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By Michael Laskow and your fellow members

All TAXI members want to succeed in the music business at one level or another, or they wouldn’t have invested in their memberships. The members who joined us at this year’s Road Rally—our annual conference—took their memberships and chances of success to the next level.

I wish every TAXI member could have joined us, but I understand that finances, work schedules, and other commitments may have prevented them from taking advantage of our educational and networking bonanza.

The next Rally is November 7 – 10, 2024 in Los Angeles, so you’ve got 11 months to save up and make a plan to join us. Take 30 seconds and put it in your calendar now, so you don’t forget!

So, why should you start planning now for something that will happen in 11 months? I’m going to let your fellow members tell you why in their own words. FYI: We’re not just showing you the positive comments. You’re seeing all of them! These quotes are only slightly edited for some punctuation errors and typos. We wanted to keep these very close to their original form, so please excuse any other typos or punctuation mistakes we left in for context.

TAXI Road Rally 2023

I just attended my first Road Rally. It more than lived up to the acclaimed reputation. I’m a new TAXI member in the grand scheme of things, but I have studied much of what’s available via TAXI TV and other sources, with instrumental TV sync in mind, including books by your recommended authors and some other externally relevant sources. Needless to say, I am learning fast. The experience at my first Road Rally was rewarding beyond my wildest expectations. I am glad I made the long journey from Dubai, where I have lived for the last 11 years. The rewards; learning, memories, people I met, and motivation will carry me for a lifetime, as it is, but I endeavor to return next year and thereafter. It’s going to take me a long time of reflection to come down from this one. Please add a huge +1 to your fan base.
—Steven Rainbow

"This was my first Road Rally, and I was a bit skeptical, figuring most things have a hype built around them. To my very pleasant surprise, this was better than the hype led me to believe it would be. I will be back and do recommend this as a great conference, so much to learn, so many people to meet and strike up relationships."
—Bruce Scism

To be honest, the TAXI Road Rally did not live up to the hype. It surpassed it, tenfold! I made more contacts than expected and learned more than I anticipated. Yes, it's a fun weekend spent with truly exciting people, but beyond that, it simply is the best way to advance your music career. Less than two weeks after attending, I was offered a library deal from one of the mentors. If you're serious about music, you really can't afford to miss the TAXI Road Rally.”
—Gary Shaffer

"I was encouraged to go to the Rally by a long-time TAXI member. In his words, TAXI has changed his life. It was a huge decision and quite an investment to travel from New Zealand. I was blown away by the content provided and fellow musicians' openness and friendliness. But the big one for me was to meet in person some of the top Music Library Owners in the business, and their generosity and advice. If you’re serious about sync, I would definitely recommend the Rally.”
—Murray Wills

TAXI Road Rally 2023

"As a new member of TAXI and a first-time attendee of the Road Rally, I was incredibly impressed by the entire event. The sense of community was off the charts, and everyone was so willing to share their knowledge and experience with others. I learned a lot, made some new friends, and established great connections. I’m already looking forward to next year!"
—Tim Walker

“What a revelatory experience! A community of kind, supportive, enthusiastic, and expert musical people of all descriptions made this weekend an experience I can’t wait to repeat. Even with the 36 hours of travel! I learned so much and left inspired to write more and better.”
—Kirsty Stewart

"I don’t know how TAXI does it!! Every Rally just gets better and better… and being that this is my 16th Rally, I speak from experience. Every TAXI Rally I find new Friends, new Co-Writers, and most importantly new opportunities with Music Supervisors and Publishers. I so love seeing first-time members and their excitement at being there. I always tell them to be ready… by the time Sunday night arrives their heads will explode. The TAXI Road Rally is the shot in the arm both newbies and seasoned pros need. Next year’s Rally is already on my calendar!”
—Bob Mete

"I have attended 3 Road Rallies, and this one by far was the best. Classes were very informative, Mentors were outstanding, very helpful and informative. Looking forward to attending next year.”
—John Granat

TAXI Road Rally 2023

“The Road Rally has been a huge part of my journey with TAXI. This past week marked my second year attending, and I have to say that the support, advice, and kindness I received during my first Rally were massive motivators to come back for a second time.

