By Rachel Laskow

TAXI member Richard Bassett had a good feeling about his Pop/Country song "I Like It Like That" ever since he recorded the latest demo of it in Nashville. But he never really thought about how well it would do in the International Songwriting Competition... until one day when he received an e-mail saying that his song passed the first round of judging. The next thing he knew, his song had won honorable mention.

"It felt and stills feel great! The fact that it was an international competition, was judged by 'heavyweights' in the music industry (artists, producers, A&R reps, etc.), and that there were over 11,000 entries this time around, made the award mean even more," Richard said.

The original demo of the song was recorded in Bermuda, where Richard lives. Then he received some critiques from TAXI that convinced him to re-write the second verse and then have another demo recorded in Nashville.

TAXI has also helped Richard in other ways. He feels that although not every forward results in a song being recorded, forwards help establish professional relationships with music libraries, publishers, and producers.

The Road Rally has also created great industry connections for Richard. "When in town for the Road Rally, I usually use the opportunity to touch base with some of my L.A. contacts. Success comes from building new relationships and nurturing existing ones," he said.

For now, Richard and his co-writers will continue to focus on writing songs for recording artists as well as sign some of their tracks with music libraries for film and TV placements. "Ultimately, I would like to be paired up with recording artists to co-write with them directly. It makes the process of getting songs cut a lot easier," he said.

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"You guys rock. This service is the best!"
— Carla Ford,
TAXI Member

"I signed a two-song deal with a major Music Library for film and TV."
— Bob Kroeger,
TAXI Member