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Danny Infantino

by Kenny Kerner
    Taxi Success Danny Infantino
Danny Infantino

Danny Infantino is 61 years young and, of all things, rejoiced when he learned that three of his Christmas songs would appear on the long running daytime TV soap, All My Children! Danny plays guitar, mandolin, and bass and began studying at the age of 12. Check out some of his other accomplishments below.

Do you come from a musical family?  
Yes. My father was a singer in the style of Tony Bennett.

What instruments do you play? When did you begin learning to play them?
I am primarily a guitarist, but I also play bass guitar and mandolin.  I began studying guitar at age 12. 

Are you schooled or self-taught with your instruments?
Early on I studied privately with NYC-based Jazz guitarist Howard Morgen.  I later returned to college and got a master of music degree in classical guitar at the University of South Carolina under Christopher Berg.

What made you decide on a career in music?  
I love music. I love playing and composing music.  I knew very early that I wanted to earn my living in music (not always such an easy thing!).  

What got you interested in writing and recording music?

I began writing songs with a friend, won some songwriting contests along the way, and began writing music for guitar, then guitar with oboe, flute, violin, etc.

What was your reaction when you learned your Christmas songs would be used on All My Children?
I obviously was very pleased.  They had used some a couple of years ago as well.

How did you learn about TAXI?  

I had seen an ad for TAXI in a songwriting magazine and thought I'd give it a try.

How has TAXI helped you?  

Needless to say, after a number of tries and some forwards of material through TAXI I began to establish contacts and form relationships with numerous music libraries.  

However, just as important is the learning process that TAXI provides.  At first, when your submission is not forwarded, your reaction is, “What do they know?”  After a while you figure out that they do know indeed.  

Through the comments and critiques of TAXI screeners I have learned a wealth of knowledge, not just about music, but about the process of targeting for the pitch, along with producing, mixing, engineering, and even titling pieces.

One last and important item on this list—the TAXI Road Rally.  I've been to the Rally three years in a row and each year I learn more and establish contacts with fellow musicians and composers as well as with important people in the music industry. 

What have you learned about the music business since joining TAXI?  
Much.  Success in this business, as in any other, does not come overnight. Honing your craft and emphasizing your strengths are Michael [Laskow's] mantras.  He's right on the money.

What has been your greatest accomplishment in music so far?
In music, taking my playing to a very high level and composing (what I think) are some very fine pieces.  In this business of music my recordings and TV placements have been steadily rising—and a great deal of thanks to TAXI for that.  

What goals did you set for 2011?  
My goals are to write and record more music at the highest level I can.

Name: Danny Infantino
Residence: Southern Pines, North Carolina
Occupation: Musician, composer, producer, college professor of music (retired)
Age: 61
Year Joined TAXI: 1997-99,  2007 to present

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