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TAXI Road Rally 2010

“This is now the 2nd contract I have signed
as a direct result of the Road Rally.”
Kurt Kreimier

Photos by James DiModica
Michael Laskow / Michael lloyd
Legendary record producer and Road Rally 2010 Lifetime Achievement Award honoree Michael Lloyd (left) during his Keynote Interview with TAXI CEO, Michael Laskow.
"It was just so cool to see the music professionals on stage get energized by what they were hearing. It is a tribute to you and your continued pursuit of making the dream of TAXI bigger and better with each passing year."

– Gary Piatt
A&R Panel at Road Rally
A&R Panel at TAXI's Road Rally. Seated from left to right, Judy Stakee, Founder, The Judy Stakee Company; Michael Tedesco, V.P. of A&R, Jive Records; Doug Johnson, Sr. V.P. of A&R, Curb Records; Mio Vukovic, A&R Consultant, Hollywood Records; and Donna Casiene, V.P. of Creative Services, Universal Music Publishing.
Ron Feemster
Grammy winning producer, Ron Feemster stands up to give props to a TAXI member's song during the Producers Looking for Hits panel at Road Rally 2010. He is flanked by fellow producers (left to right) Michael Lloyd, Denny Diante, Rob Chiarelli, and Beau Dozier.
"The panelists were extremely generous in telling us what we need to know in order to succeed."

– Ostin Drais
Angela Leus, Andrew Robbins, Tanvi Patel, Mike Mayer, David Trotter
Film and TV Music licensing expert Angela Leus (far right) gets a laugh from her fellow panelists (left to right) Andrew Robbins, director of Film & TV Music, MusicBox, LLC; Tanvi Patel, CEO, Crucial Music; Mike Mayer, Associate at All Media Music Group; and David Trotter, Co-founder and Music Producer, Studio 51 on the Film & TV Music Pitch Panel.
Kevin Kiner
Film and TV composer Kevin Kiner, CSI Miami and Star Wars: Clone Wars, greets TAXI member Tero Potila shortly after Kiner's Composing for TV panel wrapped up.
"The Rally is an absolute must do for anyone serious about their music career."

– Derek Klasnoch
TAXI Members / Film-TV Panel
YouTube star and TAXI member, Tiffany Alvord cracks up TAXI CEO, Michael Laskow. When Alvord was asked for some good Internet marketing tricks, her response was, "Tricks are for kids. I like to think of it as my music marketing strategy." You go girl!
Bob Mete, Keith LuBrant, Gary Piatt, Vance Marino, Jeff Greenleaf, Joe Aukofer, Danny Infantino, Chris Ball, and Jeanna Murphy
Michael Laskow (front, center in pink shirt) poses with the folks from the Successful TAXI Member panel. They are (from left to right) Bob Mete, Keith LuBrant, Gary Piatt, Vance Marino, Jeff Greenleaf, Joe Aukofer, Danny Infantino, Chris Ball, and Jeanna Murphy next to Laskow.
"It was a great experience to be on the composers panel this year. TAXI is the vehicle. The Road Rally is the map."

– Danny Infantino
"Without TAXI I wouldn't be writing for three film and TV libraries right now. With their help I'm on my way to making my hobby my career."

Jeanna Murphy
Major Label A&R panel
Film and TV Music experts Marianne Goode, Founder of All Media Music Group; Peter Greco, CEO, PG Music; Stephan Goldman, CEO, SRG Productions; and David Trotter, Co-Founder/Producer, Studio 51 Music giving props to a TAXI member's track that was played on the Do You Have Music for My Project panel.
Ariel Hyatt, Tony vanVeen, Bob Baker, Tiffany Alvord
Ariel Hyatt, CEO, Ariel Publicity; Tony vanVeen, CEO, Discmakers/CDBaby; Bob Baker, Guerilla Music Marketing; Tiffany Alvord, Indie Artist and YouTube Star; and TAXI's Michael Laskow strike a pose after the Building a Buzz and Marketing Your Music Online panel.
"If you're an independent artist, stop guessing. Know where the bar is set. When you're involved with TAXI you'll know what works and what doesn't and who can move your music to the next level."

– Joe Aukofer
"I attended this year's Rally and it was more than I would have ever expected!"

– Matthew Moss
John Braheny
Legendary songwriting coach and author of The Craft and Business of Songwriting, John Braheny, gets a round of applause from a table full of happy TAXI members after he finishes his session at the Mentor Lunch.
Doug Johnson
Curb Records V.P. of A&R, Doug Johnson, takes a CD from a member after finishing his panel at Road Rally 2010.
"I'm not normally one for superlatives but the Road Rally is a transformational experience."

– Derek Klasnoch
"I cannot describe how much that TAXI and the Road Rally inspire me to keep going with music."

