By Rachel Laskow

When TAXI Member Jeff Bihlman first found out he won an Emmy, his first thought was "Finally!!" Jeff's been in the business a long time and was happy to have the affirmation. But after that sunk in, he thought, "OK, now what the hell am I going to say when I get up there."

Bihlman attended a ceremony on June 25, 2005, at Ford Field in Detroit, where he found out he won.

He won the National Television Academy's Emmy award for writing the musical score for the documentary "Remembering the Bradley." The documentary is about the sinking of the Carl D. Bradley on a cold Lake Michigan November.

"I'm really thankful that I was given the opportunity to create music for this project. I was pretty much given free reign over what the music would be, and the producers took a risk letting me do something quite different than the synth-laden fare they're used to in the TV business. With the exception of a drum machine, I used almost all acoustic instruments and everything was guitar based. It was great fun!" he said.

According to The Bihlman Bros.'s Web site (, "The music is dark and melancholy with maritime unerpinings. Sparse arrangements of acoustic and electric guitar, dobro, voices, and various percussion enhanced the film's seriousness and proved to be a moving tribute to the Carl D. Bradley and the men lost."

Bihlman is currently working on another documentary for the same producer about the Edmund Fitzgerald. He's also working with the National Guitar Workshop writing 15 blues guitar lessons for the company's WorkshopLive online learning program.

"It's all very exciting," he said.

He also plans to record a new record this spring with his brother and the rest of their band, The Bihlman Bros.

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