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Michael Laskow
How many conventions have Industry Professionals hugging the attendees? The Road Rally does!

I was invited to a very prestigious tech conference a few weeks ago. I was honored to get the invite because they have a “curation committee,” and I somehow made the cut. A veritable Who’s Who of Silicon Valley will be attending.

But the questions I asked myself upon receiving the invite echoed what I imagine many TAXI members ask themselves when deciding whether or not they should come to the Road Rally – TAXI’s free convention for members and their guests.

My questions...

If I were to meet Tesla founder Elon Musk at the tech conference, what could I possibly chat with him about? “I love that roadster you put into orbit. If I find a way to bring it back to Earth without turning it into a flaming meteor, can I keep it?”

Or how about, “Can I interview you at the next TAXI Road Rally?”

Michael Laskow
Reality Show Editor Laurel Ostrander blew away the audience with her demonstration of how video editors select and use music.

Elon Musk is coming to the TAXI Road Rally?!

No, he’s not. But he could very well be going to the tech conference I was invited to. But I’m not going. Whynot?

It’s $7,000 per ticket, and that’s only if you’re invited! Yeah, I got invited to spend $7,000.

While that’s probably a drop in the bucket and money well spent for the CEOs of Uber, Spotify, and Airbnb (who are all going to be there), it’s about $6,300 more than the CEO of TAXI is willing to spend!

Putting myself in the shoes of TAXI members who are thinking of coming to the Road Rally for FREE (November 1 – 4 in Los Angeles, CA), I asked myself the same questions on their behalf. Their fellow TAXI members provided the answers.

Michael Laskow
Music Supervisor Mason Cooper spent a lot of time hanging out with TAXI members after his panel!

Will I feel out of place and find myself standing around like a wallflower at a freshman mixer the first week of high school?

“I was surprised at how easy it was to meet people. I'm pretty introverted, so it's tough for me to go up to a stranger and start a conversation, but it was so easy there-in lines, classes, at the bar. I met a ton of people, had some great conversations, made a bunch of new friends. And I was surprised at how eager the experienced members were to give you tips. Everybody seems to want to help you be successful. Great vibe.” -Rob Roper

Is the Road Rally worth the price of the airfare and hotel?

“The whole weekend was an unforgettable experience that was entertaining and educational beyond all my expectations. I'd read all the testimonials and they sounded just too good to be true, but now I'd write all those things myself-and more besides. I'd like to add my thanks to Michael and everyone else involved for a wonderful few days.

However, meeting the members and everyone was absolutely amazing, and if that had been the only thing I did, it would have been worth the 10,000 mile round trip. What a community!!! Thanks to all you guys - you are incredible!!!!” -Graham, U.K.

Michael Laskow
Hollywood Music Supervisor Frank Palazzolo hanging out with TAXI member Charles Brotman and his daughter Julia.

Won’t it be a waste of money if I go and don’t come away with any substantial connections?

“I am excited that three of my solo classical guitar pieces have been signed by a [music] library. This all came about from a meeting at the Road Rally bar. It's exciting and I feel some placements coming my way this year. Thanks TAXI for giving me the opportunity to do what I love to do.” -Bob LoGrasso

“I just signed an album of custom cues to a publisher that is launching a new library that I have been working on for the past month or so. It is the most I have ever been paid up front to create music in my life, and there is back end too! All because I happened to be sitting in the Westin hot tub by the pool at the right time a couple of Rallies ago.

My point here is that connections can happen in so many ways, but like most things in life, they happen by just showing up. The Road Rally has spawned so many great relationships and deals over the years for so many members, that I honestly can't believe that it isn't busier than it already is. I mean, seriously it's free with membership. What more can you ask for? Yes it costs money [for airfare and hotel], but so does a college or university education, and TAXI to me was the education I was looking for, in the music business.

Go to the Rally. Like I said, free with membership and the people you will meet will change your life. Some of my deals have come from TAXI Forwards, but most have coming from showing up and networking at the Rally.

"I am not good at networking’ you say? Neither was I. You just have to do it. Hang out in the bar/lounge area and schmooze. Have your 15-second elevator pitch down. Go to all the classes you can. Get a mentor or several. Do the work. Show up. I traveled to my first Rally from Ontario Canada by myself and knew a few people from the forum, but nobody in person. Two people who were on the shuttle from the airport with me ended up being one of my publishers and collaborators. You just never know.” -Robbie Hancock

The Bottom Line...

We’ve got hundreds, probably thousands of emails and social media comments about how great the TAXI Road Rally is, and why you should attend it this November (1 – 4) in Los Angeles.

You’ve got six months to save up for what people say is “Life changing.” They’re not exaggerating.

If you’ve been waiting your entire life to have some success with your music, then follow this advice from one of our members who clearly pulled no punches ;-)

Michael Laskow
Music Licensing executive Beth Wernick poses with a group of TAXI members at 2017 TAXI Road Rally.

“To be blunt, you're an idiot if you pay for a TAXI membership and never go to the Rally, IMO.”

-John Lewitt

Well, I might have been a little less blunt, but you get the idea! Even if Elon Musk won’t be there.

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