks being placed with a very credible Music Library. Bob and I continue to create new tracks and I am very lucky to work with someone as talented as he is-an amazing writer, producer, and piano player. Over the past year or so I've also signed songs to Music Libraries that were co-written with Scott Free and F-M Cossey, Singer-Songwriter songs co-written with Joshua Coleman, and Indie Folk songs with Nathan Nasby and James Carvalho, and in the past many co-writes with the incredibly talented Paul Otten as well.

“What I love about TAXI is the whole ‘TAXI experience'—listings, reviews, community, relationship building, etc. TAXI has so much to offer if you embrace the whole experience including the TAXI Forum and Road Rally. Solidifying relationships at the Road Rally has been a key to success. I currently co-write with many TAXI members.”

Edgars Dzenitis

Edgars Dzenitis, Latvia
Edgar's success story shows that no matter how far away you live from Hollywood it only takes one Cue to be noticed by a Music Library, and they will most likely come back for more. He wrote, “About a year after I joined TAXI, an EDM composition I submitted was sent to a Music Library that loved it. When I signed my first contract with them, they added 15 of my instrumental compositions into their Music Library. Within a year, I was constantly sending my best compositions in a variety of styles as well as created new ones, as requested, for specific TV shows. One of those TV shows was MTV's Catfish. I created several tension pieces, and one of them was selected for the show!

“I want to express my sincere gratitude to TAXI. They are true leaders in the music industry, providing help in any aspect, including forums, and latest music trends. This has helped me to progress in this tough industry, which would not have been possible without TAXI.

“Although, I started with EDM, at this point I feel comfortable creating Hip-Hop and Hybrid Orchestral compositions. I am looking forward to this new journey, as long as I know the TAXI is there for me!” he said.

Martie Echito

Martie Echito, Ontario, Cananda
Martie let us know about his recent success thanks to TAXI by saying, “I submitted three songs to a TAXI listing for ‘authentic old songs or instrumentals that date from 1939 to 1989.' All styles [were needed], but they wanted the original recordings, not recently recorded ones that attempt to sound like they were old. Since I had a closet full of old recordings from the late '70s and early '80s, I submitted three, and the Publisher picked one.  After talking with the Publisher, I sent them more songs and they accepted seven others. These are songs that I never thought would see the light of day, very dated, not useable in today's market, but according to the Publisher, perfect for ‘period pieces' in TV and Film. I've had many forwards over the years, one that led to a deal with a Music Library that placed 10 songs on the MUZAK playlist. From that connection, I've signed deals for several songs with the same company.

“What TAXI helped me do early on, was to detach myself from my songs and not be afraid to accept the helpful hints and honest criticisms from the A&R staff. Most importantly, I learned to be REALLY specific with matching the requests of the listings.  And the TAXI Road Rally? Well...if you attend one and don't get totally inspired to be the best you can be, then you shouldn't be pursuing music at any level. It's an AMAZING event...and, oh yeah... it's free!” Martie added.

Jerry Brunkala

Jerry Brunkala, Oceanside, CA
Jerry shared with us his networking successes from the TAXI Road Rallies and the deals and relationships he's gained from attending over the years. “When I returned from the Road Rally this year, I noticed that my PRO listed four placements for me in the third quarter [of 2015] for MTV's Catfishseries. One episode used two of my cues. I am in that Music Publisher's catalog because of a relationship I made with a successful TAXI member initially on the Peer-to-Peer section of the TAXI Forum, and in person at my first Road Rally a couple of years ago. Additionally, as a result of meeting a talented composer and producer in person at this year's Road Rally, I completed my very first collaboration, and we are in the final stages of finishing a second song.

“Without the Road Rally, the TAXI Forum, Michael Laskow and his talented staff, none of this would have happened. Being a member of TAXI has been a wonderful experience and has put me in contact with so many talented and generous people.”


Peter Sivo, Middletown, NY
“I'm in my 93rd year of life and I've been a TAXI member for over 10 years. I am very happy that I did not miss the chapter of life that TAXI influenced.”  Those inspirational words are from TAXI member Peter Sivo. Peter told us about his most recent placement which was on HBO's hit show The Leftovers.  Peter says, “This placement of ‘No Heart For Love To Know' was part of the deal I made with a Music Publisher who placed a listing with TAXI for old vintage masters. TAXI chose my submissions and I signed a deal for 35 of my masters which are 40 and 50 years old!” 

In addition to that great use, Peter has also had some other great placements including: AMC's sci-fi hit The Strain, USA Network's original show Suits, the Canadian sitcom Young Drunk Punks, MTV's teenage comedy Awkward, Lifetimes' Witches of East End, and two feature films L.A. Slasher, starring Mischa Barton and Andy Dick, and Loitering With Intent with Marisa Tomei and Sam Rockwell. This is just a small sample of Peter's list of 18 total placements so far!

Peter concludes by saying, “Listen to this pleased passenger, hail a TAXI and get on board!”

Ken Morrison

Ken Morrison, Bellevue, WA
We were very pleased to hear about Ken Morrison's latest placement.  Ken's song  “America, We're Standing By” was recently used in two episodes of the WGN popular series Manhattan which aired in October.  Ken says, “About five years ago, I was introduced to a Music Library through TAXI.  Since that time this Music Library has made me thousands and has placed several dozen songs in high profile films and TV shows. This most recent placement was my 110th!”

When asked about the benefits of a TAXI membership, Ken enthuses, “The biggest benefit I've found through TAXI has been the networking through the Road Rallies.  In addition to meeting Music Library owners and getting tips from those with a history of placement success stores, I have met collaborators from Philadelphia to Austin and from San Francisco to Nashville.  I approach others with a very simple, one line message, ‘I'm a good lyricist...if you've got good melodies in search of lyrics, here is my email address.'”  

Gareth Ebbs

Gareth Ebbs, Dublin, Ireland
“I didn't imagine myself composing post-rock for libraries but then again, nothing has happened like I imagined it would,” said Gareth Ebbs who recently signed a number of tracks with a great Music Library. Gareth told us how the deal happened, “The deal with the Music Library came about after I submitted a track to a post-rock listing a few months back. The Library contacted me and I submitted a track and began work on some more material – which got the thumbs up too. I'm just really happy that it's my first Library deal directly through TAXI!  I wasn't sure if my styles and genres would find a home here at all but I'm happy to haven been proven wrong.”

Gareth told us what he attributes his success to, “I really do put a lot of my success down to the advice, support and wonderful humor of the TAXI community – which is worth the membership fee alone. You cannot put a price on it. There are many skeptics that I've met, especially in my part of the world (I'm from Ireland, in case you didn't know) – and it's nice to be able to show them that things can happen. Viva TAXI – see y'all at the Rally!”

Tom Marsh

Tom Marsh, Modena, Italy
We got in touch with Tom Marsh to find out about his latest deal with a Music Publisher. Tom explained, “The deal came from a Publishing listing that was looking for some up-tempo/quirky rock songs.  All three of the songs I had pitched were chosen by TAXI and the Publishing company wanted all three. They have since taken another and are currently checking out other similar ones, so the number may rise.”  Tom says proudly, “Overall in the past three months I have had eight tracks chosen by TAXI!”

Tom also had some nice things to say about the screening process, “TAXI is a great way to hone your material and get it out there and critiqued. Even if a track is not chosen, this is obviously disappointing, but the feedback is generally very useful and allows you to improve your work and increase your chances of getting pitches.”

Robert Coe

Robert Coe, Gothenburg, Sweden
It took a couple of months for Robert Coe to sign a Music Library deal through TAXI.  Robert told us how it happened, “I recently signed one hybrid trailer tune and one classical trailer tune to a Library based in the United Kingdom.  It's my first placement through TAXI but I am super pleased, as I have only been pitching my music through the service for about two months. I pitched the tunes individually to two separate listings through the website and what do you know, they both got picked up!”

Robert relates how TAXI listings keep him focused and motivated, “I am finding that working with TAXI is really helping me to stay on track with getting pieces completed due to the deadlines given.  Plus, it helps to know that the pieces I am composing are getting sent to someone that is looking for that specific style/genre/etc.”

Marlene Glass

Marlene Glass, Valley Stream, NY
We recently got in touch with TAXI member, Marlene Glass to hear about her success stories with TAXI. Through TAXI's services, Marlene has been able to sign two non-exclusive Publishing deals to date. She was contacted by one Publishing company after they discovered her music from a TAXI listing. It only took two weeks for them to offer her a deal. Since her deal is non-exclusive, she was also able to sign another non-exclusive Publishing contract with a second company that was interested in her music they obtained through TAXI. Marlene is able to benefit from multiple Publishing deals and continues to post to TAXI listings and seek career advice from TAXI.

Frank Longo

Frank Longo, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
We were excited to hear from Frank after he signed a Publishing deal recently, Frank said, “I have been a long-time TAXI member and through TAXI I was lucky to have secured a multi-song Publishing deal with a large Publishing company out of Los Angeles. That connection has resulted in songs placed in several TV shows including AMC's Breaking Bad, Netflix Original All Hail King Julien, Tony Hawk's Ride Channel on YouTube, as well as feature films including Freaks of Nature (starring Vanessa Hudgens and Denis Leary), The Wedding Ringer, Cyrus, and Crazy Stupid Love.

Over the years, Frank's two music projects, “Frank Longo” and “The Longo Brothers,” have had several top 10 songs in Canada and  have consistently earned performance royalties from media all over the world. Many of his songs continue to be used worldwide as background music for commercials and television shows including, NBC's Up All Night, Saturday Night Live, and Prime Suspect; USA Network's In Plain Sight; and E!'s Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Frank gives his praise for TAXI when he says, “TAXI is not only a tremendous vehicle for songwriters to have their music exposed but there is also great value in having songs critiqued by professionals in the industry.  Their guidance has definitely assisted me in song-crafting.”

Charles Hurowitz

Charles Hurowitz, Washington, PA
“A few years back I had a TAXI forward to a Music Library that led to placements on two episodes of Becoming Us on ABC Family. The Music Library signed some of my tracks and that was the start of a long relationship. Since then the Music Library has been accepting more tracks on a regular basis. Similarly, I've had other placements from one TAXI forward that led to me regularly sending additional tracks to another Music Library. This happened with the show 10 on Top on MTV. Sometimes all it takes is one forward to the right library to get things really rolling!”

Charles has also learned the value of collaboration from TAXI. After meeting fellow members at the annual Road Rally and getting to know them through the event, Charles developed a working relationship and started collaborating with a few members. These collaborations have led to several successful placements. As Charles puts it, “It just shows the power of networking with your fellow members! If it wasn't for attending the Road Rally, this would never have happened.”

“I love TAXI because the listings are so motivating to keep us writing and writing for what's currently in demand. Every forward can be the start of a vital relationship for the future. It's not only about the track(s) that were forwarded; it's what it can lead to as demonstrated by my above successes. And NOTHING beats the TAXI community—the road rally, the forum, etc.”

Rodrigo Antonio Villaronga

Rodrigo Antonio Villaronga, McLean,VA
Rodrigo let us know about his recent success thanks to TAXI saying, “My latest BMI royalty statement was, by far, the largest royalty payment I've ever gotten. My placements included a piece of music on the Discovery ID show Happily Never After which was broadcast in numerous occasions and one on a TV show in Latvia, yes, that would be the country in the Baltic region of Europe. Apparently they used my music a lot in Latvia as it generated over $700 in royalties from ONE piece of music in one quarter alone. I am also now getting royalties for YouTube licensing for several pieces of music, which is nice. All as a result of deals I made through TAXI with several Music Libraries.”

“The most interesting part is that both the Latvian placement and the YouTube placements are for pieces of music I signed with a Music Library over eight years ago. They had generated small amounts of royalties over the years and it has now snowballed very nicely. So, for those who are impatient and think TAXI doesn't work because they're not becoming rich overnight... it takes time, it takes the right relationship but it does work.”

Kurt Kreimier

Kurt Kreimier, Clermont, FL
It was great to hear from Kurt Kreimier about his ever-growing list of great film and TV placements. Kurt explained how it all happened, “My placement of two instrumentals in the feature film John Wick starring Keanu Reeves and Willem Dafoe came through a Music Library/Publisher I met while attending the TAXI Road Rally, who later signed some of my music.” Some of Kurt's other placements that also came as a direct result of his membership in TAXI include: Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee on Crackle, Magic City on Starz, Finding Carter on MTV, Say Yes to the Dress on TLC, When Vacations Attack on The Travel Channel, and Hollywood Hillbillies on REELZ, as well as numerous placements in a variety of European travel and historical documentaries.  Kurt says he, “Presently has music signed to six different music Libraries/Publishers that are a direct result of attending the TAXI Road Rally!”

“My favorite thing about TAXI?” Kurt asks enthusiastically, “The Road Rally, of course!” Ours too Kurt!  See you next month!

Joe Dancsak

Joe Dancsak, Malibu, CA
Hip-Hop and Electronic music artist Joe Dancsak, aka DVisionquest3000, has been a TAXI member since 2014 and has already scored an impressive placement.  His song “Flow So Cold” was used in the season 4 DVD release of HBO's monster hit, Girls.  Joe says, “A Music Library picked up my EDM song ‘Everybody Rock the Party' for a non-exclusive deal, to pitch to film and TV after they received it from TAXI.  They also picked up the other five tracks from my EP including the Trap/Hip-Hop song ‘Flow So Cold.'”  Joe went on to say, “I've also had five of my instrumental Hip-Hop tracks picked up by another Library, after TAXI sent it to them, which are being pitched to shows like HBO's news program Vice.  TAXI has also forwarded about a dozen of my Hip-Hop and Pop tracks to major and independent labels that I would be unable to reach if not for this service.”

Joe continued, “What I like about TAXI is exactly that.  Instead of my tracks sitting ignored in an inbox, I know what when I am pre-screened and forwarded [by TAXI] there is a better chance of the A&R person taking an actual listen. They are actually in need of the material, and actively looking for the music I've sent in.”

Danny Infantino

Danny Infantino, Pinehurst, NC
Danny Infantino has had a banner year.  Danny has garnered some impressive placements, including the instrumental track “Odessa Waltz,” which appeared in the broadcast network show, CBS's NCIS, and “Skid Row Smash And Grab,” which was placed in Red Oaks (debuting on Amazon this month).  Danny told us that, “A Music Library that specializes in vintage songs and recordings signed a bunch of my older music a couple of years ago.  My relationships with these Libraries are solely due to TAXI.”

Danny went on to describe what impresses him about TAXI, “From old songs to newer instrumentals of various ilk, I've developed a very nice catalog of signings and placements with many Music Libraries, again thanks to TAXI.  Valuable input from TAXI rejections has helped me to focus in on what's right for a certain pitch.  I'm a long-time member and fan!”

We're your fans too, Danny!  Congratulations!!

Michael Mazzei

Michael Mazzei, Pittsburgh, PA
We were elated to hear that Michael Mazzei got the break he was looking for when he submitted songs for a TAXI listing looking for vintage recordings.  Michael enthuses, “I am a member of a family singing group who've been writing and producing our own material for many years.  We've been answering TAXI pitches for quite a while, we had a few nibbles, and were put in catalogues, but we never got a ‘bite.' Then, we answered a listing for songs written and recorded in the '70s and '80s. This led to ‘the bite' we were hoping for! A Music Library accepted one of the songs forwarded to them by TAXI, and subsequently, bought five of our songs.  They have placed one of them in a Canadian Show for syndicated and international broadcast, and another in an episode on Amazon's new show, Red Oaks!”

Michael went on to say, “TAXI is wonderful!  Our old songs would have remained on the shelf, still collecting dust, considered ‘outdated' in today's music market. But, thanks to TAXI, our material has been given new life.  If you stay with TAXI long enough, you're bound to find a pitch that will fit!  All I can say is DON'T GIVE UP ON TAXI.  I'm so glad I never did!”

We're glad you didn't either, Michael! Yep, patience is a virtue!!

William  Livesay

William Livesay, Pembroke Pines, FL
William Livesay is dusting off those old recordings and is putting them to work.  Williams told us how a TAXI listing enabled him to breathe new life into his old songs, “TAXI put up a listing for recordings of original songs, any genre that were from the '80s, '70s, or earlier that the artist still owned the rights to. I submitted 1 song and got a forward to a Music Library. The Library called, and I received $5,000 for the publishing rights to 10 songs! One of those songs has been place in the Amazon TV show Red Oak, which [aired] October 9, and I still receive writer's royalties. This was like found money because these songs were literally in the garbage and I never expected to do anything with them.”

William confesses it's the access to music professionals that he appreciates about TAXI, “What I like most about TAXI is the fact they do have the resources to get music in the hands of people looking for songs for specific situations.”

Scott Horton

Scott Horton, Prague, Czech Republic
“I got my first deal with a Publisher four months into my TAXI membership!” said a glowing Scott Horton.  He continued, “I've since signed (and continue to send) more songs with this Publisher, and have had three songs featured on TruTv's The Hustlers. I also signed a good number of [instrumental] cues with two other non-exclusive Libraries. Through participating on the TAXI Forums, I had a few co-writes with other TAXI members and eventually got into a few other music Libraries, to which I've since signed over 100 cues and songs throughout the year. From these relationships, I'm already seeing placements on NBC Sports, the NBCSN's new show Mobsteel,and during NFL games on CBS!”

Scott expounds on what he likes about TAXI,  “In addition to the friendly and helpful [TAXI] forum community members, I find that I am most motivated and successful when writing to specific TAXI listings. TAXI clearly lays down exactly what is being asked for. All we have to do is deliver the tailor-made music by the deadline. Very excited to be attending my first TAXI Road Rally in November!”

William  Livesay

Jerry Honigman, Alexandria, LA
Jerry Honigman recently had his song “Deny, Deny, Deny” placed in Amazon's new series Red Oaks.  In addition to that choice placement, Jerry also had his music used in a number of popular shows, including the broadcast network show, NBC's groundbreaking series, The Office, USA Network's popular hit Mr. Robot starring Christian Slater, and the CW's smash Sex in the City prequel, The Carrie Diaries. Jerry describes how it all happened, “Well, the deal came about due to the efforts of my Publisher of the last few years. And that deal came about due to TAXI.” When asked how TAXI has influenced his musical career, Jerry says simply,  “Without TAXI, none of this would have happened.”

Chris Winston

Chris Winston, Highland Village, TX
Chris Winston learned that sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone to become successful.  Chris had a total of 12 instrumental cues used in the broadcast network show, CBS's hit series, Madam Secretary. Chris describes how the deal came about, “We signed a deal with a Publisher that came from a TAXI listing. While working on that deal, he mentioned a need for “World Pop” stuff for a new library. It was a completely new genre for us, so we listened to a lot of cues in that style. We borrowed as many instruments as we could, got to work, and delivered 15 cues, of which they used 12! Also, some tension cues that we wrote about two years ago ended up in six episodes of Ice Cold Killers on the Investigation Discovery network.”

“What I like the most about TAXI is that although it is a lot of work to get your name out there, build up cues, and get your first success, it is worth it. It seems to me after many years of doing it, and over 200 cues published, that this is a marathon.”

Bob Lograsso

Bob Lograsso, Salem, IL
We were thrilled to hear about Bob Lograsso's first deal with a Music Library, which came about through a TAXI Dispatch listing and guidance from other TAXI members.  Bob explains, “My deal with a Library came about through a TAXI Dispatch listing looking for Hick Hop music. I had attempted this genre several months back and had put a track out on the [TAXI] Forum for advice. I got some from Andy Gabrys and Russell Landewehr, they helped me understand the genre better. That track ‘Hickin Hop' from that night also got picked up, but the track they really liked was, ‘Four Wheelin,' which I wrote after understanding the genre better. Since I upgraded to [TAXI] Dispatch, my success rate is better, which has led to more opportunities!”

Bob raves, “I would like to mention that what I like most about TAXI is the people who are involved. I have met a lot of people on TAXI's Forum and through Facebook. I am involved in the GYAWS Facebook group, in which we write cues and songs every week.”

Scott Hanson

Scott Hanson, Cleveland, OH
“I have worked very hard and spent a lot of time, money and energy working on what I consider to be a life's passion of mine,” said TAXI member Scott Hanson. Scott continued, “Since the beginning, I have had a lot of ups and downs in my career, and I truly believed I had it in me to make this work. I have been rejected more times than I care to admit, but I never let stop me or slow me down. I did what I was being taught to do: Write, Record, Submit, and Repeat. Now after three years of waiting for something to happen, I can joyfully report to you that on August 26, 2015, my song, ‘Terrified,' was used in a scene on the ABC Family Network show called Kevin From Work, thanks to a relationship made through TAXI.”

Scott says candidly, “You cannot describe the feeling of validation one feels hearing something that started out as a thought in your head, watching it grow, and then hearing it on a nationally broadcasted television show. It was one of the proudest moments of my life. I could not have done this without you TAXI, and for that I will be forever grateful.”

Robbie Hancock

Robbie Hancock, Ontario, Canada
“I can tell other skeptical musicians that TAXI really works, and I can back it up!” exclaims Robbie Hancock. Robbie recently had two deals offered in a single day from relationships that originated through TAXI. Robbie elaborates, “I just got my first international song placement in Peru for a collaboration with [fellow TAXI member] Andy Gabrys for a song called ‘Into the Bright.' I negotiated, and earned my first paycheck as a songwriter!”  Incredibly, only hours later, Robbie inked another deal for an instrumental cue for use in HBO's hit series, VICE. “I have wanted this for so long and now that it is here I am just overwhelmed with emotion!” exclaims Robbie.

Robbie sang the praises of TAXI's Dispatch service, saying, “It's fast and I am so glad I did the upgrade. As always, it is about timing though and I felt now just into year three that I was ready. I am so glad that this happened, not only for me, but more importantly to validate TAXI and celebrate the incredible community of great people that TAXI has created. Thanks for everything and I look forward to the Road Rally this year!”

Ostin Drais

Ostin Drais, Portland, OR
It was great to hear from Ostin Drais about his recent Music Library deal. What's even better is that this was his very first deal. Ostin explains, “This is my first TAXI deal. I read the listing for Suspenseful Instrumentals and realized that I could easily meet the requirements, and honestly went into it with a devil-may-care attitude. I would certainly do my best, but I had no expectations.”  Ostin continues, “I heard nothing for months. Then, eight months later I get a voicemail from the client. I called him back and three days later I signed the track (and potential future tracks) to a non-exclusive deal. They're actively shopping it, so I'm pretty confident that the royalty machine will start to chug.” 

Ostin explains, “Best of all, my confidence in myself and my abilities to meet client needs has jumped big time! I've got this. Now it's time to do it. What I like most about TAXI is, it provides an opportunity for the product to sell itself by its quality rather than the personality behind it.”

Tore Thomassen

Tore Thomassen, Sande Norway
Tore Thomassen recently told us about a great placement he'd gotten since joining TAXI.  Tore explains, “After 4-5 months of hard work to get the best possible instrumental songs, I got a deal with one company that provides cues to the HBO hit series VICE, and they want more from me! This has opened up more opportunities. Recently I got the opportunity to deliver test cues to a console video game!”

When we asked him what he values most about TAXI, Tore responded, “I really appreciate the TAXI Forums. I have been a diligent user for the last five months and have learned a lot from my TAXI mates. The same goes for TAXI TV, it's fantastic, instructive, and inspiring. And not least, I've used TAXI's Custom Critiques a lot. It is worth so much to let someone who knows the business and music give you the right feedback and direction. I think it is important to take advantage of all TAXI offers for reaching your goals. For me it has just started!”

Seth Littlefield

Seth Littlefield, Seattle, WA
Seth Littlefield is having a great year so far, having his music placed in national TV commercial and now a feature film!  Seth elaborates, “About two years ago, I had a song sent through TAXI to a small L.A. boutique Music Library. The company contacted me, and I ended up signing three songs with them. But it wasn't until this year that my placements with this Library really picked up. First, a McDonald's commercial and now, a feature film! The movie After Words, starring Marcia Gay Harden (Pollock, Fifty Shades of Grey) and Óscar Jaenada (Pirates of the Caribbean), is opening in theatres at the end of August. My publisher told me that my song, “Around” replaced a Paul Simon temp track. Yikes!

“Patience is a must. Even if you had all of your ducks in a row to begin with, feeling confident with your recording chops, understanding the ins and outs of the business, utilizing ALL of TAXI's tools and resources, placements can take months or even years to occur. Then it will take 6-9 months to see any royalties from those placements. So keeping an eye on the overall/long-term plan and focusing your action on writing and submitting is crucial. While you wait, why not create?!”

Words of wisdom, Seth, and congratulations on those awesome placements! And thanks for letting us know about them!

Amund Maarud

Amund Maarud, Oslo, Norway
Member Amund Maarud got some stellar news when he got a call from a respected Music Supervisor who wanted to license his track “I Can't Believe” for the upcoming film Badge Of Faith.  Amund explains how the deal came about, “After receiving the song from TAXI, the Music Supervisor of the movie sent a request to license ‘I Can't Believe' to use it in the film. We received a master/synchronization contract (non-exclusive) to sign and the Music Supervisor got the master wav file and lyrics.”  He goes on to add, “This is my first deal coming through TAXI. I've had a total of five songs chosen by TAXI until now, but this is the first time I've heard back from a Music Supervisor!”

Amund describes his favorite thing about TAXI, “I like the feedback of the submitted songs whether they get chosen or not. It is a very good way to know if you've read the submission listings correctly.”

Not too shabby for your first placement, Amund! We hope you get many, many more!!

John Cirillo

John Cirillo, Nashville, TN
Persistence is key. John Cirillo developed a relationship with a Music Publisher/Record Label in Nashville that got his songs through a pitch to a TAXI listing. John learned that patience is indeed a virtue. John explains, “I'm really good about not bugging the companies I have a relationship with through TAXI. But over a few months' period, I noticed that I had four or five songs in the same Catalog. After getting the OK from TAXI, I got them on the phone and we talked for a bit. The company's owner remembered my songs and liked a few of them quite a bit. He called me up a few weeks later saying he's meeting with one of his artists, and he wanted to play her my song, ‘Woman Up.'  The artist was recent American Idol contestant, Tori Martin. Short story from there is that they decided to cut it and release it as a single! It went from ‘maybe we'll cut it' to single release in all of about two weeks!”

“What I like most about TAXI are the targeted pitch opportunities. It took me a while to figure out how to best apply my songs to TAXI's pitches. But once I finally got a better handle on that, I have a much higher percentage of my songs being chosen!”

Yep, you're right, John! Don't bug them, and good things will happen. Getting a song released as a single is a big deal. Nice going, and congratulations!

Jerry Brunkala

Jerry Brunkala, Oceanside, CA
Jerry Brunkala was happy to tell us about a recent deal he signed with a Music Library.  Jerry says, “I sent in three tracks for a TAXI ‘Trip Hop' listing. I received an email from the Library that they wanted to sign two of them. The Library also requested that I send them any other Trip Hop tracks that I had, and they ended up signing two more! Needless to say, I was very pleased, as this is a really great Library. Recently, while watching an episode of Catfish on MTV, I heard one of my cues playing underneath a scene for nearly 30 seconds!”

“I have to thank TAXI for providing the vehicle for me to get my music out into the world. The TAXI Forum, the Road Rally, TAXI TV and the entire TAXI community are extraordinarily supportive. In fact, one afternoon a couple of years ago, a quite successful TAXI member, whom I met at the Road Rally, called me at home to find out how my music production was coming along. At the time, I was not too enthusiastic, but because of his encouragement and enthusiasm for my music, I soon got back on track. And I'm very glad I did!”

Thanks for letting us know, Jerry, and congratulations. And yes, the community, and using all the aspects of TAXI pay off. We hope other members are inspired by your story!

Diane Ridaeus

Diane Ridaeus, Ontario, Canada
With a single TAXI listing, Diane Ridaeus was able to turn her love of World Music into the fulfillment of a life long dream. Diane describes her experience, “I have always had an interest in World Music, but not too many chances to do any till the recent travel show listing came up. I love Scandinavian culture so put together a Finnish track. I pitched it, and the Library signed it for use in a Travel Show! It's a completely engaging way to write, to try and capture an international flavor through music.” 

Diane goes onto say, “I was never confident enough to offer my music for commercial use, but since being a TAXI member I've done that two times successfully now, So I've had three ‘yes' responses so far. Wow, what a thrill, especially since that has been a goal since I was reeeeeaaaaally young. TAXI listings are like discipline for me. Gets me reined in and focused and deadline-conscious, which really speeds up the process. The Forums are invaluable for feedback, especially when it's so accurate, relevant to the craft, and unbiased. “

Dan Michaels

Dan Michaels, Brentwood, TN
“Through a few calls and some emails, a deal was signed, and new life was breathed into 30+ year old songs.” Dan Michaels echoes the hopes of many TAXI members, to see their old recordings appreciated and find a place in today's market. Dan describes the origin of the deal, “The listing for ‘Rock Songs recorded in the '80s' caught my eye. I submitted through TAXI three songs from 1985, which have been taking up hard drive space for years. Several days later, I got a call from the Publisher. They simply couldn't have been more pro, friendly, and easy to work with. After sending them a few others songs from 1983, the company settled on three of our songs!”

Dan says he admires TAXI for, “being around for so many years and earning such a respectable reputation in their efforts to serve both artists and industry. They genuinely meet a need for independent bands, writers, and producers and in turn meet the need for busy music supervisors, A&R, publishers and music libraries. After hearing of TAXI for over a couple decades, I'm kind of kicking myself for not reaching out years ago!”

We hear that all the time… people wishing they'd joined years earlier. Oh well, at least you're out there pitching now, and hopefully making up for lost time! Congratulations, Dan, the company you've signed with is an awesome Publisher, and we have little doubt that given some time—it DOES take time—you'll start getting placements in some great TV shows and films through that Publisher!

James Thompson

James Thompson, Sevenoaks, Kent, United Kingdom
It's great to hear about people taking advantage of all the services that TAXI offers its members.  We reached out to James Thompson to find out what resources have helped him the most.  James says, “I've been a TAXI member for just over a year now, and I recently got a deal for the song ‘Baby Steps' with a Publisher and it's thanks to the TAXI community that this has happened. I started implementing advice about song structure/making things contemporary etc., and also bought and acted upon both the TAXI books.  Most of the success has came within the last two months, so clearly something has sunk into my brain.” 

James also had some suggestions for other TAXI members, “The advice my songwriting partner and I would give would to be to listen hard to the submission criteria and reference back to the example tracks often whist composing to keep yourself on track, watch TAXI TV and engage with members on the TAXI Forums.  Our success rate has been increasing more recently as we continue to grow as writers, and the TAXI books by Robin Frederick have been invaluable.”

Bruce Ray Brown

Bruce Ray Brown, Nashville, TN
Longtime TAXI member Bruce Ray Brown reached out to us after hearing a cue he co-wrote with fellow TAXI member Adonis Aletras played on a recent episode of TAXI TV.  Bruce says, “I joined TAXI in 2011. At that time I had zero cues on TV and zero cues signed to music libraries. Today I received my quarterly BMI statement. Thanks to TAXI, the list of my cues reads something like this: ABC, A&E's Duck Dynasty, Animal Planet, Cartoon Network, History Channel's Pawn Stars, Discovery Channel, Esquire, Fox Sports, National Geographic, CBS's Let's Make a Deal, TLC's Honey Boo Boo and Toddlers and Tiaras, and NBC Sports. This is a partial list, but it gives you an idea of what has happened since 2011. I now have 1,678 registered cues in my BMI works catalog! None of this would be a reality if I had not joined TAXI and attended a Road Rally.“

When asked how TAXI has helped his writing for Film/TV he proclaims, “The things I have learned from other members on the Forums, the Rally, and hanging out with other TAXI members here in Nashville have been invaluable. Thanks for opening the door to production music for me, but more importantly thanks for the TAXI community.“

Dennis Lacey

Dennis Lacey, Atlanta, GA
It was great to hear from Dennis Lacey about his most recent deal, a placement in episode 12 of NBC's new hit, Aquarius, starring David Duchovny.  Dennis went on to say how this placement originated: “The deals basically came about via my placement with a Library in Los Angeles via a TAXI submission of mine in 2007, followed by the subsequent acceptance of three more songs of mine directly to the Library.”

When asked what he enjoys about TAXI, Dennis explained, “What I like most about TAXI is the expertise and specificity of the [A&R people], the valuable feedback for improving submission accuracy, and likelihood of [getting] placements, and the varied categories to pick from.” 

Thanks, Dennis! You know what we like about you? You get it!! Congratulations on that sweet placement, and we're sure we'll se many more of those coming from you in the future.

Juan Avila

Juan Avila, North Miami, FL
Once, and future, TAXI member, Juan Avila, wrote to tell us about the placement of his song “Esta Noche” in the ABC/Marvel Studio hit, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.The placement was the result of a relationship made through TAXI. Juan goes on to describe the deal, “The Library offered me a non-exclusive contract. This contract auto-renewed over the years. I had forgotten about it and one day they contacted me that the song was used on the show. The song was used at the beginning of that episode for around 34 seconds. This happened almost four years after my initial contact with the Library!”

Juan goes on to say earnestly, “I felt obligated to share this story so TAXI members know that TAXI is truly a successful medium to get you and your music where you want to be. This successful placement got me into going back to work in music. I'll be soon re-joining TAXI!”

We look forward to that, Juan, and it's hard to pass up the opportunity to remind members who've let their memberships lapse, that they could have been filling the pipeline with a lot more music and generating a lot more placements if they hadn't taken a break. Just sayin'!

We look forward to having you back, Juan, and thanks for letting us know about this great placement.

Tim Jennings

Tim Jennings, Hitchin, UK
New TAXI member Tim Jennings is off to a great start!  He has already had a song placed in the truTV hit series The Hustlers. Tim explains how this deal came about, “I wrote the song with a very successful TAXI member named Paul Cufflin. Paul had been introduced to the Music Library owner through TAXI.  He signed the song as soon as we had recorded it, and a few months later it was placed. Great news!”

Tim breaks down how TAXI has influenced his growth as a songwriter, “It's taken me a while to work out exactly how to cater to the needs of the industry. TAXI has helped me big time to stop trying to make everything perfect, not saying that I don't strive for excellence, but I no longer fall into the trap of over thinking and overdoing my songs.”

Thanks for saying that, Tim! You're not alone in those habits that are so hard to break. But, you're proof that there's great value in shedding those old, unproductive habits.

When asked what he likes about TAXI, Tim replies,” TAXI has so much advice, so much knowledge and the best listings I've ever come across. And so far as the music is concerned, I think TAXI has made me grow up and have a more considered and professional approach to what I'm doing.”

Awesome, Tim. We hope we're having that effect on many, many more songwriters, artists, and composers!

Johnny Moore

Johnny Moore, Los Angeles, CA
Johnny Moore tells a story that is probably familiar to many TAXI members. Johnny recalls, “After being in a touring band, and being broke while living in a van on the road for most of my 20s, I was at a crossroads. It was around that time that I discovered TAXI and the world of composing for Film and TV. I already owned a laptop and had previously spent some time messing around on GarageBand, but TAXI's Industry Listings helped me focus, the TAXI Forum provided me with motivation, and the panels at the Road Rally educated me on how to get started on a new career path.”

Johnny eventually signed a deal with a Library and recently had two placements in the MTV hit show Catfish – all from a relationship that started with a TAXI listing.  

When asked what he appreciates most about his TAXI experience, Johnny enthuses, “I'm grateful for so much more than just the online submission process, clear listings, and the Road Rally (where every employee I've met has been nothing less than welcoming, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to be around); I'm grateful most of all for the one things that's so hard to find these days ... HOPE.”

Paul Otten

Paul Otten, Cincinnati, OH Talk about success! TAXI member Paul Otten had an incredible 27 placements in the first two episodes of truTV's new hit show, Hustlers! Three of the songs were co-written with Paul's fellow TAXI members: Ethan Okamura, Paul Cufflin, and Greg Mandel.

In addition to that awesome bit of news, Paul told us about another great placement on a broadcast network show: “TAXI member Helen Austin (whom I first met at the 2011 TAXI Road Rally) and I had a huge placement on NBC's The Nightshift. Our song closed the show and played for two-and-a-half minutes!”

Paul recounts how all of this came about, “I signed with a great Publisher in the spring of 2010 through TAXI. Since signing, I've had hundreds of placements through them!”

When asked about the significance of his TAXI membership Paul says, “TAXI has been invaluable in hooking me up with many different Publishers, a few direct [to supervisor] placements and loads of co-writers. I've created close, professional relationships with many top Publishers in the industry. I can honestly say that I would not be in the position I'm in, that of being a go to composer/producer, without the help of TAXI. I learned the language of the business from TAXI!”

Patty Boss

Danny Infantino, Southern Pines, NC Danny Infantino continues his 2015 winning streak with some impressive placements.  Danny had an instrumental track used in Fox's The Mindy Project. Danny says of the track, “This was a piece I signed about six years ago to a great music Library, from a relationship made through TAXI. They have gotten me numerous placements over the years.” Similarly, Danny got a big surprise when he found out a solo guitar piece he wrote and signed several years ago was used in, of all places, Latvia! “I'm a hit in the Baltics!” he exclaims.  He goes on to say, “All of these signings were the result of relationships made through TAXI.”

“One of he great things about TAXI, and the deals I've made through the company, is that music signed years ago can still be used and generate income in the future. TAXI's guidance and education, whether through the Forum, the critiques, and of course the Road Rally, have made me better at what I do.  This is all paying off now, and will continue to do so looking forward. Bravo TAXI!”

Thanks, Danny, but it's you who deserves to take a bow!

Jeff Allen

Jeff Allen, Wyckoff, NJ We were thrilled for Jeff and his collaborator Lori Quku when we found out about their recent placements and deals, including a killer placement in Showtime's popular series, Shameless. Jeff explains how it all came about, “TAXI ran a listing for a ‘gritty blues-inspired Alt Rock song.' The Library received our songs and quickly contacted Lori and me to sign three songs. Since that time we've signed a total of five tracks with them. They pitched our song and it was placed in the season five finale [of Shameless]!” Jeff adds, “We are also fortunate to have three additional pieces signed between two other great Libraries... all deals originated through TAXI!”

“There is a lot I like about TAXI, but I think the education is the best part of the service. I learned how to write songs that can be used in TV and film, and the Road Rally was extremely helpful!”

Nice going, Jeff and Lori, and thanks for the kind words!
Patty Boss

Katianne Timko, Youngstown, OH TAXI member Katianne Timko reached out to tell us about her recent successes, including a placement in Hulu's new original series, East Los High. Katianne says of the deal, “After I submitted my song through a TAXI listing, a Music Supervisor reached out through email and asked me to keep sending songs as I make them! So, I'll have two songs in this upcoming season, but probably some more in the next.” In addition to that great news, Katianne also told us about another deal that was “with a Photography Company that licenses songs for huge companies like Google, Nikon, and Canon!”

Katianne talked about how TAXI has influenced her songwriting: “I love the feedback aspect—it's really helped me understand that everyone listens to songs differently. For one listing, a song won't be forwarded, but for another, that same song will land me a deal. It really depends on who's listening and what they're looking for. It helps me a) make my songs better if I hear the same critique [comment and suggestions] a few times, and b) not take it personally when someone passes on my music. TAXI's screeners are all so supportive and they're rooting for me to do my best work!”

Patty Boss

Gene Baynes, San Diego, CA We reached out to TAXI member and multi-instrumentalist, Gene Baynes when we heard about his recent successes. Gene broke new ground by having a track placed in the new Chinese film, Hollywood Adventures from a relationship with a Library made through TAXI. The film was shot in LA and will most likely only be made available theatrically in China.

Gene also told us about placements in a pair of feature films, the upcoming Big Stone Gap starring Ashley Judd and Whoopi Goldberg, and a Canadian film called Bad City.  He also had music used in the Netflix animated hit series Bojack Horseman. All of those placements are through TAXI connections!

Gene had some nice things to say about the resources that TAXI provides to members, “I really enjoyed the last, and my first Road Rally, and the fact that there is a lot of information available for songwriters like myself on the TAXI website and TAXI TV. This last [placement] has me getting ready to fire the studio up again and get recording!”

