By Rachel Laskow

A two-week stint on the Van's Warped Tour, a four-week tour with Rusted Root, a short tour with Hawthorne Heights, and three festivals in Europe. That's how the ZOX band spent its summer.

"We had a great summer. We try to play to different audiences. The audiences in Europe are very willing to connect with a band they hear for the first time," said Eli Miller, ZOX's singer/guitarist.

The Northeastern band didn't get to be part of those tours just by signing up. They've had a do-it-yourself work ethic from the beginning, doing everything from designing their own merchandise to running their own record label.

"We actually enjoy learning about the business aspects of the band. We took that side as serious as the creative side. We worked really hard at it, and all four band members are really dedicated," Eli said.

The band, who describes their music as energetic and sophisticated Rock with some influences of Reggae and Ska, released its first album, Take Me Home, in 2003. And even though they made the album in their own basement, it became an Indie success story. Take Me Home was played nationally on college radios, and sold 13,000 copies without any distribution.

ZOX's second album, The Wait, was released independently in fall 2005 and internationally in June 2006. The album is more Rock based than the first, and so far as received really positive feedback. It even debuted at #7 on the Billboard Internet Album chart.

"Our songwriting has come a long way. We made the album in a studio, and got better at working together," Eli said.

The ZOX band is continuing to improve with its membership to TAXI. As members for the past two years, the band sees TAXI as another outlet for its music, including helping the band get their music placed in Indie films.

"The traditional places are far from the only places where music is heard... We really appreciate TAXI's support. It's a great resource for bands at all levels, especially in developing garage bands," Eli said.

The ZOX band will continue to be busy this fall with a six-week tour with Flogging Molly sponsored by Fuse TV. They will also take some time off to start their next album.

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