We've got some great seminars and conferences for you to check out this month, so let's get right to them:


1-3 6th Annual Dynamic Producer Conference
New York, New York

These days, record producers gain as much of the spotlight as the artist himself—just ask Timbaland, Dr. Dre, or the Matrix. This conference is designed to explore the wonderfully lucrative world of record production in today's DIY world. Guests, networking, and plenty of music.
8 Marketing to Men
New York, New York

This is a conference that will teach you how to engage and market your products to men through both traditional and new media avenues. Gain insight into the male buying power and learn new ways to evaluate new marketing trends and opportunities. Confirmed speakers include many top level marketing experts from around the country.
23-26 Cutting Edge Music Conference
New Orleans, Louisiana

If it's happening in New Orleans you gotta believe that music is a big part of it. This yearly event always packs 'em in because it features so many great educational insights as well as superb emerging talent. Try to make this one if you can.
29-Sept. 3 Independent Music Conference
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Now in its fifth successful year, this unique conference helps Indie musicians gain networking opportunities and gives educational information invaluable for future success. Panels, mentors, and workshops play a major role in the process of disseminating Indie info to those attending. Very valuable. Try to get there.

See How TAXI Works

"TAXI is the best listening audience that one could hope for. These guys have valuable insight into music and are very helpful with their criticisms. I am establishing some great contacts and yes, I have signed a couple of tunes to a publisher."
— Stu Brown,
TAXI Member