TAXI Member Deals
My #1 Country Hit Started
with a Phone Call to TAXI songs got heard by Faith Hill, Tim McGraw and Rascal Flatts. I had a #1 hit with “I Loved Her First.”


I Had 1,064 TV Placements
with My Music Through TAXI

...just one of the deals I landed through TAXI resulted in my tracks being used on a Hit TV series.


Our songs are on 20 Million albums,
and it all started with TAXI

...#5 Hit with Jesse McCartney, Platinum singles, Platinum albums, and a song on the biggest album of 2006!


Erik Hickenlooper and Jim Funk had a #1 Hit
with Kenny Rogers Because They Joined TAXI

...and the same song (Buy Me a Rose) also went top 20 with Luther Vandross — all because they joined TAXI.


Matt Hirt Made $50,000 From
Deals He Made Though TAXI

...and his income is growing every year with placements in movies and TV shows.


Jenna Drey Landed a $ix-figure
Indie Record Deal through TAXI

...and her first single, ‘Just Like that,’ produced by Nile Rogers, shot up the charts!.


TAXI Created a Huge Buzz for Crossfade,
and They Got Signed to Columbia

...they were called Sugardaddy Superstar back in the day — same band, same songs, and their album went PLATINUM!


Four Major Labels Came to See
My Show Because of TAXI

...and then one of the A&R guys invited me to hang out at his house the very next day.


Two Publishers Fought Over My Music
Because I Joined TAXI

...and I got licensing deals for my solo piano tracks that brought in some nice checks!


We Made $18,973 from Film and TV
Deals We Got Through TAXI

...TAXI was helping artists like us get Film and TV placements YEARS before everybody else started to copy them.


I’ve Built a Career From Deals
Made Through TAXI

...I literally don’t need a day job any more because I make enough money from doing music.


I Landed a Record Deal in a Week
Because I Joined TAXI

...I never thought I would meet an A&R person face-to-face at TAXI’s convention, the Road Rally but I did! She signed me a week later.


I Got a Great New Age Label
Deal through TAXI

...and lots and lots of Film & TV placements and TV Commercials all over the world, just because I joined TAXI.


Late Breaking News:

Helen Austin
Suzannah Doyle’s song was placed into a documentary called Stones Into Schools, which is based on Greg Mortensen’s book Three Cups of Tea. This is just one of the countless placements she has received as the result of signing to an independent music library after only one of her songs was forwarded to the company by TAXI in 2006! “Joining TAXI is the best thing I ever did to further my career as a composer,” she said.
Helen Austin
Paul Otten recently let us know that after he was forwarded to a leading indie and production music library in April of last year, he was offered a publishing deal for 14 of his songs. As a result, his song “Worn Out Welcome” has been placed on two different episodes of Access Hollywood, as well as an online educational video called “Englishtown – How It Works.” “The opportunities presented by the listings, the Monday TAXI TV Live shows, the awesome and honest feedback from the screeners, the fantastic feedback, encouragement, knowledge and camaraderie on the TAXI forum are all priceless! It makes this a fun and fruitful pursuit … and all this after just one year! I can’t imagine what the next 10 will hold!” he said.
Helen Austin
After signing with a well-established music placement company, Mark Bresky’s song “Redline” was licensed for the Discovery Channel’s television show Howe and Howe Black Ops Brothers (Season 2, Episode 3). “As a result of this and other forwards, I have developed relationships with four libraries and it’s keeping me quite busy! Remember, submit, forget, repeat. Thanks TAXI!” he said. >
Helen Austin
Juliet Lyons signed an exclusive eight-song deal with an independent music publisher specializing in Muzak, as well as a composer deal with a very prominent production company that works closely with a top daytime television program. “I’m so grateful to TAXI, Michael and the true friends and connections I have made via the forum and the Rallies. TAXI and its forum have enabled me to grow by leaps and bounds and the learning never ceases,” she said.
Helen Austin
Both David Banks and Jeff Parker signed some of their tracks to a successful music library after being forwarded from a TAXI listing. In David’s case, it was almost two years from the time he joined TAXI that he finally heard from a company offering a deal.
“TAXI helped me get focused and now I’m getting my music placed!” David said. Jeff added, “Even though I’ve been a musician for several decades, I was completely clueless about how to record and write music that is relevant in today’s industry. After joining TAXI, attending my first Road Rally in 2009, and getting feedback from screeners’ critiques, I was able to start getting a few forwards for my music and signing tracks to libraries.”
Helen Austin
Helen Austin’s song “Love Is” was featured on CW’s One Tree Hill. The placement came after she was signed to a music placement company after being forwarded from a listing. “This is one of many, but it is the highest profile so far and I can’t thank TAXI enough for the exposure!” she said.
Chris Ball
Chris Ball found out that his music had been placed in a TV show simply by actually watching television! Over two years ago, Chris signed to a successful independent music library after a TAXI forward and just a month ago, while channel surfing, Chris discovered his very own song playing in the background of a show called Eco Company! He decided to watch the rest of the program only to find out that even a few more of his songs were used as well. “[Eco Company] airs on NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, CW and MyTV networks around the country … I’ve had a lot of success here at TAXI, but just “happening” upon your own music being played on television like this is a really cool experience!” he said.
Darrin Frison
After signing with a successful music production company, Darrin Frison’s music has been heard on quite a few network daytime television shows and he has just received a royalty check for cues used on a major daytime talk show. As of October 2010, Darrin has had a total of 24 cues that have now been accepted into the catalog! “TAXI has broadened my horizons … TAXI has helped me find my niche and direction in the music industry … I guess I am still ‘part-time’ but the royalty checks continue to come in, and I know sometime in the very near future, I will be fully living my dream – which is waking up in the morning and walking into my studio in my pajamas and bunny slippers (yeah, I said bunny slippers!) and write music all day long!” he said.
Keith LuBrant
Keith LuBrant just learned that after he was forwarded to a prominent music licensing company, a couple of his music cues were used in two episodes of the CBS daytime television program Young and the Restless. Also, a song of his called “Devil Woman” will be used in an upcoming episode of NBC’s Friday Night Lights! “If I had not joined, there is no way I would have pushed myself to write the amount of music that I am now. Thank you Michael and TAXI!” he said.
Jesse Dold
As a result of signing with a well-established Independent music publishing company after a TAXI forward, a song of Jesse Dold’s was recently placed in the ABC television show Cougar Town. This is his first royalty check for a primetime TV placement! “I would have never run into these opportunities without TAXI. I have learned a lot through my membership!” he said.
Michael Behm
From his catalog of 350 songs and as a result of signing to two different, successful music libraries after being forwarded, Michael Behm's songs “Did You Know” and “If I Could Learn to Fly” have appeared in multiple episodes of Fox’s mega-hit show American Idol and CBSLet’s Make a Deal. He’s also had songs featured on the E, Bravo, and TLC networks! “All in all the experience in working with TAXI has been on-going learning … about what the people in the industry want and what my music needs to be in order to get results,” he said.
Bill Gordon
Bill Gordon signed eight tracks with a successful independent music placement company that has used TAXI for many years “Thanks once again to TAXI, I just signed eight tracks with a successful music library. The owner is a hard-working guy who gets really nice placements! And I get the extra-double satisfaction that two of the pieces are co-writes with the incomparable (fellow TAXI member) Matt Hirt!”Bill said.
Debra Gussin
Debra Gussin’s song “I’ve Already Won” was featured in the NBC television show The Event. This placement happened very shortly after she signed with a well-established music licensing company and was the direct result of being forwarded to the company from TAXI after submitting to a listing opportunity. “I’m so thrilled that my first TV placement was on a major network drama only two months after signing a deal with a music library! I appreciate TAXI for providing the opportunity that led to this prominent placement,” she said.
Paul Taneja
After being forwarded from TAXI and signing 10 songs with a very respected independent publishing company, Paul Taneja learned that one of his songs “City Lights” was placed on the CW Network television show Smallville, episode #11 Icarus. “The TAXI Road Rally was truly a great experience that helped get my music recognized and into the hands of the right people. I've gotten publishing and record deal interest as a direct result of attending the rally. It’s also a hugely educational experience for anyone who wants to learn how the music industry really works,” he said.
Jose Neto
Two of Jose Neto’s tracks, “Sonho e Coracao” and “Tao Bom,” were placed with an independent music studio that provides comprehensive music services for network airplay, including themes and logos as well as feature film work.
Lydia Ashton
We received an email from Lydia Ashton letting us know that after she signed a deal with a music producer who supplies the music for several syndicated daytime talk shows, she learned she had landed the main theme for one of the shows.

"We also got to write lots of additional music for the show. Within the first two months of airing, we had over 450 placements and it just keeps growing. I want to thank TAXI, not only for helping me knock on doors like these, but also for preparing me so that once the door opened, I was ready to walk through. I have learned so much these last few years, both about the music production side and the business side of writing for TV, through the articles, returns, forwards, critiques, and the fellow composers on the forum. Thank you! You have helped me get to where I am today — living my dream!" she said.
Stan Swiniarski

After being forwarded to an independent Nashville publisher, Stan Swiniarski's song "Love In Your Life" was placed with the new Country artist Lathan Moore. In early 2009, Moore cut the song (Swiniarski thought as a demo) and in the fall of that year, Swiniarski learned that Moore had signed a deal with Blue Steel Records and that his album would be released at the end of 2009. What Swiniarski also learned was that not only was his song "Love In Your Life" going to be on the album, but also that it was going to be the title cut. "Love In Your Life" is now out on the radio as Moore's second single from the album.
Jacob Mook

Jacob Mook's song "Ding Dong It's Christmas" by his band Swingfish was placed in the CBS television show CSI: NY, after it was signed to a licensing deal with a prominent and successful music placement company.

"Thanks to TAXI, I got the opportunity to make this deal and have my music heard on a network television show," he said.
Dean Krippaehne

Dean Krippaehne's song "Maybe It's Better That Way" was on the NBC show Parenthood, and his song "Over You" was on TLC's Say Yes to the Dress. He's also recently signed two Country songs signed to a Nashville publisher, 10 Smooth Jazz songs licensed with a Muzak publishing company, and a bunch of placements on Recipe TV. All of these placements were due to deals made from TAXI forwards, as well as connections he made by attending the TAXI Road Rally.
Steve Barden

As a result of attending the TAXI Road Rally, Steve Barden let us know that not only did he sign a deal to compose for a successful music production company that provides the music for a very well-known daytime talk show, but that he also has been writing cues for the TLC program The Little Couple. Both of these deals were a direct result of connections he made at the Rally.

"The Road Rally has proven invaluable for making connections. Networking is a key element of the music business and the TAXI Road Rally has come through time and time again!" he said.
Jean Custeau

Jean Custeau recently had 12 of his songs recently signed to a music library for "muzak" type use. He also had his French song "Tu n'y es Pour Rien" placed in the ABC television drama Brothers and Sisters, after he licensed it through a prominent music placement company.

"Recently I met with the president of a publicity agency in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada, and he knows that I placed some songs in the U.S. As his son writes Electronica music, he asked me how I entered into this fabulous market. I simply told him to look up on his computer and said, 'It's all legit and it's where it all begins," he said.
Helen Austin
When a successful music licensing company recently ran a listing for a theme-oriented song revolving around being "happy," Helen Austin quickly wrote a song in 30 minutes that encompassed exactly what the company was looking for and they signed it! Helen has also gotten the song placed in ads in Korea, Japan, the U.S., and it's played in stores in the U.K. It has even become the title for an album that is a compilation of her songs that will be released in South Korea.

"I had no idea that writing a quick song for a TAXI listing would get me so many placements from one song, and the money that goes with it is lovely," she said.
Kurt Kreimier

The TAXI Road Rally has proved to be a lucky charm for Kurt Kreimier, not just once, but twice! As a direct result of signing a deal with a very successful independent music licensing company, after his songs were played on a pitch panel at the 2007 Road Rally, Kurt's songs have been placed several times in the TLC television show Four Weddings and the CBS affiliate station WLS-TV television show 190 North. He also signed another contract during this year's Road Rally, with a well-established music library who provides the music for a huge Daytime Television Talk Show.

"Were it not for TAXI and the Road Rally, these placements would not have happened. I can't emphasize enough the importance of attending the Road Rally if you are serious about composing Film & TV music. Of equal importance, to me, is the participation on the TAXI Forum. TAXI, the TAXI Forum and the Road Rally are the triple play when it comes to learning the skills and developing the relationships that are needed for success. Although I feel I am just beginning my journey with much still needing to be learned, my membership in TAXI has provided me with a solid foundation on which to build my career. Thank you TAXI and thanks for hosting the Road Rally every year! It's an outstanding event!" he said.
Martin Haene

Martin Haene's most recent placement is for his song "You Know I Like That" that was licensed into a feature film called Warrior to be released by Lion's Gate Entertainment sometime in 2011. This is a direct result of signing to a very TAXI friendly music placement company after his music was originally forwarded to the company.

"The great thing about working with well-connected music publishers is that once my music is in the right hands, placements in various TV shows and films seem to just keep coming. It goes without saying that TAXI has been a tremendous help for me to get connected with high-profile publishers and further opportunities for my music," he said.
Richard Emmet

After signing with a successful music library, Richard Emmet had his holiday songs placed not only in a feature film called Little Red Wagon, being directed by well-known producer/director responsible for many successful television shows and feature films, but Richard also had his songs licensed into the NBC daytime television show Days of Our Lives.

"Being a TAXI member has changed my life in many ways. It has connected me to opportunities and companies that I never knew existed. More importantly, it has connected me to a large community of kindred spirits, perfectly exemplified by Michael, whose generosity and support never ceases to amaze me. There is no other area of my life where I've felt as validated for devoting myself to music," he said.
JJ Zeller
JJ Zeller said his songs have been signed to not one, but three different successful music libraries, all as a direct result of TAXI forwards!

"Being a member of TAXI for two-and-a-half years has been a great experience. The critiques, the articles, the forum, TAXI Live, and of course, the Road Rally have been so helpful," she said.
Shaun and Beth Michaud

After signing with a successful music placement company, Shaun and Beth Michaud's song "F-Bomb" was played on the CW's Plain Jane.

"We have been submitting to TAXI for about two years and finally after the Road Rally last year, I think our music turned a corner. TAXI has been instrumental in shaping our ability to produce licensable tracks," they said.
Robert Kelly - Jay Ramsey

After signing to a publishing company through a forward from TAXI, longtime co-writers Robert Kelly and TAXI member Jay Ramsey had their songs "Lonely Girl" and "Better Luck Next Time, Little Girl" placed in the AMC Emmy and Golden Globe-winning series Mad Men.

"These placements came about because of a five-figure deal we signed with a publishing company as a result of being forwarded from TAXI. Thank goodness for a TV show about the 1960's and our great publisher - it all happened because of TAXI," they said.
Nick Evan Mowery

After submitting to a TAXI film and television listing which led to be forwarded to a very successful music placement company, Nick Evan Mowery's song "Mite B Rite" was placed both in Fox TV's television show The Good Guys, as well as the Disney feature film Step Up 3D.

"There is nothing like hearing your song in a major motion picture! I have TAXI to thank for that!" they said.
Christi Green

After signing with a successful music production library through a TAXI forward, Christi Green had her songs placed on the CMT show Can You Duet, as well as NBC's America's Got Talent.

"TAXI has really opened doors, helping me to find a home for my compositions. I am so excited and privileged to be living where I live (Idaho) and still have the opportunity to compose for film and TV," she said.
Dave Walton

Dave Walton wrote us an e-mail to excitedly tell us that he had just gotten a statement from MRI (Music Reports Inc.) that showed he had 54 placements on a very well-known Daytime Television Medical Talk Show just in the first quarter of 2010! These placements came as a direct result of forward, which led to Dave being signed to a successful music production company that provides music for the show.

