Major Label A&R Panel, Part 1, Road Rally 2006

Michael Laskow interviews Guy Routte, A&R Consultant, Columbia Records, Urban; Tony Ferguson, VP of A&R, A&M/Interscope; Kirk Boyer, Sr. Director of A&R, Lyric Street/Disney, Nashville; Steven Melrose, President, Left Wing/Virgin Records (at time of panel). If you missed this panel at the Road Rally, you won't want to miss it! Read the full story

Passenger Profile: Randy Parsons

This TAXI member went to three of the most prestigious colleges in America and has credentials that most of us are still dreaming about. Yet, when it came time to network and get his music out there for real, Randy Parsons chose to join TAXI. Check out his story.Read the full story

Writing and Rewriting "She's In Love With The Boy"
Excerpted from John Braheny's best-selling book, The Craft and Business of Songwriting (3rd edition), this article by John Ims tells all about the creation of "She's In Love With The Boy," the breakout hit single for Trisha Yearwood. He rewrote the song 32 times. Was it worth it? Now it's in the Songwriters Hall of Fame.Read the full story

Member Deals Cool Stuff Industry News

Stephen Snider has a song placed on the Northern Exposure season six DVD _._._.

Ireland member Mary Thompstone signed a deal with Nashville publisher_._._.

Joe Curtis signed 20 songs_._._.

Marty Attridge's song was featured on CBS drama_._._.

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High School Still in Session

Disney soundtrack fastest to top million mark_._._.

Trakin Care of Business, The Politics of Youth

Kaya, Superbad, Rocket Science, Zac Efron, and more_._._.

Ticketmaster, Live Nation Go Their Own Ways

The company may start its own in-house ticketing service_._._.

Bulletin Board

Sales down—but digital sales up, town wins "Simpsons" name, Kelly Clarkson declares independence_._._.



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