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So I've been looking at the renewal notice I've received, and started thinking...

When I signed up a few years back I set a milestone: if nothing gets picked up by the time the membership ends, that's it. I gave it a shot and it's not going to happen. Nothing got picked up. I'm really not good enough yet. I really don't have time to do this well.

So I signed up for another two years.


... the reality is that the value of what I've learned from the feedback on the few songs that I sent (and were rejected) is immeasurable.

Well, Michael, the reality is that the value of what I've learned from the feedback on the few songs that I sent (and were rejected) is immeasurable. I learned that I'm not as great as my well meaning friends and fellow open-mikers say. But I also learned, from seasoned professionals that I don't suck, and with a little work here and there, I could move to the next level. What I got for my money was validation that the way I think about my music is interesting enough but my mechanics from song structure to performance could use work.


So, while I may not have the time I'd like to devote now, I'm in this for the long haul and will keep reading the listings and your e-mails.

For now I'm reworking my approach, digging back into the song bag, and looking for the tunes that can evolve using the guidance provided. I could have let the membership lapse and wait until something was "ready" but there would be no monetary incentive to prod me on. And I know now that it's better to send things in BEFORE they're "done" to get/internalize/implement the feedback. This is the best songwriting school in the country.

Completely self-directed study in the style of your choosing and the tuition is a bargain.

Thanks to you and all the reviewers who take the time to offer the benefits of their experience to those of us just finding our way.

— Mike Bittle

I've been called by a publisher that TAXI forwarded my songs to. They told me a contract would be coming soon. The question is, should I renew my TAXI membership or rely on the publisher to get me all of my future work?

— Thanks,

Deb Mayhou

That's a great question Deb!

I know you might think my immediate reaction would be to say, "Renew your membership," and you'd be correct, but I'm not recommending that based on personal greed. ;-)

Here's my logic: You want to get your songs published by as many companies as you possibly can. Don't put all your eggs in one basket. So, keep using TAXI to pitch your material to other companies, while THIS one is out pitching the songs they've signed. My thinking is that over the next five years (or longer), you should do your best to get as many songs picked up by as many companies as you can. Over time, they'll start to get used/cut, and if you keep the flow of new material coming, you'll always have new stuff in the pipeline.

So many people get SO excited when they make their first deal through TAXI, that they stop thinking about the future. Your first deal is exactly that, your FIRST deal. It's also a sign that you are talented, and other deals should come your way. Think about using your songs as your retirement income. The more you get out in the market, the more placements you'll have in the years to come. And nothing is sweeter than mailbox money that comes every week from multiple sources.

— Congratulations,


I really want to express my sincere thanks to Mr. Laskow for taking the time to establish the relationships needed to pitch for the membership.

I have been reading a book that you may be familiar with called, Confessions of a Record Producer. In it, there is a section about independent A&R companies and TAXI is mentioned by NAME. The book is a compilation of scams and rip-offs in the industry. The author goes out of his way to say that THESE companies are NOT classified as scams or rip-offs as he defines them. He does say that he is not sure how much good they can do for their membership when most placements are made because of RELATIONSHIPS that have been formed prior to the current listing for music. He did not say it was impossible but he did say that a music supervisor is usually going to exhaust any possible leads through relationships before considering a placement of an unknown. By letting us know about (your) trips, you have shown that TAXI is not like the other companies and even though I do not have any relationship with the rainmakers in the industry, YOU DO. That in itself sets this company far and away above your competition, if you can call them that. Keep at it, I believe in this company, and you keep giving me more reasons to. I also wish to thank all of the staff, since it is every one of you who make TAXI what it is.

— My deepest respect,

Phillip Koulogianes

Thanks for noticing! I know Moses Avalon, and he doesn't hand out those seals of approval very often, so I'm glad we're in the good column. Also, I've now started shooting video with my little camera when I'm in some of my meetings, so you guys can be flies on the wall. Below is a link to go check out some of the earliest vids, and others are in the can and on the way soon, so hit the "subscribe" button on our page at YouTube, so you can get notified when we post something new!

Thanks again for noticing that we really ARE as well connected as we say we are, and that we are always working behind the scenes for our members.

— Warm regards,


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