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The Bee Gees in Criteria’s Studio C control room.
(Left to right – back row): Maurice Gibb, Dennis Byron (drums), Allan Kendall (guitar), Blue Weaver (Keys), and Barry Gibb. Front row: Karl Richarson (Co-Producer), Albhy Galuten (Co-Producer), and Robin Gibb.

Hear the Bee Gees Write
“How Deep Is Your Love!”

If you’ve ever wished you could be a fly on the wall while a huge hit song is written, this is the next best thing! I stumbled upon this video on YouTube, today. The writing session was at Le Chateau (recording studio) in d'Hיrouville, France.

However, what caught my eye is the photo used in the video! It shows the Bee Gees, a couple of band members, and two of my co-workers from Criteria Studios in Miami. The shot was taken in the control room of Studio C, where the Bee Gees recorded many of their biggest hits.

I worked several hundred hours in that room from mid 1974 – late 1976 and cherished every minute of it.

That was also the first control room I was ever in, and the Bee Gees’ co-producer (and one of my mentors) Karl Richardson is seated at the console (white T-shirt with glasses). I interviewed Karl in November of 2020 as one of the TAXI Road Rally “prequels.”

So, sit back and enjoy hearing the Bee Gees writing their mega-hit, “How Deep is Your Love.”

Michael Laskow