Answered by: Michael Laskow
Would it be possible for us to know the Listener ID of the screener on YES/NO listing feedback (returns and forwards)?


Dear Tony,

That's a great idea, and I really appreciate you suggesting it. The e-mails that get sent to you letting you know if you've been forwarded or not on a YES/NO are generated by our friends at Broadjam and their computers. We've received this request from other members and we take it seriously. It's on a fairly long list of tweaks that we need to run by the team at Broadjam to see if they can implement them. I always assume that making changes that I perceive to be simple should be easy, and the guys at Broadjam frequently remind me that programming for online database changes is much more involved than I would've imagined. That being said, I want you to know that this change is on our radar and we hope to get it implemented sooner than later.

Thanks for your patience,


I am writing an assignment about "How to set up a music publishing company," which has to include a business plan including start-up expenses, sales forecasts, cash flow charts, etc.

Unfortunately, I am a bit confused what a business plan for a music publishing company can look like since it seems to be quite complicated caused by aspects such as advances, royalties, etc.

Do you have an idea where I could look for samples for music publishing business plans?


Hi Marie,

Not exactly the kind of question we usually get, but I'll give it a shot. I don't think you'll find too many sources for looking at other people's biz plans for a publishing company. However, you seem to have a good grasp of what the line items are already. Projections are just best guesses, and are often found to be not very realistic when the business is up and running. I can tell you that from personal experience. ;-)

My advice would be to buy the book, Guerilla Financing. It has a great chapter on writing a business plan. There is also a lot of software on the market that will prompt you though a list of questions, and ultimately give you something that looks like a business plan.

I would also read Donald Passman's book, All You Need to Know About the Music Business, and Music, Money, and Success, by Todd and Jeff Brabec. These are both excellent books, and will teach you what you need to know about the nuts and bolts of the publishing business. And don't forget to sharpen up your Excel skills. You're going to need them to do all the spreadsheets for your plan.

Is your teacher aware that it could take 100 hours to write a good business plan? This is the kind of stuff people do for Masters degrees!

Good luck,


I have been forwarded by TAXI roughly 13 times in the past year, but haven't received a phone call from any one of those forwards. Is that normal?

Thanks for your help,

Hi Rachel,

Yes, it's absolutely normal. The people at record companies and publishers don't call artists or writers unless they hear something they love. If they took the time to call every person whose music they passed on, they'd do nothing but make phone calls all day! I know that doesn't make you feel much better, but it's the truth.

I'm sure you'd love to ask them, "What didn't you like about my music? What can I improve in my music?"

And that's EXACTLY why they typically don't call people back. They don't want to get caught up in lengthy calls, numerous times per day. They're in the music finding business, not the artist/writer education business, understandably, but sadly.

Often times, they take weeks, even months to get around to listening to the music they REQUESTED, so don't lose hope. We've seen plenty of instances where a member got called MONTHS after they were forwarded — sometimes, close to a year!

There's always hope. And this is a good opportunity to remind you that it's a numbers game. We've ALL heard the stories of how the Beatles got passed on by TONS of labels before they got signed. This is NOT a business for those who give up easily.

Haven't I answered this question many times before? Oh, well, it's always worth reminding you that this is a business that rewards persistent people.

Warm regards,


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