Returning this year and reconnecting with familiar faces, both panelists and attendees, allowed me to dive in even more. I met many wonderful, supportive people who will now be collaborators and long-term friends. I know you must hear this a lot, but you really have created something special. As someone who knew nothing about sync prior to joining, TAXI is completely reshaping my life in a positive way.

Thank you again for all you do year-round, and especially for that wonderful community you foster at the Road Rally. Your team's hard work is absolutely noticed, and we are all so grateful. Wishing you all the best, and hoping to get to meet you in person next year!”
—Eliza Pope

"I traveled to the Road Rally all the way from Finland, and I can tell you, it was worth it. I have been to music business conventions before, but the vibe of the Road Rally was exceptionally warm, welcoming, and inspiring, and the quality simply astounding. I especially enjoyed the on-point management class of Chris 'Hot Rod' Long, the wonderful workshops of Nancy Moran, and the valuable marketing insights of Bobby Borg. A very resourceful weekend for all artists & writers!”
—Vilho Rajala

“The 2023 Road Rally was my second in-person TAXI conference since I joined in 2020. Having experienced these events both virtually and live I can emphatically say that attending in person is by far the best way to get the most out of your membership. TAXI often says that deals are made during the weekend of the Road Rally, but I always thought this wasn't really possible. I'm here to tell you that it is! I'm currently in the process of signing TWO library deals which I never would have gotten if I hadn't been there in person. One was the result of a casual chat outside the main ballroom and the other was helped along by a chance meeting at the hotel restaurant. I'm not saying that everyone will have the same experience at every Rally but as someone once said ‘80% of success is showing up.’ Library deals are great, but the real treasure is the people you meet. TAXI members (and staff) are the most helpful, open, friendly, and fun people on the planet. I just wish there was a Road Rally every month!”
—Janet Brooks

TAXI Road Rally 2023

“You guys were exceptionally engaging, well-informed, and really helpful, especially to us first-timers at the TAXI Road Rally 2023. We would have been totally lost without your direction and guidance. The Rally was superbly organized, well-structured, and subject-relevant for everyone to benefit from the sessions by music industry heavyweights, who simplified their delivery for even a novice like me to understand.

Already looking forward to and organizing for the next Rally in November 2024. You hit this one out of the park, guys; they're still looking for the ball.”
—Enrico Rao Sunshine Coast, Australia

"I've been a TAXI member for years, but the 2023 Road Rally was my first. Previously, I was skeptical of the ROI, so I never made the investment of attending. I now wish I had done so sooner. It's most definitely worth the time, hotel, and for me, the airfare.

"My writing partner and I just joined TAXI this year, and this was our first Road Rally. We went with a long list of questions. Not only were all of our questions answered, but the wealth of knowledge we walked away with about getting our songs placed and getting tips on successful songwriting was incredible. We also enjoyed the camaraderie of our fellow artists and found all of the speakers easy to approach, with the ability to follow up with questions after the panels. Thank you to all of the TAXI staff for a great experience.”
—Frank Morrone

The experts presenting and sharing their knowledge along with Q&A's at most of the sessions were an invaluable education. And everyone I interacted with was very friendly and supportive.The experience was also rejuvenating to my life with music. I'm now better equipped to utilize my TAXI membership and handle the business when (not if) I get placed. Win-win-win! See you next year!”
—Kent Wall

"I would like to let you know how much I enjoyed and learned at the 2023 TAXI Rally. I went to the ASCAP Songwriters Convention many years ago, and it was so big and crowded that I couldn’t get any feedback or one-on-one conversation with anyone. I quit writing songs after that. The TAXI Road Rally was the opposite. All of the mentors were accessible and easy to talk to. It reinvigorated me, and I am back to writing in a huge way. I love the family atmosphere of the entire staff and members and the way EVERYONE is willing to help each other. As I said to you at the Rally, you’re like Oskar Schindler for frustrated composer/songwriters. KUDOS!!!!"
—Tim Tonyan

