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I just want to know if my friend and I join Taxi, will we get an honest opinion from you guys if our music is worth putting out? Of course we think some of our music has merit, and our friends and family like it but you know how that goes. We don't really care about being rock stars or "making it", we just think we may have something to add to the pantheon of music, either as performers of our music or by having someone else do our music. Please respond.

Dave Taylor

The reason TAXI is here and going strong after 13 years is because this company has been built on honesty. If you are looking for sugar-coated opinions, family and friends remain the best way to get them. If you are looking for honest feedback that will help you become good enough to get signed (if you're not already), then TAXI may be the single best resource you'll ever find.

Hi there,

I'm very stoked about your service. I'm poor right now but will be saving all my pennies to subscribe very soon.

I'm interested in the Custom Critiques - is this a members only service? I hope not. Please advise, A positive critique will help me convince my wife that the sub fee is worth the $299.99. I already know it is worth it, I've seen some of your ads and my confidence in my material is high - and in several different categories!!

Thanks for everything,

Alan Ekland

Unfortunately the Custom Critiques are just for your members. There have been many song sharks in the past that use the old custom critique method as a way of finding suckers to rip off and that's the primary reason that we've always avoided doing them for non-members for a fee. We also don't want people to think that the reason that they have gotten a positive critique is so that we elevate their hopes in order to get them to join.

Hi there,

I am a vocalist and eager to send in my work, however I don't write music and I'm unsure about covering a song and sending that in. Is it possible to do so? If not are there any other options? Thanks for the help!!!


The vast majority of A&R people are looking for more than just great voices, they are looking for great voices with great material. If you don't create your own songs, my best advice would be to find a writer/producer that needs a vocalist for their project. You both get what you need, and you stand a much better chance of getting singed with original material.

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