Well the new year has begun and it's already time to start taking a good hard look at where we can learn more business stuff. Here's what's comin' up for the month of January:


2-8 32nd Annual Int'l Association for Jazz Education Conference
Long Beach, CA.

Well the title of this conference is a mouthful but if you're into jazz and live anywhere on the pacific coast, this is the place to be. Live music and panels discussing the future of the genre abound. Call 785-776-8744.
5-9 International Society for the Performing Arts (ISPA)
New York, New York

The theme for this 57th annual conference is "Necessary Excellence" and they really do mean it. Intellectual stimulation, business opportunities and social interaction will be the three key focal points this year. To join or for meeting info, contact ISPA at www.ispa.org or call 914-921-1550.
20 Billboard The Next Big Idea: The Future of Branded Entertainment
Beverly Hills, CA.

Simply put, branding is big bucks and what better place to hold a seminar about making oodles of money than Beverly Hills! Marketing your brand, identifying your products and getting immediate targeting are discussed. Call 646-654-4660 or go to www.billboardevents.com for more info. This is a good one to check out.
20-23 NAMM
Anaheim, CA.

All of the latest and newest gear from just about every manufacturer will be present at the Anaheim Convention Center for this four day extravaganza. If you're into schmoozing, trying to get an endorsement or just checking out the latest gear, do not miss the Mother of all conventions—but bring your walkin' shoes. www.namm.com is the website to go to.
21 Macworld Conference + Expo
Moscone Center, San Francisco

If you're into Mac, you won't wanna miss this one. Topics being discussed will include: DVD Studio Pro, Mac OS X Troubleshooting, Panther, Building a home recording studio, Acrobat, Final Cut Pro 4, professional photoshop and literally dozens more. Go to www.macworldexpo.com for a complete update on the panels.

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