TAXI Member Gets Hold
With Universal Canada

By Rachel Laskow
Taxi Member Universal Records
When TAXI member Carolyn Arends first found out her song "Part of Me" was on hold with Universal Canada for Country band Doc Walker, she had a big smile and thought, "I hope this turns into a cut."

Carolyn wrote "Part of Me" on lazy spring day in Florence, Alabama, with her friend (and killer songwriter) Brad Crisler. She was on a writing trip to Nashville (she lives Vancouver, BC) and drove down to Alabama to write with Brad.

"Brad is a brilliant, if impatient, writer (he once told me: 'I hate writing songs, but I like it when they're finished.') and by the end of the day, we had 'Part of Me'—which is still a personal favorite of mine," Carolyn said.

"Part of Me" isn't only one of Carolyn's favorites. It's one of Shane Barrett's (TAXI's songplugger in Nashville), too. Shane played Carolyn's song for Doc Walker's manager Ron Kitchener. Ron then requested a hold on the song.

"The hold is very validating to me because I believed in that song for so long," Shane said.

Carolyn wouldn't be where she is today without TAXI. Although she's had several publishing deals and a record deal in her past, she still believes in TAXI and recommends it to other people.

"I was just having coffee with an aspiring writer/artist the other day and we were talking about how drastically the music industry has changed even since I signed my first deal in the '90s. It's not as simple as it used to be, but the upside is that there is a lot more opportunity for independent musicians," Carolyn said.

"TAXI is a big part of that—a chance to access many of the most important sets of ears out there without brokering away a big part of your future in a deal that might not ultimately be in your best interest. I'm really glad TAXI is on the scene," she continued.

For now, Carolyn will just wait and see what happens with her song. As she knows, a hold is just a hold until it's a cut.

"If it turns into a cut, it'll be a source of revenue (and pride!) and a great item for my résumé. I know cuts beget cuts, so getting a song placed always generates more opportunity. Plus, I really like Doc Walker and would feel great about having something on one of their projects (and I'm a fellow Canuck!)," Carolyn said.

As Shane says, one song can mean a lot for a writer's career and "It's almost a miracle when a song gets through the system and becomes a hit."

But Shane will keep fighting to the end: "'Part Of Me' is one of those songs I will continue to fight for until it is cut, on record, and in some young punk's hands at Tower Records!"

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