Hit Songwriters Panel, TAXI Road Rally 2006, Part 1

Can insecurity, networking, social consciousness, and hard work help you write hit songs? Panelists Jason Blume, Kara DioGuardi, Dave Stewart, DJ Muggs, and James Dean Hicks answer that question and many more. If you missed the panel at the Rally, you won't want to miss it here!Read the full story

You've Got Exactly the Same Chance of Writing a Hit as Diane Warren

You can become whatever you want to be. You have exactly the same shot as everybody else. The statistics prove that it's not about natural born talent. It's also not about the number of tracks in your studio, and it's not about where you live or the lack of a thriving local music scene. It's simply all about your personal commitment to do the hard work that it takes to become great.Read the full story

Passenger Profile: Chris Brown

TAXI member Chris Brown has won awards for his work as as filmmaker, and he's also completed his first solo album. Find out how TAXI helps Chris as an Indie musician, and what's next for his career.Read the full story

Member Deals Cool Stuff Industry News

Robert Cooper's song placed on primetime ABC_._._.

Joe Aukofer signs a three-song deal_._._.

Michele Jusko has song featured in commercial_._._.

Steve Dafoe signs several songs to music libraries_._._.

Songwriting and Recording Workshop

Learn to write songs that work and record demos that deliver your best.

2007 Event in Tennessee

This annual event celebrates the art of songwriting in different languages.

Axl Rose Splits With Merck

Guns N' Roses front man says manager failed to get album out on time_._._.

Archetypal Record Man Ahmet Ertegun Dies

Atlantic Records founder had an unmatched ear for exceptional talent_._._.

2006 in Review

Twelve months of turmoil and change_._._.

Bulletin Board

Old is Gold: Stones on tour, Iggy Pop is back, Iron Maiden and more_._._.



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