Answered by: Michael Laskow
Dear TAXI,

What is TAXI's criteria for someone to post a listing with your company?

Ross Patrick

Dear Ross,

You must be a well-established record label, publisher or music supervisor that has national distribution and previous releases (charted records are a plus), cuts by major artists, and/or music supervision credits on nationally released films or TV shows. We do make some exceptions. For instance, if a VP of A&R at a major label leaves the label to start a new indie label and we have a good working relationship with that person already, then we will most likely run a listing for them. The bottom line is, we work hard to keep the credibility high for the companies that we run listings for so that we always know that our members will end up in the hands of companies that will serve them well and not rip them off.

Do my demos have to be original beats or can they be mix-tape style demos of unoriginal beats?

Jeremy Callin

Dear Jeremy,

Original beats are much preferred, as the clearances required for using samples can often be difficult to obtain right for.


My Name is James Warn and I am in a 5 piece Emo/Punk rock band called "This Ethereal Heart" on the Central coast of NSW, Australia. I am going to join TAXI to try and get my bands music out there to a record company who will listen to it but first I have some questions which i was hoping you could answer. Firstly I was wondering if TAXI listens to bands from Australia or only in the US?? Before I join TAXI and start submitting songs, I wanted to know if it was possible for someone to listen to one of our songs on the net and tell me if you think that we have any potential and if its worth us joining TAXI??

James Warn

Dear James,

We have tons of members from countries all over the world that use TAXI to break into the US market. Australia also happens to be one of the countries that has the most foreign members in TAXI's member database.

We're reluctant to listen to someone's music in advance and tell them if they have potential because you can't judge someone's full potential from listening to one song and we frequently see members who are at a B-level improve themselves by using our critiques in order to become A-level artists and writers. And while one or two of your songs may not be good enough or right enough for a VP of a major label to hear, they may be absolutely perfect for a scene in a TV show or movie.

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