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TAXI's Quarantini Happy Hour began as an informal daily hang out when the first "lockdown" started in late March of 2020. It's usually less structured than TAXI TV and can be about anything music-related, and sometimes not! We spent a lot of time talking about the gopher infestation in Michael's backyard last summer, and we often do Q&A sessions or riff on whatever the audience feels like talking about on any given day.

But recently, Michael was very impressed when he listened to the TAXI Top 10 the night before a Quarantini episode, so he decided to play the full list the next day. It's always inspiring to hear what your fellow TAXI members are creating, so grab a snack and a frothy beverage, sit down, relax, and enjoy some cool music!

BTW, the Quarantini Happy Hours now go live at 4 p.m. PST each Tuesday and Thursday. They're very informal, often informative, and a great place to meet your fellow members and collaborators. If you're still locked down and looking for some musician-friendly human contact, you'll enjoy the Happy Hours!