Declaration of Independents Panel, TAXI Road Rally 2006, Part 2

Panelists Tony van Veen, Derek Sivers, Steve Corn, and Michael Colledge talk about how to selling your music to cancer survivors, sailors, and people With high cholesterol. If you missed it at the 2006 TAXI Road Rally, you won't want to miss it here!
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Passenger Profile: Kim Angelis

There's nothing Kim would rather be doing than playing the violin. Both a concert violinist and composer, Kim has won several awards for her music and also had the opportunity to perform at 2000 Olympics in Sydney during world champion gymnast Kui Yuan Yuan's floor routing. The resulting publicity led to 18 solid months of worldwide touring.Read the full story

What to Do Before You Record Your Song Demo

Cliff Goldmacher, owner of a successful Nashville recording studio for the past 12 years, shares why it's better to prepare and prevent rather than repair and repent. As an experience producer and engineer who has produced hundreds of demos, Cliff gives tips on how you can make the most of your demo recording experience.Read the full story

Member Deals Cool Stuff Industry News

Raymond Barker's song was placed in NBC's Friday Night Lights_._._.

Jogo Gomez signed a publishing deal for his 1940s-style Jazz standard_._._.

NBC's Las Vegas featured a song by Blair Bielawski_._._.

Bruce Hilton's song was licensed for CW's Veronica Mars_._._.

Steve Seskin and Pat Pattison Join Forces for a Songwriter Seminar

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I.B. Bad Slices Into the Core of Apple's Musical Makeover

What can the majors do to break iTunes' near-
Monopoly in the Crucial Online retail sector_._._.

Music Publishers Sue XM Over Device

Music publishers claim service encourages copyright infringement_._._.

It's Half Empty, Folks

Neilsen SoundScan's 2007 numbers chart industry fall_._._.

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Tours, Broadway, MTV, and more_._._.



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