"Six years from the time I first joined TAXI, through the critiques and with the help of the forum and the wonderful forum members, I find that my music has been transformed from 'out of date, out of style' to something suitable for network television. It's always a very surreal experience to hear my music coming from the television set, and that wouldn't have happened without TAXI," he said.
Doug Walker

After submitting to a TAXI film and television listing which led to be forwarded to a successful music placement company, Doug Walker let us know that his music was placed in the CW Network's reality TV show Plain Jane.

"I just had my first placement on TV in the USA thanks to TAXI. I submitted my song 'Obstacles' for a listing in June 2009 when I first joined TAXI and it got forwarded to a music library in L.A. who I then signed the song to. Fourteen months later they e-mailed to say it had been placed on episode 105 of reality show Plain Jane on the CW network, which aired recently. I've had 12 songs forwarded since I joined TAXI so you never know—I may well hear about more successes! Thanks TAXI!" he said.
Joe Aukofer

After signing with a successful music placement company that was a result of a TAXI forward, Joe Aukofer had his song "Same Old" licensed into the HBO television show True Blood.

"It has been through forwards from TAXI that songs of mine began showing up in music libraries. It is through these connections that they then began showing up in film and television. TAXI continues to provide great avenues for musicians and composers to get their music out there and heard. What a wonderful thing to be a part of," he said.
Ethan Okamura

Ethan Okamura's song "Memories" was placed in the MTV show True Life after he signed with a prominent music licensing company.

"I've been a member for many years now but only in the last couple have I started writing for specific listings and become an active member of the forums which has resulted in some deals of late. Thanks TAXI staff and forum members," he said.
Tracey and Vance Marino

Tracey and Vance Marino have made many connections through TAXI, both through the TAXI Road Rally as well as from their songs getting forwarded. A placement in a very well known Daytime Television Medical Talk Show is just one of their latest achievements. They also licensed a couple of songs to a show called MyDestination on MyDestinationTV.

"We're the poster children for 'persistence and patience pay off.' If you just hang in there, and keep improving your craft, the TAXI deals will come. It happened for us. Not overnight, not in a week, not in month or even a year! But after a few years of figuring out how to submit to the listings, learning from the critiques and (most importantly), going to the annual TAXI Road Rally and meeting helpful people, things really started happening. And now they are happening big time. It's a great feeling when your hard work FINALLY pays off," they said.
Brad Mersereau

After signing to a successful Music Placement company through a direct result of a TAXI forward, Brad Mersereau's (Portland, OR) song placements over the last several years have begun to earn him regular BMI royalty checks! His compositions have been heard in such television programs as New Amsterdam, In Plain Sight and Royal Pains on the USA Network, as well as Heroes on NBC and Ten Things I Hate About You on ABC Family.

Brad says.... "TAXI facilitated my process for securing 10 song placements in TV and movies, and I will remain eternally grateful. Over 40 million folks have heard my compositions. Dreams do come true!"
Barry French

Barry French (Spring Hill, TN) recently had a couple of Pop-Punk tracks licensed to the second season of TLC's Toddlers and Tiaras. These placements came from a deal that Barry signed with a very well established Music Library where he has subsequently been able to submit over 30 additional tracks since joining TAXI last year. He has also had several placements on a very popular Daytime Medical Talk Show recently, after signing on as a composer to a highly successful Music Production company.

"Thanks to some connections I've made through TAXI from forwards to music libraries, as well as networking at the Rally and the wonderful community at the TAXI forums, I've reached a point where my supply of music can't keep up with the demand. Thank you Michael and the rest of the TAXI staff for all that you do."
Peter Koellerer

A Music Placement Company that has licensed many tracks from TAXI members for Film and TV, also just placed Peter Koellerer's (Marchtrenk, Austria) track "Above the City" in the ABC Family show 10 Things I Hate About You.

Peter said..."We are really happy with the placement in 10 Things I Hate About You. It's the second placement on this network, so we're hoping that folks over there start remembering our name!"
Erich Gruber

Erich Gruber (Everett, WA) has signed over 60 songs with a Commercial and Production Music Company through a forward he received from a TAXI listing. Lately Erich's songs have been heard in the MTV show, The Dudesons in America.

Erich says..."The TAXI business model works perfectly for me. I get to write music in the comfort of my home near the things I love (my family and black lab Maggie). TAXI does the legwork finding first-class folks that need great music. As a result of that, I get recognition and financial rewards. I can't think of a business or service that I've been more pleased with than TAXI"
Jeff Greenleaf

Jeff Greenleaf (Malibu, CA) has had the good fortune of having quite a few television placements after being forwarded to a Music Production Company from a TAXI listing that was originally asking for '80s Instrumental Tracks. His songs have been heard in Bravo's Bethenny Getting Married?, E! Network's Keeping Up with the Kardashians, The Style Network's Guiliana and Bill, and two MTV shows, Parental Control and Nitro Circus.

"Imagine how it feels to be emotionally involved in a television program and, out of nowhere, your song plays. It plays with purpose, to make the scene better…and it always does. There really is nothing quite like this. Thank you TAXI for taking me this far"
James Dunn
Danny Infantino

James Dunn and Danny Infantino both recently had their songs placed in TNT's Saving Grace. The deals occurred after signing with a successful music placement company that were direct results of TAXI forwards. James said, "I had a song from my second record make it to TNT because of a forward from TAXI to an LA Music Publisher. I greatly appreciate the help." Danny adds, "Thanks to TAXI I have signed about a hundred pieces with several music libraries over the past few years. I'm excited about my newest placement on Saving Grace."
Robert Muhammad-Pavel Gonzalez-Peter Davies
Robert Muhammad, Pavel Gonzalez, and Peter Davies, recently signed a deal with a sound game Web site called Tempo In Motion, which is designed to help golfers find their swing tempo. Robert says, "The most powerful force is a mind made up. Once you know where you wanna go, TAXI can help take you there …Thanks TAXI for everything." Pavel adds, Could I have signed this deal without TAXI? Hardly, considering I am currently based in Mexico City. Assuming I could have heard of the opportunity in the first place and landed the gig, TAXI still has an edge: it saved me all the legwork, research, and a great amount of precious time, which is much better spent making music. And that is well worth the price of admission in my book!" Peter adds, "What TAXI and the TAXI community has done is help me raise the level of my game."
Gary Platt
Gary Platt recently informed TAXI that as a result of signing with a music publishing company, quite a few of his music cues have been used on a huge, long-running, network television daytime talk show. "IIt is often heard that some people get the opportunity to live out a lifelong dream. But when it comes to my recent successes with my music, I can honestly say that I am living a life beyond anything I could have ever dreamed or imagined. I cannot thank TAXI enough for the contacts I have been able to make enabling this life beyond a dream to take shape and form. Thank you...thank you...thank you...and thank you again Michael and all your faithful staff," he said.
Margie Balter

Margie Balter's solo piano piece, "Why Me?" (originally called "Bluesie") was licensed to the film Date Night starting Tina Fey and Steve Carrell. This placement was the direct result of a TAXI forward to a successful music placement company. When Margie heard her song in the movie, her reaction was this: "I loved every minute and 57 seconds of it! It's in the first 15 minutes on their first date in the local steakhouse, and what they're saying over the music is hilarious!"
Krisanthi Pappas

NBC's Parenthood recently included a song by Krisanthi Pappas called "One Slow Dance a Day". "My song aired on Parenthood on April 27. I was excited because I've had other songs on ABC and NBC in daytime dramas, but this is my first song on prime time television! Thanks TAXI for making this possible!", she said.
Chris Ball
John Mazzei
Chris Ball and John Mazzei recently shared the exciting news that as a direct result of their TAXI membership, they are both now represented by one of the most highly established and world-class video game agencies in the industry. "I am honored and humbled to be represented by the premier agency in the world for video game composers. The owner only accepts the very best and to be part of this group is tremendously inspiring!" Chris said. John adds, "Receiving a deal with the top game composer agent via TAXI is not only a sign that I'm doing things the right way in my music and career, but it's also a testament to the great relationships and opportunities TAXI has nurtured for us."
Ryan Walter

Ryan Walter recently landed a record deal for his new Emelo project. Ryan also had his song, "Sun Won't Shine" placed on Scrubs, and had his song "Looking on the Bright Side" placed on ABC's Greek. "My wife and I were joking around when we originally signed up with TAXI, saying 'what if we got a song on Scrubs,' thinking that it was impossible. Then, after signing a record deal, seeing my CDs in Barnes and Noble, Best Buy, and Target, we were starting to feel more optimistic about bigger possibilities. We had a few smaller placements on E! and two songs on a Sundance Film, and then one night my publisher called me and told me that our song 'Sun Won't Shine' was going to be on Scrubs, but he didn't know how it would be mixed in. The night of the show came and my family and friends all gathered around and watched the show. The episode was almost over and we hadn't heard the song yet, so we thought we either missed it or it wasn't going to be on, right then, we heard the opening guitar riff... they put the song on the best part, the climax of the episode, they played almost 2 minutes of the song. Everybody started jumping up and down and freaking out. It was such an incredible feeling to hear something that started with me in my living room to a primetime television show... Truly amazing...," he said.
Chris Lago

After being forwarded to a successful music publishing company, Chris Lago's song Be My Lover was placed on the WB's Melrose Place. "This placement will make me submit more songs for licensing. I had given up on music licensing a year ago, but now I am doing better than ever... The song that was played on the show had gotten returned twice before getting picked by a publisher! Just be persistent. If you believe in your music and you push for it, and you're willing to push some more even after being told, 'no,' you'll eventually find opportunities out there...," he said.
Chris Whatley

Japan-based TAXI member Chris Whatley has had eight song placements in TV shows as a result of his music being forwarded to a highly successful independent music publisher. The shows include ABC's Desperate Housewives and Everwood and NBC's Heroes and Life. "I am based in Tokyo, and get TV later on cable. The first time my music was placed, a friend in the U.S. heard it first and called me in middle of the night (Japan time) shouting excitedly, 'I just heard your tune on Heroes'... I thought he was either drunk or mistaken, or both. Six months later the ... statement came through. Needless to say, it was a sweet moment. So I tracked down the episode and watched it," he said.
Keith LuBrant

After a forward through TAXI to a well-connected music consultant with many film/TV/commercial placements, Keith LuBrant signed a deal that landed his songs "Come Here" and "Can You Tell Me Why" in American Idol's music catalog. Keith also made a connection through TAXI with a Los Angeles-based commercial and production music composer who runs a music library, and wrote music for a specific request which landed Keith the opportunity to write a tune for the new Mattel Hot Wheels commercial! "...I was a skeptic when I first joined … I honestly thought TAXI was a scam and figured I'd get my money back once I saw proof. But, I have been pretty successful since I joined and have been happily proven wrong!" he said." he said.
Terry Topley

Terry Topley's Celtic song "Hooray for the Liberties" was placed on ABC's The Forgotten. This was a result of a forward through TAXI to a Los Angeles-based music publisher. "Thanks to TAXI my song has been heard coast to coast TV in America. I've achieved more by sending my songs to TAXI than all the demos sent to Irish music publishers and record labels over twenty years, thank you TAXI," he said.
Denny Earnest

As the result of an ongoing relationship with an East Coast music library/publisher established through a TAXI forward in 2006, five of Denny Earnest's Americana/Folk guitar tunes were recently placed on NBC's poker show Poker After Dark. Denny also landed a few recent deals with an Arizona-based music publisher that he made a connection with through TAXI in 2004. These included a song placed MTV's Run's House, FX's It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and TLC's Date My House. "Patience is the key. Last fall I was worrying about how to make the mortgage; one trip to the mailbox changed that. I got a (four-figure) check from ASCAP from a TAXI listing," he said.
Jeff Lopez

As the result of a forward through TAXI to a highly successful music publisher, Jeff Lopez's Jazz song "The Sun and the Rain" was placed in the October 11 episode of the popular NBC TV series Heroes. "I didn't hear about the deal. I was on the road during the broadcast. My family and I watch Heroes regularly. When I am on the road, my wife records them for me so I can catch up when I get back off the road. During one of the scenes, I recognized the music and said to myself 'I know this tune, what is it? It's my tune!' Literally," he said.
Scott Gerow

Scott Gerow has landed placements in TNT's action/drama Dark Blue, ABC's Ugly Betty, and Ice Cube's new movie Janky Promoters. These were a result of a forward through TAXI to a highly successful music publisher. "I'm always honored to get songs signed. I've gotten a good amount of work through TAXI, which has led to great networking opportunities. So, at my studio we sign a number of songs and tracks every month. I have to be honest, I don't dance around the living room as much as I did with my first few deals, but I'm always thrilled that my music works well enough for people that they want to sign it," he said.
Scott Gerow

Helen Austin submitted her singer/songwriter song "Happy" through TAXI to an L.A.-based music publisher requesting songs that specifically mention happy, and as a result of a forward to this company, her song was licensed for a Royal Caribbean cruise line commercial. "I got the e-mail about the deal while rushing out of the house and was thrilled and couldn't stop smiling! It's such a great feeling to know that your music was picked by someone to represent their product!" she said.
Ken Morrison / Mark Reiman

Ken Morrison and his writing partner Mark Reiman landed a placement with their Jazz ballad tune "Everyone Can See" in the Golden Globe-nominated film A Single Man as the result of meeting a Los Angeles-based music publisher at the TAXI Road Rally. "Mark and I were lucky enough to attend a screening of A Single Man before its national release. It was fun to hear a little of our song in the film... but the real thrill came as the credits rolled. It's a good film and the fact that it [was] nominated for three Golden Globes (including best soundtrack) is a nice feather in our caps... to say nothing of the current Oscar-buzz," Ken said.
Richard Bassett

Richard Bassett's song "Never Gonna Shake Me" was used in the new reality TV series Vertical Pole Challenge as the result of a forward through TAXI to the show's producer. "Even though most of us want our song(s) to be a number one hit song, any opportunity to get songs used and benefit from them is probably a good thing. This opportunity kind of came out of the blue. I got a forward and didn't hear anything for a while... which is pretty typical... then I got an e-mail letting me know that they were interested in using my song for Vertical Pole Challenge. I don't watch a whole lot of reality TV … but I am pretty excited about getting this opportunity for my co-writer and me. A big Thank You to TAXI for this connection!" he said.
Terry Munday

As the result of a forward through TAXI to a Los Angeles-based commercial and production music composer who runs a music library, Terry Munday's instrumental track "Song of the Meadow Lark" was placed in First Love, Second Chance on The LifeStyle Channel. "I've had my music accepted, a lot of it, on four major music libraries in the U.S. And, as I live in London, to achieve this without the help of TAXI would have been unthinkable. It took time. I listened to the feedback from the TAXI reviewers and... and, eventually, the doors began to open," Terry said.
Jeff Greenleaf

Jeff Greenleaf landed several deals as a result of attending the TAXI Road Rally. One deal was two placements with his high-tension instrumentals on MTV's Styl'D as the result of a forward through TAXI to a Los Angeles-based commercial and production music composer who runs a music library, and has already signed 100 of Jeff's instrumental cues. He has also signed up as a composed of a popular daytime talk show. "I've grown so much since I joined TAXI. Getting forwards is like planting seeds. I want to thank TAXI and all the forum members for keeping me focused... and patient," he said.
Matt Hirt

As the result of a forward through TAXI to a highly successful music publisher/library, Matt Hirt's instrumental cue "Jungle Love" was placed a few times in the 20th Century Fox movie All About Steve starring Sandra Bullock, Bradley Cooper, and Thomas Hayden Church. Matt's cue was used as the theme for the evil reporter, "Vasquez." "This placement came from a library TAXI hooked me up with so as usual: THANKS TAXI!! ... Feature film placements are always extra nice," he said.