That's what we like to hear, Gene! Can't wait to hear what you cook up next!

Patty Boss

Patty Boss – San Francisco, CA We noticed Patty Boss posted on the TAXI Forums about her recent successes.  We reached out to her, and were delighted to find out about placements in several TV shows including: CNN's Special Report, Witnessed: The Assassination of Malcolm X; VH1's popular Hollywood Exes; MTV's Catfish; History Channel's hit show Pawn Stars; and the Travel Channel's Fantasy Foods show. We couldn't be happier for you, Patty!

Patty effusively says: “All of these placements are a direct result of being a TAXI member. These latest ones are all stemming from Publishers with whom I became connected as result of attending TAXI's Road Rallies. The thing I love most about TAXI is that it's a one-stop-shop for development. They won't shove a guitar into your hands and force you to play it (unless you're at the Rally, and then it may come with a beer). But TAXI does offer an incredible amount of resources, on what sometimes feels like a silver platter.”

Way to go, Patty!  We love it when hard work pays off!

Michael Hendrix

Michael Hendrix – Tujunga, CA The year 2015 is turning out to be an exciting year for TAXI member Michael Hendrix.  Michael has seen his music placed in two documentary films this year: Call Me Lucky directed by Bobcat Goldthwait and Rolling Papers, a film about the legalization of Marijuana.  He previously had music featured in the 2014 crime drama God's Pocket that resulted from a TAXI connection.  In addition to those great placements, Michael also had music used in a number of broadcast network TV shows including the hit NBC shows, Chicago P.D. and Parks and Recreation, and the highly rated Criminal Minds on CBS.  Michael laments having let his TAXI membership lapse, but has been inspired to renew his membership by these recent successes.

“Two-thousand and fifteen has kicked off with a bang, thanks to TAXI!  I am so thankful for the great opportunity made possible by TAXI to connect with a great publishing company that I would never have even known about without their help.  I particularly like the way TAXI makes it easy to submit material for possible connections with music users.  Life has taken some turns that took me away from TAXI for a while, but I will soon be a member again.  It is amazing to see my songs still being placed [even though my membership had lapsed.]  I am looking forward to reconnecting as a TAXI member and getting the ball rolling again to find a place for more of my creations.  I highly recommend TAXI for anyone looking for a home for their music in a variety of venues with endless possibilities.”

Richard Flood

Richard Flood – Salley, SC Richard Flood, a.k.a Okefenokee Joe, is already a legend in the state of Georgia.  Dick was recently inducted into the Georgia Family Entertainers Hall of Fame, and dubbed “A Living Georgia Icon” in a book entitled Georgia Icons, written by Don Rhodes of the Augusta Chronicle.  Dick has been a TAXI member for almost a year and has already seen his music placed with various films and network TV shows, among them, CBS's The Good Wife, Adult Swim's hit show Children's Hospital, and the indie film The Driftless Area starring Zooey Deschanel.  Dick was happy to discuss his journey to success and what he loves most about TAXI.

“It all came about when TAXI submitted several of my songs to a Music Library, and a couple of Film and TV Music Publishers.  I like the fact that TAXI is tight with so many A&R people, publishers, recording artists, major network TV shows, movies, etc., and alerts its members of possible song placements.  All I can say is, TAXI I love you, thanks, and please keep it up.”

Steve Rice

Steve Rice – Philadelphia, PA Never give up! That's the message from TAXI member Steve Rice.  Steve's catchy Bossa Nova track, “Tropical December.” was prominently featured on the A&E hit show Better Call Saul.  This fantastic turn of events was the result of a relationship that began with a single connection he made with TAXI.  Steve never gave up on the song, and after some tweaks and reworking it was rewarded by this incredible placement. 

Steve explains: “This placement came through an A-list Music Library, whom I have had a great relationship with since my very first TAXI forward. This track kept getting shot down when I first pitched as a vocal track, but I always believed in the goofy retro Bossa Nova vibe of it. After I recast it with a bleepy-sounding '60s organ lead part, it really came into its own and has had several uses as a tongue-in-cheek elevator track. This is a great high profile placement for me, and, even cooler, the track gets a spot to really sparkle in the show. Thanks for everything you guys do!”

Great job, Steve! Your experience should be an inspiration to all TAXI members who aren't afraid to work on improving their material.

Jay Fortunato

Jay Fortunato, New York, NY Jay Fortunato received an unexpected surprise when he submitted songs that were recorded back in the 1970s.  Jay recalls: “I submitted a couple of ‘basement tapes' from the early '70s for a TAXI listing seeking vintage music, and how exciting it was to get my first ‘forward,' and then to receive an offer to have them published. It took a while, but the Record Label came through, placing my songs on four network TV shows, including NCIS.  And now this fifth placement on a Canadian TV show called Motive.  I can tell you it's just as thrilling every time.”

When asked what he likes about TAXI, Jay responded: “I would say it's ‘balance.' It is the music ‘business,' and we all would like to be rewarded for the work we do and for what we create.  The balance between art and commerce can be tricky, especially today in a world where art seems to have taken a very distant back seat to monetary gain.  It seems to me that TAXI gets that balance right.”

Pedro Costa

Pedro Costa – Ontario, Canada We received some great news from Pedro Costa about his latest placement in HBO's hit TV series, the hard-hitting news show, Vice.  Pedro recounts how a single TAXI connection with a Music Library two years ago, and participation in the TAXI Forums, led to some amazing opportunities: “Since then I've signed approximately 40 instrumental cues with this particular Music Library. It was great to see one track used on HBO. It was a first placement for me on that network. My placement count is now nearing 150, and all of them can be traced back to either direct connections made by TAXI or relationships started in the TAXI Forums. In fact, fellow TAXI member Steven Guiles and I met on the TAXI Forums in late 2012, and since then we have collaborated on songs and cues as the band Dove Pilot. We have just released our debut album!”

When asked about the benefits of his TAXI membership, Pedro said, “TAXI provides the environment, the tools, the support, and the community for someone like myself from northern Ontario, Canada, to become an active professional in the music industry. Thank you, TAXI! I'm forever grateful!”

Dylan Winstanley

Dylan Winstanley – Mobile, Alabama Dylan Winstanley, and his Metal band Excessum, got some great news when they returned from a recent SXSW gig. After a TAXI connection with a great Music Publisher, they found out their music would be used in the upcoming indie horror flick Condemned, starring Michael Gill from House of Cards, which is scheduled for release in 2015!Dylan explains, “The film's Music Supervisor contacted us and wanted to license two of our songs for the film! We look forward to seeing our name in the credits!”

Dylan goes on to say: “TAXI has allowed Excessum to score seven deals with a top-tier Music Library, and we also got an exclusive deal with an Australian boutique Music Publisher. I love how TAXI has given my band opportunities that I never would've gotten if I didn't join two years ago. I've learned so much about the music business, gotten my band tons of exposure, and made some money!”

Congrats, Dylan and Excessum!  We love to see TAXI artists get the recognition they deserve, and a paycheck as well!

Axel Bauer

Axel Bauer, Austria It's always wonderful news to hear about the great success of TAXI members through our community Forums! The latest news comes from Axel Bauer, who has recently placed three of his instrumental tracks in the long-running hit show Styled to Rock on Bravo!  The deal was a result of a TAXI forward to a music library. In addition, the library asked for over 100 of Axel's tracks, with the majority being in the EDM and Hip-Hop genres. Congratulations, Axel! Looking forward to seeing many more tracks placed through this great connection!

Axel reports, “There are a couple of things I like about TAXI. It helped me to get better, stay focused, update my music, and be open-minded. I also really love the TAXI community and I get to collaborate with really great people.”

Eric Campbell

Eric Campbell, Atlanta, GA No stranger to long distance collaborations, Eric Campbell has been working with the above member, Axel Bauer, on a number of tracks intended for Film/TV placements. Eric just recently let us know via the TAXI Forums that one of these collaborations has been placed on the hit primetime show Revenge on ABC. Eric has been a TAXI member for about 18 months now, and is really starting to see some fruit from all the seeds he's been planting! Way to go, Eric!

Eric says, “I love when people ask me about TAXI.  I come across a number of people who are wary about paying for placements.  I quickly let them know that I've never paid for a placement.  But I gladly paid for an invaluable service that taught me about what works in Film/TV music, introduced me to a host of successful composers and writers, and connected me with some top publishing companies.  TAXI is the only reason why my music is getting heard in film and televisions shows.  I'm a fan for life.”

Thanks for making that distinction between not paying for placements, but using a service that helps you make music that's worthy of getting placed, Eric!

Billy Hale

Billy Hale, Olympia, WA Billy Hale joined TAXI with a five-year plan in mind to get his music into the TV and Film world. He was happy to report to us that two years ahead of his five-year plan, he has placed 250 cues (since last August), including placements on the three popular A&E shows: The Wahlburgers, Nightwatch, and Donny Loves Jenny, as well as the Lifetime show Killer Kids! Incredible news, Billy!

Billy had this great advice to share: “After two years of returns and hard rejection I discovered TAXI TV, and the [TAXI] Forums. Michael [Laskow] started playing TAXI Forwards and Returns on the broadcasts, and through his guests on the show, the pieces of the puzzle started to fall in place. Listen and learn all you can from the screeners' comments, watch TAXI TV, read the Forums, and write as often as you can. During year number two, I started getting encouraging feedback from screeners, then some more forwards and finally an email came from a Music Supervisor asking me for more of my music.”

So great to see you created a solid plan, Billy, and that it's panning out well ahead of schedule! Keep up the great work!!

Robert Hamilton

Robert Hamilton, Peoria, AZ Another great post appeared on our TAXI Forums recently, which came from long-time member Robert Hamilton. His latest placements include the hit show Escape Club on E! and the brand-new Leann & Eddie on VH1! Both placements were from a library that Robert had signed with through a relationship that originated from a TAXI Forward. What's great about these placements is that one of the cues was written specifically for the show that it was placed on, while the other was selected straight from the music library. It's great to see these kinds of deals stemming from different avenues, Robert. Congratulations!

Robert had this great advice to give for other TAXI members who want to get more TV placements, “I think there is a strong parallel between writing for TAXI listings and writing for briefs by publishers. You may write something for a [TAXI] listing that you think is spot on, and it gets returned. Likewise, you may write a cue for a show thinking that it's perfect for it, and it doesn't get used. Neither of those situations is a waste of effort. If you step back each time and look at how you can improve what you just did, and then follow through with it, you will keep getting better. Pretty soon you will have more and more really good tracks. Good tracks will find their place.”

So true, Robert, so true! Even “rejections” are actually each a step forward and a success in that regard.

Craig Marsden

Walter Grund, Germany When our TAXI members reach out to us to let us know of their success, it makes us wonder how many more members are out there who don't. In Walter Grund's case, he contacted us to share part of his very impressive quarterly performance royalties.  Among some of his 125 placements are: six cues in multiple episodes of the world-renowned Oprah show, a cue in the popular CBS show Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, and music featured on NBC Sports! What incredible news, Walter! Thanks so much for letting us know and keep those placements coming! Walter said, “So here are just the few tracks I have complete information about – of 125 total placements in this quarter. Thanks, TAXI!”

Thanks so much for letting us know, Walter, and we have little doubt that many more will be on the horizon!

Craig Marsden

Craig Marsden - Burton, MI This past year has been an exciting one for returning member Craig Marsden. He has scored several exciting placements over the last 12 months including songs in the critically acclaimed FX show The Americansas well as Showtime's new Golden-Globe winning drama, The Affair! This year appears to be no different! Craig has had three placements on the new Canadian show Young Drunk Punk, as well as his first feature film placement in the upcoming Staten Island Summer, written by longtime Saturday Night Live writer Colin Jost! Craig has established some great relationships in the entertainment business thanks to TAXI and had this to say:

“I see TAXI as a major force in bridging the gap between aspiring musical artists and the greater music business at large. TAXI essentially turns dreams into reality for those with the talent, the fortitude, the patience, and the work ethic to push ahead, regardless the barriers, towards ultimate success in the music business, whether big or small. And my thanks to Michael Laskow and all of TAXI's amazing crew cannot be expressed enough. For in just one submission, my life and future as a composer and recording artist has taken a quantum leap. And there's no stopping here!”

We agree, Craig! Thank you for letting us know about these great placements and wishing you continuing success on TV and Feature Film work!

William Milliken

William Milliken - Cincinnati, OH
Bill's latest placement is a perfect example as to why a musician should never throw out any old material! Along with fellow TAXI member Craig Marsden, he recently placed a song on the highly anticipated indie film Staten Island Summer! The track was recorded more than 30 years ago in the 1980s using a ¼” 8-Track recorder in a hotel room after a gig. Great to see a recording made more than three decades ago find its way into today's media! In addition, Bill has also placed multiple instrumental tracks on the primetime show Access Hollywood, distributed by NBC Universal, as a result of a TAXI connection. Way to go, Bill!

He had this to say about his TAXI experience: “The best thing about TAXI is the ability to listen and learn from seriously established writers and producers whom Michael [Laskow] makes accessible to us either through TAXI TV or The Road Rally. I was fortunate to have met a Grammy Award Winner at the 2014 Rally who has been so generous with his knowledge and time. My level of production/writing values has shot skyward because of this.”

Congratulations, Bill, and thank you for letting us know about your success. We're pretty sure we'll be hearing from you again!

Christoffer Sandberg

Christoffer Sandberg – Sweden Christoffer reached out to us recently to let us know of his most recent placements on NBC's HIT series America's Got Talent, as well as on-air promos for another NBC show: Parenthood! These placements are a direct result of a collaboration that Christoffer established with a fellow TAXI member at the Road Rally in 2009! This collaboration is still going strong, and it's a great example of how TAXI members frequently get placements just by maintaining relationships with their fellow members! When asked about his experience with TAXI, this is what Christoffer had to say:

“I can't say enough about how valuable TAXI is to me. I really enjoy Michael's brilliant TAXI TV—it's really useful and equally entertaining! The members are really the nicest and coolest group of guys, always willing to offer their advice, feedback, or encouragement. The Rally—well it's THE place to be! I'm from Sweden and have gone to a handful of other conferences and they weren't as good as The Rally—its educating, friendly, and not to mention, FUN! I'm hungrier than ever and will go all in and I do think I'll make some good deals and placements via [TAXI] listings.”

Thank you for the kind words and a big congratulation on your awesome accomplishments, Christoffer! We hope there are many, many more to come.

Norman Mitchell

Norman Mitchell - Nova Scotia, Canada Norman let us know that after seeing an interesting TAXI listing, he submitted a Tension Music Cue, which was forwarded to the client. Shortly after, he was contacted directly from the editor/music supervisor of the TV show R.I.P. Files! Norman's music will be used in the first episode of the second season, and he was told that it would likely be used again in several other episodes of the show. Norman has become very dedicated about doing his music-related work since joining TAXI, and is really starting to see his dedication pay off!

“I have spent a great deal of time learning what is required by TAXI to create an excellent product. I joined three years ago, and I sent in close to 400 submissions. I did not want to give up even though I was a very slow learner. The most important advice I can share is, be sure to check and double check the listing information and listen carefully to the sample songs. At first most of my rejections were ‘Not broadcast quality.' Then I began receiving ‘Not the right vibe or style based on the listing requirements.' Now, I am getting closer with each new attempt. Even the failed attempts were an important learning experience. I am looking forward to greater success in the future, and I hope to attend the Road Rally in November.”

Hope to see you there, Norman, and congratulations on having the perseverance to stick with it and see your efforts pay off!

2 Parts Analog

2 Parts Analog - Denver, CO Tonisha Hampton and Robert Watts are at it again! This songwriting and production duo has already had their hand in placements for several TV shows on major television networks such as HBO, MTV, and Bravo! They still continue to stay very busy, and they recently reached out to us and let us know that through TAXI, they are now writing music for a Major Record Label! Great news to hear Tonisha and Robert! The duo had this advice to give other artists out there:

“Since our first forward from TAXI, we have been getting better and better. One thing from TAXI always leads to another and we are now writing for a MAJOR record label. It is so amazing that the same things TAXI has taught us are the same things that the majors require. They require short intros, contemporary production and instrumentation. This is a wild ride and only getting better. We cannot say which label we are working on, or the artists we are writing for, but we can say we all know them. Stick with TAXI, study YouTube, read forums, keep your hustle going, and always try new things. You will graduate your mind.”

Wow, we can't wait to hear which record label and artists you guys are writing for. Very exciting, please keep us posted!

Seth Littlefield

Seth Littlefield Seattle, WA

We just got some huge news from member Seth Littlefield. The instrumental version of his song, “Dance While We Sing” is going to be used in an upcoming McDonald's TV commercial, which will be broadcast in eight different languages and airing in numerous countries, as well as several U.S. metropolitan areas! This awesome placement is a direct result from a connection with a publisher Seth made through TAXI two years ago. Nice going, Seth! He has also gotten some other very juicy deals lately, including several placements on MTV's hit show Catfish and TLC's Return to Amish. Last but not least, Seth licensed almost two minutes of his music in the MTV documentary Nicki Minaj: My Time Again! These placements were also all direct results of connections he made through his TAXI membership. Congratulations on all of these great placements, Seth! We're all very proud of you. “I can't thank Michael [Laskow] and the good folks at TAXI enough! Last week, I also received my biggest BMI quarterly [payment] to date. Unreal! It all just goes to show...write, submit, forget, and repeat! And be sure to keep your chin up through the many ups and downs! TAXI provides such a friendly, generous environment, and at the same time, offers awesome successes to anyone who's willing to put in the work. I can't thank Michael, the TAXI team and the supportive network of other TAXI passengers enough!”

David Alex Barton

David Alex Barton Boston, MA

We were thrilled to find out that David's songI'm A Mess” just got placed in an Indie Horror Film called The Hallow, which just had its debut at the Sundance Film Festival on January 25. This awesome placement was a result of a six-song deal David got with a Music Library after being forwarded to them by TAXI. Last year, the same Music Library placed three of his tunes on the CW's The Carrie Diaries. Nice! Congratulations, David. Make sure to let us know when you get more placements. We have the feeling there will be more on the horizon for you!

“I'm an independent artist from Boston - TAXI has given me excellent exposure to labels and music directors. TAXI allows me to concentrate on what I do best: writing and recording!”

Danny Infantino

Danny Infantino Southern Pines, NC

The year 2015 has already been pretty eventful for TAXI member Danny Infantino. We had just found out that his track “Deck The Halls” made it into the opening of CBS's show Scorpion,when we learned that the same song had already been placed on NBC's series A To Z. Not only did he get these awesome placements through a relationship he made through a TAXI connection, Danny also signed eight more of his songs with the Music Library. Congratulations, Danny! All your hard work is paying off, and we couldn't be happier for you!

Danny commented, “In addition to signing pieces with a dozen music libraries, I have learned a great deal from my experience with TAXI.  The TAXI Road Rally is great for networking and keeping up on the latest recording techniques, gear, and samples. In March I will be on a panel at the University of South Carolina to discuss alternate ways of making a living in music. TAXI will be high on my list of recommendations. TAXI is the best way to enter the music industry if you write and record music.”

Bob Mete

Bob Mete Earlysville, VA

Bob recently got notified that his tune “Every Blue Morning” was placed in an upcoming Feature Film called Scout,starring Nikki Reed, Jane Seymour, Danny Glover, and Ellen Burstyn, set for release later this year. The year 2014 was fantastic for Bob. From placements on HBO and Showtime to a couple of film placements, and a placement in a game app as well. Look out 2015, here comes Bob Mete!

Bob also said, “Thanks to you and everyone at TAXI for providing a vehicle for us to be a part of this crazy music business.”

Barry Gould

Barry Gould Hudson, MA

Barry recently let us know that he had a placement in the SyFy Network primetime three-episode mini-series Ascension. It was his piano-based Jazz piece that was licensed, and the placement was a result of relationship with a publisher that started at the 2011 Road Rally. Now, four years later, his music has been heard on various shows including the Kevin Bacon Show, and FOX's primetime show The Following. Keep up the great work, Barry. We can't wait to hear about more of your upcoming successes!

“I've thoroughly enjoyed the Road Rallies and getting forwards, and really appreciate the critiques and education. Thanks again, TAXI, for all you do to connect composers to opportunities.”

Jay Ramsey & Bob Kelly

Jay Ramsey & Bob Kelly Las Vegas, NV

We recently found out that the writing and producing duo of Jay and Bob got two of their songs placed on SyFy's three-day event, Ascension. These two have been friends and writing partners since the 1960s, so this was a long day coming, but definitely worth it after all the success they've had lately! This placement was a result of a TAXI Forward that ended up with a deal with one of the most well-respected Music Libraries in the business. Once they got that deal, they've been gaining momentum ever since. In the last couple of years their songs have been heard on AMC's Mad Men, ABC's The Following, NBC's Chicago PD, and in a bunch of major motion pictures as well! Although Jay and Bob had a successful career on the road for 16 years prior to joining TAXI, they had still never been able to get their music heard by millions of people, until now!

“We definitely do appreciate all that you are doing for us. It is gratifying to both of us that someone is finally noticing the hard work we did in the '50s, '60s, and '70s, and someone (other than ourselves) is finally getting a chance to listen to and appreciate what we thought were quality masters for each specific decade.”

Congratulations, Jay Ramsey and Bob Kelly, on all of your very well deserved success! Here's to another great 50 years!

Tamara Miller

Tamara Miller Toronto, Canada

We were very excited for Tamara when we found out that she's been asked to license 12 new tracks for an awesome Music Library. Want to guess how she got the gig? She got it after attending a class at TAXI's most recent Road Rally, following up with questions, and showing initiative to write for the library! Voila! That's all it took for Tamara. She has also gotten a similar opportunity in the past through another TAXI introduction, and as a result of that her music has been heard on different TV Shows including The Dr. Oz Show! Congratulations, Tamara! You're in good hands and we're happy to have helped you get there!

Tamara told us, “TAXI has been wonderful in providing such a creative and friendly atmosphere that brings together so many like-minded people from all over the world!  I love meeting new people, reconnecting with TAXI friends, and meeting new co-writers! There's always something to learn every year [at the Road Rally]!  I find that I am always motivated both during and after the Rally, and that really puts everything in check and gives me another ‘creative push' to continue my journey.  I love attending the Driver's Ed classes because they're a fantastic way to gain insight about the industry in such an inspiring and intimate environment. Thank you TAXI for your ongoing support!”     

Robbie Hancock

Robbie Hancock Kitchener, ON Canada

Robbie called us up recently to tell us about his exciting news. He was recently offered a Non-Exclusive deal for five of his songs with a Music Library that he was introduced to at a TAXI Road Rally! Robbie said that he cannot take all the credit for his success because he owes a lot of it to his fellow friend and TAXI member Andy Gabrys, who has helped him master his craft with his mentoring and the production knowledge he has shared with Robbie. He also gives credit to Robin Frederick, who inspired him enough to give him the confidence he needed to get to the next level, and guess what, it worked! He was offered another Non-Exclusive deal after that boost of confidence! We can smell more juicy deals coming your way in 2015, Robbie!

“The thing about TAXI is that they give you real opportunities and all you have to do is have the courage to take the first steps, and put in the time and the work. As the experienced fellow members say, ‘It's a numbers game,' and they are right. The three most valuable things that I have learned from the other successful members in this family oriented community are: Watch every episode of TAXI TV, spend time posting your music and connecting with members in the TAXI Forum and go to the Road Rally.  I have never experienced a musical community more supportive of each other in my life. It is truly special and I am so glad to be a part of it. Thank you, Michael Laskow, and all the TAXI staff!” Thank you for the kind words and great tips, Robbie. You're doing all the right stuff, and it's no surprise that you're getting deals!

John Finbury

John Finbury Haverhill, MA

John just joined TAXI in September of 2014, and he has already been pulled into the Film & TV world. He just signed over a handful of songs to a Music Library after getting his '80s tunes forwarded via a TAXI Listing. John joined TAXI to try to place his Brazilian Jazz music, but shortly noticed that there was an opportunity to submit his long forgotten 15ips reel-to-reel 8 and 16 track recordings he made in the 1980s. He quickly digitized them and submitted them to the appropriate listing. It was only a matter of days until he got the call from a great Music Library! And that's inspired him to compose and record more music. He also confessed, “I have another career, and six months ago I didn't know what Internet-based A&R was, and had never heard of TAXI. I only climbed on the learning curve of music self-promotion because I decided to do a little ‘vanity/legacy project' and record an EP of some of my original Jazz tunes this past summer.” It seems like this was all meant to be for John and we couldn't be more excited for him and his fast-paced success now that he's actually in the music industry.

He also added,  “The last time I was in the studio and looked in this direction was in 1981. Back then I blindly and unsuccessfully sent out cassettes of my songs to publishers and record companies. It is truly remarkable that now, 33 years later, music professionals are buying my old songs and listening to my new ones! Many thanks to TAXI for making this possible, and a note of earnest appreciation to Michael for taking my due diligence phone call and validating and encouraging this deal.”

We are very happy for you, John. Congratulations again!

Bill Gordon

Bill Gordon Miami, FL

Everyone should know who Bill Gordon is by now. He is a long-time TAXI member who has been with us from the very beginning. He also has had a very successful career in music and it never seems to be slowing down for him. I don’t think we can count all the placements he’s gotten, but we’re always very happy when he lets us know about his most recent successes. Last summer, he signed a 14-track Jazz and R&B deal with a Music Library we’ve had a very successful relationship with. Another publisher picked up a couple more of his tracks this past autumn. Most recently, one of the Libraries placed his song “Blues Jays Dancing” on ABC’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. last month! And Bill said this is “All thanks to TAXI and the Rally.” Another well-deserved tip of the hat to you Bill!

Bill said, “Joining TAXI 20 years ago was one of the best things I’ve ever done as a lifelong working musician. Not only have the many deals resulted in nearly half my income, but the astounding array of brilliant people met, and the invaluable lessons learned are perhaps even more important. People who dismiss TAXI don’t know what they’re talking about, for it is indeed the rare industry entity whose name can be used in the same sentence with the word honorable.”

Lenny Macaluso

Lenny Macaluso Tarpon Springs, FL

Lenny recently got his first placement when his song “Ain’t Nobody Home” got placed in CBS’s hit show Criminal Minds. It was a quite a thrill for Lenny because the song was actually recorded 40 years ago with his band, The Lenny Mack Band. Lenny gives TAXI credit for connecting him with a first class Film/TV Music Publisher, which ended up also signing a Publishing Deal for several more of Lenny’s songs. How cool is that? His music has also been heard on NBC’s Believe and FX’s Legit this year, all of which are a direct result of being a TAXI member! Congratulations Lenny, we think this is just the beginning of some great placements to come for you!

Lenny told us, “My experience with TAXI has been nothing but positive in every sense of the word. Considering that I am retired from the music business, and that my catalog is not current, I am quite pleased and surprised that I've had placements. I only wish that I had found TAXI a whole lot sooner!! I think Michael Laskow is a genius for putting this great company together and helping so many songwriters and artists. Michael deserves to be highly commended for his great vision! Thank you TAXI for all of your support!!!”

Thanks for the kind words, Lenny. We appreciate the compliments!

Dan Walker

Dan Walker Madbury, NH

Dan didn’t initially tell us about his first placement in a TV show, but he eventually did after we reminded our members how much we appreciate it when they let us know about their success stories. He told us that one of his songs was placed in an episode of CBS’s TV series Stalker, which was aired last month. He also told us that he wasn’t convinced that TAXI was right for him at first, but when he finally became a member he realized what he had been missing out on!

Dan tells us, “But now, I am completely on board and love how I am beginning to focus on the actual listings. I still get distracted by the artist in me, but I find that if I do what TAXI is asking for, my chances at getting a forward are like 100 times greater and in the end it is more rewarding to hear my song on a TV show instead of looking at it on my iTunes playlist. Thanks for all the years and experience you have put into such an exciting career.” Here’s to many more forwards and placements for you, Dan!

Greg Presmanes

Greg Presmanes Atlanta, GA

We just had to include Greg in this newsletter once again because he is on fire!! We just found out that his song “Found Love,” will be used in the Showtime’s hit TV show Shameless, airing on February 1, 2015. Greg’s music keeps getting placed in some of the highest rated TV Shows in the world. Congratulations, Greg, on yet another amazing placement!

He added, “TAXI is the best A&R company in the world! Their connections have placed my music in four major TV shows (Mad Men, NCIS, Aquarius, and Shameless), and one documentary film, The Lesson Plan. It’s a thrill to hear my music on TV and in the movies. I couldn't have placed music with those shows. The music industry people TAXI works with are really the best there is. It’s great to have a partner like TAXI. They actually produce results!”

Thanks for saying such nice things about us, Greg. We’d like to add that your music is great, and the publisher we hooked you up with is aces as well. We can’t do what we do without your awesome music and the hard working publishers we connect our members with. It takes a team!

Michelle McKibbon

Michelle McKibbon Toronto, Canada

Michelle’s song “The La La Song (It's a Beautiful Day),” was recently placed in the hit TV show Mistresses, airing on ABC! Yay! This placement came through after a TAXI forward turned into a deal with a great Music Library we work with regularly. Earlier this year, Michelle got her first placement through TAXI, which was in Netflix hit, Hemlock Grove. Michelle seems to be on a roll, and we’re pretty sure we’ll be seeing more placements in the near future.

“TAXI is indispensable because you connect us to people in the industry who are the decision makers who would be difficult to reach directly. But first, you make sure we’re at the level and have the skills we need to compete. My songwriting has definitely gotten better as a result of feedback from TAXI.”

Steve Buckner

Steve Buckner Morrice, MI

We’re very proud to hear that Steve signed a deal with an awesome Music Library after being a TAXI member for only seven months! That’s relatively fast! He actually got the deal because he got two songs forwarded through two different listings to the same company! They loved his tunes so much they decided to do a deal with him on those songs and sign another 12 tracks! In addition, he has signed a couple of other tracks to two other Music Libraries, all a result of forwards through TAXI. It’s probably just a matter of time until we hear about some juicy placements for Steve!

Steve wanted to tell us, “TAXI has definitely opened some doors that I wouldn't have opened had I not joined! Thank you TAXI! The Road Rally was phenomenal and an eye-opening experience. I think it is only a matter of time now until I get my first placement!"

We couldn’t agree more Steve :-)

Steven Guiles

Steven Guiles San Dimas, CA Steven recently gave us the full layout about how his career has changed since he joined TAXI in 2012. In the last two years, he has had songs placed on ABC's All My Children, FOX's The Mindy Project, AMC's Game of Arms, and many other shows and Indie Films. He told us that relationships with TAXI members have helped in 90% of all of Steven's music placements and income! Steven believes that the key to his success is all the “returns” and feedback he's gotten from TAXI! Without the feedback, he might never have tweaked and improved his songs for the better!  “Because of TAXI I, have signed on with seven Music Libraries and have had over 40 placements in the last two years.  That's 39 more than I've had in my entire music career spanning 1992-2005.” Congratulations on all of your success, Steven. We can't wait to see where the music takes you in the future!

He added, “I like the friendships I've formed that will last a lifetime.  If not for TAXI, I wouldn't have met one of my close friends, Pedro Costa.  I can't imagine making music WITHOUT him. Thanks, TAXI!!”

Michael McAllister

Michael McAllister Cortez, CO We love it when members share their success with other members on the TAXI Forum. Michael recently announced that he finally got his first TV Placement and got even more excited when he got his first royalty check! Six of his tunes got placed in two episodes of the reality TV show Bad Girls Club on Oxygen, which was a result of being offered a Music Library deal last year! As of today, he has music in three different Music Libraries. He said, “It's just a little [the royalties], but after 15 years of statements that say $0.00, it's a milestone for me.” Congratulations, Michael! Keep it up and you will be getting more placements before you know it! Michael also said, “I've been in TAXI for years, but it was only after I took the TAXI music education (i.e. critiques, TAXI TV, Forums, Rally) seriously, that I began to find success.  I was also pleasantly surprised to find a supportive and knowledgeable community of hard-working, inspiring, and (a little) crazy musicians like myself."

Randon Purcell

Randon Purcell Sandy, UT Randon has been a TAXI member for two years now, and he's starting to gain momentum. He recently got one of his tunes forwarded by TAXI, and that resulted in a deal with a Music Library that has now signed eight of his tracks! This is the second deal that he signed through TAXI. The first one came through after Randon submitted a track to a Christmas listing that got forwarded, and the Music Library ended up signing that track as well as a couple of other Christmas tracks and has entire solo album! Congratulations, Randon. We feel a placement coming in your future. Hopefully it will be for this year's holiday season!

Here's what Randon had to say: “My TAXI experience is what keeps me connected, focused, and believing in the possibility of reaching my goals as a musician. Without TAXI, I felt like a single note in a Beethoven symphony, unable to be heard at all, but having something to offer. TAXI gives me the opportunity to get my music out there to real leaders in the industry. The feedback I get is invaluable, and has always led me to make changes for the better.”

Jay Fortunato

Jay Fortunato New York, NY We had just heard from Jay when his song “Thoughts Of You” had been placed in Red Band Society. Then, we found out that the same song was placed again, and this time on CBS's NCIS! Both placements were a result of a publishing deal he singed through a TAXI connection. The NCIS episode aired on October 7 and Jay told us that he felt like the song was written specifically for the scene it was placed in because it all worked together so well. It was clearly meant to be! Jay is really on fire these days, and we congratulate him on these awesome placements he's had gotten in the past few months.

“I just wanted to let you know how awesome the placement was on NCIS … they did a great job with the editing and the mix too. I was totally thrilled. Can't thank [the Music Library] and TAXI enough. I think with [the Music Library] and TAXI anything is possible,” Jay said.
Richard Dance

Richard Dance Phoenix, AZ Richard Dance has really been on a roll lately! Right after we let you know about his recent successes a few months ago, he got another Music Library deal! He told us that his entire Gulf Coast Funk & Soul CD — totaling 13 tracks — got signed! He made this CD just for the 2013 Road Rally to promote himself, brought multiple copies, and handed it out to peers and industry people alike! Six months later he got a phone call from the Library that wanted to take the whole CD! How cool is that? Keep it up, Richard!

“I have only been a TAXI member for two years, and in that short time, have signed over 100 songs to music libraries. In addition to the production music library world, I also recently got my first film placement in a movie starring Eric Roberts (Julia's brother)! New Music Libraries I haven't even done business with are starting to call me now! If you put in the hard work, remain open to change, and take advantage of all the educational tools TAXI offers, the process definitely works. Then just hold on for the ride...” he said.

Richard Flood

Richard Flood Salley, SC We were thrilled to find out when Richard told us that his song “Warning Signs” will be used in episode 604 of the CBS hit show, The Good Wife. The reason we're so excited for Richard is because this particular song was recorded in the early 1960s, and he's been sitting on it ever since! It's not even been a full year since Richard joined TAXI, and he was already offered a Publishing Deal after one of his songs was forwarded through us. All of the songs that he's signed to that Publisher are recordings from the early '60s that he really never expected anyone to hear. We're very happy that your music is finally getting heard, Richard. Better late than never! Congratulations, and we look forward to hearing about many more placements!

Richard told us, “What a wonderful break! Signing on with TAXI is the best move I have ever made in my music business experience.”

John Shine

John Shine Morristown, NJ John Shine and his band The Soul from the '60s decided a couple of years ago to digitize all of their music they had been sitting on to see if anyone could use it. They had been referred to TAXI, so they decided to give us a spin. They didn't think they had much of a chance at success with their old tunes, until they were forwarded to a Record Company/Publisher through TAXI that wanted to sign some of their songs! Recently, they finally got their very first placement! Their song “The Train, made it into Episode 709 of AMC's iconic show, Mad Men, which will be aired in 2015. We're so thrilled to know that we have helped John Shine and Richard Flood get their music from the '60s out there for millions of people to hear. It is also a good reminder to other members to see that there can always be a place for your music, not matter how old it is! Congratulations, John. We hope that this is just the beginning!

John also said, “It's so different than how we all remember the experience with record companies and producers back in the '60s and '70s. TAXI and the record company they matched us with are what you would wish all music business transactions would be like. Everyone does exactly what they say they will do! Quite a dream come true for four senior citizens...”

Frederick Isaac

Frederick Isaac Lansing, MI We reached out to Frederick Isaac recently when we found out that he just had one of his songs placed in Moments of Clarity, and upcoming Independent Feature Film. Just like several other TAXI members who got placements in the movie, the deal came about from a TAXI listing posted in July of this year. Followed by this good news, Frederick was contacted by a Music Library CEO after one of his tracks was forwarded to them through a TAXI Listing. The Music Library signed the song, and since then they've signed another 25 songs (if not more) to the library! We are sure you'll have some more juicy placements coming up in the near future, Frederick! Congratulations! Frederick adds, “TAXI does exactly what they say they will do. For me, it seems that the main obligation of its members is to not only work very hard on their end of it, but also to acquire the technique of patience. I've been a member for over six years, and this is my first placement.”

Tom Hoy

Tom Hoy Brantford, Canada We recently found out that member Tom Hoy got a Music Library deal through relationships with fellow members made on the TAXI Forum. He hasn't gotten any placements yet, but he thanks his fellow TAXI members on the Forum for getting this far. Through the Forum he has met other members who have given him effective feedback, which helped him point his music in the right direction. Congratulations, Tom! Make sure to keep us updated when you get your first placement!

“Some people may say that what they like most about TAXI is the Forwards. Even though I love getting a Forward, I would have to say, for me it's the Forum. The wealth of information and the generosity of the members is what's fueling any success I may have had. Although I haven't had a placement yet, I know that it is just a matter of time. As I am retired, time is all I have. If you are a songwriter, TAXI is the only place to be. That's where you will find me!!!”

Bob Mete

Bob Mete Earlysville, VA We couldn't help but include Bob Mete again in our Success Stories. He's been on quite a roll! The last time we spoke to him, he had gotten a couple of great TV Placements. But now, one of his dreams has finally come true; he's landed his first Feature Film placement! This is something Bob has been hoping for since he was a teenager! His song “Chance of Snow” is the one that made the cut, and the film it's in is called Any Day, starring Eva Longoria, Tom Arnold, and Kate Walsh. Now, Bob just has to wait for the film to hit theaters so he can finally see his name in a feature Film's credits! Be careful to not choke on your popcorn, Bob ;-) Bob's tunes have already been heard on HBO and Showtime, and a national TV Commercial. And most recently, he also got a placement on Showtime's mega-hit, Ray Donovan, which is one of Bob's favorite shows. Sweet, Bob! That must have felt incredible! Congratulations on all of your achievements. And thank you for always keeping us up-to-date on your placements. We wish more members would follow your example ;-)

He added, “[I am] so grateful for a fantastic Publisher, and for all the great folks at TAXI who made it all possible.”

Ed Hartman
Ed Hartman Seattle, WA
Ed has been a TAXI member for 7 years now, and his success has been growing steadily year by year. Most recently, he got a track into a Music Library through a TAXI Dispatch listing, and he’s expecting to have more tracks signed to them in the near future. Ed has also had his track, “Football Funk” placed in a national Coke Zero radio advertising campaign, as well as couple of MAJOR films, including the Oscar award-winning film The Blind Side and Scooby Doo, the Mystery Begins. Ed has had great success through other TAXI connections, which have helped him get placements in ABC’s Revenge and in Greek on ABC Family. Nice going, Ed! We’re certain we’ll see many more great placements from you in the future, and thanks for being a loyal member for 7 years!

“I continue to use and recommend TAXI to other composers and songwriters. I tell musicians that TAXI will motivate you to write music and teach you a ton about the industry. If a track is not forwarded, you will still likely get valuable information about making it better. A review recently found a digital click in a track that I missed! Keep in mind, many returned tracks will get used in the future with other clients and pitching. It may not be the track for one usage, but great for another. My advice is to keep a healthy psychological distance between you and your tracks. Your latest ‘masterwork’ may not sound so good in a few weeks. Of course, another, even more ‘amazing’ piece, will inevitably replace it. Before you know it, you will have hundreds of titles in your own library. It’s a game of numbers and pennies that all add up to real dollars on your PRO statement. I have had tracks on multiple TV networks in one evening. There is nothing like sitting in a theater, waiting for your name in the credits. You will know you are a media composer when you have written actual ‘elevator music’ used in an elevator, or write a waltz with a dog barking. I have, and I’ve been paid for it!”