"I truly appreciate all the effort that went into TAXI Road Rally 2023. Michael and the people at TAXI are genuinely committed to making the event a memorable one. I met some truly wonderful and creative people. In particular, I really enjoyed Michael Lloyd's session, along with feedback from Robin Frederick. The live impromptu performance on Sunday rocked!”
—Tara Christie

"I would have to say this was an 'eye-opening experience' for this first-timer. The classes were amazing, and the people were fantastic. We were all sitting at the bar (as Michael always preaches to go), saying that 'this should be a required event—the earlier, the better.'”
—Robert Decesari

TAXI Road Rally 2023

“I recently attended my third TAXI Road Rally and can't even begin to tell you what an AMAZING experience it was. After joining TAXI about five years ago, I thought I would try to get some music into a movie or something, and that's all that TAXI could provide. Well, little did I realize how wrong that line of thinking was. TAXI has provided me with so much more; I can't even begin to describe the incredible value of the knowledge that is available and constantly shared with members.
Beyond the music licensing business and getting synchronization deals, etc., there is so much more value to a TAXI membership. The Road Rally itself is just an amazing opportunity to learn so much about the music business and to meet so many talented people and industry professionals willing to share their experiences. I can't believe this convention is included for free! The access to information is unlimited, really; if you need help or have questions about something in the music business, the answers are there. There are industry panelists sharing their valuable life lessons and wisdom as if they were throwing silver and gold coins out everywhere, but you have to be willing to reach out and grab them or bend down and pick up some of those nuggets of wisdom.

At the first Rally I attended, I was one of those people who couldn't see the forest from the trees because I was so locked in on thinking that my songs were good enough and I just wanted people to hear them, but that made me miss out on so much. The truth is, the songs need work, and I know what they need now because I started actively listening and actively searching out people who could help me, and this year, it resonated incredibly. I made it a point to be open and meet people and accept advice, and it's all starting to click. Even this year as the Road Rally approached, I was implementing new things but still behind a little, but everything just exponentially hits you the more you are willing to let it and the more you listen and absorb information, like I said, it is three days of amazing energy floating around, and you have to seek it out and be open to all possibilities. Once you put aside your fears and your ego, you will be amazed at what you will learn.

I am so grateful to everyone at TAXI; they've been so supportive, and again, a conference like this is easily worth hundreds and hundreds of dollars, so to have it included in the membership is an amazing deal. If people are members and wondering why they aren't progressing in their musical careers and getting placements for their music, by not attending the Rally, they are missing out on some amazing opportunities to learn and grow their craft.

I've made some great connections as well as new friends, and I'm already looking forward to next year's Rally to see what is going on in the industry, to keep growing my skill set, and to continue to meet some amazing people that are seriously interested in helping me grow my career. Thank you, TAXI!!!”
—Nick Fiorentinos. (aka Jonni Lost)

“The listening panels were SO much more efficient - we heard more songs - thanks - that’s what we are here for.”
—Paul Hill

“Thank you for a well-planned and informative Road Rally. The things I learned made it worth the investment. Although writing to spec for movies and commercials may not be something for me, I spoke to my son when I came home about considering composing EDM instrumentals. My future in music lies more in live entertainment, and any use of my humorous songs in jingles would likely be preceded by the success of the live shows or streams. But for my son—or daughter, for that matter—they may be getting a gift subscription to TAXI in the future.”
—David Burtner aka Summeoyo

"It’s so important to surround yourself with people who are hungry, humble, and smart. Surrounding yourself with individuals who embody hunger fuels the creative fire, propelling everyone toward innovation and growth. Humility serves as the melody that keeps egos in check, fostering a collaborative environment where ideas flow freely. The smart, the orchestrators of strategy, ensure that the music finds its audience, navigating the complexities of the industry. Together, the hungry, humble, and smart create a composition that transcends individual brilliance, crafting a collective masterpiece that resonates not just with the creators but with the world. The TAXI Road Rally not only facilitates these crucial attributes but embodies the secret sauce of being hungry, humble, and smart to help thousands of composers and songwriters find their success." —Will Derryberry