Matt has also had daily placements in the Dr. Oz Show since it started in September, averaging about 30 seconds of music a day. He also had songs included in Ugly Betty, Dancing With the Stars, and many others.
Dave Walton

Dave Walton's very first TAXI connection landed him yet a few more placements. Dave's electronica track "Body And Soul" was licensed by CBS and placed in CSI commercial promos. His instrumental piece "Hostage" was placed on the show called Americans Feeding Americans, which aired on The Hallmark Channel. Dave also had his instrumental piece "Chalice" placed on an ABC Family show called Dark Night. "Having music affiliated with and promoting the show CSI (a cool show with cool music) is a music dream come true and that never would have happened without TAXI," he said.
Tony Thompson

TAXI member Tony Thompson has his Jazz song, "Midnight," featured on an episode of Fox's Fringe. This was the result of a forward through TAXI to a music publisher. "When I first submitted music to TAXI, half a dozen things got forwarded within the first six weeks and within six months I had an offer from a publisher who operates a music library. "Attending a TAXI Road Rally and reading the newsletters, recommended books, and [video] clips helped me to understand the business end and the logistics of the process as well as the potential for real opportunity," he said.
Ivan Valles

As a result of a forward through TAXI to a music publisher/library, member Ivan Valles's song, "Always You" was placed in NBC's Mercy. Attending a TAXI Road Rally and reading the newsletters, recommended books, and [video] clips helped me to understand the business end and the logistics of the process as well as the potential for real opportunity," he said.
Stephen Baird

TAXI member Stephen Baird had two recent successes with TAXI. He signed an exclusive deal for five Hip-Hop tracks with a production music library/publisher for various film/TV placements. He has also landed regular placements on The Dr. Oz Show. "My cue was the first cue played when Dr. Oz walked out to take the stage for the first time. Pretty cool knowing that my music kicked off a new show," he said.
Jay Ramsey & Bob Kelly

Writing/recording/publishing partners, Jay Ramsey & Bob Kelly (Nevada), recently gave us an update on their initial exclusive deal with a very successful Music Publisher they signed with through TAXI, and are now reporting that their four-figure deal has now bumped up to a five-figure deal! They also reported that one of their '60s tunes was placed in episode 306 of the new AMC show Mad Men. Jay and Bob added: "It just goes to show that good songs are good songs but if they don't get into the right hands they just sit around and gather dust. Thanks Taxi for getting us in touch with the right Publisher and into the 'right hands.'"

Gary Sredzienski (Maine) was just informed that his song "Klezmerized" was placed in the July 22nd episode of The Philanthropist on NBC starring James Purefoy and Neve Campbell. This was the direct result of a forward through TAXI to a highly successful Music Publisher based in Los Angeles.

Gary also notified us that he landed a third movie deal through TAXI with the same Music Publisher based in Los Angeles. Gary's latest placement was with his ethnic accordion tune "Vlad the Joker" in the upcoming Indie film Love Hurts starring Jenna Elfman, Janeane Garofalo, and Carrie Ann Moss.

"This is my third major motion picture [placement] and these great things have happened all because of Taxi. Even a musician on the seacoast of Maine can get tunes in movies.... an accordionist none the less!!!"
Gary Sredzienski

After a forward through TAXI to an established and successful Music Publisher based in L.A., José León's (United Kingdom) Reggaeton song "Mueve La Cadera" was placed on ABC's Ugly Betty in episode 8 of season 3. Just a few months later, this same publisher placed the same song in a short film called Los Bandoleros (directed and produced by Vin Diesel), which is the prequel to link The Fast and the Furious to the latest film in the series, Fast & Furious (4th one in the series).

"Just wanted to thank all at TAXI, keep up the good work!!"
José León

Dean Krippaehne

Dean Krippaehne landed a placement in Chris Rock's new HBO film/documentary Good Hair as a result of a forward through TAXI to a very successful music publisher based in Los Angeles. Dean also just signed six more songs on Muzak due to a connection made through TAXI. Finally, Dean also received a phone call from Universal's licensing department notifying him that they are releasing Stefanie Heinzmann's CD in the U.S. in March (which Dean originally had his song "Do Your Thing" cut on her album released in Europe as the result of a forward through TAXI to an international management / publishing / production company).
Blake Carver

Blake Carver just received his royalty check stating that his two instrumental surf tunes "Rocket To The Moon" and "Vegas After Dark" were placed on the TV show Caught On Camera: Thieves and Thugs that aired on NBC. This was the result of a forward through TAXI to a leading music publisher based in Los Angeles. "[TAXI's] industry listings constantly supply me with new things to write for and with deadlines to keep me sharp. There will be a listing for something I think I can pull off and it now turns into a project with a deadline. Doing this I am never "out of work." … TAXI is without a doubt one of the best investments I have made in my music career," he said.
Stuart Ridgeway

Through TAXI, Stuart Ridgway originally connected with a huge TV production company that currently produces three of the most popular shows for the world's largest music cable network. A TAXI listing that he was originally connected through was meant for placing his music in Making The Band on MTV, but the deal fell through. Later, when Stuart was on his way down to the 2004 TAXI Road Rally, he dropped by the music coordinator's office to reconnect with her and discovered she needed music for a new show. The show was Starting Over on NBC, and Stuart was hired to compose music for the Emmy award-winning show for two seasons. Soon after this show ended, the music coordinator found more work for Stuart, and he starting writing for shows such as Bad Girls Club on the Oxygen channel, as well as Real World and Road Rules on MTV. While writing for these shows, Stuart also made several other connections through TAXI.
Freddy Litwiniuk

Freddy Litwiniuk recently reported that his song "Fade Away" appeared in episode 102 of the ABC series Cupid. This deal is a result of a forward through TAXI to a leading music publisher who has secured many film/TV placements to TAXI members. "Hearing my song on TV never gets old! When I was notified of the placement, I had no idea how much of it was used or where it was used, so when I watched the show and found out that the song was played right off the top, almost in its entirety, I was really happy. The characters even referred to the song in the dialogue!" he said.
Chas Edwards Jr.

Chas Edwards Jr. recently informed TAXI that as a result of a single song forward through TAXI to the creative director of an established U.S./international music publishing company, his music was added to MTV's catalog/library, and was used a few times on Cribs. "Almost a year later (after Chas signed the deal with the Music Publishing company), when I forgot all about that and I pretty much wanted to quit making music, I was watching MTV Cribs and heard my music in the background!!!! Then two days later I heard more of my music on Cribs, then a week later I heard another track! I can't explain the feeling via e-mail! But I owe it all to everyone over at TAXI," he said.
Lee Kweller
The independent film And the Winner Is... will feature one of Lee Kweller's instrumental tunes, "Magnetic." This was a result of a forward through TAXI to an independent film producer. "When I first found out about the deal, I was somewhat skeptical because I have had proposed deals fall apart in the past. But when I found out it was for real, I was very excited. It's a feeling of accomplishment and there's no feeling that quite matches that. It gives me more motivation to keep on writing and pitching and to enjoy the process along the way," he said.
Dan Diaz

Dan Diaz signed many instrumentals to a Los Angeles-based commercial and production music composer who runs a music library. Dan's song, "Arrest Me," was placed in episode six of MTV's Nitro Circus. "TAXI has been great at connecting me with some very cool music publishers. As a result of those connections, I've signed deals for over 100 cues, and am looking forward to hopefully hearing about more placements soon!" he said.
Sam Reynolds

NBC's Kath & Kim recently featured TAXI member Sam Reynolds's Dance/Pop song, "Another Place & Time." This was a result of a forward through TAXI to a highly successful L.A.-based music publisher. "TAXI has either directly or indirectly helped me in getting all of my tracks signed. I have over 100 tracks signed to seven different music libraries. I didn't even know music libraries existed or that you could make money from writing music for television until joining TAXI. I'm even writing music in styles I never thought I would. Joining TAXI has changed my life forever," Sam said.
Keith LuBrant

As a result of a forward through TAXI and signing a licensing deal with a highly successful L.A.-based music publisher, TAXI member Keith LuBrant's song, "Devil Woman," was placed in an episode of TNT's Saving Grace. "I have to admit, I was skeptical at first at what TAXI would be able to do and put off joining for a couple of years, but the opportunities generated have been incredible. The fact that TAXI has been able to open the door to so many companies showed me that it was definitely worth joining," Heith said.
John Neal

TAXI member John Neal's Blues Rock song, "Rock 'n' Roll Singer," was placed in an episode of NBC's Quarterlife as a result of a forward through TAXI to a leading L.A. music publisher. John later discovered that through the same publisher, another song was placed on ABC's Cupid. "Both episodes have aired and how I felt is almost unexplainable. I think I had a smile on my face for weeks! It is hard to grasp my song out of millions of songs was selected. That just seems crazy! Definitely makes me feel like I am doing something right. The e-mails, text messages, and phone calls from family and friends telling me how proud they are and to keep it up just help to reinforce the notion that I can do this. I can make it. I can write songs that can be on TV!" he said.
Dan McDougall
After a forward through a TAXI Dispatch listing, TAXI member Dan McDougall connected with an executive producer/music supervisor based in Texas who is working on a few film projects. Dan's songs are currently being pitched to be included in a few movie soundtracks, but more importantly Dan is already receiving income from doing vocal work on a few projects the executive producer has him working on. Dan is currently working on providing music for the upcoming film For Whom He Tolls, which just went into production. "I guess I am evidence that if you don't give up and knock enough times, doors will open!" he said.
Lauren de Miranda
TAXI member Lauren de Miranda recently reported that as a result of a forward through TAXI to a national radio network her Pop/Rock song, "Heartbreak Radio," is now playing on BusRadio, which plays her song to 1.2 million kids a day. "I would have never known of BusRadio without TAXI and they might have never found me! With this single connection, my membership has definitely paid for itself. I view TAXI as my introduction to 1.2 million new potential fans! Thank you, TAXI," she said.
David Chong

David Chong, TAXI member since 1998, recently reported that his song "Walk On Out the Door" was placed in the ABC daytime soap opera One Life To Live as a result of a forward through TAXI years prior. David has also licensed his music with numerous other companies through TAXI including: a Midwest-based music library/publisher, a UK-based production music library, the president of an established LA-based music library/publishing company, and an online music licensing company. "I got the royalty check from ASCAP back in July for about $XXX. That was the first money I ever made with my music. Thank you Taxi!!" he said.
Ruthie Brock

Ruthie Brock's band Gold Hill recently received a royalty check as a result of one of their songs being placed during the GAC cable network show, The Grand Ol' Opry Live!, one of the most popular television programs in Country music today, reaching more than 39 million households. Ruthie mentioned that this placement was a result of attending the TAXI Road Rally. Ruthie's band also signed 17 songs with a very successful music publisher that has placed many TAXI members music in major film and TV projects as a result of handing a CD to the president of this company at the TAXI Road Rally. And as a result of a forward to a west coast music licensing company/library through TAXI, 14 Gold Hill songs were picked up. "Thanks to you guys, we had our ducks in a row. These are opportunities we never would have had, being a band of 50-somethings and not being commercially viable. So thanks for everything!" she said.
Logan Pepper
As a result of a forward through a TAXI Dispatch listing, Logan Pepper signed his first-ever deal for one of his instrumental tracks. Logan signed the contract a month after he was forwarded through TAXI. "I signed the contract at the end of November – it was a wonderful early Christmas present! Thanks so much to Michael and clan for everything you do for us musicians! This would not be possible without you," he said.
Erich Gruber
Erich Gruber recently updated us on his previous connection through TAXI with a Los Angeles-based commercial and production music composer who runs a music library. So far, Erich has published 10 songs with them, and the production music composer is now actively pitching his music to cable TV music supervisors. Erich is currently able to send them music whenever he creates new tunes. "BIG, HUGE (sorry for yelling :) ) props to TAXI for making all this possible. Your service has exceeded expectations!" he said.
Justin Mather

As a result of a connection made at the TAXI Road Rally in 2007, Justin Mather signed 10 songs to an independent label which specializes in film/TV placements, and he received his first royalty due to two of his songs being replaced on two TV show DVDs. His song "Live For Every Moment" replaced one song on season 1 of Jack & Bobby, and his song "Riverside" replaced other spots in seasons 3 and 4 of Everwood. "This is a dream come true for me and I owe TAXI a big THANK YOU!! I could not have made these connections without your help," he said.
Patrick Rydman

Patrick Rydman reports that his Jazz song "The End of the Rainbow" was placed in the February 12 episode of the NBC comedy series, Kath & Kim. This was the result of a forward through TAXI to a music publisher that specializes in film/TV placements. "You need a few things to succeed: talent, patience, persistence, and someone like TAXI to connect the dots. Thank you!" he said.
Jay Ramsey and Bob Kelly
Jay Ramsey and Bob Kelly just wrapped up a high four-figure deal for 10 songs in their back catalog made possible by a forward through TAXI to a very successful music publisher that focuses on film/TV placements. "Our sincere thanks to TAXI. It just goes to show that even the 'old' recordings of 'good' songs will finally find a place to fit into the scheme of things, if a logical match can be found–and TAXI found it for us. Nice Work, TAXI, and keep it up," they said.

Anna Maria Flechero recently reported that as a result of her very first submission through TAXI, she landed a deal with an independent record label with major distribution ties. Her two Jazz standards, and one Jazz original have been included on a Smooth Jazz compilation CD being released by this Indie label and distributed by Universal Music in Poland. "This was my first time I submitted to TAXI after many, many years of receiving your mail and e-mails. Thank you so much. Your critiques have given me insight and motivation," she said.

Gus Caveda recently reported that two of the Rock songs he submitted through a TAXI listing were signed by a very successful production music library that has secured placements with ABC, CBS, NBC, WB, Disney, Discovery, Lifetime, Fox, and USA (just to name a few). I became a member of Taxi in the late 90s after years of touring and a two-year contract with Atlantic Records . I had decided to "really" learn about the craft of songwriting and Taxi has been a sort of guidance counselor for me ever since. "[TAXI's] critiques have helped me to look at my music with an outside perspective that I never had before. TAXI's resources have also prepared me to understand the industry better and that education has helped me to recognize the markets I am most productive at," he said.

Skip-Dawg notified TAXI that his song "Skip To The Floor" was featured on the popular #1 Current Hit Radio Show with more than 10 million listeners in Europe/Germany and L.A. as a result of a forward through TAXI. He also reports that he received five placements as a result of a forward to a very successful online music licensing company through TAXI more than a year ago. They include: His song "Everybody Gather Round" was used in a Facebook application for a well-known global advertising agency, a song placed in The Big Reunion (Hip-Hop DJ DVD documentary), a song licensed with an e-card Web site, and two songs used by two major corporations. AND, his song "Times In My Life" was also signed with a music publisher with tons of film/TV placements as a result of a forward through TAXI. "Every piece of constructive criticism from TAXI helped me mold my sound and the better I got, the more forwards I received and the more projects my songs were licensed to," he said.

Amanda Somerville recently reported that she was featured on one of the biggest commercial radio stations in Europe as a result of a forward through TAXI. The response from her song, "Mayday," was so good the first time around that she was featured a second time with her song, "Point of Safe Return." "I was of course really excited about it! It's even more difficult to receive radio airplay in Europe than in North America because there aren't really underground or college stations that play songs from Indie or non-major label artists and this was big time CHR," she said.

The December 4 episode of ABC's "Ugly Betty" included a song by Hanspeter Kruesi, who lives in Switzerland. The placement of "In Touch With God" was a direct result of a forward to a leading music publisher based in Los Angeles. "Since this was my first placement after having several contracts through TAXI, I just thought, 'Wow it really, really works.' Then I realized that "Ugly Betty" is a very popular show in the USA and is running all over the world—I couldn't really believe it. It was kind of a positive shock and gave me even more confidence that I am going the right way with my philosophy in music and business," he said.

