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By Michael Laskow

Want to See Your Face on TAXI’s Homepage?

You probably have a New Year’s resolution (or two) that you’ve never followed through with. I’ve got a notebook full of guilt inflicting resolutions, but the time has come to act on one of them once and for all!

But there’s something that TAXI is really terrible at, and today is the day I’m going to change all that! We’ve been horrific at changing the member photos on the homepage of!

Ready, Set, Go!

Starting in February, we’re going to begin adding a new member photo and quote to the homepage each quarter. And you don’t have to have a bazillion deals signed or TV placements to get selected!

Look at the TAXI homepage to get a feel for the horizontal photo format (landscape) and the length of the quotes we’re looking for (15 words or less). You can have a ton of deals or placements to report, or simply a really compelling quote like, “I’ve dreamed of hearing my music on TV, and TAXI made that happen for me.”

We’ll pick a new person every quarter of the year based on how good the photo looks and how compelling the quote is. And the person selected will get $50 in submission credits!

Here’s the best part...

If we find somebody who’s got a really compelling story, we may ask if they’d like to also be featured in one of our upcoming print ads. We’re not very good at updating those either!

Just include a 200-word (maximum) story with the photo and quote you submit for the homepage, and you might just be featured in a full-page TAXI ad in Recording Magazine, Music Connection, or any of the other publications we advertise with.

All selections will be made by the TAXI staff.

Get a FREE Night of Hotel at the Road Rally!

Each quarter, we’ll put the names of EVERYBODY who submits a photo and quote into a hat and draw one at random on an episode of TAXI TV. If your name is pulled, TAXI will pay for one of your nights at the Road Rally hotel – about $150 value!

Do It Now!

If you’d like to see your face on our homepage or in one of our print ads, then start the New Year out right by not procrastinating! Send your awesome photo and quote to:
Deals(at)TAXI(dot)com, and include a 200 word (or less) story as well, if you’d like. Submissions need to be in our hands no later than February 15th, 2019.

We can’t wait to hear your story and see your face!