Gotta say, Ed, we’ve probably heard about tens of thousands of placements by our members over the years, but yours is the first waltz with a barking dog!

David Starck
David Starck Paris, France
David is 11 months and 80 Forwards into his TAXI membership and he wanted to tell us about his experience so far. He just recently completed his first “loop” of submitting a cue, getting it forwarded and being offered a deal just three days after the submission. Unfortunately at that time, the ball was already rolling and he had just signed the cue to a Music Library through another TAXI Forward! But the Music Supervisor who just missed the track wanted to hear something else instead, so he started writing and sending cues on a daily basis. Today he’s signed over 100 tracks to the Supervisor and now he finally got his first placement on A&E’s Walhburgers! David is also working with another Music Library and his music is actively being pitched to TV Shows.

He also said, “TAXI is the center of my five-year business plan. It’s bringing discipline and focus to my work on a daily basis. I would have never written 200 cues in a year without TAXI listings! It helps me being a better composer ... and it works! Now I know. One year down... four to go... the exciting part begins.” Patience is a virtue, and your focus is enviable, David. Keep up the great work and congratulations on your first placement!

Kevin Pike
Kevin Pike Port Crane, NY
We recently found out through the TAXI Forum that Kevin’s track “The Freaky Flayday” was finally picked up for a placement in an episode of TLC’s Honey Boo Boo. The song is to be featured on their Halloween special this fall and is the co-main title theme song of the episode! Kevin also has music on other 22 different TV episodes, on shows such as Dr. Oz, Storage Hunters, Welcome to Myrtle Manor, and America Now. TAXI has been a huge part of Kevin’s success, and he told us that a majority of his placements were a direct result of TAXI Forwards and from networking at the Road Rally. Congratulations, Kevin!

He also said, “Without the knowledge and connections that TAXI has provided, I doubt I would be as far as I am now. Michael Laskow and TAXI has helped me find a place for my music!”

Richard Dance
Richard Dance Phoenix, AZ
We had just been notified that one of Richard’s tunes was placed in an upcoming Indie Feature Film Moments Of Clarity when he also reached out to us to tell us all about it. This particular placement is a direct result of a TAXI Forward, and the entire deal was finished only 3 DAYS after it was submitted! How awesome! Richard also has over 90 tracks in an Australian Music Library. He connected with them and got offered a deal with after meeting the owner and becoming close friends with him at the TAXI Road Rally in 2012. Way to go, Richard, and congratulations on this awesome placement!

Richard adds, “Getting your music into Film and TV can get very complex and convoluted. However, TAXI Independent A&R has built and refined a system over many years that works efficiently to help get that done for you. If you take advantage of the educational tools TAXI gives you, network with other members, attend the annual Road Rally, and work hard, the system definitely works. Just trust the process, learn as you go, and keep writing and submitting."

Eric Baum
Eric Baum Port Orange, FL
Eric reached out to us recently to let us know about the different placements and deals he has landed in the past few months. One of the placements he got was directly through TAXI and a popular Music Library that signed his track. Now he also has a couple of other TV placements as a result of a Publishing Deal he just signed after being referred to the company at the Mentor Lunch at the Road Rally! His music can now be heard on Access Hollywood and various shows on the E! channel! Thanks for following up with us, Eric, and congratulations on your deal and placements!

Eric said, “The best part of TAXI is the Road Rally! There's no better convention for networking and learning about the business. I also like the feedback I get from submissions. The high standards of the reviews make sure you can compete with the best.”

Helen Austin and Paul Otten
While this isn’t a typical Member Deal, we wanted to include it because it wouldn’t have happened without TAXI and the Road Rally.

Singer/Songwriters Helen Austin and Paul Otten were both on the Successful Members panel at TAXI’s 2011 Road Rally. They were also invited to play a private showcase in TAXI founder Michael Laskow’s hotel room. Michael invited seven songwriters to play for each other, hoping they’d meet and end up collaborating.

“I could just hear how some of these talented people would sound together, so we held a little ‘mini showcase’ in my hotel room, and sure enough, some magic happened,” reports Laskow.

“It all started in Michael Laskow’s hotel room, but that’s all we’re saying about that particular Friday night,” jokes Helen Austin. “From there, Paul and I became Facebook friends and that was it, until a year or so later when I wanted a producer for a new song, ‘Colour It,’ that I had just written. I saw that Paul [Otten] had done lots of collaborations, and even though I had never enjoyed co writing, I asked him to help me with this.”

Helen adds, “I loved what he did, so I asked him to produce another song, this time adding his vocals to mine. That song was ‘This Road With You,’ which has been placed in IKEA ads, MTV’s Catfish, and ABC’s The Vineyard.”

When my publisher heard that song and a few more that Paul and I wrote together, he got really excited and said that we should be a band. The name Big Little Lions came about because Paul is really tall and I am… not! From there we have been steadily writing and released our debut EP, Paper Cage, in May.

“I never imagined co-writing could be so much fun and we both enjoy writing over email as you can’t see the looks on each other’s face when we don’t like something :) This summer Paul is coming to Canada where we’re playing a bunch of live gigs, and then we head to Ohio where will play some more. This is the first time we will have seen each other since that hotel room encounter nearly three years ago!”

Paul adds, “TAXI’s Road Rally is such a great experience, and it’s collaborations like this one—born at the 2011 Rally—that make it all worthwhile. The connections we make with other like-minded songwriters are the most valuable part of the conference in my opinion. Michael and lots of other TAXI members are always preaching about the friendships, the collaboration, and overall community vibe at the Rally. But it’s not until you experience it for yourself that you truly understand what they’re talking about.”

Congratulations on your big win, Helen and Paul. We’re tickled pink that we were able to introduce you, and you’ve come so far so in little more than two and half years. We’re sure there are many more exciting things for the two of you on the road ahead.

Russell Landwehr
In November 2013, TAXI forwarded some of Russell Landwehr’s music to a Music Library that has since signed a number of his cues. He hadn’t heard about any placements until he was watching episode 22 of HBO’s Vice a couple of weeks ago, and suddenly he heard something familiar. Yes, he realized that about a minute and 30 seconds of his percussion cue “Bronze Pagoda” had been placed in the episode! Russell thought for just a moment that this was his first placement, but no! It was when he was watching the first episode of the third season of MTV’s Catfish when he yet again heard something familiar. Another cue of his was in that show! This episode aired in May so, this (as far as Russell knows) was actually his first placement. July was clearly a month full of surprises for Russell. He has over a 100 cues signed to the Music Library, and after “binge watching” season three of Catfish, he has found a total of five placements in just that season alone! Additionally, he’s recently placed a cover song in a prominent New York Music Library as the result of a TAXI Forward. It was just a matter of time before things started to pop for Russell, and we are incredibly happy for him! Congratulations Russell!

“Having TAXI is like having a contact placed DEEP in the music industry. The opportunities TAXI provides for this land-locked Ohioan are priceless. TAXI is the whole package, though, and not just a ‘contact.’ There is a whole community of wonderful and supportive TAXI members in the Forums. There is a wealth of information on TAXI TV. Having direct access to Michael’s knowledge and opinions there (as well as his guests) is wonderful. Plus, we’ve got the Road Rally! All these TAXI Tools add up to some serious Artist SELF Development. But for me the most beneficial thing about TAXI is the focus this whole package provides. The focus to provide specific music. The focus to become ‘excellent enough’ to be forwarded. There is no way I could ever have placements on prominent cable TV shows like this without TAXI. TAXI IS awesome!”

Paul Cufflin
Paul Cufflin is a great example of a successful TAXI member who lives outside of the United States. Paul has had great success in the past 10 months and he told us all about it! Toward the end of last year, one of his tracks got forwarded to a Film & TV Licensing company. This ONE track has now turned into a 27-track deal in all kinds of different styles and genres. Now, a number of these tracks have been placed in various reality shows including: VH1’s LeAnn and Eddie and MTV’s Catfish. Thanks to a Music Library connection he made at the 2011 Road Rally, he has had songs placed in a number of other HIT TV series in 2014, and some of those are: The Michael J. Fox Show, Under the Dome, Hemlock Grove, and The Fosters. In the past couple of weeks he was notified that some of his tunes got placed in a U.S. Indie Film called The Squeeze, which hits theaters later this year, and another song of his has been placed in a short film called Boys I Used to Babysit. And this is just half of the placements he has! Paul is on a quite a roll and we are expecting to hear about another group of BULK placements from Paul in the very near future. Congratulations on your continuing success Paul!

“Being part of TAXI has allowed me to achieve things with my music that before I first joined five years ago would have been virtually impossible for a guy like me in his 40s living in a small town in southern Spain. I also love being part of the wider TAXI community, and feel fortunate to know and learn from so many incredibly talented fellow members!”

Charles Wiley
We found out recently that Charles Wiley’s cue “No Way Out” was placed in the TV series Chasing Maria Menounos. The cue, as well as two others, was signed to a great Film/TV Music Publisher directly through a TAXI listing. Charles also had cues recently placed on OWN’s Super Soul Sunday and Oprah’s Next Chapter, and they were all direct results of networking at the Road Rally!

This is what he had to say: “For me, the Road Rally is really the highlight of TAXI; not to take anything away from all of the other great things TAXI does throughout the year, but the Road Rally really brings everything together for the composer or artist. The information and education you learn there is amazing; plus you meet new people and leave excited to get back to work! Thanks to everyone at TAXI for all of the hard work you do!”

Congratulations on these awesome placements Charles!

Brian Wheat
Brian Wheat recently announced on the TAXI Forum that he got five songs signed to a Music Library through ONE TAXI Forward. We followed up with him, and he told us that this deal came through a TAXI Dispatch listing. This deal happened surprisingly fast! The Music Library got in touch with him even before he realized that his song got forwarded! Today, he has over 30 tracks signed with five different Music Libraries, where ALL of them offered him a deal through TAXI forwards!

“The great thing about TAXI is that they get you in the door, which is the hardest and most time consuming part of this business. Once you are in the door, and if your work is good enough and on the mark, it will likely lead to more opportunities. I still have a long way to go, but I can see building this into something significant. I would never be where I am at today with out TAXI’s help and for that I am truly grateful.”

You’re on the right track Brian and we are looking forward to hearing back from you when you get some really juicy placements. Congratulations!

Bill Gordon
Bill Gordon reached out to us recently to let us know of a placement he got on CBS’s hit series CSI. The placement is traced back to a relationship Bill developed through TAXI about TEN years ago! Bill is one of our longest active members, and throughout the years he has landed quite a number of killer placements through the same Music Publisher. He recently also signed an 11-track deal with another Music Library through meeting the company’s representative at the (guess where?) 2012 and 2013 Road Rally!

“I joined TAXI in 1995—a life-changing moment. My life as a pro musician (since a teenager in the ’60s) has taken some wonderful new turns since joining TAXI: lots of deals, lots of people hearing my music in films and on TV, a nice addition to my income. But best of all have been the education received and the people I’ve met – could not imagine my life without TAXI.”

Gary Earl
Gary Earl reached out to us recently to tell us about his most recent accomplishments. In the past month alone, his songs were placed in two different TV shows! One was in MTV’s Big Tips Texas and the other in CBS’s HIT series The Young & The Restless! Both of these placements are a result of a relationship with a Music Supervisor that Gary met through previous TAXI Forwards, and he’s maintained that relationship ever since! These aren’t the first deals that Gary has landed, and definitely not the last! He’s a great example of a TAXI member that frequently gets placements just by maintaining the relationships with the people and companies he’s met through TAXI. Currently, his songs are also being pitched to a couple of Ad Campaigns. This is what he told us:

“The thing that I love about TAXI is the connections. I’m a full-time writer/producer, and I first learned about TAXI from other artist/co-writers I was recording music for. I was intrigued and thought I’d give it a try. So many of my artist/writer clients are only thinking about getting the immediate cut or placement, and don’t understand the importance of developing relationships. I had a Los Angeles Music Supervisor pitch something almost a year ago through TAXI - it didn’t get on that show, but we kept in touch. She got all 3 of those cuts last month using the same song from last year! Another Music Supervisor from New York got a cut for me a year ago on Playtex Sports Commercial (through TAXI of course), and has since pitched the same song again to another client.

I also love the diversity of listings and opportunities. A writer has opportunities no matter what genre their music; and I like the Film and TV markets especially as that is where most of my previous placements had been. And I can’t stop without mentioning the staff at TAXI, [they] are great at communicating and always helpful, which is rare in this business. :) Thanks for being there, and keep up the great service!”

Best of luck, Gary, and we’re looking forward to hearing even more about your future successes.

Kayle Clements
The one and only Kayle Clements reached out to us recently to let us know about a Music Library deal he was offered after some successful networking at the 2013 Road Rally. Although it took a while to get the deal, patience and following up was all it took! In the meantime, Kayle has struck another Music Library deal that can be traced back to TAXI. He was offered a TWO CD Deal, and he’s just about to complete the first one, and the second one will be ready near the end of the year!

Kayle was also happy to announce that he also just had his first MAJOR TV Network placement, and his music will be heard on ABC’s The Great Christmas Light Fight around the holidays! He told us that all of his placements to date are direct results of his involvement in TAXI, either from Forwards or the relationships with other members he has met on the TAXI Forum and the Road Rally. That’s the way to do it Kayle!

“As for my TAXI experience, I know of no other service so dedicated to its members; not only providing opportunities to get our music heard, but also educating and offering ways to build life long friendships and relationships. And I believe TAXI genuinely puts its members first! In short, TAXI Rocks!”

Thank you for the kind words and congratulations on these huge accomplishments Kayle!

Casey Hurowitz
Based on a TAXI “forward” made in January, fellow TAXI member Paul Otten and Casey Hurowitz are signing their song “No Tomorrows” to a GREAT LA Music Library, and it’s not their first as co-writers. “I met Paul a few years ago on the [TAXI] Forum and then at the Road Rally. We started a co-writing partnership that has yielded a number of songs in Major Libraries. Paul and I continue to crank out new songs and I am very lucky to work with someone as talented as he is.” Casey told us, “What I love about TAXI is the whole ‘TAXI experience’— the listings, the feedback, its community, the relationship building, etc. TAXI has so much to offer if you embrace the whole experience, including the Forum and the Road Rally. Solidifying relationships at the Road Rally has been a key to my success. I currently co-write with numerous other TAXI members.” Congratulations, Casey, and keep up the good work!

Matt Vander Boegh
Thanks to the TAXI Forum, we discovered that Matt Vander Boegh is still continuously getting deals through TAXI. This time it was through a Dispatch listing, and it’s for his song, “Skeezy Weezy” that’s now being added to a Music Publisher’s Catalog. Matt’s most recent deal is actually just ONE of FOUR Publishing Deals he’s signed in the past SIX WEEKS! Two of them were a direct result of TAXI Forwards. “TAXI has opened doors that I never even knew existed, let alone would have had a key to even if I did know about them. Now I’m averaging one new cue per day, juggling my professional job with my ‘hobby,’ and truly believe that soon music will be my full source of income. Writing music for television isn’t something I thought myself capable of, nor would have known how to crack into the market, without TAXI and a fateful trip to the Road Rally a few years ago. I owe my hopeful future to TAXI!” Wow! Congratulations, Matt, and keep reaching for the stars. It sounds like you’re right on the cusp of achieving your dream.

Ken Morrison
We heard recently that Ken Morrison got yet again another placement through a Music Library he met through TAXI. His song “I Like To Dance The Swedish Waltz” has been placed in Episode 212 of SyFy’s popular TV series Defiance, which is scheduled to air in September! Several songs of his have also been placed in the film The Immigrant (which is currently playing in theaters), starring Marion Cotillard, Joaquin Phoenix, and Jeremy Renner. The interesting thing is that Ken did not write these particular songs, his grandparents did! They were [obviously] both very talented composers, and Ken now owns and controls their music. We’re very happy to hear that he’s been able to share his family’s musical legacy with the world through TAXI relationships! As of now, Ken has a total of 68 placements and he gives TAXI a lot of credit for that! He also told us: “I attend the Road Rally every year and found it a valuable way to network with (and occasionally collaborate with) other songwriters.” Congratulations Ken and we are looking forward to seeing you at the 2014 Road Rally coming up on November 6-9!

Niall McGuinness
Not many TAXI members get a placement after their first submission, but Niall McGuinness was one of them! His song was forwarded by TAXI to a Music Library in New York City, and it got placed with Showtime’s hit TV series Shameless. In the two-and-a-half years he’s been a member, Niall has landed about 25 other placements with several Music Libraries, all directly through TAXI! “I appreciate TAXI for opening these doors, and for the specialized knowledge I’ve subsequently acquired in submitting for TV, Film, and advertising. The experience has been an awakening to the real-world musical needs in the A/V medium: if you have the quality goods, they will be sold.” Thank you for the kind words, Niall, and congratulations on your continuing success!

Bob Mete
We recently heard from Bob Mete when he wanted to let us know that his Cocktail Jazz Piano Trio tune, “My Chardonnay” was placed on HBO’s hit TV series Silicon Valley. This placement was a result of his relationship with a Music Publisher he met when he first attended the TAXI Road Rally about six years ago! This is a great reminder why you should never take the Road Rally for granted. You never know who you might meet there! In the past year alone, Bob’s music has also been heard on Netflix, Showtime, and MTV, as well as worldwide on commercials for pureDKNY. “And it all comes back to one word... TAXI. Thanks, Michael and staff for paving the way!” Thank you Bob for being a great example to other TAXI members, and congratulations once again!

Michelle Lockey
You all should be familiar with Michelle Lockey by now. She’s not gone unnoticed since she joined TAXI back in 2008, but in the past six months she’s truly been on a roll. She recently reached out to let us know that her song, “Your Footprints” (amongst a few others) was picked up by a Record Label, and one of them eventually got placed on E! True Hollywood Stories, the Paula Dean episode. Then her song “Dogs Bark and Cats Hiss” was chosen to be the Theme Song for the Popular TV Show, Gear Heads on MAVTV. To date, her songs have been placed in over 20 TV Shows! This is just a tiny example of the many deals that Michelle has landed in the past, but she didn’t do it all on her own. On many of her songs that have gotten deals, she has been collaborating with other TAXI members such as Paul Otten, Steven Guiles, Andrew Gabrys, Pedro Costa, Josh Coleman, Scott Free, and F-M Cossey.

“All of this is because I met these people through TAXI, formed relationships, and received boat loads of encouragement and knowledge from TAXI and its members. I am forever grateful that I joined TAXI, learned so much, have had such awesome encouragement and met so many people that are now friends. I love this music life!!! Thanks, TAXI!” Michelle said, WOW, Michelle! We are so happy too hear about your success and how you are sharing it with other TAXI members. We look forward to many more success stories from you!

Chris Winston
We recently reached out to member Chris Winston after we got word that he might have had some of his music picked up by some Music Libraries. As we thought, it was true! He told us that he submitted a few of his Solo Piano Recordings as well as his Film Trailer Music almost at the same time, and both of them immediately resulted in Music Library deals. Each of the Libraries wanted about 15 full-length cues, as well as cut- downs! The Libraries (of course) were so impressed that they wanted more, and today Chris, with the help of his friends, has over 150 cues signed to these Libraries! And it’s not just Piano and Trailer Music, but everything in between, including Swamp Rock and Rap Instrumentals!

“As a musician, I enjoy the challenge of being able to write in any genre. It’s a real thrill for me to listen to the type of tune that the client is asking for and do what I can to make sure that my writing and mixing matches that need as closely as possible. What I’ve enjoyed [about TAXI] is doing the best we can to perfect our mixes and to try to compete and to be indistinguishable from a major studio. To that end, listening to the critiques is very helpful. I don’t always agree with the critique I receive, but when there is an issue that I can correct, I try to do that.” Keep it up Chris, and we look forward to hearing even more success stories from you in the future!

Bill Conn
If a client is interested in the music we forward to them, it can take days if not weeks, sometimes even months or years for them to reach out to the members to offer them deals. For Bill Conn, it only took hours after he found out his music had been forwarded! He got the notification around 11 a.m. and the Music Library called him at 2 p.m. the same day to offer him a deal for two of his orchestral compositions. That might be some sort of record! Bill was very excited about the forwards, but he never expected to get a call from the Library this fast. This is hopefully the very beginning of a great relationship!

“I think TAXI is a great way to get your music into the hands of those who are specifically looking to license it for Film, TV, and Games. Using TAXI’s Dispatch listings, I get anywhere from 8-12 qualified leads [in his genre] per month. Even if I worked the phone really hard I’d never get that many opportunities. With TAXI I can focus on what I do best (write the music) while TAXI opens the door for opportunities. Thanks, Michael and the staff at TAXI.” Congratulations, Bill, and we look forward to some more record-breaking successes!

Carl Coccomo

The CEO of one of the Music Libraries we frequently find new music for, recently told us about TAXI member Carl Coccomo’s (aka “The Singing Sicilian”) placement in ABC’s show, The Neighbors! What makes this placement bittersweet is that Carl passed away a year ago. We’re so glad that even though Carl’s family must miss him, they’re certainly beaming with pride that his music lives on! Not only do they get to enjoy the legacy of his music being heard by millions of people, hopefully the income it generates will help his family in his absence. We are so happy to continue to be a part of Carl’s legacy and wish his family well! And here’s a fun fact: It was none other than Frank Sinatra who gave Carl the moniker of, “The Singing Sicilian.” How many people can lay claim to something like that?!

Bill Kelly

Like many TAXI members, Bill Kelly has experienced the highs and lows of becoming a better songwriter. Happily however, Bill recently shared that he got a placement in the Feature Film, Promised Land! The placement happened after his song “You’re Always Welcome Here,” was forwarded by TAXI to a Music Library. It was 18 months before the song was placed, which just shows how there’s no such thing as a “typical timeline” for songs finding a home in the right project! In the mean time, the same Music Library has signed two more of Bill’s songs, and he now has a valuable relationship with the company. That’s something not to take lightly! Bill also mentioned that he attended the Road Rally last year, and is currently in the process of establishing a relationship with a Music Publisher he met there! Congratulations, Bill!

Bruce Brown

We first found out about Bruce Brown’s success on the TAXI Forum. He shared that after three years as a TAXI member, he just signed a new deal with a great Production Music Library! Bruce said the deal includes his co-writer, and fellow TAXI Member, Scott Gerow. Bruce and Scott met each other at the Road Rally a few years ago. Bruce told us how much he appreciates the TAXI community in Nashville; the community there meets on a regular basis to work together on their craft, which Bruce said is very inspiring and can also be humbling. Bruce also told us that prior to joining TAXI, he had no tracks signed to any film/TV music licensing companies, and now, because of TAXI, he has well over a 100 tracks published, and has had lots of his tracks placed in TV shows! So cool! Congratulations, Bruce!

Barry Gould

Barry Gould recently told us that he just had his first very TV placement as a result of belonging to TAXI! Barry decided to branch out into the Film & TV world after being involved for years in other areas of the music business as composer, arranger and performer. Barry’s song was placed in the February 17 episode of the Fox Network’s primetime show, The Following, starring Kevin Bacon. That’s only one degree of separation by our count! The song played for 2 minutes and 27 seconds as an underscore for an entire scene in the first 8 minutes of the episode! Since then, the episode repeated on February 22 and has aired in countries such as Canada, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand. This placement is a result of a connection Barry made at the 2011 Road Rally; Barry sat down with a mentor who connected him to the owner of a Music Library, where he signed a deal for three tracks. Barry said, “I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the Road Rallies and getting forwards, and really appreciate the critiques and education.” Nice going Barry! We’re very happy for you, and wish you continued success.

Bryan Fusilier

Bryan Fusilier reached out to us, and we’re so happy he did because he let us know that he’s now had his music placed in b since joining TAXI. He said the vast majority of the placements have resulted from just one Music Library deal he landed as a direct result of a TAXI forward nearly four years ago. Since his initial signing with the company, he is now considered one of their custom composers, and has had the opportunity to write music specifically for shows that the Library works with. Bryan said, “The thing I like most about being a TAXI member is the friendships I’ve made with other TAXI members. I’ve gotten many other deals via those relationships, and have learned so much from them via the TAXI forums.” Some of Bryan’s bigger placements include: Alien Encounters, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, Toddlers and Tiaras, Wives with Knives, and Welcome to Myrtle Manor. Not bad, Bryan!!

David Hollandsworth

We came across David Hollandsworth’s success story on the TAXI Forums and wanted to make sure you all got to share in his joy! David recently had a song forwarded to a Music Library back in October 2013. When the company offered him a deal, David smartly asked if they would like to hear more of his tracks. They said “yes,” and so far, the company has now signed 25 more of his songs! That’s awesome, David! David told us, “TAXI has been a great learning experience for me as a composer. I’ve learned much from the returns and forwards, and the forums have been invaluable. Two years ago, I never thought I would be composing music for media!”

<strong>Juliet Lyons and Bruce Bergh</strong>

Songwriting and production duo, Tonisha Hampton and Robert Watts of 2 Parts Analog, have had quite a bit of TAXI-related success! Not only have they written songs for MTV’s Catfish, VH1’s Lee Ann and Eddie and Hollywood Exes, and HBO’s Vice, but they have also written Hip-Hop tracks for Internet videos and are currently working on the title sequence for a top-secret TV show! These placements have been a product of their work with a Music Library they met through a TAXI connection. The duo stated that since joining TAXI, their songwriting has improved in a variety of different genres. They went on to say, “We have so much work to do it is a blessing. We are so thankful for TAXI and all the extra things that you do, unlike other A&R Companies, to help us become better business musicians. We are proof that it works. If you apply yourself and you’re open to change the way you think about music, you can make it. One last thing, checking our pride and ego at the door made us soar. Thank you, TAXI.”

Christopher Greenwood

Christopher Greenwood sent us an email that started off with “I wanted to let you guys know [that] since signing up with TAXI one and a half months ago, I’ve had 9 forwards, 1 synch (synchronization license) for $200, and today just got contacted by a Music Library who wants to sign 2 of my songs.” Chris shared that it took a few listings for him to narrow down the listings that his music truly fits, and that although he was a little discouraged at first, he kept watching the listings and figured out how to pitch more accurately. He got his first forward (which is now the first a many more than nine at this point!), signed up for a Dispatch Listing (to get more access to listings in his genre), and has since been contacted by a Music Supervisor and was paid $200 (plus royalties depending on some other factors) for the use of his song in a film! Chris said, "”I like the fact that [my membership is] not only getting me paid, but [is also] exposing me to new music when I’m listening to the referenced songs. I love hearing new tunes; I’m becoming a fan again!” Congratulations, Chris!

Nicholas Rodriguez

Nicholas Rodriguez updated us on his success he originally heard about in the spring of 2013. It took several months to receive confirmation, but he recently found out that one of his songs will indeed be used as the main title theme for A&E network’s new TV show, Don’t Trust Andrew Mayne! Nicholas wrote the cue specifically at the request of the Music Publisher who got the placement. He was connected to that publisher through a TAXI listing and forward. The show just premiered in January of this year. Nicholas said that this is his first placement, and that it looks like more of his work will be placed as well. The Publisher told Nicholas that “many” of the cues he wrote will be used in future episodes of the show! Awesome! Congratulations, Nicholas!

Ethan Okamura

Ethan Okamura wrote into us to fill us in about the placement he just landed on the thriller/drama feature film, Holy Ghost People that will be in theaters this month! Ethan’s song, “A Song Before I Go,” was licensed for this film as a direct result of a TAXI forward. Ethan’s deal was a “step-deal,” which means he got more income once the film was picked up for distribution. Ethan just found out that the film will be distributed, which means that he will receive additional payments as the film reaches certain attendance plateaus! What a cool deal!

Robbie Hancock

Robbie Hancock updated us about his success following the Road Rally. Not only has he been signed to a Music Library, he also just landed a placement in a feature film! The placement wasn’t a direct result of TAXI, but Robbie said that he would not have been as confident in signing the deal without the information and knowledge he has received from Michael Laskow through TAXI TV, TAXI’s online Forum, and his fellow TAXI members. Robbie said, “I have watched almost all of the TAXI TV episodes now and I feel informed with the ammunition I need to succeed. I am so very thankful for everything that TAXI does for artists, writers and composers like myself (also really getting into producing now too thanks to a Rob Chiarelli mentoring session [during the Road Rally]). It has given me a new hope in the music industry, and joining TAXI was one of the best and smartest things I have ever done for my career.” Congratulations, Robbie!

Hank Jones

Not even a year ago, we boasted about Hank Jones getting a cool deal with a Boutique Music Licensing Company. Since then, Hank has had some more success, particularly with his song “Born Lonely.” Hank submitted “Born Lonely” to a direct-to-Music Supervisor TAXI listing. The song was forwarded, which resulted in the song getting placed on the CBS television show Vegas! Congratulations, Hank!

Juliet Lyons and Bruce Bergh

We highlighted Juliet Lyons’s music career in the October edition of the Transmitter’s Passenger Profile section. Since then, she’s had even more success! A song that she co-wrote with Dean Taylor and TAXI member Vince Constantino, “You’re My Christmas,” was placed in the final scene of Lifetime’s original Christmas movie Christmas in the City, resulting from a direct connection to a Music Supervisor via a TAXI Listing. The movie aired a total of nine times during December! Juliet said that the icing on the cake was that she and her co-writers got to see their names in the final credits! So cool! Congratulations to you, Dean and Vince!

Speaking of Christmas and Lifetime, Bruce Bergh’s song “Christmastime of the Year” was also placed in Christmas in the City! It’s so cool to have multiple TAXI members’ music placed in a film – all through a direct connection to a Music Supervisor! What’s even cooler is that Bruce’s song was also placed in the Hallmark Channel’s original film Snow Bride, also resulting from a direct-to-supervisor connection through a TAXI listing. What a great season for you, Bruce! Bruce told us that he’s been writing and recording music for over 30 years, but that TAXI has changed the purpose for his writing as well as the way he writes. He said, “Here is the most awesome gift TAXI gave me: motivation. Knowing that a REAL opportunity is dangling right before me is an exciting experience! I have learned to read a listing, formulate the concept, write the music and words, record the tracks, and create a mix within a 24 hour period!” He also shared that prior to joining TAXI, he felt that he’d never “make it” because he knew no one in the music business, but that TAXI has given him an “in.” Cool!

Cheryl Ashton

Cheryl Ashton has been a TAXI member for 15 years! Her newest success is having her song “Undeniable” placed on the ABC’s hit TV show, Nashville! The placement came about only a couple days after her song was forwarded to the Music Supervisor via TAXI! Cheryl is also working with a couple of Music Libraries and her work is paying off. Cheryl told us that the critiques she’s received over the years have been very helpful. She also told us that attending the Road Rally has also taught her a lot and has been beneficial to her songwriting career. She actually got her first publishing deal because of attending the Road Rally several years ago! Cheryl shared that the most important thing she has learned over the years is to always be prepared with the correct documentation and song files if someone is interested in signing any of her material. That’s sage advice, Cheryl! Congratulations on the placement!

Clark Van Norris

We know Clark Van Norris loves the Road Rally because of his willingness to help during the event, as well as his recent quote, “I would spend $300 on just the Road Rally, it’s that good!” We love hearing that from our members, and we love hearing about successes that come from attending the Road Rally even more! During the 2012 Road Rally, Clark’s song “The River” was played for the Music Library panel. One of the panelists, a Music Library executive, liked the song quite a bit. Clark followed up with the executive at this past Road Rally. Clark gave the owner his CD, which resulted in Clark receiving a phone call the following Monday after the Rally! In the past two months, three of Clark’s songs have been signed to the Library and there is further discussion about signing more of Clark’s songs as well! Great news, Clark! Congratulations!

Eric Baum

The Road Rally continues to prove how beneficial it is through Eric Baum’s recent success with a Music Library. Eric attended a mastering class during Road Rally 2012, which caused him to think about how he could make his tracks more usable for TV. He spent the following year applying what he learned to his songs. At this past Road Rally (November 2013), Eric showed his new material to the class teacher. The speaker liked Eric’s work, and since the speaker happens to work for a Music Library, a deal was struck! Eric now has a couple dozen songs signed to the library! Eric said that he used to write music for himself, but TAXI taught him how smart it is to write what the industry needs. Now he spends his time more productively, and has learned to write for the right audience. He closed by telling us, “The Road Rally also helped me improve my recording techniques. Now my tracks can compete with tracks recorded in million dollar facilities.” That’s awesome, Eric!

Walter Grund

Walter Grund had some great successes with Music Libraries in 2013! His second-quarter royalty check in 2013 showed that his music was placed on the Dr. Oz Show, four years after he initially met the owner of the Music Library! Walter also signed 32 classical compositions to a different Music Library, and his Metal instrumentals album to yet another Music Library! Further, Walter and his 15-year-old daughter co-wrote an album and it was also signed to a Music Library! So cool! Walter told us that all of the TAXI resources (TAXI TV, book referrals, the Forum, the Road Rally, the free subscription to Recording Magazine, and helpful members) have helped him learn what the industry is looking for, and have helped him improve his songwriting and production skills. Walter said that although he is busy working as a music teacher, music director, and music engraver, TAXI has helped him build a catalogue of over 300 cues and songs, which are currently signed to eight different music libraries! His hard work is paying off, as the royalties have started come in. Congratulations, Walter!

Adrian Dresair

Adrian Dresar told us that his song “More Than an Arms Reach” was placed in the fourth episode of The CW’s Reign! This placement happened from a TAXI Forward almost four years ago to a successful Music Library. The Library originally signed two of Adrian’s songs, but later signed seven more songs! As a result of his recent placement, Adrian’s fan base has grown and a number of other Libraries have approached him to sign his music as well! Adrian stated, “The constructive criticism from TAXI has helped me to progressively employ more hooks into my songs. Through critiques, I realized I had to tighten up the pitch of my vocals (unfortunately my older tracks do have some off notes that make me cringe). I appreciate the positive feedback too that increased my confidence: I do have the ability to write songs people like!” That’s awesome, Adrian! Nothing feels better than being validated for your hard work and talent.

Ruby Muse

Ruby Muse recently got forwarded to a Music Library through a TAXI listing that ended up signing a couple of her songs. That resulted in Ruby’s song “Mr. Horizon” getting a placement on the ABC Network’s Ravenswood. Ruby told us that she specifically uses TAXI so that she can gain insight to the music business. Ruby has already learned how to adapt her writing styles and genres to what the industry really needs, and has also found that her previously written material still has a place in the industry too based on the placements she’s received! Ruby said that she and her partner, Malc, feel like they now have ears in the industry to help them get their music heard. She said, “I really appreciate TAXI. I love Michael’s [TAXI’s CEO] enthusiasm, and I am impressed by the whole operation so far. Thanks especially to those who have listened to, critiqued and forwarded our songs – hope to meet you all someday soon!” Three words for you, Ruby: Road Rally 2014!

Owen Chaim

This past September, we shared Owen Chaim’s success story about getting his Hip-Hop songs signed to a great, Los Angeles-based Production Music Library through a submission and a TAXI Forward. At the time, the deal was brand new, so he hadn’t had any placements yet. Owen reached out to us again just two months later—in November—to let us know that one of his tracks had already been placed in an episode of NBC’s hit TV show, Parenthood! Congratulations, Owen! That was really quick by anybody’s standard, and we hope you get a bunch more of those super fast, primetime, broadcast network placements!

Mad Rapture

We found out about Patrick and Maia’s (Mad Rapture) recent success from the Publishing Company who signed two of their songs after a TAXI forward! The songs are now being pitched to Film and TV projects. The duo shared with us that one of the things they love about TAXI is that they have access to opportunities that they never knew existed. They also shared that they appreciate having access submitting to a wider range of genres as they are “a bit left-of-center” from the typical Pop genre. They said, “It’s exciting to know our music is being heard by incredibly smart and influential people in the music business who would never hear our tunes otherwise. We also been impressed by how friendly and responsive everyone on the TAXI team has been. You guys clearly are rooting for independent musicians to succeed!”

Brian Wheat

Brian Wheat posted on the TAXI Forum about a deal he signed with a Music Library. We found out later from him that the deal developed from his very first forward! The Library signed 10 of Brian’s tracks, and has already placed one of his tracks in an episode of “I’m Married to a...”! Brian has also had success with another Library as well after he created his first-ever underscore piece for a listing. The track was forwarded, and the Library contacted Brian less than a week later to offer him a deal! Brian told us, “The thing I love about TAXI is the different genres that are listed. It has expanded my music composition skills into other music styles, which I didn’t realize I had the capability to compose.” Great job, Brian! Congratulations!

Larry Penny

Larry Penny (Seven Points, TX) recently shared some very exciting news. A while back, Larry’s song “Kiss That Memory Goodbye” was forwarded to a Los Angeles-based Music Library. Having signed his songs to a couple of companies in Nashville some years ago but with no placements to show thus far, Larry didn’t anticipate that anything would happen with the song. Larry’s luck has changed though! A few weeks ago, the Music Library emailed him to let him know they placed his song in the Paramount Pictures Film Nebraska that will be showing in theaters later this month! So cool! Congratulations, Larry!

Brent Magstadt

Brent Magstadt (Pahoa, HI) has had a lot of success with Film & TV Licensing Companies through TAXI forwards over the past few years. One of his recent connections resulted in him landing a “little” Walmart commercial placement! Throughout his membership, Brent has signed multiple tracks to other Film & TV Licensing Firms; he just signed three more of his tracks to another Publishing company as well! Brent said, “There are a multitude of benefits from being involved with TAXI, but the one that always sticks [out] in my mind is ‘focus.’” Brent went on to explain that the help he receives from his fellow TAXI members on the TAXI Forums, the networking opportunities at the Road Rally, and the help of supplied “a la’s” and other details provided in TAXI’s Industry Listings have all helped him focus his songwriting to fit exactly what the industry professionals are looking for! That’s awesome, Brent!

Kevin Pike

Kevin Pike (Port Crane, NY) recently received his first royalty check for the use of his songs in the TV shows Storage Hunters, Dr. Oz, and Welcome to Myrtle Manor. Kevin’s Music Library relationships have come from different TAXI avenues and in different time frames. For example, the Storage Hunters placement came eight and a half years after a TAXI forward! The Dr. Oz placement came about after Kevin met the owner of a different Music Library at the TAXI Road Rally in 2011. Kevin told us, “Without TAXI, I don’t believe I would be composing music for four libraries. [TAXI] gives you the information you need to succeed... Probably the biggest impact TAXI has had on me as a composer is that it has given me a purpose for my music. People out there (mainly music libraries) actually want me to compose music for them and they value it. That’s a great motivator!” Nice job, Kevin!

Simon Larsson

We recently heard that Simon Larsson’s (Göteborg, Sweden) band, Bernard Et Bianca, landed a great publishing deal with an awesome Los Angeles-based Publishing Company as a result of a TAXI forward. The publishing deal included all of the songs on the band’s album, as well as all of the instrumental versions of the songs. The company is now working to get the songs placed in Film & TV. Simon told us, “TAXI has opened a whole new world for me, full of opportunities that I did not have before. Since I became a member, less than a year ago, I’ve been writing and finishing more songs than ever [before]!” Awesome Simon! We’re so glad to provide those opportunities to you and your band!

Alyse Black

Two years ago, Alyse Black (Austin, TX) was forwarded to a Music Production Company. The company contacted her six months after the forward and signed a few of Alyse’s songs for TV Licensing projects. A year later, the company informed Alyse that one of her songs had been placed in ABC’s The Vineyard! Since then, the company has discussed more opportunities for Alyse to write additional songs for them. Alyse said, “I love the candid feedback I get from TAXI’s [screeners] – both [on how] I [can] improve a particular song or my songwriting on the whole, [and] where I excel from an industry standpoint. [TAXI provides] invaluable feedback for [songwriters] looking to reach any aspect of commercial success with [their] music. I’ve already referred several friends to TAXI.” Thank you, Alyse! We’re looking forward to hearing many more success stories from you!

