Spider One: Powerman 5000 and Megatronic Records

As a member of a successful rock band and an A&R guy, Spider is actually living in both worlds simultaneously. Find out how his band got signed, and what he thinks it takes in today's market . . .Read the full story

Passenger Profile: Karma Ann
#1 Folk Singer In South Africa Comes to the U.S.A.

I have these really strange titles — I've been the Number One Pop Artist and the Number One Female Rock Artist, even though I don't write pop or rock music. The title that I most enjoyed was when somebody called me South Africa's finest wordsmith . . .Read the full story

So You Want to Be A Rock & Roll Star

It's two-thirty in the morning. You sit alone in your basement surrounded by more electronics than were onboard the Gemini space capsules. Why are you here? Are you addicted? The answer is a resounding YOU BET . . . Read the full story

Member Deals Cool Stuff Industry News

Felicity DVDs and world's largest theater chain feature Shannon Penn's songs_._._.

Daniel Eyde places two songs with corporate design giant Kimley-Horn_._._.

Good Girls Don't_._._. on the Oxygen Network features two songs by Jimm McIver_._._.

Disc Makers Hold Their 8th Annual Independent Music World Series

Enter your music for a chance to showcase for industry insiders and win $35,000 in musical gear and prizes_._._.

Vibe-Raters Crossfade

TAXI members from South Carolina have #1 Rock Song of the year_._._.

Grocking Sony BMG's Move

Another major hooks up with a peer-to-peer music sharing network_._._.

Usher, Linkin Park Win Awards

Big winners at the Radio Music Awards_._._.

Bulletin Board

Use 2 seconds of music, go to jail_._._.



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