TAXI Road Rally 2023

"If anyone is questioning the idea, I'd say, 'Go to the TAXI Road Rally. You'll learn, you'll meet like-minded people, you'll advance your career. From dainty to death metal, you'll hear it all!'"
—Michael Bruce Miller

"Just wanted to tell you how I feel about the whole Road Rally experience. Everything that Michael had described was true. I have never done any kind of drugs in my life, but the whole Rally weekend I was on the best natural high I have ever experienced. I am counting the days to the next one already and trying to lift myself out of the post Rally depression.

I am sorry, but whoever says the virtual one is better, well, they need to come in person; can't beat the hugs in person. I wish there was a way to clone yourself to attend all panels. Next year I will attend the 'Driver's Ed classes and open mic/jam room, which I missed this year. Too many things, too much going on, and it's hard to leave the bar (no, I don't have an alcohol problem), which just on its own is worth the trip. Also, having breakfast, dinner at the Daily Grill encouraged by Michael is also true, as I met so many people. The service/food/price was excellent.

Fortunately, I can afford to attend the Rally, but if I couldn't, 'I would sell my blood to attend the TAXI Road Rally.' I am already getting emails to collaborate with others on projects, and my FB friends request has blown up with other TAXI members. Thank you for all you do, and to witness it live. Seeing how hard Michael and staff were working was a beautiful experience on its own. I am forever grateful for what you have built and done for us.”
—Andre Stepanian

"I decided to rejoin TAXI starting from the New Year. Attending the Road Rally as a guest a couple of times is more than enough, and to keep doing that feels unfair to TAXI and the paying members. The Rally alone is more worth than the price of the membership, and even more worth is to be able to get together with extraordinary people and share a few days together!"
—Marco Iannello

“Hey it was great running the TAXI Jam, which I've been doing since Michael started it a few years ago. Some really good keyboard players and drummers this year, and many surprising vocal performances! I had a blast backing everyone up on my funky guitar.”
—The Crawdaddy (Richard Dance)

"This was my first year at the TAXI Road Rally, and I had such a transformative experience! I loved the diversity in topics in the Drivers Ed classes as well as the ample opportunities to have my music heard. It was a wonderful weekend spent with incredible people!”
—Rini Kaffenes

"This is my second TAXI Road Rally (member for 2 and 1/2 years), and I have enjoyed each one tremendously! I signed a contract for 3 tracks for an ABC TV show all because of TAXI!! Last year's Road Rally resulted in lifetime friendships and collaborative efforts as well as a referral to a renowned sound engineer - which raised my production skills tremendously! This year’s Rally resulted in more friendships - and the training classes were even better than last year! All TAXI members should attend for the celebration of the year’s successes (also learning from failures) and soaking in all the talent from Speakers and fellow members! Very excited and looking forward to next year!!”
—Randy Ruppert

"I traveled from Australia in October to attend my first Road Rally, and this trip included a brief and memorable Californian holiday with my wife beforehand. This was our first USA visit. I have had several forwards in the two-to-three years since joining TAXI. But I have heard nothing since then.

Anyway, about six months ago, I bought a good quality classical guitar, a 1975 Jose Ramirez class 1a. This motivated me to practice after a long layoff, working to regain technique, after having retired from work. I was eventually encouraged to have a go at writing some original classical and Spanish guitar music.

A music library owner who attended the Road Rally liked the two flamenco-ish style tracks which he listened to in a One-to-One Mentor session, and another track since then, and has now offered a deal. Synchronistic energy is what happens in person. I got lucky, a great guy walked into the bar where I was having lunch, and I mentioned my material is mostly 80’s. He instantly texted me a name. Sunday, I messaged them. I woke up to the CEO saying, ‘cool stuff,’ and he’s sending my catalog to his A&R guy. He messaged me a few days later. ‘Really Cool Stuff.’ And we have a meeting set up for Thursday. So, it’s an ongoing celebration already.