Stan JazzStan Morris

Stan "JazzStan" Morris It would be difficult to find another member like Stan “JazzStan” Morris who has been so dedicated to sharpening his musical skills through using TAXI. It took Stan 16 years to get a deal from a TAXI forward so you can imagine his excitement about signing some deals with a very well-respected Indie Music Library with many Film & TV placements. The company recently signed Stan’s Christmas Dubstep tracks, as well as a Dubstep rendition of a classic Bach prelude and fugue! We are SO proud of Stan for all of his hard work!

Andy Gabrys

Andy Gabrys has had some incredible successes in this year. For example, a track that Andy wrote and recorded in only four hours for a Dispatch listing was forwarded, which resulted in a Direct-to-Music Supervisor relationship! So far, the Music Supervisor has signed 16 of Andy’s tracks, and has placed several of them in reality TV shows! His music has also been placed in Episodes 3 and 7 of the ABC Family Network’s show The Vineyard! Andy also recently signed a Music Library deal for one of his tracks, and is currently writing more tracks for that Library! Andy said that his TAXI experience has allowed him to make valuable contacts in the music industry, as well as with other TAXI members. He went on to say, “[One of] the best things about TAXI [is] the camaraderie of composers from across the globe, and the chance to meet and trade notes with them both in the TAXI forum and at the TAXI Road Rally... I think its great to be able to live in a small town in the middle of the country and still make relationships to place my music in TV and Film productions. TAXI works!!” Glad to hear that, Andy!

Eric Campbell

Eric Campbell's success is based on connecting and collaborating with a fellow TAXI member (Axel Bauer) via the TAXI Forums. Eric and Axel formed a group called “Mom’s Basement,” and together they’ve co-written several songs. Their collaboration must be working because their song, “Too Big For The City,” was forwarded to a Music Library that signed them to a deal. Eric is excited because the Library is now pitching the song to the very TV projects Eric had in mind when he and Axel wrote the song. Eric told us, “I can’t say enough about how valuable the membership is to me. I’ve been pursuing music for a while, but I never felt that I had a trustworthy sounding board. I can’t tell you how many opportunities I’ve chased – only to be left hanging without even the benefit of a definite rejection. Between TAXI’s listings and their A&R department, I’ve been able to focus my sound into something that I know the industry is looking for. I’ve never had that before!!

David Ross Benson

David Ross Benson success originated back in 2006 after his songs were forwarded to a Publishing Company. The company signed five of David’s songs, which resulted in his songs getting placed on VH1, as well as multiple TV shows in Japan! It took five years, but the royalty payments finally started coming in from BMI just last year. David said, “Thanks to TAXI, I am now a published song writer, and collect royalties from licensing deals!” Congratulations, David!

Brian Watson

Brian Watson wrote to us to let us know that he’s recently signed his songs to two incredibly well-connected Music Libraries because of TAXI forwards! Naturally, he was excited about getting more than 50 tracks signed to these companies, but he was even more excited when both of the libraries asked him to write additional material for them! Sounds like it’s the beginning to two very good relationships! Brian shared that one of the best things about TAXI is how it has helped him understand the weird world of music licensing. TAXI has taught him to break out of his comfort zone to write music he might not normally write. That’s really cool, Brian! We’re happy to be a part of your learning experience and your success!

Stan Swiniarksi

Stan Swiniarksi is a busy guy! Not only does he teach at Berklee College of Music, he also happens to be a very successful songwriter. In this past year alone, Stan has been signed to a new Music Production Library, which has resulted in him writing custom cues for three companies! His music has landed in shows airing on CNBC, A&E, SyFy, Discovery, A&E, TLC, and Oxygen. Not too shabby! Stan told us his goal is to continue to build his relationships with the companies he's working with so he can continue to fill the pipeline with new music upon their requests. Stan said, "A few years back now, I got a Nashville cut with a new artist on Blue Steel Records. This was while I was living full-time in Nashville. It [is] ironic that I had taken the plunge to write and pitch in [Nashville], yet my first success [there] came through TAXI. What I like most about TAXI is that it's the real deal. The variety of opportunities available is really great [because] it allows me to pitch both as a composer and a songwriter, which gives me a wider scope for success."

Kayle Clements

Kayle Clements wrote Michael Laskow (TAXI's CEO) an email recently that made us beam! It started off like this:

"Hi Michael, I am pretty excited tonight. I just checked my BMI statement and I had three placements on TLC show up tonight. This is my very first placement. After years of dreaming about being a TV composer – tonight it happened. I get that it is just three small placements on reality TV – but it feels like a million bucks!"

Naturally, we're excited that we got to be a part of Kayle's journey to success! The three placements Kayle is referring to originated from a TAXI forward to a Music Library. The Library didn't contact Kayle right away, but Kayle met a fellow TAXI member at the Road Rally who already had an established relationship with that same company. Kayle's new buddy also told the Library about Kayle, which resulted in the company offering him a deal once they heard 10 of his tracks. Those tracks ended up TLC's show Welcome to Myrtle Manor! Kayle left us with the following note: "It took three years of submitting, getting returns, getting forwards, and working to be a better writer. But it works, and I couldn't have done it without TAXI."

Kyle Kniceley

Kyle Kniceley shared with us awhile ago that one of his first forwards turned into a deal with a Music Library that resulted in the library signing 70 of Kyle's tracks, meaning that his royalty payments from placements quadrupled from what his first check was! Since then, Kyle has signed tracks over to three additional Music Libraries! Part of his success with Production Music Libraries comes from meeting the Library owners at last year's TAXI Road Rally! Kyle shared, "I've come to find that if you follow every bit of advice and work on your craft that good things will happen. TAXI has offered me opportunities to improve myself, learn about the industry, meet people I would never otherwise meet, and get my music into their hands ... and ears! I plan on continuing this marathon and using TAXI to help my music business grow. Thank you so much!!"

Briand Melanson
Briand Melanson is a prime example of how difficult it is for us to give you a timeframe for when and if you'll get a deal based on a Forward through TAXI. His song, "What I Am," was forwarded six times, yet he never heard from back from any of the companies the song went to. The seventh time it was forwarded however, Briand heard back from the Music Library within a few days and they signed a deal with him! The Library then asked him to write additional songs, which they also signed within five days of Briand writing the songs! Briand told us, "TAXI is DEFINITELY the number one reason that I've kept writing and improving over the last three years. The TAXI listings always show me exactly what's in demand and current. The feedback I've gotten from the TAXI screeners has been consistently spot on and priceless to me! I've also watched all the TAXI TV shows and gotten so much out of them it's CRAZY! Since I've started hanging out on the TAXI Forum regularly and collaborating with fellow TAXI members, my success has grown immensely with over 30 tracks being signed to various Music Libraries in the US, Canada & Germany. That's just in the last seven months!!!! So thank you TAXI and TAXI members!"

Frank Longo
Over the years, Frank Longo has established a relationship with a prominent LA-based Music Publishing Company through TAXI. Originally, the company singed 16 of his tracks. Since then, several of his songs have been placed in TV Shows, such as Breaking Bad, and feature films such as Cyrus and Crazy Stupid Love. Frank said, "TAXI has been a tremendous vehicle in the promotion of my music. I am very thankful for all that TAXI does, especially the feedback from the professional screeners who have made some key comments on how to improve some of my material over the years. [Thank you] most of all for paving the way for a lucrative publishing deal!"

Casey Hurowitz
Casey Hurowitz signed more than 20 tracks to a Music Library after initially making contact with them a few years ago. Good things do come to those who are patient! Casey told us that after one of his World Instrumental tracks got forwarded, the library signed the track along with a bunch of other tracks in multiple genres! Casey was reminded of this deal when a cue sheet recently showed up in his ASCAP statement. Turns out that the library placed one of his tracks on MTV show 10 On Top. Casey says, "It goes to show you how once you've established a contact due to a forward, anything can happen; TAXI helps you form new relationships and that's the key."

John Acosta
Eight months ago, we ran a listing for a Music Supervisor who needed songs about a teenager feeling insecure about who she was. Amanda Ihle emailed to let us know that her song "Far From Perfect" got a placement in the Independent Film called Senior Prank! Amanda also shared that she recently recorded her latest album All Over the World!
John Acosta
John Acosta just landed his first placement with HBO's True Blood. The song played in the July 14 episode, # 605. This has come from signing with a Music Library last year, and meeting my contact from the library at the Road Rally! "Thanks to TAXI for the introduction," John said.

Eight months ago, we ran a listing for a Music Supervisor who needed songs about a teenager feeling insecure about who she was. Amanda Ihle emailed to let us know that her song "Far From Perfect" got a placement in the Independent Film called Senior Prank! Amanda also shared that she recently recorded her latest album All Over the World!

Jeff Greenleaf
Jeff Greenleaf said, "All of these recent placements have come from my initial deal signed in 2008, when I was forwarded to a publisher looking for a wide variety of instrumentals for TV. I now have over 800 published songs and have music in over 70 TV shows." Since, we heard from him last, Jeff has had placements on the following shows: Dogs In The City on the CBS Network; Loiter Squad on Adult Swim; Melissa and Tye on CMT; Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 7, Kourtney and Kim Take Miami, Married to Jonas, and Holly has a Baby on E!; Shahs Of Sunset on Bravo; Love & Hip Hop; Couples Therapy, Single Ladies, I'm Married to A..., Black Ink Crew, and Making Mr. Right on VH1; Snooki & JWOWW, Catfish, Washington Heights, Girl Code, Girl Get Your Mind Right, Totally Clueless, and True Life on MTV; Cat Cora: Kitchen Interrupted on OWN; and Love Games-Bad Girls Need Love Too; and Tanisha Gets Married on Oxygen. "The professional relationships I've made through TAXI have paved the way to a career in music I only dreamed about. It's up to me to continue this success by consistently challenging myself to improve and stay competitive. With TAXI, those opportunities are truly endless," he said.
Brett Ratner
Michelle Lockey wrote in to let us know about a Publishing Deal she recently landed through TAXI. We like this success story because it shows how keeping an open mind, and using the feedback you get on your material can actually help you get it to the point that people want to use it! Michelle wrote, "I wrote a song with [TAXI Member] Paul Otten called 'Say Anything, Say Everything.' It got one forward and many returns, with feedback telling me things like, 'The female vocal needs a more earthy sound, and the tone could be softer and more vulnerable.' I was bothered by my vocal anyway, so l took the advice and re-sang the song, and submitted it to a Singer/Songwriter listing. It got forwarded! The [Publishing Company] called to tell me they really loved the song, wanted to sign it, and also [wanted] to work with me [for] future needs. They said they couldn't wait to get the song out to their contacts! TAXI is the best way to improve your music skills, learn the business, network, and get your music heard by the right people! Every step I have taken with TAXI has propelled me further in my music career. The knowledge I have gained is invaluable."
Brett Ratner
We briefly mentioned the success of writing partners Derrick Procell and Brett Ratner a couple of weeks ago, but this is the story behind their success from Brett!

Brett's relationship with a Music Publisher started as a result from a TAXI Listing back in 2005. Sometime later, the Publisher made a request that caused Brett to partner with Derrick. Together, they have written and recorded 30 songs, which have been placed in dozens of TV Shows, including My Name is Earl, Criminal Minds, Boston Legal, and The Office (series finale).

Brett says about his TAXI experience: "You may be surprised to hear this, but perhaps the most beneficial thing to me about TAXI is the critiques you receive when your songs aren't forwarded. Once an artist puts his or her ego aside and takes the advice to heart, the artist truly has a chance to improve as a writer, performer, producer and engineer. Over time, if you stick with it, you really see the critiques get less harsh, and the number of forwards steadily increases. I honestly feel that the TAXI reviewers can be more picky than the actual music publishers and music supervisors they screen for. In other words, if you can pass the TAXI test, you're ready for prime time. I credit TAXI critiques for improving my musicianship, writing and production not only to the point where I get regularly hired to produce music for television and advertising, but also to teach music as well as perform in professional bands that specialize in corporate events, weddings and casinos. I can honestly say that TAXI helped me grow from a hobbyist to a professional."

Kevin Reardon
Kevin Reardon has had a lot of success recently! His song "No Other Love" was placed in a Sony film called Mardi Gras due to a TAXI listing! The song was featured during a party dance scene for two minutes during a big transition point in the movie! The Music Library that pitched the song to Sony is now actively pitching Kevin's songs to many more films and TV shows! His songs have been placed on the CW Network's Hart of Dixie, as well being pitched through an additional Music Library. He's currently working on more songs for them! Further, Kevin is currently working with a Custom Music Label that licenses music to Film & TV!

Kevin states: "I have had 17 songs forwarded since January 2012. Several of them led to me getting into dialogues with the listing company's owners - several did not - but the key thing is that these are all people I could not have reached without TAXI's help. I have been a TAXI member for several years. I primarily use TAXI for song submissions and critiques. Although I am very excited about the Forwards and placements I have gotten from TAXI, the most important thing for me is becoming a better songwriter and I think the feedback I get from TAXI has been a huge help to me in improving my writing and also enhancing my understanding of how to be more successful in placing my material to clients in ways that help me better connect with them, build relationships, and enable more opportunities."

Gene Bayne
We heard about Gene Baynes's success directly from the owner of an Independent Label that licenses music to Film & TV. The Record Label recently signed two of Gene's late '70s Funk songs for a very nice chunk of money! Furthermore, the label's owner sang Gene's praises. Hopefully this means the start of a great relationship! Congratulations, Gene!
Mark Miller
Mark Miller was another one of those guys we mentioned recently who had his song placed on The Office series finale! Here is his story:

"Years ago, TAXI forwarded my music onto [an owner of a Music Library]. In turn, [the Library] added songs from my CD called You Were Here. Even more recently, [the company's owner] wrote to me with the good news that one of my songs from that CD, called "Wait For You," was chosen to be on the series finale of NBC's The Office. And, at minute 52 of the show, just as Ryan and Kelly were running away together from the wedding, my song appeared. [It] was the song that played the couple out to commercial. And Bruce Springsteen—one of my musical heroes—was the song that opened up the program again, coming out of the commercial break. So, through many degrees of separation, I got to 'open' for Springsteen on the series finale of a major, broadcast network TV show.

As someone who knew how to write songs, but didn't know anyone in A&R in the music business, TAXI was and is a really worthwhile resource. I submitted a reasonable amount of songs to TAXI. I got a good number of forwards. I didn't always move past that stage, but all it took was [the music library's owner] listening to my music, and all the sudden I had a top connection that I never had before. In very practical terms, my music would have never been on the series finale of a major network show if it didn't first get into the hands and ears of [that company's owner]. And it wouldn't have made it [there] if it weren't first submitted to TAXI. It again took a tremendous amount of passion and patience to get this placement on the part of many. But this was time, energy, and effort that was well worth the expense."

Bob Mete
Bob Mete wrote in to tell us that he was recently notified from a Music Publisher that he connected with through TAXI that his Jazz tune "Tell Me" was placed on a Netflix series called Hemlock Grove! "Tell Me" plays during a dinner scene in season 1, episode 109. Bob said that this placement was the result of a relationship he established during the TAXI Road Rally! We LOVE hearing about awesome relationships established because of the Road Rally! Cool! Bob states,

"TAXI rules...Thanks, ML (Michael Laskow) and everyone at TAXI for all your hard work," he said.

CK Barlow
Most people who've had success in the music industry preach the importance of building relationships with everyone that you come into contact with. CK Barlow is a prime example of why relationship-building is so important! CK told us that her recent success came from a relationship with a fellow TAXI member. He introduced her to a great Music Library. CK signed on with the library and has had a number of placements, including six national ads! She now has a custom composing deal with the library and is regularly getting paid for her songwriting. Congratulations, CK! We love when we hear about our members helping each other out! Here's what CK has to say about her TAXI experience:

"I can't say enough good about TAXI. When I joined, I didn't know what a music library was, and I thought I knew what broadcast quality was. Err, not quite! I've learned a ton from TAXI and from the incredibly generous member community. I'm now earning a living from a variety of music-related work, and I have TAXI to thank for giving me the confidence to try—but also for helping me see, on a practical level, how it could be done. TAXI serves up a healthy combination of inspiration and realism from which any musician could benefit."

Jon Sorensen
We've said it before and we'll say it again: Patience is everything! Jon Sorensen's patience paid off: He knew his tracks were quirky and silly with hillbilly-ish instrumentation, so when he saw a listing that requested rural, campy, nothing too serious, and hillbilly-bent songs, he submitted them to the listing. His songs were forwarded to a Publishing Company who signed one of his tracks. Jon asked the company if they needed more tracks and they did! So far, the company has signed seven of Jon's tracks and he is incredibly happy about his amazing connection!

Jon states that TAXI offers many advantages to our members including, "A wide array of opportunities, the free Road Rally, [and] supportive song feedback." He goes on to say that, "By far, what TAXI has been to me is an incredibly rich source of experience, support and camaraderie with TAXI staff and TAXI members. The value of the membership is worth the price." We're glad to hear it, Jon! Thank you so much for filling us in on your success!

Ron Sarja
Ron Sarja shared with us about his newest accomplishment based on a connection that he made through at a TAXI Road Rally: "I am writing to report that a composition that I wrote called 'Searching for Angels' was chosen to be part of a compilation CD, which was recently released. It's an eclectic collection, which includes Grammy-winning artists and nominees, Juno Award artists, and emerging New Age artists from around the world. I feel very humbled and honored to be part of this spectacular compilation CD. I first met the producer/publisher at the TAXI 2011 Road Rally where she was a guest panelist. We had conversation and I gave her one of my CDs. Well, a musical relationship developed over a couple of years. I feel very humbled and honored to be part of this spectacular compilation CD."
Terry Blackwell
If the name Terry Blackwell sounds familiar, it's because he keeps having amazing successes that we just HAVE to share with you! We JUST heard from him, but he continues to have success in Film & TV! Apparently The Animal Planet Network loves him because they have placed his song "Two Lives" in eight episodes of the TV show, Too Cute>! Animal Planet also has a new TV Show called North Woods Law that has placed another one of his songs too! Further, Terry's song "Bayou House" was placed in an episode of the TV Show Pawn Stars! Terry said, "I continue to be amazed at all of the great opportunities TAXI offers to us. Everything that I do now I owe directly or indirectly to TAXI ... yes ... they ROCK!"
Robert Hamilton
A Music Library signed Robert Hamilton's Dubstep tracks! "I'm very pleased with getting my first deal within my first year at TAXI. I'm also pleased to let you know that I just got two more tracks signed to this library! The deal came about by a forward from a TAXI Dubstep listing. I was contacted by the owner of the library, and told that they would like to sign the track. After signing that track, they expressed an interest in two more of my Dubstep pieces!

"I am just so grateful to be a part of TAXI. The amount of support, knowledge, and encouragement is unbelievable. From the Road Rally, to TAXI TV, and certainly the Forums, there is such a gold mine of information to be had. [I'm] coming up on the end of my first year, I have experienced more success than I ever imagined I would in that time. Thanks TAXI!" he said.

Gary Sredzienski
We didn't hear about Gary Sredzienski's success from him, but we did hear about it from his Publishing Company! Gary's song "Tony the Barber" just got placed on the CBS Network's How I Met Your Mother! The episode aired on April 15.
Jim McShane
If anything helped Jim McShane get a deal with a record label it was the fact that he was patient and waited to submit his song to the right listing. He describes his experience as follows: "TAXI sent a listing looking for songs from the 80s. On a lark I sent in 'Save Your Love for Me.' I always thought it was a good song with a nice dance groove arrangement sounding like the 80's dance hits happening at the time it was written. But it never went anywhere and the years had dated the arrangement. I received notification the song was forwarded but some time had gone by and [I] even forgot about it. I received a voicemail message from [a Record Label] stating he liked the song and was interested in it. I almost thought someone was pranking me. I contacted [my contact at the label] and we signed the deal for the song. Not much time has gone by [and] I just received the notice 'Save Your Love For Me' has been licensed in an episode for the CW's The Carrie Dairies. This is a first for me and my co-writer, Lynn. Very exciting! This would not have happened without the connections and relationships TAXI has formed with the industry players. It has realistically given me and my co-writer Lynn access to music opportunities that were not available to us before joining TAXI. Thanks, Mike [Michael Laskow], the TAXI crew and [my connection at the label].
Shane Searles
Shane Searles is having so much success with his songs that he's finding it difficult to keep up with all of the requests for new songs! Not a bad problem, right? First, Shane got his instrumental track "Erasure Mate" signed to a production music library in Australia. Then, another one of Shane's instrumental tracks, "Retro-Grade," was signed to a music library/scoring company with awesome connections to music supervisors. Because of that connection, Shane's music is now getting placed in Films & TV shows! So far, Shane has signed five tracks to that library, and he is currently working deals out for two more songs. And there's still more to Shane's success with music libraries! A third library just signed his song, "Love Story, Where Are You Now?" That library signed another one of his instrumental tracks as well and has requested more of Shane's material!
Craig Marsden
Film & TV music supervisors like Craig Marsden and we do too! In November, 2011, two of his songs were forwarded to a music publisher known for placing vintage music into Film & TV. The music publisher liked Craig (everybody likes Craig!) and licensed 20 of his songs for "a sizable fee." Since then, one of Craig's songs has been placed in NBC's Parenthood. In addition, another one of Craig's songs was recently placed on an upcoming episode of the FOX Network's The Mindy Project! "I now have the motivation and spirit I had back in my 20s, and consider this to be only the beginning. With TAXI, it really never IS too late. Two words sum it up for me when it comes to success with TAXI: PATIENCE and PERSEVERANCE!! TAXI really works, and Michael was brilliant to have set this up so that all artists, no matter where they live, or regardless of their age, have a real chance of getting heard in this business of music. Thank you Michael and all of TAXI! You guys ROCK!!" he said.
Richard Trevor
Richard Trevor joined TAXI in 2011. At the time, he was new to music production and had just bought Logic 9 (studio software). Since then, Richard he's submitted his songs and has been forwarded several times. With every critique he's received, Richard has learned something more to implement to his craft. His response to his songs getting returned is simple: "I take [it] in stride knowing how much I still need to learn."

So what's been happening with his music? Well, in March, 2012, a Music Library made a deal with him for his instrumental blues song "Moore Blues (Remembering)!" Then, in August, 2012, that same Music Library signed his song "Set You Free!" That same month, two more of Richard's instrumentals, "Indulge" and "A Serpent's Tale," were signed to a Production Company/Music Library!

"It's truly gratifying to know that a company like TAXI exists to help musicians like myself achieve our goals. I respect the high bar set by TAXI and I relish the challenge to meet and hopefully one day surpass their expectations. Thanks again, TAXI!" Richard said.

Willy Dalton
Willy Dalton has been around TAXI for quite a few years. His recent success is short and sweet, but is very exciting for us to hear about! One of his songs was forwarded, which resulted in the song being placed on a cable TV show! Now, he is enjoying what we refer to around the office as "Mailbox Money!" "I'm happy to say I have just received the second BMI quarterly payment for a TAXI forward to cable TV—2012 quarter 1 and quarter 2. I don't even know which forward it [was] since they changed the name of the track. Very thankful they kept the original name on the check. Thanks, TAXI!" he said.
Matt Wilson
Two years ago, Matt Wilson submitted to a TAXI industry listing from a successful Film and TV Music Publisher. He was excited when his songs were forwarded by TAXI and was even more excited when the publishing company contacted him for a deal. Last summer he was on the road preparing for a show, and he received an email informing him that his tune "Keep It Together" was placed on the DVD release of the movie Hope Springs. "I've been a TAXI member for a long time. My persistence paid off for sure. I'm glad I stayed with the process ... TAXI really works! Thanks TAXI!" he said.
Gary Piatt
Last January, one of the Independent Film and TV Music Libraries Gary Piatt writes for had a special request for him to provide specific genres of music for an eight-part series called The Ultimate Guide to the Presidents on the History Channel. The series first aired the week of January 15, 2013 and four tracks of Gary's music were used, and placed several times through the documentary: "Call to Heroes", "Calculating Doomsday", "Precipice", and "Flashpoint." By Gary's count, there were 10 placements throughout the eight-part series. "Flashpoint" was also picked up and used on a FOX 25th anniversary program, and the first royalty check for that placement was about 10 times the normal amount received for such placements. "I am living a dream beyond any dream that I could have ever imagined. All I wanted to do was to transition from music as a hobby to a vocation. Little did I know I could write for Film and TV. TAXI provided the catalyst to shape this dream. So thanks again, for all your labors of love on our behalf ... TAXI does work!" Gary said.
Chuck Schlacter
Chuck Schlacter recently told TAXI that he really got some serious networking done at the TAXI Road Rally. "I am a huge believer in building relationships. My motto is: The profit is in the relationship, not in the transaction," he said. Chuck has had his dramedy cues "The Slip Up," "Seems Like A Plan," and "Time Sensitive" placed on the Kardashians. His songs "Turnback," "Long Necks," and "Taking It Home" were placed on Duck Dynasty. Other placements were on TV shows such as Toddlers & Tiaras, America's Most Wanted, and Giuliana and Bill. All were the result of face-to-face relationship building at the TAXI Road Rally. In addition, Chuck has had other placements from Film and TV Music Libraries into Scorekeepers and Editors Choice. These were the direct result of being forwarded through TAXI industry listings. "My TAXI membership has been a great way to expand my 'sphere of influence.' It continues to expand by writing for listings, attending the TAXI Road Rally, attending the Nashville TAXI Hang, staying active on the forum, and keeping up with all my friends I have met because of TAXI," Chuck said.
Amos Carlen
Amos Carlen's songs "Go Flo Go," "Squishy Love," "Holier Than Cow," "The Bitch Wears Black," and "Team Awesome" were forwarded and resulted in Amos getting offered two publishing deals with Los Angeles-based Independent Film and TV Music Companies. As of January 2013, Amos has had more than 160 cues on Universal/NBC's show Access Hollywood! "I am very pleased with the royalty checks that I'm getting! Thanks TAXI!" Amos said.
Brian Wheat
Brian Wheat has had quite the whirlwind of events in a short order of time. He wrote a song the weekend before the closing date on a TAXI industry listing. Then he submitted his song just before the deadline on that Monday. On Wednesday, he got the notice that his song had been forwarded. That Friday, Brian was contacted by the music supervisor, and received the contract on Saturday. He sent the signed contract in on Sunday. The icing on the cake for him was that the music supervisor has another project that he wants him to write music for, so this has turned into an ongoing gig. Brian had this to say about his entire experience:

"I have been composing songs since I was 12-years-old, and have been in several original music bands, but I have always wanted to write music for Film and TV. I had no idea how to get connected to the music supervisors that call the shots, so I thought I would give TAXI a try. I came aboard skeptical, yet hopeful that something would work out. I had no idea it would happen this fast.

To be quite honest, even without a forward or deal, TAXI is worth the yearly fee for me, because I am having a blast writing music for the listings. They challenge me to create something I might not have created otherwise. Equally important are the deadlines! They force me to create within a short time frame, which is how things work in the real world. This along with the great support system (reviews, forums, etc.) has made TAXI worth every penny, and then some.

Don't get me wrong, the fact that I may make some money is a huge deal. It is also a huge confidence builder for me. I really did not think I could compete with the great talent that is here at TAXI. To know that my music, and the quality is worthy of someone paying me money for playing it is a great feeling!

So I guess you could say TAXI has exceeded my expectations on all accounts!"