Mike Mostert's Hard Rock/Metal song "American Girl" was placed in the recent Seth Green movie called Sex Drive. This was the result of a forward he had through TAXI one year ago to a highly successful music publisher based in LA. "The minute we found out we ran to the movie theater to check it out. The highlight was not only hearing our music in a major motion picture but having our names magnified and highlighted at the end of the movie," he said.

Denny Earnest, TAXI member since 1994, originally made a connection with an independent label which specializes in Film/TV placements through TAXI, and has landed placements on Life (NBC), Friday Night Lights (NBC), Everwood (WB), and the soap opera One Life To Live (ABC), just to name a few. Due to this connection, Denny is also working with a U.K. based label/production music library where they will be releasing his new Americana album and distributing his songs on iTunes. "The main thing TAXI's done for me is build up my resume. I've had hundreds of placements and when companies asked who I've worked with, I can click off a dozen companies just like that," he said.

TAXI member Glenn Shambroom's Jazz band ballad "She Walked Away" was used in the November 20 episode of ABC's hit show "Ugly Betty" as a result of a licensing deal he obtained with a highly successful music publisher through TAXI. "It's been great getting my stuff into music libraries, and opening up a new source of money for the music I write and record—'mailbox money'! I was amazed, when I listened carefully to the soundtrack of 'Ugly Betty,' at the dizzying number of musical snippets they used. Really makes me appreciate the sound editors, and realize how much 'product' is needed to fill up these shows," he said.

TAXI member Keith Zizza recently notified TAXI that the music supervisor of a few new reality shows placed his 80s style songs "Brand New Day" and "Callisto" in TV Land's "High School Reunion." "I particularly enjoy the Dispatch listings because it forces me to work quickly and keep my chops up. I wrote and submitted a couple of 80s instrumentals for a film listing a while back and hadn't heard anything, though they were well-liked in the critique and forwarded; so when I saw the recent Dispatch listing for 80s tunes, I submitted them again and got forwarded... and accepted," he said.

After a forward through TAXI to a leading Music Publisher/Library who focuses on TV placements, TAXI member Shelley Jacobson and her co-writer Skip Adams had their Blues/Rock Guitar Instrumental "Good At Getting Up" placed on the October 28 episode of CBS's "The Mentalist." "It's so nice to defy the odds and prove that you don't have to reside in a major hub to make things happen ... not necessary ... not when you have TAXI on your side. Thank you so much for everything," she said.

HBO's new series, True Blood, featured a song by TAXI member John Mazzei. His song, "Summer Memories," was played during episode 10 of the show, which aired on November 9, 2008. "It was a great feeling to hear my music on such a popular show. Every deal and placement helps to boost my confidence (and also looks good on the resume too!). TAXI has really helped me not only getting deals and placements, but as an education tool in how the business works. A few years ago, I didn't know anything about publishing, royalties or film/TV placements. Now I have relationships with publishers, libraries and have had placements on TV and in films. I attribute a large part of my success to TAXI. Thanks!!" he said.

TAXI member Frank Longo's song "L.A. Lawyers" was used on the new NBC comedy Kath & Kim. His song "Red Hot Romance" also aired in an episode of the Chris Rock show Everybody Hates Chris on CW. Both of these deals are a result of a forward through TAXI to an LA-based music publisher that specializes in film and TV placements. "TAXI has been absolutely amazing! From the day of my first submissions, the feedback I received from the screeners was invaluable! Of course, the fact that the screeners know their business and who to send what to resulted in my luck of having 13 of my songs (to date) signed to a major Los Angeles publisher! I was on cloud nine! No matter how long you've been in the business, it continues to be a rush when music professionals believe in your music," he said.

Steve and Karen Multer recently signed a deal with a highly successful music publisher through TAXI, and as a result they had their song"Lady Luck" placed in the closing scene in episode 502 of HBO's Entourage. They also report that they had the instrumental version of their song "Hepster’s Hop." featured for two uses in the upcoming MGM release, Legally Blondes (third in the Elle Woods series), which is also due for DTV release following several airings on MTV "It's tough to always find the words off appreciation for TAXI or tell the story of how incredibly important you guys are to those of us out here trying to make it day after day -- it's amazing to have the ongoing interest in addition to the ongoing support for our work," Steve said.

Manuela Hofer, of Norway, had her Pop/Electronica song "Had to Let You Go" placed in the CW show "Everybody Hates Chris." This was a result of a deal signed with a highly successful music publisher. "[This deal] was a great opportunity and I say, 'thank you' to TAXI for making this possible. I hope to do it again," she said.

John Zox, representing his band ZOX, recently got deals with MTV through TAXI. The band has received more than a dozen placements on shows such as "Real World" and "Road Rules." "You can do no wrong by getting your music into the ears, in a solicited manner, of the people who can help you achieve your music biz goals. Why thank you, TAXI!" he said.

Aimee Allen's new album is scheduled for release later this year in several European countries, including Poland, France, Belgium, and Germany. This deal is because of a forward through TAXI. She will also perform at the 50th Jazz Jamboree - International Jazz Festival, which is one of the oldest and most prestigious festivals in Europe. "I am so grateful that TAXI was able to help me bring my music to European audiences, which had been a goal of mine for a long time. I now have a fruitful ongoing relationship with industry partners I never would have found otherwise," she said.

As a result of a forward through a TAXI listing, Will Rayson signed his first deal by having his song "The Chase" included in a UK-based production music library for film/TV placement opportunities. "I find as a musician, it's really difficult to get impartial, knowledgeable, and constructive reviews and opinions on the music I write, record and produce. Even though friends and family would generally say they liked everything, you could never get them to say why, or which bit, or does it go to the chorus quick enough, or should it end quicker, is the intro too loud, etc. And that is what I get from TAXI," he said.

Blair was recently informed that the instrumental version of his song "New Man In Town" will be airing on the October 5th episode of HBO's show Little Britain USA. This is a result of a forward through TAXI to a Music Publisher who specializes in film and TV placements.

As a result of submitting through TAXI's Industry Listings and Dispatch requests, Derek was able to land all of the following deals that he mentions below:

"I will list some placements from last five BMI Statements:

America's Got Talent - Episode 205B
Dr 90210 - Episode Titles (Body Meets Soul, Family Ties That Bind, Hollywood Mending)
(A VERY popular daytime talkshow) - 26+ different Episode Titles
Pimp My Ride - Episode 503, 504, 512, 514, 516, 517, 518
You On A Diet - Discovery Health and PBS
My Super Sweet 16 - Episode Titles (Priscilla, Rachel)
American Idol Rewind - Episode 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 107, 108, 117, 122
Cities of the Underworld - Episode Titles (Freemason Underground, Rome's Hidden Empire, Rome the Rise)
Dateline NBC - Episode June 17 2007

I have received approximately $11,264.00 in royalties and approximately $1080.00 in license fees."

As a result of attending the TAXI Road Rally, Paula connected with an Independent Label that specializes in Film/TV placements and recently had two songs placed on the upcoming DVD release of the first two seasons of Everwood.

After signing a publishing deal with a Production Music Library/Publisher back in 2000 through TAXI, Jason Bush recently notified us that he received placements on Dateline NBC, HBO Specials, XM Radio, and usage with AOL.

Paul Longland recently notified us that through an International Management/Publishing/Production company that has tons of hits and cuts, he had his song placed on the TV series High School Reunion.

Through the same company, Paul also had his song cut on a major artists album with Universal in Germany.  This was a result of a forward through TAXI almost two years ago!

Bobby Belfry's Jazz/Pop songs "What's Your Story?" and "So What?" was included on a Smooth Jazz compilation CD released in Europe as a result of a forward to an Independent Label through TAXI.  The owner of the label also plans to distribute Bobby's debut album throughout much of Europe.

TAXI member Suzannah Doyle recently reported 18 different placements as a result of a forward through TAXI to an online music licensing company that supplies music to film, TV, video games, Internet, and DVD projects. Legoland licensed her "Merry Go Round" song to use for a year with a display of a Lego carousel and Ferris wheel at Legoland in California. A January 2009 movie called Sins of Commission will also showcase two of Suzannah's songs. "TAXI has helped me grow as a composer in so many ways: It has helped (and continues to help) me understand what the business side of the music industry involves; how to improve my recording production values, how to better describe and present my particular musical style to the world at-large; and, most important, how perseverance, patience, and constant improvement of one's craft is the key to creating a satisfying (and successful) career as a composer," Suzannah said.

After signing seven songs with a very successful LA-based music publisher through TAXI, TAXI member Peter Koellerer and his co-composer/producer Thomas Viehboeck had their song "Plan C" featured on the ABC Family TV series Kyle XY. Sonic Adventure Project's song was featured in an episode of the show called "Does Kyle Dream of Electric Fish?" "I had also personally enjoyed watching the first KyleXY season quite a lot and was happy for that reason as well," he said.

TAXI member Lisa Richards had her Neo-Soul song "Just You and Me" included on a Warner Brothers compilation CD released in Poland. This deal was a result of a forward through TAXI to an independent record label." I was coming to the end of my first year membership and I had had about 15 forwards but nothing concrete had come of any of them. ... It was about one day from the time the company contacted me saying they liked my tracks, to when they called to tell me that my song had been chosen for this compilation. When they told me that I would be on a CD with Nina Simone, Christina Aguilera, Joss Stone, and Corinne Bailey Rae ... I was even more excited. I renewed my membership!" Lisa said.

After many forwards through TAXI to various independent labels, publishers, libraries, online licensing companies, and more, member Nick Kepics received many placements. One of the deals he received was a placement on ABC Family’s drama TV series called “Beautiful People.” He also had his song “Uma Cobra Louca” in the movie “Mini’s First Time,” which now airs on HBO and other movie channels. “My largest sense of satisfaction comes from the fact that I know my music is being played all over the globe in many different countries,” he said.

TAXI member Laura Sorenson’s song “I Will Think of You” was featured on Lifetime’s “Army Wives.” The song aired in a June 15 episode of the show. The deal was a result of a TAXI forward to a leading LA-based music publisher. “The response I have received since the show aired has been very moving, especially since so many of the letters are about how they are dealing with the loss of a loved one,” she said.

“Hard work pays personal and financial gains,” which is what TAXI member Philip Waters stated when he recently notified TAXI that he had his two Rock/Metal songs “Stutter Junkie” and “Chain Smokin” placed on episode 12 of MTV’s “Real World/Road Rules Challenge.” The company that he was forwarded to by TAXI contacted him a year later to notify him of the placement.

From a previous connection he made through TAXI two years ago with his song “Free,” Robert and his co-writer Dave W. were recently informed that their song was featured on the May 16 season finale episode of “America’s Funniest Home Videos.” With all the options set to be picked up by the company, the licensing fees would total approximately $20,000! This airing would be noted as the single largest licensing fee this music publishing company has ever received for a TV placement. Here’s what Robert had to say: “I never would have made this connection without TAXI and I’ve also realized that patience is the name of the game! Patience and consistency.”

TAXI member Jonny Blu was recently informed that Universal Music in Eastern Europe will be releasing his first Swing/Pop album in mid-June. His band will fly to Europe to play live, and will also play on national TV. “It all started with a placement (through TAXI) of one of my songs, “Girl From Ipanema,” on a Jazz compilation CD and they ended up liking my whole album so much they asked me if I’d be up for having it released... I couldn’t exactly say no.”

A February 2008 episode of NBC’s “Lipstick Jungle” featured TAXI member Jeff Lopez’s song, “Prospects.” “TAXI has helped me find a way of getting a little extra money to help finance the recordings of my compositions. It also gives me a little validation as a composer and a little hope that with some hard work and persistence, I can compose music full-time,” Jeff said.

Hip-Hop artist and TAXI member Harvey Roundtree Jr. recently signed his album The Unexpected, They Made Me to an independent music distributor. It took six months to hear back from the company after the forward through TAXI, but it resulted in his CD getting exposure to 400+ markets online, and the possibility to be sold in stores such as Best Buy, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, and Target. “TAXI has helped me tremendously by providing me with the chance to be in way more markets than I could have been in alone. This deal will definitely create a greater opportunity for more sales and exposure,” he said.

As a direct result of a TAXI forward, Stephen Baird was hired as a staff composer on a very popular daytime talk show to produce Urban Instrumentals. And as an active member on the TAXI forum, Stephen collaborated with another TAXI member on some Hip-Hop tracks. They ended up signing two songs with a publisher, and the publisher requested several more songs. “What a great investment your company has been! I will definitely be renewing! You guys are changing my life one listing at a time! THANK YOU TAXI!!!!!!” he said.

TAXI Member James Henderson recently received a phone call from the director of an independent film company and the director ended up licensing James’ songs “We Stay The Same,” “Today’s The Day,” and two others he wrote specifically for the film. The songs were placed in the Indie film Graduation, which was scheduled to release in early May 2008. “The most significant way TAXI has helped me and my career is to make good on their promise: they get my music into the hands of people who can do something with it. I am quite certain my list of musical accomplishments would be a lot lighter without TAXI. I get excited and inspired every time a listing arrives in my INBOX that fits my style,” he said.

“Dreaming in Colored Waters,” a song by TAXI member Darrin Frison, was chosen to be placed in an upcoming Logo/MTV series, “Gimme Sugar.” “After sitting down and catching my breath, I was like, ‘WHA?!?!’ Then, ‘WHOO HOO!!’ It was exciting! I had been forwarded before, but this was the first IMMEDIATE response I had gotten from the company it was forwarded to, and for it to be for Logo/MTV made it even more amazing!” he said.

Brad Paxton’s Indie Rock song “I’m Gonna Change” was featured in CBS’s “Cold Case.” It was in the “Spiders” episode, which aired in February. “This was my first deal ever, and the fact that a highly-rated TV show was interested in music that I wrote and recorded in my bedroom, well, it was just hugely validating,” he said.

Dean Krippaehne’s song “Do Your Thing” was picked up by an artist in Germany named Stefanie Heinzmann. Her album was released in March and debuted at #8 on Billboard’s European Top 100 Charts. “I was obviously quite stoked when I found out that a new artist on Universal had cut one of my songs, but I had no idea who Stefanie Heinzmann was at the time. It was only after I Googled her and found out that she had just won Germany's version of “American Idol,” had exposure to millions of TV viewers, and already had a single sitting at #3 on Germany's top 100 charts that I started feel really lucky to have landed on her CD,” Dean said.

Barbara Martin’s song “Ready for Love” was featured on a March 31 episode of ABC Family’s “Greek.” Actress Amber Vox sang the song with the instrumental tracks from Barbara’s CD. “This was the biggest thing that had happened for me with my songwriting,” she said.

Jean Custeau’s song, “Deux Millions D’etoiles” was played during the February 1 episode of USA’s “Monk.” "I've been member of TAXI since September 2007 and I'm surely convinced, it's the best thing in my over-30-years of my musical life,” he said.

Because of a deal with a music library, a documentary called “I Love What I Do” featured Glenn Shambroom’s song “Flexible Flyer.” His song “Shoulder Blade” was also used in an episode of “Quarterlife,” which was recently picked up by NBC. “Before joining TAXI, I had no idea about music libraries, or how to get my music in the hands of people who can make use of it,” he said.

Steve and Karen Multer have recently confirmed that they've signed licensing deals with more than seven different music libraries. Deals thus far have ranged from placements on CBS’s “CSI” music in opening and closing credits of "Ossobucco" (Riverwest Films) starring Illeana Douglas and Mike Star. Their song “Look Out For Love” was also added to a three-disc Jazz compilation album for distribution in Europe. "Everybody thinks their material is great, but a brilliant resource like TAXI is the key to getting perspective and putting your music to the test,” they said.