The motto of the story, ‘let go and let God align you with like-minded Beings.’ Talking to any stranger in life often is your next catalyst on your path of dreams. My first Rally, and I’ve only been a member for less than a month, and I will be back. Next chapter, finding a musician who loves writing Country hits.”
—Tricia Kelly

TAXI Road Rally 2023

“The Road Rally was really great. Loads of great info and inspiration. The mentors and presenters were very generous with info and selflessly helped in creating their own competition. I had fun at the jams and met lots of great people. Thank you for your hard work.”
—Howard Schneider

“It was my first time at the Rally, and my guest's as well. From the moment we walked into the hotel to the moment we left, there was a wealth of knowledge, opportunities, and people to meet coming at us non-stop. It can be overwhelming at first, but in the end, it was well worth the trip, and we will definitely be returning next year! You definitely want to bring a guest to help maximize your knowledge from all of the different workshops.”
—Tony Z.

TAXI's Road Rally 2023 opened my eyes to the limitless possibilities within the music industry. It reinforced my love for music and fueled my determination to pursue my dreams. I am grateful for the experience and cannot wait to continue my musical journey armed with the knowledge and inspiration gained from this incredible event (OH WHAT A RALLY!)”
—Sandy Pickett

“Wow! With this being my first Road Rally, one of the takeaways that I brought back home with me was having the opportunity to hang out and see what many were doing to help achieve their goals and dreams in the world of production music. Being an artist and pianist, I love the mentoring sessions where I was able to speak and learn from a Music Library CEO, One-on-One, and have the opportunity to meet and hang out with other fellow composers and mentors at the Eat & Greet Luncheons. These were so much fun! If there was maybe one quote, Michael, that summed up everything for me in what I got out of my first Road Rally, it would be this, by Napoleon Hill: ‘Patience, persistence, and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.’”
—Cory Lavine

“I attended the Rally based on a phone call from Debra [from TAXI’s member services team] back in September. She called regarding my renewal and suggested I attend. I was impressed by how gracious and helpful she was and I registered the same day. While in the registration line on Thursday, I chatted with a fellow member. We attended the events and classes together and are now collaborating. I also met several members and mentors at the Eat & Greet lunches and have vastly increased my network. I’ve been a business professional in aerospace and supply chain for over 35 years and have attended many industry conferences over the years. Though in a different industry, the Road Rally ranks among the best. Well-organized and well-presented, fantastic and supportive community.”
—Michael Wehner

“Michael and the ENTIRE TAXI Staff. Thank you! This, my 2nd year to attend was more eye-opening than my first... skepticism clouded my 1st Rally, and wished I had just taken it in as it was presented. I would have learned much more. The people (staff and guests and resources) that you made available blew my EVER LIVIN’ mind! I attended the Eat & Greet Luncheon and had a pro listen and critique my music, and that alone is worth the time and effort to attend.”
—Bobby Gillaspy

“I am so glad I went to the 2023 TAXI Road Rally! It is my sixth one. It has got to be the most fun and educational music convention on the planet! Next year, I am bringing my music students to the 2024 TAXI Road Rally!”
—Steve Bruce

TAXI Road Rally 2023

“I just got back from the Road Rally about a week ago. It was one of my favorite weekends of the entire year! As a mother of five kids, I am just getting back into writing and submitting for TAXI. I decided last-minute to attend, and invited my sister, also a songwriter, to meet me there.

I am so glad I attended!

First of all, the hotel was gorgeous, and the rooms, lobby and conference areas were so beautiful. The TAXI staff at the registration and mentor sign-up booths were so friendly, and helped us feel welcomed right away. There was such an excitement in the air, and as I started to meet people, literally every single person was happy to engage in conversation about their music and was genuinely curious about my music too. As I attended the open mic, I realized some members are absolutely at professional level, while others are just starting out. But the amazing thing was, everyone received applause, respect, and good vibes from the crowd.

