By Kenny Kerner

One of the things I try to do with this Passenger Profile column is feature TAXI members of all ages in varying stages of developing their careers in the music industry. I believe that makes for interesting reading. I think it's important to learn about the struggles as well as the successes—for surely we can learn from both.

After reading Jenifer's bio, I was tempted to call her up and ask her why in the world, with her credentials, she even bothered to become a TAXI member. I couldn't understand it at first. I was ready to suggest she ask for a refund and continue working on her career as she had done in the past. Then I read the answer to her interview questions and it all made sense to me. Jenifer had tasted success. And she liked the taste! She wanted more and understood that you don't get more if you cut off new avenues of achieving more success.

Here—why don't you read this. I'm sure it'll all make sense to you:

When did you first get interested in music?

JM: I always loved music, although I am the only musical one in my family. But I became interested in music at about age 10 or 11 when I was accepted into a performing school—we learned singing, dancing, writing, piano, choir, orchestra, and art. We did this all day.

So you do play musical instruments.

JM: I play piano and a little cello, but my main instrument is my voice.

As an artist, you have some very impressive credits. For example, you were a featured artist at NXNE. How did that happen?

JM: Well, my previous manager arranged that for me, but we still don't know how I became a featured artist. A lot of record execs showed up for that show.

You are also one of a few TAXI members who actually was signed to a record deal before you joined. I believe the deal was with Nettwerk Records, is that correct?

JM: Yes. One of the owners of the company (the one who discovered Sarah McLachlan) saw me and signed me on the spot when I was only 19 years old. It was a one-record deal and we released it only in Canada. I'm no longer with Nettwerk.

With so much success achieved on your own, why did you eventually decide to join TAXI?

JM: I don't really think that I have achieved a great amount of success. I guess I wanted to try every avenue of opportunity. You just never know.

How has TAXI helped further your career?

JM: Since I'm not from Los Angeles, I didn't really know anyone here and now I've made some great connections with different people and companies through TAXI.

Please tell us about the deals that you made through being a member of TAXI.

JM: MTV licensed one of the songs that I wrote with Mikal Reid for the feature track in Laguna Beach Season 2. The track was used in the promotions of the series and also made it on the DVD. They are including the track in their radio spot across the United States. Then, record producer Michael Lloyd contacted me for the use of another track to be used in a movie called Demon Hunter. The track is being used as the title track. The movie has just been released.

What's next?

JM: I am busy writing songs for my next album and co-writing with Charlie Midnight on some of them. I have been playing live at a few venues in Los Angeles, and working on some more film syncs. My live dates are posted on my Web site at

Well there you have it. Another satisfied TAXI member—one who achieved plenty of success on her own but reached out to TAXI to keep the doors of opportunity open. And with those doors open, Jenifer McLaren reaped even more success. Keep up the good work, Jenifer. Hope to see you at the Road Rally!

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