By Jimi Heath
As the date approaches, TAXI staffers are gearing up for our 8th Annual Road Rally. We've been in meetings, on the phone with labels, and running around like wild people in an effort to make this the best Road Rally we've ever had.

As you know this is a members-only convention. In the past we've seen our members hook up deals with the industry folk that attend the Rally, and we are really looking forward to see who will be next.

"The incredible spirit of camaraderie, encouragement and enthusiasm blew me away. Being there, being part of it, and interacting face to face with everybody and everything cannot be explained unless you were there."
— Alan Abrahams,
TAXI Member

TAXI member Dawn DeMone was approached by several top labels after her music was played during the A&R panel. Here she is in deep discussion with Aware Records V.P., Steve Smith.

"The TAXI Road Rally alone is worth the price of membership. There is simply no place on the planet that anyone can get so much useful information, from so many Music Industry people, in 3 days time!"
— Tom Sparks,
TAXI Member

Members Erik Hickenlooper and Jim Funk are awarded for the #1 Kenny Rogers Hit ("Buy Me A Rose") they scored through TAXI. (Read the full story here.)

"Thank you for the singularly most exciting weekend for me as a composer and songwriter."
— Nik Sakellarides,
TAXI Member

With more than 200 of his songs cut in the last three years, BMI Writer of the Year Jeffrey Steele still found the time to rock the house at the Rally afterparty.

"The entire conference exceeded our expectations in every way, from the brilliant guest speakers to insightful workshops to networking with talent from all over the world."
— Jennifer Hira,
TAXI Member

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"TAXI provided real access to a nearly inaccessible industry."
— John Mendoza,
TAXI Member

"I had the drive, and the passion. I just needed help, and you keep supplying it."
— Justin K.,
TAXI Member

"Just want to thank you again for the great Road Rally and for all the great work you guys do for us all year long."
— Hunter Payne,
TAXI Member

"Listen to what the critiquer is saying . . . they're usually on the money. Most important of all: don't give up."
— Jimmy Clark,
TAXI Member