Answered by Michael Laskow, TAXI CEO
Wow! You guys have set the bar for customer service and overall excellence so high that I only wish the rest of the world would begin to follow your example! I don't think I can find enough glowing adjectives (not to mention rhyming ones) to adequately describe all of the positive experiences I've had in only six months as a new TAXI member.

As a producer/engineer since the early '80s, I've spent most of my "adult" life working with other people's music, and have only gotten truly serious about honing my own songwriting in the last couple of years. I wanted to start getting some mercilessly anonymous feedback and expand my opportunities, so I decided to give TAXI a shot.

The initial shock came last December when I called your 800 number and got a live human on the phone within three rings! I then had to pinch myself when said human also turned out to be smart, knowledgeable, friendly, upbeat, and truly interested in having a real conversation.

The initial shock came last December when I called your 800 number and got a live human on the phone within three rings! I then had to pinch myself when said human also turned out to be smart, knowledgeable, friendly, upbeat, and truly interested in having a real conversation. Not a high-pressure sales vibe... just genuine enthusiasm for his work and the company. I called again the next day, just to make sure it hadn't been a fluke or a dream. Same thing. It continues to be a pleasant experience every time I call.

Since joining, I've pestered the folks at TAXI (in particular, Emilie, Chris, Jon) with various outside-the-box inquiries re: submissions, listings, critiques, etc., and their responses have ALWAYS been extremely fast, helpful, pleasant, thoughtful, resourceful, patient... [more adjectives, please].

And the critiques of my quickie (must include that production disclaimer!) demos have been great. I can only imagine what it must be like to have to come up with intelligent (and diplomatic) commentary all day long while plowing through piles of tunes. The A&R pros at TAXI are great. Although I have, of course, had the typical "but that's not the point!" reaction a time or two, the vast majority of my reactions to their input are more like, "Great suggestion! How did I miss that one?" or "Yeah, I can definitely hear that." This week I had a 'but that's not the point" moment, but I tried a re-write based on the suggestion anyway—and I wound up with what I now think is a much better lyric. Thanks again, folks!

This kind of sincere, helpful, friendly, high-quality, detail-oriented attention, and creative thinking is so rare among most companies these days that I find myself constantly raving to friends and associates about the wonderfulness of TAXI. Don't ever change!

— Sincerely,

Brian Young

THANK you for letting me know how great my staff has been in helping you. I'm tremendously proud of them, and hearing it from our members is icing on the cake! Thanks for taking the time to make sure they get the accolades they so richly deserve.

— Warm regards,


I took the advice from one of your recent e-mails, and went to check out your forum at Wow!!!!!!!

You weren't kidding... it was like getting a free Master's degree in Music Business. I spent about an hour per night for the last week, and read tons of posts that literally changed my life. I know that's a big claim to make, but it's true. All I had to do was read what everybody else wrote, and I feel that I was able to cut years off of my road to success.

Why doesn't everybody belong or participate in this great community? I've checked out others, but they were mostly just "bitch-fests." The TAXI forum seems to be filled with musicians who are very helpful.

What these people have created for the rest of us is nothing shy of amazing. Even if you don't use TAXI to pitch your music, I think EVERYBODY should take advantage of this wonderful, nurturing, and extremely educational community that you have given birth to.

— Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Shelley Schneider

Thanks for letting me know that my recommendations aren't falling on deaf ears. You're not the first person that has used the phrase, " getting a free Master's degree in Music Business."

We've got about 4,500 people registered on the forum, and I'm sure there are many more "lurkers" who haven't registered, but DO visit and learn from the posts. All things considered, it makes me wonder why tens of thousands of songwriters and artists aren't using this incredible community to shorten their timeline to success. I don't get it, but I'm grateful that at least, SOME percentage uses it. I'd bet that if we had a way to track their success, we'd see, that as a group, they have more success and got there faster! Whad'ya think?

— Thanks for "getting it,"


Will try to make this brief. I need a clear picture to make a decision. I only have two studio-made song demos to present. One titled "A Love For All Seasons" that could be a film theme. The other titled "Long Distance Love" is done as a male-female duet, and fits as a personal love song, anniversary song, or even a sacred song. Both are Country, possible cross-over.

Most of my work is as lyricist. I would have to go in debt to sign with TAXI. I don't believe you represent those who have only lyrics to peddle.

So—tell me true, do you think I should go in debt that would take me 10 months to pay off Amex, when this is all I have to offer?

I respect your experience about the business, in which I am a total novice. Thanks for any advice.

— Sincerely,

Betty Curtis

Anybody who currently works at TAXI, or has ever worked at TAXI would tell you that upon being hired (if not during their interview), the first thing they hear from my lips is, "Never sell a membership that shouldn't be sold."

In other words, not everybody, or everybody's situation would best be served by belonging to TAXI.

You are a perfect example of that! I honestly don't think TAXI is what you need (at this point) for a few reasons:

1.) With only two songs to pitch, it really narrows the scope of opportunities for you.

2.) There really aren't a lot of opportunities for people who are just lyricists. Labels and publishers generally don't put out the word that they're looking for lyrics only. There are exceptions, but they're so rare, that I wouldn't feel good taking your money in the hope that one of those comes along.

3.) There are other ways for you to accomplish what you need to do, and that is (I believe), find a co-writer who is strong on the musical/melodic side, but not as strong with lyric writing. We have a free way for you to do that. It's called Musicians Junction. It's on our homepage at, and here's a link directly to it:

Musicians Junction helps bands find new band members, producers to find singers, songwriters to find co-writers, and all kinds of great stuff like that. And it's always free!

Finally, I think it would be a good idea for you to join a regional or local songwriting organization and use it to network with other like-minded people. Sooner or later, you'll find that musical partner you've been looking for. PLUS, two heads ARE often better than one. I'll bet you learn from the relationship, and become an even better songwriter in the end.

— Good luck,


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