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There’s no argument that creating better, sync-friendly titles for your songs and instrumentals can give you an edge in getting your music noticed by editors and music supervisors. Yet many struggle to create titles that telegraph what the music sounds like before the first note is heard.

As we attempted to hunt down some great titles to use as examples in a very recent TAXI TV episode, we had a more difficult time than we expected! Then we had an epiphany!

Why not try using artificial intelligence to help create some spiffy titles, and see how that works out? Heck, everybody and his brother seems to be doing YouTube videos about how AI is going to put musicians out of work, so why not see if AI can be used for good, not evil.

We took that different tack and the results just might surprise you! Watch this video to learn exactly how the industry often relies on great titles, and how you can earn more income when you create some of your own!