Carl Borden
Carl Borden has recently had a success from a prior TAXI forward. Carl received his forward around May of last year. It was through a last-minute online submission. His song "Home Featuring Dave Tolliver" was signed to a large Independent Music Publisher. He says that the staff at the publisher has been great. Carl says that he is looking forward to hopefully getting more placements with them. "There's no greater feeling in the world than hearing a major publisher saying 'Welcome aboard.' I didn't get the chance to attend the TAXI Road Rally this year, but I will definitely be in attendance next year. Thank you so much TAXI!" he said.
Chris Winston
Chris Winston's track "Three Little Maids" was submitted for a listing back in 2007, and forwarded to a large Music Publisher. He got a call from the Music Publisher's CEO when they received the recording and they said that it was the best synth orchestrated track they had heard. Chris said that he was very excited about it, but nothing happened with it, so after a while he forgot about it. Recently, Chris got an email from the Music Publisher stating that the track had been picked up for the Johnny Knoxville movie Fun Size, five years after his forward! "Needless to say, I plan on keeping an eye on the listings and keep writing whenever I can. Moral of the story? Keep submitting whenever you can, and write all the time!" he said.
Keith LuBrant
Keith Lubrant let us know that he's had a few placements recently. His song "Devil Woman" from a previous TAXI forward was signed to a large Music Publisher, and another two CDs worth of songs to a large Music Library. Keith also had another TAXI forward that led to a second deal with the Music Publisher. "TAXI has given me opportunities that I probably would never have had on my own … they are like the perfect gentleman for composers. Always opening the door for us! Thanks!" Keith said.
Kelvin Tan
Kelvin Tan got a TAXI forward back in 2011 that led to a TAXI deal with a large Music Publisher in October that same year, writing music for Access Hollywood and Fox Sports. He has just produced his 500th tune and half of them are signed to this Music Publisher for several major broadcast shows including the two mentioned above. Kelvin told us that back in 2008 his music career hit rock bottom, but having come across TAXI and the TAXI forums, he discovered a whole new world of possibilities! So far, his music's been placed on Access Hollywood 137 times and counting. "TAXI changed my life forever and I'm looking forward to producing and signing my next 500 tunes! Thank you, TAXI for making this possible!" he said.
cott Gerow
Scott Gerow recently emailed us to let us know about a very cool network placement he and his TAXI collaborator received on ABC's new show 666 Park Avenue recently. The song is a Pop, Acoustic Jazz song called "Push Me, Pull Me" and was co-written by Diona Devincenzi (also a TAXI member). This result was through a TAXI submission that got forwarded to a large Publishing Company. "This is my 16th major network/feature film placement this year [2012] ... all as a result of working it through TAXI," he said.
Alexi von Guggenberg
Alexi von Guggenberg let us know that a connection made through a TAXI listing has resulted in one of his songs being licensed for a documentary, and started a great relationship with an A-list music company that looks very promising. "I just wanted to thank Michael and TAXI for some great connections this year. Through a forward I got some months ago, my song 'Top Of The Game' is being used in a documentary called The Long Shot. This film was put together by a great music company based in Los Angeles. While in LA for the Rally, I met up with the head of the company. He was so helpful and gave me some incredible advice. They have even begun including me in other projects. Recently they pitched one of my ideas to a new NBC show. Although I didn't land the deal, I wouldn't ever have had they chance to try without TAXI and without meeting them. I can't wait to see where these new relationships take me. Just wanted to let you know! Only good stuff keeps happening," he said.
Hank Jones
This deal shows a writer NEVER should give up on a song! The song is called "Born Lonely" and was written nearly 50 years ago by Hank Jones and his songwriting partners Larry Ray and Dean Kay. The song was written on spec for the Elvis Presley movie Girl Happy at MGM. Although the song never got into the movie, ironically Hank did as a character actor. So "Born Lonely" languished in his files for 50 years until he joined TAXI. Hank submitted the song. The song was forwarded, then heard by music supervisor John Houlihan who loved the tune and the master, which Hank owned. As the recording is representative of its era in the 60s, John placed it on the CBS show Vegas starring Dennis Quaid and Michael Chiklas, and it will air in a scene as a tune coming from a jukebox in a diner. "Thanks again to you and all the wonderful TAXI crew! Upwards, onwards (and occasionally sideways). Thanks, TAXI!!" Hank said.
John Ware
John Ware has had several forwards over the past couple of years with a large music publisher through TAXI submissions. Earlier this year, he had another, and they offered him a deal on one of his songs. Recently they contacted John and offered him a deal on his instrumental jazz song, "Squirmilona." John was able to get this deal because of the contact he made through TAXI. He is looking forward to many more! "I got a deal for my instrumental jazz tune, 'Squirmilona,' a nickname we called my daughter when she was a baby. This was a result of a previous TAXI forward connecting me directly to the library," he said.
Richard Emmet
According to his latest Performance Rights Organization statement, Richard Emmet's music has appeared on the following shows: Alaska Ice Cold Killers (Discovery), I Almost Got Away With It (Discovery), Ace of Cakes (Food Network), and 9 By Design (Bravo) amongst many others! "The connections I've made through TAXI have directly led to the growing list of television placements I've received. These opportunities would not have happened without TAXI, and needless to say, I am extremely grateful to Michael and the entire TAXI staff for everything they do!" he said.
Walter Grund
Walter Grund has just received a payment from his German PRO for several instrumental pieces written and signed with a music library through TAXI back in 2009. They were used in TV shows in Great Britain and the Netherlands. The cool part of the story Walter wrote: "The 'money maker' of these cuts is my fun-Jazz title 'Frank's Whistle.' I wrote and recorded this while on vacation in Italy. I stayed with my family and friends in an ancient guest house, in an old village, with streets so narrow you had to park the car somewhere and walk 200 meters (about 650 feet) to the house! I recorded and programmed everything in a nice little spare room, and later found out that Peter Gabriel once stayed in that very room for vacation! These are fruits that finally fall off a contract I signed with a library through TAXI in 2009. Better late than never!" he said.
Allen DeSomer
Allen DeSomer has had a fulfilling year as a TAXI member, and says, "I owe it all to my TAXI Forum friends who have collaborated with me, and helped get my foot in the door!" His collaboration with other TAXI members led to a song that was placed on the popular Style network show Giuliana and Bill. Before that, another collaboration has had a song placed on the Showtime Network show House of Lies. Other collaborations have led to placements on a talk show on the OWN Network, and a music library deal for a song written with even more of Allen's TAXI Forum buddies. Even more proof: Allen just received a check in the mail very recently from a music library that landed Allen a deal with a well-known snack food brand. He made that connection because he became good friends with the right guy at the TAXI Road Rally! "My advice for members who haven't yet tasted the sweetness of music deals and placements is to participate fully in the TAXI Forum, and then hook up with these awesome artists at the TAXI Road Rally! You never know where your friendships and connections will take you! Thank You, TAXI!" he said.
David Alex-Barton
As a result of a TAXI forward, David Alex-Barton signed a six-song deal with a large out of state record company. "I really want to thank you guys. Within a few months of joining TAXI, I got a call from the record company—they heard one of my tunes through a TAXI forward. They asked to hear some additional material, and I ended putting a six-song deal together. Thanks again—excellent service!" he said.
Geoff Chorlton
Waiting made the deal for Geoff Chorlton! Geoff first had contact with a major music library when TAXI forwarded his track "Believe in U' (Radio Mix)" around the end of November 2009. It wasn't until the summer of 2010 that a reply came. The music supervisors said that although they liked the track, they passed on that song, yet told Geoff to forward other material in the future. "We supplied 'I Was Made For Lovin' You' to them in March of this year, and have now signed a three-year rolling contract (non-exclusive)," he said.
Jarno Huhtanen
Jarno Huhtanen has made it big! His publisher just recently let him know that his track called "Han Dynasty" was placed in Here Comes the Boom by Sony Pictures! The track is a Chinese-style instrumental. Jarno has also had placements in Grimm (NBC), Access Hollywood (NBC), Nate Berkus Show (NBC), and Last Call With Carson Daly (NBC). "It feels kind of unreal that my music is being used in a feature film. I just love the broadmindedness of TAXI, my publishers, supervisors and everyone else. If they like your music, it really doesn't matter if you're an unknown dude from the middle of nowhere. TAXI is so much more than just a tool. Thank you Michael, Thank you TAXI!!!" Jarno said.
Timothy Butler
The TAXI Road Rally has worked well for Timothy Butler. His first deal was three years ago with a large music library. That led to his music being placed in shows like Auction Kings and Hogs Gone Wild. Then, two years ago, it was his goal to try and meet with a specific huge music supervisor at the Road Rally, which he did, and six months later he signed with the music supervisor's music company. That has led to a placement on The Dr. Oz Show, and an affiliation with The Oprah Winfrey Network. Most recently Timothy got a deal with another music library, which provides music for sports training. "The Road Rally for me is worth the cost of membership all by itself. This year will be my 7th Rally, and the people I've met and the tips I've learned have helped me to sign with numerous other libraries and have my music placed in shows on Fox Sports Network, FitTV, Great American Country, The Learning Channel, and Root Sports... you never know who you might meet in the lobby or on the elevator. One year, I even met Michael Laskow in the elevator! Thanks TAXI!" he said.
Ethan Okamura
Ethan Okamura's music played on four new shows in the first quarter of 2012; Caged (Bravo), Chelsea Settles (Logo), Friendzone (MTV), and Jersey Shore (MTV). Also, he continues to get placements on Bethenny Getting Married (Bravo), 16 And Pregnant (MTV), and Giuliana And Bill (Style). These are all from the first deal he signed that was a result of a TAXI forward. "Thanks to TAXI, I feel like I'm in the game. I might not be hitting homeruns yet, but I'm starting to get more playing time! My latest performing rights organization check will take care of my Road Rally 2012 expenses, and then some!" he said.
Justine Jones
A few years ago, a friend told Justine Jones about TAXI. She investigated, researched, and decided to join. She attended the Road Rally (flying in from Australia), she saw how educational it was, and also met many like-minded people who are now her friends and musical colleagues. After her second Road Rally, and submissions to listings, she got my music to the right person who has now signed her to compose for a prominent music production company in the U.S., and she lives in Australia! "TAXI has taken my music to an international audience, Thanks!" she said.
Kyle Knicely
Kyle Kniceley got forwards for two songs for two similar listings: one for rock in June and another for ambient electronic in July. He received an email recently offering an agreement for these and MORE tracks. It's for a unique sports training website that uses music to help improve athlete's performance. "I have TAXI to thank again for helping me reach my long-term musical goals. Not only will my music be making money, but also helping others as they listen. How cool is that? This newest deal through TAXI just reaffirmed my decision to renew my membership for two years, stay on the forum, keep watching TAXI TV, get my butt to my second Road Rally, and to keep running the music marathon that I now have a real understanding for. I am laced up and feeling it. I intend to continue to take advantage of everything TAXI has to offer me. Thank you Michael, members, and TAXI!!" Kyle said.
Steve Collom
The other morning Steve Collom woke up to see that he had eight more placements with just one of the libraries that TAXI had forwarded him to. He now has a total of 54 placements and he's only been signed with them a year. "My music has been used on Access Hollywood at least once every week over the past year. The real icing on the cake is that this is one of my favorite entertainment shows. Thanks TAXI for this opportunity," Steven said.
Bob Mete
Bob Mete received his performing rights organization statement to find something new there. He just found out that he had two placements on the very popular soap opera Corazon Valiente on Telemundo. His tune "Bitter & Sweet" appears in episodes 7 and 13. "Wahoo! Now if I only knew what they were saying over the music... This is my 6th year with TAXI, and every year it just keeps getting better and better. None of my successes to date would have been possible without TAXI," Bob said.
Clay Bulter
In 2009, Clay Bulter made a connection with a music supervisor through a TAXI forward. That one placement has garnered placements in more than 22 shows and four specials to date (more than seventy episodes collectively, many with multiple placements per show). Recently, Clay has secured the main title themes to MTV's upcoming show Totally Clueless and E!'s Married to Jonas. Nice! "The themes and placements were all a result of a relationship starting with a TAXI forward. Virtually all of my known placements to date have resulted from writing for this one company. See you guys at the Rally!" he said.
Bryan Fusillier
Bryan Fusillier's first TAXI forward from a few years ago has been placed on Discovery Channel's I Almost Got Away With It. More placements have happened since. "I've had forty placements so far this year as a direct result of deals that came from TAXI forwards," he said.
Adonis Aletra
Adonis Aletras now has placements on A&E's Duck Dynasty as a direct result of attending the TAXI 2011 Road Rally. Adonis got introduced to a publisher who provides the music for the show. The publisher signed him right away, and a few months later his music was featured on the hit show. "In a business where relationships are paramount, the Road Rally provides a wealth of networking opportunities both among TAXI members and industry pros," Adonis said.
Owen Chaim
Owen Chaim's track "Show Me" was placed in The Glades season finale, which aired a few weeks ago. This was a TAXI forward from last October to a great music publisher. It's his biggest placement so far with The Glades. Through forwards, he's signed three more tracks with the same music publisher. "TAXI has been indispensable for me, learning how to make music for TV. "Having done underground rap music for well over 20 years, I never thought I could do commercial, much less electronic dance, rap convincingly enough. This really breathed new life into my rap songwriting and opened my eyes to new opportunities with it," Owen said.
Terry Blackwell
From one of the first connections he made at a Road Rally years ago, to a few recent deals through TAXI forwards, Terry Blackwell has had numerous TV placements: Too Cute on The Animal Planet, Say Yes to The Dress on TLC, and twelve episodes of How Do I Look? on The Style Network. "When I look back, I owe so much to TAXI! I'm so glad I hooked up with you guys years ago! TAXI works for me because it enables me to keep writing, recording, playing ... all the things I love to do!" Terry said.
Alexi Von Guggenberg
Alexi Von Guggenberg recently got a placement on an MTV show called I Used to Be Fat. His song "Top Of The Game" was placed through a connection he made via a TAXI forward. In addition, he's had a lot of interest from the industry and is planning on coming to LA in the coming months to work with major songwriters. "TAXI has offered me opportunities I would have never come by anywhere else! Thanks so much again for all you guys have done and are doing," Alexi said.
Chris Van Cleave
Chris Van Cleave had four of his songs signed after an initial forward of just one song to a great independent publisher that specializes in vintage recordings for TV placement. After having these songs sitting on his shelf for more than 20 years, he's now being paid by the publisher to have those songs placed in TV! "It's great to be creative and to get recognized for your work. Oh, and to make money too! Hard work, diligence, and TAXI make this happen," Chris said.
Jerry Honigman
Through a deal Jerry Honigman received from a TAXI forward, two of his songs, "The Way Your Love Kills Me" and "Hold Me All Night," were placed in the pilot episode of The Carrie Diaries on CW. "It's nice when old songs are given a new life... Thanks TAXI!" he said.
Juliet Lyons
Two of Juliet Lyons's songs, "Wraiths and Banshees" and "A Solemn Choir," were signed to an awesome publisher through a TAXI forward! Since then, she's had two others signed to the same publisher. "I continue to be so thankful to Michael, TAXI, and the wonderful friends I've made through TAXI's Forum who constantly challenge me to step up my game, all the while supporting and encouraging me. And rewards like this just fuel the fire inside me to work harder!" she said.
CK Barlow
CK Barlow got placements on shows such as The Dr. Oz Show, Toddlers & Tiaras, Levantate on Univision, and My Cat From Hell on Animal Planet. She also was recently scooped up to write the score for the indie film Roswell FM. "The connections, collaborators, and especially friends I've gained through TAXI are priceless. Big huge love," she said.
Danny Infantino
Danny Infantino let us know of three great TV placements he recently got through TAXI forwards! His songs are being featured in The Dr. Oz Show, Toddler and Tiaras, and Drop Dead Divas – all due to forwards to a few great music libraries! "It's great to be creative and to get recognized for your work. Oh, and to make money too! Hard work, diligence and TAXI makes this happen," he said.
John Mazzei
John Mazzei wrote on our forums to let us know of a deal he got through a library connection he made from a TAXI forward! His material was featured in a CBS promo and he recently received his check from the placement! "It's always fun to find out that a piece that I wrote in 2010 was out there working for me. Thanks to TAXI for introducing me to this client and for helping me grow in my knowledge and experience in the business," he said.
Barbara Jean
Barbara Jean emailed us some exciting news about her very first deal! Over the past years as a TAXI member she's had quite a few forwards, but now finally got her first actual money. Her songs were forwarded to a great music library through a TAXI listing. They liked it so much they contacted her to pay her to include that song AND eleven others in their catalogue. "Persistence can pay off! I just keep planting seeds. If something grows, that's great! If not, I just keep planting seeds! I'm glad I stuck it out this long with TAXI, and plan to continue. Thanks to everyone there!" she said.
Gene Klosner
Gene Klosner's song "Ukalala Land" was recently signed to a great music library through a TAXI forward. He's now in negotiations with two competing libraries for another song! "Recordings I made specifically for TAXI listings got into the hands of music libraries and music supervisors directly via TAXI submissions, providing me with music that then got me attention beyond TAXI connections as well. After many forwards over the last couple years, I got the email from a music library and got the song signed with them… Thanks, of course, to Michael and all of you guys there!" he said.
Mark Crozer
Mark Crozer posted in our forums about a deal he recently got – his first ever check for an upfront sync fee for one of his songs that was played on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. A few of his songs were forwarded to a music library through a TAXI listing a few years ago and now they represent a few more of his tunes. "I'm delighted to have received my first-ever upfront sync fee and it's all down to TAXI!" he said.
Matthew Moss
Matthew Moss sent a wonderful email that proves that "TAXI is much more than a forward or return." He attended the 2010 and 2011 TAXI Road Rallies and was introduced to people that he would not have met otherwise. One of these connections led to co-writes that have led to placements on the Discovery Channel and ABC Family! Goes to show how important that networking can be! "TAXI is the kick in the butt and window of opportunity I needed," Matthew said.
Hookjaw Brown
Hookjaw Brown posted on our forums to let us know of a great publishing deal. One of his songs was forwarded to a great music publisher and then subsequently published in two different libraries! "The change from being a performing musician to a songwriter would have been much more difficult without the help of TAXI and their members. The advice and encouragement received kept the energy flow going to force me to craft better songs. I have enjoyed the relationship with TAXI and the TAXI members tremendously," Hookjaw said.
Laura Monaco
We got word about a great deal that Laura Monaco got from a TAXI forward to a licensing agent. As a result, 16 of their instrumental tracks will now be featured throughout season 7 of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Laura and her co-writer and producer Joey Martino wrote all of the published songs. "TAXI has proven to be a valuable resource in allowing us to establish lasting connections in the music business. Our songs now have the exposure they deserve," she said.
Joseph Pfeifer
Joseph Pfeifer let us know of a great placement he got from a TAXI forward! His song "Freight Train" was placed on the new show Lifetime show The Client List, starring Jennifer Love Hewitt. "I signed a publishing a deal after TAXI forwarded one of my songs. And last week it landed on a TV show starring Jennifer Love Hewitt! Thank you TAXI for everything you're doing for independent artists like myself!" he said.
Martin Haene
Martin Haene posted on our forums about a few really exciting film placements that he recently got through a music publisher that he got connected to through TAXI. His music was recently placed in the LionsGate film Warrior, starring Tom Hardy and the Dreamworks film People Like Us, starring Michelle Pfeiffer, which will be released Summer 2012. "Working for Film/TV publishers usually needs a long-term perspective. However, with the right songs at the right places, things can and will happen… and TAXI can help to bring them to the right place!" Martin said.
Mitch Dancik
Mitch Dancik emailed to let us know of an awesome deal he just signed through TAXI. He saw a TAXI listing that wanted a period-specific 1970's vibe and submitted a single song, which was forwarded and then accepted by the company behind the listing. During the negotiations they heard more, and ended up selecting more than 20 songs from his back catalog, all recorded between 1975-1978. All in all, the deal was worth $10K. "If you really listen (and at first I didn't) TAXI is exactly what Michael says it is – an A&R company for the way the world works today. And today, the music world wants what it wants, which is not usually what I've got! But if you read a TAXI listing three times over, and it still sounds like what you've got, then you just might get forwarded!" he said.
Keith Lubrant
Keith Lubrant posted on our forums to share the story of how he found out about a recent placement he received due to a TAXI forward! He was watching Too Cute on Animal Planet and by the end of the show had heard four of his songs placed! This was due to a relationship he made through TAXI. "You know you are having a great day when you sit down to watch television and hear your own music in the background. HUGE thanks to TAXI for opening so many of the RIGHT doors. Getting my music placed in over 200 shows felt incredible... now on to 300! Thanks again TAXI," he said.
Kelvin Tan
Kelvin Tan gave us a shout to update us on recent placements he's received through TAXI forwards. He just got a placement on the Dr. Oz Show directly through a deal from a TAXI forward. So far, he's gotten multiple placements from two direct deals made through TAXI forwards. "I owe most of my success to TAXI. You have given me (and all songwriters) the necessary tools to obtain true success! TAXI opens doors for writers and artists. If we are humble enough to allow our craft to be refined to commercial standards through the TAXI screeners and critiques, we all have a very real opportunity to make our dreams come true!" Kelvin said.
Ken Eichler
Ken Eichler emailed us to let us know about a recent placement that he got through a contact he made through a TAXI forward. It was his first submission that was forwarded! He now has six songs signed with a music publisher and one song, "Too Late To Cry," was recently placed in the opening scene of CBS's Criminal Minds. "After 10 or so years of receiving mailings from TAXI I finally gave in to Michael Laskow's compelling arguments to join. Had I known then what I know now, I would have joined TAXI right from the beginning and enjoyed all of the benefits (the Road Rally in and of itself is worth every penny) sincerest thanks to Michael and his staff. Their passion is infectious," he said.
Reed KD
Reed KD had his song "Even If I" placed in the major motion picture Gone, which stars Amanda Seyfried. "It's an incredible personal and professional benchmark for me, and TAXI played an integral part in providing the opportunity," Reed said.
Mimi And Teft
Judy Hughes posted on the TAXI forums to give us the latest updates on her journey to placements. Due to just one TAXI forward, Mimi and Teft have had several placements on television! Those shows including CSI: NY (CBS), The L Word (Showtime), The Glades (A&E), Greek (ABC Family), Parenthood (ABC), and Pretty Little Liars (ABC Family). Way to go, Mimi and Teft! "Mimi and Teft have had more than 20 songs placed on TV following a single TAXI forward," Judy said.
James Kocian
Through TAXI forwards, James Kocian signed several songs to two music publishing companies for Film and TV placements! He's also been making regular trips to Nashville to connect with writers and publishers there. "I owe most of my success to TAXI. You have given me (and all songwriters) the necessary tools to obtain true success! TAXI opens doors for writers and artists. If we are humble enough to allow our craft to be refined to commercial standards through the TAXI screeners and critiques, we all have a very real opportunity to make our dreams come true!" he said.
Martin Rowberry
Martin Rowberry just received his first deal! He had two songs signed to a major music publisher due to a TAXI forward! "I was really pleased to sign a deal for two tracks with a well connected company, that have had placements on some high profile films and TV shows. I have known people take many years to get a deal and thanks to the forwards I have done it in 6 months. I hope this is just the first step in my long journey as a composer," he said.
Avo Randruut
After being forwarded to a music publisher as a result of a forward from TAXI, Avo Randruut let us know that 10 of his tracks have been signed! "I am definitely trying to refine my music and learn from the many resources on TAXI: The (TAXI TV) video interviews, the book recommendations, the feedback, comments on the forum, hearing other TAXI members' music and just listening to my own work with a more objective and informed awareness. Thanks for helping set up this relationship and hopefully many others down the road!" Avo said.
Paul Cuffin
Paul Cufflin, thanks to a relationship established with the CEO of an LA-based music library as a result of a forward from a TAXI listing, has had five of his songs placed in TV shows, including ABC's The River, the CW's Secret Circle and the Lifetime Television movie, Salem Falls. Just these placements alone have earned him a few thousand bucks! "As a songwriter living in Spain, absolutely none of this would be possible without TAXI," he said.
Matthew Harvey
Thanks to a TAXI forward, Matthew Harvey just signed 17 tracks to a music library and has already made more than $2,000. He is also going to be featured on the company's next compilation. "I've never had any prior success with my recorded music, and have only been a member of TAXI since June 2011 so this is a big step for me. Thank you guys for the opportunity. Hopefully the first of many!" he said.
James Meyer
James Meyer secured a publishing deal with a highly successful company and had his first song, "It Could be Beautiful" placed on ABC Family's Jane by Design. "So happy to have a company like TAXI to help us little guys make the connections. Thanks again for all that you and the TAXI family do!" James said.
Joel Brodsky
Joel Brodsky reported that thanks to a TAXI forward, his surf instrumental "Sultan of Surf" was signed to a five-year exclusive contract with a very well established independent music library. "I got my first deal and it would not have happened without TAXI. TAXI has been a valuable resource and has helped me become a better songwriter," he said.
Kayle Clements
After being forwarded on a TAXI listing where the owner of the music licensing company directly screened the music, Kayle Clements signed four tracks to a high-profile music library. "This is my first deal with a library and it's all thanks to TAXI and the TAXI Forum. I'm coming up on my second year with TAXI and think I'm starting to gain momentum. The forum has been indispensable in helping me grow as a composer, arranger and with my production skills. The friendships I've made on the forum and at the Rally have directly played a part in this deal," Kayle said.
Charles Wiley Kessenich
Charles Wiley informed us that due to a connection he made at the 2009 TAXI Road Rally (which ultimately led to a deal with an independent production company), he had three cues placed on three different episodes of the #1 Daytime Talk Show in America. "The TAXI Road Rally is an amazing experience and opportunity. I've learned a ton of valuable information and met a lot of really great people. The Road Rally alone is worth the cost of a TAXI membership. Thank you TAXI for putting on such a great Road Rally year after year!" he said.
Craig Marsden
TAXI forwarded two of Craig Marsden's songs to a successful music publishing company looking for Classic Rock songs that were recorded in the '70s, '80s, or '90s. After the company received Craig's music, they signed him to a 12-song publishing/master deal that netted him enough money to pay for TAXI memberships for a couple of lifetimes! "I am delighted and overjoyed that these songs and recordings I had previously written off due to their age are now being picked up by such a successful company! They even signed a few of my Acoustic/Folk-oriented tunes and a ballad in addition to the Rock stuff! My two-year TAXI membership has just paid for itself many times over, but tons more important than that is the satisfaction and fulfillment of my talent and songs being validated and acknowledged after all of these years! I'm now looking forward to these classic gems being placed. This is my first deal through TAXI and I am, more than ever before, inspired to create and submit with total confidence lots more music. Thank you TAXI!!" he said.
Neil Dirickson
Thanks to a TAXI forward, Neil Dirickson's surf instrumental, "Landlocked" was signed to a five-year exclusive contract with a very well-established independent music library/publisher. "It can be a long, frustrating road, but I can't stress enough to NEVER GIVE UP. Never stop learning, never stop improving, and always keep trying. I just signed my first deal with a music library and I can't thank TAXI enough," Neil said.
Mariano Cusano
Mariano Cusano reached out to let us know how thankful he was that as a result of a forward from TAXI to a successful independent production company, he signed a deal with them and is now one of their new composers. "I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and as a result of a forward from TAXI, I signed my first deal and now have the opportunity to introduce my music in the USA. Without TAXI, it would be so difficult for a South American musician to get a chance like this. Thanks a lot, TAXI. You make our dreams come true," he said.
Grayson Kessenich
As a result of signing to a very TAXI friendly music placement company, Jason Mook's song "Ding Dong, It's Christmas" has been licensed into an independent film to be released sometime this year. "Thanks TAXI for this great opportunity! It's unbelievable to send in a song from the Netherlands, and have it placed into a Hollywood movie!" he said.
Nicole Laurin-Walker
Nicole Laurin-Walker of the Love Me Nots emailed TAXI to let us know that one of their songs "The End Of The Line" was placed in an episode of the USA Network television series Fairly Legal. This placement came as a result of a direct to supervisor TAXI listing. The band is extremely excited because in addition to the placement, the music supervisor of the network has also asked for additional music to consider using in future shows. "TAXI has been nothing but supportive of the Love Me Nots since we signed on, and we're very honored about that," she said.
John Mazzei
When John Mazzei received a royalty check in the mail recently, he was surprised to learn that it was for placements of his songs on a network that broadcasts such channels as the Food Network, HGTV, DIY, and the Travel Channel. He received these placements through a well-established music library that he had previously signed to after he was forwarded by TAXI. "It's always great to be reminded that my music is out there working for me, even music I wrote years ago. Thanks for the introduction to this client, TAXI! It's been a nice, ongoing relationship," he said.
Paul Otten
Paul Otten's song "I Woke Up" was used on the MTV television program I Used To Be Fat. His music was forwarded, after he submitted to a TAXI opportunity, to a music licensing agent that regularly runs listings for film and TV opportunities. "I got this really cool placement because of a forward from TAXI! And because of that one forward, I have built a great relationship with the licensing agent. I'm expecting more and more placements from them. No way this could have happened without TAXI!" he said.
Mark Crozer
Mark Crozer's music was licensed in TLC's Toddlers and Tiaras, Discovery Channel's television show Surprise Homecoming, and G4's program Jump City: Seattle. All of these placements were a result from a deal he signed with a very prominent independent music library, after his songs were forwarded by TAXI. "These placements are a direct result of a TAXI forward to a music library back in 2008. I currently have about 15 pieces of music signed to this Library, as a result of that forward and have become one of their 'custom cue composers.' Thank you TAXI!" he said.
Adonis Aletras
Adonis Aletras received an offer to sign a contract with an independent European music publisher for tracks that were forwarded in 2009! He is especially happy because they have also asked him to compose more tracks that they are going to pitch for use in film trailers. "This is the tenth publisher I have signed with through TAXI, and I couldn't be happier! In 2011, I had a ton of placements! I have publishers who pay me up front to write for them, and surely my dream is coming true! Thanks TAXI and Michael Laskow!" he said.
Grayson Kessenich
Grayson Kessenich emailed to let us know that as a result of being forwarded through opportunities in both the Dispatch and regular TAXI listings, he has signed several deals and had multiple film and TV placements, within this last year of his membership. His songs "Under the Moonlight" and "Until Your Gone" were forwarded and signed to an independent publisher specializing in Muzak. Also, after signing to a very successful music placement company, Grayson's song "All Things New" was licensed into the CW Network television show, One Tree Hill. Additionally, his song "Imaginary World" was placed into a Lifetime movie called Salem Falls, and as a result of another opportunity through this placement company, his song "Clockwise" was licensed into an Independent film trailer called Let Go, which stars Ed Asnor and Gillian Jacobs. Even more exciting, Grayson signed a contract with Sony Electronics to have his song "Under the Moonlight" preloaded into Sony Mp3 players for 2011, and also recently learned that it will be preloaded onto their Sony Tablet product as well! "I just finished my second year with TAXI, and I feel like I'm just now gaining traction and momentum. Patience combined with persistence has been key for me. And TAXI continues to be a valuable resource that I intend to keep using," he said.
Charity Chapman
Charity Chapman, who is long-time TAXI member, recently let us know of some deals she has scored throughout her TAXI membership. She has had her music placed in the independent film Slap Her, She's French, as a result of a mentor contact she made at the TAXI Road Rally. She also signed with an independent music production company and had her music heard on a very successful Daytime Television Talk Show. Through another deal she signed, as a result of a TAXI forward to a music library, her song was placed in the ABC program Ugly Betty. If that weren't enough, she additionally had her songs licensed into the WB television show DVDs of Felicity, after she signed a contract with an independent publisher she was forwarded to from a TAXI listing. "TAXI's done more for my career then I could ever do on my own … thank you, TAXI!" she said.
Bob Mete
Bob Mete informed us that his song "Dark Moon Over Me" (which he co-wrote with his son Ryan, and fellow TAXI member Nita Hope) has been placed on Showtime's television program, Californication, airing in February of 2012. His song was licensed by an independent music licensing company that he signed with through his TAXI membership. "I am convinced that without TAXI, none of this would have ever been possible," he said.
Billy Desmond

After being forwarded on a TAXI listing, where the representative from the music licensing company directly screened the music coming in, TAXI member Billy Desmond found out that his solo, bluesy guitar piece "Bye Now," was placed into the new CW Network television show Hart of Dixie. "No TAXI, no placement. Thanks TAXI, you guys rock!" he said.

Chris Merkley
Chris Merkley had four of his songs from his independent album Thirty Miles from Nashville were signed to a very TAXI friendly independent music publisher that specializes in film and TV opportunities. "I joined TAXI this past year to learn more about making music for film/TV and to find more licensing opportunities. The first couple listings I submitted to ended with returns, but on the third listing, I had two out of three songs forwarded. As a result, I signed a publishing deal for one of them and went on to sign three more of my songs with the same company. As a full-time performing musician, it's great knowing there are other people now working to help get my music in front of a larger audience," he said.
Kurt Kreimier
Kurt Kreimier informed us that his music will be heard in the ABC television show Revenge. This placement came as a direct result of a connection he established with a successful independent publisher that he met at a TAXI Road Rally! Read on to hear about Kurt's successful experience at the Rally: "I received a great surprise the other night when a publisher called to inform me that one of my songs was licensed for the following night's episode of Revenge on ABC. I met this publisher a few years ago at the Road Rally and one thing led to another and I wound up placing several songs with them. … One of the things that makes this relationship so special to me is how it began. At the time I met this publisher I was attending what might have very well been my last Road Rally. I had always struggled with exactly what to do with my music and I was at a point where I was ready to end my subscription to TAXI. I had not submitted very much for about a year but had just started submitting to a few things and was getting some forwards. After missing the previous Rally, I figured I would attend one more and see what happens. Well, long story short, I met this publisher and the rest is history. Since then I have developed relationships and placed music with a number of other excellent music libraries. Some of these relationships are a direct result of contacts and friendships developed at the Road Rally and on the TAXI Forum. I don't submit to listings much lately simply because I am busy writing and placing music directly with music libraries. I can't stress enough how important attending the Road Rally is to anybody wanting to take their musical career to the next level. Every TAXI member owes it to themself to take advantage of this outstanding event."
Keith LuBrant
Through an independent publisher that Keith Lubrant made a deal with after a TAXI forward, he learned that his music was placed in a recent Halloween episode of the CBS daytime program, The Young and the Restless. "It's a great feeling to know that relationships that we have made years ago through TAXI continue to generate great placements today and will continue to work for us down the road. Thanks again, TAXI!" he said.
Michael Caruso
Michael Caruso recently found out that after his music was forwarded from TAXI, that an independent music library, that services a lot of television and film opportunities, wants to sign a deal with him! "Through a TAXI forward, I was invited to send in my music from my band Kites & Crows to be considered for inclusion in a great music library servicing songs to TV and film," he said.
John Cimino
John Cimino let us know that, along with his writing partner John Wagoner, he recently signed a deal to compose for a prominent and established music supplier of popular Daytime Television Talk Shows, as well as other film and TV opportunities! "As a direct result of contacts made at the Road Rally, we were fortunate enough to have our music heard by prominent people in the TV and film industry. Additionally, our song 'First Time' received positive feedback, and there are some exciting things happening as a result. We are incredibly grateful for the opportunities TAXI has given us!" he said.
Kurt Kreimier
TAXI member Kurt Kreimier got a really nice surprise when he recently looked at his quarterly BMI statement. As a result of a deal Kurt made after meeting a contact with an independent music licensing company at the 2007 TAXI Road Rally, some of his recent placements have included multiple cues being used on TLC’s Four Weddings, BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing, and the Cooking Channel’s French Food at Home. He has also found out a few months ago that some of his songs will be used in the following promotional videos and events: a promotional video for Disneyland Model at the Walt Disney Family Museum; a Geek Squad video for Extreme Makeover to be shown in-store, kiosks, and at trade-shows; a corporate video for WonderWorks 2010; and another corporate/Internet video for the Jackie Robinson Foundation’s 2010 Annual Awards. “TAXI has been the primary vehicle through which I have been able to get my music placed in a number of excellent production music libraries. This has led directly to my music being used in television shows, promotional videos and corporate events. Additionally, TAXI and the TAXI Road Rally have provided me with the opportunity to develop the business relationships that are so critical to achieving success in the music business. I have used other services similar to TAXI, but none have even come close to delivering the results that TAXI has,” he said.
Barry French
Barry French recently found out that he had songs licensed in the following television shows: three placements in an episode of the TLC’s Little Couple, one placement on an episode of the news program America Now, seven placements in TLC’s Toddlers and Tiaras, and one placement in America’s Got Talent that aired in the UK last December. “Just over three years ago, I was debating whether or not I should go to the Road Rally. I’m SOOOOO glad I decided to go. That one decision changed my life and helped put me on a path to success that, at that point in time, was just a dream that I was hoping to achieve. Had I decided to put it off another year, I know I would not be where I’m at today. If you’re like I was and not sure if you should go, let me encourage you to do what you have to do to get there. It’s one of the best investments you will ever make for your music career,” he said.
Mike Young

Mike Young let us know that after signing two of his songs to a very successful independent music placement company as a result of a TAXI forward, his song “Tropical Holiday” was placed in the A&E cable television show The Glades. “I’m extremely appreciative of the opportunities that TAXI has provided. Although I still have a lot of room for improvement, I feel that the quality of my work is so much better since I’ve joined TAXI. I’ve been a member for several years and I’m still in awe that I’m competing with this quality of talent,” he said.

Tim Barton

Tim Barton’s music was placed in the HBO television show Bored to Death. This placement came after Tim was forwarded to an independent music licensing company through a TAXI listing opportunity, and ended up signing a deal with them to have his songs pitched for film and TV!  

Andrew Gray

Andrew Gray (a.k.a AM Gray) has only been a TAXI member since February, and he recently landed his first deal! AM’s song “Christmas Eve” was signed to a very TAXI-friendly music library that pitches to many different film and TV music supes! “I’ve had people tell me for years that I need to relocate and move from Australia to L.A. if I want to make it. Though, I’ve always hoped and believed that my songs would do the talking for me. I just needed a vehicle (pun intended) to get my songs in front of the right people. Thanks to TAXI, I have just landed my first deal in America! So, it just goes to show that TAXI really does work, no matter where you live!” he said.

John Mazzei and Michael Barresi
Thanks to a TAXI forward three years ago to an independent music library, John Mazzei got a nice surprise on his ASCAP statement recently! He found out that three different pieces of his music were used in four separate episodes of TLC’s The Unpoppables, a show about balloon artistry. “It's great to have music written a few years ago getting used. It's the gift that keeps on giving! Thanks TAXI for helping me land the original deal with this well connected library!” He said. Mike Barresi let us know that after he was signed on to an independent music publisher to be a custom cue composer, he found out his music was placed on the TLC program Homecoming! “Randomly hearing my music on TV one night was an awesome surprise," he said.
Jean Custeau
Jean Custeau was thrilled to report to us that he had signed 12 songs to a successful music library that does a ton of film and TV licensing, as well as three new French songs with a very TAXI-friendly music placement company. These deals were a direct result of forwards from TAXI listing opportunities that Jean had submitted to! “I've just renewed my membership in TAXI for the sixth time. The first placement I got, just 18 months after joining, has paid for all those renewals, with some money left over for a few other expenses, like the mortgage or a new mic!” he said.
Bob Mete
Bob Mete informed us that his two latest Sinatra-style vocals were recently signed by a very prominent L.A. music production library after a relationship he established with a representative of the company while at the TAXI Road Rally! Bob says his formula for success is “the TAXI Road Rally and, equally important, the TAXI Forum.” He adds, "As a result of the Road Rally I established a relationship with this library and earlier this year they contacted me asking for more music. It is one of the greatest feelings to get an e-mail from a top music production library wanting more of MY music In this case they wanted all that I had and can produce in the Sinatra style. So make hay when the sun shines, all other projects temporarily shelved. I am currently writing and producing as much of this style as I can.”
Steve Barden
In July 2008, Steve Barden submitted tracks for a listing and all three tracks were forwarded to an established music library. Fast forward to present day and Steve is contacted by the library saying they would like to represent these tracks exclusively. Unfortunately, one of the tracks was no longer available (after all, it had been three years!) Steve offered to create a replacement track for them and wound up writing two new pieces to replace the one that was not available. In addition, the library now allows Steve to submit music to them whenever he wants! “Getting a call from a music library three years after being forwarded to them was a bit of a shock. I guess you never really know how long it may take for a project to come to fruition. I've now forged a relationship with the library where I can submit music to them whenever I'd like to. The motto around the forum has always been 'write, submit, forget about it'. As my fellow TAXI friend Ethan Okamura said, 'Write, submit and really, really forget…!' " he said.
Mark Meilander
Mark Meilander was happy to report that he just signed with two separate music placement companies after being forwarded from a TAXI listing, as well as forging a connection at last year’s TAXI Road Rally! One of the companies that Mark signed with is a music library with a high-profile client list, and the other is an independent publisher that has licensed music for several different daytime television talk Shows. “It's a very exciting time right now. The opportunities offered by TAXI have provided a huge boost to my career," Mark said.
Paul Cuffin
Paul Cufflin was recently informed that his Swamp Blues song “I Do Believe My Time is Coming” was placed in Episode 2, Season 4 of the FX show Sons of Anarchy, which will air on September 13! He also signed a deal to have his song featured in a TV commercial that is running in the Pacific Northwest for the TacoTime retail outlet.
“This is the 3rd US TV Placement I’ve had recently as a direct result of joining TAXI. A forward from TAXI also lead to me signing a deal for one of my songs to be featured in the new Taco-Time TV commercial currently on air in the North West, plus I’ve signed over 50 licensing deals with various film/TV music publishers who are actively pitching my music to music supervisors on some of the biggest U.S. TV Shows! These deals have generated a significant income for me from my music over the last couple of months, and quite frankly this would not have been possible if it weren’t for TAXI. They have opened doors for me which would otherwise have been closed. Equally important is that they have provided some very insightful critiques which are continually helping me improve my songwriting chops. I simply cannot praise the service they offer ‘independent’ musicians like me enough.” he said.
James Henderson
As a result of a Dispatch listing, James Henderson had three of his songs, “Life’s A Holiday”, “Come On,” and “See You On the Other Side,” licensed into the FX television show The League.
“I am so grateful to TAXI for providing me with exciting opportunities for my music!” he said.
William Naughton
William Naughton had one of his tracks was placed into the Lifetime series Army Wives.
“How does TAXI help me? I really go over the videos. I have bought Robin [Frederick]’s books and continue to read them! Every now and then, one of my songs is forwarded – persistence IS the name of the game!” he said.
Gabrielle Kennedy
After co-writing her song “B 4 the Bling” with fellow TAXI member, Richard Bassett, Gabrielle Guisti Kennedy submitted to a few listings and struck music library gold! Gabrielle was signed to a very TAXI friendly and very successful music placement company, and now has an invitation to submit more music to them!
“As a direct result from a TAXI forward, I signed a three-year publishing deal with a music library in L.A. for my song. I now also have an open door to submit new music to this company when I have it. TAXI rocks!” she said.
Shane Searles and Mike Barressi
Both Shane Searles and Mike Barressi recently let us know, that as a result of deals they had signed with a successful independent music library after being forwarded through TAXI, their songs were placed on the CMT program CMT’s Next Superstar!
“TAXI is great because not only does it give me opportunities for my existing music, but it actually forces me to create new opportunities for myself, by writing music for listings that I might not have otherwise thought about doing,” Shane said.
Timothy Butler
As a result of a TAXI forward and signing with a very successful Independent Music Library several years ago, Timothy recently learned that his track “Bayou Soldiers” has been placed in two Discovery Channel television programs titled Auction Kings (episode: Headhunter Ax/Vintage Coke Machine) and Hogs Gone Wild (episodes: Hungry Hogs, Man vs. Beast and Stealth Hogs.) Congratulations Timothy! “I credit TAXI for the successes I’ve had…I’ve learned so much from the Road Rally classes, the weekly webcast, the forum, and feedback from submissions, not to mention the many books that TAXI has recommended. This kind of education and access to information has been invaluable to me!”
Tracey and Vance Marino
The Marino songwriting team has been busy with TAXI over the last few years and the current email they sent to us proves it! Tracey and Vance let us know that they had 19 placements in the last season of a very popular Daytime Television Talk Show! They went on to tell us that they also have continued to get television and commercial placements through a TAXI deal with a Music Production Library, from over four years ago!! It goes to show, as further proof, that TAXI can introduce you to long-term industry relationships! Keep up the great work Tracey and Vance! “The contacts we've made through TAXI over the years have opened many doors and have led to long-time relationships. TAXI gave us direction: the listings gave us a purpose and a deadline. Once we got on board, it was a life-changing experience.”
Jon Esler
As a direct result from a TAXI opportunity, Jon and Chris are the latest TAXI members to be added to a growing roster of TAXI writers that have been offered a deal with a Full-service Music Production Company that supplies the music for a popular Entertainment News Program! Congratulations guys! We look forward to hearing about your cues being placed real soon! Jon says “Throughout history there have always been hotbeds of creative activity, Vienna, Paris, New Orleans, New York, etc…I think in the virtual world of the 21st century, TAXI is the new hotbed and breeding ground for musical excellence.”
James Kocian
James recent post on the TAXI forum caught our eye! Several of his songs have recently been licensed for use in the ABC television program Wipeout. These placements came about after James had cultivated a relationship he made with an Independent Publisher that was a direct result of a forward from a TAXI Dispatch listing! In this case, the Publisher asked James for “corny, rock” songs and after James watched an episode of the show online to get a feel for what they use, he sat down and composed five songs. Within 48 hours of the initial request, he had signed a contract for all 5 songs! Nice work James! “TAXI has stretched me as a writer, allowing and causing me to write and succeed in genres I was previously unaware of!”
Jeanna Murphy
Jeanna is happy to report that she after she signed a deal with a successful Independent Music Production company, as a result of a meeting with the owner at the 2008 TAXI Road Rally, she now has joined other TAXI members in getting her music placed on a very successful Daytime Talk Show. Another great example of how patience can pay-off! Congratulations Jeanna! “TAXI was the best investment I ever made to get my career rolling. The things I’ve learned and the friends I’ve made are indescribably priceless.
Jeff Greenleaf
With more than 230 placements in 14 separate television shows, Jeff Greenleaf is a perfect example of how using TAXI as a professional resource can help further your career. To date, his music has been heard in such shows as: Bravo’s Bethenny Ever After; MTV shows: 10 on Top, Dudesons in America, My Super Sweet 16, The Real World/Road Rules Challenge, My Life as Liz, When I was 17, Spring Break Challenge; E’s Keeping Up with the Kardashians; Oxygen’s Bad Girls Need Love, Too; VH1’s Tough Love 2; The Style Network’s Mel B: It’s A Scary World and Giuliana and Bill, Season 3; AND to top it all off, that ever popular Daytime Television Talk Show on a Major Network! “TAXI continues to go the extra mile, always giving members the best possible chance of success,” he said.
John Mazzei
John Mazzei, who, through a forward to an independent music publisher, has also been added to the roster of TAXI composers who will have a shot at providing music cues for the next season of a Major Entertainment News Program on E! Television! “Once again, TAXI has introduced me to a new client, one that has an immediate need for music to go directly to a TV show. Thanks TAXI!” he said.
Walter Grund
After attending the TAXI Road Rally in 2009, where he met the owner of a Production Music Library, Walter Grund signed a deal and two years later is now receiving his first royalty check for his music cues being placed in a very well-known Daytime Television Talk show! “The TAXI Road Rally was really worth it, even coming from Germany!” he said.
Adonis Aletras
Adonis Aletras recently let us know that, after signing some of his World, Jazz and Classical tracks to an independent music publisher who specializes in Muzak, his music has since been used on both the Muzak network and the Weather Channel. “Thanks to TAXI forwards and the Road Rally, I’ve signed deals with some awesome publishers/entertainment companies, who pitch my music to anything from hotels and malls to network television!” he said.
Marco Ricciardi
Living in a foreign country hasn’t been an obstacle for Marco in getting his music on TV! Through a forward from TAXI, to a very well-established music library, Marco Ricciardi signed a non-exclusive deal for 30 tracks and subsequently had his music placed in an episode of the Discovery Channel’s program Auction Kings. “This is my first placement on TV, so I’m very happy! This is a result of a TAXI forward, so many, many thanks to TAXI! I’m now working for awhile in this ‘write, submit, forget’ thing and that placement pushes my energy to the next level,” he said.
Bob Mete
Bob Mete is announced that Donna Karan’s PUREDKNY has renewed the license for his “Raindrops & Moonbeams” solo piano piece for their web page for 2011. The song was featured in last year’s (2010) world-wide television campaign for their new fragrance and now it will continue as a part of their PUREDKNY on-line experience. “I am so grateful to everyone at TAXI for helping make my musical dreams come true,” he said.
Helen Austin
Helen Austin’s song “Happy” once again received a placement, and this time in an international Dunkin’ Donuts ad in Korea. This license and her previous opportunities for this song came about when she signed a deal with a very successful independent music placement company after being forwarded from a TAXI listing. “Two years ago I wrote a song for a TAXI listing asking for tunes with the word ‘happy’ in them. So I wrote ‘Happy’ which got picked up by the listing publisher, who placed it in an ad pretty fast. The song has now been in three ads, most recently for Dunkin’ Donuts in Korea, and has now earned me over $20,000. If I hadn’t seen that listing, I would never have written the song. I can’t believe that one simple short song would do so much for me and I have TAXI to thank for it!” she said.
Helen Austin
While attending the 2010 Road Rally, Al Di Cicco decided to take advantage of the first-come, first-serve “Drive By” mentoring sessions and during his allotted time, he played his pieces for the owner of a successful independent music production company who supplies music for daytime TV. An immediate connection was made and two weeks later he received contracts in the mail for 16 accordion tracks! “TAXI has reawakened me as a musician and composer. These opportunities are real, the people I am working with are genuine and the prospects for growth are exciting!” he said.
Ethan Okamura
Ethan Okamura recently found out from his friend and fellow TAXI member, Jeff Greenleaf, that eight of his music cues were used in the Style Network’s television program Giuliana & Bill. Ethan said he had never seen the show, but is definitely a fan of it now! “I was introduced to this publisher through a TAXI forward, so thank you TAXI! Also, big props to all my friends on the TAXI forum for all the help and inspiration over the years!” he said.
Keith Lubrant, Robbie Pittleman, and Mike Barresi
Keith Lubrant, Robbie Pittleman, and Mike Barresi have just had a number of their cues signed to an independent publisher who is the primary source for music for the next television season of a major entertainment news program on E! Television. “Sometimes you just have to take a step back and look at all the amazing connections one can make with the help of TAXI,” Keith said.

Mike added: “It has taken almost three years, but my first TAXI deals are starting to come through. Receiving the call from a publisher who wants my music was a cool surprise. A big shout out to those who have helped along the way!”

“I’m a graduate of Berklee College of Music, and although I loved my education, being a Berklee grad has never gotten me any work in the music business. TAXI is a great avenue for providing direct access to the music business,” Robbie said.