Gabriele Bazzi Berneri, a TAXI member all the way in Italy, had his song “Murders Mansion” featured in ABC’s “Dirty Sexy Money” through an established and high-profile LA-based music library. “I felt very excited about [the deal], not only for the money, but also because I’m very fond of film/TV music,” he said.

TAXI member Will Derryberry had his song “Seven” placed in NBC’s “Life.” Another NBC show, “Friday Night Lights,” used his song “Where Your Heart Lives.” “[TAXI is] really helping Indie songwriters like myself achieve things that weren't possible 15 years ago,” Will said.

The Lucky Ones,” an upcoming film from Lionsgate, used one of TAXI member Joe Aukofer’s songs, “Same Old.” The movie stars Tim Robbins and Rachel McAdams. “I was very humbled by the news, actually. Given the amount of amazing songs and great talent out there, I feel very fortunate to have one of my songs included in this movie,” he said.

TAXI member Ted Fox recently signed a four-year exclusive contract with the owner of a Texas-based music production library for two of his instrumentals: “Sagebrush & Orchids” and “Song for the “Quilt.” “I live in a VERY small, isolated mountain town of about 4,000-6,000 people. My music would NEVER have gotten into the right hands if it weren't for TAXI,” Ted said.

TAXI member Ross Seligman and his band Echo Helstorm will have their song played during a February 18, 2008 episode of “One Tree Hill.” The band’s song is called “Where I Sleep.” “When we got the call about the song being in the show, we were ecstatic. It took a lot of hard work, time, and endless patience but it is worth all of it. We are hoping this is the beginning of more!” Ross said.

Dan, Jeremy, and Theresa Brooks (also known as Apocalypse Cow) had their Blues song “Been Down So Long” placed in an episode of ABC’s “Samantha Who?” “It was very career affirming to hear our music on primetime. All the countless hours we've spent composing and marketing are finally paying off (literally),” Theresa said.

Still raking in the benefits from the music library/publisher she was signed with through TAXI, Susan Nikas’s song, “Yellow Van,” was recently placed in the Lifetime TV Movie called Gossip, which is being released in 2008. “I credit TAXI with improving my writing, with expanding my musical contacts, and generally encouraging me. Sometimes the comments on my songs have been ‘tough love’ but they have definitely forced me to improve and grow,” she said.

TAXI member Bill Gaunce’s song “Midnight Train” will be included in an upcoming Indie horror movie called The 13th Alley. “I was very surprised when I was contacted with the news that my song ‘Midnight Train’ was going to be placed in a movie called The 13th Alley. The song had been forwarded twice before so I guess the third time was the charm,” Bill said.

TAXI member Stan Swiniarski recently landed a few deals through TAXI. His song, “All Up, All In,” was featured in an episode of the Discovery Health Channel’s Lost It. He also received a four-song licensing deal with an LA-based music library. The songs included in that deal were: “Mexico,” “One Sunset at a Time,” “Sweet Destiny,” and “End of the Rope.” He also signed a licensing deal for one of his songs with a U.K.-based publishing company. “TAXI has really helped me by providing a channel for my non-Country music and compositions,” he said.

Through a listing requesting vintage ’80s material, TAXI member Beth Scalet signed a two-song deal with a music library. The songs in the deal are “In the Daylight” and “Missing You.” “TAXI helped my career by bringing me this opportunity to capitalize on some of my older material and give me my first official ‘break’ into publishing. Previously, all my material was available on my own Indie releases. This opportunity is also a film/TV opportunity, an area I knew nothing about before joining TAXI,” she said.

Maine TAXI member Gary Sredzienski’s song “Tuscan Stroll” was recently placed in ABC’s Dirty Sexy Money and is also slated to appear in CBS’s Everybody Hates Chris. “I am doing this from the total opposite end of the continent... in Maine... I just keep on submitting stuff to all kids of listings. You just never know,” he said.

CBS’s Everybody Hates Chris will feature TAXI member Brad Mersereau’s Christmas Carol in a December 10 episode. “I believe my Christmas Carol's message is universal and timely: ‘Why can’t there be a Christmas Carol sung in the spring and summer too? Look in the mirror to discover the love that lives in you,’” he said.

TAXI member Joe Curtis had two of his songs, “Sing His Praises” and “Caught in a Rainstorm,” placed on the Friday Night Lights DVDs. Joe received this deal after connecting with a prominent West Coast-based music publisher through TAXI.

TAXI member Kent Marcum received a 20-song deal with a large production company. “I was happy about [the deal] and knew that this placement was another vehicle to get my music into other places. I was actually more excited when a fellow musician called me and told me that she had heard one of my songs on a popular television show,” he said. “Without TAXI I would not be able to say that my music has been heard on one of the most highly rated shows on network television.”

Dreamtime Lullabies will feature TAXI member Colin S. O’Dwyer’s song “Your Dreams Wait for You” as its title track. The CD is being released internationally The American Institute for Arts and Communities. “After having dozens of forwards, I was thrilled when my song was selected for the project. It was my first deal through TAXI. Soon after I signed 17 Pop/Rock songs to two separate music libraries through TAXI as well,” he said.

TAXI member Al Jewer and his co-writer Andy landed a deal for their song “Walk to the Water” with an Executive Producer of a children’s TV show. The song will accompany underwater shots of sea turtles. The song will also be featured on the DVD project. “TAXI has helped us by both allowing us to get music to new clients as well as providing an outlet for more meditative and healing music. This genre is again gaining in popularity, and TAXI provides an excellent opportunity for us to find producers looking for it,” he said.

TAXI member Bryan Bryant’s song “Come Back” was used in an episode All My Children. “TAXI has offered me an outlet to some great resources! I’ve not only received national airplay on ABC, but it has help give credibility to my music and encouragement to pursue further musical endeavors,” he said.

Marla Lewis, a full-time elementary school teacher and TAXI member, received a placement with a Los Angeles-based publishing company for her song “Jackson Avenue.” “TAXI is a great gateway for folks like us who don’t ‘know anybody.’ It broadens the playing field of opportunities so that anyone with talent and perseverance has an honest shot at actually getting somewhere,” she said.

The Friday Night Lights boxed set features “Can’t Call This House a Home” by TAXI member Brian Emmert and his band, Saints and Sinners. He then received a five-year publishing deal with an independent label/publisher. “We did not really know what kind of results to expect from TAXI, but we signed up and hoped for the best. When we found out that one of our songs was going to be included on the Friday Night Lights Box set, we were thrilled,” he said.

TAXI member Stephen Snider signed a 13-song publishing deal with a West Coast library. Two of his songs, “One More Situation” and “That’s All I Know,” were placed in the Northern Exposure 6th season DVD collection. His song, “Another Trainwreck,” was used in an episode of NBC’s Friday Night Lights. “We never would have gotten these songs to the proper people without TAXI,” he said.

Mary Thompstone, a TAXI member from Ireland, signed a deal with a Nashville-based publisher for film and TV opportunities. “I find TAXI easy to use and with the time difference, I can work peacefully at night with no interruptions on the site,” she said.

In the past year, TAXI member Joe Curtis has signed 20 songs to four different music publishers.

“If You Ain’t Got the Money,” a song by TAXI member Marty Attridge, aired during an April 15 episode of CBS’s drama Without a Trace. “It was very exciting to hear one of our songs on a major TV series. It was our first placement. Being a songwriter/musician for many years it is very gratifying to gain some recognition,” he said.

MTV licensed six of TAXI member Margaret McClure’s songs for two of its shows Taquita & Kaui and Making the Band. The songs are: “Make U,” “I'm In Love With Your Boyfriend,” “Hey Angel,” “The Edge,” “If it Was You,” and “Outside.” “I was happy about [the deal] and will continue to have a good working relationship with MTV,” she said.

TAXI member Ben Connelly signed a 10-song deal with a music publisher for placement in film and TV projects. “ ... I see this deal as potentially bringing up my income from songwriting a bit. And, of course more people will hopefully hear my music,” Ben said.

TAXI member Denny Earnest had six of his Hawaiian and Reggae tunes placed in National Lampoon’s Bag Boy, due out later this year. “I'll be excited sitting there listening, and watching the credits. One of my goals was to sit in a theatre and watch my name in the credits,” he said.

TAXI member Brad Mersereau had two songs, “Song for Sanya” and “Feeling Lucky” placed in the Chris Rock film I Think I Love My Wife. ABC’s Ugly Betty also featured one of Brad’s songs, “Departure,” in a recent episode. “Tune placement in movies and/or television has been a lifelong dream... it was a... total thrill not only to hear my music, but also to receive two composition credits and two performance credits on the big screen,” he said.

Warner Bros.’s Spring Breakdown will feature one of TAXI member Todd Sloan’s songs, “(She’s) Kickin’ my Ass.” “I will say getting that first placement, especially in a film, was a nice boost to keep at it—it made me feel that the time and money I was spending on recording and marketing the music was worth it,” he said.

TAXI members Chuck Henry and Vince Constantino recently had their tracks included on a smooth Jazz compilation CD released by Sony/BMG. The CD has gone triple platinum in Poland. Chuck’s song on the CD is called “Mosaic” and Vince’s is called “Deep Dark Blue.” Regarding the deal, Vince said: “I was obviously really happy to hear my song was chosen, as I know there are tons of talented people making music out there who submit to TAXI. What blew me away, though, was reading the list of other artists on the disc: Aretha Franklin, Billie Holiday, Natalie Cole, Frank Sinatra, George Bensen, Tony Bennett, Basia, Louis Armstrong, Gladys Knight, Miles Davis. Needless to say, I was humbled to see my name next to theirs and to know my song would be heard out of the same CD players around the world as their timeless music will be.” Chuck also credited TAXI for his recent success: “I don't think I'd be where I am today without TAXI. It has been so valuable to me in many ways. Aside from getting a record deal and lots of publishing deals from TAXI, it has helped me even more so in other, more indirect ways.”

TAXI member Ron Ermini had two of his songs, "When You've Had Enough" and "I'm Crazy 'Bout You," placed in a recent episode of the hit Fox TV series "House."

Colorado-based TAXI member Jody Adams had three songs placed in "Access Hollywood." The songs were "New Morning," "Solitaire," and "Ella's Walk." His song "Blue Dancer" was also featured in CW's "Gilmore Girls." "As my composing tastes have developed and changed over the years, TAXI's diverse and 'ever-changing' smorgasbord of list-requests allows me to find a place to submit the material," Jody said.

TAXI member Ross Seligman signed with a Los Angeles-based music publisher. Ross and his band Echo Helstrom are based in Portland. "I really felt like I had broken through the gatekeepers to something potentially wonderful that I would never have had access to without TAXI. I love Portland Oregon and want to stay here, but many of the people I need to hear Echo Helstrom are in LA. Thanks to TAXI, I can live in Portland and still reach these people," he said.

TAXI member Susan Nikas had two of her songs “Pay Your Money” and “Yellow Van” in ABC Family’s Wildfire. The songs aired during the January 15, 2007 episode of the show. “I have been a TAXI member since about 2000 and credit TAXI with all my improvements as far as song-writing is concerned,” she said.

The feature film Weiners starring Jenny McCarthy will feature TAXI member Kent Forward’s song “Wanted Man.” “I was thrilled to hear the news. This placement was procured by the same publisher that placed a song of mine in the film The Last Ride starring Dennis Hopper, so that one TAXI submission and subsequent relationship with this publisher continues to pay off,” he said.

TAXI member Glenn Shambroom signed an eight-song deal with a Los Angeles-based music publisher for film and TV projects. “I care a great deal about what I do (writing, recording, performing), but I don’t have much appetite, or time, for ‘beating the bushes,’ looking around for opportunities to get my music into the hands of the people who can really do something with it. TAXI gives me an easy way to connect with people who can make use of what I have to offer,” he said.

TAXI member Raymond Barker had a Hip-Hop track in the DVD version of the NBC hit show Friday Night Lights. The song is called “Mr government.” Raymond has also had several songs in NBC’s The Black Donnellys. “TAXI has made me change my whole perspective on what I want to do in the music industry,” he said.

Jogo Gomez signed a publishing deal with a West Coast company for his song “Why Is It,” a 1940s-style Jazz standard. When the TAXI member found out about the deal, he was “that much more fueled and inspired to keep on writing, submitting, advancing [himself], and getting that much better at doing the one thing [he loves] the most in life, and that is writing songs!”

Blair Bielawski’s song “What A Day” was placed in the NBC show Las Vegas via an Arizona-based music library. The member’s song was played on the show during a December 2006 episode. Since then, two more of his songs were placed in the show. “No one connected with any network TV show would have found out about my music without the help of TAXI... The door TAXI opened for me made all the difference,” Blair said.

TAXI member Bruce Hilton’s song “Can't Get Over You” was licensed for the CW TV series Veronica Mars. The song was featured during the November 28, 2006, episode of the show. Bruce was thrilled when he found out about the deal: “This was my first deal, and it cemented my confidence that I was on the right track with TAXI, and that I could repeat this success.”

TAXI member Wayne Ammons signed a deal with a production library for his song “These Colors Don’t Run.” “TAXI has been a valuable resource. It’s helped me to sharpen my writing and recording skills as well as to understand the perspective of a professional songwriter,” Wayne said.

Through TAXI, member Matt Hirt has had several songs placed on TV shows, including Access Hollywood, Standoff, The View, and Girlfriends. One of his songs will also appear in the new Chris Rock Movie I Think I Love My Wife, which is set to open in about a month.

TAXI member Frank Longo landed a five-song deal with a major LA-based music publisher. “Many thanks to TAXI and all of the professional reviewers who were very helpful with their critiques,” he said.

“A Moment Away” by TAXI Member Freddy Litwiniuk played in ABC’s Men in Trees. “I had only a brief description of how the song would be used, so I didn’t know exactly what to expect. When it came on, I was really excited, and felt a sense of accomplishment because I know how hard it is to get to each higher step in music; think of all the musicians competing for that placement. I felt like my hard work had been rewarded. It was a fantastic feeling, and I hope to feel it again soon,” Freddie said.

In the two years that Steve Parrish has been a TAXI member, he’s signed four songs with a production music library, had a song placed in The N network’s South of Nowhere and Dane Cook’s Tourgasm on HBO. He’s also had one song placed in the Indy film Window Theory. “The pitching process through TAXI not only helped focus my writing, it helped me become more adept at knowing what to pitch for what listings. For the modest cost involved, TAXI has been a bargain!”

TAXI Member Andy McCutcheon had his song “Devil's Favorite Angel” featured during the trailer, a scene, and closing credits for Shakespeare’s Richard III. “The film is slated for release this March, but the trailer, which features our song, is currently online, and seeing it for the first time was a real rush! I can’t wait for the opening this March, because the song is also being used in a crucial scene and the closing credits,” he said.

TAXI member Robert Cooper had his song “Free” featured in an episode of ABC’s Men in Trees. “I spoke with the song’s co-writer, Dave Wilson, beforehand and we were both really hoping for a 5- or 10-second clip of the song—we would have been fine with that. You can imagine my surprise when the song came on and aired for an entire scene—a full 60 second clip... it was pretty sweet.”

TAXI member Joe Aukofer signed a three-song deal with a production music library. The songs were “Same Old,” “Brother,” and “Take a Look.” “I originally joined TAXI solely for the bi-monthly listing service. I was looking for ways to get my music out there and heard. The opportunities available through this service alone have been immeasurable,” he said.

TAXI member Michele Jusko had her song “Walk Away” placed in a TV commercial for St. Louis Hospital. “I think many of the companies that use TAXI have a long term relationship with them and therefore trust their judgment on the music they forward. It's much more likely that your music will get listened to via a TAXI forward then if you blindly submit to music industry people without any referral,” she said.

