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Thank you all for being the kind, sensitive people that you are at TAXI. I love being a part of this organization!

My question: When you list artists for songs, are you listing them for a type/style of song the artist would sing, i.e., a song that fits that artist's voice, or are you listing them for the style of voice that you're looking to hear on the demo that you receive from us? I hope you understand my question.

— Sarah D. Johnson

And thanks for the very kind words. My staff is truly wonderful, and thank you so much for noticing. I'm like a proud father, when it comes to them.

The artists we use as references for our listings are to give you a guide as to the ballpark, not so much to sound just like them. Think more along the lines of, if somebody listened to THAT artist, would this also appeal to them? Is this in that style or category. Sometimes, if the listing asks for material suitable for Faith Hill or Martina McBride, it might actually BE for one of those ladies, but we can't disclose it. BUT, they are in a very similar category.

You can do your homework and research the topics they sing about, and by doing that, you'd probably come to learn that Faith is unlikely to sing a song about abortion (as an example) because she's very family oriented.

It REALLY pays to do as much listening to what's currently on the charts as possible. Pro songwriters know a lot of that kind of info, and have a pretty good idea who might be a good target for their song, shortly after they've written it.

TAXI puts you on the same desks as the pro writers, so you need to know what they know to compete with them.

Hope this helps!

— All the best,


My question: What can I do as a lyricist? I was a drummer and I don't think I can play an instrument by ear. How can I produce the music? Aren't there CDs or tracks I can put my words to without having to pay someone? Does a musician expect pay for helping produce a song? I heard that much of the Country Western music is produced first, then the words are written by someone else. How does that work? Please reply!

— Louis L.

Yes musicians would expect to be paid, and they should be! I've never really heard the Country has the tracks produced first, and the lyrics written after. Different songwriters work in different ways. My best advice would be to check out the Garageband program that comes free with every Macintosh computer. It's awesome, and makes it so easy to build tracks, (even if you're NOT a musician), that you won't believe it. My little kids use it, and if it wasn't a conflict of interest, I'd submit a couple of their songs through TAXI. ;-) Try it, you'll love it.

— Warm regards,


As a new member whose only means of recording is with a computer program (guitar parts and vocals only), my question strangely enough regards listings that call for "broadcast quality" or very good home recordings. I realize my submissions are not broadcast quality, nor do I consider my recordings particularly good given my less than stellar guitar and vocal skills. So, I guess my question is: Are there any circumstances in which I should submit to one of these listings? For example, I notice that music libraries always call for broadcast quality or thereabouts. Does this mean their clients never re-record a song that fits the bill? Just trying to get a better sense of what I should and should not submit to.

— Much thanks,

Jim Landry

You've hit the nail on the head, they don't re-record. They've got no shortage of people and tracks they wouldn't need to re-record, so they'll go with those. But, again, (and I don't get free computers for saying this) Macintosh computers come with an awesome program called Garageband, that makes it EASY to record broadcast quality tracks on your computer. I'm sure there are other programs out there that can do the same, but I love Macs. :-)

Go to our message boards in the technology section and pose the question. Chances are you'll get some great answers from our friends who spend way too much time in the home studios. They're a VERY friendly bunch, and they'll help you out every step of the way.

Here's the link:

Go make some new friends!

— Good luck,


Yes, I would like to join but I find that you have but a few opportunities for the type of music I have to offer to make it worth the $300. Are there more opportunities for someone who has for the most part music in the Rock/Jazz/funk instrumental genre then what I see on your sample tips pages that would make it worth my initial investment and time to pursue further and actually invest in this possible opportunity? I mean, I am willing to fork out the dough but the pickings seem a little slim for me and my music!

— Thanks for your time,


Tom Fell

Our listings are generated by what the industry is currently looking for, and I know that sometimes people think there just aren't enough in their genre. I completely understand, and I wish I could force the industry to look for every genre our members make, but alas, I'm only so powerful. ;-)

Make sure that you look for your genre under our film/TV listings and instrumentals as well. People often overlook those opps, and sometimes they're the easiest to land a deal with.

— Warm regards,


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