TAXI Members Crossfade on "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno"

The band's landmark appearance on the seminal show exposed them to millions of viewers, and could help the album reach Platinum. (It has just been certified Gold) . . .Read the full story

Craig Kallman, Co-chairman, Atlantic Records: Part One of the Interview

Craig Kallman was the first person in the music business to run a listing with TAXI in 1992. He shares insight about the music business and how it has evolved over the years . . .Read the full story

More Doors Open for Texas Songwriter

Elliott Park has good news from Nashville, again. Renowned Nashville producer Keith Stegall heard some of Park’s music and put two of his songs on hold for projects . . .Read the full story

Member Deals Profile Industry News

Harsh Krieger gets placement on Fox's sports show M80_._._.

All My Children featured two songs from Ken Andreson_._._.

Three of Christian Balcom's songs will appear on a Discovery Channel show_._._.

Passenger Profile: Alan Reid

Hearing his material on the radio convinced him he could make a living from music. He then joined TAXI, which helped his career_._._.

Napster to Go Security Compromised?

Web sites are reporting ways to convert Napster to Go files_._._.

Grammy Results: Company Town

The show was a memorable night of music_._._.

Bulletin Board

Ringtones are BIG business, Spanish music is hip, Motley Crue dolls are out, American Idol hanging on, and more_._._.



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