Through several TAXI listings, member Steve Dafoe signed several of his songs to various music publishers: “Back as an Eagle,” “America’s Eagle,” “Last Great Cowboy,” “Storm of Days,” and “If I Asked.”

TAXI member Jim Pearce had his song, “It’s You Again” placed in the Canadian show Robson Arms. The half-hour dramatic comedy series follows the lives of a group of tenants in Vancouver’s West End. “TAXI has been very good for motivation. It’s great to have somewhere to send the music once you have it recorded,” he said.

TAXI member Dave Walton’s song, “Chalice,” was placed into a 30-minute “Feed the Children” program called Mary O Mary, which aired on ABC Family, WGN, Court TV, Inspiration Network, and BET. The program aired about 20 times per month for a two-month period over the summer. “It took a year and seven months from the TAXI forward to the actual placement into the show. This is definitely a business for patient people with long-term goals,” he said.

After submitting her song “Leavin’” to a TAXI film/TV listing, member Sarah Lewis signed a non-exclusive deal with a music library/publisher. The publisher licensed “Leavin’” as well as three other songs from her band’s new album. “Getting my music into film and TV has been a priority for me these past couple of years. I’ve seen how quickly it broadens our fanbase, so having a company like that pitching my songs is awesome,” she said.

Member Randy Rucker had his song “A Table for One” placed on A&E Biography: Travis Tritt. “I was happy to get a cut, but what stunned me was that I had written the song with Travis’s voice and style in mind and then to find out it will be on his biography program was just too much,” Randy said.

Through numerous publishing deals, TAXI member Don Julin has had placements in a PBS special, The Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List (Bravo), four different episodes of Canada’s Sucré Salé, Beyond the Glory (Fox Sports), and MTV’s Real World/Road Rules Challenge.

TAXI member Leanette Lopez signed a two-song deal with a TV music publisher. “TAXI has helped me effectively change musical direction... TAXI inspired me to release a whole new Latin CD since that’s what has received the best reviews. I’m already getting great feedback from fans,” she said.

Through a TAXI listing, Australian member Ruth Roshan signed a single-song deal with an LA-based music library. “This is the second publishing deal I signed via TAXI, and as an Australian who writes world music it would have been virtually impossible to find publishers looking for my type of music without TAXI,” she said.

TAXI member Shane Cooley had his song “Don’t Want to Be in the City” placed in the IFC TV show The Minor Accomplishments of Jackie Woodman. “I come from a small town in the middle of nowhere. Although I have broken through many walls to get my music heard by the outside, this was my first time to have a song placed on TV. I couldn’t believe it! I knew it was the beginning of bigger and better things, and that with a song on TV there would be more open doors,” he said.

TAXI member Robert Porembski had his song “Feelin’ More Like Christmas” placed on CBS, BRAVO, and TRIO, and it is also used extensively in USA Network’s “12 Days of Christmas” campaign. “Because of TAXI, my Christmas song is a seasonal TV hit,” he said.

Through TAXI, member Pat Flanakin had his song, “Hwo Dey Dey” placed in the film Van Vorst Park. The critically acclaimed Indie film stars Frank Vincent of The Sopranos. “It was very gratifying after working with so many of my tapes over the years that one of them actually went farther than the shelf above my studio! I just got a copy of the film and it was very exciting to hear my song in a few of the scenes,” he said.

Member Mike Westbrock scored a publishing deal with a music library for his instrumental metal song, “Empty and Alone.” About the deal, he said, “I SERIOUSLY doubt that I would ever have gotten this song placed any other way than through TAXI. How many people want instrumental metal songs? Thanks for a great service!”

TAXI member Barry Schleifer had one of his songs featured in two popular TV shows. “Returns & Exchanges,” appeared in UPN’s America’s Next Top Model as well as in WB’s Smallville. Also, ampm convenience stores selected Barry’s song “Hammond Cheese” for their national TV ad campaign.

Through TAXI, member William Livesay licensed his song, “Somewhere,” to the film “El Mascarado Massacre” (the working title was “Wrestle Maniac”). When Livesay found out about the deal, his reaction was, “All right! It’s about time.” This is his third deal through TAXI, and he says TAXI critiques have helped validate him as a writer.

Member Peter Rowley signed three songs to a production music library through TAXI: “EKG,” “Reveal,” and “Long Distance.” About the deal, he says, “For me this means that I am on the right track as an instrumental composer.”

TAXI member Phil Bender-Stone’s song, “Café Garda,” appeared in UPN’s America’s Next Top Model. The popular show follows a group of models as they try to make it in the high-stress career.

Through his deal with a music publisher, Scott Kovarik has had placements in Everwood, One Life to Live, and The Young and the Restless. He also had a song in the film Barely Legal.

Ulf Pettersson signed a one-song deal with a publisher for his tune “Far Side”.

Gabriel Wright licensed his song, “You’re Not Superman” to the Indie film, The Third Nail. The song was used in the end title cue of the movie.

Freddie Mobley signed his song, “All I Want for Christmas” to a production music library.

Michael Wheeler signed four songs, including his German accordion waltz “Alpine Sweethart,” to an online music licensing company.

TAXI member Samantha Foster signed a two-song deal with a music publisher. The songs were “Same Ol Weather” and “Big Blue Light,” which she co-wrote with TAXI member Kenny Marshall.

Margaret Bernstein, TAXI member, signed a six-song deal with a west coast-based music library for her songs: “Lives Alone,” “Theme for you,” “Sensitive Support,” “Path to your Heart,” “Meaningful Conversations,” and “Making Choices.”

TAXI member Mark Davies has signed deals with four different music library/publishers.

Michael Logozar’s song “Ambient Night” was placed in the critically-acclaimed Indie film Van Vorst Park, starring Frank Vincent (The Sopranos, Casino, Jungle Fever).

Denzil Remedios signed a two-song publishing deal. His song “Gold Mine” was also placed in the Indie film Van Vorst Park.

Tommy Roberson had 11 of his songs played in three different episodes of the Discovery Channel’s critically-acclaimed show Urban Explorers.

New York, NY TAXI member Suzan Stroud’s song “I Don’t Feel Like Kissing,” from her CD Reveal the Tapestry, was picked up by a music library for placement into television shows and films.

TAXI member Phil Bender-Stone of Arvaca, Colorado, had his song “Bellissimo” featured on the ABC Family network’s television drama Wildfire.

TAXI member Ron Ermini’s Jazz instrumentals “Who Stole My Sugar” and “When You’ve Had Enough” were featured in the CBS series Threshold, starring Carla Gugino (Sin City, Spy Kids, Karen Cisco) and Brian van Holt (House of Wax, Black Hawk Down, Windtalkers).

Nashville band The Mary Dream had their song “How You Love Me” prominently featured on ABC’s All My Children on the New Year’s Eve episode.

TAXI member Cornelius Taylor signed four songs with a Los Angeles-based music library: “The Whole While,” “Shock The World,” “The Magician,” and “I Know.”

Chicago TAXI member Steve Multer (along with his wife Karen and group TONIC Vintage Vocals) signed a batch of their Jazz songs with two different music publishers.

TAXI member Neal Busby and co-writer/wife, Huguette, signed deals with two music libraries. From one of these deals, their song, “Out On the Town,” was featured in an episode of South of Nowhere.

Richard Hamersma’s song “Skin Hungry For Your Love” was picked up by a TV music publisher.

A music publisher picked up Nathan Aronow’s 11 song-CD, Hearing Things, for placement on the Weather Channel.

Lee Kweller signed his song, “Rocker Daniel,” a light-hearted, fun, bluegrass tune, to a Los Angeles-based music library.

TAXI member Joel Evans licensed his song, “Until it Happens to You,” in Mini’s First Time, a new movie starring Alec Baldwin and Luke Wilson.

TAXI member Ed Hartman also licensed his track, “Beethoven’s Ninth Samba,” in the independent film Mini’s First Time, starring Jeff Goldblum and Carrie-Anne Moss.

TAXI member Catherine Marie Charlton’s song “Ireland” was placed in the Indie film Van Vorst Park.

Rae Welch’s song “Someone’s Waiting” was included on Frog & Scorpion Records compilation CD One Nation Under God Vol. II.

Two TAXI members signed deals with TayMusic, an Internet record company. Jeff Bihlman initially signed a three-song deal with TayMusic, but the company ended up signing his entire catalogue—three full CDs and a Christmas single. Barbara Martin, a blues artist, was also signed to TayMusic.

Jody Adams’ song “Every Good Reason” was placed on NBC’s long-time hit magazine show Access Hollywood.

John-Alex Mason signed a record deal with Internet record company TayMusic for his two CD’s Time Will Come and Live Fire.

Two TAXI members had their songs featured in the FX show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Barry Schleifer’s song “Returns & Exchanges” and Dan Bowman’s “Jealous of Jesus” both appeared in episodes of the show.

Robert Wuagneux signed his Delta blues song, “One Thing’s for Certain,” to a music library/publisher.

Sally Anthony, of Noblesville, IN had her song “Vent” licensed for the movie Van Vorst Park, starring Frank Vincent (Goodfellas, Sopranos).

Frank Palmieri’s song “Never Again” was used in the Indie flick Vegas Baby, featuring Kal Penn (Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, Son of the Mask, Van Wilder), Jonathan Bennett (Mean Girls, Cheaper by the Dozen 2), and Donald Faison (Uptown Girls, Josie and the Pussycats, Remember the Titans).

David Rebb Firman from Goshen, CA signed a three-song publishing deal for his uptempo Country numbers “I’ve Come to Play,” “Love Sick Bound,” and “Heart of the Night.”

Two of TAXI member Dan Caravetta’s songs, “Southern Dilemma” and “Cold Sweat,” were featured in the PBS documentary, “Beyond the Medal of Honor.” He also had two songs placed on the Outdoor Life Network.

London-based TAXI member Michael Dodds, who records as Rolanoid, has had his dance track “Dreamcatcher” placed with a prominent Los Angeles music library.

TAXI member Art Corey, along with his wife and co-writer, had their song “Little Patch of Green” used on Frog & Scorpion’s One Nation Under God, Vol. 2 album. (Their song, “On an Ordinary Tuesday,” appeared on the Vol. 1 of the One Nation Under God album.)

The Discovery Channel’s Urban Explorers: Denver featured the song “Wave Rider” by TAXI member John Baker from Palmer, Alaska .

Krisanthi Pappas’s song “One Slow Dance A Day” first aired on Passions in Canada in July 2002. The song then appeared on One Life to Live in the U.S. in September 2004 and March 2005, then again on Passions in Australia in November 2004.

Rob Dehlinger had his avant-garde arrangement of Tchaikovsky’s “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” picked up by a Los Angeles-based publisher.

Chad LaMarsh’s song “In Between the Lines” was licensed to Van Kampen Investments for a corporate video the company produced for Morgan Stanley.

Kent Forward’s two songs, “Goin’ Nowhere” and “What It Feels Like,” appeared in the premiere of CMT’s show Home Blitz.

Mike Schmid signed a licensing deal with a west coast music publisher for more than 15 of his songs. Three of his songs were placed in episodes on the Felicity Season Four DVD. The publisher also got Mike's music in more than 900 Regal Cinemas.

Frank Palmieri’s song “Never Again” appeared in an episode of Monk, the USA Network’s seminal character show. In the episode, a character throws a radio playing “Never Again” into a bathtub and electrocutes her husband. “It’s a placement the audience wouldn’t forget,” Palmieri said.

TAXI forwarded Richard Bassett’s “Royal Palms” to a music production library that does film and TV placement. He was then contacted by the company, and, along with his co-writer, ended up signing five Hawaiian instrumentals.

Two TAXI members have had their songs recorded by American Juniors finalist Katelyn Tarver for her upcoming album. Five of Gabriel Dorman’s songs will be on the album, including “Closer to My Heart” and “Brand New Day.” Scott Krippayne’s “Wonderful Crazy” was also recorded by Katelyn.

John Wilhelm recently landed a deal with Frog & Scorpion Records. His song “Freedom” will be on an upcoming patriotic compilation called One Nation Under God, Vol. 2, Never Forget.

Denny Earnest’s “American Banjo” appeared in an episode of FOX’s The Simple Life 2. In the song, he played the five-string banjo with a flat pick like a guitar. Photo by Libby Caldwell.

Jody Adams, via a publishing deal with a prominent music library, had his song “Dancing Eyes” featured in an episode of the WB’s One Tree Hill.

Columbus, Ohio’s Earwig recently had their song “Best Kept Secret” used in the film [ah-MIG-dah-la] (Omen Productions). The documentary about extreme skiing was released in short-run theaters across the world, and is now available on DVD.

Nashville band Harsh Krieger’s song “Gunsmoke” was in an episode of M80, a freestyle motocross show that airs on Fuel TV, a Fox Sports affiliate.

Ken Anderson has had two songs placed on All My Children. “Grateful” played in two episodes of the show, and “More Than A Minute” played in one. An east coast music library licensed those two songs, along with three other R&B tracks, written by Ken.

Hoggard Films selected three of Christian Balcom’s instrumental songs to appear on the Discovery Channel’s “Urban Explorers.” “City Blue Eyes,” “N.J.,” and “Look Out!” appeared in the episode of the show called “Forbidden Zone: Milwaukee.”

Chris Yurchuck: (1) got his songs “Twilight” and “Alexander” used as replacements in the 4th season DVD of Felicity; (2) signed a 7-song deal with a music publisher to pitch his material for various film and TV projects; and (3) had his song “Hourglass” licensed for placement in Regal Cinema theatres for pre-show screenings.

Through a TAXI listing run by an LA-based music publisher, Alex Rapaport had his version of the public domain song “Je Veux Vivre” picked up by the independent film “Fronterz,” starring Henry Winkler, Ted Danson and Blair Underwood. The movie was released on Fox Searchlight.

The Fox Family Channel, Trinity Broadcasting and the Inspirational Network all broadcast a show called Life in the World, featuring a song by Dan Caravetta from Easton, Pennsylvania.

TAXI member Denny Earnest of Livingston, Montana had his song “Aloha From Hawaii” showcased on the FOX TV network’s hot night-time series “North Shore,” based in a hotel in Hawaii. In addition, the publisher that placed the song also asked him to create an entire Hawaiian CD.

Belton, Missouri’s Jeff Scheetz signed signed five different songs with three different music libraries.

Justin Wilde of Christmas and Holiday Music, one of the leading holiday song music publishers, has added the following three TAXI members’ songs to his catalog: “Bloody Bones” by Harmon Huff, “Hollerin’ on Halloween” by Christian Codish, and “The New Halloween Monster” by Steve Shapiro.

Distance was no barrier to Uri Kabiri of Tel Aviv, Israel, who landed a deal for his song “Enter Into My World” with the company DANCE! 90210. They will include his composition into an instructional dance video they are producing.

TAXI member Jon Maddux from Encinitas, California just signed a six song film & TV placement deal with an independent publishing company.

When the WB Network released seasons three and four of their long-running hit Felicity, the DVDs included several songs by Shannon Penn — “If You Didn’t Try”, “Something Good” and “The Better Man.” Through a west coast music publisher, Shannon also scored exposure at major theater chain Regal Cinemas, which featured Penn’s song “So This Is Hollywood” in the music section (before the previews). Not bad, considering the Regal Entertainment Group is the largest motion picture exhibitor in the world, including more than 6,000 theaters!

For use in their corporate videos, corporate design giant Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc. has licensed two songs, “Equator” and “Barber’s Scissors,” by Daniel Eyde of Redwood City, California.