Helen Austin
Suzannah Doyle’s song was placed into a documentary called Stones Into Schools, which is based on Greg Mortensen’s book Three Cups of Tea. This is just one of the countless placements she has received as the result of signing to an independent music library after only one of her songs was forwarded to the company by TAXI in 2006! “Joining TAXI is the best thing I ever did to further my career as a composer,” she said.
Helen Austin
Paul Otten recently let us know that after he was forwarded to a leading indie and production music library in April of last year, he was offered a publishing deal for 14 of his songs. As a result, his song “Worn Out Welcome” has been placed on two different episodes of Access Hollywood, as well as an online educational video called “Englishtown – How It Works.” “The opportunities presented by the listings, the Monday TAXI TV Live shows, the awesome and honest feedback from the screeners, the fantastic feedback, encouragement, knowledge and camaraderie on the TAXI forum are all priceless! It makes this a fun and fruitful pursuit … and all this after just one year! I can’t imagine what the next 10 will hold!” he said.
Helen Austin
After signing with a well-established music placement company, Mark Bresky’s song “Redline” was licensed for the Discovery Channel’s television show Howe and Howe Black Ops Brothers (Season 2, Episode 3). “As a result of this and other forwards, I have developed relationships with four libraries and it’s keeping me quite busy! Remember, submit, forget, repeat. Thanks TAXI!” he said. >
Helen Austin
Juliet Lyons signed an exclusive eight-song deal with an independent music publisher specializing in Muzak, as well as a composer deal with a very prominent production company that works closely with a top daytime television program. “I’m so grateful to TAXI, Michael and the true friends and connections I have made via the forum and the Rallies. TAXI and its forum have enabled me to grow by leaps and bounds and the learning never ceases,” she said.
Helen Austin
Both David Banks and Jeff Parker signed some of their tracks to a successful music library after being forwarded from a TAXI listing. In David’s case, it was almost two years from the time he joined TAXI that he finally heard from a company offering a deal.
“TAXI helped me get focused and now I’m getting my music placed!” David said. Jeff added, “Even though I’ve been a musician for several decades, I was completely clueless about how to record and write music that is relevant in today’s industry. After joining TAXI, attending my first Road Rally in 2009, and getting feedback from screeners’ critiques, I was able to start getting a few forwards for my music and signing tracks to libraries.”
Helen Austin
Helen Austin’s song “Love Is” was featured on CW’s One Tree Hill. The placement came after she was signed to a music placement company after being forwarded from a listing. “This is one of many, but it is the highest profile so far and I can’t thank TAXI enough for the exposure!” she said.
Chris Ball
Chris Ball found out that his music had been placed in a TV show simply by actually watching television! Over two years ago, Chris signed to a successful independent music library after a TAXI forward and just a month ago, while channel surfing, Chris discovered his very own song playing in the background of a show called Eco Company! He decided to watch the rest of the program only to find out that even a few more of his songs were used as well. “[Eco Company] airs on NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, CW and MyTV networks around the country … I’ve had a lot of success here at TAXI, but just “happening” upon your own music being played on television like this is a really cool experience!” he said.
Darrin Frison
After signing with a successful music production company, Darrin Frison’s music has been heard on quite a few network daytime television shows and he has just received a royalty check for cues used on a major daytime talk show. As of October 2010, Darrin has had a total of 24 cues that have now been accepted into the catalog! “TAXI has broadened my horizons … TAXI has helped me find my niche and direction in the music industry … I guess I am still ‘part-time’ but the royalty checks continue to come in, and I know sometime in the very near future, I will be fully living my dream – which is waking up in the morning and walking into my studio in my pajamas and bunny slippers (yeah, I said bunny slippers!) and write music all day long!” he said.
Keith LuBrant
Keith LuBrant just learned that after he was forwarded to a prominent music licensing company, a couple of his music cues were used in two episodes of the CBS daytime television program Young and the Restless. Also, a song of his called “Devil Woman” will be used in an upcoming episode of NBC’s Friday Night Lights! “If I had not joined, there is no way I would have pushed myself to write the amount of music that I am now. Thank you Michael and TAXI!” he said.
Jesse Dold
As a result of signing with a well-established Independent music publishing company after a TAXI forward, a song of Jesse Dold’s was recently placed in the ABC television show Cougar Town. This is his first royalty check for a primetime TV placement! “I would have never run into these opportunities without TAXI. I have learned a lot through my membership!” he said.
Michael Behm
From his catalog of 350 songs and as a result of signing to two different, successful music libraries after being forwarded, Michael Behm's songs “Did You Know” and “If I Could Learn to Fly” have appeared in multiple episodes of Fox’s mega-hit show American Idol and CBSLet’s Make a Deal. He’s also had songs featured on the E, Bravo, and TLC networks! “All in all the experience in working with TAXI has been on-going learning … about what the people in the industry want and what my music needs to be in order to get results,” he said.
Bill Gordon
Bill Gordon signed eight tracks with a successful independent music placement company that has used TAXI for many years “Thanks once again to TAXI, I just signed eight tracks with a successful music library. The owner is a hard-working guy who gets really nice placements! And I get the extra-double satisfaction that two of the pieces are co-writes with the incomparable (fellow TAXI member) Matt Hirt!”Bill said.
Debra Gussin
Debra Gussin’s song “I’ve Already Won” was featured in the NBC television show The Event. This placement happened very shortly after she signed with a well-established music licensing company and was the direct result of being forwarded to the company from TAXI after submitting to a listing opportunity. “I’m so thrilled that my first TV placement was on a major network drama only two months after signing a deal with a music library! I appreciate TAXI for providing the opportunity that led to this prominent placement,” she said.
Paul Taneja
After being forwarded from TAXI and signing 10 songs with a very respected independent publishing company, Paul Taneja learned that one of his songs “City Lights” was placed on the CW Network television show Smallville, episode #11 Icarus. “The TAXI Road Rally was truly a great experience that helped get my music recognized and into the hands of the right people. I've gotten publishing and record deal interest as a direct result of attending the rally. It’s also a hugely educational experience for anyone who wants to learn how the music industry really works,” he said.
Jose Neto
Two of Jose Neto’s tracks, “Sonho e Coracao” and “Tao Bom,” were placed with an independent music studio that provides comprehensive music services for network airplay, including themes and logos as well as feature film work.
Lydia Ashton
We received an email from Lydia Ashton letting us know that after she signed a deal with a music producer who supplies the music for several syndicated daytime talk shows, she learned she had landed the main theme for one of the shows."We also got to write lots of additional music for the show. Within the first two months of airing, we had over 450 placements and it just keeps growing. I want to thank TAXI, not only for helping me knock on doors like these, but also for preparing me so that once the door opened, I was ready to walk through. I have learned so much these last few years, both about the music production side and the business side of writing for TV, through the articles, returns, forwards, critiques, and the fellow composers on the forum. Thank you! You have helped me get to where I am today — living my dream!" she said.
Stan Swiniarski
After being forwarded to an independent Nashville publisher, Stan Swiniarski's song "Love In Your Life" was placed with the new Country artist Lathan Moore. In early 2009, Moore cut the song (Swiniarski thought as a demo) and in the fall of that year, Swiniarski learned that Moore had signed a deal with Blue Steel Records and that his album would be released at the end of 2009. What Swiniarski also learned was that not only was his song "Love In Your Life" going to be on the album, but also that it was going to be the title cut. "Love In Your Life" is now out on the radio as Moore's second single from the album.
Jacob Mook
Jacob Mook's song "Ding Dong It's Christmas" by his band Swingfish was placed in the CBS television show CSI: NY, after it was signed to a licensing deal with a prominent and successful music placement company."Thanks to TAXI, I got the opportunity to make this deal and have my music heard on a network television show," he said.
Dean Krippaehne
Dean Krippaehne's song "Maybe It's Better That Way" was on the NBC show Parenthood, and his song "Over You" was on TLC's Say Yes to the Dress. He's also recently signed two Country songs signed to a Nashville publisher, 10 Smooth Jazz songs licensed with a Muzak publishing company, and a bunch of placements on Recipe TV. All of these placements were due to deals made from TAXI forwards, as well as connections he made by attending the TAXI Road Rally.
Steve Barden
As a result of attending the TAXI Road Rally, Steve Barden let us know that not only did he sign a deal to compose for a successful music production company that provides the music for a very well-known daytime talk show, but that he also has been writing cues for the TLC program The Little Couple. Both of these deals were a direct result of connections he made at the Rally."The Road Rally has proven invaluable for making connections. Networking is a key element of the music business and the TAXI Road Rally has come through time and time again!" he said.
Jean Custeau
Jean Custeau recently had 12 of his songs recently signed to a music library for "muzak" type use. He also had his French song "Tu n'y es Pour Rien" placed in the ABC television drama Brothers and Sisters, after he licensed it through a prominent music placement company."Recently I met with the president of a publicity agency in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada, and he knows that I placed some songs in the U.S. As his son writes Electronica music, he asked me how I entered into this fabulous market. I simply told him to look up on his computer and said, 'It's all legit and it's where it all begins," he said.
Helen Austin
When a successful music licensing company recently ran a listing for a theme-oriented song revolving around being "happy," Helen Austin quickly wrote a song in 30 minutes that encompassed exactly what the company was looking for and they signed it! Helen has also gotten the song placed in ads in Korea, Japan, the U.S., and it's played in stores in the U.K. It has even become the title for an album that is a compilation of her songs that will be released in South Korea."I had no idea that writing a quick song for a TAXI listing would get me so many placements from one song, and the money that goes with it is lovely," she said.
Kurt Kreimier
The TAXI Road Rally has proved to be a lucky charm for Kurt Kreimier, not just once, but twice! As a direct result of signing a deal with a very successful independent music licensing company, after his songs were played on a pitch panel at the 2007 Road Rally, Kurt's songs have been placed several times in the TLC television show Four Weddings and the CBS affiliate station WLS-TV television show 190 North. He also signed another contract during this year's Road Rally, with a well-established music library who provides the music for a huge Daytime Television Talk Show."Were it not for TAXI and the Road Rally, these placements would not have happened. I can't emphasize enough the importance of attending the Road Rally if you are serious about composing Film & TV music. Of equal importance, to me, is the participation on the TAXI Forum. TAXI, the TAXI Forum and the Road Rally are the triple play when it comes to learning the skills and developing the relationships that are needed for success. Although I feel I am just beginning my journey with much still needing to be learned, my membership in TAXI has provided me with a solid foundation on which to build my career. Thank you TAXI and thanks for hosting the Road Rally every year! It's an outstanding event!" he said.
Martin Haene
Martin Haene's most recent placement is for his song "You Know I Like That" that was licensed into a feature film called Warrior to be released by Lion's Gate Entertainment sometime in 2011. This is a direct result of signing to a very TAXI friendly music placement company after his music was originally forwarded to the company."The great thing about working with well-connected music publishers is that once my music is in the right hands, placements in various TV shows and films seem to just keep coming. It goes without saying that TAXI has been a tremendous help for me to get connected with high-profile publishers and further opportunities for my music," he said.
Richard Emmet
After signing with a successful music library, Richard Emmet had his holiday songs placed not only in a feature film called Little Red Wagon, being directed by well-known producer/director responsible for many successful television shows and feature films, but Richard also had his songs licensed into the NBC daytime television show Days of Our Lives."Being a TAXI member has changed my life in many ways. It has connected me to opportunities and companies that I never knew existed. More importantly, it has connected me to a large community of kindred spirits, perfectly exemplified by Michael, whose generosity and support never ceases to amaze me. There is no other area of my life where I've felt as validated for devoting myself to music," he said.
JJ Zeller
JJ Zeller said his songs have been signed to not one, but three different successful music libraries, all as a direct result of TAXI forwards!"Being a member of TAXI for two-and-a-half years has been a great experience. The critiques, the articles, the forum, TAXI Live, and of course, the Road Rally have been so helpful," she said.
Shaun and Beth Michaud
After signing with a successful music placement company, Shaun and Beth Michaud's song "F-Bomb" was played on the CW's Plain Jane."We have been submitting to TAXI for about two years and finally after the Road Rally last year, I think our music turned a corner. TAXI has been instrumental in shaping our ability to produce licensable tracks," they said.
Robert Kelly - Jay Ramsey
After signing to a publishing company through a forward from TAXI, longtime co-writers Robert Kelly and TAXI member Jay Ramsey had their songs "Lonely Girl" and "Better Luck Next Time, Little Girl" placed in the AMC Emmy and Golden Globe-winning series Mad Men."These placements came about because of a five-figure deal we signed with a publishing company as a result of being forwarded from TAXI. Thank goodness for a TV show about the 1960's and our great publisher - it all happened because of TAXI," they said.
Nick Evan Mowery
After submitting to a TAXI film and television listing which led to be forwarded to a very successful music placement company, Nick Evan Mowery's song "Mite B Rite" was placed both in Fox TV's television show The Good Guys, as well as the Disney feature film Step Up 3D."There is nothing like hearing your song in a major motion picture! I have TAXI to thank for that!" they said.
Christi Green
After signing with a successful music production library through a TAXI forward, Christi Green had her songs placed on the CMT show Can You Duet, as well as NBC's America's Got Talent."TAXI has really opened doors, helping me to find a home for my compositions. I am so excited and privileged to be living where I live (Idaho) and still have the opportunity to compose for film and TV," she said.
Dave Walton
Dave Walton wrote us an e-mail to excitedly tell us that he had just gotten a statement from MRI (Music Reports Inc.) that showed he had 54 placements on a very well-known Daytime Television Medical Talk Show just in the first quarter of 2010! These placements came as a direct result of forward, which led to Dave being signed to a successful music production company that provides music for the show."Six years from the time I first joined TAXI, through the critiques and with the help of the forum and the wonderful forum members, I find that my music has been transformed from 'out of date, out of style' to something suitable for network television. It's always a very surreal experience to hear my music coming from the television set, and that wouldn't have happened without TAXI," he said.
Doug Walker
After submitting to a TAXI film and television listing which led to be forwarded to a successful music placement company, Doug Walker let us know that his music was placed in the CW Network's reality TV show Plain Jane."I just had my first placement on TV in the USA thanks to TAXI. I submitted my song 'Obstacles' for a listing in June 2009 when I first joined TAXI and it got forwarded to a music library in L.A. who I then signed the song to. Fourteen months later they e-mailed to say it had been placed on episode 105 of reality show Plain Jane on the CW network, which aired recently. I've had 12 songs forwarded since I joined TAXI so you never know—I may well hear about more successes! Thanks TAXI!" he said.
Joe Aukofer
After signing with a successful music placement company that was a result of a TAXI forward, Joe Aukofer had his song "Same Old" licensed into the HBO television show True Blood."It has been through forwards from TAXI that songs of mine began showing up in music libraries. It is through these connections that they then began showing up in film and television. TAXI continues to provide great avenues for musicians and composers to get their music out there and heard. What a wonderful thing to be a part of," he said.
Ethan Okamura
Ethan Okamura's song "Memories" was placed in the MTV show True Life after he signed with a prominent music licensing company."I've been a member for many years now but only in the last couple have I started writing for specific listings and become an active member of the forums which has resulted in some deals of late. Thanks TAXI staff and forum members," he said.
Tracey and Vance Marino
Tracey and Vance Marino have made many connections through TAXI, both through the TAXI Road Rally as well as from their songs getting forwarded. A placement in a very well known Daytime Television Medical Talk Show is just one of their latest achievements. They also licensed a couple of songs to a show called MyDestination on MyDestinationTV."We're the poster children for 'persistence and patience pay off.' If you just hang in there, and keep improving your craft, the TAXI deals will come. It happened for us. Not overnight, not in a week, not in month or even a year! But after a few years of figuring out how to submit to the listings, learning from the critiques and (most importantly), going to the annual TAXI Road Rally and meeting helpful people, things really started happening. And now they are happening big time. It's a great feeling when your hard work FINALLY pays off," they said.
Brad Mersereau
After signing to a successful Music Placement company through a direct result of a TAXI forward, Brad Mersereau's (Portland, OR) song placements over the last several years have begun to earn him regular BMI royalty checks! His compositions have been heard in such television programs as New Amsterdam, In Plain Sight and Royal Pains on the USA Network, as well as Heroes on NBC and Ten Things I Hate About You on ABC Family.Brad says.... "TAXI facilitated my process for securing 10 song placements in TV and movies, and I will remain eternally grateful. Over 40 million folks have heard my compositions. Dreams do come true!"
Barry French
Barry French (Spring Hill, TN) recently had a couple of Pop-Punk tracks licensed to the second season of TLC's Toddlers and Tiaras. These placements came from a deal that Barry signed with a very well established Music Library where he has subsequently been able to submit over 30 additional tracks since joining TAXI last year. He has also had several placements on a very popular Daytime Medical Talk Show recently, after signing on as a composer to a highly successful Music Production company."Thanks to some connections I've made through TAXI from forwards to music libraries, as well as networking at the Rally and the wonderful community at the TAXI forums, I've reached a point where my supply of music can't keep up with the demand. Thank you Michael and the rest of the TAXI staff for all that you do."
A Music Placement Company that has licensed many tracks from TAXI members for Film and TV, also just placed Peter Koellerer's (Marchtrenk, Austria) track "Above the City" in the ABC Family show 10 Things I Hate About You.Peter said..."We are really happy with the placement in 10 Things I Hate About You. It's the second placement on this network, so we're hoping that folks over there start remembering our name!"
Erich Gruber
Erich Gruber (Everett, WA) has signed over 60 songs with a Commercial and Production Music Company through a forward he received from a TAXI listing. Lately Erich's songs have been heard in the MTV show, The Dudesons in America.Erich says..."The TAXI business model works perfectly for me. I get to write music in the comfort of my home near the things I love (my family and black lab Maggie). TAXI does the legwork finding first-class folks that need great music. As a result of that, I get recognition and financial rewards. I can't think of a business or service that I've been more pleased with than TAXI"
Jeff Greenleaf
Jeff Greenleaf (Malibu, CA) has had the good fortune of having quite a few television placements after being forwarded to a Music Production Company from a TAXI listing that was originally asking for '80s Instrumental Tracks. His songs have been heard in Bravo's Bethenny Getting Married?, E! Network's Keeping Up with the Kardashians, The Style Network's Guiliana and Bill, and two MTV shows, Parental Control and Nitro Circus. "Imagine how it feels to be emotionally involved in a television program and, out of nowhere, your song plays. It plays with purpose, to make the scene better…and it always does. There really is nothing quite like this. Thank you TAXI for taking me this far."
James Dunn
Danny Infantino
James Dunn and Danny Infantino both recently had their songs placed in TNT's Saving Grace. The deals occurred after signing with a successful music placement company that were direct results of TAXI forwards. James said, "I had a song from my second record make it to TNT because of a forward from TAXI to an LA Music Publisher. I greatly appreciate the help." Danny adds, "Thanks to TAXI I have signed about a hundred pieces with several music libraries over the past few years. I'm excited about my newest placement on Saving Grace."
Robert Muhammad-Pavel Gonzalez-Peter Davies
Robert Muhammad, Pavel Gonzalez, and Peter Davies, recently signed a deal with a sound game Web site called Tempo In Motion, which is designed to help golfers find their swing tempo. Robert says, "The most powerful force is a mind made up. Once you know where you wanna go, TAXI can help take you there …Thanks TAXI for everything." Pavel adds, Could I have signed this deal without TAXI? Hardly, considering I am currently based in Mexico City. Assuming I could have heard of the opportunity in the first place and landed the gig, TAXI still has an edge: it saved me all the legwork, research, and a great amount of precious time, which is much better spent making music. And that is well worth the price of admission in my book!" Peter adds, "What TAXI and the TAXI community has done is help me raise the level of my game."
Gary Platt
Gary Platt recently informed TAXI that as a result of signing with a music publishing company, quite a few of his music cues have been used on a huge, long-running, network television daytime talk show. "IIt is often heard that some people get the opportunity to live out a lifelong dream. But when it comes to my recent successes with my music, I can honestly say that I am living a life beyond anything I could have ever dreamed or imagined. I cannot thank TAXI enough for the contacts I have been able to make enabling this life beyond a dream to take shape and form. Thank you...thank you...thank you...and thank you again Michael and all your faithful staff," he said.
Margie Balter
Margie Balter's solo piano piece, "Why Me?" (originally called "Bluesie") was licensed to the film Date Night starting Tina Fey and Steve Carrell. This placement was the direct result of a TAXI forward to a successful music placement company. When Margie heard her song in the movie, her reaction was this: "I loved every minute and 57 seconds of it! It's in the first 15 minutes on their first date in the local steakhouse, and what they're saying over the music is hilarious!"
Krisanthi Pappas
NBC's Parenthood recently included a song by Krisanthi Pappas called "One Slow Dance a Day". "My song aired on Parenthood on April 27. I was excited because I've had other songs on ABC and NBC in daytime dramas, but this is my first song on prime time television! Thanks TAXI for making this possible!", she said.
Chris Ball
Chris Ball and John Mazzei recently shared the exciting news that as a direct result of their TAXI membership, they are both now represented by one of the most highly established and world-class video game agencies in the industry. "I am honored and humbled to be represented by the premier agency in the world for video game composers. The owner only accepts the very best and to be part of this group is tremendously inspiring!" Chris said. John adds, "Receiving a deal with the top game composer agent via TAXI is not only a sign that I'm doing things the right way in my music and career, but it's also a testament to the great relationships and opportunities TAXI has nurtured for us."
Ryan Walter
Ryan Walter recently landed a record deal for his new Emelo project. Ryan also had his song, "Sun Won't Shine" placed on Scrubs, and had his song "Looking on the Bright Side" placed on ABC's Greek. "My wife and I were joking around when we originally signed up with TAXI, saying 'what if we got a song on Scrubs,' thinking that it was impossible. Then, after signing a record deal, seeing my CDs in Barnes and Noble, Best Buy, and Target, we were starting to feel more optimistic about bigger possibilities. We had a few smaller placements on E! and two songs on a Sundance Film, and then one night my publisher called me and told me that our song 'Sun Won't Shine' was going to be on Scrubs, but he didn't know how it would be mixed in. The night of the show came and my family and friends all gathered around and watched the show. The episode was almost over and we hadn't heard the song yet, so we thought we either missed it or it wasn't going to be on, right then, we heard the opening guitar riff... they put the song on the best part, the climax of the episode, they played almost 2 minutes of the song. Everybody started jumping up and down and freaking out. It was such an incredible feeling to hear something that started with me in my living room to a primetime television show... Truly amazing...," he said.
Chris Lago
After being forwarded to a successful music publishing company, Chris Lago's song Be My Lover was placed on the WB's Melrose Place. "This placement will make me submit more songs for licensing. I had given up on music licensing a year ago, but now I am doing better than ever... The song that was played on the show had gotten returned twice before getting picked by a publisher! Just be persistent. If you believe in your music and you push for it, and you're willing to push some more even after being told, 'no,' you'll eventually find opportunities out there..." he said.
Chris Whatley
Japan-based TAXI member Chris Whatley has had eight song placements in TV shows as a result of his music being forwarded to a highly successful independent music publisher. The shows include ABC's Desperate Housewives and Everwood and NBC's Heroes and Life. "I am based in Tokyo, and get TV later on cable. The first time my music was placed, a friend in the U.S. heard it first and called me in middle of the night (Japan time) shouting excitedly, 'I just heard your tune on Heroes'... I thought he was either drunk or mistaken, or both. Six months later the ... statement came through. Needless to say, it was a sweet moment. So I tracked down the episode and watched it," he said.
Keith LuBrant
After a forward through TAXI to a well-connected music consultant with many film/TV/commercial placements, Keith LuBrant signed a deal that landed his songs "Come Here" and "Can You Tell Me Why" in American Idol's music catalog. Keith also made a connection through TAXI with a Los Angeles-based commercial and production music composer who runs a music library, and wrote music for a specific request which landed Keith the opportunity to write a tune for the new Mattel Hot Wheels commercial! "...I was a skeptic when I first joined … I honestly thought TAXI was a scam and figured I'd get my money back once I saw proof. But, I have been pretty successful since I joined and have been happily proven wrong!" he said." he said.
Terry Topley
Terry Topley's Celtic song "Hooray for the Liberties" was placed on ABC's The Forgotten. This was a result of a forward through TAXI to a Los Angeles-based music publisher. "Thanks to TAXI my song has been heard coast to coast TV in America. I've achieved more by sending my songs to TAXI than all the demos sent to Irish music publishers and record labels over twenty years, thank you TAXI," he said.
Denny Earnest
As the result of an ongoing relationship with an East Coast music library/publisher established through a TAXI forward in 2006, five of Denny Earnest's Americana/Folk guitar tunes were recently placed on NBC's poker show Poker After Dark. Denny also landed a few recent deals with an Arizona-based music publisher that he made a connection with through TAXI in 2004. These included a song placed MTV's Run's House, FX's It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and TLC's Date My House. "Patience is the key. Last fall I was worrying about how to make the mortgage; one trip to the mailbox changed that. I got a (four-figure) check from ASCAP from a TAXI listing," he said.
Jeff Lopez
As the result of a forward through TAXI to a highly successful music publisher, Jeff Lopez's Jazz song "The Sun and the Rain" was placed in the October 11 episode of the popular NBC TV series Heroes. "I didn't hear about the deal. I was on the road during the broadcast. My family and I watch Heroes regularly. When I am on the road, my wife records them for me so I can catch up when I get back off the road. During one of the scenes, I recognized the music and said to myself 'I know this tune, what is it? It's my tune!' Literally," he said.
Scott Gerow
Scott Gerow has landed placements in TNT's action/drama Dark Blue, ABC's Ugly Betty, and Ice Cube's new movie Janky Promoters. These were a result of a forward through TAXI to a highly successful music publisher. "I'm always honored to get songs signed. I've gotten a good amount of work through TAXI, which has led to great networking opportunities. So, at my studio we sign a number of songs and tracks every month. I have to be honest, I don't dance around the living room as much as I did with my first few deals, but I'm always thrilled that my music works well enough for people that they want to sign it," he said.
Scott Gerow
Helen Austin submitted her singer/songwriter song "Happy" through TAXI to an L.A.-based music publisher requesting songs that specifically mention happy, and as a result of a forward to this company, her song was licensed for a Royal Caribbean cruise line commercial. "I got the e-mail about the deal while rushing out of the house and was thrilled and couldn't stop smiling! It's such a great feeling to know that your music was picked by someone to represent their product!" she said.
Ken Morrison / Mark Reiman
Ken Morrison and his writing partner Mark Reiman landed a placement with their Jazz ballad tune "Everyone Can See" in the Golden Globe-nominated film A Single Man as the result of meeting a Los Angeles-based music publisher at the TAXI Road Rally. "Mark and I were lucky enough to attend a screening of A Single Man before its national release. It was fun to hear a little of our song in the film... but the real thrill came as the credits rolled. It's a good film and the fact that it [was] nominated for three Golden Globes (including best soundtrack) is a nice feather in our caps... to say nothing of the current Oscar-buzz," Ken said.
Richard Bassett
Richard Bassett's song "Never Gonna Shake Me" was used in the new reality TV series Vertical Pole Challenge as the result of a forward through TAXI to the show's producer. "Even though most of us want our song(s) to be a number one hit song, any opportunity to get songs used and benefit from them is probably a good thing. This opportunity kind of came out of the blue. I got a forward and didn't hear anything for a while... which is pretty typical... then I got an e-mail letting me know that they were interested in using my song for Vertical Pole Challenge. I don't watch a whole lot of reality TV … but I am pretty excited about getting this opportunity for my co-writer and me. A big Thank You to TAXI for this connection!" he said.
Terry Munday
As the result of a forward through TAXI to a Los Angeles-based commercial and production music composer who runs a music library, Terry Munday's instrumental track "Song of the Meadow Lark" was placed in First Love, Second Chance on The LifeStyle Channel. "I've had my music accepted, a lot of it, on four major music libraries in the U.S. And, as I live in London, to achieve this without the help of TAXI would have been unthinkable. It took time. I listened to the feedback from the TAXI reviewers and... and, eventually, the doors began to open," Terry said.
Jeff Greenleaf
Jeff Greenleaf landed several deals as a result of attending the TAXI Road Rally. One deal was two placements with his high-tension instrumentals on MTV's Styl'D as the result of a forward through TAXI to a Los Angeles-based commercial and production music composer who runs a music library, and has already signed 100 of Jeff's instrumental cues. He has also signed up as a composed of a popular daytime talk show. "I've grown so much since I joined TAXI. Getting forwards is like planting seeds. I want to thank TAXI and all the forum members for keeping me focused... and patient," he said.
Matt Hirt
As the result of a forward through TAXI to a highly successful music publisher/library, Matt Hirt's instrumental cue "Jungle Love" was placed a few times in the 20th Century Fox movie All About Steve starring Sandra Bullock, Bradley Cooper, and Thomas Hayden Church. Matt's cue was used as the theme for the evil reporter, "Vasquez." "This placement came from a library TAXI hooked me up with so as usual: THANKS TAXI!! ... Feature film placements are always extra nice," he said. Matt has also had daily placements in the Dr. Oz Show since it started in September, averaging about 30 seconds of music a day. He also had songs included in Ugly Betty, Dancing With the Stars, and many others.
Dave Walton
Dave Walton's very first TAXI connection landed him yet a few more placements. Dave's electronica track "Body And Soul" was licensed by CBS and placed in CSI commercial promos. His instrumental piece "Hostage" was placed on the show called Americans Feeding Americans, which aired on The Hallmark Channel. Dave also had his instrumental piece "Chalice" placed on an ABC Family show called Dark Night. "Having music affiliated with and promoting the show CSI (a cool show with cool music) is a music dream come true and that never would have happened without TAXI," he said.
Tony Thompson
TAXI member Tony Thompson has his Jazz song, "Midnight," featured on an episode of Fox's Fringe. This was the result of a forward through TAXI to a music publisher. "When I first submitted music to TAXI, half a dozen things got forwarded within the first six weeks and within six months I had an offer from a publisher who operates a music library. "Attending a TAXI Road Rally and reading the newsletters, recommended books, and [video] clips helped me to understand the business end and the logistics of the process as well as the potential for real opportunity," he said.
Ivan Valles
As a result of a forward through TAXI to a music publisher/library, member Ivan Valles's song, "Always You" was placed in NBC's Mercy. Attending a TAXI Road Rally and reading the newsletters, recommended books, and [video] clips helped me to understand the business end and the logistics of the process as well as the potential for real opportunity," he said.
Stephen Baird
TAXI member Stephen Baird had two recent successes with TAXI. He signed an exclusive deal for five Hip-Hop tracks with a production music library/publisher for various film/TV placements. He has also landed regular placements on The Dr. Oz Show. "My cue was the first cue played when Dr. Oz walked out to take the stage for the first time. Pretty cool knowing that my music kicked off a new show," he said.
Jay Ramsey & Bob Kelly
Writing/recording/publishing partners, Jay Ramsey & Bob Kelly (Nevada), recently gave us an update on their initial exclusive deal with a very successful Music Publisher they signed with through TAXI, and are now reporting that their four-figure deal has now bumped up to a five-figure deal! They also reported that one of their '60s tunes was placed in episode 306 of the new AMC show Mad Men. Jay and Bob added: "It just goes to show that good songs are good songs but if they don't get into the right hands they just sit around and gather dust. Thanks Taxi for getting us in touch with the right Publisher and into the 'right hands.'"
Gary Sredzienski (Maine) was just informed that his song "Klezmerized" was placed in the July 22nd episode of The Philanthropist on NBC starring James Purefoy and Neve Campbell. This was the direct result of a forward through TAXI to a highly successful Music Publisher based in Los Angeles. Gary also notified us that he landed a third movie deal through TAXI with the same Music Publisher based in Los Angeles. Gary's latest placement was with his ethnic accordion tune "Vlad the Joker" in the upcoming Indie film Love Hurts starring Jenna Elfman, Janeane Garofalo, and Carrie Ann Moss. "This is my third major motion picture [placement] and these great things have happened all because of Taxi. Even a musician on the seacoast of Maine can get tunes in movies.... an accordionist none the less!!!"Thanks,Gary Sredzienski
After a forward through TAXI to an established and successful Music Publisher based in L.A., José León's (United Kingdom) Reggaeton song "Mueve La Cadera" was placed on ABC's Ugly Betty in episode 8 of season 3. Just a few months later, this same publisher placed the same song in a short film called Los Bandoleros (directed and produced by Vin Diesel), which is the prequel to link The Fast and the Furious to the latest film in the series, Fast & Furious (4th one in the series). "Just wanted to thank all at TAXI, keep up the good work!!"Best,José León
Dean Krippaehne
Dean Krippaehne landed a placement in Chris Rock's new HBO film/documentary Good Hair as a result of a forward through TAXI to a very successful music publisher based in Los Angeles. Dean also just signed six more songs on Muzak due to a connection made through TAXI. Finally, Dean also received a phone call from Universal's licensing department notifying him that they are releasing Stefanie Heinzmann's CD in the U.S. in March (which Dean originally had his song "Do Your Thing" cut on her album released in Europe as the result of a forward through TAXI to an international management / publishing / production company).
Blake Carver
Blake Carver just received his royalty check stating that his two instrumental surf tunes "Rocket To The Moon" and "Vegas After Dark" were placed on the TV show Caught On Camera: Thieves and Thugs that aired on NBC. This was the result of a forward through TAXI to a leading music publisher based in Los Angeles. "[TAXI's] industry listings constantly supply me with new things to write for and with deadlines to keep me sharp. There will be a listing for something I think I can pull off and it now turns into a project with a deadline. Doing this I am never "out of work." … TAXI is without a doubt one of the best investments I have made in my music career," he said.
Through TAXI, Stuart Ridgway originally connected with a huge TV production company that currently produces three of the most popular shows for the world's largest music cable network. A TAXI listing that he was originally connected through was meant for placing his music in Making The Band on MTV, but the deal fell through. Later, when Stuart was on his way down to the 2004 TAXI Road Rally, he dropped by the music coordinator's office to reconnect with her and discovered she needed music for a new show. The show was Starting Over on NBC, and Stuart was hired to compose music for the Emmy award-winning show for two seasons. Soon after this show ended, the music coordinator found more work for Stuart, and he starting writing for shows such as Bad Girls Club on the Oxygen channel, as well as Real World and Road Rules on MTV. While writing for these shows, Stuart also made several other connections through TAXI.
Freddy Litwiniuk
Freddy Litwiniuk recently reported that his song "Fade Away" appeared in episode 102 of the ABC series Cupid. This deal is a result of a forward through TAXI to a leading music publisher who has secured many film/TV placements to TAXI members. "Hearing my song on TV never gets old! When I was notified of the placement, I had no idea how much of it was used or where it was used, so when I watched the show and found out that the song was played right off the top, almost in its entirety, I was really happy. The characters even referred to the song in the dialogue!" he said.
Chas Edwards Jr.
Chas Edwards Jr. recently informed TAXI that as a result of a single song forward through TAXI to the creative director of an established U.S./international music publishing company, his music was added to MTV's catalog/library, and was used a few times on Cribs. "Almost a year later (after Chas signed the deal with the Music Publishing company), when I forgot all about that and I pretty much wanted to quit making music, I was watching MTV Cribs and heard my music in the background!!!! Then two days later I heard more of my music on Cribs, then a week later I heard another track! I can't explain the feeling via e-mail! But I owe it all to everyone over at TAXI," he said.
Lee Kweller
The independent film And the Winner Is... will feature one of Lee Kweller's instrumental tunes, "Magnetic." This was a result of a forward through TAXI to an independent film producer. "When I first found out about the deal, I was somewhat skeptical because I have had proposed deals fall apart in the past. But when I found out it was for real, I was very excited. It's a feeling of accomplishment and there's no feeling that quite matches that. It gives me more motivation to keep on writing and pitching and to enjoy the process along the way," he said.
Dan Diaz
Dan Diaz signed many instrumentals to a Los Angeles-based commercial and production music composer who runs a music library. Dan's song, "Arrest Me," was placed in episode six of MTV's Nitro Circus. "TAXI has been great at connecting me with some very cool music publishers. As a result of those connections, I've signed deals for over 100 cues, and am looking forward to hopefully hearing about more placements soon!" he said.
Sam Reynolds
NBC's Kath & Kim recently featured TAXI member Sam Reynolds's Dance/Pop song, "Another Place & Time." This was a result of a forward through TAXI to a highly successful L.A.-based music publisher. "TAXI has either directly or indirectly helped me in getting all of my tracks signed. I have over 100 tracks signed to seven different music libraries. I didn't even know music libraries existed or that you could make money from writing music for television until joining TAXI. I'm even writing music in styles I never thought I would. Joining TAXI has changed my life forever," Sam said.
Keith LuBrant
As a result of a forward through TAXI and signing a licensing deal with a highly successful L.A.-based music publisher, TAXI member Keith LuBrant's song, "Devil Woman," was placed in an episode of TNT's Saving Grace. "I have to admit, I was skeptical at first at what TAXI would be able to do and put off joining for a couple of years, but the opportunities generated have been incredible. The fact that TAXI has been able to open the door to so many companies showed me that it was definitely worth joining," Heith said.
John Neal
TAXI member John Neal's Blues Rock song, "Rock 'n' Roll Singer," was placed in an episode of NBC's Quarterlife as a result of a forward through TAXI to a leading L.A. music publisher. John later discovered that through the same publisher, another song was placed on ABC's Cupid. "Both episodes have aired and how I felt is almost unexplainable. I think I had a smile on my face for weeks! It is hard to grasp my song out of millions of songs was selected. That just seems crazy! Definitely makes me feel like I am doing something right. The e-mails, text messages, and phone calls from family and friends telling me how proud they are and to keep it up just help to reinforce the notion that I can do this. I can make it. I can write songs that can be on TV!" he said.
Dan McDougall
After a forward through a TAXI Dispatch listing, TAXI member Dan McDougall connected with an executive producer/music supervisor based in Texas who is working on a few film projects. Dan's songs are currently being pitched to be included in a few movie soundtracks, but more importantly Dan is already receiving income from doing vocal work on a few projects the executive producer has him working on. Dan is currently working on providing music for the upcoming film For Whom He Tolls, which just went into production. "I guess I am evidence that if you don't give up and knock enough times, doors will open!" he said.
Lauren de Miranda
TAXI member Lauren de Miranda recently reported that as a result of a forward through TAXI to a national radio network her Pop/Rock song, "Heartbreak Radio," is now playing on BusRadio, which plays her song to 1.2 million kids a day. "I would have never known of BusRadio without TAXI and they might have never found me! With this single connection, my membership has definitely paid for itself. I view TAXI as my introduction to 1.2 million new potential fans! Thank you, TAXI," she said.
David Chong
David Chong, TAXI member since 1998, recently reported that his song "Walk On Out the Door" was placed in the ABC daytime soap opera One Life To Live as a result of a forward through TAXI years prior. David has also licensed his music with numerous other companies through TAXI including: a Midwest-based music library/publisher, a UK-based production music library, the president of an established LA-based music library/publishing company, and an online music licensing company. "I got the royalty check from ASCAP back in July for about $XXX. That was the first money I ever made with my music. Thank you Taxi!!" he said.
Ruthie Brock
Ruthie Brock's band Gold Hill recently received a royalty check as a result of one of their songs being placed during the GAC cable network show, The Grand Ol' Opry Live!, one of the most popular television programs in Country music today, reaching more than 39 million households. Ruthie mentioned that this placement was a result of attending the TAXI Road Rally. Ruthie's band also signed 17 songs with a very successful music publisher that has placed many TAXI members music in major film and TV projects as a result of handing a CD to the president of this company at the TAXI Road Rally. And as a result of a forward to a west coast music licensing company/library through TAXI, 14 Gold Hill songs were picked up. "Thanks to you guys, we had our ducks in a row. These are opportunities we never would have had, being a band of 50-somethings and not being commercially viable. So thanks for everything!" she said.
Logan Pepper
As a result of a forward through a TAXI Dispatch listing, Logan Pepper signed his first-ever deal for one of his instrumental tracks. Logan signed the contract a month after he was forwarded through TAXI. "I signed the contract at the end of November – it was a wonderful early Christmas present! Thanks so much to Michael and clan for everything you do for us musicians! This would not be possible without you," he said.
Erich Gruber
Erich Gruber recently updated us on his previous connection through TAXI with a Los Angeles-based commercial and production music composer who runs a music library. So far, Erich has published 10 songs with them, and the production music composer is now actively pitching his music to cable TV music supervisors. Erich is currently able to send them music whenever he creates new tunes. "BIG, HUGE (sorry for yelling :) ) props to TAXI for making all this possible. Your service has exceeded expectations!" he said.
Justin Mather
As a result of a connection made at the TAXI Road Rally in 2007, Justin Mather signed 10 songs to an independent label which specializes in film/TV placements, and he received his first royalty due to two of his songs being replaced on two TV show DVDs. His song "Live For Every Moment" replaced one song on season 1 of Jack & Bobby, and his song "Riverside" replaced other spots in seasons 3 and 4 of Everwood. "This is a dream come true for me and I owe TAXI a big THANK YOU!! I could not have made these connections without your help," he said.
Patrick Rydman
Patrick Rydman reports that his Jazz song "The End of the Rainbow" was placed in the February 12 episode of the NBC comedy series, Kath & Kim. This was the result of a forward through TAXI to a music publisher that specializes in film/TV placements. "You need a few things to succeed: talent, patience, persistence, and someone like TAXI to connect the dots. Thank you!" he said.
Jay Ramsey and Bob Kelly
Jay Ramsey and Bob Kelly just wrapped up a high four-figure deal for 10 songs in their back catalog made possible by a forward through TAXI to a very successful music publisher that focuses on film/TV placements. "Our sincere thanks to TAXI. It just goes to show that even the 'old' recordings of 'good' songs will finally find a place to fit into the scheme of things, if a logical match can be found–and TAXI found it for us. Nice Work, TAXI, and keep it up," they said.
Anna Maria Flechero recently reported that as a result of her very first submission through TAXI, she landed a deal with an independent record label with major distribution ties. Her two Jazz standards, and one Jazz original have been included on a Smooth Jazz compilation CD being released by this Indie label and distributed by Universal Music in Poland. "This was my first time I submitted to TAXI after many, many years of receiving your mail and e-mails. Thank you so much. Your critiques have given me insight and motivation," she said.
Gus Caveda recently reported that two of the Rock songs he submitted through a TAXI listing were signed by a very successful production music library that has secured placements with ABC, CBS, NBC, WB, Disney, Discovery, Lifetime, Fox, and USA (just to name a few). I became a member of Taxi in the late 90s after years of touring and a two-year contract with Atlantic Records . I had decided to "really" learn about the craft of songwriting and Taxi has been a sort of guidance counselor for me ever since. "[TAXI's] critiques have helped me to look at my music with an outside perspective that I never had before. TAXI's resources have also prepared me to understand the industry better and that education has helped me to recognize the markets I am most productive at," he said.
Skip-Dawg notified TAXI that his song "Skip To The Floor" was featured on the popular #1 Current Hit Radio Show with more than 10 million listeners in Europe/Germany and L.A. as a result of a forward through TAXI. He also reports that he received five placements as a result of a forward to a very successful online music licensing company through TAXI more than a year ago. They include: His song "Everybody Gather Round" was used in a Facebook application for a well-known global advertising agency, a song placed in The Big Reunion (Hip-Hop DJ DVD documentary), a song licensed with an e-card Web site, and two songs used by two major corporations. AND, his song "Times In My Life" was also signed with a music publisher with tons of film/TV placements as a result of a forward through TAXI. "Every piece of constructive criticism from TAXI helped me mold my sound and the better I got, the more forwards I received and the more projects my songs were licensed to," he said.
Amanda Somerville recently reported that she was featured on one of the biggest commercial radio stations in Europe as a result of a forward through TAXI. The response from her song, "Mayday," was so good the first time around that she was featured a second time with her song, "Point of Safe Return." "I was of course really excited about it! It's even more difficult to receive radio airplay in Europe than in North America because there aren't really underground or college stations that play songs from Indie or non-major label artists and this was big time CHR," she said.
The December 4 episode of ABC's "Ugly Betty" included a song by Hanspeter Kruesi, who lives in Switzerland. The placement of "In Touch With God" was a direct result of a forward to a leading music publisher based in Los Angeles. "Since this was my first placement after having several contracts through TAXI, I just thought, 'Wow it really, really works.' Then I realized that "Ugly Betty" is a very popular show in the USA and is running all over the world—I couldn't really believe it. It was kind of a positive shock and gave me even more confidence that I am going the right way with my philosophy in music and business," he said.
Mike Mostert's Hard Rock/Metal song "American Girl" was placed in the recent Seth Green movie called Sex Drive. This was the result of a forward he had through TAXI one year ago to a highly successful music publisher based in LA. "The minute we found out we ran to the movie theater to check it out. The highlight was not only hearing our music in a major motion picture but having our names magnified and highlighted at the end of the movie," he said.
Denny Earnest, TAXI member since 1994, originally made a connection with an independent label which specializes in Film/TV placements through TAXI, and has landed placements on Life (NBC), Friday Night Lights (NBC), Everwood (WB), and the soap opera One Life To Live (ABC), just to name a few. Due to this connection, Denny is also working with a U.K. based label/production music library where they will be releasing his new Americana album and distributing his songs on iTunes. "The main thing TAXI's done for me is build up my resume. I've had hundreds of placements and when companies asked who I've worked with, I can click off a dozen companies just like that," he said.
TAXI member Glenn Shambroom's Jazz band ballad "She Walked Away" was used in the November 20 episode of ABC's hit show "Ugly Betty" as a result of a licensing deal he obtained with a highly successful music publisher through TAXI. "It's been great getting my stuff into music libraries, and opening up a new source of money for the music I write and record—'mailbox money'! I was amazed, when I listened carefully to the soundtrack of 'Ugly Betty,' at the dizzying number of musical snippets they used. Really makes me appreciate the sound editors, and realize how much 'product' is needed to fill up these shows," he said.
TAXI member Keith Zizza recently notified TAXI that the music supervisor of a few new reality shows placed his 80s style songs "Brand New Day" and "Callisto" in TV Land's "High School Reunion." "I particularly enjoy the Dispatch listings because it forces me to work quickly and keep my chops up. I wrote and submitted a couple of 80s instrumentals for a film listing a while back and hadn't heard anything, though they were well-liked in the critique and forwarded; so when I saw the recent Dispatch listing for 80s tunes, I submitted them again and got forwarded... and accepted," he said.
After a forward through TAXI to a leading Music Publisher/Library who focuses on TV placements, TAXI member Shelley Jacobson and her co-writer Skip Adams had their Blues/Rock Guitar Instrumental "Good At Getting Up" placed on the October 28 episode of CBS's "The Mentalist." "It's so nice to defy the odds and prove that you don't have to reside in a major hub to make things happen ... not necessary ... not when you have TAXI on your side. Thank you so much for everything," she said.
HBO's new series, True Blood, featured a song by TAXI member John Mazzei. His song, "Summer Memories," was played during episode 10 of the show, which aired on November 9, 2008. "It was a great feeling to hear my music on such a popular show. Every deal and placement helps to boost my confidence (and also looks good on the resume too!). TAXI has really helped me not only getting deals and placements, but as an education tool in how the business works. A few years ago, I didn't know anything about publishing, royalties or film/TV placements. Now I have relationships with publishers, libraries and have had placements on TV and in films. I attribute a large part of my success to TAXI. Thanks!!" he said.
TAXI member Frank Longo's song "L.A. Lawyers" was used on the new NBC comedy Kath & Kim. His song "Red Hot Romance" also aired in an episode of the Chris Rock show Everybody Hates Chris on CW. Both of these deals are a result of a forward through TAXI to an LA-based music publisher that specializes in film and TV placements. "TAXI has been absolutely amazing! From the day of my first submissions, the feedback I received from the screeners was invaluable! Of course, the fact that the screeners know their business and who to send what to resulted in my luck of having 13 of my songs (to date) signed to a major Los Angeles publisher! I was on cloud nine! No matter how long you've been in the business, it continues to be a rush when music professionals believe in your music," he said.
Steve and Karen Multer recently signed a deal with a highly successful music publisher through TAXI, and as a result they had their song"Lady Luck" placed in the closing scene in episode 502 of HBO's Entourage. They also report that they had the instrumental version of their song "Hepster’s Hop." featured for two uses in the upcoming MGM release, Legally Blondes (third in the Elle Woods series), which is also due for DTV release following several airings on MTV "It's tough to always find the words off appreciation for TAXI or tell the story of how incredibly important you guys are to those of us out here trying to make it day after day -- it's amazing to have the ongoing interest in addition to the ongoing support for our work," Steve said.
Manuela Hofer, of Norway, had her Pop/Electronica song "Had to Let You Go" placed in the CW show "Everybody Hates Chris." This was a result of a deal signed with a highly successful music publisher. "[This deal] was a great opportunity and I say, 'thank you' to TAXI for making this possible. I hope to do it again," she said.
John Zox, representing his band ZOX, recently got deals with MTV through TAXI. The band has received more than a dozen placements on shows such as "Real World" and "Road Rules." "You can do no wrong by getting your music into the ears, in a solicited manner, of the people who can help you achieve your music biz goals. Why thank you, TAXI!" he said.
Aimee Allen's new album is scheduled for release later this year in several European countries, including Poland, France, Belgium, and Germany. This deal is because of a forward through TAXI. She will also perform at the 50th Jazz Jamboree - International Jazz Festival, which is one of the oldest and most prestigious festivals in Europe. "I am so grateful that TAXI was able to help me bring my music to European audiences, which had been a goal of mine for a long time. I now have a fruitful ongoing relationship with industry partners I never would have found otherwise," she said.
As a result of a forward through a TAXI listing, Will Rayson signed his first deal by having his song "The Chase" included in a UK-based production music library for film/TV placement opportunities. "I find as a musician, it's really difficult to get impartial, knowledgeable, and constructive reviews and opinions on the music I write, record and produce. Even though friends and family would generally say they liked everything, you could never get them to say why, or which bit, or does it go to the chorus quick enough, or should it end quicker, is the intro too loud, etc. And that is what I get from TAXI," he said.
Blair was recently informed that the instrumental version of his song "New Man In Town" will be airing on the October 5th episode of HBO's show Little Britain USA. This is a result of a forward through TAXI to a Music Publisher who specializes in film and TV placements.
As a result of submitting through TAXI's Industry Listings and Dispatch requests, Derek was able to land all of the following deals that he mentions below:

