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I want to point out something important that my fellow members might not know, but I think they should. When you guys launched your new hosting service, the e-mail you sent out made it sound like I ONLY had a two-week window to upload 50 of my songs for free. It wasn't until I called a girl on your staff for clarification that I found out that I could actually start my free hosting account ANY TIME during my membership year.

I wasted nearly two months with the company you formerly sent us to, to host our music before I got my music up on TAXI's free hosting service. I thought I had blown my window of opportunity.

Although you guys normally do a great job of communicating, I think you totally missed the boat on this issue, and you should let all of your members know that they can (and should) take advantage of your free hosting service even if they missed the introductory two-week offer.

— Thanks,

Mel Roth

Dear Mel,

Thanks, you're right, and you weren't the only member who was confused by my introductory letter about our new, free hosting service. I appreciate the head's up and apologize for the lack of good communication on my part. If any member is interested in more information, call TAXI.

— Sincerely,


I've got to say, I was really ticked off when I found a company online that accepted songs from the public, yet you (TAXI) were running listings for them, and charging me a five buck submission fee for what I could have done on my own for free.

When I contacted the company and told them they shouldn't run listings with you, the guy told me that they actually go through the songs they get from TAXI first because the quality is so much better than what the public sends them. He also said that they find so much great material from the stuff that TAXI sends to them, that they rarely even get to the stuff in the other pile.

I guess you guys are on the up and up after all, and I just wanted to let you know that the people on the "buying side" of the industry take you more seriously than I might have imagined. Keep up the great work.

— Chuck Ogden

Dear Chuck,

Seems kind of like a back-handed compliment, but we'll take 'em any way we can get them. ;-) Thanks for sharing that info.

— Warm regards,


I really want to express my sincere thanks to Mr. Laskow for taking the time to establish the relationships needed to pitch (music) for the membership. I have been reading a book called Confessions of a Record Producer. In it there is a section about independent A&R companies and TAXI is mentioned by NAME. The book is a compilation of scams and rip-offs in the industry.

The author goes out of his way to say that these (listed independent A&R) companies are NOT classified as scams or rip-offs as he defines them. He does say that he is not sure how much good they can do for their membership when most placements are made because of RELATIONSHIPS that have been formed prior to the current listing for music.

He did not say it was impossible, but he did say that a music supervisor is usually going to exhaust any possible leads through relationships before considering a placement of an unknown.

By letting us know about the frequent meetings and trips you make (to NY and Nashville), you have shown that TAXI is not like the other companies, and even though I do not have any relationship with the rainmakers in the industry, YOU DO. That in itself sets TAXI far and away above your competition, if you can call them that.

Keep at it, I believe in TAXI, and you keep giving me more reasons to. I also wish to thank all of the staff, since it is every one of you who make the company what it is.

— My deepest respect,

Phillip Koulogianes

Dear Phillip,

Thanks for the kind words. I know the book you're talking about, and I've read it. One thing that the author didn't mention is that in TAXI's case, we are often the FIRST call people make to find music, not the last. It didn't take long for the industry people to figure out that TAXI could find them top of the line artists and writers who were every bit as good as their regular "go to" people.

Now our members are AMONG their go-to people, so everybody wins!

— Warm regards,


I loved your letter because it points out what we've known for years—once you sign a deal with a publisher, it may take YEARS to get a placement or realize any money from the deal.

Just got word from a publisher that I signed with through TAXI, that I got 5-6 songs in their new movie "Bad Boy," National Lampoon etc... I guess with credits at the end, using the stage name I use "Dene." Did he e-mail you guys? He did last time... this was from a TAXI listing three years ago or so...

— Thanks for more placements,

Denny Earnest

Hi Denny,

Thanks for letting us know, and congratulations! I loved your letter because it points out what we've known for years—once you sign a deal with a publisher, it may take YEARS to get a placement or realize any money from the deal.

More often than not, our members get discouraged when nothing happens quickly after they get a forward or sign a deal. They let their memberships lapse, and then regret it when they figure out that they've wasted YEARS and many other potential deals by not staying active. I hope they read your letter, and stay in the game!

— Thanks,


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