Jimm McIver’s song “Sunny Day” was placed in the Oxygen Network’s groundbreaking show “Good Girls Don’t . . . ” through a major film & TV production company. The program features hot newcomers Bree Turner (The Wedding Planner, Sorority Boyd, Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo) and Kevin Christy (Dude, Where’s My Car?, CSI, Malcolm in the Middle).

Jesper Meljvang from Denmark composed a song that will be added to a CD called Elements, which is being released on Warner Bros. in Germany — and potentially worldwide.

MTV’s hit reality series Road Rules featured a cut by TAXI member Steve Krentzman. The placement came via a TAXI listing run by an east coast music publisher.

TAXI member Edwin Stone, of Rochester Hills, Michigan, scored a three song deal with The Weather Channel. Edwin received $1500.00 each for each of the songs. The network used them for a month.

Ipswitch, Massachussets TAXI Member Eric Colville netted $1,600 for the use of his song on ABC’s long-running daytime drama All My Children.

One Life to Live, the landmark ABC soap opera featured two songs by Scottsdale, Arizona TAXI member Rich Banks.

NBC’s long-time hit series Law and Order recently picked up a song by TAXI Member Joe Quaranto, via a New York-based production music library.

TAXI member Ryan Hovind landed a publishing deal with a high-level film and TV music placement company with consistent placements on major networks.

Road Rules, MTV’s seminal reality show, used a song by TAXI Member Denny Earnest in an eposide to air this August.

Scott Shpak and Ken Faragalli, from St. Catherines in Ontaria, Canada, had their song “What Matters to Elizabeth” featured in Showtime’s groundbreaking series “Queer as Folk.”

And from the other side of the world, Micheal Wheeler of Victoria, Australia had 9 songs signed to an LA-based music publisher with tons of film and TV placements.

“That’s Why You Love Me,” a song by Louisville, Kentucky’s Dan Bowman, was used in the television show “Angel” on the WB Network.

Dawn De Mone, a TAXI Member from Los Angeles, California recently had her song “Bikini” placed in the upcoming reality film “Malibu Spring Break.” Dawn also had a song used on the GKA show on the Fuel Network, the 24/7 action sports culture TV station.

TAXI Members Barry Schleifer and Kent Forward have both placements in the USA Network’s show The Last Ride, starring Dennis Hopper, Will Patton (Mothman Prophecies, Remember the Titans, Gone in Sixty Seconds), Fred Ward (10.5, Sweet Home Alabama, Tremors), Nadine Velazquez and others.

Austin, TX-based member Elizabeth Rice tells us: “I’m tardy in writing to let you know that because of YOU I signed a song to a music library at the end of 2003! You forwarded it eons before (over a year?) and they called in the Fall to sign it. :)

“Thanks so much for all you do for us out here in writers-land! See y’all at the Road Rally in November!”

Denny Earnest from Livingston, MT writes: “Just signed off 10 tunes to a New York-based publisher from a listing more than 4 months ago, and 12 tunes from a Dispatch listing two weeks ago to another publisher. Thanks, folks!”

Mike Farley of Nashville, Tennessee called to let us know that he recently had two more songs placed on ABC’s long-running daytime drama stalwart All My Children. Congrats, Mike! Also see an article by Mike here.

Jazz Composer/Musician Bill Gordon of Miami, Florida, a loyal TAXI member for eleven years, completed an entire album of compositions for one of the biggest music production libraries in the world.

Bill also gave us an update on some of the TV shows on which he has had his songs placed through music libraries. They include: The District (CBS), Buffy the Vampire Slayer (UPN), Angel (WB), Boston Public (FOX), Sabrina the Teenage Witch (ABC), Felicity (WB), Passions (NBC) . . . whew!

It’s safe to say that the talented and very hardworking Mr. Gordon will be seeing royalty checks from his music for many lucrative years to come.

The next sequel in the popular Cruel Intentions films — Cruel Intentions 3, starring Tom Everett Scott (ER, Van Wilder, That Thing You Do) — has licensed four songs by TAXI members from geographical points far afield. Nathan Anderson of St. Paul, Minnesota wrote “Sweet Misery,” Knoxville, Tennessee’s Sarah Lewis penned “Space,” Freddy Litwiniuk of Calgary, Alberta, Canada provided “Thinking It Over,” and Paul Hollman from West Hollywood, California authored “Final Dance.”

TAXI member Jean Na of Glendale, California had a song placed in the trailer for the film “Beautyshop”—the female take on the hit “Barbershop” films. Jean has also had several placements on America’s Next Top Model.

Steven Frank of Chicago, Illinois is also getting ‘tons of tunes’ in “America’s Next Top Model.” Hey Steven, do you also get to visit the set?

Jeffry Wynne Prince of Sacramento, California band The Kimberly Trip writes to say, “ABC Family Channel included our song ‘Just What I Wanted’ on an episode of ‘Knock First’ (a decorating show... very ironic since my day-gig is as an interior decorator). Just thought you’d like to know.”

Dave Osoff from Boston, Massachusetts writes:
“Just wanted to let you all know I just got my first TAXI TV placement. My electronica track ‘QX5’ is being used in GKA—the women’s action sports show on the cable network, Fuel TV. Just got the call today.

And another good thing happened recently as a direct result of the Road Rally. Someone who runs a center for the arts in Toronto, Ontario picked up my album ’Mosaic’ at the Rally and passed it on to the contemporary/smooth jazz station WAVE 94.7 in Toronto/Hamilton. I got the call this week that they will be adding 1 or 2 tracks to the rotation. A major market commercial jazz station; hopefully that’ll help give me the boost I need to get a slot in the Toronto Downtown Jazz Festival next summer. Thanks so much for your efforts on behalf of all of the independent artists out there!”

Elliott Park of Baird Texas, has inked a staff writer deal with Extreme Writers Group in Nashville. It’s tremendously rare to be able to have this level of success in Nashville without having to live there. But, hey, that’s what we created TAXI for!

Elliott (who’s more detailed account appears in the “Letters” section) currently has songs on hold for Faith Hill, Rascal Flatts, and Diamond Rio. Not bad for a guy who had never even been to Nashville a year ago! We’ll have more details of Elliott’s signing next month.

Mark Lightcap and Larry Lynum of Redmond, Washington have had songs placed on an NBC sitcom, and another on a Nickelodeon Movie Of The Week. “Thanks, TAXI. We made some money, thanks to you!”

“Dropping you a line to let you know of a recent TV placement of one of my songs,” says Steve Mesropian (aka Mez). “The song is called ‘Like Me.’ and was placed on ABC’s soap opera General Hospital.”

Tim Barton of Long Grove, IL informed us “I signed music to a music library in the U.K. and recently with a publisher in Los Angeles: four Boogie-Woogie piano solos.”

“I also loved the ’03 Road Rally and now have books by all the great authors that I have been meeting there over the years. They are very helpful and I continue to appreciate your help to me. Thanks!”

Since hooking up with a leading production music house through TAXI Dispatch, TAXI member Rob Grad from Venice, California has been busy doing vocals for clients such as Coors Light, Gillette, and others. Rob is also doing radio station ID’s and vocals for an album of Modern Rock tracks to be shopped to various Film, TV and Commercial projects. Rob’s band Superfine is also getting some attention, check out their web site at

This just in from busy TAXI member Matt Hirt from Sherman Oaks, CA:

“I just got my BMI statement, and I’ve got more good news: I had a tune placed on “Law and Order Special Victims Unit” (NBC) and another one on Dateline NBC. Additionally, a religious broadcast called “Life In The Word” has been using three of my tunes for several months now on almost a daily basis, adding up to over $2000 on this BMI statement alone All of this due to TAXI deals! Not too shabby!”

Lee Eisenstein, from Kailua, Hawaii relates: “I just signed my first publishing deal from a TAXI forward!”

“Since joining Taxi four years ago my writing partner, Keith O’Neill, and I have had thirteen songs forwarded resulting in two deals,” recounts Darryl Jedlowski. “One, with an independent music publisher, resulted in a song placement in the daytime soap ‘Passions.’ We also had a deal which resulted in the placement of one of our songs in the motion picture ‘Maze’ (starring Rob Morrow and Laura Linney).”

TAXI member David Thompson recently had success on ABC’s All My Children. “They played all 4:35 of my song ‘Lookin’ For My Baby’ (off my first ‘RIDER’ CD) as the featured piece of one episode. They played 23 seconds of the song in one of their previous shows, then decided to use the whole song for this latest program.”

Members Tom Kujath and Glenn Brittain from Michigan signed a deal with a leading holiday music publisher for their Halloween song “Vampire Vic”.

TAXI member Skaie Zoe (pronounced Sky Zowee) from Redondo Beach, California, has had placements in the following:

- MTV’ s “Punk’d
- MTV’ s “Real World
- MTV’s “Road Rules
- NBC’s reality series “Starting Over
- Feature film “American Crime”-wrote and performed four original songs for this feature film, directed by Danny Mintz, premiering at this year’s Toronto Film Festival starring Rachael Leigh Cook, from Josie & the Pussycats, Get Carter, She’s All That, Living Out Loud; Carrie Elwes, from The Cat’s Meow, Cradle Will Rock, Kiss the Girls, Liar Liar, Twister, The Princess Bride. Kip Pardue, Remember the Titans, Driven, The Rules of Attraction; and Annabella Sciorra, The Sopranos, What Dreams May Come, Cop Land, Romeo is Bleeding, Jungle Fever, Reversal of Fortune, Cadillac Man.

Dan Caravetta from Levittown, Pennsylvania received lots of action from a prominent music library this year. Dan tells us what’s going on, “They signed 14 of my songs last August-11 instrumental rock, 1 ambient (horror), 1 solo acoustic guitar, 1 solo piano. They signed 3 more songs in May of this year and then 5 more in June-mainly piano/guitar/bass instrumentals. So far, since February of this year, I’ve received about $1,500 in licensing royalties. I’m still waiting to see where the songs have been placed.”

Steven Frank of Chicago, Illinois has had about 50 placements in all three cycles of MTV’s “Tough Enough” and UPN’s “America’s Next Top Model,” as well as several songs in various episodes of UPN’s “Haunted.”

TAXI member Karlus Trapp from Staten Island, New York, had placements on UPN’s “Haunted”, and ABC’s legendary daytime drama, “General Hospital”.

Nine year TAXI member and regular Road Rally attendee Zupe (just Zupe) from Altoona, Pennsylvania writes, “Just letting you know that I placed two songs on the History Channel’s “Highway ” series. Because of TAXI Dispatch, I have built a good relationship with a major music publisher, who placed them for me. The show airs several times this month — check your local listings! See you in November!” Zupe

Kent Forward from Nashville, TN, wrote to say: “Just wanted to drop a line and let you know about deals I’ve gotten on my songs through Taxi (sorry if I’ve been a bit out of touch, I’ve been too busy writing songs and signing contracts from Taxi forwards! ;-) In fact, I recently received my first check in the mail from one of these placements, which are a direct result of my first year with TAXI!”

“I’ve also included one new one that just came in, serving to kick off my second year of membership. You guys are the best! It’s good to be ridin’ in the back of your li’l yellow cab that could!”

“Four different publishers picked up nine of my songs.”

Joe Dobrota, Sr. from Evergreen, Colorado, called to let us know he had a piece picked up by a New York-based music publisher.

“Wanted to let y’all know that I just received my first contract offer!” enthuses Abe Loomis. “A California-based music library wants to include my song, ‘Wildlife Conservation,’ in their catalog for placement in TV and motion picture soundtracks.”

“I’m so grateful to Taxi for believing in my song and opening this door for me. Not only has Taxi improved my songwriting, it’s gotten me my first deal! The fact that TAXI can connect a Massachusetts transplant writing Country songs in New Jersey with a publishing company in California, sight unseen, is pretty close to a miracle. One friend I told about it has already decided to join. You guys rock!”

Mike Farley of Cleveland Ohio (TAXI Member since 1998) writes: “Just wanted to let you guys know I got a placement in the TV show ‘All My Children’ who found me through TAXI. My song ‘When Lights Go Down’ will air twice during the show this Thursday, June 19th. Thanks again for all your help, the hard work finally appears to be paying off!”

An east coast-based music library has just released a full CD of New Age Atmospheres by TAXI Member Paul Avgerinos of Redding, Connecticut for film and TV placement.

TAXI member Dan Caravetta of Levittown, Pennsylvania shows us the adventure of getting a publishing deal.

“I have developed a nice relationship with this publisher that started through a forward of some of my rock instrumentals in April of 2002. Since that time, I have signed 17 songs and I am working on more for them. I have started to see some checks coming in (and have upgraded my recording equipment with the money). I’m still waiting to see where my tunes have been placed. That’s a great thing to look forward to.”

Bobby Messano, from New Jersey by way of Nashville, recently signed a deal with independent label Fishhead Records (which also releases product from Scott Ellison, Wallace Coleman, and Sylvain Sylvain -formerly of the New York Dolls) to release his outstanding Blues album.

Swiss native (now living in Sherman Oaks, California) Matt Hirt has made seven deals through TAXI that involve some 70 of his original songs. His earnings to date are close to $12,000. With songs in Spin City, (ABC), Judging Amy (CBS) and Passions (NBC).

Matt also learned a lot about how this business works: “TAXI helps me with everything. They give me new ideas about what to write and then give me feedback on the writing. They also help me connect with publishers and music libraries. They help me make money. But it’s more than that. For someone like myself who is not good at self-promotion, and not good at schmoozing, TAXI is the difference between having success and not having success.”

Chuck Henry has signed a three-year, three-CD deal with Etherean Records—one of the leading world beat labels. They are looking at a spring 2003 international release. The name of the group is World Radio.

Tim Swisher recently received a contract offer for a one-song publishing deal through an established music publishing company. It was a direct result from a TAXI forward that was made over a year ago. Tim comments: “I would like to thank TAXI for the insightful comments my submissions received and for proving to me that I could get my foot in the door with the right connections. Not that I doubted TAXI, but you definitely have cleared up any thoughts in my head about your ability to help a working musician catch a break in such a difficult industry: Music! Keep up the good work.”

Long-time TAXI Member, and recent “Passenger Profile” subject, Bill Gordon, just landed three more placements on network shows The District (CBS), Boston Public (Fox), and Sabrina the Teenage Witch (Warner Brothers).

A world-renowned music library is picking up another song of Joy Thomason’s (titled “I’ll Be Waiting at the Door”) for their ’40s/’50s project. “You TAXI, are an amazingly awesome gift to songwriters,” asserts Joy.

Thanks to TAXI, Artemis Robison just landed her very first licensing deal. Robison’s song “Fountain of Life” aired on the ABC show MDs on December 4 at 10 p.m. “It’s a really great episode to get placed on,” says Artemis, “since Macy Gray was on that episode, so the audience was bigger than usual. I’m a happy camper!” Artemis sends his “warm regards and blissed-out juju to everyone at TAXI.”

TAXI Member James Grant from Henderson Nevada had one of his songs placed on ABC’s show MDs in a featured two-minute usage.

Elliott Park of Baird Texas has more good news to report: RCA Records has just placed another of his songs “Sand In My Shoes” on hold for Country superstar Kenny Chesney. This goes along with two songs still on hold for Diamond Rio. We’ll keep you posted!

Members Simen Fjeld and Sindre Saebo from Norway have recently signed a publishing/license agreement with an established L.A. based company. Their song was forwarded more than six months before. Simen says “So folks, things might take some time!!!”

Fred Douglas Talbert of Van Nuys, California had two songs, “Before You Say Goodbye” and “Make a Little Love” signed to a Nashville-based music publisher for use in films and TV productions.

Paul Avgerinos of Redding, CT placed three tracks with a music library for their music CD project, and they want more from him in other genres as well.

T. Roberson of Chicago, IL landed a 17 song deal with a huge TV production company, for use on a little TV show MTV has called “Making The Band” with P. Diddy. They also may be used on the shows “Real World” “Road Rules” and/or on “Extreme/All Star Challenge”.