"I will list some placements from last five BMI Statements:

America's Got Talent - Episode 205B Dr 90210 - Episode Titles (Body Meets Soul, Family Ties That Bind, Hollywood Mending) (A VERY popular daytime talkshow) - 26+ different Episode Titles Pimp My Ride - Episode 503, 504, 512, 514, 516, 517, 518 You On A Diet - Discovery Health and PBS My Super Sweet 16 - Episode Titles (Priscilla, Rachel) American Idol Rewind - Episode 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 107, 108, 117, 122 Cities of the Underworld - Episode Titles (Freemason Underground, Rome's Hidden Empire, Rome the Rise) Dateline NBC - Episode June 17 2007

I have received approximately $11,264.00 in royalties and approximately $1080.00 in license fees."

As a result of attending the TAXI Road Rally, Paula connected with an Independent Label that specializes in Film/TV placements and recently had two songs placed on the upcoming DVD release of the first two seasons of Everwood.
After signing a publishing deal with a Production Music Library/Publisher back in 2000 through TAXI, Jason Bush recently notified us that he received placements on Dateline NBC, HBO Specials, XM Radio, and usage with AOL.
Paul Longland recently notified us that through an International Management/Publishing/Production company that has tons of hits and cuts, he had his song placed on the TV series High School Reunion.

Through the same company, Paul also had his song cut on a major artists album with Universal in Germany.  This was a result of a forward through TAXI almost two years ago!

Bobby Belfry's Jazz/Pop songs "What's Your Story?" and "So What?" was included on a Smooth Jazz compilation CD released in Europe as a result of a forward to an Independent Label through TAXI.  The owner of the label also plans to distribute Bobby's debut album throughout much of Europe.
TAXI member Suzannah Doyle recently reported 18 different placements as a result of a forward through TAXI to an online music licensing company that supplies music to film, TV, video games, Internet, and DVD projects. Legoland licensed her "Merry Go Round" song to use for a year with a display of a Lego carousel and Ferris wheel at Legoland in California. A January 2009 movie called Sins of Commission will also showcase two of Suzannah's songs. "TAXI has helped me grow as a composer in so many ways: It has helped (and continues to help) me understand what the business side of the music industry involves; how to improve my recording production values, how to better describe and present my particular musical style to the world at-large; and, most important, how perseverance, patience, and constant improvement of one's craft is the key to creating a satisfying (and successful) career as a composer," Suzannah said.
After signing seven songs with a very successful LA-based music publisher through TAXI, TAXI member Peter Koellerer and his co-composer/producer Thomas Viehboeck had their song "Plan C" featured on the ABC Family TV series Kyle XY. Sonic Adventure Project's song was featured in an episode of the show called "Does Kyle Dream of Electric Fish?" "I had also personally enjoyed watching the first KyleXY season quite a lot and was happy for that reason as well," he said.
TAXI member Lisa Richards had her Neo-Soul song "Just You and Me" included on a Warner Brothers compilation CD released in Poland. This deal was a result of a forward through TAXI to an independent record label." I was coming to the end of my first year membership and I had had about 15 forwards but nothing concrete had come of any of them. ... It was about one day from the time the company contacted me saying they liked my tracks, to when they called to tell me that my song had been chosen for this compilation. When they told me that I would be on a CD with Nina Simone, Christina Aguilera, Joss Stone, and Corinne Bailey Rae ... I was even more excited. I renewed my membership!" Lisa said.
After many forwards through TAXI to various independent labels, publishers, libraries, online licensing companies, and more, member Nick Kepics received many placements. One of the deals he received was a placement on ABC Family’s drama TV series called “Beautiful People.” He also had his song “Uma Cobra Louca” in the movie “Mini’s First Time,” which now airs on HBO and other movie channels. “My largest sense of satisfaction comes from the fact that I know my music is being played all over the globe in many different countries,” he said.
TAXI member Laura Sorenson’s song “I Will Think of You” was featured on Lifetime’s “Army Wives.” The song aired in a June 15 episode of the show. The deal was a result of a TAXI forward to a leading LA-based music publisher. “The response I have received since the show aired has been very moving, especially since so many of the letters are about how they are dealing with the loss of a loved one,” she said.
“Hard work pays personal and financial gains,” which is what TAXI member Philip Waters stated when he recently notified TAXI that he had his two Rock/Metal songs “Stutter Junkie” and “Chain Smokin” placed on episode 12 of MTV’s “Real World/Road Rules Challenge.” The company that he was forwarded to by TAXI contacted him a year later to notify him of the placement.
From a previous connection he made through TAXI two years ago with his song “Free,” Robert and his co-writer Dave W. were recently informed that their song was featured on the May 16 season finale episode of “America’s Funniest Home Videos.” With all the options set to be picked up by the company, the licensing fees would total approximately $20,000! This airing would be noted as the single largest licensing fee this music publishing company has ever received for a TV placement. Here’s what Robert had to say: “I never would have made this connection without TAXI and I’ve also realized that patience is the name of the game! Patience and consistency.”
TAXI member Jonny Blu was recently informed that Universal Music in Eastern Europe will be releasing his first Swing/Pop album in mid-June. His band will fly to Europe to play live, and will also play on national TV. “It all started with a placement (through TAXI) of one of my songs, “Girl From Ipanema,” on a Jazz compilation CD and they ended up liking my whole album so much they asked me if I’d be up for having it released... I couldn’t exactly say no.”
A February 2008 episode of NBC’s “Lipstick Jungle” featured TAXI member Jeff Lopez’s song, “Prospects.” “TAXI has helped me find a way of getting a little extra money to help finance the recordings of my compositions. It also gives me a little validation as a composer and a little hope that with some hard work and persistence, I can compose music full-time,” Jeff said.
Hip-Hop artist and TAXI member Harvey Roundtree Jr. recently signed his album The Unexpected, They Made Me to an independent music distributor. It took six months to hear back from the company after the forward through TAXI, but it resulted in his CD getting exposure to 400+ markets online, and the possibility to be sold in stores such as Best Buy, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, and Target. “TAXI has helped me tremendously by providing me with the chance to be in way more markets than I could have been in alone. This deal will definitely create a greater opportunity for more sales and exposure,” he said.
As a direct result of a TAXI forward, Stephen Baird was hired as a staff composer on a very popular daytime talk show to produce Urban Instrumentals. And as an active member on the TAXI forum, Stephen collaborated with another TAXI member on some Hip-Hop tracks. They ended up signing two songs with a publisher, and the publisher requested several more songs. “What a great investment your company has been! I will definitely be renewing! You guys are changing my life one listing at a time! THANK YOU TAXI!!!!!!” he said.
TAXI Member James Henderson recently received a phone call from the director of an independent film company and the director ended up licensing James’ songs “We Stay The Same,” “Today’s The Day,” and two others he wrote specifically for the film. The songs were placed in the Indie film Graduation, which was scheduled to release in early May 2008. “The most significant way TAXI has helped me and my career is to make good on their promise: they get my music into the hands of people who can do something with it. I am quite certain my list of musical accomplishments would be a lot lighter without TAXI. I get excited and inspired every time a listing arrives in my INBOX that fits my style,” he said.
“Dreaming in Colored Waters,” a song by TAXI member Darrin Frison, was chosen to be placed in an upcoming Logo/MTV series, “Gimme Sugar.” “After sitting down and catching my breath, I was like, ‘WHA?!?!’ Then, ‘WHOO HOO!!’ It was exciting! I had been forwarded before, but this was the first IMMEDIATE response I had gotten from the company it was forwarded to, and for it to be for Logo/MTV made it even more amazing!” he said.
Brad Paxton’s Indie Rock song “I’m Gonna Change” was featured in CBS’s “Cold Case.” It was in the “Spiders” episode, which aired in February. “This was my first deal ever, and the fact that a highly-rated TV show was interested in music that I wrote and recorded in my bedroom, well, it was just hugely validating,” he said.
Dean Krippaehne’s song “Do Your Thing” was picked up by an artist in Germany named Stefanie Heinzmann. Her album was released in March and debuted at #8 on Billboard’s European Top 100 Charts. “I was obviously quite stoked when I found out that a new artist on Universal had cut one of my songs, but I had no idea who Stefanie Heinzmann was at the time. It was only after I Googled her and found out that she had just won Germany's version of “American Idol,” had exposure to millions of TV viewers, and already had a single sitting at #3 on Germany's top 100 charts that I started feel really lucky to have landed on her CD,” Dean said.
Barbara Martin’s song “Ready for Love” was featured on a March 31 episode of ABC Family’s “Greek.” Actress Amber Vox sang the song with the instrumental tracks from Barbara’s CD. “This was the biggest thing that had happened for me with my songwriting,” she said.
Jean Custeau’s song, “Deux Millions D’etoiles” was played during the February 1 episode of USA’s “Monk.” "I've been member of TAXI since September 2007 and I'm surely convinced, it's the best thing in my over-30-years of my musical life,” he said.
Because of a deal with a music library, a documentary called “I Love What I Do” featured Glenn Shambroom’s song “Flexible Flyer.” His song “Shoulder Blade” was also used in an episode of “Quarterlife,” which was recently picked up by NBC. “Before joining TAXI, I had no idea about music libraries, or how to get my music in the hands of people who can make use of it,” he said.
Steve and Karen Multer have recently confirmed that they've signed licensing deals with more than seven different music libraries. Deals thus far have ranged from placements on CBS’s “CSI” music in opening and closing credits of "Ossobucco" (Riverwest Films) starring Illeana Douglas and Mike Star. Their song “Look Out For Love” was also added to a three-disc Jazz compilation album for distribution in Europe. "Everybody thinks their material is great, but a brilliant resource like TAXI is the key to getting perspective and putting your music to the test,” they said.
Gabriele Bazzi Berneri, a TAXI member all the way in Italy, had his song “Murders Mansion” featured in ABC’s “Dirty Sexy Money” through an established and high-profile LA-based music library. “I felt very excited about [the deal], not only for the money, but also because I’m very fond of film/TV music,” he said.
TAXI member Will Derryberry had his song “Seven” placed in NBC’s “Life.” Another NBC show, “Friday Night Lights,” used his song “Where Your Heart Lives.” “[TAXI is] really helping Indie songwriters like myself achieve things that weren't possible 15 years ago,” Will said.
The Lucky Ones,” an upcoming film from Lionsgate, used one of TAXI member Joe Aukofer’s songs, “Same Old.” The movie stars Tim Robbins and Rachel McAdams. “I was very humbled by the news, actually. Given the amount of amazing songs and great talent out there, I feel very fortunate to have one of my songs included in this movie,” he said.
TAXI member Ted Fox recently signed a four-year exclusive contract with the owner of a Texas-based music production library for two of his instrumentals: “Sagebrush & Orchids” and “Song for the “Quilt.” “I live in a VERY small, isolated mountain town of about 4,000-6,000 people. My music would NEVER have gotten into the right hands if it weren't for TAXI,” Ted said.
TAXI member Ross Seligman and his band Echo Helstorm will have their song played during a February 18, 2008 episode of “One Tree Hill.” The band’s song is called “Where I Sleep.” “When we got the call about the song being in the show, we were ecstatic. It took a lot of hard work, time, and endless patience but it is worth all of it. We are hoping this is the beginning of more!” Ross said.
Dan, Jeremy, and Theresa Brooks (also known as Apocalypse Cow) had their Blues song “Been Down So Long” placed in an episode of ABC’s “Samantha Who?” “It was very career affirming to hear our music on primetime. All the countless hours we've spent composing and marketing are finally paying off (literally),” Theresa said.
Still raking in the benefits from the music library/publisher she was signed with through TAXI, Susan Nikas’s song, “Yellow Van,” was recently placed in the Lifetime TV Movie called Gossip, which is being released in 2008. “I credit TAXI with improving my writing, with expanding my musical contacts, and generally encouraging me. Sometimes the comments on my songs have been ‘tough love’ but they have definitely forced me to improve and grow,” she said.
TAXI member Bill Gaunce’s song “Midnight Train” will be included in an upcoming Indie horror movie called The 13th Alley. “I was very surprised when I was contacted with the news that my song ‘Midnight Train’ was going to be placed in a movie called The 13th Alley. The song had been forwarded twice before so I guess the third time was the charm,” Bill said.
TAXI member Stan Swiniarski recently landed a few deals through TAXI. His song, “All Up, All In,” was featured in an episode of the Discovery Health Channel’s Lost It. He also received a four-song licensing deal with an LA-based music library. The songs included in that deal were: “Mexico,” “One Sunset at a Time,” “Sweet Destiny,” and “End of the Rope.” He also signed a licensing deal for one of his songs with a U.K.-based publishing company. “TAXI has really helped me by providing a channel for my non-Country music and compositions,” he said.
Through a listing requesting vintage ’80s material, TAXI member Beth Scalet signed a two-song deal with a music library. The songs in the deal are “In the Daylight” and “Missing You.” “TAXI helped my career by bringing me this opportunity to capitalize on some of my older material and give me my first official ‘break’ into publishing. Previously, all my material was available on my own Indie releases. This opportunity is also a film/TV opportunity, an area I knew nothing about before joining TAXI,” she said.
Maine TAXI member Gary Sredzienski’s song “Tuscan Stroll” was recently placed in ABC’s Dirty Sexy Money and is also slated to appear in CBS’s Everybody Hates Chris. “I am doing this from the total opposite end of the continent... in Maine... I just keep on submitting stuff to all kids of listings. You just never know,” he said.
CBS’s Everybody Hates Chris will feature TAXI member Brad Mersereau’s Christmas Carol in a December 10 episode. “I believe my Christmas Carol's message is universal and timely: ‘Why can’t there be a Christmas Carol sung in the spring and summer too? Look in the mirror to discover the love that lives in you,’” he said.
TAXI member Joe Curtis had two of his songs, “Sing His Praises” and “Caught in a Rainstorm,” placed on the Friday Night Lights DVDs. Joe received this deal after connecting with a prominent West Coast-based music publisher through TAXI.
TAXI member Kent Marcum received a 20-song deal with a large production company. “I was happy about [the deal] and knew that this placement was another vehicle to get my music into other places. I was actually more excited when a fellow musician called me and told me that she had heard one of my songs on a popular television show,” he said. “Without TAXI I would not be able to say that my music has been heard on one of the most highly rated shows on network television.”
Dreamtime Lullabies will feature TAXI member Colin S. O’Dwyer’s song “Your Dreams Wait for You” as its title track. The CD is being released internationally The American Institute for Arts and Communities. “After having dozens of forwards, I was thrilled when my song was selected for the project. It was my first deal through TAXI. Soon after I signed 17 Pop/Rock songs to two separate music libraries through TAXI as well,” he said.
TAXI member Al Jewer and his co-writer Andy landed a deal for their song “Walk to the Water” with an Executive Producer of a children’s TV show. The song will accompany underwater shots of sea turtles. The song will also be featured on the DVD project. “TAXI has helped us by both allowing us to get music to new clients as well as providing an outlet for more meditative and healing music. This genre is again gaining in popularity, and TAXI provides an excellent opportunity for us to find producers looking for it,” he said.
TAXI member Bryan Bryant’s song “Come Back” was used in an episode All My Children. “TAXI has offered me an outlet to some great resources! I’ve not only received national airplay on ABC, but it has help give credibility to my music and encouragement to pursue further musical endeavors,” he said.
Marla Lewis, a full-time elementary school teacher and TAXI member, received a placement with a Los Angeles-based publishing company for her song “Jackson Avenue.” “TAXI is a great gateway for folks like us who don’t ‘know anybody.’ It broadens the playing field of opportunities so that anyone with talent and perseverance has an honest shot at actually getting somewhere,” she said.
The Friday Night Lights boxed set features “Can’t Call This House a Home” by TAXI member Brian Emmert and his band, Saints and Sinners. He then received a five-year publishing deal with an independent label/publisher. “We did not really know what kind of results to expect from TAXI, but we signed up and hoped for the best. When we found out that one of our songs was going to be included on the Friday Night Lights Box set, we were thrilled,” he said.
TAXI member Stephen Snider signed a 13-song publishing deal with a West Coast library. Two of his songs, “One More Situation” and “That’s All I Know,” were placed in the Northern Exposure 6th season DVD collection. His song, “Another Trainwreck,” was used in an episode of NBC’s Friday Night Lights. “We never would have gotten these songs to the proper people without TAXI,” he said.
Mary Thompstone, a TAXI member from Ireland, signed a deal with a Nashville-based publisher for film and TV opportunities. “I find TAXI easy to use and with the time difference, I can work peacefully at night with no interruptions on the site,” she said.
In the past year, TAXI member Joe Curtis has signed 20 songs to four different music publishers.
“If You Ain’t Got the Money,” a song by TAXI member Marty Attridge, aired during an April 15 episode of CBS’s drama Without a Trace. “It was very exciting to hear one of our songs on a major TV series. It was our first placement. Being a songwriter/musician for many years it is very gratifying to gain some recognition,” he said.
MTV licensed six of TAXI member Margaret McClure’s songs for two of its shows Taquita & Kaui and Making the Band. The songs are: “Make U,” “I'm In Love With Your Boyfriend,” “Hey Angel,” “The Edge,” “If it Was You,” and “Outside.” “I was happy about [the deal] and will continue to have a good working relationship with MTV,” she said.
TAXI member Ben Connelly signed a 10-song deal with a music publisher for placement in film and TV projects. “ ... I see this deal as potentially bringing up my income from songwriting a bit. And, of course more people will hopefully hear my music,” Ben said.
TAXI member Denny Earnest had six of his Hawaiian and Reggae tunes placed in National Lampoon’s Bag Boy, due out later this year. “I'll be excited sitting there listening, and watching the credits. One of my goals was to sit in a theatre and watch my name in the credits,” he said.
TAXI member Brad Mersereau had two songs, “Song for Sanya” and “Feeling Lucky” placed in the Chris Rock film I Think I Love My Wife. ABC’s Ugly Betty also featured one of Brad’s songs, “Departure,” in a recent episode. “Tune placement in movies and/or television has been a lifelong dream... it was a... total thrill not only to hear my music, but also to receive two composition credits and two performance credits on the big screen,” he said.
Warner Bros.’s Spring Breakdown will feature one of TAXI member Todd Sloan’s songs, “(She’s) Kickin’ my Ass.” “I will say getting that first placement, especially in a film, was a nice boost to keep at it—it made me feel that the time and money I was spending on recording and marketing the music was worth it,” he said.
TAXI members Chuck Henry and Vince Constantino recently had their tracks included on a smooth Jazz compilation CD released by Sony/BMG. The CD has gone triple platinum in Poland. Chuck’s song on the CD is called “Mosaic” and Vince’s is called “Deep Dark Blue.” Regarding the deal, Vince said: “I was obviously really happy to hear my song was chosen, as I know there are tons of talented people making music out there who submit to TAXI. What blew me away, though, was reading the list of other artists on the disc: Aretha Franklin, Billie Holiday, Natalie Cole, Frank Sinatra, George Bensen, Tony Bennett, Basia, Louis Armstrong, Gladys Knight, Miles Davis. Needless to say, I was humbled to see my name next to theirs and to know my song would be heard out of the same CD players around the world as their timeless music will be.” Chuck also credited TAXI for his recent success: “I don't think I'd be where I am today without TAXI. It has been so valuable to me in many ways. Aside from getting a record deal and lots of publishing deals from TAXI, it has helped me even more so in other, more indirect ways.”
TAXI member Ron Ermini had two of his songs, "When You've Had Enough" and "I'm Crazy 'Bout You," placed in a recent episode of the hit Fox TV series "House."
Colorado-based TAXI member Jody Adams had three songs placed in "Access Hollywood." The songs were "New Morning," "Solitaire," and "Ella's Walk." His song "Blue Dancer" was also featured in CW's "Gilmore Girls." "As my composing tastes have developed and changed over the years, TAXI's diverse and 'ever-changing' smorgasbord of list-requests allows me to find a place to submit the material," Jody said.
TAXI member Ross Seligman signed with a Los Angeles-based music publisher. Ross and his band Echo Helstrom are based in Portland. "I really felt like I had broken through the gatekeepers to something potentially wonderful that I would never have had access to without TAXI. I love Portland Oregon and want to stay here, but many of the people I need to hear Echo Helstrom are in LA. Thanks to TAXI, I can live in Portland and still reach these people," he said.
TAXI member Susan Nikas had two of her songs “Pay Your Money” and “Yellow Van” in ABC Family’s Wildfire. The songs aired during the January 15, 2007 episode of the show. “I have been a TAXI member since about 2000 and credit TAXI with all my improvements as far as song-writing is concerned,” she said.
The feature film Weiners starring Jenny McCarthy will feature TAXI member Kent Forward’s song “Wanted Man.” “I was thrilled to hear the news. This placement was procured by the same publisher that placed a song of mine in the film The Last Ride starring Dennis Hopper, so that one TAXI submission and subsequent relationship with this publisher continues to pay off,” he said.
TAXI member Glenn Shambroom signed an eight-song deal with a Los Angeles-based music publisher for film and TV projects. “I care a great deal about what I do (writing, recording, performing), but I don’t have much appetite, or time, for ‘beating the bushes,’ looking around for opportunities to get my music into the hands of the people who can really do something with it. TAXI gives me an easy way to connect with people who can make use of what I have to offer,” he said.
TAXI member Raymond Barker had a Hip-Hop track in the DVD version of the NBC hit show Friday Night Lights. The song is called “Mr government.” Raymond has also had several songs in NBC’s The Black Donnellys. “TAXI has made me change my whole perspective on what I want to do in the music industry,” he said.
Jogo Gomez signed a publishing deal with a West Coast company for his song “Why Is It,” a 1940s-style Jazz standard. When the TAXI member found out about the deal, he was “that much more fueled and inspired to keep on writing, submitting, advancing [himself], and getting that much better at doing the one thing [he loves] the most in life, and that is writing songs!”
Blair Bielawski’s song “What A Day” was placed in the NBC show Las Vegas via an Arizona-based music library. The member’s song was played on the show during a December 2006 episode. Since then, two more of his songs were placed in the show. “No one connected with any network TV show would have found out about my music without the help of TAXI... The door TAXI opened for me made all the difference,” Blair said.
TAXI member Bruce Hilton’s song “Can't Get Over You” was licensed for the CW TV series Veronica Mars. The song was featured during the November 28, 2006, episode of the show. Bruce was thrilled when he found out about the deal: “This was my first deal, and it cemented my confidence that I was on the right track with TAXI, and that I could repeat this success.”
TAXI member Wayne Ammons signed a deal with a production library for his song “These Colors Don’t Run.” “TAXI has been a valuable resource. It’s helped me to sharpen my writing and recording skills as well as to understand the perspective of a professional songwriter,” Wayne said.
Through TAXI, member Matt Hirt has had several songs placed on TV shows, including Access Hollywood, Standoff, The View, and Girlfriends. One of his songs will also appear in the new Chris Rock Movie I Think I Love My Wife, which is set to open in about a month.
TAXI member Frank Longo landed a five-song deal with a major LA-based music publisher. “Many thanks to TAXI and all of the professional reviewers who were very helpful with their critiques,” he said.
“A Moment Away” by TAXI Member Freddy Litwiniuk played in ABC’s Men in Trees. “I had only a brief description of how the song would be used, so I didn’t know exactly what to expect. When it came on, I was really excited, and felt a sense of accomplishment because I know how hard it is to get to each higher step in music; think of all the musicians competing for that placement. I felt like my hard work had been rewarded. It was a fantastic feeling, and I hope to feel it again soon,” Freddie said.
In the two years that Steve Parrish has been a TAXI member, he’s signed four songs with a production music library, had a song placed in The N network’s South of Nowhere and Dane Cook’s Tourgasm on HBO. He’s also had one song placed in the Indy film Window Theory. “The pitching process through TAXI not only helped focus my writing, it helped me become more adept at knowing what to pitch for what listings. For the modest cost involved, TAXI has been a bargain!”
TAXI Member Andy McCutcheon had his song “Devil's Favorite Angel” featured during the trailer, a scene, and closing credits for Shakespeare’s Richard III. “The film is slated for release this March, but the trailer, which features our song, is currently online, and seeing it for the first time was a real rush! I can’t wait for the opening this March, because the song is also being used in a crucial scene and the closing credits,” he said.
TAXI member Robert Cooper had his song “Free” featured in an episode of ABC’s Men in Trees. “I spoke with the song’s co-writer, Dave Wilson, beforehand and we were both really hoping for a 5- or 10-second clip of the song—we would have been fine with that. You can imagine my surprise when the song came on and aired for an entire scene—a full 60 second clip... it was pretty sweet.”
TAXI member Joe Aukofer signed a three-song deal with a production music library. The songs were “Same Old,” “Brother,” and “Take a Look.” “I originally joined TAXI solely for the bi-monthly listing service. I was looking for ways to get my music out there and heard. The opportunities available through this service alone have been immeasurable,” he said.
TAXI member Michele Jusko had her song “Walk Away” placed in a TV commercial for St. Louis Hospital. “I think many of the companies that use TAXI have a long term relationship with them and therefore trust their judgment on the music they forward. It's much more likely that your music will get listened to via a TAXI forward then if you blindly submit to music industry people without any referral,” she said.
Through several TAXI listings, member Steve Dafoe signed several of his songs to various music publishers: “Back as an Eagle,” “America’s Eagle,” “Last Great Cowboy,” “Storm of Days,” and “If I Asked.”
TAXI member Jim Pearce had his song, “It’s You Again” placed in the Canadian show Robson Arms. The half-hour dramatic comedy series follows the lives of a group of tenants in Vancouver’s West End. “TAXI has been very good for motivation. It’s great to have somewhere to send the music once you have it recorded,” he said.
TAXI member Dave Walton’s song, “Chalice,” was placed into a 30-minute “Feed the Children” program called Mary O Mary, which aired on ABC Family, WGN, Court TV, Inspiration Network, and BET. The program aired about 20 times per month for a two-month period over the summer. “It took a year and seven months from the TAXI forward to the actual placement into the show. This is definitely a business for patient people with long-term goals,” he said.
After submitting her song “Leavin’” to a TAXI film/TV listing, member Sarah Lewis signed a non-exclusive deal with a music library/publisher. The publisher licensed “Leavin’” as well as three other songs from her band’s new album. “Getting my music into film and TV has been a priority for me these past couple of years. I’ve seen how quickly it broadens our fanbase, so having a company like that pitching my songs is awesome,” she said.
Member Randy Rucker had his song “A Table for One” placed on A&E Biography: Travis Tritt. “I was happy to get a cut, but what stunned me was that I had written the song with Travis’s voice and style in mind and then to find out it will be on his biography program was just too much,” Randy said.
Through numerous publishing deals, TAXI member Don Julin has had placements in a PBS special, The Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List (Bravo), four different episodes of Canada’s Sucré Salé, Beyond the Glory (Fox Sports), and MTV’s Real World/Road Rules Challenge.
TAXI member Leanette Lopez signed a two-song deal with a TV music publisher. “TAXI has helped me effectively change musical direction... TAXI inspired me to release a whole new Latin CD since that’s what has received the best reviews. I’m already getting great feedback from fans,” she said.
Through a TAXI listing, Australian member Ruth Roshan signed a single-song deal with an LA-based music library. “This is the second publishing deal I signed via TAXI, and as an Australian who writes world music it would have been virtually impossible to find publishers looking for my type of music without TAXI,” she said.
TAXI member Shane Cooley had his song “Don’t Want to Be in the City” placed in the IFC TV show The Minor Accomplishments of Jackie Woodman. “I come from a small town in the middle of nowhere. Although I have broken through many walls to get my music heard by the outside, this was my first time to have a song placed on TV. I couldn’t believe it! I knew it was the beginning of bigger and better things, and that with a song on TV there would be more open doors,” he said.
TAXI member Robert Porembski had his song “Feelin’ More Like Christmas” placed on CBS, BRAVO, and TRIO, and it is also used extensively in USA Network’s “12 Days of Christmas” campaign. “Because of TAXI, my Christmas song is a seasonal TV hit,” he said.
Through TAXI, member Pat Flanakin had his song, “Hwo Dey Dey” placed in the film Van Vorst Park. The critically acclaimed Indie film stars Frank Vincent of The Sopranos. “It was very gratifying after working with so many of my tapes over the years that one of them actually went farther than the shelf above my studio! I just got a copy of the film and it was very exciting to hear my song in a few of the scenes,” he said.
Member Mike Westbrock scored a publishing deal with a music library for his instrumental metal song, “Empty and Alone.” About the deal, he said, “I SERIOUSLY doubt that I would ever have gotten this song placed any other way than through TAXI. How many people want instrumental metal songs? Thanks for a great service!”
TAXI member Barry Schleifer had one of his songs featured in two popular TV shows. “Returns & Exchanges,” appeared in UPN’s America’s Next Top Model as well as in WB’s Smallville. Also, ampm convenience stores selected Barry’s song “Hammond Cheese” for their national TV ad campaign.
Through TAXI, member William Livesay licensed his song, “Somewhere,” to the film “El Mascarado Massacre” (the working title was “Wrestle Maniac”). When Livesay found out about the deal, his reaction was, “All right! It’s about time.” This is his third deal through TAXI, and he says TAXI critiques have helped validate him as a writer.
Member Peter Rowley signed three songs to a production music library through TAXI: “EKG,” “Reveal,” and “Long Distance.” About the deal, he says, “For me this means that I am on the right track as an instrumental composer.”
TAXI member Phil Bender-Stone’s song, “Café Garda,” appeared in UPN’s America’s Next Top Model. The popular show follows a group of models as they try to make it in the high-stress career.
Through his deal with a music publisher, Scott Kovarik has had placements in Everwood, One Life to Live, and The Young and the Restless. He also had a song in the film Barely Legal.
Ulf Pettersson signed a one-song deal with a publisher for his tune “Far Side”.
Gabriel Wright licensed his song, “You’re Not Superman” to the Indie film, The Third Nail. The song was used in the end title cue of the movie.
Freddie Mobley signed his song, “All I Want for Christmas” to a production music library.
Michael Wheeler signed four songs, including his German accordion waltz “Alpine Sweethart,” to an online music licensing company.
TAXI member Samantha Foster signed a two-song deal with a music publisher. The songs were “Same Ol Weather” and “Big Blue Light,” which she co-wrote with TAXI member Kenny Marshall.
Margaret Bernstein, TAXI member, signed a six-song deal with a west coast-based music library for her songs: “Lives Alone,” “Theme for you,” “Sensitive Support,” “Path to your Heart,” “Meaningful Conversations,” and “Making Choices.”
TAXI member Mark Davies has signed deals with four different music library/publishers.
Michael Logozar’s song “Ambient Night” was placed in the critically-acclaimed Indie film Van Vorst Park, starring Frank Vincent (The Sopranos, Casino, Jungle Fever).
Denzil Remedios signed a two-song publishing deal. His song “Gold Mine” was also placed in the Indie film Van Vorst Park.
Tommy Roberson had 11 of his songs played in three different episodes of the Discovery Channel’s critically-acclaimed show Urban Explorers.
New York, NY TAXI member Suzan Stroud’s song “I Don’t Feel Like Kissing,” from her CD Reveal the Tapestry, was picked up by a music library for placement into television shows and films.
TAXI member Phil Bender-Stone of Arvaca, Colorado, had his song “Bellissimo” featured on the ABC Family network’s television drama Wildfire.
TAXI member Ron Ermini’s Jazz instrumentals “Who Stole My Sugar” and “When You’ve Had Enough” were featured in the CBS series Threshold, starring Carla Gugino (Sin City, Spy Kids, Karen Cisco) and Brian van Holt (House of Wax, Black Hawk Down, Windtalkers).
Nashville band The Mary Dream had their song “How You Love Me” prominently featured on ABC’s All My Children on the New Year’s Eve episode.
TAXI member Cornelius Taylor signed four songs with a Los Angeles-based music library: “The Whole While,” “Shock The World,” “The Magician,” and “I Know.”
Chicago TAXI member Steve Multer (along with his wife Karen and group TONIC Vintage Vocals) signed a batch of their Jazz songs with two different music publishers.
TAXI member Neal Busby and co-writer/wife, Huguette, signed deals with two music libraries. From one of these deals, their song, “Out On the Town,” was featured in an episode of South of Nowhere.
Richard Hamersma’s song “Skin Hungry For Your Love” was picked up by a TV music publisher.
A music publisher picked up Nathan Aronow’s 11 song-CD, Hearing Things, for placement on the Weather Channel.
Lee Kweller signed his song, “Rocker Daniel,” a light-hearted, fun, bluegrass tune, to a Los Angeles-based music library.
TAXI member Joel Evans licensed his song, “Until it Happens to You,” in Mini’s First Time, a new movie starring Alec Baldwin and Luke Wilson.
TAXI member Ed Hartman also licensed his track, “Beethoven’s Ninth Samba,” in the independent film Mini’s First Time, starring Jeff Goldblum and Carrie-Anne Moss.
TAXI member Catherine Marie Charlton’s song “Ireland” was placed in the Indie film Van Vorst Park.
Rae Welch’s song “Someone’s Waiting” was included on Frog & Scorpion Records compilation CD One Nation Under God Vol. II.
Two TAXI members signed deals with TayMusic, an Internet record company. Jeff Bihlman initially signed a three-song deal with TayMusic, but the company ended up signing his entire catalogue—three full CDs and a Christmas single. Barbara Martin, a blues artist, was also signed to TayMusic.
Jody Adams’ song “Every Good Reason” was placed on NBC’s long-time hit magazine show Access Hollywood.
John-Alex Mason signed a record deal with Internet record company TayMusic for his two CD’s Time Will Come and Live Fire.
Two TAXI members had their songs featured in the FX show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Barry Schleifer’s song “Returns & Exchanges” and Dan Bowman’s “Jealous of Jesus” both appeared in episodes of the show.
Robert Wuagneux signed his Delta blues song, “One Thing’s for Certain,” to a music library/publisher.
Sally Anthony, of Noblesville, IN had her song “Vent” licensed for the movie Van Vorst Park, starring Frank Vincent (Goodfellas, Sopranos).
Frank Palmieri’s song “Never Again” was used in the Indie flick Vegas Baby, featuring Kal Penn (Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, Son of the Mask, Van Wilder), Jonathan Bennett (Mean Girls, Cheaper by the Dozen 2), and Donald Faison (Uptown Girls, Josie and the Pussycats, Remember the Titans).
David Rebb Firman from Goshen, CA signed a three-song publishing deal for his uptempo Country numbers “I’ve Come to Play,” “Love Sick Bound,” and “Heart of the Night.”
Two of TAXI member Dan Caravetta’s songs, “Southern Dilemma” and “Cold Sweat,” were featured in the PBS documentary, “Beyond the Medal of Honor.” He also had two songs placed on the Outdoor Life Network.
London-based TAXI member Michael Dodds, who records as Rolanoid, has had his dance track “Dreamcatcher” placed with a prominent Los Angeles music library.
TAXI member Art Corey, along with his wife and co-writer, had their song “Little Patch of Green” used on Frog & Scorpion’s One Nation Under God, Vol. 2 album. (Their song, “On an Ordinary Tuesday,” appeared on the Vol. 1 of the One Nation Under God album.)
The Discovery Channel’s Urban Explorers: Denver featured the song “Wave Rider” by TAXI member John Baker from Palmer, Alaska .
Krisanthi Pappas’s song “One Slow Dance A Day” first aired on Passions in Canada in July 2002. The song then appeared on One Life to Live in the U.S. in September 2004 and March 2005, then again on Passions in Australia in November 2004.
Rob Dehlinger had his avant-garde arrangement of Tchaikovsky’s “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” picked up by a Los Angeles-based publisher.
Chad LaMarsh’s song “In Between the Lines” was licensed to Van Kampen Investments for a corporate video the company produced for Morgan Stanley.
Kent Forward’s two songs, “Goin’ Nowhere” and “What It Feels Like,” appeared in the premiere of CMT’s show Home Blitz.
Mike Schmid signed a licensing deal with a west coast music publisher for more than 15 of his songs. Three of his songs were placed in episodes on the Felicity Season Four DVD. The publisher also got Mike's music in more than 900 Regal Cinemas.
Frank Palmieri’s song “Never Again” appeared in an episode of Monk, the USA Network’s seminal character show. In the episode, a character throws a radio playing “Never Again” into a bathtub and electrocutes her husband. “It’s a placement the audience wouldn’t forget,” Palmieri said.
TAXI forwarded Richard Bassett’s “Royal Palms” to a music production library that does film and TV placement. He was then contacted by the company, and, along with his co-writer, ended up signing five Hawaiian instrumentals.
Two TAXI members have had their songs recorded by American Juniors finalist Katelyn Tarver for her upcoming album. Five of Gabriel Dorman’s songs will be on the album, including “Closer to My Heart” and “Brand New Day.” Scott Krippayne’s “Wonderful Crazy” was also recorded by Katelyn.
John Wilhelm recently landed a deal with Frog & Scorpion Records. His song “Freedom” will be on an upcoming patriotic compilation called One Nation Under God, Vol. 2, Never Forget.
Denny Earnest’s “American Banjo” appeared in an episode of FOX’s The Simple Life 2. In the song, he played the five-string banjo with a flat pick like a guitar. Photo by Libby Caldwell.
Jody Adams, via a publishing deal with a prominent music library, had his song “Dancing Eyes” featured in an episode of the WB’s One Tree Hill.
Columbus, Ohio’s Earwig recently had their song “Best Kept Secret” used in the film [ah-MIG-dah-la] (Omen Productions). The documentary about extreme skiing was released in short-run theaters across the world, and is now available on DVD.
Nashville band Harsh Krieger’s song “Gunsmoke” was in an episode of M80, a freestyle motocross show that airs on Fuel TV, a Fox Sports affiliate.
Ken Anderson has had two songs placed on All My Children. “Grateful” played in two episodes of the show, and “More Than A Minute” played in one. An east coast music library licensed those two songs, along with three other R&B tracks, written by Ken.
Hoggard Films selected three of Christian Balcom’s instrumental songs to appear on the Discovery Channel’s “Urban Explorers.” “City Blue Eyes,” “N.J.,” and “Look Out!” appeared in the episode of the show called “Forbidden Zone: Milwaukee.”
Chris Yurchuck: (1) got his songs “Twilight” and “Alexander” used as replacements in the 4th season DVD of Felicity; (2) signed a 7-song deal with a music publisher to pitch his material for various film and TV projects; and (3) had his song “Hourglass” licensed for placement in Regal Cinema theatres for pre-show screenings.
Through a TAXI listing run by an LA-based music publisher, Alex Rapaport had his version of the public domain song “Je Veux Vivre” picked up by the independent film “Fronterz,” starring Henry Winkler, Ted Danson and Blair Underwood. The movie was released on Fox Searchlight.
The Fox Family Channel, Trinity Broadcasting and the Inspirational Network all broadcast a show called Life in the World, featuring a song by Dan Caravetta from Easton, Pennsylvania.
TAXI member Denny Earnest of Livingston, Montana had his song “Aloha From Hawaii” showcased on the FOX TV network’s hot night-time series “North Shore,” based in a hotel in Hawaii. In addition, the publisher that placed the song also asked him to create an entire Hawaiian CD.
Belton, Missouri’s Jeff Scheetz signed signed five different songs with three different music libraries.
Justin Wilde of Christmas and Holiday Music, one of the leading holiday song music publishers, has added the following three TAXI members’ songs to his catalog: “Bloody Bones” by Harmon Huff, “Hollerin’ on Halloween” by Christian Codish, and “The New Halloween Monster” by Steve Shapiro.
Distance was no barrier to Uri Kabiri of Tel Aviv, Israel, who landed a deal for his song “Enter Into My World” with the company DANCE! 90210. They will include his composition into an instructional dance video they are producing.
TAXI member Jon Maddux from Encinitas, California just signed a six song film & TV placement deal with an independent publishing company.
When the WB Network released seasons three and four of their long-running hit Felicity, the DVDs included several songs by Shannon Penn — “If You Didn’t Try”, “Something Good” and “The Better Man.” Through a west coast music publisher, Shannon also scored exposure at major theater chain Regal Cinemas, which featured Penn’s song “So This Is Hollywood” in the music section (before the previews). Not bad, considering the Regal Entertainment Group is the largest motion picture exhibitor in the world, including more than 6,000 theaters!
For use in their corporate videos, corporate design giant Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc. has licensed two songs, “Equator” and “Barber’s Scissors,” by Daniel Eyde of Redwood City, California.
Jimm McIver’s song “Sunny Day” was placed in the Oxygen Network’s groundbreaking show “Good Girls Don’t . . . ” through a major film & TV production company. The program features hot newcomers Bree Turner (The Wedding Planner, Sorority Boyd, Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo) and Kevin Christy (Dude, Where’s My Car?, CSI, Malcolm in the Middle).
Jesper Meljvang from Denmark composed a song that will be added to a CD called Elements, which is being released on Warner Bros. in Germany — and potentially worldwide.
MTV’s hit reality series Road Rules featured a cut by TAXI member Steve Krentzman. The placement came via a TAXI listing run by an east coast music publisher.
TAXI member Edwin Stone, of Rochester Hills, Michigan, scored a three song deal with The Weather Channel. Edwin received $1500.00 each for each of the songs. The network used them for a month.
Ipswitch, Massachussets TAXI Member Eric Colville netted $1,600 for the use of his song on ABC’s long-running daytime drama All My Children.
One Life to Live, the landmark ABC soap opera featured two songs by Scottsdale, Arizona TAXI member Rich Banks.
NBC’s long-time hit series Law and Order recently picked up a song by TAXI Member Joe Quaranto, via a New York-based production music library.
TAXI member Ryan Hovind landed a publishing deal with a high-level film and TV music placement company with consistent placements on major networks.
Road Rules, MTV’s seminal reality show, used a song by TAXI Member Denny Earnest in an eposide to air this August.
Scott Shpak and Ken Faragalli, from St. Catherines in Ontaria, Canada, had their song “What Matters to Elizabeth” featured in Showtime’s groundbreaking series “Queer as Folk.”
And from the other side of the world, Micheal Wheeler of Victoria, Australia had 9 songs signed to an LA-based music publisher with tons of film and TV placements.
“That’s Why You Love Me,” a song by Louisville, Kentucky’s Dan Bowman, was used in the television show “Angel” on the WB Network.
Dawn De Mone, a TAXI Member from Los Angeles, California recently had her song “Bikini” placed in the upcoming reality film “Malibu Spring Break.” Dawn also had a song used on the GKA show on the Fuel Network, the 24/7 action sports culture TV station.
TAXI Members Barry Schleifer and Kent Forward have both placements in the USA Network’s show The Last Ride, starring Dennis Hopper, Will Patton (Mothman Prophecies, Remember the Titans, Gone in Sixty Seconds), Fred Ward (10.5, Sweet Home Alabama, Tremors), Nadine Velazquez and others.
Austin, TX-based member Elizabeth Rice tells us: “I’m tardy in writing to let you know that because of YOU I signed a song to a music library at the end of 2003! You forwarded it eons before (over a year?) and they called in the Fall to sign it. :) “Thanks so much for all you do for us out here in writers-land! See y’all at the Road Rally in November!”
Denny Earnest from Livingston, MT writes: “Just signed off 10 tunes to a New York-based publisher from a listing more than 4 months ago, and 12 tunes from a Dispatch listing two weeks ago to another publisher. Thanks, folks!”
Mike Farley of Nashville, Tennessee called to let us know that he recently had two more songs placed on ABC’s long-running daytime drama stalwart All My Children. Congrats, Mike! Also see an article by Mike here.
Jazz Composer/Musician Bill Gordon of Miami, Florida, a loyal TAXI member for eleven years, completed an entire album of compositions for one of the biggest music production libraries in the world.

