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Passenger Profile: Stasia Conger

By Kenny Kerner
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Listen to 'Bad Dream' by Stasia Conger:

Stasia literally had to wait until her 4th birthday before her piano teacher would begin giving her lessons, bus she clearly made up for that long wait. Now at a ripe 20-years-old, this month's Passenger Profile member has already achieved many successes as she continues to hone her writing craft and take her music to the people.

What musical instruments do you play? What first turned you on to playing an instrument?

I play the piano, the guitar, and I sing. I started piano on my 4th birthday because that's the youngest my piano teacher would teach kids and apparently I really wanted to play (I don't remember a whole lot from back then). I really liked music at 4, I know that much. I remember listening to Enya's "Orinoco Flow" with my mom... and digging it. I still love the song actually!

Do you come from a musical family?

My parents are not musical at all, so it's a mystery where the music came from. My sisters and I all sing; I was the only one who took up instruments though. My mom claims that her great, great grandmother or aunt or something was a famous opera singer... don't know how accurate that is, but my dad's mom has just begun indulging in her interest in music in her old age; perhaps we got it from her and didn't even know she had it!

Do you remember writing your very first original song? What was it called and what was the inspiration for that song?

I do! It was horrible. I was either 12 or 13 and was mad at my parents for not letting me go to the mall with my friends. Tragic, I know. It was called "Get Me Outta Here." Fortunately for everyone, it was never recorded and never sung outside of my room. But it definitely opened the doors to the development of my songwriting!

At what point did you decide on a career in music?

At 14 I told my dad I was going to be famous and that was the end of it. Whether or not I get famous is no longer the issue; the imminent need is to start making some dough with these songs! I would just love to make a comfortable living writing, singing, or selling my songs. I've found being in the studio or being on stage to be my favorite aspects though, and since I'm only 20, I'm not giving up on that getting famous thing just yet.

Explain the process you go through when writing a new, original song.

My process for songwriting changes every time I write a song. Some days I'll come up with a cool piano or guitar riff and decide I need some great lyrics to go along with it. Some days I'm singing random words in my car, yes, a little weird, but I'll be "flowing" and will sing something awesome amidst a lot of not-so-great stuff, write it down, and make a song out of it when I get home. Lots of unfinished songs though... I need to get on that.

What was your very first professional success story?

Wow... well I don't feel very successful professionally yet. I think my greatest achievement up to now would be winning the Kauai Music Festival Songwriting Competition in 2006. That was amazing and unexpected. I won a BMI showcase from it—pretty OK—but no deals yet. I met Steven Melrose that year and he got me hooked up with a producer/engineer named Andrew Williams, an incredible guy, who worked with my on my latest recordings. They're really good and I can't wait 'til somebody hears them and loves them and wants me to do other things for them, but until that happens, I've just got to keep workin' on my trade to get better at what I do.

Did you attend the recent TAXI Road Rally? If yes, what did you think of it?

Yes I did attend the recent TAXI Road Rally. It was awesome. I think what I've found is that it's not even so much about the classes anymore as it is about networking and meeting new people. I've found the business to be such a small little community that the more people you meet, the closer you get to meeting the one guy with the hook-ups that's going to love ya.

How did you first hear about TAXI and why did you join?

I was at In-and-Out Burger with my dad talking about music and a guy was sitting near us. Apparently he overheard our discussion and entered into the conversation, just going on about TAXI (as a good thing) and gave us his card because he worked there, etc. It didn't really faze me, I was only 15 or so and not all that interested in some "Web site" called TAXI, but my dad looked into it and signed me up. Let's just say, I'm glad it fazed my dad.

Are you satisfied with the services they provide?

I am satisfied. I think TAXI has the ability to be used for songwriters' and artists' benefit and I know that Michael has a big heart and a love for music and people that is undeniable. While there are no guarantees with forwards or call-backs, the insight is helpful whether we choose to take it to heart or not. I'm not die-hard and I don't send in tons of submissions per month, but I think TAXI is great, definitely, and I use it when I believe my songs have a chance.

"I've found the business to be such a small little community that the more people you meet, the closer you get to meeting the one guy with the hook-ups that's going to love ya."

— Stasia Conger

How has TAXI helped you and your career?

So far TAXI has given me people I've met through the Rally, and it's given me lots of forwards in the past three months—since I started submitting songs recorded with Andrew. It has helped me discern music supervisors from A&R and all the different business guys out there, because for a long time I wasn't too interested in who's who, and who does what, and all that nonsense. There are still areas of gray, but I'm learning!

What have you learned from being a TAXI member that you did not know before?

Oh, everything I know about the music business now. TAXI raised me in the music industry. All those classes, all those panels...

What are your plans for 2008?

To get a call-back (Or a few!!)... And to keep on writing and performing, of course!

And if she continues to keep writing and performing we're certain she will get plenty of calls and achieve many more successes in the future. Remember... if you love us, you'll use us!

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