Mark Cook of Woodstock, GA just signed a contract for six of his Blues songs with a powerful music publisher/library.

Wayne Wesley Johnson of Oldwick, New Jersey placed a song on the WB Network’s “Roswell” as well as more music with the Discovery Channel’s “Outward Bound” series

Denny Earnest of Livingston, Montana has had two songs placed on NBC’s “Passions”.

Brad Chiet placed his song “Harley ’99” in the indie film “Local Boys” for a $2,000 license fee.

Pete Surdoval placed his song “Pulp Surf” in the indie film “Local Boys” for a $2,000 license fee.

Greg Shearer placed his song “Rock The House” in the indie film “Evil Alien Conquerors” for a $3,000 license fee.

Brain Binning of Seattle placed two songs with a powerhouse music library,.

And Brian’s roommate Jonathan Kingham had a song featured in an upcoming episode of the hit WB series, Felicity.

Suzanne Grzanna had her jazz song “Mystery Man” used in the film, “Sex and Bullets” starring Judd Nelson and Seymour Cassell.

Member Pam Quinlan’s band Fez Fatale had a song placed on the History Channel.

James Kernick and Phil Francis had songs placed on the Style Channel and on the E! Entertainment Network’s show “Rank”.

Bob Kroeger’s stock shot up, as he received a check from BMI for a piece that an established NYC production house picked up. It was played on a major TV network for promos and it was heard on Howard Stern’s radio program. He also completed a 22 track deal with another publishing company.

Member Corey Tanner from Chicago, IL got his song “Aint A Damn Thing Changed” placed in the upcoming film “Lost In The U.S.A.” from Indie Zone Pictures.

Charity Chapman also placed her song “Closer To Perfect” in the feature film “Slap Her, She’s French” scheduled for an early 2002 release.

Daniel James of Southbury, CT signed a deal with a leading music library to represent the audio-visual rights for two of his world music tracks.

Lizard McGee placed two songs with an LA film and TV publisher, was forwarded to Prestige Management and has developed an ongoing relationship with them. He has also recently been contacted by Disney-owned Hollywood Records.

Chuck Henry of Hollywood, CA completed production music CD for a UK-based music library. “I did 15 tracks for it, and it will be promoted and distributed to broadcast and production companies in England and Japan. Also, I have recently signed 8 songs over to another music library and have more deals pending.”

Tony Hall of Coral Springs, FL signed 20 spooky tracks to an international music publisher for an upcoming Horror CD. He has also been contacted by several US-based publishers.

8 members (that we know of ) have signed a number of songs with a big league publishing company:
Instant Guru - Dino Haak (2 songs) Peter Elman - (8 songs) Peter Sivo - (20 songs) 53 Days - Tom Robinson (3 songs) Acoustic Food Chain - Steve Glotzer (3 songs,) Amelia’s Dream - (1 song) Congratulations to all!

A powerhouse music library has signed a twenty song publishing deal with with Destin, Florida artist PB&J—otherwise known as James Kernick and partner Phil Francis—after hearing their incredible Electronica music played at the Road Rally. The music library will now be placing their tracks in films and television productions around the world. Phil and James use nothing but “Sonic Foundry and a PC” to make their master quality recordings.

Miami member Pete Masitti had his song “When I See You Smile” played during the Publishers Panel at the Road Rally to a rousing reaction from audience and publisher panelists alike. One panelist couldn’t wait, and called Pete at home that same night!

Gabriel Dorman’s band Book Of Sun had their song “Situation” used in MTV’s production of “Making The Video” featuring Eminem.

Member Alice Leon from Monmouth Junction, N.J. had her song “Jane Is On The Phone” used in the independent festival film “Random Shooting in L.A.

Dave Gedosh got a song placed in the independent film “Second to Die”. The film stars a couple of academy award winners. He also signed a publishing deal with a prominent music library.

Boston-area band Entrain placed three songs (including a long feature usage) in the film “Cutaway” starring Stephen Baldwin and Tom Berenger on the USA network.

TAXI members James Kernick and Phil Francis’ band PB&J placed music in the Danish Dogme (a new avant garde film style) film “Reunion.”

Rob Khurana and Guy Maisonneuve of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada have been getting lots of placements as a result of their deals with a leading TV music publisher. Their music has appeared on such shows as The Queen Latifah Show, True Hollywood Stories on E! Entertainment Network, Showtime’s Beggars and Choosers, Fox TV’s Malcolm In The Middle; and many more shows in Japan and Canada.

Another Canadian member, Brian (Hoot) Gibson of New Westminster, B.C. writes: “Through TAXI, I have just signed a single song contract with a music supervision company in Palos Verdes, California. The song title is “Don’t Touch.” The first deal, with many more to come!! Thanks!”

Gary Partin of Covington, KY signed a one song deal with a UK publishing company. The song, “Drive,” co- written by Greg Thomas, is going on a Motosport compilation for British television.

Melinda Johnson, of Fixed-Wing Productions in North Hollywood, CA signed a license agreement with Ellipsis Arts Records for the use of one of her instrumental harp tracks for their upcoming compilation CD entitled Mediterranean Lullabies.

Erik Nilsen and Pat Phillips of Slipstream Music in St. Paul Minnesota signed five songs to an international publishing company.

Bill Gordon of Miami, FL got a deal with Surreal-to-Reel Film Music. And they want to hear more.

Adam Watts has a cut by multi-platinum UK artist Jerome Flynn on BMG Records through Rain Turtle Music; and has placed five compositions with Muzak via a west coast publisher.

Fran Lucci’s song “Sheree” was recently used on an episode of Dawson’s Creek.

Michael Souza of Templeton, California had his song “Out On The Road” used in the short film, Clown Car. Michael also signed his track “Speed Freak” to a British music library.

Faith Rivera of Long Beach, California, signed a deal with a west coast music library, and the same library has placed a song by Tom Robinson’s band 53 Days in the hit NBC series, ER.

Britt Phillips’ band Hand To Mouth had two songs used in the film Undercurrent starring Lorenzo Lamas.

Darwin Gross has placed his song “Soul Speaks” in the Miramax Film Take Down starring Tom Berenger.

San Diego’s Honeycreepers got their song “Cage” in MTV’s show Undressed.

The band Fisher signed their deal with Farm Club/Universal. Look for the album in stores and on the radio later this year! Full story here.

Stan Swiniarski got his first Muzak placement through TAXI via a west coast music publisher.

B.Z. Lewis continues to get many placements through TAXI. MTV is using nine more songs for “Making The Video” and “Undressed.” And Lewis just signed a song to use in the indie film ‘Bellyfruit.’ Electronic Arts is using another song in the video game ‘Triple Play 2001’ and B.Z. placed a song in NBC’s ‘Passions’.

TAXI Member Scott Duncan has signed songs to two different publishing companies, one in New York, and one in the UK.

James Kole got a last-minute placement of a Blues song in the Miramax film “Take Down”.

Derrick Procell placed his song “Santa Bring My Baby Home to Me” in episodes of “The Young and The Restless” and in NBC’s “Providence.”

Several members had material picked up by an east coast publisher. Congratulations go out to Christian Geith, John Wolanin, Bob Kroeger, Mike Newman, Victor Palagano, Zupe, Ed Dzubak, Mark Battaglia, and Monti Medley.

TAXI Member Julie Ann Bailey from St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin received a quarterly BMI check for over $4,000 from music placements she had on 2 NBC shows, a CBS sitcom, and the Jerry Springer Show.

TAXI recently placed the song “Any Way” by the band Fisher in the Miramax film “Take Down” starring Skeet Ulrich and Master P.

Skip Peck of Weirton, West Virginia, Tim Koss of Everett, Washington, Suzanna Grzanna of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and B.Z. Lewis’ band Sugar Danks from San Francisco, CA all have had music placed in the upcoming film “The Cure For Boredom” (renamed “Sex & Bullets”) through an independent music publishing company whose focus is film and TV placements.

Drayfus Grayson of Long Beach California tells us he has concluded two publishing deals.

Ed Dzubak of Redding, Connecticut did a deal with an east coast music publisher with tons of TV placements.

All of the following members (and their bands) have had music placed in the film “Deal Of A Lifetime” through an indie music supervision company: Hunter Payne; Matt Marka (Brittle); Diego Sandrin; Raymy Krumrei (Golden Ticket); Neil Schnell (Daddy’s Soul Donut); Tom Robinson (53 Days).

Barry Kingston concluded a deal with the same music supervision company for use of his tune in the end-title position of the film, “Deal of a Lifetime.”

Brooke Ramel placed their song, “Que Est Tu” in the movie “Wednesday’s Child”.

A successful music publisher picked up 10 cues from TAXI writer Rob Khurana to be used on a CD release.

Tim Tatum, Dan Lyon, Tom Hipps and Vinnie Zummo all concluded publishing deals with the same New York music library.

TAXI member L.John Ernst got the good news that 15 of his original songs were being picked up by an east coast publisher.

B.Z. Lewis had one of his tunes placed in the motion picture called “The Mating Habits of Humans” which will star David Hyde Pierce.

David Ernst has been busy as a beaver with no less than 10 tracks picked up by a high-profile music library, and the door still wide open for more potential wheelings and dealings.

James Causey is having a piece by his band, Illogical SRL had one of their tunes placed in the film “Let The Devil Wear Black” that is starring Jacqueline Bissett & Mary Louise Parker.

Noel Webb informs us that he’s inked a publishing deal with a Los Angeles based music publisher. Keep us posted, Noel.

Back to the Silver Screen again for Richard Tull’s original compositions (two of them) now in the motion picture “No Rest For The Wicked”.

An established music publisher in NYC has picked up multiple tunes from TAXI writers: Robert Burkhardt (9), Steven Afflick (3), Tim Tatum (6), and Tom Wassinger (7), L.John Ernst (15).

TAXI Members Sixpence None The Richer got their song “Kiss Me” used twice in the CBS soap opera “The Young And The Restless” and the song is also shooting up the radio airplay charts. Last week, it was chosen as the featured song on the TV spots for the major new film “She’s All That”. Listen for it!

Jennifer and Scott Smith got another usage of their song “Ordinary Girl” in “Young And The Restless”.

James Stajdel placed a song in the film, “The Others”.

John Grabowski wrote “Change of the Wind” which is now being used in the movie called “Edge of 17”.

Molly Scheer and a leading European indie label concluded a foreign licensing deal.

Paul McNamara finalized a six-song publishing agreement with a major music library.

Geoff Clarkson finalized a deal with a successful holiday music publisher while Jack O’ Neil (foreign licensing deal) did the same with an international indie label. Nice goin’, guys.

Larry Good worked out a two-song deal with an independent Nashville publisher. The same publisher also picked up two additional songs by writer Mike Porter.

Joe David Curtis placed his song, “My Love Will Still Be Around”, with a Texas based music publisher, who also picked up Murray Bowes’ song, “Heaven Only Knows”.

Writers Jennifer and Scott Smith, who are on a hot streak, recently placed three songs—“Fade Away”, “I Can’t Wait”, and “Never Come Back” in the TV series “Brooklyn South” on Fox TV.

Several TAXI writers have recently negotiated deals with an eminent music library. They are: Robert Burkhardt (nine songs), Robert Orr, Paul Ulanowicz, Tim Barton, Tim Tatum (six songs), Tommy Merry and Yontz Sucre.

MCA & Arista are looking at Mark Wood... A&M, Arista, Sire (Bud Scoppa), Ultimatum & M.E.G. Management seem to be circling the wagons around the Sugarplum Fairies... Four O’ Clock Balloon has attracted some interest from Arista, Interscope and a London music supervisor... Tacoma Films might be interested in doing a deal with the Rainravens.

Robert Porembski has struck a deal with a top music production library for his original composition, “Feelin’ More Like Christmas”. Robert also mentions that this “very same tune was “favorably reviewed” by Michael Laskow and included on the Playback Vol. 10 CD in the August 1116 issue of Recording Magazine.” Way ta go, Robert.

Richard Tull of Dallas, TX just landed two songs in the movie “No Rest For The Wicked”.

Joshua Lowe’s band Shinola had a song placed in the film “The Others”.

When the film, “Agent Utah”, opens in theaters, you’ll be able to hear Armand Della Volpe’s song in it.

Derrick Procell performs his own song “Bethlehem PA” on the “Trucker’s Christmas” CD out through MCA in conjunction with “Mr. Christmas”, Justin Wilde. See ya on the road Derrick.

Andrew G. Williams, Bill Reader, Ed Nicodemi, George & Jane Spica and Glen King have all struck deals with the same L.A. based music library.

Bert Toms and Bill Edwards both signed licensing deals with a prominent Italian indie label, and Dennis Winslow inked a deal with a Texas based music library.

Way ta go Britt Phillips for your song that will be appearing in a Lorenzo Lamas’ upcoming film.

A New York based music library picked up tunes by David Steen, Eric Hollis, Evette Kay, Frederick Carola, Fuzzbee Morse (a 10-song deal), Greg Kochan, John Andrews, and Leon Salem.

Dallas area Rock band Bobgoblin signed a Major Label deal with MCA Records. Their album, “Twelve-Point Master Plan” will be available in stores soon.

Los Angeles band Fisher landed a Major Label deal after TAXI CEO Michael Laskow gave a copy of the band’s CD to Interscope A&R man Tony Ferguson.

TAXI member Paul Wetty wrapped up a deal with an east coast publishing company.

Jay Pinto and a music publisher worked out a one-song publishing deal with a tune to be used in a film called “Do You Wanna Dance”. Nice goin’, Jay.

Ira Marlowe has just concluded an artist development deal with Dreamworks Records. If you know anything about the Biz, you understand just how hard those deals are to get. Congratulations, Ira.

John W. Andrews reports to us that he’s signed over 50 tracks to two prominent music libraries in the past two years.

Thanks to some talent and tenacity, TAXI member Carter Cathcart was able to place three of his instrumentals with an established music library, to be used in a movie trailer CD.

Jane Norman had some success recently as she scored with a children's music production company, and then had her tune, “No Other Time”, picked up by a leading music library. Way ta go, Jane.

These TAXI members have concluded recent deals with a successful music library: Pete Swanson, Ricci Accardi, Steven Afflick, Taryn Bailey, Kenneth J. Smith, Anton Barbeau, Denny Ernst, Ed Geoghegan and Jim Simons.

The same company also picked up a lot of songs from Brent Sheppard, Ed Geoghegan, Jason Bush, Jeff Keck, John Buchan, John McMillian, Jon Werking, Karen Baldassa, Kenneth Smith, Michael Haring and Yontz Sucre. Congratulations to all.

David Harris and Just Write Productions worked out an agreement whereby Harris got his song into the film called “Just Write”.

Brent Sheppard and Larry Lynum were able to get their material used in the television sitcom “Sisters” on NBC. Way to go, guys.

A great big tip of the TAXI hat to member Jamie Mika who reported that he was flown to New York to audition for the lead role in the smash Broadway musical, “Rent.” Win, lose or draw, that’s quite an honor, Jamie!

Julie Ann Bailey, a singer-songwriter from St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin, has reported that one of her tunes, “I’d Give Anything”, was used on the nationally syndicated Jerry Springer Show.

Another round of deals with an east coast music publisher include: Rick Trulson, Michael Oppenheimer, Yontz Sucre, Michael Haring, Mike Kroell, Tsony Tsonev and Pete Swanson.

Jerry Kelsick concluded a deal for publishing and TV use with a music library in Los Angeles.

Captive Heart worked out several foreign licensing deals with a European independent label.

Lee Kweller licensed some of his material to an international music publisher.

Matt Berlin / 23rd Hour and Megarock have worked out a record/distribution deal.

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