Bill also gave us an update on some of the TV shows on which he has had his songs placed through music libraries. They include: The District (CBS), Buffy the Vampire Slayer (UPN), Angel (WB), Boston Public (FOX), Sabrina the Teenage Witch (ABC), Felicity (WB), Passions (NBC) . . . whew!

It’s safe to say that the talented and very hardworking Mr. Gordon will be seeing royalty checks from his music for many lucrative years to come.

The next sequel in the popular Cruel Intentions films — Cruel Intentions 3, starring Tom Everett Scott (ER, Van Wilder, That Thing You Do) — has licensed four songs by TAXI members from geographical points far afield. Nathan Anderson of St. Paul, Minnesota wrote “Sweet Misery,” Knoxville, Tennessee’s Sarah Lewis penned “Space,” Freddy Litwiniuk of Calgary, Alberta, Canada provided “Thinking It Over,” and Paul Hollman from West Hollywood, California authored “Final Dance.”
TAXI member Jean Na of Glendale, California had a song placed in the trailer for the film “Beautyshop”—the female take on the hit “Barbershop” films. Jean has also had several placements on America’s Next Top Model.
Steven Frank of Chicago, Illinois is also getting ‘tons of tunes’ in “America’s Next Top Model.” Hey Steven, do you also get to visit the set?
Jeffry Wynne Prince of Sacramento, California band The Kimberly Trip writes to say, “ABC Family Channel included our song ‘Just What I Wanted’ on an episode of ‘Knock First’ (a decorating show... very ironic since my day-gig is as an interior decorator). Just thought you’d like to know.”
Dave Osoff from Boston, Massachusetts writes:“Just wanted to let you all know I just got my first TAXI TV placement. My electronica track ‘QX5’ is being used in GKA—the women’s action sports show on the cable network, Fuel TV. Just got the call today.

And another good thing happened recently as a direct result of the Road Rally. Someone who runs a center for the arts in Toronto, Ontario picked up my album ’Mosaic’ at the Rally and passed it on to the contemporary/smooth jazz station WAVE 94.7 in Toronto/Hamilton. I got the call this week that they will be adding 1 or 2 tracks to the rotation. A major market commercial jazz station; hopefully that’ll help give me the boost I need to get a slot in the Toronto Downtown Jazz Festival next summer. Thanks so much for your efforts on behalf of all of the independent artists out there!”

Elliott Park of Baird Texas, has inked a staff writer deal with Extreme Writers Group in Nashville. It’s tremendously rare to be able to have this level of success in Nashville without having to live there. But, hey, that’s what we created TAXI for!

Elliott (who’s more detailed account appears in the “Letters” section) currently has songs on hold for Faith Hill, Rascal Flatts, and Diamond Rio. Not bad for a guy who had never even been to Nashville a year ago! We’ll have more details of Elliott’s signing next month.

Mark Lightcap and Larry Lynum of Redmond, Washington have had songs placed on an NBC sitcom, and another on a Nickelodeon Movie Of The Week. “Thanks, TAXI. We made some money, thanks to you!”
“Dropping you a line to let you know of a recent TV placement of one of my songs,” says Steve Mesropian (aka Mez). “The song is called ‘Like Me.’ and was placed on ABC’s soap opera General Hospital.”
Tim Barton of Long Grove, IL informed us “I signed music to a music library in the U.K. and recently with a publisher in Los Angeles: four Boogie-Woogie piano solos.”

“I also loved the ’03 Road Rally and now have books by all the great authors that I have been meeting there over the years. They are very helpful and I continue to appreciate your help to me. Thanks!”

Since hooking up with a leading production music house through TAXI Dispatch, TAXI member Rob Grad from Venice, California has been busy doing vocals for clients such as Coors Light, Gillette, and others. Rob is also doing radio station ID’s and vocals for an album of Modern Rock tracks to be shopped to various Film, TV and Commercial projects. Rob’s band Superfine is also getting some attention, check out their web site at
This just in from busy TAXI member Matt Hirt from Sherman Oaks, CA: “I just got my BMI statement, and I’ve got more good news: I had a tune placed on “Law and Order Special Victims Unit” (NBC) and another one on Dateline NBC. Additionally, a religious broadcast called “Life In The Word” has been using three of my tunes for several months now on almost a daily basis, adding up to over $2000 on this BMI statement alone All of this due to TAXI deals! Not too shabby!”
Lee Eisenstein, from Kailua, Hawaii relates: “I just signed my first publishing deal from a TAXI forward!”
“Since joining Taxi four years ago my writing partner, Keith O’Neill, and I have had thirteen songs forwarded resulting in two deals,” recounts Darryl Jedlowski. “One, with an independent music publisher, resulted in a song placement in the daytime soap ‘Passions.’ We also had a deal which resulted in the placement of one of our songs in the motion picture ‘Maze’ (starring Rob Morrow and Laura Linney).”
TAXI member David Thompson recently had success on ABC’s All My Children. “They played all 4:35 of my song ‘Lookin’ For My Baby’ (off my first ‘RIDER’ CD) as the featured piece of one episode. They played 23 seconds of the song in one of their previous shows, then decided to use the whole song for this latest program.”
Members Tom Kujath and Glenn Brittain from Michigan signed a deal with a leading holiday music publisher for their Halloween song “Vampire Vic”.
TAXI member Skaie Zoe (pronounced Sky Zowee) from Redondo Beach, California, has had placements in the following: - MTV’ s “Punk’d” - MTV’ s “Real World” - MTV’s “Road Rules” - NBC’s reality series “Starting Over”- Feature film “American Crime”-wrote and performed four original songs for this feature film, directed by Danny Mintz, premiering at this year’s Toronto Film Festival starring Rachael Leigh Cook, from Josie & the Pussycats, Get Carter, She’s All That, Living Out Loud; Carrie Elwes, from The Cat’s Meow, Cradle Will Rock, Kiss the Girls, Liar Liar, Twister, The Princess Bride. Kip Pardue, Remember the Titans, Driven, The Rules of Attraction; and Annabella Sciorra, The Sopranos, What Dreams May Come, Cop Land, Romeo is Bleeding, Jungle Fever, Reversal of Fortune, Cadillac Man.
Dan Caravetta from Levittown, Pennsylvania received lots of action from a prominent music library this year. Dan tells us what’s going on, “They signed 14 of my songs last August-11 instrumental rock, 1 ambient (horror), 1 solo acoustic guitar, 1 solo piano. They signed 3 more songs in May of this year and then 5 more in June-mainly piano/guitar/bass instrumentals. So far, since February of this year, I’ve received about $1,500 in licensing royalties. I’m still waiting to see where the songs have been placed.”
Steven Frank of Chicago, Illinois has had about 50 placements in all three cycles of MTV’s “Tough Enough” and UPN’s “America’s Next Top Model,” as well as several songs in various episodes of UPN’s “Haunted.”
TAXI member Karlus Trapp from Staten Island, New York, had placements on UPN’s “Haunted”, and ABC’s legendary daytime drama, “General Hospital”.
Nine year TAXI member and regular Road Rally attendee Zupe (just Zupe) from Altoona, Pennsylvania writes, “Just letting you know that I placed two songs on the History Channel’s “Highway ” series. Because of TAXI Dispatch, I have built a good relationship with a major music publisher, who placed them for me. The show airs several times this month — check your local listings! See you in November!” Zupe
Kent Forward from Nashville, TN, wrote to say: “Just wanted to drop a line and let you know about deals I’ve gotten on my songs through Taxi (sorry if I’ve been a bit out of touch, I’ve been too busy writing songs and signing contracts from Taxi forwards! ;-) In fact, I recently received my first check in the mail from one of these placements, which are a direct result of my first year with TAXI!”

“I’ve also included one new one that just came in, serving to kick off my second year of membership. You guys are the best! It’s good to be ridin’ in the back of your li’l yellow cab that could!”

“Four different publishers picked up nine of my songs.”

Joe Dobrota, Sr. from Evergreen, Colorado, called to let us know he had a piece picked up by a New York-based music publisher.
“Wanted to let y’all know that I just received my first contract offer!” enthuses Abe Loomis. “A California-based music library wants to include my song, ‘Wildlife Conservation,’ in their catalog for placement in TV and motion picture soundtracks.”

“I’m so grateful to Taxi for believing in my song and opening this door for me. Not only has Taxi improved my songwriting, it’s gotten me my first deal! The fact that TAXI can connect a Massachusetts transplant writing Country songs in New Jersey with a publishing company in California, sight unseen, is pretty close to a miracle. One friend I told about it has already decided to join. You guys rock!”

Mike Farley of Cleveland Ohio (TAXI Member since 1998) writes: “Just wanted to let you guys know I got a placement in the TV show ‘All My Children’ who found me through TAXI. My song ‘When Lights Go Down’ will air twice during the show this Thursday, June 19th. Thanks again for all your help, the hard work finally appears to be paying off!”
An east coast-based music library has just released a full CD of New Age Atmospheres by TAXI Member Paul Avgerinos of Redding, Connecticut for film and TV placement.
TAXI member Dan Caravetta of Levittown, Pennsylvania shows us the adventure of getting a publishing deal.

“I have developed a nice relationship with this publisher that started through a forward of some of my rock instrumentals in April of 2002. Since that time, I have signed 17 songs and I am working on more for them. I have started to see some checks coming in (and have upgraded my recording equipment with the money). I’m still waiting to see where my tunes have been placed. That’s a great thing to look forward to.”

Bobby Messano, from New Jersey by way of Nashville, recently signed a deal with independent label Fishhead Records (which also releases product from Scott Ellison, Wallace Coleman, and Sylvain Sylvain -formerly of the New York Dolls) to release his outstanding Blues album.
Swiss native (now living in Sherman Oaks, California) Matt Hirt has made seven deals through TAXI that involve some 70 of his original songs. His earnings to date are close to $12,000. With songs in Spin City, (ABC), Judging Amy (CBS) and Passions (NBC).

Matt also learned a lot about how this business works: “TAXI helps me with everything. They give me new ideas about what to write and then give me feedback on the writing. They also help me connect with publishers and music libraries. They help me make money. But it’s more than that. For someone like myself who is not good at self-promotion, and not good at schmoozing, TAXI is the difference between having success and not having success.”

Chuck Henry has signed a three-year, three-CD deal with Etherean Records—one of the leading world beat labels. They are looking at a spring 2003 international release. The name of the group is World Radio.
Tim Swisher recently received a contract offer for a one-song publishing deal through an established music publishing company. It was a direct result from a TAXI forward that was made over a year ago. Tim comments: “I would like to thank TAXI for the insightful comments my submissions received and for proving to me that I could get my foot in the door with the right connections. Not that I doubted TAXI, but you definitely have cleared up any thoughts in my head about your ability to help a working musician catch a break in such a difficult industry: Music! Keep up the good work.”
Long-time TAXI Member, and recent “Passenger Profile” subject, Bill Gordon, just landed three more placements on network shows The District (CBS), Boston Public (Fox), and Sabrina the Teenage Witch (Warner Brothers).
A world-renowned music library is picking up another song of Joy Thomason’s (titled “I’ll Be Waiting at the Door”) for their ’40s/’50s project. “You TAXI, are an amazingly awesome gift to songwriters,” asserts Joy.
Thanks to TAXI, Artemis Robison just landed her very first licensing deal. Robison’s song “Fountain of Life” aired on the ABC show MDs on December 4 at 10 p.m. “It’s a really great episode to get placed on,” says Artemis, “since Macy Gray was on that episode, so the audience was bigger than usual. I’m a happy camper!” Artemis sends his “warm regards and blissed-out juju to everyone at TAXI.”
TAXI Member James Grant from Henderson Nevada had one of his songs placed on ABC’s show MDs in a featured two-minute usage.
Elliott Park of Baird Texas has more good news to report: RCA Records has just placed another of his songs “Sand In My Shoes” on hold for Country superstar Kenny Chesney. This goes along with two songs still on hold for Diamond Rio. We’ll keep you posted!
Members Simen Fjeld and Sindre Saebo from Norway have recently signed a publishing/license agreement with an established L.A. based company. Their song was forwarded more than six months before. Simen says “So folks, things might take some time!!!”
Fred Douglas Talbert of Van Nuys, California had two songs, “Before You Say Goodbye” and “Make a Little Love” signed to a Nashville-based music publisher for use in films and TV productions.
Paul Avgerinos of Redding, CT placed three tracks with a music library for their music CD project, and they want more from him in other genres as well.
T. Roberson of Chicago, IL landed a 17 song deal with a huge TV production company, for use on a little TV show MTV has called “Making The Band” with P. Diddy. They also may be used on the shows “Real World” “Road Rules” and/or on “Extreme/All Star Challenge”.
Mark Cook of Woodstock, GA just signed a contract for six of his Blues songs with a powerful music publisher/library.
Wayne Wesley Johnson of Oldwick, New Jersey placed a song on the WB Network’s “Roswell” as well as more music with the Discovery Channel’s “Outward Bound” series
Denny Earnest of Livingston, Montana has had two songs placed on NBC’s “Passions”.
Brad Chiet placed his song “Harley ’99” in the indie film “Local Boys” for a $2,000 license fee.
Pete Surdoval placed his song “Pulp Surf” in the indie film “Local Boys” for a $2,000 license fee.
Greg Shearer placed his song “Rock The House” in the indie film “Evil Alien Conquerors” for a $3,000 license fee.
Brain Binning of Seattle placed two songs with a powerhouse music library,.
And Brian’s roommate Jonathan Kingham had a song featured in an upcoming episode of the hit WB series, Felicity.
Suzanne Grzanna had her jazz song “Mystery Man” used in the film, “Sex and Bullets” starring Judd Nelson and Seymour Cassell.
Member Pam Quinlan’s band Fez Fatale had a song placed on the History Channel.
James Kernick and Phil Francis had songs placed on the Style Channel and on the E! Entertainment Network’s show “Rank”.
Bob Kroeger’s stock shot up, as he received a check from BMI for a piece that an established NYC production house picked up. It was played on a major TV network for promos and it was heard on Howard Stern’s radio program. He also completed a 22 track deal with another publishing company.
Member Corey Tanner from Chicago, IL got his song “Aint A Damn Thing Changed” placed in the upcoming film “Lost In The U.S.A.” from Indie Zone Pictures.
Charity Chapman also placed her song “Closer To Perfect” in the feature film “Slap Her, She’s French” scheduled for an early 2002 release.
Daniel James of Southbury, CT signed a deal with a leading music library to represent the audio-visual rights for two of his world music tracks.
Lizard McGee placed two songs with an LA film and TV publisher, was forwarded to Prestige Management and has developed an ongoing relationship with them. He has also recently been contacted by Disney-owned Hollywood Records.
Chuck Henry of Hollywood, CA completed production music CD for a UK-based music library. “I did 15 tracks for it, and it will be promoted and distributed to broadcast and production companies in England and Japan. Also, I have recently signed 8 songs over to another music library and have more deals pending.”
Tony Hall of Coral Springs, FL signed 20 spooky tracks to an international music publisher for an upcoming Horror CD. He has also been contacted by several US-based publishers.
8 members (that we know of ) have signed a number of songs with a big league publishing company: Instant Guru - Dino Haak (2 songs) Peter Elman - (8 songs) Peter Sivo - (20 songs) 53 Days - Tom Robinson (3 songs) Acoustic Food Chain - Steve Glotzer (3 songs,) Amelia’s Dream - (1 song) Congratulations to all!
A powerhouse music library has signed a twenty song publishing deal with with Destin, Florida artist PB&J—otherwise known as James Kernick and partner Phil Francis—after hearing their incredible Electronica music played at the Road Rally. The music library will now be placing their tracks in films and television productions around the world. Phil and James use nothing but “Sonic Foundry and a PC” to make their master quality recordings.
Miami member Pete Masitti had his song “When I See You Smile” played during the Publishers Panel at the Road Rally to a rousing reaction from audience and publisher panelists alike. One panelist couldn’t wait, and called Pete at home that same night!
Gabriel Dorman’s band Book Of Sun had their song “Situation” used in MTV’s production of “Making The Video” featuring Eminem.
Member Alice Leon from Monmouth Junction, N.J. had her song “Jane Is On The Phone” used in the independent festival film “Random Shooting in L.A.
Dave Gedosh got a song placed in the independent film “Second to Die”. The film stars a couple of academy award winners. He also signed a publishing deal with a prominent music library.
Boston-area band Entrain placed three songs (including a long feature usage) in the film “Cutaway” starring Stephen Baldwin and Tom Berenger on the USA network.
TAXI members James Kernick and Phil Francis’ band PB&J placed music in the Danish Dogme (a new avant garde film style) film “Reunion.”
Rob Khurana and Guy Maisonneuve of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada have been getting lots of placements as a result of their deals with a leading TV music publisher. Their music has appeared on such shows as The Queen Latifah Show, True Hollywood Stories on E! Entertainment Network, Showtime’s Beggars and Choosers, Fox TV’s Malcolm In The Middle; and many more shows in Japan and Canada.
Another Canadian member, Brian (Hoot) Gibson of New Westminster, B.C. writes: “Through TAXI, I have just signed a single song contract with a music supervision company in Palos Verdes, California. The song title is “Don’t Touch.” The first deal, with many more to come!! Thanks!”
Gary Partin of Covington, KY signed a one song deal with a UK publishing company. The song, “Drive,” co- written by Greg Thomas, is going on a Motosport compilation for British television.
Melinda Johnson, of Fixed-Wing Productions in North Hollywood, CA signed a license agreement with Ellipsis Arts Records for the use of one of her instrumental harp tracks for their upcoming compilation CD entitled Mediterranean Lullabies.
Erik Nilsen and Pat Phillips of Slipstream Music in St. Paul Minnesota signed five songs to an international publishing company.
Bill Gordon of Miami, FL got a deal with Surreal-to-Reel Film Music. And they want to hear more.
Adam Watts has a cut by multi-platinum UK artist Jerome Flynn on BMG Records through Rain Turtle Music; and has placed five compositions with Muzak via a west coast publisher.
Fran Lucci’s song “Sheree” was recently used on an episode of Dawson’s Creek.
Michael Souza of Templeton, California had his song “Out On The Road” used in the short film, Clown Car. Michael also signed his track “Speed Freak” to a British music library.
Faith Rivera of Long Beach, California, signed a deal with a west coast music library, and the same library has placed a song by Tom Robinson’s band 53 Days in the hit NBC series, ER.
Britt Phillips’ band Hand To Mouth had two songs used in the film Undercurrent starring Lorenzo Lamas.
Darwin Gross has placed his song “Soul Speaks” in the Miramax Film Take Down starring Tom Berenger.
San Diego’s Honeycreepers got their song “Cage” in MTV’s show Undressed.
The band Fisher signed their deal with Farm Club/Universal. Look for the album in stores and on the radio later this year! Full story here.
Stan Swiniarski got his first Muzak placement through TAXI via a west coast music publisher.
B.Z. Lewis continues to get many placements through TAXI. MTV is using nine more songs for “Making The Video” and “Undressed.” And Lewis just signed a song to use in the indie film ‘Bellyfruit.’ Electronic Arts is using another song in the video game ‘Triple Play 2001’ and B.Z. placed a song in NBC’s ‘Passions’.
TAXI Member Scott Duncan has signed songs to two different publishing companies, one in New York, and one in the UK.
James Kole got a last-minute placement of a Blues song in the Miramax film “Take Down”.
Derrick Procell placed his song “Santa Bring My Baby Home to Me” in episodes of “The Young and The Restless” and in NBC’s “Providence.”
Several members had material picked up by an east coast publisher. Congratulations go out to Christian Geith, John Wolanin, Bob Kroeger, Mike Newman, Victor Palagano, Zupe, Ed Dzubak, Mark Battaglia, and Monti Medley.
TAXI Member Julie Ann Bailey from St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin received a quarterly BMI check for over $4,000 from music placements she had on 2 NBC shows, a CBS sitcom, and the Jerry Springer Show.
TAXI recently placed the song “Any Way” by the band Fisher in the Miramax film “Take Down” starring Skeet Ulrich and Master P.
Skip Peck of Weirton, West Virginia, Tim Koss of Everett, Washington, Suzanna Grzanna of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and B.Z. Lewis’ band Sugar Danks from San Francisco, CA all have had music placed in the upcoming film “The Cure For Boredom” (renamed “Sex & Bullets”) through an independent music publishing company whose focus is film and TV placements.
Drayfus Grayson of Long Beach California tells us he has concluded two publishing deals.
Ed Dzubak of Redding, Connecticut did a deal with an east coast music publisher with tons of TV placements.
All of the following members (and their bands) have had music placed in the film “Deal Of A Lifetime” through an indie music supervision company: Hunter Payne; Matt Marka (Brittle); Diego Sandrin; Raymy Krumrei (Golden Ticket); Neil Schnell (Daddy’s Soul Donut); Tom Robinson (53 Days).
Barry Kingston concluded a deal with the same music supervision company for use of his tune in the end-title position of the film, “Deal of a Lifetime.”
Brooke Ramel placed their song, “Que Est Tu” in the movie “Wednesday’s Child”.
A successful music publisher picked up 10 cues from TAXI writer Rob Khurana to be used on a CD release.
Tim Tatum, Dan Lyon, Tom Hipps and Vinnie Zummo all concluded publishing deals with the same New York music library.
TAXI member L.John Ernst got the good news that 15 of his original songs were being picked up by an east coast publisher.
B.Z. Lewis had one of his tunes placed in the motion picture called “The Mating Habits of Humans” which will star David Hyde Pierce.
David Ernst has been busy as a beaver with no less than 10 tracks picked up by a high-profile music library, and the door still wide open for more potential wheelings and dealings.
James Causey is having a piece by his band, Illogical SRL had one of their tunes placed in the film “Let The Devil Wear Black” that is starring Jacqueline Bissett & Mary Louise Parker.
Noel Webb informs us that he’s inked a publishing deal with a Los Angeles based music publisher. Keep us posted, Noel.
Back to the Silver Screen again for Richard Tull’s original compositions (two of them) now in the motion picture “No Rest For The Wicked”.
An established music publisher in NYC has picked up multiple tunes from TAXI writers: Robert Burkhardt (9), Steven Afflick (3), Tim Tatum (6), and Tom Wassinger (7), L.John Ernst (15).
TAXI Members Sixpence None The Richer got their song “Kiss Me” used twice in the CBS soap opera “The Young And The Restless” and the song is also shooting up the radio airplay charts. Last week, it was chosen as the featured song on the TV spots for the major new film “She’s All That”. Listen for it!
Jennifer and Scott Smith got another usage of their song “Ordinary Girl” in “Young And The Restless”.
James Stajdel placed a song in the film, “The Others”.
John Grabowski wrote “Change of the Wind” which is now being used in the movie called “Edge of 17”.
Molly Scheer and a leading European indie label concluded a foreign licensing deal.
Paul McNamara finalized a six-song publishing agreement with a major music library.
Geoff Clarkson finalized a deal with a successful holiday music publisher while Jack O’ Neil (foreign licensing deal) did the same with an international indie label. Nice goin’, guys.
Larry Good worked out a two-song deal with an independent Nashville publisher. The same publisher also picked up two additional songs by writer Mike Porter.
Joe David Curtis placed his song, “My Love Will Still Be Around”, with a Texas based music publisher, who also picked up Murray Bowes’ song, “Heaven Only Knows”.
Writers Jennifer and Scott Smith, who are on a hot streak, recently placed three songs—“Fade Away”, “I Can’t Wait”, and “Never Come Back” in the TV series “Brooklyn South” on Fox TV.
Several TAXI writers have recently negotiated deals with an eminent music library. They are: Robert Burkhardt (nine songs), Robert Orr, Paul Ulanowicz, Tim Barton, Tim Tatum (six songs), Tommy Merry and Yontz Sucre.
MCA & Arista are looking at Mark Wood... A&M, Arista, Sire (Bud Scoppa), Ultimatum & M.E.G. Management seem to be circling the wagons around the Sugarplum Fairies... Four O’ Clock Balloon has attracted some interest from Arista, Interscope and a London music supervisor... Tacoma Films might be interested in doing a deal with the Rainravens.
Robert Porembski has struck a deal with a top music production library for his original composition, “Feelin’ More Like Christmas”. Robert also mentions that this “very same tune was “favorably reviewed” by Michael Laskow and included on the Playback Vol. 10 CD in the August 1116 issue of Recording Magazine.” Way ta go, Robert.
Richard Tull of Dallas, TX just landed two songs in the movie “No Rest For The Wicked”.
Joshua Lowe’s band Shinola had a song placed in the film “The Others”.
When the film, “Agent Utah”, opens in theaters, you’ll be able to hear Armand Della Volpe’s song in it.
Derrick Procell performs his own song “Bethlehem PA” on the “Trucker’s Christmas” CD out through MCA in conjunction with “Mr. Christmas”, Justin Wilde. See ya on the road Derrick.
Andrew G. Williams, Bill Reader, Ed Nicodemi, George & Jane Spica and Glen King have all struck deals with the same L.A. based music library.
Bert Toms and Bill Edwards both signed licensing deals with a prominent Italian indie label, and Dennis Winslow inked a deal with a Texas based music library.
Way ta go Britt Phillips for your song that will be appearing in a Lorenzo Lamas’ upcoming film.
A New York based music library picked up tunes by David Steen, Eric Hollis, Evette Kay, Frederick Carola, Fuzzbee Morse (a 10-song deal), Greg Kochan, John Andrews, and Leon Salem.
Dallas area Rock band Bobgoblin signed a Major Label deal with MCA Records. Their album, “Twelve-Point Master Plan” will be available in stores soon.
Los Angeles band Fisher landed a Major Label deal after TAXI CEO Michael Laskow gave a copy of the band’s CD to Interscope A&R man Tony Ferguson.
TAXI member Paul Wetty wrapped up a deal with an east coast publishing company.
Jay Pinto and a music publisher worked out a one-song publishing deal with a tune to be used in a film called “Do You Wanna Dance”. Nice goin’, Jay.
Ira Marlowe has just concluded an artist development deal with Dreamworks Records. If you know anything about the Biz, you understand just how hard those deals are to get. Congratulations, Ira.
John W. Andrews reports to us that he’s signed over 50 tracks to two prominent music libraries in the past two years.
Thanks to some talent and tenacity, TAXI member Carter Cathcart was able to place three of his instrumentals with an established music library, to be used in a movie trailer CD.
Jane Norman had some success recently as she scored with a children's music production company, and then had her tune, “No Other Time”, picked up by a leading music library. Way ta go, Jane.
These TAXI members have concluded recent deals with a successful music library: Pete Swanson, Ricci Accardi, Steven Afflick, Taryn Bailey, Kenneth J. Smith, Anton Barbeau, Denny Ernst, Ed Geoghegan and Jim Simons.
The same company also picked up a lot of songs from Brent Sheppard, Ed Geoghegan, Jason Bush, Jeff Keck, John Buchan, John McMillian, Jon Werking, Karen Baldassa, Kenneth Smith, Michael Haring and Yontz Sucre. Congratulations to all.
David Harris and Just Write Productions worked out an agreement whereby Harris got his song into the film called “Just Write”.
Brent Sheppard and Larry Lynum were able to get their material used in the television sitcom “Sisters” on NBC. Way to go, guys.
A great big tip of the TAXI hat to member Jamie Mika who reported that he was flown to New York to audition for the lead role in the smash Broadway musical, “Rent.” Win, lose or draw, that’s quite an honor, Jamie!
Julie Ann Bailey, a singer-songwriter from St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin, has reported that one of her tunes, “I’d Give Anything”, was used on the nationally syndicated Jerry Springer Show.
Another round of deals with an east coast music publisher include: Rick Trulson, Michael Oppenheimer, Yontz Sucre, Michael Haring, Mike Kroell, Tsony Tsonev and Pete Swanson.
Jerry Kelsick concluded a deal for publishing and TV use with a music library in Los Angeles.
Captive Heart worked out several foreign licensing deals with a European independent label.
Lee Kweller licensed some of his material to an international music publisher.
Matt Berlin / 23rd Hour and Megarock have worked out a record/distribution deal.