The sessions and classes were so incredible, and I found myself taking a lot of notes. The presenters were professional, but approachable, and really seemed to want to help us succeed. In Dean Krippaehne’s class, I was actually crying when he talked about each of our value as a musician and human. I was not expecting that! Dean turned out to be my mentor the next day, and I got such good feedback about my music, along with very encouraging words that I am ready to write music cues, because my songwriting and production are high-quality. I was ecstatic! I want to thank Michael, the staff, and everyone who worked tirelessly to give us a wonderful weekend. It was so fun to end up with random groups at dinner, that turned out to be such fun combinations. I am definitely going again next year, and look forward to partying with you all in LA again.”
—Amy Lacey

“I found the TAXI Road Rally to be exceptionally well executed and well worth the venture! Push yourself out of your comfort zone and make it happen!”
—Joy Diebold

“It was another absolutely fantastic event and I am so honored and proud to have been a part of it after just 6 short years as a member. Thank you so much for all that you do to make this event possible, for the attendees and throughout the year for us all. See you all next year!”
—Greg Carrozza

"This was my first time attending the TAXI Road Rally, and it was off the charts awesome! A 10+! I was introduced to TAXI by my friend Ed Hartman, who encouraged me to attend. It was a pleasure to meet you and shake your hand. The Road Rally was intense from the moment I got there until I left and worth every minute of it. I took tons of notes at every session and class and have already been putting things to work. Of equal fun was getting to meet so many people. I am a small business owner, which keeps me very busy, but I am also looking to use my lifelong love of music to work into a second career at 62 years of age. Wish me luck!

I’m relatively new to the production music scene, but I’ve been studying hard and have logged 50 new tracks in my catalog this year. Now that I receive the TAXI listings/briefs, I have started studying them and trying my hand at creating new music and hope to start submitting soon! I like the mantra, 'Write, Record, Submit, Repeat'! Once again, thank you for hosting this event. I’m sure it was a lot of work to put on. It was AWESOME!!”
—Chris Hartzog

“Started my first collab with someone I met at the Rally as soon as I got home. In touch with another pop artist about working with them, asap. More lined up. Some of the folks I'll collab with I met when doing 1:1 mentoring. Others I met at the infamous Westin bar. So, it pays to sign up for a mentor session and hang out at the bar. And I didn't even stay up late one night!”
—Casey Horowitz

"Can’t pick a favorite; they were all amazing, but James Kocian’s class was up there! Another fantastic Rally. Huge props to Michael and the entire TAXI staff. It amazes me every year how well thought out and well-executed the event is. I know it includes a ton of time and stress, but everyone I spoke with both appreciated and was inspired by it. Y’all rock!”
—James Thacker

TAXI Road Rally 2023

“Everything was amazing! It was my first Road Rally, and it was such an awesome experience! I made so many new friends and contacts, learned so much, and did my first solo open mic, which was nerve-wracking, but I’m glad I did it! I will definitely attend next year; I will be better prepared and will also submit for the feedback panel, which was probably my favorite panel. Creating trailer instrumentals with Randon Purcell was probably my favorite class!”
—Beto Marquez

“There were so many great classes, but Biagio Messina’s class on “How to Make Your TV Music Much More Usable” was truly top-notch. And the “Black hole of TAXI” was exactly what I needed to hear. Both immensely valuable!!”
—Rob Caviness

“Biagio Messina's session in the ballroom was extremely informative in seeing things from an editor's perspective and pointing out the value of stems and alts. Moreover, he took the time later that day to answer one of my 'engineering' questions. Grazie, Biagio!!”
—Stan Morris

“I made it to the reunion again this year, I've been coming for many years. I've been to most of the classes and you'd figure I knew everything but there is always something new to pick up or be reminded of. And it's great to see old friends and make new ones. Thanks, TAXI!”
—Launnie Ginn