– Rich Frey
Lamont Dozier
Mega-Hit Songwriter, Lamont Dozier (right) greets singer/songwriter Austin Ellis the TAXI Road Rally.
Todd Brabec and Jeff Brabec
Flanked by Brabecs! Twins and co-authors of Music, Money and Success, Todd Brabec (left) and Jeff Brabec (right) bookend this happy TAXI member at the Rally.
"My fifth Rally and I already want to go back! I don't think I'll ever get sick of this conference."

– Adrianne Serna
Doug Johnson, Brett Anderson, Peter Raefelson, Michael Laskow, Kevin Savigar, Lamont Dozier and Jack Tempchin
(From left to right) Doug Johnson, Brett Anderson, Peter Raefelson, Michael Laskow (TAXI CEO), Kevin Savigar, Lamont Dozier and Jack Tempchin after finishing their Hit Songwriters panel.
Steven Memel, Mike and Ruthy
Performance and vocal coach Steven Memel (left) having loads of fun with TAXI members and Indie artists Mike and Ruthy as they learn to let go and add some magic to their performance. This session was a huge hit!
"TAXI's Road Rally gives me the drive to take my music further each year. Annually, TAXI goes above and beyond to give their members the best possible chance of success."

– Jeff Greenleaf
"This was my first Rally and not to sound cliché, but words cannot describe the feeling and vibe of this event."

– TAXI Forum post
Donna Casiene
Universal Music Publishing V.P., Donna Casiene gives a hearty laugh during the Major Label A&R panel at the Road Rally.
Jay Frank
Futurehit.dna author, and Senior V.P. of Music at CMT, Jay Frank, chats with some TAXI members at the Rally.
"Never have I laughed so hard and for so long with a group of people! I shared some great meals, conversation, and music throughout the Rally and I can definitely say that it is worth EVERY penny."

– Keith LuBrant
Brett Anderson: The Donnas
An adoring fan hangs on Brett Anderson's every word at the Mentor Luncheon. Anderson is the lead singer for The Donnas.
Paula McMath
Talented Indie artist Paula McMath delivers a knock out performance at one of the Open Mics during the Road Rally.
"The TAXI Road Rally makes me feel full of hope for what lies ahead of us all in the music business. It's an honor to participate."

Ariel Hyatt
"The level of talent has risen over the years, and one can only assume that the education TAXI members receive at these Road Rallies, contributes to the increase."

– Tanvi Patel
Ariel Hyatt, Android phone
After Ariel Hyatt mentioned Ustream as a promotional tool, TAXI CEO Michael Laskow pulled out his Android phone, launched TAXI's Ustream account, and had an audience member begin broadcasting the panel live from Laskow's phone.
Helen Austin, Tanvi Patel
TAXI member Helen Austin who hails from the U.K., gets a chance to meet her U.S. publisher Tanvi Patel at the Rally.
"I've come farther than I ever would have imagined and I am just getting started."

– Casey Hurowitz

"I have spent my life playing and singing in bands and this is the most real thing I have ever seen."
— Dwight Nichols,
TAXI Member

"I was cynical at first, but my wife convinced me to join and I'm very impressed."
— L.A. Van Fleet,
TAXI Member

"Nothing bad can come from belonging to this unbelievable organization that has definitely allowed my songs to be stronger than ever."
— Justine Kaye,
TAXI Member

"It is most certainly my honor to be a member of TAXI. Thank you again."
— Sharon Weinbrum,
TAXI Member

"The Road Rally is worth at least 4 times the cost of my TAXI membership, and it's free!"
— Dale Gustavson,
TAXI Member

"TAXI provided real access to a nearly inaccessible industry."
— John Mendoza,
TAXI Member

"I've been to tons of music seminars put on by reputable companies. None of them have ever come close to the Road Rally."
— Stuart Ridgway,
TAXI Member

"The dedication you have to your members is apparent."
— Tom Kovacs,
TAXI Member

"You are making an incredible difference in the lives of musicians and artists trying to break into the business!"
— Rob Khurana,
TAXI Member

"I would like to thank Taxi for helping me and my partner and become more polished writers."
— Liz Aday,
TAXI Member

"My writing and production skills have improved 200%! Although some credit belongs to me for such hard work, a lot belongs to you!"
— Chris Musulin,
TAXI Member

"Thanks again for everything that TAXI does. It's helping me to be a better writer."
— Chet Nichols,
TAXI Member

"The critques I've gotten back are really so encouraging. You listen so closely you spot all my weak spots, but also give me the feeling you really enjoy my music. I thank you."
— Willie McCulloch,
TAXI Member

"I recently got my first deal as a result of a submission to TAXI! I'm very excited to see that this actually works!"
— George Leverett,
TAXI Member