Forwards, But No Calls Yet Panel, Part 2

If you missed this panel at the 2007 TAXI Road Rally, you won't want to miss the great advice from these panelists! Find out what 11-year TAXI member Matt Hirt, Co-Founder of BFM Digital Steven Corn, President of Crucial Music Tanvi Patel, President of Songs With Vision Danny McCluskey, and TAXI A&R Team Member Matthias Weber had to say about music in film and TV, and how they answered this question: "How does somebody who's truly got the chops get the gig to score the big, blockbuster Hollywood movies? Is it enough to just be talented?" Read the full story

Passenger Profile: Margot Blanche

Margot Blanche studied vocals with an opera teacher, lived in Hong Kong for 17 years, and writes R&B music. Find out what this singer/songwriter TAXI member is up to and how she is currently exploring a sound that highlights both the past and present.Read the full story

The Advantages of Using Session Musicians on Your Songwriting Demo
Cliff Goldmacher owns recording studios, and has played on and produced over 40 independent albums. Find out why Cliff believes that while high quality microphones, pre-amps, and experienced engineer are all important for a professional recording, one of the single more important elements in a great-sounding, professional recording is the performance of the session musicians.Read the full story

Member Deals Cool Stuff Industry News

USA's "Monk" features a song by Jean Custeau_._._.

Glenn Shambroom's song was placed in a new NBC show_._._.

Steve and Karen Multer confirmed several deals, including one with "CSI"_._._.

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More than 20 reported in February, almost 50 for January. And these are only the ones that people report to us!

MySpace Music Venture on Fast Track?

Social networking site nears deals with SBMG, WMG_._._.

Danity Kane Do!

Flo Ride hits #2, Gnarls Barkley reaches #20, and other top debuts_._._.

Sam Weiss: The Passing of a Music-Piz Pioneer

The Bronx native carried the Indie torch_._._.

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Tours, albums, and other news_._._.



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